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Bakugou being tied up and muzzled on the podium is no laughing matter

I already wrote about that part in my post on his and Amajiki’s mental health issues some weeks ago. I knew it was gonna happen when the episode would come out, but really, don’t treat this scene as a funny one. It’s not something to make fun of. Bakugou is emotionally unstable, and has mental health issues that need to be taken care of. But it doesn’t make him an animal or a dangerous evil being that should be restrained and publicly humiliated like that. He’s a 15 years old boy dealing with complexes and anxiety, therefore making his behavior violent. What he needs, especially as a teen, is mental care, not being mocked and humiliated as a punishment. This moment will have consequences later, and I thank Hori for that. 

It’s not a funny moment. He’s dehumanized, treated as less than human in front of the whole society, and nobody say a thing. Even All Might just stay here and thinks Bakugou’s face is quite something, forcing the medal on him. And that’s a problem, both in the manga and in our reality. The trope of people being too emotional and angry to be rational, talked to and treated with care unfortunately participates in domestic abuse, and a lot of systemic oppression, mostly against mentally ill people and women (especially black women). Look at how Best Jeanist treats him later. 

Is that how you treat a kid you’re responsible of? Bakugou respects Best Jeanist; he doesn’t flare up and shout at him even if the man is being very rude and harsh against him. But because he saw how Bakugou behaved and was treated at UA sports festival, Best Jeanist made assumptions on him and didn’t even wait to meet and talk to him. He nominated him just because he wanted to ‘reform’ him. As adults, people of UA and Best Jeanist failed to take care of Bakugou.  Aizawa recognized it, and apologized later.

And this is no laughing matter. It will have consequences later, as Hori makes sure to show it, both metaphorically and literally with this notion of ‘being shackled by people and society’.

So, please consider it’s wrong that this situation is perceived as funny and unavoidable when he’s only a 15 years old kid. Bakugou angrily brushing his teeth after oversleeping is funny (kinda, he’s still frustrated after all). Bakugou being dehumanized and demonized by everyone, especially responsible adults who should handle the situation with care, is not.

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false teeth, aliens seeing people put their fingers in their mouths and just pull their teeth out to clean or them laughing and having the teeth fall out... imagine the horror

(Oh my God first suggestion or whatever!)

Oooooh this is a good idea! I think Imma write like a little story for this!

Ziexxuonae was just walking around, just checking up on the crew members. More specifically, the humans. Only because humans are always trying to do stuff they shouldnt do. And they’ll try to do it even after you tell them ‘no’ so you really have to catch them. So really,  Ziexxuonae was just checking up on the humans to make sure they werent doing anything that could potentially destroy the ship.

Ziexxuonae was walking past two of xer really good human friends. And they were already having a conversation, so Ziexxuonae decided to join in. Talking is a very good way to further your bonding with a human, so the human guide says.”Lana! Rosa! Hello!”

Rosa turned their head and looked over and up to  Ziexxuonae, “Yo! Zi!”

Lana looked up to Ziexxuonae and waved happily,”Hello Zi!”

Both of them bared their teeth. Even though the Human Guide said humans bare their teeth as a greeting and that its a good thing, it still sends chills down  Ziexxuonae’s spine.”What were you two talking about?”

“Oh, well, we were talking about a little accident that happened when Lana was little.”

“Yeah, it sucked then. But now its something I can laugh about!”

“Oh? Well… may I ask what the accident was?”

Lana nodded.”Of course, Of course! So, when I was 16, I tripped down then stairs and hit my mouth really hard. Long story short, I had to get most of the top row of my teeth removed.”

“But… you have top row teeth right now?”

At the moment, Lana reached into her mouth and just straight up pulled out her fake teeth. Ziexxuonae was immediately horrified.”Oh no! You need a medic! Human teeth arent suppose to come out like that!” Rosa and Lana immediately started laughing. And they were laughing hard. Ziexxuonae was very confused. Werent humans concerned when another human was hurt? Rosa wasnt concerned with Lana’s wellbeing at all! “Why are you two laughing! This isnt funny!”

“No, No! Zi its Ok!” Rosa was finally able to say. And they were still a giggling mess.”Those are fake teeth or well- dentures. They are suppose to be able to come out. You see, Lana lost her adult teeth so fake ones had to replace them.”

“B-But they arent attached? Like permanently?”

Lana put her dentures back in place.”I hate it when they’re called dentures! It makes me feel so old! But they arent suppose to be attached like that. Its just not how they are suppose to be.”

Ziexxuonae paused and then slowly nodded.”O-Okay…”

Rosa’s giggling was replaced by a concerned face.”Zi, you good?”

Ziexxuonae nodded.”Yes. I just… I just need to go take a little break.” Ziexxuonae waved bye to xer human companions and then went to their room to just think over what xey just learned.

Humans are truly terrifying

Sixteen years old, living out our halcyon days. The sun is still out at midnight and we’re rapping in the dark to songs that came out when we were six. Vodka might have dampened our edges and the people we’ve been thinking about may not love us like we love them but we’re young and funny and so inherently good, and its going to be okay because it has to be okay. Maybe this is happiness. Maybe we’re just confused.
—  #200- excerpts from the book I’ll never write
Overwatch Chatroom: Love

McHanzo x Reader
Scenario: All three of you are on separate missions, but that doesn’t stop all of you from being affectionate to each other.

I have some finished chatfics on my phone but i dont have all the finished requests our old blog had.
I’m so sad what did rj and I do to deserve this
- Forest


Hanzo has started a private chatroom.
Hanzo has invited McCree and Y/n.

Y/n: omg you actually created a chatroom first for once

McCree: Who are you and what have you done to our boyfriend

Hanzo: Ha ha very funny

Y/n: 💕

McCree: Just pulling your leg darling

Y/n: okay but what do you want?

Y/n: omg that sounded mean I’m sorry

Hanzo: No harm done, dearest

Y/n: aaaaa heck

Hanzo: You still get flustered over our nicknames for you.

McCree: Its cute

Hanzo: You know who else is cute?

McCree: Who?

Hanzo: You 💗

Y/n: that’s gay lmao

Y/n: but you’re both handsome 💕

Hanzo: like McCree said, youre cute

Y/n: But Hanzo is more handsome than McCree

McCree: I’m hurt

McCree: Feels like ive been shot in the heart

McCree: Oh no I’m dying from lack of love

Y/n: You’re an idiot but I love you too

Y/n: Hanzo is still more handsome

McCree: 😢

Y/n: I’m joking u nerd youre both equally as handsome

Y/n has sent a photo.

Y/n: I have the cutest boyfriends. Look @ you two clinging to each other as you sleep

Hanzo: when did you take this?

Y/n: last week

Y/n: I couldn’t resist you two were just too adorable not to take a picture of.

McCree: That’s a bit creepy

Y/n: Fight me

McCree: I will.

McCree: I’ll punch you in the face, softly, with my lips.

Y/n: omggg

Hanzo: I’ll back you up, Y/n. I’ll attack him with kisses from behind.

Y/n: !!!!!

Y/n: Okay but when we get back from our missions we have to have a movie night

Y/n: Cuddles are not an option. Their mandatory.

McCree: I have no problem with that.

Hanzo: Neither do I.

Y/n: Heck I have to go now. See you guys in a few days!! I love you both!!

McCree: I have to go to. Love ya guys.

Hanzo: I love you both just as much.

Y/n has left the chatroom.
McCree has left the chatroom.
Hanzo has closed the chatroom.

Due to popular demand, I now present to you

marauders-groupie’s Bellarke fic rec!

These are my top 20 faves, in no particular order because that would be impossible. Expect fluff, angst and everything else imaginable.

“The one hundred sent screaming down to Earth are not just juvenile delinquents. They’re genetic anomalies; mutants. Chipped, collared, and completely expendable. But they’re not going down quietly.”

WIP. Canon ‘verse. Definitely one of the most amazing stories I have ever read. Bellarke development is incredible, the plot is intriguing and this fic definitely deals with topics such as survival and trauma in a unique way, plus - this writer’s style is absolutely breathtaking and fits the atmosphere of the fic.

“Clarke’s jaeger goes down on a Thursday.”

Pacific Rim AU. This one is going to stick with you. Its beauty is going to haunt you for the rest of your life because the pain and the joy are tangible, the relationships radiate understanding and honestly, I’m still stuck in this magnificent world full of hurt, comfort and wonder.

“Bellamy and Clarke have known each other almost all their lives. Life got in the way, though, and two of them drifted apart, but when tragedy strikes again and again in a few months, Clarke runs away, and Bellamy, as he always has, runs after her. Picking up Raven for the ride, Bellamy embarks on a day-long road trip adventure chasing Clarke’s trail as she rights wrongs and tries to learn how to cope with life as it is now.”

Childhood friends, modern AU. Let me put this simply - this is real, raw and gripping. We’re talking serious literature here, friends, and that sort that you’ll want to postpone finishing because you want to stick around in that world for a long time. 

“Clarke Griffin is a pragmatist and Bellamy Blake is a fucking romantic.”

Modern AU. This fic takes place before an apocalypse. A meteor is about to hit Earth and Bellamy and Clarke are pining after each other.
Now, wait up! I know you think it’s going to be sad, but this is one of the happiest fics I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading. Trust me on this one. It’s quite literally Earth-shattering.

Clarke Griffin’s first introduction to the industrial town of Mechton is the gruff, harsh Bellamy Blake, and from that ill-fated meeting alone, she can’t imagine how she will begin to call this new place home. Soon, though, she finds that places grow on you, and also that people change, but only if you are willing to let yourself change as well.

North & South AU. The thing is, this fic is so well-researched, the character interactions are amazing, it deals with class and sex-related issues. There is bickering Bellarke and take-no-shit Raven, but that’s not even the best part. No, the best part is that this writer has a unique style that brings the whole story to life, as palpable as the screen you’re reading this on. 

“Fourteen nights that brought royally messed up Clarke Griffin back to life and the one man that made everything right again/ Bellarke modern au Prague-Lourdes-New York and back home.

This fic is poetry and magic. The atmosphere is tender and dreamlike, a bubble threatening to burst any second now, which fits perfectly with the premise - travelling, meeting a stranger to whom you open up to and who changes your life forever. It’s full of beautiful moments that are going to strike a chord deep within your heart (and maybe even break it, only to put it back together right away).

“The au where Bellamy prefers calls to texts and Clarke prefers to make fun of him over outgoing message. Also, they fall in love.”

In this modern AU, Bellarke is told through voicemail and I guarantee that you’re going to laugh out loud, but also clutch at your chest dramatically. One of the best fluffy fics I’ve ever read. 

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It's funny because in the UK 16 is legal, Ruby can get laid in the UK.

okay this is a more serious answer because I dont take any shit for this kind of stuff;

- I live here in the uk. I’m very aware.

- The age of consent is lower in this country to protect children and give them access to contraceptives and other help they may need for if they are experimenting (Cause let’s face it, kids will)

- it is not in place so you can fuck a 16 year old. She is still a child under UK law until the age of 18.

- I know you probably meant it as a joke but I don’t tollerate this bullshit.

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It’s funny how my attitude towards this song has gone from “Oh, catchy and fun!” to “Okay, still catchy, but there are other songs,” to “No please stop please STOP WITH THE BELIEVING” to “Awww, look at everyone all grown up in their old red shirts” to sobbing hysterically while promising my laptop that no, I will never ever stop believing.

Fucking Glee.  Fucking Journey.  Fucking feelings.