this is one hella car

icb  i’m  gonna  go  test  drive  a  possible  new  car  today ,   only  downside  is  my  actual  car  wouldn’t  start  so  i  didn’t  even  make  it  to  class ,   thankfully  my  prof  is  a+++  and  gave  us  his  actual  cell  number  so  i  texted  him  and  he  fuckin  texted  back   during  class  and  it  wasn’t  one  of  those  auto  texts  either  like  c’mon  bruh


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Imagine your otp:

Which one is driving and which one is playing Pokémon go and always asking for the other to slow down or pull over


There are many cars in San Francisco that are hella flushed out, but rarely do you see a one off car that was built with such expression. I was walking to class and immediately after seeing this Datsun 620 Truck I knew I had to snap some photos. The oil cooler plumbing coming out of the headlight and the rusted, twisted, upswept, side exit exhaust gives it an aggressive “I don’t give a fuck” performance attitude. The ZG Style rivet on fender flares add nicely to the retro theme, as well as, serve purpose to allowing the balloon, low offset, wide steel wheels and stretched tire combo, tuck neatly beneath. Hella flush is a disaster of a car fad. However, these retro cars mimicking the Japanese style are built with function in mind. Away with excessive negative camber and air bag suspension. Function and Form can work well together– it is up to the builder to find a nice equilibrium between the two.

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"Can you come here for a second? I need your opinion." Thinking its Alya so Adrien shrugs and walks in to see Marinette in nothing but underwear and she screams "what are you doing here!?!?" "I don't know you called for me!" "I thought you were Alya!" Adrien leaves closing the door and the rest of the day he is apologizing to Marinette for seeing her in her underwear. P2

I am all about dressing room montages. They should try on ridiculous outfits just for fun. They all model matching outfits with each other.

And omg. The second hand embarrassment is gonna be so real. IT’S GONNA BE HELLA AWK IN THE CAR…