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Preschool Teacher!Namjoon

And now it is time for the final member of the hyung line, our amazing leader, my lowkey spirit animal who has s u c h amazing legs oh my god his legs are so nice the thighs do the thing they’re so long and just 10/10, Kim Namjoon aka Rap Monster aka joon

  • Okay but just picture this for a moment
  • A tol surrounded by smols
  • He’d be so so tall around them but none of them are scared of him??
  • Like on that first day, when they walk in and see a really tall broad pink haired dude as their teacher, they may get a bit intimidated but then he smiles and sits down so he’s not so !!! to them
  • It’s pretty easy to tell he’s a total sweetheart and soon, any chance of intimidation or fear or anything of that variety is g on e bc he’s a giant teddy bear
  • They all call him “joonie” bc Mr. Kim just doesn’t fit him in that environment but neither does Namjoon so it gets shortened to joonie
  • I’ve referenced this so many times and I will continue to reference it bc it’s one of my favorite videos but remember when Jimin was the “yellow card” and Namjoon just sat there giggling for a solid two minutes after it happened
  • That’s him with the munchkins, they make him laugh so so much and he’s always smiley around them and he goes home with sore cheeks every single day bc they’re just so cute
  • There’s this one time where these two twins run up to him and give him a hug before they leave and his heart just about melts right then and there bc it’s just the first week of class and normally it takes time for the kids to get that comfortable with him but they’re already feeling at home
  • He always has a buddy, there’s this one lil girl who holds onto joon’s pinky and walks around with him a lot, there’s a lil boy who always wants to be held by joon, there’s another lil girl who wants to sit on his shoulders, it’s never ending
  • They all love being carried by him bc whoa whoa whoa what a height change, everything looks so small from up here
  • They all find him s o funny and goofy bc he is
  • Whenever he sees that one of the bbys is about to cry, he starts dancing for them and it’s pretty much the exact same thing as that one time on Weekly Idol where he was flailing around but his face was super serious
  • One of the things he loves about kids is that they tend to not give a fuck about whether they look cool or pretty/handsome or anything like that so they’re willing to dance with him and make weird faces and wear costumes
  • There’s this one kid who comes in on Halloween in one of those T-Rex costumes and joon is losing it the entire day plz just take a moment to imagine a smol bub in one of those mini costumes running around the classroom with joon chasing after them laughing his ass off and saying something about how they need to set their bags down before they can play
  • He gets to a point where he can’t even look at them with giggling and they know that so they just stand right next to him while he’s staring at the ceiling and trying his best not to look down and he’s trying so so hard not to laugh bc he’s already got tears forming in his eyes
  • He’s always got such a curious lil bunch of kids bc he’s so smart and they really look up to him so they wanna be as smart as he is so they start asking a million questions
  • “Why do the leaves change color”
  • “What’s this made out of”
  • “What’s the moon feel like”
  • He’s always so amused by them, he can never ever get annoyed with them so he’s more than happy to answer all of their questions, the best he can at least bc he doesn’t really know what being on the moon is like he’s never been (yet)
  • He sings for them, sometimes seriously and sometimes n o t seriously at all and they love both versions
  • This one time, one of the lil boys has a nightmare during nap time and joon just cuddles him really gently and sings for him and makes him feel really safe and warm and he gives him some animal crackers to make him feel better
  • But then there are times where his voice is cracking and he’s doing more yelling than singing and all of the kids are screaming the lyrics of “Wheels on the Bus” with him
  • You’re one of the TAs
  • You’ve been working with joon for years
  • It’s always really cute to see joon go from being a lowkey flirt with you to being a soft teddy bear with the kids bc it’s pretty instantaneous
  • He’ll be talking to you and dropping all these flirty lines and then one of the kids needs help washing their hands and he immediately starts singing the “hand washing” song he made up a few years ago
  • You two have been together for a while but you try to keep it lowkey in class bc you’ve made the mistake of kissing his cheek in class before and the two of you were playfully teased by all of the kids for like a week bc “you’re gonna have cooties now!”
  • He always keeps up with the kids once they’ve moved up grades so every now and then, he’s got a ten year old running up to him and asking if he remembers them and he always does and they ask if you two are still together and he says yes
  • They always have really good memories of spending time in his class with you two bc it felt like one giant family
  • Preschool teacher!Namjoon will always be one of their favorite teachers, even if they don’t remember every single moment with him and he’ll always remember them, no matter how old they get
RIP Kylo Ren? Nah.

I don’t know if this will make sense to anyone else but… I love how scary Kylo is. Even though there is a man underneath it all–a conflicted dramatic Skywalker–he is still intimidating as fuck and I love it. So yes, of course I will miss Kylo’s mask, the frayed cowl, the villainous decoder voice, the villain swag, the clenched fists, and the lightsaber destroying shit. It will always be iconic.

But I’m SO READY for anti-hero Kylo. And I’ve honestly been ready since day one.

To anyone feeling betrayed that he might become “not as cool” or lose any of his Kylo-esque personality traits I just want ya’ll to remember a few things that might help the transition:

1) I’m fairly certain many of us went into TFA expecting this masked baddie to be just another boring dark sider, a one dimensional villain who we didn’t care about, a one and done. They definitely blew all my expectations out of the water. Everything I got and everything I’m going to get is ALL so much more and so much better than I ever hoped for. Even all the shitty discourse I wouldn’t trade for anything because, well, I got to discuss & analyze one of my all-time favorite SW characters with friends, family, co-workers, and my online SW fandom. I’m prepared for anything, I feel ready to survive this epic (and likely painful) story!

2) Kylo Ren… well, he doesn’t really like being Kylo Ren. The guy isn’t happy in the First Order isolated under Snoke’s creepy overbearing wing. Even his dad, while dying at his hand, remarked just how sad his son’s eyes are, how Ben looked deprived and malnourished. Han wanted Ben to find peace. Being the villain isn’t going to do that. He thinks he wants it, he thinks he needs it for any kind of self-worth… but is villainy his true nature or true calling? I don’t think it is. I think people will much prefer the anti-hero Kylo once we see the transformation… because he will be more confident, stable, determined, powerful, and even more badass imo because he will be fighting for himself… maybe (hopefully) even alongside Rey. NOT fighting for Snoke. I think it’s going to be super interesting watching him go down a grayer path.

3) He’ll still be Kylo. All the snark, all the sass, the puppy headtilts, the gazing into his enemy’s eyes, the ultimate Hux insult generator, the bridal-carrier… he’ll just be a little less of an asshole–you know, showing his humanity, dealing with the aftermaths of his father’s murder, getting closer to Rey, etc.

So even if he heads the way of the anti-hero and we eventually lose our masked villain I will always want Kylo to have that choice to be who he wants. Because a creepy old asshole has interfered with that choice since before he was born. If Kylo chooses to die, rot in a jail cell, or even become a semi-heroic character, just let it be his choice. And that will be more than enough badassery for me, mask or no mask :)


For you Ash!!! a.k.a @fragranceofroses Cause today is your b-day!!  and of course I wanted to draw you something nice~ Yes, lots of roses cause I know they are your favorite!

tbh I’ve been wanting to do something like this for you for a long time. ;w; Not only something for your birthday, but just because you really are that wonderful~ and you’re always kind and always there for me. You really were one of my first real friends on here and in the servamp fandom! Thanks for always sharing SLS things with me, they always made me smile. But I also enjoy knowing about all your cool animals, crazy work stories, “ANIME FRIEND™ ” and just happy we talk almost everyday. Doesn’t matter if its a little or a lot. It makes me happy regardless. Thank you for being my friend Ash~! ❤❤❤❤❤❤ I hope you like the drawing~

thank god I still know how to draw roses omg

Ymir, my favorite character of all times along with Pearl from SU. How to feel after she is killed off, unceremoniously, off screen, sad, alone, and going completely against everything her character stood for. It is safe to say that I don’t really feel anything besides sadness, anger, and emptiness that such a great character with so much potential doesn’t even get a proper closure. That she doesn’t even get to see Historia one final time. That after years of waiting to find out about her fate, we only get one single mention of what happened to her. One single panel showing her final moments. That after Isayama saying that Ymir was his favorite character, it shows that he’s just a bad writer overall. 

My Favorite Strange Magic Story of All Time

So last week our wonderful and brilliant movie Strange Magic (bless all its cows) was featured finally on Disney Channel and everyone in our tiny and overlooked fandom rejoiced and freaked out! I was one of them! I was so fucking happy! Finally! This movie getting some of the credit that it deserved! 

The only issue? I couldn’t lend to its ratings. 

The only way to give it any sort of rating on Disney Channel is to watch it. And because I’m not physically home and don’t have a Fios box just lying around my dorm room, there was nothing I could do. Which sort of sucked. So I took a break and stepped back and didn’t think about it that whole day. 

And then the night came. And I assumed that that was the last I’d think about it. 

But it wasn’t. At all. 

Because suddenly I get a text from my sister. There’s something on TV she said. There’s a huge bug with super long legs and a huge torso. Why is this here? The F are those? Reverse munchkins!? They look like the dancing men outside of car dealerships! 

I don’t know what she’s talking about, so I just sort of move on. 

And then;

Sister: Oh my god what is this. 

Sister: Oh my god, what the hell. What the F are these. 

Sister: ????

And before I can even ask what’s going on, she sends me a snap chat with a picture on it, the tag shouting WHAT THE HELL AM I WATCHING!? across the front. And right in back of the tag? 


Right there. 

The fucking Bog King

My sister watched Strange Magic and her first reaction was what the hell is this

I can’t stop laughing.

ask-factory-scootaloo  asked:

Treasure planet is one of my all time favorite movies. What's your favorite scene from the movie?

all of it????

for real that’s such a hard question but like animation-wise I guess the beginning

Originally posted by miusix

and the part with Jim saving everyone

but emotionally it’d definitely be this one:

really though the entire movie is made of these tiny moments of pure brilliance in subtle character animation that it’s really hard to pick one

Book review: 호숫가 살인사건 - 히가시노 게이고

I downloaded the preview of this book without reading the description while I was bored in class. By the time I finished reading the preview I was hooked and had to buy it so I could find out how the story ended. And I read the entire book within 24 hours of finding it on the play store :o

Keigo Higashino is definitely one of my favorite authors to read korean books in. I like his type of story telling and insertion of scientific themes. This book is a bit different from all other books of him I’ve read so far as it doesn’t involve any detectives, but it’s still a 추리소설. The book wasn’t a masterpiece of literature but it’s a solid story in my opinion, and if you’re into of crime novels I can definitely recommend this book. 

I think the fact that the books are translated from japanese makes them a bit easier to read as I feel like the vocabulary used tends to be a bit more simplified. There were almost no words that were essential to understand the story that I didn’t know; There were some adjectives I had to look up but I could just follow the story without having to look up words to understand what was going on. The grammar used is very basic as well. I didn’t notice any 5/6급 grammar.

You can get the book on google play here.

Hikaru no Go Stream Fest (Newbies welcome!)

It’s almost May, which means it’s once again time to revisit one of my favorite manga/anime series of all time, Hikaru no Go! It’s something of an old hidden gem with not much of a fandom these days, so I’d love to introduce new fans!

Hikaru no Go is a coming-of-age story centered around the game of go (known as weiqi in China and baduk in Korea), a real life east Asian strategy game dating back thousands of years, which is still played today with very little changed from its original form. 

The story focuses on three people: Shindou Hikaru, a rambunctious and hot-tempered young boy who seeks the attention of Touya Akira, the son of one of Japan’s top go players; Touya Akira, a boy widely hailed as the hope for the next generation of go players, whose life is overturned by the appearance of Hikaru; And Hikaru’s mentor, Fujiwara no Sai, the sweet-natured but overly emotional, go-obssesed ghost of a go master from 1000 years ago.

So basically, it’s a sports manga but about board games, and one of the main characters is a thousand-year-old ghost. Pretty sweet if you ask me. It’s very well written, with character development I’d almost put on the level of Fullmetal Alchemist. It’s also notable in that it’s a manga published in Shonen Jump that was written by a woman, something you don’t see in the most famous Jump manga.

Also, it’s full of go puns, which is the entire reason it’s associated with May 5th (5 = 五 = go).

Throughout the first week of May, I’ll be streaming choice episodes of the anime every night starting at 9 PM EST. I’ll be showing the first episode on Monday, May 1st. I hope to see a lot of people there!

So at the nursing home I work at I have this resident (we’ll call him Casanova) so basically he flirts with every girl he sees, including me.

I was helping feed him the other day and he decides he’s going to put his hand on my leg and tell me he loves me (not a rare occurrence. He does this all the time) and then he even put my hand on his face and repeated it.

Now I really can’t get angry with him and yell at him. He’s /confused/ but (we’ll call her Jane) Jane, another of my residents who has more lucid days but still confused, grabs my hand and pulls it away from Casanova.

She then proceeded to shake her finger at him and say “That’s not nice Casanova! You respect these girls or I’m gonna shove your fruit cup down your throat”

Needless to say, Jane is now one of my favorite residents and old ladies calling out creepy old men is my new Aesthetic™

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Does nina have other children? Does she want other children :o?

I hunt through the forest looking for children that have been abandoned or lost their parents and adopt them as my own.

I have children of all types and species. Life outside the force field that protects this land is hard and most die before their time. So I have taken it upon myself to protect children and eggs.

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Your post about Nanaba's death is easily one of the best analyses of any story that I've ever seen. I've wanted to talk about her death since it was aired but I've been worried about accidentally being offensive. You were able to handle this topic with such organization and logic while making your feelings known and that's a skill which I consider very rare and high-level. Long story short, thank you for your analysis of one of my favorite female characters in SnK and kudos to your writing skill

If it makes you feel better, it took me days to get my thoughts together and I had to keep walking away and looking at other things all day today just to get stuff down. (I also lost the last third of the post and had to rewrite it – aaaaaaaaaa!)

Thank you so much for the kind message. I’m glad you enjoyed the post…and thank you for reading it and taking the time to send me this. (And also for liking Nanaba…she could always use more support.)

One of my favorite things about the Best Friends is the amount of lore and inside jokes they have and share with the fans. One being how they keep putting Zubaz all these games:

He was in Divekick

Shovel Knight

He’s a skin for Beowulf in Skullgirls (even Matt and Woolie show up in the background in one of the stages)

He was supposed to show up in a Kaiju game, Kaiju Combat. But unfortunate (the last time I heard at least) the game was suspended.

He’s even gonna appear in Lab Zero’s new game, Indivisible

(Though I forget which design they’re using)

impracticaldemon  asked:

Your blog? Let's be honest. You like Gray. What people might not get at first is that you like Gray in various ships: Graylu, Gratsu, GrayxLoke etc. BUT you also like Juvia! And you even like Gruvia--you think they're kind of sweet--but you wish they'd been written differently at times. OK. You're a writer. You live in the US. You have fewer than 10k followers (so you claim). You have a cool follower you call little demon. You chat with sassyHowl and TGRhapsode. Have a flower: 🌺

I love Gray and Gray ships: Confirmed.

I like Juvia: How much I love her, you will never know.

Gruvia: Gruvia is a very… iffy ship for me. On the one hand, Juvia is my favorite female character and Gray is my absolute favorite out of all of them. I very much want the two to be happy but they remind me of an unhealthy relationship I once was in, interactions I’ve had with another person and other very uncomfortable situations. There’s many reasons I list this as a notp, I try to respect it but I can’t actually ship this.

I am a writer: We should assume so.

I live in the US: Yes.

I have fewer than 10k followers: Not even a thousand, little demon. I’m still trying to fight back from the p.ornb.ot incident.

Pfft. Okay, the little demon is actually pretty cool and sweet, and yes, I do chat with them as well. 

Thank you for that flower. Have a little Gray.

Send Me Assumptions Based on my Blog

TV-Show Tag Meme

I came across this tag and thought it would be pretty funny to do this, so let’s go!

Pick your 5 shows before answering the following:

  1. Avatar: The Last Airbender
  2. The Legend of Korra
  3. Brooklyn Nine-Nine
  4. Voltron (not really a TV-show but a show nontheless)
  5. Sense8

Decided to go for the obvious choices there, lol

1. Who is your favorite character in 2? 
Haha, of course I’m asked for my favourite character in the Legend of Korra, like you don’t know that already. It is, of course, my favourite character of all time, my ultimate bae, Korra.

2. Who is your least favorite character in 1? 
Oh, that’s a hard one… but I think I’m gonna go for Jeong Jeong, because he just annoys me. He only ever looks at the bad side of stuff and I don’t like him.

3. What’s your favorite episode of 4? 
My favourite Voltron episode is probably space mall, it was both hillarious and serious and the combination of those two elements actually worked out pretty well. We had a nice and funny in between episode but it wasn’t a filler because we still kinda progressed story-wise. Idk I just really loved it.

4. What’s your favorite season of 5? 
Well, there’s only one season out yet, but I loved the christmas special a lot and season 2 trailers look really good so I think it’s gonna be season 2. I (almost) always like the later seasons of a show better than the first ones. 

5. What’s your favorite relationship in 3? 
Probably Peraltiago because their relationship is pure and based on mutual respect and just very loving and it’s one of the healthiest straight ships I’ve seen on tv in a long time which is always good. Plus Amy and Jake are my favourite characters.

6. Who is your anti-relationship in 1? 
I didn’t really have any NOTP’s in Atla until I found out people actually, legitimately, shipped Zucest. That’s so wrong, she’s both his abuser and his sister, I cannot even comprehend

7. How long have you watched 4? 
I started watching Voltron last august, so that’s about eight months?

8. How did you become interested in 3? 
I found a tumblr post pointing out the diversity of the characters and how woke this show was, and it looked pretty good. Then I found out it was on netflix, and I started watching it immediately and I loved it. 

9. Who is your favorite actor in 2? 
Probably Janet Varney, she has an amazing voice and I absolutely adore her voice acting in the legend of korra. She also ships Korrasami which is a plus.

10. Which show do you prefer: 1, 4 or 5? 
Avatar: The last airbender. No doubt.

11. Which show have you seen more episodes of? 1 or 3? 
Ahahahah I haven’t even seen Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 4, but I’ve watched ATLA about seven times so definately atla.

12. If you could be anyone from 4, who would you be? 
Uhh… idk man they all have it pretty bad. But I guess Hunk because he doesn’t have an alien arm or a missing family or his whole home planet destroyed so yeah probably hunk.

13. How would you kill off your favorite character in 1? 
Favourite Character? You think I have only one? Uhhh… I mean I think Aang could sacrifice himself to save the world, Sokka and Toph probably fell of the airship, Katara died fighting Azula and couldn’t heal Zuko, so he’d die too, and uhh, Azula probably electrocuted herself or something idk.

14. Would a 2/3 crossover work? 
Probably. I could see Mako be a cop at the Nine-Nine…

15. Pair two characters in 2 that would make an unlikely but strangely okay couple. 
Uhh… Mako and Tahno? That doesn’t sound too bad…

16. Overall, which show had a better cast: 3 or 5? 
Uhhh… idk man… I have an undying love for the brooklyn nine-nine cast, but the Sense8 cast was really good too because they all came from different countries and stuff and they had a trans character… but Brooklyn Nine-Nine though… ugh don’t make me choose!!

17. Which show has a better soundtrack: 1, 4 or 5? 
Avatar: The Last Airbender. No soundtrack can make me feel the feels like that one.

Well, that was it, I hope you liked this!

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My favorite fanfic will always be the yellow series. It was the first camren fiction I read, the story is awesome and that shit is an emotional rollercoaster. The specific Yellow book I've read it like 4 times already I love it

I loved the yellow series too, it was like the second Camren fanfic I ever read, but I think reading it again today wouldn’t feel the same at all, not after having read fanfics like The Stripper 😂  I love slow-burn but maybe that one is a little too much, and also a little too fluffy for me maybe, and tbh Camila being very childlike made me feel uncomfortable at times - other than that it’s really well written and the story is beautiful 

aprilwitching replied to your post: my problem is that one of my favorite things to…

honestly, while it’s excruciating if it’s badly written, OOC (in fanfic), or if i don’t like or care about the characters, GOOD slice of life character-focused shit is some of my very favorite shit hands down?? maybe ESPECIALLY in fanfic– i usually dont read fanfics that are very long, very plot-dense, or concentrating 90% on just making the characters fuck each other. im mostly in it for character/relationship study and interaction if im reading fic at all shrug emoji

my favorite thing to WRITE is like, sex that doesn’t solve things, or sex that’s not the Point of a fic, or sex as character development. but honestly my favorite fic genre to READ is 250k+ word slightly au rewrites of the harry potter series so like

whom am i to worry that other people don’t care about fictional character’s opinions on pappardelle

On Eren Jaeger

I know there are a lot of posts about Eren that probably say the same things you will find here, but the latest chapters, where we actually haven’t seen Eren in person, made me think and reflect a lot about him, Expecially about the fact that, since the beginning, he’s been one of my favorite characters, and this has just solidified over time. Eren is not just one of my favorite characters, but I really think he is a great character, period. So here is a post to explain my love for him.

Keep reading

stormears  asked:

8, 9, 10, 15, 16.

do 8. Which character reminds you of yourself the most?

not sure who reminds me of myself but i aspire to be like sakura tbh

9. Least favorite character?

uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhh fuckin danzou probably

10. Do you buy the volumes or do you just read them online?

the ones ive read were all online, but i do own one particular volume!

it was a birthday present from one of my high school bffs if i remember correctly. cause she knew i loved sasori (even tho its the volume where he dies oops). i ttttthought i had volume 30 somewhere as well, but its not on my shelf so i probably forgot it at my parents’ home

15. Favorite Naruto fan fiction?

first two to come to mind are marrow by @actuallydeglace and do as the middle-earthlings do, both of which ive reread countless times

16. If you got one thing to say to kishi what would it be?

wheres sakura’s fuckign axe