this is one of my fav pics of them ;w;

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Hello I'm here to get the facts about you and moomgi 🕵🏻‍♀️👩🏻‍💻‼️‼️ what's your fav moomgi verse? Favorite hairstyle? Favorite picture? Favorite thing about him?

i’m here 2 report the facts 🗣
- my fav moomgi verse is never mind !!!! 
- my fav moomgi hairstyle is this rly beautiful amazing cute perfect beautiful beautiful look !!!! black n messy / fluffy

- my fav pic(s) of my boi……………these 2 iconic pics which i’m sure everyone has saved !!!!! he’s so small……………so soft…………… cute………………

- my fav thing about him is that he pays a lot of attention to other ppl & their feelings + interests ! he knows what the others like n don’t like without them having to say anything & he knows what’s too much for them to handle ! ah especially w hobi i think yoongi looks out for him a lot bc he’s a little more sensitive 2 certain situations n stuff ! and like whenever the others are ~playfully teasing one member yoongi is usually the one 2 shut it down even if it’s v lighthearted n stuff ! and i really really really love that he protects them that way :(


hi bby!!! love you so much :D can you do kim seokjin daily texts with his gf? i need more jin texts in my life

THESE ARE SOME OF MY FAV ONES I’VE MADE (ps sorry it’s not gender neutral! the requester asked for gf texts and i saw those pictures and HAD to use them)