this is one of my favorite mashups though

The moment I first saw Tropius in Ruby version, it became one of my top favorite Pokemon. Since then I’ve been trying to find a shiny on Route 119- to no avail. Years and years later I found a shiny Tropius in X, but it didn’t feel the same. Nothing can compare to seeing a new Pokemon for the first time. Here’s a mashup of the two moments, though. :D 

There are seven kinds of Pokemon in this image - can you find them all? Enjoy!

just press play :)
kate mckinnon vocal mashup

this is kind of random but I wanted to edit together my favorite kate singing parts - where she sounds like an actual angelbecause even though she always sounds amazing, there are certain lines that I love and prove that she could be a legit artist if she wanted to. 

when I listen to the full songs I keep repeating certain bits so I thought, why not just put it all in one track and save myself the trouble of rewinding xD 

anyway, I thought I might as well share it with you guys!

(ps the real reason I made this was to listen to it before I sleep because her voice calms me tbh)