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my personal projects have hit a block and prep for cons is stressful, so I decided to return to the Ocean of Cycles by @beedalee & @dyemelikeasunset

so here’s two sets of siblings and their issues

René is a fae, but was found on the streets in a Myr city, with no memory, by Theo’s grandmother. She raised the two together as siblings. Theo’s mother disappeared soon after he was born and has yet to return. No one knows who his father is.

Laurel and Cassius are from a respectable naiad family, but their parents died in a fire when the two were young. Cass is determined to find the cause of the fire (if you guess conspiracy, you guess right). Laurel had to leave her formal education behind to raise her brother. 

René and Cass get along well enough; they both like fighting. Laurel and Theo bond over their reckless siblings. 
Everyone’s got their own shit going on, but Theo is the true protagonist of this pseudo-story (shhhh, don’t tell Cass…)
There’s an on again/off again romance with Theo & a dryad he doesn’t like to talk about. 


Kiki’s Pancakes, from Kiki’s Delivery Service by Studio Ghibli!

Yes, this is an updated recipe based on my Drop Scones. But once you’ve tasted the airy, fluffy, tender moistness of these pancakes, you won’t even think about how derivative this recipe is!

[If you like my writing, please check out my book Dear Wolf! Guaranteed to contain fantasy, mystery, one dog of reasonable size and quality, humorous misunderstandings, elderly detectives, and one cake!]

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Dude I have no idea what the show the labyrinth is but reading your thing made me want to watch all of it then invest and all the merchandise

this is my favorite ask ever and i am going to use it as my PLEASE WATCH LABYRINTH campaign for the several people who’ve said things along the lines of “i’ve never seen labyrinth/ dont know what it is but i’m into this” about my fic. ( @illyriantremors and @birdiethebibliophile i see y’alls tags/replies >:) )

Labyrinth is a cult classic fantasy movie ostensibly for children, along the lines of a modern Wizard of Oz/ Alice in Wonderland. I say ostensibly because it’s the story of a fifteen year old girl coming of age via a fantasy realm of her own imagining in 1986, and thus one of its central features is David Bowie in very tight leggings, leering sexually, wearing leather coats and poet shirts, singing in every other scene, and glittering liberally.

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The protagonist is Sarah and she’s charming and I love her.

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Baby jennifer connelly brings down the entire fucking kingdom of the dude trying to intimidate her (and FAILING) by making friends with everyone in it! She gets to wear a pretty dress! She’s a realistically immature but also resourceful and kind teenager gets to live out her fantasies and have fun and grow up in a healthy happy way!! She’s a NERD WHO RUNS AROUND IN A PRINCESS DRESS IN THE PARK BY HERSELF.  R E L A T A B L E

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Also, this is a Jim Henson production, so the Labyrinth is populated with crazy puppet shit. WHICH I LOVE, YOUR MILEAGE MAY VARY (hi lauren)

It’s my favorite movie of all time and it’s literally so weird and makes no sense and it’s simultaneously so wholesome and so “wow Jim Henson really did make a full-length film version of a fifteen-year-old nerd girl’s wet dream with a bunch of musical numbers” and also this fifteen-year-old nerd girl was me, probably, the fact that I wouldn’t be born for another ~10 years not withstanding

I mean look at this

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^ me, popping up to tell you to watch this thing

So that’s my pitch, sorry it’s kind of incoherent. bottom line is please watch Labyrinth, so you can be way less impressed with my fic because you can see how many of the lines i just wholesale stole, but also your life will be immeasurably richer for it. Even if u hate it it’s so fucking bizarre it’s worth seeing once. Sadly it is not on netflix but it is VERY easy to find other places, ifyaknowwhadimean

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also if u watch it for the first time as a result of my fic/ this post you are REQUIRED to come and tell me what you thought. ok NOW i’m done <3

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what are the best/worst selfies you've ever taken?

ehehe, any selfie when i don’t pay attention to the lighting… well… (・・。)ゞ

and if i forget about angles… then i end up looking really weird (;へ:)

but the best selfies… are the ones with all my friends in it! even if the angle is wrong or the lighting is bad… it doesn’t matter (☆^ー^☆)

Artist: FluffyWulfy

Author: KuraiOfAnagura Ao3  / Tumblr

Title: Of Swords and Cats

Wordcount: 14150

Rating: Teen and up audience

Trigger warnings: For a fantasy adventure typical Graphical Depictions of Violence, short mention of violence against animals

Summary: Otabek, a mercenary due to circumstances, gets caught up in a adventure full of magical beasts, mind binding talismans and beautiful blond creatures.
That’s just what you get when you save a cat.
Tough luck when it’s a magical one.

Read it on AO3

Note: I want to thank my wonderful artist FluffyWulfy, whose artwork caught my eye during the first stroll I had through the gallery.
Thank you so much dear, it was wonderfull spinning this story with you.
Also thanks for the mods of yurioniceshelter that I could be part of such a great project. It was a lot of fun!

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A couple of basics of why people hate in fandoms as by my observation: Popularity: your series/ship is outshining mine so here have some hate. Exclusion/spite: they shipped one or both characters with others and they don't like that canon breaks/plays with their fantasies. In all cases the result is the same, hate and try to find something that can be called 'disgusting' (pedo, age gapes, sexualities...) and try to force that rhetoric over and over. They are quite simple minded and ridiculous.

Thank you anon!

I agree with everything you said, probably a lot of them started shipping pli*oy and when Otabek showed up later in the season they just couldn’t take it. (Though I have to remind them that JJ is one year older than Otabek, so I don’t really know whether they’re completely hypocritical or they just don’t give a fuck.)

There’s also a lot of people that ship pl*roy and they don’t shit on Otayuri at all because they accept that everyone can have their own ships (within reason - I’ve stated before in regards to other fandoms that I think there are some ships that are problematic especially when it comes to pairing someone with their abuser, but this is not the case in YOI at all). 

I want to remind all an///is that calling someone a pedo without proof that they actually are a pedo goes against tumblr policy and they can be reported. Plus I think it is illegal in many countries to accuse someone of something so serious (I believe the legal term is calumny), again without proof. Plus, imagine calling a kid a pedo (since a lot of teens ship Otayuri), imagine calling an abuse survivor a pedo, wow you’re so morally above us all dear an///is, tell me again how we’re hurting teens and kids when you’re doing much much worse than any Otayuri shipper has ever done. 

Fuck you an///is. 

Burden Of Guilt (SFW)

Ok, so heres the first chapter of my story. Im not very good at writing, so hopefully its at least decent.

@ridingchocobros I tagged you like you asked haha

word count 2,371


Chapter One

‘Eleven years. Eleven years that I have been on my own.’ The girl with the snow white, waist length hair thought to herself as she left the sanctuary of her bunker. She shielded her eyes with her hand from the blinding morning sun. She lived in the bunkers of Keycatrich Trench, only leaving to take on hunts for the local outposts for Gil so she could buy herself food and other necessities, such as potions and weapons.

    She sighed heavily, checking her hips for her daggers and her back for her twin hook swords, and she ruffled through her canvas shoulder bag for her potions, hi potions and various other vials she may need on hunts, and once she was satisfied she had everything, she began to jog towards the Prairie Outpost, where should would then make her way to Hammerhead to speak with Takka.

    She lived a lonely life, only really speaking to diner owners for bounties, and not one of them asked about her personal life. They all knew her name -Murika Amissa- but none seemed too concerned with why she was in the position she was in; not that she really cared. She preferred to be alone, it was what she was used to by now. She’s nineteen years old now and have been living this way since she was eight.

    Murika panted as she jogged, she’s learned to jog for five hundred paces and walk for one hundred; it keeps her from wearing out to fast, and it eats up the miles quickly. As she was walking, she pulled out her canteen and sipped her water slowly, wiping the sweat from her brow. She should be used to the arid temperatures of the Leide, considering it’s nothing but a giant dust bowl, but it’s the kind of weather no one really adjusts too.

    She looked up at the unrelenting sun and sighed again, smacked the dust from her tattered jeans. When was the last time she bought new ones? Six…seven months ago? She only ever got new clothes when Takka found some for her.

    Murika liked Takka pretty well, he took care of her for all these years, making sure she ate, especially before she became a good hunter.

    She finally made it to Hammerhead and waved at Cindy and she smiled sweetly at Murika before waving back. She jogged up the three steps into Takka’s diner and froze in the doorway.

    There were four guys standing at the counter talking to Takka, there usually isn’t anyone in here at this time of day. Takka smiled at her and waved her over. The four men turned and looked her over as she sighed and slowly made her way to the counter and joined them. Murika stood next the the giant Behemoth posing as a human and she looked him over.

    “Hello, Takka. Are there any new hunts I can do for you?” She whispered to him, not out of secrecy, but rather from an old injury she suffered as a child that damaged her larynx beyond repair, leaving her with a voice like a graveyard whisper. Takka opened his mouth to answer but the Behemoth beat him to it.

    “Well, hello there.” He said, smiling in a friendly manner, but Murika groaned inwardly before looking up at him, she literally had to tilt her head back to look at the tall man. “My name is Gladiolus, but you can call me Gladio.” She continued to just look at him, before looking past him to the other three men, cocking an eyebrow at them. They definitely are from the city, they were all wearing black and/or leather. One was even wearing a jacket, and she smirked at them.

    “I am Murika.” She answered coolly before turning back to Takka, who smiled at her, before handing her a bounty sheet.

    “Be careful out there girl.” She gave a quaint nod, before turning and leaving the diner.

    “Not very talkative, is she?” Gladio stated, gruffly, leaning onto his elbows on the countertop and Prompto laughed.

    “What’s wrong? Losing your touch, big guy?” The blonde teased, shoving the big man playfully, and Gladio grunted.

    “That’s the most she’s ever said to me.” Takka enlightened, crossing his arms.

    “She goes on hunts by herself? Is that wise?” Ignis asked, concern clear in his velvety tone, and Takka chuckled.

    “She’s a lot tougher’n’ she looks. She’s done several bounties for me over the years, she started doing them for me when she was about ten.”

    “I still think we should accompany her.” Ignis responded and Takka shook his head.

    “Good luck is all I can say. She does everything by herself. Doesn’t have a soul in the world to be with her. That’s the way she likes it.”

    Murika trotted from the diner, across the parking lot, looking both ways when she got to the road, before crossing it and hopping over the wall. Even though Leide isn’t populated, she’s learned it’s still best to look before crossing after nearly getting run over when she was eleven. She pulled the bounty sheet out of her back pocket and unfolded it and she sighed heavily.

    “Aww, why did it have to be Spiracorns?” She almost whined, she’s always loved Spiracorns, they were so majestic, how was she supposed to kill them? She refolded the paper, sliding it back into her pocket.

    “Murika! Wait up!” She sighed again, letting her head fall back in irritation, recognizing that gruff voice. She debated on just bolting like she didn’t even hear him call, but she deduced they would just keep following her, so instead she turned to face them.

    “Yes?” Her ghostly voice was almost lost in the breeze, as the boys hopped the fence to join her.

    “Mind if we join you?” Gladio held that same smile as before and Murika crossed her arms.

    “Yes.” She deadpanned, and she couldn’t have changed his expression faster if she’d have smacked him. She guessed that he wasn’t used to being denied very often.

    “Heya, I’m Prompto.” The blonde greeted, placing his hand on his chest, smiling sweetly. “This is Noctis and he’s Ignis.” Murika’s jaw muscles bunched and flexed as she looked at them all suspiciously, sighing a third time.

    “Fine, if you feel you must come. Just know, I will not slow down if you can not keep up.”

    As Murika jogged, she kept her eyes on each of the boys, she was unsure of why they felt they must tag along with her. They seemed nice enough, but it was just odd considering they don’t know her and she doesn’t know them. It would be like strangers embarking on a boat, no one knew what the outcome would be.

    “It’s so hot.” Noctis whined, as he wiped at the back of his neck with his ungloved hand.

    “Then lose the jacket.” Gladio remarked and Noctis scoffed him off.

    “You are all wearing black.” Murika stated, pointedly, no humor in her tone. Noctis shot her a look.

    “Really?” His tone dripping with sarcasm and Murika narrowed her honey eyes at him. “I thought it was blue.”

    “I am serious.” She barked at him, her eyes still narrowed. “Black draws in sunlight. Is he damaged?” She asked Ignis, tapping her temple, indicating where she thought the suspected damage was, and he snorted a laugh.

    “Excuse me.” Noctis shot Ignis a death glare over his shoulder, as Prompto laughed.

    “Jury is still out on that.” He replied, see-sawing his hand in a so-so manner, and Murika smiled at him.

    “Calm yourself.” Noctis warned Prompto, turning his attention forward as he sulked. Prompto laughed harder, ending his mirth with a bright smile at Murika and she felt herself beginning to relax. Maybe they weren’t up to anything, maybe they were genuinely just this nice.

    They all jogged a few more paces, when Murika gained on them and crouched behind a boulder.

    “Shhh.” she hushed them, motioning for them to crouch with her. “They are nearby, can you not hear them?” She looked at them as if they were amateurs, with the way they were still clomping about in their heavy boots. They all looked at each other before crouching down, Prompto, in his attempt to be smooth, placed his hand on the boulder behind her, shielding her with his body. He breathed in her natural earthy scent that was laced with strawberries and daisies, and just like that, his smooth attempt was thwarted, as she moved and he fell forward onto his face, making a surprised ‘oof’ as he hit the ground.

    Gladio laughed and clapped the sharpshooter on his back, as Prompto scrambled back onto the balls of his feet, face red with embarrassment. He watched Murika as she drew out her hook swords as she stayed crouched, moving to get a better look at the beasts.

    She held a sadness on her proud features as she watched the Spiracorns interacting with each other, but the sadness soon turned to resolve as she sprung forward like a hunting cat. Gladio covered her right blindside, Ignis taking her left, and Noctis circling to attack from behind the herd.

    Prompto took out his camera and began snapping pictures of her as she fought. Sh was graceful, not as graceful as Ignis, but still amazing for someone who hadn’t been properly trained. He was so involved with the pictures, he wasn’t paying attention.

    “Prompto!” Noctis’ voice rang out in alarm.

    “Wake up!” Gladio bellowed, right as a Spiracorn caught Prompto on his right side. He went flying and landed a few feet away. Murika sprinted over to him, making quick work of the beast,  before crouching beside the whimpering blonde.

    “I’m ok, really…”

    “Stupid?” She asked, almost frantically, as she yanked up his tank top to reveal a nasty looking gash. Prompto’s lip quivered at her harsh tone, watching her examine his side like she didn’t just insult him. “What were you doing?” She demanded, looking him in the eyes. “You need stitches.” Prompto’s lip stopped trembling and he quickly began to panic.

    “Stitches?! W-what about a potion or something?” His voice was raising in octaves as he spoke, fervently looking at all his companions. Murika sat back on her heels and shook her head.

    “It is too bad to work alone. You need stitches.” Prompto tried to raise up, but Murika touched his shoulder and pushed him back down.

    “I can stitch, but not as well as a doctor could.” Ignis stated, adjusting his glasses, crouching beside Murika and looking at the gash for himself.

    “Maybe we could make it back to Hammerhead?” Gladio countered, looking over Ignis’ shoulder, Noctis scoffed.

    “What? And listen to him moan and complain the whole way?” He was teasing of course, but Prompto whined in protest and Murika growled.

    “He will die of old age before any of you decide. I will stitch him up.” They all quit their chattering and looked at her wildly, and she frowned. “What?”

    “Do you know how to stitch a wound?” Notic asked, honestly curious to know, and Murika stood, raising her sun bleached mint green button up blouse, revealing her toned stomach. She did however, raise it higher than needed and Noctis felt himself blush, his hairline beginning to sweat. He tried to focus his attention elsewhere, but he figured that it would make it more obvious.

    Ignis chuckled, standing and touching her arm, lowering her shirt to an appropriate level. Her stomach was lined with several thin silvery scars. She dropped her shirt, bending and rolling up her pant legs, showing more silvery lines. She then gave Noctis a look as if to say ‘is that good enough?’

    “Now, let me work. I need enough daylight to finish and get back home before dark.” She knelt beside Prompto again, digging in her bag for her suture kit and alcohol swabs. “This will hurt. I have no anesthetic.” She pulled up Prompto shirt again, opening her packages of alcohol swabs and began cleaning the blood from the wound.

    Prompto gasped when he felt the suture enter his skin, but he bit his tongue. He didn’t want to seem weak in front of this strong ethereal girl, he would not scream and dishonor her strength. His forehead beaded with sweat and he was breathing shallowly.

    Noctis watched, he couldn’t imagine how it felt to have a hooked needle entering his skin and tugging. He shivered at the thought, and he watched as Prompto tried not to scream, he leaned over his friend, a sly smirk on his face.

    “You ok, Blondie?” Prompto’s normally clear blue eyes were clouded with pain, but he still nodded, albeit stiffly.

    “You can scream if it will make you feel better.” Murika assured him absently as she continued to work, still swabbing at any blood that gathered. “Just do not squirm. I might stitch your shirt to your side.” Gladio laughed a deep belly laugh at her quip, she didn’t think it was all that funny, but she felt the tension growing as she worked.

    “Was that a joke…?” Prompto asked through gritted teeth, and Murika flicked her eyes up to his face.

    “I can joke.”

    A few hours later found Murika tying off the suture and biting the string to cut it, before placing the kit back into her bag. She dug out a bandage and gently placed it over the newly stitched wound, before handing him a  potion.

    “Thanks.” Prompto said, before drinking the minty liquid and she gave him a full smile. She then looked up at the sky, gauging the time, and she jumped up quickly.

    “I will tell Takka to give you half of the bounty. I must go now.” Noctis bent down to help Prompto up, as Ignis tried to stop Murika, but she was already in a full run, heading back to Hammerhead.

    “She’s an angel.” Prompto sighed as he watched her back growing smaller, and he winced holding his side. Hopefully the potion would kick in soon.

    “As if you stand a chance with someone like her.” Gladio teased him, as they set off slowly back to Takka’s diner.

Whenever I’m at family functions the shy kids always find me and just like… drag me to whatever they’re passionate about. One time this shy kid dragged me to his room and showed me (in extensive detail) about his basketball fantasies. Idk what it is about me but like everyone who normally doesn’t open up opens up to me. Like, kids love me. I theorize it’s because I’m very short like them

Title: Follow Me Back | Series: Follow Me Back #1
Author: A.V. Geiger | Pages: 368 | Rating: ★★★★ | Goodreads: X


Tessa Hart’s world feels very small. Confined to her bedroom with agoraphobia, her one escape is the online fandom for pop sensation Eric Thorn. When he tweets to his fans, it’s like his speaking directly to her…

Eric Thorn is frightened by his obsessive fans. They take their devotion way too far. It doesn’t help that his PR team keeps posting to encourage their fantasies.

When a fellow pop star is murdered at the hands of a fan, Eric knows he has to do something to shatter his online image fast—like take down one of his top Twitter followers. But Eric’s plan to troll @TessaHeartsEric unexpectedly evolves into an online relationship deeper than either could have imagined. And when the two arrange to meet IRL, what should have made for the world’s best episode of Catfish takes a deadly turn…

My Thoughts

I would like to thank the publisher and NetGalley for providing a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

I have to admit, Follow Me Back has been the biggest surprise of the year. I was interested in the plot and expected to like, but how much I liked it was a pleasant surprise.

Follow Me Back is a page-turner and is written so well. It reads like a fan fiction which makes sense as this is how the story started, but also fits the atmosphere of the story. With the interview fragments and social media aspect, I’m not sure this would have read well any other way. And, of course, Geiger is a talented writer and knows how to appeal to the demographic who would be reading this.

The story depends so much on you liking the characters, though, and in the beginning I was skeptical. Everything about Eric - especially in the very begging and at the end - felt like a caricature. The way he angered and spoke in the beginning felt unreal and everything about what he said in his last conversation with Tessa in the car felt cheesy and forced. The middle was fine and at about 35% I completely fell in love with Tessa and Eric, but it took me a bit to get there. Once I did, I couldn’t stop. I needed to know what happened to these two.

Though the narrative itself wasn’t heavy with suspense, the interview fragments definitely added that aspect. Without them, it would have been completely void of the “edge of my seat” feeling I expect from a story like this. Which is disappointing because I expected more of that, but got enough of it in those moments to satisfy me. I’ll admit the twist and apex of of all the suspense wasn’t a complete surprise, though I did like it.

My two complaints are this - in the beginning, I had a hard time deciding if Geiger was making commentary on celebrity/social media/fandom culture, making fun of it, or simply writing about what she knew. It took me away from the story momentarily until I could get past it.

Second, is the end. I loved it because I know there’s going to be a second book and it’s clear that there’s more going on than what meets the eye. However, it was jarring. Perhaps that’s what we’re supposed to feel, this odd moment of “What the hell!?” after Tessa and Eric have a moment, but I wish we had been slightly more prepared for it simply because it almost doesn’t fit the feel of the rest of the story.

If a reader is not interested in fandom culture, social media, or fan fiction this story won’t be for them. But honestly, I plan on recommending this to many people because if a person does enjoy those things this story is easy to love. The characters are easy to love and the story left me desperate to get my hands on book 2.

Read in March 2017

Take My Wife Please

I’d love to thank @mywifesawesomebutt for this fantasy. Usually it’s women who submit fantasies for me. In this case, it’s the woman’s husband who submitted this. Enjoy.


When I’m not busy training slaves and I’m on my iPhone, I typically go on Tumblr. Just so many great pics and videos if you like seeing women in bdsm. I came across this one call @mywifesawesomebutt and posted a lot of pics of this woman’s ass and getting a lot of ass torture. I started rebloging and posted a few comments.

One day, he direct messaged me and told me about her and the things he liked to do to her. Her name was Virginia, 54, 5'4" and shoulder length reddish brown hair. She was a little on the chubby side but very cute. Of course with the workout we put our slaves through, she might eventually lose some weight. He even sent me a couple of pics. The man(who didn’t give me his name) said he loved doing things like all kinds of spankings using his hands, a flogger, paddle, riding crop, cane, strap, a wooden spoon or heated metal ruler. He would fuck her up the ass sometimes using a huge dildo and liked to give her enemas. Decided that she was the next target.


Obviously since I had chatted with her husband, I had to have an airtight alibi. I flew to New Jersey(where I originally was from and had family and friends) on the Saturday we were going to kidnap Virginia. I sent Bruce, Rick and Tara to do the kidnapping. They live in Illinois. They flew out in the private jet we owned.

They arrived there at 11am central and rented a van . After about an hour of searching, we found her. She was getting her hair and nails done. She was wearing a red kind of dressy t-shirt that showed her cleavage, a blue jean mini skirt and black colored gladiator sandals. Tara went in the salon to have her nails done and keep her under surveillance. Then she overheard that her husband was away for the day and overnight with friends and was home alone. Bingo.They then followed her home. She lived in a nice neighborhood. It would be her last moments in that neighborhood. After about 5 minutes, they made their move. They rang the doorbell and grabbed her. She put up a struggle and then Bruce pulled out a syringe needle and gave her a shot in the neck of a tranquilizer. Within a minute or two, she was unconscious. The gang then took rope and secured her wrists behind her back, her ankles and attached more rope to put her in a hogtie. They then placed a head harness ball gag around her followed by a leather hood around her head.

Totally secure, they placed her in the van and drove to the air strip and we boarded the jet and placed our newest slave in small cramped cage and they took off back home.


About half way back, the slave began to regain consciousness. She was obviously scared and was moaning under her gag in fear. But Rick who like other slaves we acquired was groping her and made an interesting discovery.

“Hey gang, check this out, I think this slut’s enjoying this”

Bruce and Sydney check out the slave’s panties and noticed they were wet. I think all the slaves we capture eventually realize that this is the life they’re meant to live.

The plane touched down in Virginia at 7pm eastern time. They got back to the slave training facility about an hour later. We brought her to the bottom floor. We gave her water in a dog dish and since her wrists were bound behind her back, she was forced to drink with her mouth.

Then we stripped her of her clothes and locked her in the arch back device. I arrived just after that having decided to return upon hearing of our acquisition of our new slave. I decided to let her know what she was in for.

“Hello Virginia. As you can see, you’re no longer a free woman. You’re now our sex slave. Our property. You are now merchandise. You are just a set of tits and three fuckholes. For us to use and abuse for our pleasure. You’re a worthless whore, a brainless cunt, a piece of meat, a fucktoy. Starting now, you will go through your transformation from an independent woman to an obedient, compliant sex slave. We will torture you physically, psychologically and sexually. You’re body is now ours. Once you complete your training, you will be auctioned off and sold to the highest bidder”

We again placed her harness gag and leather hood on her and earbuds to hear her disorientation tape. A vibrator that was on a timer was placed on her clit to edge her provide tease and denial all night. The water she drank was laced with a stimulant to increase her sexual urges. She had alligator clamps attached to her nipples, a wired metal dildo attached to her pussy and a wired butt plug attached to her asshole. The wires would trigger a sensor giving her electro shock if she somehow managed to dose off or cum. Her training and transformation had begun.

To be continued

FFXII Headcanons: Love Letters and Judges

This is infinitely more lighthearted than my last set of headcanons! It revolves around one simple premise: the Judge Magisters (including Judge Zecht, can’t leave him out!) have received an anonymous love letter. So how would they react? Well, that’s what I’m going to explore. Just some silly fun for you!

Judge Drace almost misses the anonymous letter at first, while going through her mail. It’s not until the second time going through the large amount of correspondence that she notices the thing. Her expression turns from vaguely disinterested to deeply intrigued and she decides that she needs to read this letter again. And again. Just to be completely certain of the contents, as it were.

Judge Bergan initially dismissed the perfumed parcel as a prank, a silly frivolity meant for a chuckle at his expense. But when he goes around to his colleagues to ask which one of them was responsible, they all truthfully say they have no inkling of what it’s all about. Blast, that means those odious courtiers have found him again. He’s going to have to break some hearts at the next ball.

When the letter lands on Judge Ghis’ desk, he knows exactly what it contains as soon as he lays eyes on it. A smirk lights up his face as he reads through this flatteringly flirtatious piece of mail. It may be anonymous, but he has his ways of finding the sender with little hassle. Ghis puts the letter down and begins drafting his response. Such hard work must be rewarded, after all…

As Judge Gabranth scans over his daily correspondence, something seems off. A letter with no name piques his curiosity, and he nearly chokes on his drink when reading what it contains. It’s well-written, he must give it that, but it’s entirely inappropriate! How did this find its way to him? Immediately, Gabranth begins a mental list of possible authors. He needs to have a word with them.

Judge Zargabaath assumes that the courier moogle made a mistake in delivering this letter to him. Surely this was meant for Judge Ghis? It’s no secret the man receives many such things. But no, this was truly meant for him. Zargabaath reads it over again, smiles softly, and formulates a plan of action. Such kind and passionate words! The author is deserving of thanks…in person.

Whenever such a piece of mail makes its way to Judge Zecht, he counts that as a good day indeed! A broad grin spreads across his features as he looks it over. It’s quite the suggestive delivery, and he mentally commends the author for their boldness in getting this through to him! The letter receives a special place in his personal things, next to all the rest he’s received through the years.

narcissistictaako  asked:

playlist: aboard the rockport limited


i imagine the “murder on the rockport limited arc” as an incredibly goofy b-grade pastiche of “murder on the orient express” but also science fantasy griffin mcelroy style so that explains. this.

  • r'tothe-zäuerli – the grand budapest hotel ost
  • lone digger – caravan palce
  • ghostbusters theme – original movie ost (THIS IS A THB SONG)
  • istanbul – they might be giants
  • heavy – pj morton, adam levine (i’m thinkin SPECIFICALLY magns makin his way to the back of the train levatating w/his heavy bean)

bonus ango mcdango song:

  • the whole world and you – tally hall

i like how all my stories can just be summed up as

  • g/t pirates
  • g/t superheros
  • g/t post apocalyptic
  • g/t fantasy
  • g/t fantasy but darker
  • g/t fantasy but even darker
  • g/t gothic period romance
  • g/t paranormal slice of life
  • g/t paranormal slice of life: but polyamourus this time
  • g/t outer space

just pick any genera and slap a ‘g/t’ in front and chances are i have somethin on it


The Flame in the Abyss which tempers the Darkness in our hearts.

The stars aligned while I was in the Forelands and Coeurlregina popped. I mashed out as many screenshots as I could. I love these, I’m really lucky I manged them. I took way more than this, but these were the best ones, in my opinion. If you want to see the rest, here’s the album.

(Forgive the corny quote. I tried ;A; )