this is one of my fav boss battles

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Top 10 fav fanfic with your bias ? ^^

Wow ok so I’m just gonna expose myself rn and say that i rarely read Baekhyun fics because they’re so hard to find so i’m not even sure i have 10….Sehun on the other hand….got plenty of that…. *runs away* 

1. my all time favorite fic -  Gameplay (pt2 is my favorite) by @noonatrash

2. I’m really into this one now I love school AUs - Battles by @prince-baekhyunn (a really great writer)

3. Ahhhhh…..daddy kink….. -  What The Boss Says also by @noonatrash

4.MORE FOOTBALL AUS WOOOHOO -  Conflicted by thesammtimes (won’t let me tag her normally for some reason)

5.Best friends AUs yes please you get me - Teach me by @sosoocute

6.This one I have been following for awhile and it’s a love triangle between Sehun, you, and Baekhyun. needless to say i love this series - Just Pretend by @chanbaekpuppies (also won’t let me tag her but check out her blog it’s v nice ^_^)

7.I love this rocker one shot so fucking much. and who doesn’t have a thing for Baek in leather? - Call Me? by @duizhangdeluxe 

8. Ok so i read this one in math class and i literally had to get up and excuse myself to go outside and take a breather bc i was freaking out in class (this happened more than once kids don’t be like me don’t read smut in class) - After School Detention by @exo-one-shots

9. This is the first AU I’ve read and it’s very nice if you like wolf AUs - Nuisance by thesammtimes

10.I’m gonna leave number 10 for you guys, anyone got any favorite Baekhyun fics i haven’t listed here? pls share ;)

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Do you have a favorite fight scene from Atla or Korra? Mines probably the last battle between Zuko azula and katara :)

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I totally agree. My Atla best fight scene is for sure the one with Zuko vs Azula in Book 3 finale.

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And my Tlok fav fight scene is Korra vs Zaheer. She’s a goddamn beast. She was poisoned and still she fought like a boss. I loved it!!

one of my fav long recurring memes on tumblr is someone adding “boss battle” to a post, it just makes me laugh so hard when it’s done right