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evidence that david wymack is the best character in this entire series, part ii

part i

The Raven King

  • Wymack didn’t care if he had nine Foxes or twenty-five. He’d stand behind them until the bitter, bloody end.
  • “Last I checked Andrew doesn’t like you,” Wymack said.
    • “He still doesn’t,” Neil said, but he didn’t bother to explain.
    • “Interesting.”
  • “Abby wrote me a speech to give you this afternoon. It sounded nice, had lots of stuff about courage and loss and coming together in everyone’s time of need. I tore it up and tossed it in the trash can beside my desk.”
  • Wymack cleared his throat and scratched a hand through his short hair. “Look. Shit happened. Shit’s going to keep happening. You don’t need me to tell you life isn’t fair. You’re here because you know it isn’t.”
  • “I want you on the court in light gear in five minutes or I’ll sign you all up for a marathon.”
  • “I don’t pay for electricity in this place so you can stand around and gossip.”
  • “Andrew Joseph Minyard, what the flying fuck have you done this time?”
  • “Answers now, Aaron,” Wymack said.
    • “I don’t know,” Aaron said.
    • “My ass you don’t.”
  • They were all on time, but Wymack and Abby were conspicuously absent.”
  • “Get your gear and get out of my locker room.”
  • He looked the other way because he knew how badly some of them needed their escapes to survive.
  • It was apparently better to be uncomfortable but safe than to trust a stranger with his fractured team.
  • “Last I checked this was a team meeting, not a gossip circle.”
  • “If any of you so much as look at the Terrapins on your way past their benches I’ll let you walk home from here.”
  • “Some people are just hardwired to be stupid.”
  • Neil had never seen Wymack smile like this. It was small but fierce, as angry as it was proud.
  • “Why did you pay for stalls, Coach?”
    • Wymack lifted one shoulder in a shrug. “Maybe I knew you’d need them one day.”
  • Nicky pulled the window down to yell insults, but Wymack threatened him into silence.
  • Wymack pulled a bottle of vodka out of the bag and put it down beside Kevin. “You have ten seconds to inhale as much of this as you can. I’m timing you. Go.”
  • Wymack turned on Neil. “Did you or did you not tell me you weren’t going to start a fight?”
  • “What can I do?” Wymack asked.
    • …”I don’t know,” Neil said.
    • “When you know, tell me.”
  • “Go forth,” Wymack told his Foxes. “Have fun. Or don’t. I don’t care. Just no more fighting, you got me?”
  • “Andrew spent that night here with me. At first I figured he was mad at Kevin for lying to him, but he was more worked up about you.”
  • “I didn’t ask for an apology, wiseass.”
  • Wymack stared at him for an endless minute, then said too quietly, “The fuck did you just say to me?”
  • “He chose to cross a line. You didn’t. You hear me? You didn’t. Don’t ever blame yourself for Seth’s death.”
  • Wymack kept Neil away from the microphone, not trusting Neil to behave himself.
  • “Five points or twenty-six miles. Do the math and decide which one makes you happier.”
  • “Let’s do this,” he said. “The sooner we kill these bastards, the sooner we can get roaring drunk at Abby’s place. I spent all damned morning stocking her fridge.”
  • “I have a cleaning crew coming in tomorrow to wash the Raven stench off our court. Let’s get the hell out of here and get wasted.”
  • “Neil,” Wymack said. “Between you and me, I don’t think you’ve ever been fine.”
  • “Nicky tried to hug Andrew and almost got himself staked with a kitchen knife.”
  • “Speaking of unpredictable assholes, when did that happen?”
    • “When did what?” Neil asked.
    • Wymack eyed him. “Forget it.”
  • “Figure out what you two need to cope with this, and let us know.”
  • “I want one lap for every time you’ve ever said the NCAA’s never had your back.”
    • “Oh, Jesus,” Nicky said. “We’ll be running all day.”
    • “Better get started, then,” Wymack said. “Move out, maggots.”
  • “Be here at six o’clock tomorrow morning,” Wymack said. “We’ve got a game to win Friday.”
  • [Nicky]: “I can’t understand you. That’s not fair.”
    • “Think about that the next time you use German at my practices,” Wymack said.
  • Wymack came out of nowhere and hauled Neil off Riko like he weighed nothing at all.
  • Wymack answered on the fourth ring. “You have a good reason to be bothering me on a holiday?”
  • “He sounds like Neil,” Wymack said, “but he doesn’t look like him. I’ll take your explanation from the top and without a side order of bullshit, thanks.”
  • He stopped fighting to get free; the hands that had been trying to wrench Wymack’s arms off him now held on for dear life.
  • “Can I let go of you and trust you to behave, or are you going to try and cut your face off again?”
  • Wymack didn’t say anything about the scars… He just checked Neil over with a clinical eye and poked at every line of stitches for weaknesses.
  • “He gave me a contract but I wouldn’t sign it. He couldn’t make me sign it. This doesn’t mean anything. I’m still a Fox.”
    • “Of course you are,” Wymack said.

and of course, mine and everyone else’s personal favorite:

  • “Help me,” he said through gritted teeth.”
    • “Let me,” Wymack shot back.
six of crows characters + cooking

kaz: could probably cook if it came down to that or starving, prefers to stare judgementally while everyone else tries and fails

inej: can manage fine when she has a recipe to follow but isn’t that bothered so will normally just make whatever’s quickest and easiest

nina: cannot cook, is forbidden to go anywhere near the kitchen when food’s being prepared, manages to sneak pieces of food out anyway

matthias: everything he makes tastes like burned cardboard except, for some reason, desserts.  this boy is a baking prodigy.  no-one understands it

jesper: would actually be quite good if he’d only follow the damn recipe but who wants to do that?  also banned from going near the kitchen after that time he and nina tried to make dinner and nobody’s allowed to mention it

wylan: tries his best but can’t cook to save his life.  has set something on fire more than once.  

kuwei: is actually good at cooking but would rather sit quietly and watch the disaster that is everyone else in the kitchen instead of helping

Sketchy 👀📝

Summary: Steve’s been crushing on you for a while but is forcing down his feelings….Well all that  tension has to go somewhere… and it manifests in his sketchbook.

Warnings:Language, not much else I think, it’s long lol I got carried away

Note: This is my first ever fic, feedback is appreciated! Even if its just ‘It was too fast paced’. Thanks for reading!

Steve Rogers had a problem. For some reason he couldn’t seem to keep his eyes off of you. It’s like his eyeballs had decided to separate from the rest of his body and follow you. Constantly.

This problem had started about a year and a half ago when you had come to the compound and started working with the reconstructed Avengers. You were a former SHEILD agent, hand to hand combat and espionage were your strong suits. You were also friendly and smart.

Steve knew he was in trouble when his first thoughts on meeting you were about how pretty you were. So he maintained his distance from you, keeping cordial and almost cool relationship. But keeping his distance didn’t stop his mind from wandering. Or his eyes.

“Wow,I really ain’t shit to you”

Steve’s head whipped around to meet Bucky’s grin.

“Huh, sorry?” Steve mumbles. Bucky laughs. “I was tryin’ to ask ya if you wanted some eggs,but your mind seems to have wandered.” Bucky leans against the kitchen counter top, they had just completed their morning run, and had showered before heading into the kitchen to grab breakfast. Where Steve found you already sitting on a stool at the end of the counter, talking to Natasha and a visiting Clint. You were wearing that skirt, the pleated white  one that was short enough to make him sweat a little every time he saw you in it.

“Oh, I’ll have some, sorry ‘bout that” Steve says.

“Oh no, it’s fine, after all your mind seems to have wandered to more… pleasing things.”  he jerks his head in the direction of your figure. If it was possible, Bucky’s grin gets wider. “Damn now those are some legs.” He gives a low whistle. Steve feels his face heat up and he whips his head around to make sure you didn’t hear. But you were too far away and too involved in your conversation. Bucky’s recovery is still ongoing, but in the past couple of years he slowly but surely made marked progress. Enough progress that he began to socialize and started giving Steve a hard time again. Steve’s glad that he is feeling better, but man if he wasn’t a pain in the ass sometimes.

“Don’t you have some fuckin’ eggs to make?” Steve hisses lowly throwing Bucky a glare, who in turn just laughs and grabs a saucepan from the counter.

“You’re not as slick as you think Stevie,”

Steve’s brow furrows as he tries to apply the right amount of pressure to get the shading right. Now more so than ever Steve finds himself turning to drawing as a way to relax. He had opened some windows in the kitchen and sat at one of the stools at the counter with some coffee and a snack. He finds he goes through phases,  a section of his sketchbook was filled with sketches of birds, followed by drawings of only buildings, and then depressingly desolate landscapes. But now he’s going through a different phase. One that has him checking over his shoulder every time he sketches out in the open. Recently it seems like his infatuation with you bubbled over into his drawings. He smudges the shadows that fill out the curve of your smile. The page he’s working on is filled with sketches of your face in different expressions. The one before that was of your face at different angles. 

He supposed it would be easier to forget you if you weren’t so sweet. And patient. And funny. Steve had had several moments where he almost laughed at a joke you had made when he wasn’t even in the conversation. And even though he tried to give you the brush off you always were friendly when interacting with him…and those legs…He found himself flipping the page and before he even knew what he was doing, the outline of you  sitting on a stool, legs crossed, was on the page. Then your figure in that tight dress you wore to the last party Tony threw joins it. His neck heats up. A sketch of your ass from that one time you wore tiny cutoff shorts soon follows. Damn he still thinks about those shorts sometimes. His whole body heats up. He feels like a creep, drawing you, but he can’t help himself….and admitting that makes him feel creepier. He rubs his hands over his face and groans.

“Rough day?” Your voice makes him jump, but when he catches sight of you he almost falls off the stool. You’re wearing a red bikini and water is trickling down your body. You seem hell-bent on giving him a heart attack.

“Something like that,” He says stiffly, flipping pages back in his sketchbook when you turn to get something from the fridge. His eyes trace your form, and he bites his lip to keep from groaning out loud. ‘How is it even possible?’ Steve thinks to himself ‘to have a body that looks that good?’ You bend over slightly to get something and Steve feels himself start to sweat. ‘I gotta get outta here.’

“Well,its an amazing day outside.” You stand up straight and turn towards him, Holding two water bottles and a Popsicle “I’m gonna spend the day by the rooftop pool, swimming and trying to finish my book…if you want to join?” Your voice tips up hopefully at the end. It takes a moment for Steve to realize you asked him something because he’s too busy watching the path of water droplets down your body while trying to not look like he’s watching water drip down your body. His mind scrambles and goes then blank.

“No thank you,” he finally musters and it comes out harsher than he intended. And Steve’s too busy getting the hell out of the kitchen to see your hurt expression. Or realize that he left behind his sketchbook.

Steve makes a bee-line to where he knows Bucky will be. He finds the brunette sitting in his usual spot, this time joined by Sam, and playing checkers. This makes Steve crack a smile. The two are constantly giving each other shit, but they’ll never admit that they’ve become pretty good friends.

Steve screeches to a halt in front of the window seat.

“Ya got the devil chasing ya or somethin’, Steve?” Bucky looks up and smiles at Steve.

“No something much worse.” Steve sighs and plops down on the floor in front of them. The men exchange an amused  glance.

“What, Y/N caught you drilling holes into her head?” Sam says. Steve’s head whips up.

“Excuse me?”

Sam and Bucky burst out laughing.

“Man you think you’re subtle?” Sam snickers. Bucky moves his checker and snorts. “Like I said, ya ain’t slick, Stevie.”

“I-I uh,” Steve stutters, flushing.

“I’m pretty sure even Fury’s noticed by now” Sam says moving his checker and Bucky chokes, coughing out a laugh.

“Just make a move already.” Bucky says.”Ya obviously like ‘er and the distant act ain’t fooling nobody, what with the way you watch her.”

“Amen.” Sam says, and raises an eyebrow. “And lets be real, a girl that smart and that fine won’t stay single for long.” Bucky nods.

Steve groans, running his hands through his hair. “Shuddap, don’t you guys have a game to play?”

Bucky and Sam share another smirk, but keep quiet, focusing back in on their checker game. Steve sits back and watches them play, listening to them making small talk. But his mind keeps on wandering back your body in that bikini…. he wanted to be able to call you his ….what he wouldn’t give to just hold you…. …you always looked so soft….

He doesn’t know how much later, but he knows he must have zoned out for a little bit because Sam is snapping his fingers in from of his face get his attention and the checker game is put away.

“Hey you want to order a pizza and watch a movie?”

“Yeah sounds good.” Steve smiles and stands, stretching, his joints making popping sounds. The three men make their way down the hallway and are entering the living room when Steve hears a voice calling his name.

It’s you. And you’re holding his sketchbook.

Steve’s stomach bottoms out. ‘Can Captain America enroll in witness protection program?’

“Hey, mind if I talk to you for a bit?” You say, jerking your head towards the hallway, and Steve nods glumly. His heart is pounding painfully and he squares himself for the inevitable rejection and disgust. He follows you into the hallway. Scratching the back of his neck.

“Listen I-” he starts, but you interrupt.

“You know you’re a really good artist. The birds almost looked they were gonna fly off the page.” You hold up his sketchbook “I’m really sorry about being nosy, but you left it open….and your art is amazing.” You sheepishly look down.

Steve’s eyes widen. Maybe you hadn’t flipped far enough to see the drawings of yourself? Relief soaks down his body.

“Uh thanks,” he says, taking the sketchbook and moving to get away.

“Wait, can I ask you something?” You say and he nods, freezing.

“Do you draw from memory or use models?” you ask curiously.

“Uh, usually I like having whatever I’m drawing in front of me for the beginning of the sketch, it helps with accuracy.” Steve mumbles.

“Oh, okay” you say, and step closer and closer until Steve can feel the warmth of your body heat. Steve swears he stops breathing. “You know,” you start, your face a hairsbreadth away from his. “You really are an amazing artist. But if it helps with accuracy you should let me know the next time you’re going to draw my ass. I’d love to model for you.” with that You smirk and turn, heading back down the hallway. Steve stays frozen for a few more seconds staring  at your retreating figure before glancing back to the living room where Sam and Bucky are arguing over movie choices and then back at the hallway.

There’s no question.

“Hey! Y/N wait up a second!”

Denial (Steve Rogers x Reader)

does this angst reflect back on me cos i think it does


Song; Heavy by Linkin Park

Request; Ok, so this isn’t on your lyric prompt list, and I hope this is ok with you? Heavy feat kiiara by linkin park. I feel like this is a Steve song? Idk, thoughts on it?

Other characters featured; none 


Y/N - Your name

Y/L/N - Your Last Name

Warnings; lotta angst, bit of swearing

Word count; 1331

Originally posted by wordstocrave

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A/N: ahhhhhHHHH 

I’m so sorry this is late lol, and honestly the only thing I have to explain myself is  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

But this introduces more magic styles, explanations and STARTS THE MAIN ARC WOO.

Natsu Dragneel is just an ordinary 21 year old trying to get by on his craft’s business, keep his landlady off his ass, and grow his friendship with his new weird neighbour Lucy. Without revealing that he’s a witch. Or his cat can fly and talk. So maybe Natsu isn’t that normal. Things take a serious left turn for him when people from his past start showing up, and he and Lucy as well as some new -and old- friends travel across Fiore trying to find some answers. But the question is, will they be happy with what they find?

Wiccan!Natsu AU

Pairings: Nalu, Fairy Tail

Words: 5067

Rating: M

Part: Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five, Part Six, Part Seven, Part Eight, Part Nine, Part Ten, Part Eleven, Part Twelve, Part Thirteen, Part Fourteen,Part Fifteen, Part Sixteen, Part Seventeen, Part Eighteen, Part Nineteen, Part Twenty, Part Twenty One, Part Twenty Two, Part Twenty Three

Natsu had shifted Lucy to the couch, still tucked solidly under his arm. Happy had taken it upon himself to tie up the men in the kitchen, each gagged with a rag imbued with anti magic potions. They weren’t particularly good, but Happy had whipped them up himself and they were probably better than Natsu would have been able to make.

He had also left a nasty scratch along the side of the wind witch’s face.

Now the three were huddled on the couch, Lucy refusing to let Natsu out of her grip and Happy unable to stop shaking without the embrace of both Lucy and Natsu.

They didn’t even flinch when Lucy’s door was kicked in.

“Natsu Dragneel you tell me what’s happening right now or- why are there men in Lucy’s kitchen and why is there blood on the wall?”

Natsu looked over Lucy’s head at Erza, seeing the expected fury and concern there. Fuck, he was going to die when he told her why.

“It’s my fault.” Natsu said in a flat, defeated voice. Lucy jolted in his arms, Natsu passively letting them fall off of her.

“Don’t you dare say that.” Lucy hissed, Natsu feeling her glare on his skin. He scrubbed at the side of his face, dried blood flaking off from his chin. Of course Lucy didn’t blame him, the girl was loyal to a fault, and for some reason she thought Natsu was worthy of that devotion. “It is not your fault.”

“Someone tell me what happened.” Erza’s demanding voice cut through, and Natsu pinched the bridge of his nose as he took a deep inhale.

“A couple of dark witches tracked me down. Lucy and I got back here and then they attacked us. Luce saved my ass.” He looked at the top of Lucy’s head with a dry smile. “She ‘xhausted herself summonin’ her mermaid, so don’t be too pushy with her.”

Erza walked around, ignoring the tied up men and crouching in front of Lucy. Her wide brown eyes shot to Erza, confusion surfacing past the dull tiredness. “Why are you talking as if Erza knows about-” Lucy started to question, cut off by Erza’s firm but gentle hand turning her chin left then right, examining her face and neck. Next Erza gathered her hands, thumbs brushing over her bruising knuckles.

“You did good, very minimal damage to your hands without any protection.” Erza complimented. She looked at Natsu, directing her comment at him again. “And you seemed to have done well as the only trained witch against four, including the coven Master. I’ll have to take them into the Council station here, and you’ll have to give a report as well of course.” Erza sighed, straightening at Natsu’s silent nod. He was thankful she wasn’t chewing him out, even if he knew her praise was unwarranted.

“Like I said, Luce had to summon her mermaid spirit, she did a lot of the work too. I’d be dead if she wasn’t with me.”

Lucy’s hand was over Natsu’s mouth as soon as he finished speaking. “And we are officially done speaking about you living or dying, do you understand me?” Lucy’s glare was fierce, Natsu nodding under her unyielding stare before she turned and looked at Erza. “How much do you know about magic?”

Now Natsu shrunk under Erza’s sharp look. “You didn’t tell her?” She asked harshly, Natsu shifting so Lucy’s body was acting as a shield between him and Erza’s wrath. Her hand fell away from him during the shift.

“You said not to!” He defended weakly, quickly followed by a ‘sorry ma’am’ as he hid further behind Lucy. Natsu wondered if he had better odds against suffocation-man than Erza’s death glare.

“Yes but I would have assumed you’d ignore me as you usually do.” Erza said dryly, turning her attention back to Lucy. Her brow furrowed and her gaze returned to Natsu sharply. “You said she summoned a mermaid?”

“A sprite.” Lucy interrupted, shying back when both witches focused on her. “Uh, I feel like Aquarius would kill me if I didn’t correct you on that?”

“You never said she was a celestial witch.” Erza accused, absentmindedly inspecting Lucy’s neck again.

“Well I didn’ know at the time! That stupid fish popped outta her desk or somethin’, and next thing I knew they were basically flockin’ to her from everywhere. Luce said one had been hidin’ in her clock this entire time, I think.” Natsu sulked, chin resting on Lucy’s shoulder.

“You were listening to me.” Lucy said softly.

“I always listen to ya, Weirdo.” Natsu snorted, “I just don’t always, y’know, listen.”

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Something To Fight For (Spencer Reid x Reader)

A/N: Hey guys! So this is my first dad Spencer imagine and so hopefully I didn’t do too bad 😂 anyways I hope you enjoy it!
Warnings: extreme daddy!Spencer fluff ☺️
Pairing: Spencer Reid x Reader
Prompt: Spencer and the reader have a fight in front of your kid(s) gets really fluffy
Request: ✅
Upcoming Imagine: you and Spencer are on a case…
You got out of the car, eager to see your husband and children after a long day at work.
Spencer had a couple of days off from the BAU so the babysitter wasn’t necessary.
You opened the door and both Ethan and Grayson came running to you.
“How are my little ones?” You say, picking Grayson up.
Grayson is 5 and Ethan is 8 and for brother and sister, they get along very well.
Spencer followed them and placed a kiss on your lips.
You smiled and took your coat off before going to the kitchen and not to your surprise, there was a pile of dishes in the sink.
“Spencer, how many times did I remind you to do the dishes? That’s the only task I asked of you to do.” You said irritated.
“We got back from the park and I guess I forgot.” He said his eyes glued to a book.
“That’s what you always say and you know what else you always say? You always say you promise you will do it next time. That was 3 next times ago.” You said, his attention still drawn to the book.
“Are you even listening to me?” You said snatching the book from his hands. “You barely do anything around here and when I come home from working 9 hours I do everything! I do laundry, clean the living room, clean the bathroom and I ask you to do one of the many chores I do and you excuse is I forgot. Spencer you have damn eidetic memory! How the hell do you forget? And what did you go to the park at 8 o’clock at night? If you went earlier, you would have had plenty of time to do one simple gesture!” You yelled at him.
“You know how nice it would be if my wife came home happy for once? The day was just fine until you came home with a crappy attitude.” He yelled back, using his hands to exaggerate his claim.
“I had a fine attitude when I walked through that door but I was pissed when I saw the disaster of a kitchen!”
Spencer went quiet with nothing else to say.
You turned around and saw both of the kids standing behind the couch.
“Oh babies come here.” You said, realizing the mistake you had just made.
They slowly revealed themselves and walked toward you.
“Why are you and daddy fighting?” Ethan asked.
“We aren’t fighting we are just arguing, okay?” You said kneeling down next to them.
“Are you going to get a diborse?” Grayson said with tears in her eyes as she mispronounced the word.
“No no! Never! You see, if a couple stops arguing about small things, then it all builds up and once they stop arguing then you know there’s nothing left to fight for.” You said looking back at Spencer, who started walking towards you.
“Yeah and daddy loves mommy to bits and on top of that we have you guys!” He said with a smile while picking Grayson up and spinning her around as she giggled.
“Daddy just gets distracted sometimes and doesn’t always do what hes told.” Spencer said looking into your eyes.
“Yeah but daddy makes mistakes and so does mommy.” You replied.
“Daddy’s sorry.” He said inches away from your lips.
“So is mommy.” You said sealing a kiss on his lips.
“Eww. Im going to my room.” Ethan said stomping off to his room.
“Grayson, do you want to help daddy with the dishes?” Spencer said kneeling by her.
“Eww. I’m going to my room.” She said running off.
“Does mommy want to…”
“I’m going to my room.” You interrupted walking the same direction as the kids, leaving Spencer to the dishes.

The Joker x Reader- “How To Be a Dad”

The Joker has never been around a pregnant woman before. Actually… just once, during a robbery and the poor thing fainted even if he didn’t do anything to her. You thought J would be bored with the whole process, but all he says is that he wants to see her NOW. Well, it doesn’t really work that way and your boyfriend is not famous for his patience.

– At night, J likes to rest his head on your legs, face turned towards your huge bump.

“When is she coming out? I wanna see her!”

“Soon J, be patient.”

Joker and patience don’t go in the same sentence.

“But I wanna see her now, I’ve been waiting forever!”

“It’s happening soon enough.”

“Hey, Doll, do you think she already looks like me?”

“No, not yet.”

He pouts.

“Do you think she knows I’m her dad?”

“No, not yet J.”

He frowns.

“Do you think she has green hair?” he snickers, walking his fingers on your tummy.

“No, baby, no toxic green locks.”

“Do you think she has bright red hair?”

“No, I dye mine; if anything, Emma will have dark blonde hair, my natural color. Or maybe she’ll have your natural color. Is it brown or…?”
“No, it’s a dark blonde too,” the Joker blurs out and after a few seconds he gasps. “Did you just…did you just make me tell you another one of my secrets, woman?!”

“Nooo, I didn’t make you do anything,” you smirk, trying not to laugh, all innocent and sweet.

“You’re sneaky, Y/N, stop it!” he pinches your thigh, aggravated you took advantage of him being smitten with the unborn baby. “Oh my God!” J shouts when he notices the small hand moving right under your skin. “There she is!” he excitedly touches her, sensing the shift. “This is so cool- cooler than being chased by Batsy,” he admits, huffing. “Jerk!” The Joker mutters, then pays attention to you again. “Does it hurt when she does that?” (he asks this very often and the reply never changes).

“No, handsome, she’s just wiggling around. Anxious to get out, I’m sure. Have you ever been around a pregnant person before?”

“Once, during a bank robbery. I decided to do it in plain daylight and this lady was there. She fainted.”

“What did you do to her?” You try to reach him but can’t bend at all.

 “Nothing, she just passed out when me and my men took over the place. There she is again!” he grins and one of Emma’s tiny feet stretches out pretty high this time. “Do you know what this reminds me of?”

“No, but please do share,” you sigh, curious to hear about another crazy idea for sure.

Aliens movie! You think she might just burst out of there?” J pokes your bump, then caresses the skin to feel his daughter once more.

You start giggling, amused:

“I think we’re good on that one. She’ll come out the right way, no worries.”

“Oh, I forgot I got her something,” The Joker suddenly realizes and jumps out of bed.

“More stuff?!” you tease since the unborn has a room full of baby things.

“This is better than any of them,” J fumbles inside the closet and finally brings over the shiny diamond tiara he places on top of your tummy. “Here, a Princess should have one,” he excitedly brags and goes back to his favorite spot on your legs.

“Where did you get it from?!”
“Gotham’s Bank vault,” he winks, proud of his achievement and scoots closer so you can touch him since you look so pathetic when you keep on trying and fail.

“And I was thinking you bought it, baby,” you wrap a strand of his hair around your chubbier than usual finger.

“I did, just forgot to pay,” he mocks, making sure the sparkly crown stays in place.

And you both have a good laugh about it - your boyfriend can be so funny sometimes, even if he thinks he’s funny all the time.

The Joker closes his blue eyes and you brush your index finger against his long eyelashes.

“What is it, Pumpkin?” he yawns, opening one eye.

“Could you please bring me a sliced cucumber and chocolate syrup?”

“Yuck, I don’t know how you can eat that disgusting combo,” he shivers, grossed out by your choices in food lately.

“I’m craving a bunch of weird snacks, I can’t help it. Remember last month when all I wanted was apple sauce with radishes and cinnamon powder?”

“Ewww, yes. I guess this is an upgrade, Doll. Can’t you go in the kitchen and make your own plate? I’m tired.”

You point out towards your diamond decorated bump:

“I can’t move or this will fall.”

“Uggghhh, fine, I’ll be back,” J agrees, dragging his feet on the carpet because he’s not in the mood for too much except staring at your belly to see Emma move.

– He feels nauseated watching you munch on your repulsive late dinner. J would love to fall asleep but the damn cucumbers are so crunchy when you bite out of them.

“Are you done, Y/N? I wanna sleep.”

“Done, the last one!” you shove the slice in your mouth and lean over him to place the bowl on the nightstand.

“Jesus, Princess, how much do you weight??!!” J puffs under your heaviness, over exaggerating, of course.

You’re a delicate little flower that doesn’t need negative comments.

“Whatever!!!! This is your fault!” you give him a sassy gaze, pinning him under you for a few more seconds this way he learns his lesson.

He just can’t talk like that to delicate little flowers.

“ I didn’t do anything,” The Joker pulls you in for a kiss, purring. “Just had some fun with my girl, the rest… you’re responsible for!” he taunts, delighted you can’t do too much but squirm on top of him.

“You’re so…so…so,” you stutter, outraged, not being able to find the word.

“What is this?!” he puckers his lips, intrigued when he feels it.

You try to look down in between the two of you without success.

“I think my water broke!”

– “Pumpkin, are you gonna die?” he growls, checking you out worried sick; he’s been asking this every 5 minutes in the last six hours.

“For God’s sake, I’m not dying !! I’m giving birth!”, you shriek through your clenched teeth, breathing in and out in a frenzy.

“Are you sure?” J triple checks furthermore.

“Yes, I’m sure,” and you squeeze his hand so hard you hear a few bones crack.

“Auuuchhh, don’t break my hand!” he whines, taking a step back.

“Take your rings off!” you urge him, panting. “It makes it worse.”

He hurries and does it, dumping them in a cup on the table.

“Give me your hand!” you shout, feeling the strong contractions hit your body with paralyzing strength.

“Ummm, don’t break it, OK?” he hesitantly gives it back, hoping for the best.

Who knew such a delicate little flower as yourself can have so much vigor?!

“Where’s my daughter?” The Joker stretches his free arm to lift the sheet covering you from the waist down and regrets it in the next moment. He’s seen a lot of messed up shit in his life but this takes the cake.

“Pretty soon, Mister J,” the doctor replies, wishing the Clown Prince of Crime would just behave and wait.

“ Kitten,” J gulps, even more tense. “Are you sure you’re not dying?”

“I’m sure, stop asking!” you groan, resting your head on the pillow. “This is your fault!” you blame J again, annoyed and in so much pain you are seeing red spots.

Your boyfriend completely ignores your outburst, tilting over to peck your forehead.

“Hurry up, Princess, I need to see her!”

“So sorry about the inconvenience!!!” you scream, muttering something else under your labored breathing. It wasn’t a nice statement.

“Yuck, Doll, you’re all sweaty!” he complains, wiping his lips.

Huh??! ! Delicate little flowers don’t get sweaty!!!!

“J, you’re not helping!” you state the obvious and push again, exhausted and anxious in the same time. You crush his fingers so hard J thinks his arm fell off. He wants to object but the doctor finally articulates the words he’s been craving to hear for so long:

“Alright, here she is!” and the crying starts after a few seconds.

– First time The Joker held Emma, he forgot to breathe.

“She looks like a little doll,” he whispers, mesmerized on how cute she is. “How long do you think it will take before she resembles us?”

“A while,” you take a deep breath and blink slowly, so jaded you can hardly speak.

The little one fusses and he almost panics, not knowing what to do but she calms down when he gently rocks her.

“I think…I think she smiled at me!” J exclaims. You doubt it, but can’t spoil his joy:

Delicate little flowers don’t do such things to a man they love.

“That’s because she knows you’re her dad,” you utter, making it even better for the new father.

“Really?” he kisses her cheek with an almost childish curiosity. ”You think so Y/N?”

“Yeah, now that you have her in your arms, she knows,” you rub your face, fighting to stay awake.

The Joker feels so many emotions at once and has no clue how to handle any of them. He’s not the one to analyze himself but damn, it’s just so overwhelming his chest hurts. Can’t be a heart attack, he’s too young.  

He paces alongside your bed, careful not to wake the newborn.

“Hey, Pumpkin, when can we have sex again?” he bites his lip, eager to go back to fun stuff.

“It’s gonna be a while, baby. Not too much, ok?” you quickly add when notice how disappointed he is. “ I just basically squeezed a watermelon through a prune so give me some credit. Be patient, please.”

Joker and patience don’t go in the same sentence.

“Just hurry up and get better, I have needs!” he sulks but winks when he realizes you don’t look too excited at his yapping.

Ahhh, such a charmer.

But you can’t rush this process on delicate little flowers.

Even the King of Gotham needs to understand it.


oneofthemillionarmy  asked:

Hehe so when I was a kid, I used to be deathly afraid of car washes because it's dark and loud. How would baby jeon fair in the car wash? Would he cry and scream as he crawls into y/n's lap in the passenger seat despite everyone telling him to stay still? Or attempt to get out of the car because tae tae told him the car is taking a shower thats automatic and jungkook thought if he could join the car, he doesn't have to shower at night?

the day that all of you found out that jungkook was afraid of car washes was the day that seokjin decided it would be an easy all-kill day because everyone was out already, the car wash place was nearby the apartment so it would be better for all.

not exactly, no.

you thought jungkook would be excited because he’s curious about everything and anything. but when the machine starts and the loud repetitive noises shake the whole vehicle, jungkook whines and is unable to keep still in his seat. jimin’s panicking because he’s the closes to the three year old and it doesn’t help the two main people that could calm him down are in the front seat.

he tries to take things to his own hands by unbuckling jungkook’s seatbelt and pulling him over to his lap. he tries a small hum of a lullaby but it does nothing to the havoc and vibrations outside, pressed to the metal of the car. it’s not long before everyone takes notice of jungkook’s squirming and threatening cries that are about to blow.

you look over your shoulder and go wide-eyed at jungkook’s i’m about to cry but i’m trying not to here face. your arms immediately extend out to reach him, a natural instinct and jungkook reacts by trying to get out of jimin’s hold. he leans forward and his tiny hands grab onto yours before you lift him up and over to your lap. the reaction is instantaneous: his face already buried in your neck, arms hugging you tight the best way possible and his legs finding purchase to slot them above your hip.

seokjin blinks at the sight, but can’t help but be in awe because… it’s attractive to see someone calm down a child just by holding them. even more when they’re not bloodlines so let seokjin live.

“you’re really good at this, y/n,” seokjin murmurs, staring at how you stroke jungkook’s head down to his back and all over again as you continue to usher him things will be fine.

“thanks, jinnie.”

((let the war begin because-

“really good at it, huh? what about me, hyung?”

“yeah, we cleaned your kitchen for four hours and you didn’t even say shit!”

“who’s the one who messed it up in the first place? oh yeah, i remember. the one that thought cakes should be left in the oven for two hours until it god damned almost burned the house down! so pipe the hell down or i’m kicking your ass out,”

“…wow, jinnie,”


“…that was cool.”

let it all begin again because-

“that was cool?! y/n i drove an hour to get you that bag you wanted and you didn’t say it was cool!”))

7. Chocolate // Nurseydex

« {Part 7 of my Valentine’s collection.} »

a/n: Written in part for Nursey Week. I used prompt 1, “Mistake”. Slight nsfw themes in this one.

“Oh, shit.”

Dex heard Nursey swear from the kitchen, sighed, and shut his laptop. This couldn’t be good.

“You okay?” Dex called, getting up from the green couch. “You didn’t drop the cookies or something, did you?”

He walked into the kitchen and saw Nursey, standing next to the counter, holding a burst piping bag and absolutely covered in chocolate icing. He looked a little stunned. Dex couldn’t help but laugh. Of all the many mistakes Nursey had made since Dex had known him, this one definitely ranked up in Dex’s top five favorites.

“What did you do?” Dex snickered. “It’s in your hair, how the fuck did you even get it there?”

“Uh,” Nursey said. He put down the broken bag. “I guess—I guess I just squeezed the bag too hard.”

The icing was on Nursey’s face, his hands, his neck, and his arms, but most of it had made its way onto his shirt. “You should probably deal with that,” Dex suggested. He pointed at Nursey’s chest. “You know, before it stains.”

“Oh, yeah,” Nursey said. He started unbuttoning his shirt.

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A Girl Like You - Daryl x Reader

Word count: 1000~ish
Summary: Reader thinks Daryl has a problem with her because he keeps avoiding her, turns out it’s quite the opposite actually
Warning: Slight angst at first, (terrible attempts to write a southern accent)

You sat at the table, practically inhaling your coffee. The past night was rather long and you didn’t get much sleep, which could be easily seen through the dark circles under your eyes.

You lifted your head when you heard steps and immediately wished you didn’t. Daryl was making his way to the kitchen and since a few days he was probably the last person you wanted to see at any time.

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anonymous asked:

15, 29 Hammy? I like angst so maybe he's cheating ;)

15: In bed with someone else, screaming their name instead of my own

29: Before everything changed

AHHH this is gonna be angsty (,: why do you do this to me hahaha

also this is hella long??? whoa


Hours of excruciating labor done, you watched Alexander coddle your newborn son. Tears in his eyes, he whispered to the child. “I swear that I’ll be around for you, Phillip. You outshine the morning sun.” You smiled. Your husband was always a man of eloquent words.

Your sister patted your hand before giving it a squeeze. “He truly is mesmerized, huh?” You chuckled. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen a man love his family so much.”

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you and darry fight - imagine

requested by @kaitiez464 (heya, thanks for requesting! hope u enjoy reading it!)
warnings: cussing

Living with Darry and the two boys wasn’t as easy as you originally thought it was, but you knew that the trouble was worth it. He had sacrificed so much to take care of Pony and Soda, it was only right for someone to look after Darry. So after what must’ve been a year that you and Darry had been together, you had moved in to help Darry out. And you became the person who cooked, who cleaned and who made sure Darry, Soda and Pony were alright. Sure, sometimes it was a bit difficult taking care of three other people than yourself, but you loved Darry, and you knew that his family meant the world to him.

It had been about 5 months into living with the boys and you had a pretty solid routine. You normally woke up before everyone else to start breakfast and to wake the boys up when it was time. Then, when they were gone, you’d make sure to clean up the house a little and start cooking dinner as it crept into the evening. But it was a hectic Winter wednesday that, for some reason, you had woken up extremely late - Darry, Soda and Pony were supposed to be leaving at that time.

You gently woke the boys in a hurry, so as not to scare them awake, before attempting to crack a few eggs and slap slices of bacon on a hot pan in the kitchen. Before you knew it, the house was bustling with the boys hurrying back and forth between rooms to get ready. Of course, Pony ended up hollering through the shower curtain to get Soda out the shower while Darry was stuck searching for a boot. Between the loud huffs and heavy footsteps, you can tell that Darry had woken up on the wrong side of the bed.

“Y/N? Have you seen my other boot? I coulda sworn I left it right here yesterday,” Darry calls from the living room.

“Sorry, Darry, I haven’t. Check by the armchair maybe?” You offered, concentrated on cooking without burning yourself.

“Y/N, couldja tell Soda to get out the shower already? He’s gonna take up all the hot water!” Pony complained from the steamy bathroom as you attempted to pick up the last slices of bacon from the loud and sizzling pan and onto a plate.

"Yeah, well, get me a towel and maybe I’ll consider gettin’ out!” Soda called from behind the shower curtain, just as annoyed as Pony.

"Well, why didn’t you take one in there before you got in the shower?” Pony asked Soda while walking back to his room.

"Just get your brother a towel, for the love of god!” You yell from the kitchen, spilling a bit of hot oil on your arm instantly inducing a horrid sting. You curse under your breath and involuntarily drop the plate you were holding. It shattered at your feet quite loudly but you barely noticed it due to the stinging, throbbing welt on your arm.

"Y/N, do we got anymore toothpaste tubes? I can’t squeeze any more toothpaste outta this one.” Pony asked you in the kitchen, as you swept up the broken plate shards by your feet.

"Check the bathroom cabinet, Pone. It’s where it always is. Did ya get Soda his towel?”

"No, he hasn’t brought me jack! Couldja bring me one, Y/N?”

Pony rolls his eyes. “I still can’t find the toothpaste. You sure it’s in that cabinet, Y/N?”

"For cryin’ out loud! What does a man gotta do to find a damn boot around here? Y/N, anywhere else I could check?”

You thought your head was going to explode. You must’ve heard your name a million times after that. “Guys! I don’t have the answer to every question under the sun and it’s gettin’ real hard to answer to three people at once asking me this and that while cooking and cleaning up!” You managed to yell, causing a hush to fall over the house. Until a decaffeinated Darry butt in.

"Oh, you think you got it bad? Ha! I’d like to see you try an’ spend a day or two in my shoes… one of which I can’t even seem to find, apparently,” Darry seemed to scoff at you, and boy, that made your blood boil.

"Alright, look, I’m here to help you out ‘cause I love you boys. Y'know, I don’t want you to struggle Darry, but I don’t fucking intend on being this house’s doormat,” you shot back angrily. But Darry didn’t hesitate to yell back.

"Well, these ain’t your damn brothers! Oh, no one asked you to come live here! We were just fine without ya! If anything, you’re just another mouth to feed.”

It was something you had never heard Darry say before, in a tone you only ever heard used when scolding Pony or Soda. Had he really wanted you to leave? You stomped from the kitchen to the living room and out the door to sit on the porch before any more yelling could go on.

"C’mon, Darry, don’t go hollerin’ at her like that. She’s been doin’ the best she c-” Pony attempted to intervene, probably to keep things from escalating any further. But like poking a grizzly bear, Darry only continued to keep yelling.

"Shut your trap, Pony. Ain’t nobody asking you!” Darry scolded Pony.

"Well then I hope you’re okay with her leavin’ you because that’s what’s gonna happen when you keep on like this,” Soda said, walking by Darry, a towel wrapped around him. And it seemed that once Soda put that thought into his head - the idea of you leaving Darry for good - it put Darry back into place. He couldn’t lose you. He loved you.

He walked out onto the porch to sit next to you. But you really didn’t wanna hear anything he had to say, until he actually began to speak.

"Oh god, Y/N. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean a thing I said, ya hear? I was just all riled up an- y'know just don’t go blamin’ yourself for anything. These are my responsibilities that you’re taking on and I should just be more grateful, Y/N,” Darry said, putting a hand on your shoulder. “You know I love you.”

"Darry, I love you, too. And I love Soda and Pony. And you probably just need your coffee, but, yeah, this morning’s been kinda rough on all of us. Just a little patience, okay?” You huff out, a bit tired from the noise of yelling.

"Just a little patience,” Darry nodded, moving his hand to your back and his lips to your cheek.

The Devil’s Wives, Part Three

Part One 

Part Two

Gray walls, gray floors, gray food.

Mashed potatoes were not supposed to be gray.

Veronica swallowed her vitamins and poked at the wilted peas with her fork. “No wonder we’re having so many pills shoved down our throats. There’s nothing nutritional in these meals.”

She had been so petite before, no more than five feet tall and probably under a hundred pounds. Now she was visibly along in her pregnancy and exhausted. Part lack of makeup and part being trapped as a piece of flesh that scientists poked at for the last several months had drained her, and everyone else.

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Steal my Bin? Hah, Lose your Home!

(warning: long story)


I live in England, and my flat is owned by a Housing Trust, meaning it’s a rented public property (Basically a council flat). I moved in last November and the first thing I did was to go and meet my downstairs neighbour.

Our flats are an old house, converted into flats. We both get a front door and our own front (and back) gardens. I have the upstairs flat, meaning I get a little downstairs storage space and then a nice upstairs flat & a gate into my back garden. Downstairs flat doesn’t have inside storage space, but they get two sheds in the back garden and a back door. My flat is directly atop theirs even though our doors are side by side.

Anyway! I move in and go and say hello to my neighbours. I introduce myself, explain that I have TV/Music on every hour that I’m in (for mental health reasons I can’t sit in silence) and of course I’ll try and keep it quiet, but this is a new flat, noise levels will be different to where I last lived and if it’s too loud, just come bang on my door and I’ll naturally turn it down.

My neighbour [We’ll call her Charlotte from now on] smiled and nodded and assured me that it’s fine, they’re a little loud too and the same goes for if they keep me up.

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TalesFromTheFrontDesk: Burning Bush

Preamble: I’m the night auditor at a large and reasonably upscale hotel; this all happened about an hour ago.

I’m at the front desk, just starting to run the audit. I just got finished checking in my last arrival, cranky woman who made a lot of demands and showed no appreciation for customer service. Boy did she smell like cigarettes too.

Just as I’m turning to walk back into the office to wait while the audit reports print, the front doors open and my security guard comes sprinting into the atrium. He’s yelling, “SHIT. SHIT. FIRE OUTSIDE, MAN!”

He turns to go back outside, I hop over the desk and run to the restaurant and grab a fire extinguisher from the kitchen before following my security outside. There are a few large bushes right by the front doors and one of them is burning up big time - flames as high as the window to the room outside of which we’ve congregated. I’ve never actually used a fire extinguisher before, so I didn’t really know what to expect once I pulled out the safety pin and let it rip.

The fire went out pretty quick but damn that thing stunk up the place. The smoke smelled better than that crap, and I’m still covered in a fine layer of whatever is in that thing. We stomped out a couple embers and mourned the shrubbery, all about 5 feet from the sizeable NO SMOKING sign by the front door.

I’m fairly certain I know who was responsible, as the woman I checked in just 15 minutes earlier was the only person I saw come in or out in the last couple hours. Once the cameras are reviewed, we’ll know for sure; I hope she gets slapped with a heavy fine. Writing the incident report now.

Thank you, security, for noticing the blaze before it became a serious issue. And screw you, people who toss lit cigarette butts into vegetation.

By: Kellogsbeast

anonymous asked:

okay here's my prompt, bitty gets hurt on the ice and breaks his right arm. He's super upset because he can't play for a while but mostly because it makes baking near impossible. Jack, the worried boyfriend he is ready to protect his little bitty from the world, now does all his baking for him, just following Bitty's instructions and demands. Bitty hates it because he tells Jack to get the mixing bowl and he gets a souffle dish instead.

Bitty’ll be okay, I promise. That Zimmerman boy knows what to do. 

“’Scuse my French boys, but Fuuuuuudge.” That was all Bitty had managed to say, through gritted teeth, before he passed out from the pain. All of Samwell Men’s Hockey had surrounded the sweet southern boy the second that brute from Yale had smashed him into the boards. Arms don’t bend that way, they were sure of it.

And they were right. After Bitty came to in the locker room, the team’s medic and his two coach’s by his side, it was immediately obvious his right arm would be taking a time out for a while. If it weren’t for the throbbing pain coursing through Bittle’s arm, he would’ve let himself start being annoyed at his luck right then. But for now, getting his arm ready for healing was at the forefront of his mind.   

It didn’t take long however for Eric Bittle to become completely disenchanted with the quirky purple cast that covered his forarm. Yeah, glitter was fun, but the light specks didn’t quite catch the light like the rink in Faber, and the coarse material had nothing on the soft feeling of a fresh dough between his fingers. That’s right, for the first time in his life (excusing the first few years), Eric Bittle was unable to bake. 

The first few days after his injury had involved a sizeable amount of Zimmerman-prescribed bed rest, and who was Bitty to complain that his handsome boyfriend had taken time out of his busy schedule to come and fuss over him. In fact, the second the group chat had blown up with pictures of Bitty’s injury, Jack was rushing out his own door in Providence and arriving at the hospital nearest Samwell to pick up his sweet southern peach. Jack wasn’t usually one to fuss, not this much anyway, but seeing even the smallest amount of that usually glorious sparkle leave Eric Bittle’s eyes had him acting like a mother hen (if a slightly ill-informed one).

But after two days of feeling lazy, and a little soft around the edges from the painkillers they had given him. Bitty decided it was time to kick himself into gear, no use moping when there’s a Haus full of ravenous hockey boys to feed. And if he wasn’t going to able to play for a while, he may as well make himself useful to the team in some way (the pie way).


That was two hours ago.

Bitty’s cheeks were now tear-stained, as a chopping board of hacked at apples, and the half a bag of flour, that had been unsalvageable as it tipped onto the floor, sat beside him. He was resting his head against Betsy, her warmth providing some comfort, but more serving as a reminder that the one thing that calmed his mind and nerves, the one thing he could always do, the one thing that could make him part of this team whilst he healed, was unachievable with his right arm weighed down by plaster. The deep sparkling purple seeming now to taunt him.  

His baking playlist had ended 5 minutes ago, and the silence in the Haus (all the boys were at training) was unbearable, but, so was the thought of moving to hit play. Even Jack had popped out of the Haus to collect some ingredients for Bitty and some protein-laden chicken noodle soup to aid the healing process. That was an hour ago now, so it wasn’t a shock when the door opened, and a distinctly French-Canadian accent found it’s way to the kitchen.

“Honey, I’m home. I’ve always wanted to say that, eh…”

Jack stopped short, now was not a time for joking he realised, Bitty was crying and he wasn’t sure why. 

When he had left Bitty had been making progress with his sweet treats, he’d started the measurements for the fillings and was rocking his hips to Queen B (that’s right, Jack knows she’s more than just Beyoncé by this point, what kind of boyfriend would he be if he didn’t!?) in the way that always made Jack’s heart flutter just that little bit. Jack had thought it best not to disturb him whilst he was in the zone, but to grab some more butter from the closest store before Bitty burns his way through the measly 3 sticks in the Haus fridge.   

But now he feels stupid for not staying. 

“Bits…” he was waring as he made his way to Bitty’s side, slipping down to sit with him, screw that his perfect hockey butt would be covered in flour. Bitty folded himself into his boyfriend’s sturdy side and let the flood-gates open.

“I can’t bake. I can’t even bake. I- I can always b-bake. I can’t skate. I can’t bake, what next!? I can’t kiss you because this clumsy thing keeps getting in the darn way.” Bitty lifted up his arm, glaring at the offending article. 

“Oh Bits. Put that down, I need to prove you wrong.” Jack Zimmerman, smooth talker that he never was, but for Bitty could be, grabbed Bitty’s face and placed a slow kiss on his lips, lingering there for long enough to taste the remnants of flour and salty tears that had gathered on Bitty’s lips. 

“See, not all bad, eh?”

“I suppose not, but kissing’s not baking Jack,” Jack pulled a face of mock offence, something that looked so unlike the Jack Zimmerman he first met, it made Bitty’s heart swell, “it’s certainly almost as good as baking, better when it’s you, but I can’t do it for five hours straight, not without loosing my breath, and it rarely results in a pie.”

“Fine.” Jack got swiftly to his feet. “Tell me what to do, I’m assuming floor flour is a no go, but from there I’m lost.”

“Actually I’m lost. What?” Bitty got to his feet now, making to leave the kitchen before the lack of fresh pie makes him cry again, Jack grabbed his good arm before he could even make it one step.

“I’m making the damn pie Bittle. But you’re going to have to tell me exactly what I’m doing, I’m in your line Bittle, what’s our play?”

“Oh you sweet Canadian man,” Bitty quickly pecked Jack’s lips before letting a grin break out across his own, “you’re going to need a mixing bowl.” 

“This one any good.” 

“Oh lord help me. That’s a ramekin Jack Laurent Zimmerman, and if you’re sweet gesture is going to test me this much we may as well quit whilst we’re ahead.” Jack slowly placed the smaller dish down and grabbed what was unmistakably a mixing bowl. “Better, now for the butter…”

They had been baking now for an hour, and Jack’s pie was looking more than serviceable, this was mainly down to Bitty’s use of at least one of his hands, and the extraordinary excuse for chirping that was his injury and Jack’s kitchen incompetence.  

“I don’t know why you went purple with that cast Bits, you could’ve gotten Falcs colours, show a little support for your NHL boyfriend, eh?”

“But then the Samwell boys would be mad it’s not Samwell colours, I got the mixture of the two. It’s a good mix. Like us.”

“Bits, if you’re suggesting either of us is glittery we need to have words.”

“Do I not shimmer in the sunlight Mister Zimmerman!?”

“That you do, Bits. That you do.”   

My sweet boys. Poor Bitty. Oh goodness, the mess… they cleaned it up I assure you. Jack doing all the manual labour whilst Bitty barked more orders at him, although it’s hard to sound intimidating with pie filling across your cheek and the biggest dopey smile. Anyways, Jack thinking of Bitty as his sweet southern peach is just a me thing, he totally doesn’t say it out loud for the longest time, but one time he slips up in front of Shitty and the chirping is yet to cease.

If you want send me more prompts. (I need to get better at writing all of SMH).

My Mission (Part 2/11)

Summary: Being Tony’s niece and being the main tech builder of the Avengers is great - you love your team, and you’d do anything for them. And when Steve returns, bringing his ex-HYDRA assassin friend along with him, you might just end up doing anything for Bucky, too.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: ~3400

Warnings: Language, and some angst kinda (hella sad!Bucky)

A/N: I rewrote this part no joke about 6 times. I told you guys this story was giving me issues. Here’s hoping there’s no more blocks and people keep enjoying it! The first part got WAAYY more notes than I was expecting, so that’s super exciting!

Tags: @hymnofthevalkyries @xenaathena @caplanbuckybarnes @andhiseyesweregreen @lilasiannerd @pandarosita @heismyhunter @ailynalonso15 @lillian-paige @smilexcaptainx @tinaferraldo @spn-worm @blacwings-and-bucky-barnes @yknott81 @xoxoaudreymarie @abigrumple @iamthescarlettwitch @iamwarrenspeace @outerspacelluke @dontfuckwithkezolas @barnesfuckedmeup (If you’d like to be added or removed to the tagging list for this fic, or for my permanent tag list, just shoot me an ask or message!)

Originally posted by dailyteamcap

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anonymous asked:

Hi! Could you possibly make headcanons for how the RFA + V & Saeran would react to a short, muscularly-built MC? Love your headcanons, by the way! ❤️

OH! I’m a shortie, too! Also, thank you ^^


  • He’s not a super tall guy
  • Don’t remind him though
  • So he loves that you’re mini!
  • This lil spaghetti boi
  • You have to open jars for him lolol
  • He never asks you though
  • He’d rather die
  • When you hear him banging it around in the kitchen you have to go to his rescue
    • “Gimme that, Yoosung”
    • “Noooo I can do this!!”
  • One time you were play fighting in the bedroom and you accidentally kicked him in the ribs
  • He felt his soul escape his body
  • The painnnn
    • “OMG YOOSUNG I’m so sorry are you okay???”
    • “I-I’m fine…”
    • “Yoosung your face is blue”
    • “Just let me die in peace”
    • He curled into a ball of sadness


  • Loves that you’re small
  • Loves your frame
  • He’s a ‘less is more’ type of man when it comes to how you dress
  • But
  • He’s kinda obsessed with your legs
  • Dem CALVES
  • Loathes when you wear pants
  • He is so weak when you wear a short dress and some expensive high heels
  • Also you’re like his smol kitten
  • He wants you curled up on him all the time


  • Couldn’t be happier with your body tbh
  • You’re his small, not so delicate, princess
  • Loves to work out together
  • You go running every morning as a couple
  • Gym selfies
  • He’s legit always taking photos of you working out its his fav thing in the whole world
  • But you’re still his small angel
  • Asks you to sit on his back while he does push-ups
  • Knows you can take care of yourself but gets overprotective and jealous as hell if anyone looks at you in the gym


  • You’re so gorgeous!
  • She’s muscular too, thanks to her Judo black belt
  • Fav thing is kissing the top of your head
  • She does it every morning while you’re making the coffee
  • Another fav of hers is clothes shopping with you
  • Bursts out laughing when you try on pants because they’re ALL TOO LONG WHYYY
  • Makes you come out of the dressing room wearing them with like a foot of fabric trailing past your feet
  • She loses it
  • You both laugh your asses off


  • You’re so small and feisty he is so in love omg
  • You’re like a tiny strong kitten
  • Fav thing is tossing you on the bed
  • Also
  • On more than one occassion you both set up an obstacle course of strength! in the apartment
  • Jumping over couches and furniture
  • Crushing objects
  • You time each other to see who is the fastest and strongest!
  • The loser has to do ALL the chores for a week
  • You never lose.


  • You’re the greatest thing in the world to this guy
  • Really just enjoys doing the every day stuff for you
  • Hanging pictures and shelves
  • Reaching things that are high up
  • Omg its so cute when you can’t reach something
  • Loves how frazzled you get
  • Obsessed with your build
  • You’re like a tiny and beautiful greek goddess to him
  • Obviously takes your pic a lot
  • Also super happy that you’re tiny because you don’t take up much space in bed
  • This boy loves to sprawl out when he sleeps


  • He wouldn’t have it any other way
  • You’re his tiny partner in crime
  • Loves to rest his arm on your head when you’re standing
  • It doesn’t bother you when he does it though
  • One time Saeyoung tried to do it to you as a joke and you punched him in the ribs
  • You were Saerans hero from that moment on
    • “MC…I’ve never loved you more”
  • Fav thing in the world is when he comes home and you jump hug him
  • Wrapping your legs around his waist
  • Also
  • Most nights would find you both on the couch
  • You nestled in front of him with your back to his chest as you watch TV together
  • Eating out of the same tub of ice cream you’re holding
Mean - Bobby scenario (Requested)

Originally posted by illwonaire

@yourlukar saidHey I read you Hanbin’s scenario and It was really awsome, I’m totally in love with your reactions and scenarios. So I wanna request a scenario with Bobby when you two dislike each other so much but you come and spend time with iKON just because your best friend Jinhwan invites you everytime, but in a game truth or dare you are dare to kiss Bobby and after that he started to be really mean with you more than before and he is trying to hide that he falls in love with you…..Thanks so mcuh❤️

- Thank you soo much! I love youu! AND OH MY GOD I LOVE THISSS; I had so much fun writing this I hope you enjoyy it! <3 

Genre: angst/ fluffy
Members: Bobby x You
Word count: 3805

“How is it you never notice that you are slowly killing me?” you thought to yourself, looking across the room at Bobby, who was staring at you with eyes filled with no emotions.
Guy who on daily bases kills you with his words and acting towards you.
How did him and you get here? In the begging as Jinhwan met you with rest of the boys, was okay. In a way okay and at least you thought it was. Everyone was nice and friendly, except him. Bobby.

As you extend your hand for a hand shake, he just looks up and down at you, looking away.
“Okay….” You laugh in embarrassment and move your hand slowly, sitting down next to Jinhwan.

Hanbin and Jinhwan look at Bobby, who was just staring at his phone, typing.
“So how did you guys meet?” Junhoe smiled
“Who cares?” Bobby laughs and looks at you
You didn’t know what to do. You felt so embarrassed.
“We do” Hanbin looks at Bobby and he just sighs looking back at his phone
“Basically at a coffee shop?” you laugh looking at Jinhwan who nodded his head in agreement
“Ohh did you Jinhwan like said hi first or?” Junhoe smiled
“I worked there before so…” you smiled and all of them nodded their heads

Going out with iKON was always fun. You always dance together, drink. But he would always find a way to bring you down.
“Your dancing sucks” Bobby shouted at you, laughing
You sigh and continue to dance, but his words kept spinning in your head. You kind of felt in your legs that you are awkward, how you think you don’t how to dance anymore.
“You look dumb” Bobby shouted again as he was sitting down at the table, laughing at you.

Hanbin pushed him slightly and Bobby just looked at him.
“Don’t bother with Bobby, you are dancing great and you are not dumb” Jinhwan looked at you
You just take a breath nodding your head.
“Hi beautiful” a guy smiled as he approached you
“Hi” you smiled back

He was very beautiful. He has hazel eyes, hair on fleek, white T-shirt who is showing his arm muscles, black ripped jeans and white converse. He was just, perfect.

You hear Bobby laughing in the back
“You are very pretty, I saw you from the distance” guy smiles looking at your eyes
“Just tell her she is not beautiful, stop flirting!” Bobby said and you look at him and he just lifts his shoulders up

“I don’t know what’s that guy’s problem” a guy laughs
“Honestly me neither” you shake your head
“Would you like to come outside?”
“Sure” you smiled and he took your hand in his and lead you through the crowd

Jinhwan walked to the table, looking at Bobby.
“What the fuck is wrong with you? Why you do that every single fucking time”
“So what that I do it?” Bobby said coldly and drinks from his glass
“It’s rude” Jinhwan was getting mad
“Well I don’t care” Bobby smiled and noticed you and the guy walking out through the door. He bit his lip and shaked his head.

He stood up, went through the crowd, looking for someone good looking.
He spots a girl, who was dancing really sexy. She swing her hips side to side to the beat of the music. Bobby walks behind her and starts grinding, so does she with a smile on her face.
His hands travelled around her waist. She turned around, looking at him with a huge smile on her face.
“I waited so fucking long for you to come to me” she whispered trying to sound sexy and crashes her lips on his.

Without hesitation he kissed her back, licking her bottom lip for permission to enter, and she right away opened her mouth more.
His hands travelled down on her ass, squeezing it which made the girl smile and pull away from the make out.

On other side you were kissing the guy. He was so sweet and caring.
He held you closely to his body. You didn’t expect anything else from him than him kissing you right away when you two walked outside.
Also you just wanted to get out of the club, because you couldn’t stand Bobby no more.

“Can I call you sometime?” guy pulled away smiling at you
“Sure” he gave you his phone and you put your number in it.
“You’re really cool girl” he looked at you as two of you headed back inside
“Aw thank you. You are a cool dude too” you smiled and walked inside the club as he opened the door for you.

The guy and you hugged and gave each other few pecks before going your ways. You walked back to the table where the boys were. Bobby wasn’t there, what a relief.
“Sooo?” Jinhwan poked your shoulder
“What?” you laugh and pour yourself a drink
“Oh come on” Jinhwan said
“Yeah we finished” you smiled taking a sip of your drink

Boys continued to dance, you got off the seat and started to dance with Hanbin. He puts his arm around your shoulders, and you two jammed out to the music.
Bobby came back and looked up and down at you, but you didn’t even look at him, you didn’t care about him and his presence.

“Did you finish with someone?” Donghyuk looks at him
“Oh yeah, she was so fucking hot” Bobby smiled nodding his head
You heard them talking, you didn’t want to listen, but you did.
“She’s really good kisser, and has a great body. Damn I wish *laughs* Yeah It doesn’t matter” Bobby chuckles. He knew you were listening.

“Yeah we get it. Will you fucking stop talking now?” you said coldly looking at Bobby
He raised his eyebrows
“Oh did you and your prince charming do something fun?” he tilts his head
“Why don’t you talk about your price?” he added
“Same as you and that girl” you tilt your head too and Bobby smirks
“I bet he just wanted to fuck you”

You were in shock but you didn’t want to let him win in this. You were so sick of him.
“I bet you want to fuck that girl too? Or whole club? And they would do that, just because you are easy to get on” you lean against the table, looking at him
Bobby licks his lips, clenching his jaw. You laugh and shake your head, moving away from the table.
“Imma head to bathroom, be right back” you said and walked off through the crowd to the bathroom.

“Damn she… Killed you” Hanbin puts his hand over his mouth and laughs

Bobby stood up and stormed through the crowd, little bit pissed off.
You walked through the hallway who leads to the bathroom, everyone was making out with each other, or just talking.
You feel a tight grip on your wrist who pulled you back and crashed you against the wall.
It was Bobby. You were breathing heavy because you were surprised and got scared a little.
His hands were on the wall, blocking everyway, so you don’t escape.

“Who do you think you are?” he said in cold, deep voice as he stared into your eyes
“Who do you think you are?” you raised your eyebrow
“Don’t you talk to me like that ever again?”
“OR what you gonna do huh?” you stare back at him

He just kept staring at your eyes, he slowly moved away.
You look up and down at him. Bobby clenches his jaw and walks away.

“Jesus Christ” you let out a breath as he walked away. Your heart was beating so fast and loud that you could hear it.

Why did you think he was so damn hot being angry and annoyed. Why did his stares and voice replayed in your head. No, you don’t want. You need to get him out of your head.
You walked back to the boys. Bobby was shaking his head to the beat of the songs, looking at the crowd, not paying attention to you.
“Let’s goo” Jinhwan said

You take your stuff and all of you walk outside. You had to wait for the taxi vans to come.
It was little cold outside. Your legs started to shake a little.
“Are you cold?” Jinhwan asked and you nod your head
“Bobby can you give her your jacket?” Jinhwan said and you look at Bobby
“Hell no”
“Is princess cold? Well I don’t give a damn” Bobby added making a pouty face then a straight one
You sigh and roll your eyes
“I will be fine” you smiled at Jinhwan

Coming back to their place, all of you went straight to the kitchen to eat.
“I was starving” Chanwoo said while he ate
“Mhmm” Hanbin nodded his head

In the living room you all sat.
“Y/N can I ask you a question?” Yunhyeong asked leaning back on the sofa and you just simply nodded your head
“Are you single? Like did you ever have a boyfriend?”

You let out a small laugh.
“Yes I did and I am single” you said and he nodded his head
“I think prince charming will change that status” Bobby said looking down at his phone
“Fuck off Bobby” you look at him
“Ohhh my heart… You hurt me” he puts his hand on his chest looking at you and laughs

You kept being quiet, you were getting so mad that you wanted to cry.
“What? Did I hurt you?” Bobby leans towards and tilts his head
“I’m going home” you stood up
“Weak move” Bobby laughs

You just look at him and storm out of the house with Jinhwan following you.
“Stop Y/N”
“He’s fucking killing me” you turn around with tears in your eyes
“He’s hurting me so fucking much I can’t stand it anymore” you added biting on your lip, so you don’t cry over an idiot

Jinhwan pulled you into a hug.
Boys walked to the window and peeked at Jinhwan and you.
“See what you done?” Hanbin turns around looking at Bobby.

Bobby stands up being curious what he done and walks over to the window. He saw you crying into Jinhwan’s neck.
“H-he just brings me down at everything I fucking say. I am so sick of him. I fucking h-hate him” you sobbed

Boys kept looking at Bobby, but he kept staring at you crying, sobbing.
“I’ll take you home” Jinhwan spoke softly, wiping off your tears

You look to the side and see Bobby at the window. You both stared at each other. Bobby looks away and walks away from the window.
You take a breath and Jinhwan and you walk to your home.

Boys held a small party, with few friends of theirs. It was a birthday surprise party for one of the friends.
“Y/N finally!” Chanwoo smiled as he opened the door
“Hii” you smiled and gave him a hug
“I brought a gift for that friend even thought I don’t know him” you laugh
“His name is Luke, and awesome, you didn’t have to but still” Chanwoo smiles and you two walk to the kitchen.

Hanbin, Jinhwan and Donghyuk were in there, preparing the cake, decorating it.
“Hii” you smiled as two of you walked inside.
“Hey! Do you like the cake?” Jinhwan smiles showing the cake
“It looks tastyyy!” you nodded your head

You walk and stand next to Hanbin. You lean your head against his arm.
“This is gonna be the best surprise party, don’t you think?” Hanbin looks down at you and you just smile in agreement

Chanwoo and Dongyuk and you go to the living room where the rest of the boys were plus Luke and couple other boys.
“This Y/N” Donghyuk smiled
You waved at everyone and smiled. You look at Bobby and he was already looking at you. He seemed upset. Nothing new.
Everyone sat down. You were on the couch with Donghyuk and Chanwoo and across was Bobby with some new guy.

Chanwoo stands up and turns off the lights. Jinhwan and Hanbin slowly walked in with the cake and candles light up.
All of you started to sing happy birthday song to Luke. But Bobby and you stared at each other. You didn’t sing. You just kept looking at each other in the dark. Only you can see a bit of his face because of the light and sparkle in his dark brown eyes. For a moment you thought how you got lost in his eyes. They were so dark and looked emotionless.
He was dangerous. His love was dangerous. You thought in that way, since he is cold, mean towards you.
Look at what he done to you. Now you’re thinking about him in a other way, in a way where you have feelings. Feelings for him. His power of putting you down, breaking your heart over and over made you attracted to him. You never thought it will happen, but it did.
You got used to it. To the pain he brings you everyday or most of the time. Even thought it hurts, you manage to not show it and handle it after that night you cried.

“YAAAAY” boys started shouting and Chanwoo turns on the lights

Bobby and you look away from each other and start clapping and smiling like nothing happened just now.
“Happy birthday!” you smiled and handed the gift to Luke
“You got me a gift?! I only met you tonight” he laughs
“Yeah well it ain’t nothing special, just some guy’s perfume” you laugh and sit back on the couch

After eating the cake and having a talk, you guys decided to play “Truth or dare” game.
All of you sat in the middle of the living room, in circle.
“OKAY, so we can ask any questions, anything you want” Hanbin smiles
“Y/N, truth or dare” he added pointing at you
“Dare” you let out a breath, feeling nervous
“Hmmm… Dance to Jay Park’s Mommae. Just the begging part with the twerking” Hanbin licks his lips

Your face drops
“Are you serious?” you said in shock
“Yes, we can tell you to do anything” Hanbin smiled
“Comeee onn Y/N, Y/N” Junhoe cheered

You close your eyes and get up.
“I will fucking kill you” you laughed and searched on your phone for the song. You found it and played it.

You were so nervous and embarrassed, since you were the only girl who will dance in front of 9 guys.
You start to do the choreography, you turn in circle slowly, moving your ass up and down and finish the dance. You sit down between the boys and cover your face.
“Fuck my lifeeeeee” you almost scream
“THAT WAS AMAZING!” boys clapped

Bobby had a small smile on his lips as he clapped with the boys. He thought how actually you really can move it good. You were so sexy while dancing.

“LUKE truth or dare” you smiled
“Dare” he was excited
“I dare you to put your head in that cake” you laugh and point at the cake
“That’s an GREAT idea!” Jinhwan laughed and clapped his hands
“I’ll help you” Bobby said and stood up, taking the cake in his hands
“READY?!” Bobby shouts and Luke nods his head

Bobby throws the cake into his face.
“YEAH!” you all cheered and shouted
“Oh my God” you laugh covering your mouth with your hand
“Go wash your face pretty boy!” Bobby laughs putting his hand on Luke’s back

While waiting for Luke to come back. You all were in silence.
“I am back!” he smiles and sits down.
“Okay… BOBBY” Luke smiled looking at him
“Dare” Bobby looks at him

Luke smiled and looked at you then at him.
“I dare you to makeout with Y/N”
Boys face’s drop in shock. Especially yours and Bobby’s.
“Hell no, I am not doing that” Bobby refused
“Hey that’s not fair” Luke said
“I don’t care, I don’t want to kiss her” Bobby said coldly… It kind of broke your heart hearing that since you have these fucking stupid feelings for him
“Bobby just do it” Hanbin said
“It’s a fucking game” Jinhwan added

Bobby sighs and rolls his eyes.
“Fine. Come here” Bobby looks at your eyes
You nervously stand up and move next to Bobby.
“I will never forgive you for this” Bobby looked one last time at Luke before pressing his lips on yours.

He kissed you slowly. His hand went back on your neck, through your hair. He deepened the kiss, that’s when he licks your bottom lip and you slightly open your mouth. His tongue worked with yours. Your lips move in sync.
Both of you felt heat building up in your bodies. Your hands travel down to his stomach and you grab his T-shirt, holding onto it.

It was something so special. Both of you couldn’t stop, didn’t want to stop. You could hear boys in the background fanboying and almost screaming. Both of you didn’t care about them.
It was just him and you. Bobby slowly pulled away, tilting his head to give you few more pecks on the lips. You wanted to let a moan how much he was great with the kissing, and so hot. His hand travelled from your neck to your cheek, tilting his head more to give you slow pecks.
Bobby moves away slowly, still his face close to yours, his eyes look up at you as both of you breathe little bit heavy.
You two stare at each other, as he caresses your cheek with his thumb.

“Okaaaaaaay” Luke laughs
You move away and go back to your place.
“I didn’t expect that” Hanbin laughs not believing
“Same” Junhoe smiled

Bobby licks his lips, putting his hands on the floor and leaning back.

Game continued till you all got bored.
“Nothing can’t top the makeout” Yunhyeong laughs shaking his head
“It was nothing, just a simple makeout. Stop making it big” Bobby said and stands up, walking back to the couch sitting down.
You look down, biting your lip. His words were so mean. For a second you thought maybe he feels something too after he put so much effort into the kissing.
Why did you have to fall in love with such an asshole. You hate him so much that you hate yourself for having these feelings for him.

You stared at each other across the room.
“Well you guys looked great together” Chanwoo said
“Will you shut up? She’s nothing to me. She means nothing to me.” Bobby said coldly like he meant it, you never felt so broken than now

You look down and kept looking down. Until you started to feel this anger inside of you, sadness too. Your feelings were a mix.

“Well thanks Bobby” you look up, with your eyes teared up a little
“You are fucking… Like the most meanest, coldest person I ever met, oh wait actually we met but didn’t because you were fucking rude since day one.”
“You made me suffer, made me angry, made me sad and FUCKING heartbroken.” You laugh
“If you fucking can’t stand so much, fine I’ll leave just fucking say the words” you added looking straight into his eyes
“Leave.” He said without no hesitation.
“Y/N” Jinhwan said taking your hand
“No, let me go. I am fucking leaving, I can’t stand this fucking idiot and an asshole” you move your hand away, going to the hallway taking your stuff.

Everyone heard the door shut.
Bobby shaked his leg.
“Wow Bobby, just wow” Jinhwan said
“Good job buddy” Hanbin gives him thumbs up and sighs

Bobby stands up and rushed outside.
“What did just happen?” Luke said
“What is doing?” Hanbin said and rushes to the window
“He’s rushing after Y/N” Hanbin looks back at everyone

You walked down the street, you didn’t want to cry. But few tears go down your cheeks, which you wipe away right away because Bobby is not worth crying for.

“Y/N” Bobby shouts as he breathes heavy from rushing
“Y/N STOP!” he added noticing you not stopping
“WHAT? You came to tell me your last words? Came to kill me one last time?” you turn around spreading your hands
“Well fucking do it, because-“ you started but Bobby grabs your face and crashes his lips on yours.

Bobby pulls away, staring at you, still holding your face.

“I’m sorry” he said quietly and you push him away and slap his cheek
“SORRY?! You’re fucking sorry?! YOU KISS ME and say you are sorry” you laugh looking at him
“Y/N I can explain” he started
“Explain? Explain how you were rude towards me since day one? Putting me down and down. Breaking my heart over and over. Tossing me around, hitting, stabbing me with your words?” you were so pissed off and yet really sad and upset

“I just… Tried to hide my feelings for you by doing that” he looks up at you
“You what?” you laugh, being confused
“I have feelings for you, since day one. Moment my eyes looked at yours”
“Bobby. What the fuck” you laugh putting your hands on your head
“Why did you have to be so fucking mean? Why? Why did you have to bring me down? Why didn’t you just told me your feelings, when I fucking have them too” you both stared at each other as you said that

“I am so fucking sorry Y/N. I truly am. Please just please give me a chance” he said

He was so different. His eyes didn’t look emotionless, they were actually sorry.

“But you did all that-“ you tear up and laugh
“Y/N” he stepped closer to you
“I am so fucking sorry and I will say that I am sorry a million times if I have to, just so you forgive me”

You bit your lip and shake your head “no”.

“I fucking mean it when I say I have feelings for you”
“But I hate you” you whisper, your voice cracking

Bobby pulls you towards him, he wrapped his arms around you and hugged you tightly.
You just stood there in his hug. Not hugging him back.

“I am so so sorry” he said again
“I hate you” you said again with your head in his chest
“Y/N please forgive me” he moved away looking at you

It was just a rush, those feelings that made you grab onto his T-shirt and pull him towards you and pressing your lips against his.

“Just don’t say a word anymore and kiss me” you whisper pulling away, Bobby had a half smile on his face and kissed you again more passionately.