this is one of my fav scenes in the movie

also, that bit where tony drops in to save the little kid in the iron man mask that was being targeted by one of the drones is one of my favs in all movies?? because it’s such a Superhero scene? like you have this tiny kid dressed up as iron man lifting his toy repulsor at the angry robot and then IRON MAN LANDS BY HIS SIDE AND HE’S RELATIVELY HUGE AND HIS WEAPONS ARE REAL AND HE’S STANDING IN THE EXACT SAME POSITION AS THE KID AND HE KILLS THE BAD ROBOT and then he’s like “nice work, kid!” as if this kid had done literally anything to actually help him or improve the situation at all like its so cute?????? it’s so cute that all this shit is happening and tony doesn’t only save the kid, he bears in mind that he could make this the best moment of this mini-superhero fan’s life just by acknowledging him??

it is literally so cute i wanna die like the fact that this could have been a scary and traumatizing as shit experience for this child and tony pulls him into a superhero fantasy like this gosh i’m dying tony deserves to be regarded as a Superhero so much


Sensing something just ahead, she slowed and brought the blaster up. A figure stepped out from behind a tree. It was the nightmare, and he was wielding a lightsaber unlike any she had ever seen in the stories she had read. Its beam was an intense, burning red like a controlled flame, and near the hilt, a pair of shorter beams shot outward, perpendicular to the main shaft. She fired, again and again. Each shot from her blaster he deflected with the lightsaber’s beam. Almost as if it were a game, she thought in terror as she continued to fire. He was playing with her. Until, evidently, he tired of it.


Crossing the line from romance to violence, the scene starts off with the Driver and Irene tenderly kissing. What they share is really a goodbye kiss, as he then becomes a “werewolf,” violently stomping the hitman’s head in. Subsequently, Irene sees the Driver in a new light. “Every movie has to have a heart—a place where it defines itself—and in every movie I’ve made there’s always a scene that does that. On Drive, it was hard for me to wrap my head around it. I realized I needed to show in one situation that driver is the hopelessly romantic knight, but he’s also completely psychotic and is willing to use any kind of violence to protect innocence.” – Drive (2011) directed by Nicolas Winding Refn

Horror movies in Amity Park weren’t the same as they used to be.

Originally they were no different to the horror movies in any old town, most of them sucked, but were still fun for a cheap scare, some of them were genuinely terrifying and had even the toughest of the tough clutching their friend’s hand on the way home, and others were just a gory, badly acted adventure that you’d go see with a bunch of friends on Halloween for a bit of a laugh.

But after you’ve just spent the past hour hiding under the gum smeared underbelly of a Nasty Burger booth table holding your breath and knowing that the hand of a monster could drag you out straight through the metal surface at any given moment… an axe-toting guy in a mask jumping out onto the screen just didn’t have the bite it once did.

People used to see horror movies to add a bit of spice to their average everyday lives, they were fun because they were something unimaginable, something that could never happen to you. It was all just a work of fiction to get your heart pumping and adrenaline surging, there weren’t really monsters that could drag you out of bed in the night, there was nothing to really be frightened of.

But in Amity Park there was.

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  • Carol: Got this new apartment and a lot of rooms there i think you might wanna move in with me but i guess not.
  • Therese: YEP BITCH YOU GUESSED RIGHT i won't move in with u like whatthefuck u literally leftmealoneandFUVK i woke up with Abby bITCH u thought i'll come baCk noPe Im groWN noW you diD THIS!!
  • Carol:
  • Therese:
  • Carol:
  • Therese:
  • Carol: I love you
  • Therese: ILUVYOUSOUMUVH I'11 g0 WHEREver you go idc wE'll share bed and raise chicken and a villaGE ILY TO DEath

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I'm gonna go on a rant for a minute, so I apologize in advance: Moon's entire demeanor when Toffee said Star was gone was just...heartbreaking and it's one of my fav scenes of the movie because of how realistic she is when a parent is told their child is dead. I mean, I can go on and on about it. You?

HOLY SHIT YA’LL THAT MOMENT. I swear, the last half of the movie basically amounted to ‘how can we traumatize Moon the most?’ That moment hurt. Same with Moon and Marco slowly piecing together the broken half of the wand in the hope it would somehow save Star.

One I don’t see many people mentioning (yet; it just came out today) is the whole Whispering Spell bit. Like. Holy shit. Star calling Moon ‘mommy’, which she only does when she’s in trouble (she does it a lot this movie). Moon breaking the rock under her with her fists out of desperation and fear for her child. Star resigning herself- she knew it would destroy her body, she was mostly sure it would lead her to Toffee but not 100%, she had no clue if she would be able to come back or if she would wipe herself out of history- and telling Ludo it’s not over yet, telling them all it was too late to back out, apologizing for leaving them, holy shit holy shit holy shit.

Madancy Ships

I’m going to start up a little For Me list so i can follow these ‘shipping Hugh and Mads characters’ things y’all do. Hugh First, Mads Second.

SadDogs-  (my personal favourite)

Will Graham (Hannibal) -  FBI special agent, antisocial, magical empathy powers, adopted 27 stray dogs. Had Encephilitus and is accused of being a serial killer. Defeats charges by dating/sweet-talking a serial killing cannibal in order to get proof.

Lucas (Jagten)- A very sad divorcee estranged dad kindergarten teacher, falsely accused by his small town of molestation. Ruins his life. It is proven that he is innocent of all charges but still his town hates him and kill his dog and attack him. Who would understand false accusations, quiet country living and flannel shirts like Lucas? No one. They are perfect for each other


Adam Raki (adam)– Aspergers new york guy, youngish, loves space, helpful

Nigel (charlie countryman)- Romanian druglord guy who falls in love intensely and instantly and refuses to let go. Violent, curses, usually is actively dealing with his wife divorcing him from the other end of the planet.

Basic Chickens-

Adam Towers (Basic instinct)- I think he’s in a threesome scene.

Elias (men & chickens)- He cries. His dick is large enough to kill a man.


? (Black Hawk Down) - No clue. War movie.

 ? (Death Stranding) -No clue. Future gooey-eyes army man.


Tristan (King Arthur) - No clue

Galahad (King Arthur)- No clue


Cal Roberts (the Path)- No clue. I think he MIGHT be a cult leader.

Kaecilius (Doctor Strange) - Magic reality-bending monk-guy who wants to be immortal. Kind of funny and very clever. Nice Hair. Can hop  dimensions

((some additions from @hotsauce418 ))

Valhalla Enchanted-

Prince Charmont (Ella Enchanted)- Friendly and practically a popstar, well meaning but kind of airheaded. Id have to rewatch to remember more, but this is my #1 favourite book and #1 least fav movie so.

One Eye (Valhalla Rising)- A viking with one eye, i assume

Royale instinct-

Adam Towers (Basic Instinct)-  think he’s in a threesome scene.

Le Chiffre (Casino Royale)- An accountant with asthma, his scarred eye randomly cries 1 dramatic blood-tear, and he loves card games. the concept of this nerd being scary is just baffling.


Roberto Bellini (Trial and Retribution)- No clue

Tonny (Pusher)- Drug Pusher guy with ugly tattoos


Will Graham (Hannibal)- FBI special agent, antisocial, magical empathy powers, adopted 27 stray dogs. Had Encephilitus and is accused of being a serial killer. Defeats charges by dating/sweet-talking Hannibal. Goes on a journey to europe to get revenge but is too in love to go through with it. Makes bad choices.

Nigel (charlie countryman)-  Romanian druglord guy who falls in love intensely and instantly and refuses to let go. Violent, curses, usually is actively dealing with his wife divorcing him. Has a shirt with a weiner dog on it?


Roberto Bellini (Trial and Retribution)- No clue

Allan Fischer (Resjeholdet)- No clue. Police Procedual?

(new additions from @strange-book-club )

Strange Book Club-

Grigg Haris (The Jane Austen Book Club)- .he bikes, he likes dogs, he reads jane austin and loves science fiction. he looks very soft in the trailer

Kaecilius (Doctor Strange) - Magic reality-bending monk-guy who wants to be immortal. Kind of funny and very clever. Nice Hair. Can hop  dimensions

Rochetagen -

D'artagen (Young Blades) - nnno idea. I assume he uses the sword  

Rochefort (The Three Musketeers) - One eye, violent, steampunk universe, very fancy and strong swordsman who knows he’s the villain and so is perfectly happy to cheat. A little bit of a manbaby that can’t shake off an insult without reacting, but pretty nonetheless

I know there are others, this is for me, i will update them when i come across more

Tale As Old As Time

Request: Hi! Love your writing! Can I get something with Peter x reader where they’re watching a movie, maybe Beauty and the Beast (my fav Disney movie), and the reader is very emotional when watching movies/shows so she cries when they play “Tale as Old as Time” (just like me) and Peter makes fun of her for it but then when he sees it upset her he apologizes and makes up for it? Maybe by recreating the dance scene for her? Thanks! Keep up the good work!😙❤️ 

Warnings: None.

A/N: While I was writing this I was imagining them watching the old version, but if you want it to be the new one, just ignore the gif.

Originally posted by joleenalice

“Tale as old as time, true as it can be,”

The song on the television began to play. You turned to Peter to see his reaction, but he was just sitting and watching with a straight face.You smiled fondly as Belle took Beast’s hand.

“Both a little scared, neither one prepared, beauty and the beast.”

You sniffled slightly with a smile on your face. Beauty And The Beast was your absolute favorite movie.
Peter looked amused, but he wasn’t having the same reaction as you, and it was confusing you.

“What?“ You asked.

"Y/N, are you- crying?”

“Well, yes.” You wiped a year from your face.

He snorted slightly, biting his lip.

“Tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme, beauty and the beast.”

The last lines of the song finished, but you weren’t paying attention anymore. You were trying to figure out if Peter was making fun of you.
“What’s so funny?” You asked him.

“Well, you’re crying and…”

“Oh, I see.” You stood up. “I’ll see you later,” Peter looked down. He didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. But didn’t argue as you gabbed your jacket and left.
*Hey, are you busy?*

You looked at your Phone.

*Maybe,* You responded to Peter’s text.

*Come over please! I want to show you something,* He replied.

You sighed, shoving your phone in your pocket.

“Peter?” You asked as you entered his apartment. You lived across the hall from him, and he usually left his door unlocked.

“Tale as old as time,” You heard the song repeating.

“Peter?” You asked.

You gasped when you saw Peter come out of his room, all dressed up in a suit and tie.

He walked over to you and reached out for your hand.

You giggled when you realized what he was doing. You were very touched, no one had ever done something like this for you before.

He leaned forward and kissed your hand before spinning you around the room.

“I’m sorry about earlier,” Peter said as you began to waltz across the floor.

“Yeah, it’s okay.”



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