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I know what you're doing by making friends with Hamilbye. You're using her to make a name for yourself. She probably knows what you're trying to do and is trying to get rid of you. See how she's trying to make friends with other people? If you want to get famous, do it with your talent. not by using others.

for one thing, nat and i’s friendship shouldn’t concern anyone BUT her and i. 

two: let’s make it clear that nat was never under any obligation to give my writing attention or even to be my friend. i did not force her into a friendship. she is genuinely an amazing human being and i’m honestly lucky to know her. she’s one of the best people i’ve ever met and certainly a phenomenal friend. 

three: i’m fine with whatever and however many friends she wants to have/make besides me. i’m not constricting her into a friendship and i know she’d tell me if she felt as if i was. 

four: in the future, maybe pay attention to your own life and not mine. 

My Gay Ass scrolling through AO3
  • <p> <b>Fic summary:</b> Kara Danvers has never been one for dating. But, suddenly finding herself in a complicated love square who will she choose? Her bestfriend, of many years, Winn, successful photojournalist James Olsen or the new guy on the block Mike who, burdened by his own shady past, seems to be the only one who can understand her pain?(ft. Megahet Maxwell Lord and Biromantic Asexual Alex Danvers as Lord Danvers)<p/><b>Me:</b> Urgh*rolls eyes*<p/><b>Fic summary:</b> Kara Danvers has never been one for dating. But, suddenly finding herself in a complicated love square who will she choose? Her bestfriend, of many years, Lucy, successful CEO and journalist Cat Grant or the new girl on the block Lena who, burdened by her own shady past, seems to be the only one who can understand her pain?(ft. Smol Gay™ Detective Maggie Sawyer and Gaygent Alex Danvers as Sanvers)<p/><b>Me:</b> Talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, showstopping, spectacular, never the same, totally unique<p/></p>
Why Moana is great and why everyone should watch it

- has a teen lead voiced by a teen girl (a talented one at that!)

- breaks the trope of rebelliousness often seen in Disney protagonists.

- very culture-rich, the movie team assembled a group of anthropologists, linguists, and other cultural experts to ensure proper respect.

- there’s a singing crab (who’s beautiful, baby)

- Moana doesn’t have a love interest, she has a loving family, a mentor and a friend, and a chicken. Hei hei the chicken is the best part

- BEAUTIFUL music score made by Lin Manuel Miranda himself

- realistic hair! That acts normal and doesn’t stay in one style the entire movie. There’s an entire animation team dedicated solely to hair and it’s so worth it

- stunning animation. Just-absolutely stunning

- moana’s strengths don’t lie in her looks or even her talents, she isn’t naturally gifted at many of the tasks she undertakes. she perseveres through everything to find the best way. And she’s kind! Genuinely a lovely person.

- a really refreshing movie, so fun to watch


It’s been a week since @we-all-have-a-storyyy went missing, that’s scary as hell… I keep thinking how did this happen, why did this happen…. She’s very active in the YouTube scene and known by many “fandoms”. She was one of the first supporters of Hannah, grace and mamrie that I followed on tumblr and twitter. We haven’t had a full on real convocation or anything like that but she has always been very kind and we’ve both been active on each other’s tumblr’s. And from following her for as long as I have I can tell she’s kind, warm hearted, full of life, talented, and many other things. I look at her tumblr and these photos and I can’t wrap my head around the fact she’s missing, it doesn’t seem real, I also can’t imagine how her family and friends are feeling during this time… Your friends, family and followers miss you like crazy, I pray for your safe return as soon as possible and my thoughts and prayers are with your family and friends🙏🏼. Everyone remember what she looks like and keep your eyes open, if you have any information please contact the police. And Everyone keep spreading her info and face around, the more to see it the better 🙏🏼


I usually don’t make posts like this but I have to about this person! This is Shahd Batal, a beautiful young intelligent women. Many of you may recognize her from youtube. She is from Sudan!! She does videos to empower women and help make them feel good about themselves. She is so talented and always happy. When we look up hijab models online it’s mostly arabs and I feel like we need to have more of black muslim women. She should be one of them. IF YOU HAVENT ALREADY CHECK OUT HER YOUTUBE AND SUBSCRIBE BECAUSE SHE’S ABOUT TO DO BIG THINGS AND FLIP THE GAME. PLUS IF YOU KNOW ANY OTHER BLACK MUSLIM YOUTUBERS PLEASE ADD ON TO THIS POST!!!!!!!!!!!

New Tales from the Old Forest

25 Days Christmas Romance Challenge || Day 13

Character A’s little sibling/child wants to meet their favorite celebrity/writer/person for Christmas. Character B is said “Christmas present”.

(header by the incredibly sweet and talented @katie-dub)

New Tales from the Old Forest; ~ 5, 500 words; FF.NET || AO3
(now with a shiny sequel - New Tales from the New Year)

At age 28 Emma Swan knows she hasn’t done many things right in her life but her son is definitely in the ‘knocked it out of the part’ category.

She is not sure how much credit she should be given though. She thinks she has raised Henry well, better than she expected, certainly better than she thought she would when she was doubting whether she should do it at all. But there’s only so much positivity and imagination Emma could install in someone. And her kid definitely surpassed her capacity for both.

And like the bright and joyful child that he is, Henry is absolutely obsessed with Christmas.

A part of Emma dreads every 1st of December just because she is sure one morning she’ll wake up and find herself on the North Pole. So far she simply finds herself in an apartment awash in the sounds of Christmas’s best hits. By the end of the first week of that long-awaited month she lives among dwarves of all materials and sizes, has gingerbread men and candy canes falling on her every time she reaches for the cinnamon and is constantly illuminated in some combination of red, green and gold.

How Henry developed such an affinity for the holiday with Emma’s not-quite-a-Grinch-but-definite-Scroogy-undertones attitude, she will never know. Mostly she likes to blame it on kindergarten and school teachers like Miss Blanchard and Miss French. If she didn’t know better, she’d think them related to Santa himself.

But Henry sweeps her along in his excitement like he always does and she has every bit of space on the surface of their fridge covered in drawings of the two of them building snowmen, hanging lights, reading by an imaginable fireplace that she has promised herself to look for when their lease is up, decorating the Christmas tree, baking cookies and every other cliché in the holiday book.

All of that should explain why she is willing to do pretty much anything to make sure Henry has whatever his pure, believing little heart wants for Christmas.

Of course, there are some things her son has without a doubt inherited from her. Like the ability to make Emma’s life as difficult as possible.

While every kid and their awesome aunts and uncles are obsessed with superheroes and everything to do with them, racing each other to buy comics, rubber hammers and plastic light-sabers, ordering Marvel DVDs and booking tickets months in advance, Emma Swan is standing in front of a shelf with heavy, leather-bound, luxurious editions of New Tales From the Old Forest and hoping beyond hope that Killian fucking Jones gets a new book out before Christmas starts really breathing down her neck.

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A new art book collaboration with @stephanieratt, @edderzz, @fetusart, and myself, coming this summer!  I’m happy to formally announce:

Project: Hyper Dimensional Magical-Girl Sukiyo-chan!

Sukiyo-chan is just your average high-school girl.  Average grades, average tastes…and an undying love for her Senpai of course. All-in-all a pretty average life, except for her extraordinary ability to access all of the infinite realities of the multiverse and switch places with one of the many alternate versions of herself. With this power she becomes “Hyper Dimensional Magical-Girl Sukiyo”, utilizing the various abilities and talents of her alternate selves to battle the forces of evil and save the world. If only Senpai would notice her…  

Originally a silly little joke, we’re now putting together a collection of original art based on the above premise, as a fun parody/love-letter to the magical-girl genre, and anime in general.  Keep an eye out for more Sukiyo in the near future!

Headcanon that when Ginny goes on to play for the Holyhead Harpies, reporters always ask her sexist questions that have nothing to do with her career. And one time after an amazing game a reporter comes up to her and asks, “So what’s it like being married to someone who’s so well known in the wizarding community?”

And Harry just jumps in front of her and starts rambling, “it’s so amazing. I mean, my wife is definitely so talented and such an inspiration to so many young girls, and I’m lucky to have met someone like her.” And he just keeps talking until the reporter goes “yeah yeah, I get it.” And walks away

headcanon: pets

Hanzo is 100% a cat person. When he was small, he was given a tiny black kitten as a gift from his father, and he fell in love immediately. With the wisdom and unique talent of a four-year-old, he called her Kuroneko (black cat), a name which stuck and which Hanzo insisted upon keeping. The cat was his companion for many years, and he was devastated when she died at the ripe old age of eighteen. It’s one of the best memories he has of his father – kneeling on the floor together, playing with Kuro and laughing at her antics.

Quite a few of the agents at the base have pets – Morrison has a giant golden retriever he picked up somewhere and takes for a run every morning, Lucio has a cage full of hamsters, Zarya has an improbably tiny bichon frise, and Satya has a white cat with eyes like blue jewels who is almost as elegant as she is. So when Hanzo is out picking up supplies and sees a small, scruffy brown cat in the window of a pet store, he doesn’t even think twice.

McCree is enamoured with his gift. “She reminded me of you,” Hanzo says, amused, as McCree gently approaches her until she lets him pick her up. He laughs softly, holding her gently and nuzzling her with his beard. She seems to enjoy that, and reaches out a paw to bap him on the face.

“Darlin, I love her,” he says, his voice full of emotion. Hanzo grins widely as McCree deposits her on their bed and lies down next to her, stroking her with a hand which looks huge in comparison. “I probably should have mentioned that I’m allergic, though.”

Hanzo’s eyes widen. “What? I’m sorry! I’ll just–” He reaches over to pick the cat up, wondering if he can ask Satya if she can stay with her, but McCree stops him.

“No, it’s –” he sneezes loudly, making the cat startle – “it’s okay! I’ll deal with it!” He sits up, sneezing several more times and scratching his arms. “I’ll just go see Angela and pick up some – achoo! – antihistimines.”

McCree always loved animals, cats in particular. He’s never had a chance to have a pet before, and always consoled himself that he’s allergic so it’s probably a good thing. He’s not giving little Tumbleweed up anytime soon, though.

you guys dont get it

demi lovato writes music, plays many instruments and is one of the greatest vocalists of our time. people bash her everyday and her talent has been unnoticed for almost a decade. it was about fucking time.

We lost a family member today dear ARMYs.
더호쓰-nim (@THEHO218) was one of the most dedicated fansitenims we had.
She loved & supported the boys so much all these years.
She had a real talent in capturing art…and she shared this with us.
Her photos brought joy to many of us, and we will forever be grateful.
My deepest condolences to her family and friends.
Let’s keep her in our prayers.

정말 감사합니다 더호쓰님. ❤

Rory Gilmore has become the character I’m most disappointed with and I can’t do anything else other than blame the poor storytelling of ASP.

I watched through the years a show that has displayed this incredible bond between mother and daughter, who are very much alike and at the same time so different from one another.

Since season 1 episode 3 it’s been showed she was the daughter that Richard and Emily Gilmore never had, showed how much Rory could fit in her grandparents’ world so easily. She’s made many mistakes in her life, but knew what she wanted to be, she had dreams, she made everything possible to fulfill them, she attended the schools that could guarantee her the best education, she graduated at Chilton and then Yale, I repeat it: Yale. She’s a woman of talent, she happens to have great flaws, criticism often hit her really hard and had difficulties to cope with it, but I thought in her life she would endure and achieve great success eventually.

Life hasn’t been easy on her, it’s normal, everyone goes through shit in life. Someone just gives up, someone settles down, others are lucky enough to get what they want. Rory Gilmore? she gave up. She gave up her journalistic career without trying harder. I assumed in a way or another, she’d end up being part of an editorial staff. I imagined her being a career woman, with a family to home to go and someone by her side supporting or working with her.

But Amy Sherman-Pallidino showed us that Rory Gilmore has given up the career and the life she’s dreamed about for 7 seasons. At first you see she lost herself and it’s ok, give it time, find a way to get back on track, but you’d never imagine Rory to just leave all of dreams behind and starting to write a book about her and her mom. I get it, for many this might be something interesting and exciting, but personally? I don’t. It’s not exciting, not for Rory Gilmore

And then the worst happens. She ends up exactly like her mom: pregnant with no job and possibly setting down in SH. How is that good storytelling? Why would someone think that this circle of life would be smart, interesting and the perfect ending?

How? why and how the mom and daughter story repeating itself is good storytelling? 

To me, there’s nothing interesting, because the beauty of Rory Gilmore was the many ways she was so different form her mother. All of this was destroyed.

Thank you Amy and Dan Palladino. I thought no one could do worse than S7, but you did it.

You destroyed Rory Gilmore


The Signs as Harry Potter Marauders Era Characters pt.1 (Fire)

Aries - Lily Evans

Lilys most notable features are her flaming red hair and her green eyes. She is a very vivacious girl and appears as sweet and kind as well as fiercely and independent and can take care of herself. Nevertheless Lily can be sarcastic, fairly stubborn and sassy. She is a bit of a book worm and over-achiever and is knowing as a talented witch. Her potion master Horace Slughorn even considered her one of the brightest witch he ever knew. Lily has strong principles, is insanely prideful and acts brave and loyal. She would do anything for a friend or person in need. As the Head Girls of Gryffindor Lily has many friends and is always looking for ways to help people.

Leo - Ted Tonks

Magic, to the Tonks family was something you watched on the television so it was a big surprise that Ted turned out a wizard. He loves the exciting new world he was stepping in but family and friends remain the most important things in his life. Ted is a playful, carefree and kind hearted person, not shy but modest. As he was often discriminated by pure blood families, it seems a wonder that he fall in love with Andromeda Black. Ted pours her with affection and attention. Being helpful is something he can’t help but be. Ted also is a fan of teamwork which is why he favors Quidditch. Moreover he has an enjoyable, easy going attitude and has a pure kind and harmless soul.

Sagittarius - Bellatrix Black

Bellatrix is a tall beautiful woman with long, thick, shining black hair, thin lips and dark eyes. As the eldest of the black sisters she learned how to lead and take control over others and she also knows how to take charge in tricky situations. Bellatrix is intelligent but could be easily distracted and has a fierce and dangerous temper. Because she was raised in a pure blooded family, she learned from young age to be prejudiced against non-magical people. Bellatrix shows loyalty towards her principles and the people she loves. Although she appears to be cunning and cruel, she is not incapable of feeling affection for others and she really cares about her younger sisters.

Baby There’re Cookies Inside

25 Days Christmas Romance Challenge || Day 16

Character A bakes too many Christmas cookies so they share it with Character B.

(header by the incredibly sweet and talented @katie-dub)

Baby There’re Cookies Inside; ~ 3, 400 words; FF.NET || AO3

He doesn’t know her name but he knows other things.

She has exactly one grey beanie, that makes her hair look even more like spun gold in contrast, and exactly one pair of black cut-off gloves, that make her fingers look even more slender and pale than they are.

She can’t be more than 23, 2 years his junior, but there’s something in the set of her features that he associates with a person who has seen many sides of the world, many of them not too pretty.

For the last two weeks she has been coming in every day, a bare half an hour after he opens. He always stops himself seconds from asking Ruby, if she’s here during the weekend as well. Somehow he knows she is.

She always orders a cup of tea, sits in the furthest corner of the diner and leaves when there’s barely an hour left till closing time.

She never orders any food and, while she does dash out for a couple of hours around lunchtime sometimes, it’s by no means a rule.

A couple of times he catches sight of a ruffled paperback in her hands. Oliver Twist one time, Peter Pan the next.

He doesn’t think much about it at first but then, towards the end of that second week, December really makes itself known and her departure starts sliding nearer and nearer to closing time. There’s this apprehension in her eyes he notices and it’s not the regular annoyance or reluctance to brave the cold outside the cozy diner that he sees on the faces of most patrons during the winter months. Her worry seems almost a physical thing to him, digging its feet into the floor, while she tries to lead it towards the door.

Granny has been gradually expanding his duties and the first time he’s tasked with baking her famous sugar cookies, he makes almost twice as much as he should. And Killian has a pretty sizable sweet tooth but he doubts his ability to eat the dozens of extras.  So when she starts zipping up her jacket, which looks like it offers little to no protection from the wind outside, and it’s been one of those days when she didn’t dash outside around lunchtime, he calls out without thinking much about it.

“Hey, wait!”

He sees her back go ramrod straight and she seems to brace herself before she turns around with a painfully fake smile.

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I always love either super sunny quirky character designs, or really dark creepy ones… There’s no in-between. SHSLs Inventor and Folklorist from Danganronpa V3. They’re my favorite for now, both because of their design and their talents!

SHSL Inventor

  • Design and talent-wise, Souda was one of my favorite DR2 character, so of course I like this girl!
  • I love here steampunk vibe! Goggles!!! Also her tentacle hair. 
  • Her talent will probably be (too) helpful in-game. I don’t think she’ll survive… :-(
  • That said, I see her as a cackling over-the-top mad scientist murderer, not a victim. She’ll be my first suspect if the Kiibo (the robot) “dies”.

SHSL Folklorist

  • I’m curious to learn about obscure japanese folklore… Except his dialogue will probably be toned down by the translation.
  • It would be very cool if he actually survived the game. I don’t think people expect the deadly looking guy to stand a chance (at least I don’t). Post-game, he could make the story of DR3 into a legend!
  • But it probably won’t happen.
  • He looks so chilling. I imagine him not realizing how much he scares people with his stories (or totally doing it on purpose and smiling behind his mask). 
  • Maybe someone will strike to shut him up. And/or he’ll die in an urban-legend themed murder. (2nd case anyone?)
  • But let’s face it, he looks like a designated villain/killer to me and he’s my favourite guy.

So even though I did not have time to post this yesterday, I still wanted to say happy two year anniversary to Star Vs the Forces of Evil! ❤😄❤ I saw the premiere for this show at Comic Con a few months before it aired, so the day the show premiered, I dressed in a Star Butterfly inspired outfit. Who would have known that in only two years, and many Star Butterfly cosplays later, that this show would become one of my absolute favorites? Everything from the story, characters, voice acting, music, backgrounds; etc. are wonderfully done! Also, every single Star Cast and Crew member that I have met are so talented and kind. They constantly inspire me not only as an artist, but as a human being.

Also, lets not forget someone else I’m greatly inspired by; the character Star Butterfly herself. I could write a novel about her, but one reason I really admire her is because she’s so unapologetically herself. 💕 I love every chance I get to cosplay her and be able to connect with so many of you in the fandom. I’ve luckily met many fans of this show and I only hope to meet more of you in the future! You guys are my fam and I look forward to gushing over the second half of season 2 with you all this February. 

(Also, on a personal note, I’ve been very busy recently with some non-cosplay related stuff, so I may not be updating as often for a little while. I’ll still be as active as I can be on all my social media though! Thanks for understanding, love you all!)

Star Butterfly is me, Marco Diaz is heyveve/ Veveisme. Cosplays made by Veveisme. Top two photos taken by mikerollerson, bottom left by Veveisme, bottom right by @wirelost-photography

Reasons Patrick is your unproblematic fave

• Probably one of the only gone characters that didn’t kill anyone
• Is a dog
• He didn’t speak
• Scared a fucking lion away from Lana???
• Like damn he saved her life???
• Therefore indirectly saved the lives of many people in the Fayz
• Is a dog
• Isn’t a weak ass bitch
• Loyal to Lana all the way through
• Is a dog
• He’s named after a hella starfish???
• Doesn’t judge Edilio, Dekka or Roger on their sexuality
• Doesn’t know what sexuality is
• Isn’t power hungry
• Isn’t thirsty for attention
• Doesn’t care that he ain’t a moof and doesn’t care that Lana is
• Accepting of Lanas baes (Quinn and Sanjit)
• Is a dog
• Is nice to everyone
• Tried to fight Coyotes
• Is cute as hell
• Also most importantly he is a dog

Look if you watch the mick and don’t like it, that’s fine! it is different from sunny and we all have different tastes and you can’t help what you do and don’t find funny,  but actively wishing it gets canceled or accusing Kaitlin of being one note is totally unnecessary. Also if you’re worried she’s going to leave sunny, she’s said multiple times that she will never leave sunny, she loves the show, she loves Dee and it only shoots 2 months out of the year x  So you don’t have to worry about that. After reading that buzzfeed interview, you know, the one where she said “ Sometimes I’m like, Oh well, they just wanted a young pretty person, rather than a funny person.”  I hope she gets as many different roles as her heart desires. She’s a talented comedienne and deserves to have that talent recognized by a wider audience. You don’t have to be interested in the mick but you can still be happy for Kaitlin getting to spread her wings, so to speak.


I’m fucking dying of laughter at the moment Hannah & Grace discover Mamrie can touch her nose with her tongue.

1st shot: Hannah & Grace think it’s HIIIIIILARIOUS that the homie got PB all up on her nose…..then Mamrie reveals her talent.
2nd: Hannah & Grace’s minds are fucking blown!
3rd: Mamrie busts it out again. Hannah & Grace are amazed/shocked/introduced to another one of Mamrie’s many skills.
4th: It’s just too damn much for H & G to handle.
5th: Grace just peaced out.