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Over the years I’ve made a lot of writing advice videos, and with Camp NaNoWriMo almost here, I thought I would compile a “starter kit” with some of my best advice for anyone looking to do a month-long challenge like this one. You can find the full playlist HERE, or click on the individual links below~

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Could we have the article about the parrot who disturbed the burglar please? I love parrots! And it reminds me of one of my favorite jokes (I'll tell you if you want).

Here’s the whole thing! (And yes please, I’d like to hear the joke, haha):

St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Missouri, September 24, 1908 

When a policeman came to inspect the broken window the parrot looked at him with a bored expression and said, “Get out of here. I’m sleepy. He’s gone. Good night.”

Check out what the cast and creative team of Orphan Black thinks you should be looking out for this season: 

“Because I’m so close with Helena, I’m very excited about her journey. We all know that she’s in a motherly way, so that journey’s going to be very, very fascinating.Kristian Bruun 

“I think my favorite journey throughout the entire show, and especially this season, is Alison. She’s the one who’s changed the most, and pushed her boundaries the most, and it’s gonna keep happening this season. She’s so much fun, and she’s going to keep being wilder and wilder and more and more entertaining.”  Evelyne Brochu

“I think that one of the wildest, most interesting character journeys in Season 5 is Rachel. Rachel is unbelievable this year.” John Fawcett  

“And taken as a whole from when we met her at the end of Season 1? That woman has been on a hell of a journey. As well, I think that Sarah and Helena have a nice sister arc this year, too.” Graeme Manson

“I’m looking forward to Delphine. Fans love the Delphine/Cosima relationship, so seeing how Delphine’s storyline comes to an end, that’ll be really exciting. And Mrs. S. as well. Mrs. S. and Felix have been with Sarah from the beginning, so that whole family unit.” Kathryn Alexandre

 ( x ) 


I made a Sacred Stonesona? Idk it just happened cause I love the twins so much…

She’s a Renais castle maid who escapes with either one of the twins (I’m thinking Eirika?). No name yet. She’s a Cleric whose canon promotion is Valkyrie but is afraid of riding horses… (She loves animals but horse riding seems just…too…high and dangerous to her)

I wanted to go along with FE8 aesthetics more but I ended up designing her whatever way I wanted… Feel free to join me in SSsona hehe~

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My favorite Markjin Thing™ is them just blatantly flirting in the middle of interviews.


How much does my little brother love Agent Kallus?

A whole fucking lot, it would surprisingly seem. Here are a couple of his comments from the finale relating to our favorite character.

Him: “He looks really cute with his hair like that.” 

Me: *silence*


Me: “Oh, no, you’re not the only one.”

“Awww, baby no! It’s not your fault! Thrawn’s just an ass!”

“I wish it were possible to give fictional characters a hug because he looks so scared and I just- hnnnngh!”


And, my personal favorite:

“That smirk just added about fifteen years to my life.”

In Profile: Zig

Zig is one of my favorite characters in The Freshman. He’s that mysterious guy oozing with sex appeal, the kind your mother warned you about. His looks are far from bookish but he is smart, much smarter than he believes, in fact.

His signature smirk draws anyone in, like a moth to a flame. This brands him a flirt and he doesn’t deny it. He won’t do anything you wouldn’t want him to do though, even if you consume his thoughts in that way.

Zig is also angry, very angry. His resentment towards his father is still bottled up inside him. The spite for his sister’s ex-boyfriend still festers within. Fighting for those he loves has come naturally because of that. He’s witnessed that it is with his fists that the violence stops. He doesn’t start a fight, he says. He just finishes it.

He has a lot of growing up to do even if he feels older than his years. He knows it has to start by making peace with the anger within him.

But for now he kicks over empty trash cans, shoves men at the mosh pit he thinks messes with his friends, punches bullies in the face to finish a fight they started with words. The fire in his hands can’t stop burning, but he will learn to control this anger. He will learn it in time.

He is on a journey. He will soon realize that he is worthy of higher learning, worthy of love and friendship, worthy of a life that can be won without fists. He is worthy. You know this, but it will take him a while to realize it for himself. Trust in him and trust in time – he will.

Zig is the kind of guy your mother warned you about – on the surface. Because the truth is he’s the kind of guy you’d want to bring home and meet your parents. He’s committed and kind, determined and passionate.

It just takes a certain kind of patience to see him through his journey. But it is, HE is, worth the wait.

Radioactivepeasant Goes to ComiCon, Part Four

This was my favorite part, okay?

So, I’d seen a few guys dressed as Vader and we sort of exchanged nods here and there. Then we came around a corner and it was the dang 501st!

I was considering asking Vader if I could get a picture with him, considering I was Luke for the day. Well that didn’t…didn’t quite work out the way I thought.

Basically, Father was not pleased to find Luke running helter-skelter through the con.

One of the stormtroopers looked up from talking to someone and shouted “Sir! Target spotted! Target spotted!” and pointed his blaster at me.

Let me tell you what, Vader moves a lot quicker than you’d think. In like, two seconds he was looming over me and the other troopers were pointing blasters at me. People were taking pictures, it was great.

So I’m backing away, babbling “Whoa, whoa, okay, hi, I was just…Um…so….can we talk about this?”

I decided, out of the blue (this is rather unlike me), to start hamming it up a little. I turned to a kid watching and called, “Hey! Are you gonna help me fight the Empire?” He stared at Vader hovering over me and slowly shook his head no. So I raised my hands like “I see how it is.”

So I looked to the other side and there’s another kid with a blaster. So I’m like, “What about you? Gonna save me from these stormtroopers?”
He goes “Yeah!” and charges in, starting a “gunfight” with the stormtroopers.

Vader leans in real close, does the “I’m warning you” finger point, and stalks away with a swish of his cape…and almost walks straight into a guy with a Dooku lightsaber….and his three year old.

Well Little Boy decides that he’s not going to let a sith push his dad around, and starts bopping him with his little blue lightsaber. So naturally, Vader responded in kind. A group gathered to cheer the kid on, and I called out, “You got him, little Jedi! Don’t give up!”

The kid freezes. He turns, looks up at me, and his eyes get huge. “Luke!” he whispers, and his dad had to remind him not to turn his back on Vader because he was about ready to run right over to me.

The duel ended in a draw, and Vader marched over to menace me again, leading to me ducking out of the way of the lightsaber a few times. Then, once he’d gone back to his booth, I asked the parents if I could get a picture with their little Jedi. Since he’s a kid, I’ve blurred out his face for privacy. But he had the biggest smile, it made my day.

And that’s the story of how Luke Skywalker went to ComiCon and almost got captured by the 501st.

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

Ahhh. How I love this drama. Weightlifting Fairy is the Mary Poppins of kdramas: Practically Perfect in Every Way. 

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If you have not watched this gem of a drama (ahem, my fellow admins, I am looking at you) you should. Afterwards if you want to immediately rewatch it…well, I wouldn’t blame you.

Weightlifting Fairy stars Lee Sung Kyung as Kim Bok Joo, a weightlifting college student with a bright personality. Nam Joo Hyuk (who is quickly becoming one of my favorite younger actors) plays Jung Joon Hyung a collegiate swimmer who is very good, but has some issues with false starts in competitions. They meet and soon realize that they went to elementary school together.  A friendship begins…

What do I like about Weightlifting Fairy?

Friendships: Kim Bok Joo is one third of a trio of weightlifting besties. They are SWAG. Jung Joon Hyung is BFFs with his roommate and fellow swimmer. I love that Bok Joo and Joon Hyung consistently make their friendships a priority. 

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Humor: In the same vein that the Reply series has the goat sound effect, Weightlifting Fairy has the “WHAT?!” sound effect. I have found myself waiting for it in other dramas (most recently, Strong Woman Do Bong Soon.) 

Chemistry: Lee Sung Kyung and Nam Joo Hyuk (who were both also in Cheese In The Trap) have wonderful onscreen chemistry. They have moved into one of the top spots for my favorite kdrama couples. But it’s not just them. The entire cast is great.

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Plot: It doesn’t drag. It doesn’t frustrate you for multiple episodes over an easily solved miscommunication.  It doesn’t go off on rabbit trails. It’s well written, cute, and honestly pretty true to life in the way the relationships progress.

Normally, I’d have a section on things I didn’t like or what I felt could be better. But I don’t really have anything negative to say about Weightlifting Fairy………….nope. I got nuthin.

Weightlifting Fairy is a story of family, friendship, and first love. And futures. It is heartwarming and adorable and a host of other good adjectives. You will not regret watching Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo. And bonus, it’s complete, so you can marathon it!

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-Admin @gongyoolove

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Besides you, I haven't come across many quality BTS ff writers TT I was wondering if you knew of anyone that I could look at? Or at least really good fanfics you like? They can be a full story, drabbles, one shots, etc. It doesn't matter to me ❤

Wow, that is so ridiculously flattering. ;__; I’m sure there are so many great fanfic writers out there though, even if I myself haven’t come across some of them yet. I’ll admit, I don’t read too many fanfics anymore because I spend that time writing nowadays, but let me just list a couple of my favorites!

We can’t talk about fic recs without me bringing up the bros. You probably know them already because of The Storybook collab, but if not, let me fill you in~

@mrsmon : Where to start? She is one of the main reasons I’m even writing stories here in the first place. I came across her mafia AU, Caged, a while back (I highly recommend the series, especially now that it’s completed) and I was immediately hooked. Also, everyone needs to know the masterpiece that is KNJ. Honestly, her entire masterlist is a goldmine, so have fun in there. :D

@bts-for-life : Her masterlist is very diverse and you can probably find any kind of story you are feeling in the mood for. Want something angsty and dark? Go for Calamity. Cute and fluffy? Try Hardships & Joys. She is also the smut container of our lovely trio, so if you want it, she got it. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

(Now that I’m done gushing over those two…)

@inktae : I can’t not talk about this wonderful writer. She builds up the most intricate worlds in her stories, and I am always amazed by the creativity of her AUs and the passion she has for all of them. I have yet to go through her entire masterlist (forgive me ;__;), but my favorites would have to be First Light and Blue Orchids. Instant classics. You won’t regret checking her out, even if you shed a couple tears. :’)

@jungkxook : I am always baffled at the speed she writes and releases new stories. I don’t know how she does it, but I have a theory that she is a cyborg because HOW?? D: Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to keep up with how quickly and flawlessly she updates her masterlist (and I’m so sorry that I suck as a human being because we haven’t talked in a billion years), but I am still in love with Kalopsia and her adorable Harry Potter AU, Amortentia. She is seriously goals. ♥

I will put together a proper fic recs in the future, but these are the people in my mind at the moment. I genuinely hope that all of them continue to write and find joy in writing. (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

Sonic Boom Spoiler Review: Give Bees a Chance

Give Bees a Chance was amazing! It’s now one of my favorite episodes of the series! It was so cute, and was definitely one of the most emotional episodes. To think I originally thought the idea of this episode sounded dumb, but oh man, Cindy Robinson did an incredible job with writing this episode. the bond between Amy and her new pet bee bot was honestly adorable.

The episode starts off with Mr Slate announcing he found a rare sapphire, but he has no use for it, and gives it to Sonic and the gang. They even throw in a hilarious reference to the Master Emerald, by having Knuckles volunteer to look after it. Knuckles mentions how he’s been getting too many complaints about not watching over any gem. I thought that was pretty funny. Eggman then tries taking the sapphire, using a bunch of bee bots. There were even a few references to Sonic and Amy having a secret relationship again in this episode. When Sonic wasn’t being specific enough about  directions in protecting the sapphire, Amy mentions how communication is important in a relationship, and Sonic responds “Relationship? Who said anything about a relationship?…” Shortly after the battle, Amy looks in pity upon Orbot and Cubot picking up after the bee bot scraps, and she begins questioning what ever happens to the robots they destroy. She then comes across a bee bot that is in pain, and she suddenly feels sorry for it. She takes it in for Tails to repair. Tails modifies the bee bot to be less hostile, and we get a montage of Amy growing a bond with Bea. It was really cute to see Bea flying through a hoop, and getting rewarded with metalic nuts. I honestly awed every time Amy would hug Bea, and Bea would give out some affectionate buzzing noises, it was so adorable.

However, when Eggman notices Amy running around with one of his bee bots, he uses his arm remote to control Bea, and he forces Bea to return back to his lair with him. The scenes that follow were kind of sad to be honest. Amy was just so depressed to see her pet run away from her, and I really liked how Sonic and the gang tried their best to cheer her up. We see Knuckles put a birthday hat on Amy, and she’s still crying, we see Sonic and the gang try to bake her cupcakes, and she’s still crying, and we see Tails pull out her scrapbook, filled with images of Bea, which once again causes Amy to keep crying. I really felt so bad for the characters during that scene, I really felt for Amy’s loss, and I really felt Sonic and his friends were really trying to help her. There was also a real funny part where Sonic decides to sit down next to her, and he says “I can’t believe I’m saying this, but… Let’s talk about our feelings…” Amy suddenly cheers up, and right when she’s about to get some stuff off of her chest, Eggman interrupts and tries taking Knuckles’s sapphire. However, Eggman brought a bunch of bee bots, and Amy ends up fearing that any one of those bee bots could be Bea, so she desperately prevents her friends from fighting, and Eggman gets away with the crystal.

The gang decides to go after Eggman, but Amy apologizes and says she can’t go with them, if Bea is going to be destroyed, she doesn’t want to be a part of it. However, Amy looks through her scrap book, and notices how happy Bea was with playing with her hoola hoop, and Amy has an idea. She then meets up with the gang fighting Eggman, and pulls out her hoola hoop, which snaps Bea out of it’s trance, and flies over to play with Amy. However, Eggman uses the sapphire to power his Mega Bot, and Mega Bot shoots Bea into pieces. Amy is furious, and unleashes a bunch of mighty hammer swings on the mega bot, until the sapphire crystal flew out of it, one little piece of the sapphire chipped off, and Tails made sure to pick it up, while Knuckles reclaimed the rest of it.

Amy is then crying over Bea’s death, and Tails decides to rebuild Bea, using the energy from the chipped off piece of the sapphire, and he makes sure to spray paint Bea pink, so they don’t have to worry about it blending in with the other bee bots every again. Amy and Bea are then hugging each other with affection, and the episode ends with Amy and Bea looking through one of their scrap books. Amy closes the scrap book, and Bea and her go out to play.

Bravo to this episode, it was so cute, and funny at the same time. I really hope we see more of Bea in future episodes, because she was so cute as a pet for Amy.

Tonight I witnessed Brendon Urie
1) do a standing backflip during the pause in Miss Jackson
2) play This is Gospel on a piano that was on a raising platform while glitter rained on him from the ceiling
3) unfurl a rainbow flag on stage during Girls/Girls/Boys
4) say “here’s a song by one of my favorite gay humans” followed by Bohemian Rhapsody (which makes me unbelievably happy because Freddie Mercury was bi and bisexuals need more representation and love)

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Do you know any XiuHan smut with rough Luhan? *hides face*

I just spent so long looking through my bookmarks for this, I didn’t realize how many xiuhan smut fics were fluff-smut vs rough smut haha. Hopefully these are good enough for you ^^

edit: added a new one I just remembered~

- admin k

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Hey, so i was rewatching the raven scene from 3.05 where she takes alie's chip and one of my favourite moments is when she stands in front of Alie because it looks like a mirror reflection! I thought that was such a good way to foreshadow 3.10 when Alie and Raven become 'one'. I was wondering what your favourite shot from that scene generally is? If you have one that is!

i love when i get messages about older episodes. before i go into a deeper analysis about my favorite shot(s), 3x05 is definitely one of the strongest episodes in season 3 in my opinion. i was absolutely floored about certain scenes and the direction overall because tim manages to bring the characters to life in a way where he puts a lot of focus on them as individuals but also starts to fuse the overarching story line together (more on the subtle end - but still) in a way that makes everything all the more powerful and intense.

so, very good episode for real.

but now onto your ask and regarding your favorite shot, i loved it too

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