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Prompto Week - Day 2: Favorite Relationship

I’ve picked these two for at least two other fan weeks but like, it honestly is my favorite relationship in xv [as well as the best written one imo.] I think what gets me the most is that underneath their supposedly opposite personalities, Noctis and Prompto actually share a lot of the same insecurities and fears.

That was one of my faster renders, but let’s say the moment I laid eyes on that model I had to do something with it. Ignis in combination with that outfit is just my most favourite thing in the whole game. So I apologize in advance if there is a lot of Ignis coming up in the future. I try to keep myself in check but, I can’t promise anything. XD Might still have to do some changes on the render setup and the materials later though.

Made in XNALara, render in Blender Cycles and edit in Photoshop!
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Best run I've had in Bloodborne? The time my music playlist decides to mess up and plays my entire library. To this day I can't listen to Nintendo soundtracks the same. Certainly made for an interesting run though, Mico fight to Castle Courtyard music from LoZ is... interesting.

I often play Bloodborne while listening to musical or Final Fantasy soundtracks.
Micolash’s fight goes surprisingly well with Dancing Mad (from FFVI), Logarius is amazing to fight as Dark Messenger (FFIX) plays and the Orphan of Kos deserves to be faced on the notes of One Winged Angel (FFVII). I also totally made a video with Gehrman’s fight footage and Magna Insomnia from FFXV despite my dislike for that game XD. Great ost.
“Point of no return”, “Down once more”, “march of the witch-hunters”, “no good deed”, “falcon in the dive”, “madame guillottine”, “if I want to dance” (respectively from PotO, Wicked, The Scarlet Pimpernel and Elizabeth das Musical) also go amazingly well with bloodborne if you ask me :P

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What is the most effective method you would suggest for world building an urban fantasy/paranormal story?


World building is how you make a supernatural or fantasy story believable. 

In the fantasy/paranormal books I have read, I’ve found that the ones I enjoy most are the ones where it’s just the norm for their to be a ghost/werewolf/magic welder around. 

These stories are the ones that don’t make a big deal over the supernatural elements in the beginning. Rather than saying, “Oh, and in my world, magic is real,” (guilty of that, but I gave up on that WIP) try something like, “I woke up the sound of the fairy next door…” (lamest examples, but apparently that’s how far my writers block extends too). 
This lets your readers know that they’re not in a real life world, but a world with supernatural/fantasy elements. From there, you can build the world by walking about things that are not usual for the real world, but an everyday occurrence in your world. 

If you’re writing about a regular character from the real world finding out about supernatural or fantasy elements, it of course needs to be looked at a little differently. Your character can compare and contrast the two worlds with what they know.

Think about where your story is located. Is it the real world? Is it another planet? Another realm? If you choose another world entirely, you’re the one who makes the rules. You can make anything happen and anything possible. 
Which is what you need consider next. Magic, creatures and lore.
Also consider, what’s normal for the people in your world? How do they live? What do they do for a living?

As always, let me know if you’re after something different! x

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