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Along the lines of the self harm ask, but I just got hired by a really cool new place, and when I went in for the interview my boyfriend suggested I cover my arms because I've got old self harm scars. It kinda bothered me. Idk but like when I applied, I put that I have a disability, (ptsd) and my first thought after he said that was, well they saw that I have ptsd and still want to hire me. I shouldn't have to hide who I used to be. :///

My little indie rock and roll outfit from Salt Lake City.

It’s a homage to an unpopular individual i knew of as a youth. Or just a homage to the unpopular in general.

I hope so, a lot of songs I really enjoy may not make the cut. Keep your fingers crossed.

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133, Jason and Tim?

133: “Slushies aren’t just for kids, fuck society.”

“No, Jason, you don’t understand,” Tim’s saying. “Society has—it’s made up this thing where you can only get slushies if you’re, like, ten, and it’s bullshit.”

“Uh-huh.” Jason flips to the next page in his magazine. Apparently manbuns are in. He’d say something about being super behind the curve on that trend, but he didn’t think to check the date on the issue when he grabbed it in a waiting room, so it’s probably old.

 “And when I try to buy slushies, I get these looks. You know, like.” Tim stares intently at his hand for a full minute before looking back up at Jason. “These looks.”

It’s definitely old. There’s an interview in here with an actress about a movie he saw with Roy last year. And it was terrible. “Sure, Tim.”

“It’s a conspiracy! A society… conspiracy… I just want slushies, Jason.” Tim lets out a whimpering noise, and Jason sighs and puts his magazine down.

“Look, just eat your ice chips for now. It’s like a slushie.” Jason holds up the cup and shakes it enticingly. “A plain slushie. We can get you a real one later, and if anyone gives you a look, I’ll tell them to knock it off. Okay?”

“You promise?”

Jason sighs and pats Tim’s hand, careful not to hit any IVs or sensors or crap. “Yeah, Tim. Promise.”

Time Changes Everything

This is for @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash Ash’s Round 3 Negan Challenge. My prompt was The Ugly Duckling. Once again, thank you Ash, for letting me join!

Please give me feedback on this, it’s very different than any other thing I’ve written. 😘

Negan X ?

1200 words

No warnings just a bit of angst with a happy ending

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 They were inseparable. Well as much as two 5 year olds in a world controlled by adults could be. Wherever he went, she followed. And vice versa. She loved to swim, so he overcame his fear of water to be with her. She hated loud noises, so he held her hand as they watched the fireworks.

 And so it was, for many years. They were always together, in school, their parents making sure they were always in the same classroom. At their homes, taking turns playing in each other’s room or yard. Of course, being next door neighbors made that easy.

  But one day, it all changed. A day she would never forget. The day her best friend, her soulmate as she would call him, broke her heart in a million pieces.

 “She’s ugly dude! Why do you wanna hang around her? What with those nerd glasses, frizzy hair and beyond dorky attitude! Damn man, no hot chick is goin’ look your way when she’s hanging around you!”

 She heard her Negan, the boy she swore to love forever, respond. But she couldn’t believe his words.

 “But dude! I’ve known her forever, she’s like my sister!”

 Sister, that stung.

 “No hot girl is gonna think I’m with her, I mean, look at me and look at her!”

 But that burned.

 He laughed, his friends joining in. She never thought it was possible for a whole life to be destroyed in just a few minutes. But she found out it can be.

 After running home, her mother’s sweet words of comfort, and a nice warm bath, she decided to move on, grow from the pain as her dear mother said. But the loss, the pure ache would never disappear.

 She ignored Negan whenever he would talk to her, acting as if she hadn’t a clue about his mean and hurtful ways. She moved on. And so did Negan.

 Soon it was graduation, she was beyond excited! She had gotten into the best teaching school on the east coast. As she was placing her graduation cap carefully on her beautiful curly locks, her mother stepped into the bathroom.

 “I think it’s time to bury the hatchet and congratulate Negan on graduating. His mother has said that it was a very trying year for him. Very touch and go on whether he would even get here.”

  She wanted to say, it’s his own damn fault, mother, what with the wild partying, getting kicked off the baseball team and an unwanted pregnancy scare, it’s no wonder.

 But she kept her mouth shut and nodded her head ‘yes.’ Hugging her mother tightly, she thanked her for all she had done, especially for the words she had shared on one sad afternoon.

 After the ceremony, she made her way to him, hesitant, still so gun-shy from years ago.

 “Congratulations Negan, you did it!” She held her hand out to him, but he quickly surprised her when he pulled her into a hug. Oh how she missed him. So terribly.

 “Congrats to you too, doll! But everyone knew you could do it, but you know, fuck up that I am I guess it’s a big fucking deal I’m wearing the cap and fucking gown!” And then he laughed, that beautiful laugh that hardly changed over the years, the one she truly missed.

 Negan took in a deep breath as he pulled back and looked at her. She was breathtaking, just so beautiful, what happened to that little awkward girl with glasses and fly away hair that loved books as much as eating and didn’t look in anyone’s eyes? This exquisite thing standing in front of him was not at all that doll he swore he would marry one day. And he had left her behind, when he decided he was too fucking cool. And she moved on, without him. The ugly duckling became a beautiful swan.

 Time moves on, and soon it was autumn, her favorite season. The falling leaves, the crisp dry air and her most favorite part, back to school. She had packed her tiny VW with everything she would need in her dorm room, including quite a few boxes of books. She waved goodbye to her parents, deciding it would be too hard to say goodbye on the campus, asking them to stay home.

 When she reached the campus, she stopped her car to take it all in. She was here, her dream of becoming a teacher coming true. She was was jolted out of her daydream by a honking horn and yelling.

 “Get a fucking move on, this is a road, not a shittin’ parking lot!”

 She would recognize that voice anywhere, Negan.

 Pulling over into a parking spot by her dorm, she got out, watching as Negan pulled into the spot next to her.

 “Doll? Well, what the fuck?! You’re an incoming student here too?” His arms spread out in a welcoming fashion.

 “Too?” She had to admit that she was honestly surprised at this.

 “I fucking am!”

 They started talking about their plans, both of them wanting to teach, Negan in sports, her in English.

 “Need some help with your boxes?”

 “Yes, please, that would be great. Then maybe I can help you?”

 “No need doll. I’ve been here a week already, I’m fucking set.”

 As they carried her things inside the elevator , she told him which floor, causing Negan to laugh.

 “Same floor as me doll! Go fucking figure, next door neighbors again!”

 Fall turned to winter, which soon became spring. They were nearing the end of their first year of college, and a reunited friendship.

 “Can’t spend all your fucking time studying doll! Gotta have some fun, you’re only young once!”

 “But Negan, we also need to graduate, get a job.”

So they spent all of their free time together, studying, at the library, her choices. At a party, at a game, his choices. They complimented each other, his playful fun side, her serious mature side. You might say they were made for each other. Soulmates.

 And once again, time moved on, as it does, and 4 years came and went.

  “I’ve got an interview Negan, at our old school. Come with me for support?”

 “Fuck doll, I promised Jim I’d go to the Rusty Lantern to watch the game.”

Rising up on her tiptoes, she gave his cheek a small peck, knowing how her sweetness always turned him to mush. “Please Negan!”

 He smiled, taking her hand and leading her to his car. The game and Jim can wait. His girl would always come first.

 As they stepped into their old school, something caught her eye.

 “Negan, look! They’re looking for a gym teacher! It’s perfect!!!”

 That day saw the couple both having interviews.

 “I think they liked me Negan! And I’m sure you’re a shoe-in, everybody loves you!” She cooed as she cuddled into his side.

 “From your mouth to God’s ears doll!” He leaned down and gently kissed her head.


 “Negan, hurry! We can’t be late!”

 “I’m coming doll, I just couldn’t find my fucking shoe!”

 As they stepped into the entrance to their high school, her as the new 9th grade Language Arts teacher,  him as the boys new phys ed coach, they smiled.

 “Ready doll?”

 “Ready Negan!”

 On her toes, she kissed him, this time on his lips, and as his wife.

 “Love you!”

 “Love you back!”

 And he watched her walk down the hall, he couldn’t believe his luck. He had won back his best friend, his true love, his soulmate.

His Lucille.

BTS Reacts To You Walking Out After A Fight

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“That’s not what I’m saying, Jin.” You sighed, setting down your purse as you walked in the house.

“Well what do you mean, Y/n?”He said, shutting the door behind him.

“You understand that I’m an Idol right? I can’t just be here 24/7.” He continued.

You looked at him and chuckled. You grabbed your keys and walked towards him, “Being an Idol doesn’t have anything to do with being a decent boyfriend. Not one call or text. Nothing. I got nothing.” You defended, pushing past him, heading towards the door. 

“How long does famous last?” You asked before slamming the door.

He watched as you walked out and his heart sank. He didn’t understand as to why you were so upset with him but he knew that whatever it was, was something that you needed time to process alone. He hated leaving you by yourself but he was too scared to go after you.

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“No! I am so sick of always being the last choice! I understand that you are dedicated to Bangtan and I would never ask you to do anything to hurt your dream. I just want.. something.” You cried.

He watched as you leaned against the counter in your kitchen and tried to hug you. 

“I think I need to be alone right now, J.” You said softly as you pushed him away, walking out the door. 

He ran his hand through his hair trying to hold back the tears but they eventually rushed out. He felt like he was losing the love of his life and he couldn’t do anything to stop it. 

By the time he ran out the door to find you, you were gone.

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“Jimin, I saw you!” You screamed at him.

“What you saw wasn’t what it looked like, jagiya!” He defended, reaching for your hand as you stormed around your house looking for your keys. 

He was right behind you.

“Stop following me! Go follow the girl you were kissing!”

“Y/n, I was not kissing her! She kissed me!” He yelled, grabbing your hand before you could twist the door open.

“Please listen to me.. “ He pleaded, water filling his eyes.

“You didn’t pull away Jimin.. so I am.” You whispered, pulling his hand away from your wrist and pulling open the door.

He slumped against the door and broke down. Everything was falling around him and he didn’t know what to do. He didn’t kiss her, she kissed him. No matter what he couldn’t stop thinking about you and it showed in every interview they did after that day.

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“Y/n, stop it. I saw you, you got caught.” He said with no emotion.


“Jungkook.” He corrected.

You looked at him and shook your head in disbelief. 

“He just gave me a hug! He was an old friend!” You screamed at him.

“You two kissed! I saw you kiss him!” He screamed back.

“Why would I do that?! Why would I kiss someone that I don’t love when I have the love of my life at home?! You don’t see me getting jealous over your fans! Writing you love letters, you being all cute to them. ‘Fan service?’ Is that it? They get more attention and affection from you than I do and I’m your girlfriend!” You yelled, grabbing your phone.

“You know what, Jungkook. I should’ve kissed him, it’d be the first time I got some damn affection in a while.” You hissed before pushing past him, out the door.

He stood shocked.

Everything that you said was hitting him at different angles with different strengths.

He followed you to your best friends house, making sure that you were safe due to the fact that you were walking around by yourself at night. He took that time to reflect on himself and think about how he can fix things.

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“Do you even remember that you have a boyfriend?” He asked. 

You stopped dead in your tracks.


“I mean you’re never home. You’re either at the studio or at dance, you never have time for me.” He said.

“Tae.. you know we’re working on a comeback. You of all people should know how hard it is.” You protested, turning around to face him.

“Should I? I remember texting you and talking to you every day during our comeback.”

“Oh do you? You wanna know what I remember? I remember being by myself every damn night, alone. I remember looking at my phone every 5 seconds to see if you texted. I remember going all day waiting for you to respond.” You glared at him.

He didn’t say anything.

“Yeah, that’s what I thought.” You rolled your eyes before walking back outside of the house.

He looked at the door as it closed and realized that he overreacted. He didn’t think things through and he felt so guilty. He didn’t know all of those things and he didn’t stop to think about how stressed you must be. He spent all night trying to come up with ways to make it up to you.

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Rap Monster:

“Babe, can you pay attention to me please?” You asked your boyfriend as he continued to make beats on his laptop.

No answer.


Still no answer.

“Namjoon!” You screamed.

“What?! What do you want?! You know I’m working! You’re not as important as finishing this song is so just wait!” He shouted at you.

You stared at him, water filling your eyes.

He froze. He didn’t mean to say all of that, he was just so stressed and he snapped.


You held your hand up. 

“I get it. I’m not as important…” You said.

“Thats not wha-”

“But that’s what you said!” 

“ You don’t have to worry about me anymore, Namjoon.” You whispered as your grabbed your keys and headed towards the door.

He got up and ran towards you.

You slammed the door in his face and ran down to your car, getting in and driving away.

He watched as your car drove away and he broke down. He didn’t mean it. He called your best friend and made sure that you were safe and decided against going to talk to you right away, he’d wait until you cooled down.

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“Leave me alone, Y/n” He warned.

“What did I do?” You pleaded, grabbing his hand.

He snatched his hand away from you.

“That’s it! You don’t think you do anything! You’re not a saint, for fucks sake. You sit there and play innocent and then want me to forget about everything you do!” He yelled at you.

He didn’t really know why he so annoyed with you but he couldn’t keep his mouth shut.

“You know what, fuck you, Min Yoongi.” You cried, running out the door, slamming it shut.

He stared at the door and decided not to go after you. He didn’t mean the things he said but he knew that no matter what it still hurt you. He beat himself up over it and promised that when the time was right he’d go and apologize to you. 

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I know we all love somegraham, but looking back I definitely think there were some sparks between paulerina. Its was very low key but Paul was definitely feeling her. I saw an old interview the other day that was just like 2mins of Paul saying how much he wanted to get with Kat asksjsjd. I don't think they dated or anything but 👀😂😂

Yesssssss. Look, I know real life ships are weird and shouldn’t be taken seriously so please don’t put too much weight on anything in my answer here… but at the same time, most everybody has their fave messy conspiracy theories on what went down behind the scenes while the show was filming! I’ve seen people’s ideas floating around about Kat and Ian, or Jomo, or Chris, or Nate.

And I do love Kat/Ian (who clearly are up to their ears in chemistry) but I’m with you… my money is on Paulerina, especially in the earlier seasons. Something about the way they even just stand together now seems so familiar, so intimate and relaxed. Maybe it’s plain old chemistry, maybe it’s history, idk?

But also the total lack of Stefan/Bonnie scenes after s1-2 (with Torrey joining the show in s3), supposedly because they end up too busy laughing together to act when they have scenes together??? Seems fishy, lol.

Btw pls link me that interview thx haha <3

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so the random nightblood, do you think clarke hooked up with someone or are we supposed to think she was always there?

I think Clarke found a nightblood and took her in. She is much older than 6. 

Also, i just saw this interview posted:

TVLINE | My initial thought when I saw the little girl with Clarke was “She’s way too old to be her actual daughter.” Who is she?
Well, it’s not her biological daughter, but what we’ll see in Season 5 is that this relationship is hugely important for Clarke. She’s a Nightblood named Maddie, and she’s been with her for five years. They are, for all intents and purposes, bonded the way a mother and daughter would be. So Clarke loves her, and her decision-making process has changed, just as it does for anyone who has a child. … We’ll tell the story of how they came together in Season 5, and how they’ve been surviving as the only two people on the planet — until that ship shows up.

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You got to meet Stan Lee!? That's so cool!

Yeah, I did! He had a collectibles shop opening up in Brea, CA (about an hour from where I live) and was doing a free signing, so I camped out from 8:30am to 3:30pm, which is when I was able to finally get inside the store (Excelsior Collectibles), meet him, and get my pop signed. I had to wait most of those seven hours in the searing California heat, but it was so worth it. I met a lot of really cool people in line and we all became a mini-family as we waited the entire time. They treated me to cold drinks when the heat became too much and we swapped what I can only describe as geek stories about what we collect, our opinion on Marvel and DC movies/shows, and even Overwatch!

Anyways, for someone who is 94 years old, Stan Lee still has a lot of pep in his step. He did an interview outside (next to the line of people waiting to get in) and he was so chatty/interactive. I think the only thing that tired him out was the signatures, but that was because he did around 750 of them. He stood beyond the time he was supposed to, just so he could make sure everyone got a signature and he’s even going back tomorrow to do it again. What an absolute legend, right?

He’s a really cool dude and very sweet, from what I saw today. He’s a national treasure that must be protected at all costs and I am very grateful that I had the chance to meet him. 

If you’re struggling like I am - Ch. 9

Summary: You are hired as a makeup artist for BigHit working with BTS. You are older than all of them, yet, despite your best efforts, you find yourself slowing falling in love with the youngest member.

Pairing: Jungkook X Reader, Jungkook X Noona

Genre: Angst, Fluff and Smut

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27(final)

Chapter 9 - Heartbreak

Everything is a mess…

Word Count: 2275 (of 72622)

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When I See Her...

Well this took me longer than I wanted to put out, but this is an idea that came to me one morning while I was trying to sleep! It is my first ever writing that isn’t a paper for college and history! It’s short, but I didn’t want to put the whole idea into the first post! I hope you enjoy. It definitely needs a second part so let me know if you all are interested and I will work on it. :) A HUGE thank you to the beautiful @harry-writings for proof-reading and helping me get through the nervousness of posting this!

I was fresh off the last string of interviews and staying in LA for a bit. Gemma flew in to spend the week with me since we hadn’t seen each other in months. We created a tradition of going to a coffee shop when I finished up a crazy schedule of interviews and television appearances unless we were in London and we would go get our favorite cups of tea. I was meeting Gemma at my favorite shop in Marina del Rey just west of LA since she decided to run off early this morning to do some sight seeing.

I turned the corner to the shop and saw woman, maybe 23-24 and a little girl who looked like she could be three years old or so with her hair in pig tails. The woman looked stressed, a little weathered maybe. She was staring off into the distance while the little girl, who I’m assuming at this point is her daughter was eating a Happy Meal beside her. I couldn’t help but to just watch and wonder what was on this woman’s mind.

“Harry!” I heard Gemma yell from just down the road and it knocked me out of my trance. “Come on, a table just freed up” she said while standing in the doorway of the shop.

I was intrigued, wanting to go up and ask this woman if she was ok. She looked so lost and tired with large, dark bags under her eyes.

“M’comin Gem.” Harry walked into the coffee shop still with that woman and little girl on his mind.

“Harry, have you been to the Santa Monica pier yet?” Gemma asked a distracted looking Harry with a wide grin on her face. Silence. “Harry?”

“Oh, uh yah, I went with the guys the first time we came to LA.”

“What’s wrong with you Harry? You look like you just saw a ghost or something”, Gemma says as you brings her head down to look at Harry’s eyes that are currently staring into his coffee. “M’fine Gem, maybe just a little tired.”

“Hey Guys”, Niall walks into the shop. “Gemma, I didn’t know you were coming to LA!”

“Well of course I came to LA, I couldn’t break a tradition with my little brother” she says as she stands up to hug Niall, and excuse herself to go and use the restroom.

“Harry, are you ok, you seem kinda out of it”, Niall exclaims looking at his friend.

“Yah m’fine, I wish everyone would stop asking me that”, Harry says with a sigh. “Niall, did you see a woman outside with a little girl?” Niall looks confused. “Wha’ ?” Harry turns and proceeds to tell him that there was a woman and a little girl sitting on the bench right outside the door. “Oh, yah they were still there when I came in, do you know them or something?” Harry pursed his lips together and let out a barely audible “no”.

The next thirty minutes or so Niall and Gemma were catching up, both looking occasionally at the way too silent Harry. Gemma knew something was wrong but for whatever reason couldn’t get Harry to say anything.

I’ve seen people. Lot’s of people. I don’t know why I couldn’t get the sight of this woman out of my head. I knew Gemma and Niall would be leaving soon so I pulled out my laptop and pretended to work, letting them know I would catch up later.

Here was my chance. I could now get up to go and talk to her, but my feet wouldn’t move. Just go, I kept saying to myself, what is wrong with you.

Harry finally got up and walked outside. The woman now sitting there with tear stained cheeks and the little girl playing with a doll behind the bench. Harry slowly walked up to her and let out a soft “hello’.

The woman didn’t even look up though she recognized the voice. Who wouldn’t recognize that voice. Holding back a slight sob, and in a raspy voice she said a simple “hi” back. Why on this day would she run into the Harry Styles. This day of all days. She wasn’t wearing any make up, and probably looked a hot mess. Oh my god, Harry Styles is standing in front of. Do I say something else, was he just trying to be nice? Lost in her thoughts she didn’t realize he hadn’t walked away.

“M’Harry”, she looked up with wide eyes being pulled out of her trance. “I know”, she said as she looked into his green eyes. Those green eyes she had seen many times before but only in pictures. “I’m y/n, and this is Grace” pointing to the little girl who was now pretending her doll was flying. Grace looked up and smiled, her blue eyes beaming into the sun. “Hi! I’m Grace!” she said with one of the cutest little giggles.

“Hello Grace!” Harry said with one of those crooked grins, “Do you mind if I sit with you a while”? She shook her head and went back to playing. Y/n was just sitting there staring. What is he doing? Why does he want to sit with us?


It was rather odd. I have never done anything like this, but I needed to hear her story. It was like she was a magnet that was pulling me in and no matter how hard I tried to resist, it didn’t work. She had grey eyes that sparkled almost silver when the light hit them the right way and god they were beautiful. Y/n and I talked for a while. She had hit some hard times, and by hard times, I mean, I can’t imagine what she’s going through. She lost her job, and is on the verge of being evicted. I wanted to know more, no I needed to know more.


“Y/n, would you like to have dinner with me tonight”?

What? Harry wants to have dinner with me? What would I wear, how would I do my hair? Is this really happening? Than a realization crossed y/n’s mind…Grace. I don’t have anyone to watch Grace.

“I’m sorry Harry but I can’t”. She slouched over and just stared at the ground.

“Wha’, why not?” Harry was confused. He started thinking back and realized he had never really been turned down when he asked someone to dinner or well out in general.

“It’s Grace, I don’t have anyone to watch her and”, Harry stopped her and shook his head. “You can bring her y’ know”, he was now tickling Grace as she sat on his lap poking the tattoos on his arms and giggling.

“Well, ok. Grace do you want to have dinner with Harry?”

The little girl stopped poking the tattoos and looked up at Harry and then at y/n.

“Yes! P’ease momma can we” at this point she was basically squealing.

“Well tha’ settles it then. I will pick you two up at eight!”

BadBoy! Bobby

anon i’m sorry this took so long its just that my laptop is going crazy and i’m on mobile since and i can’t write properly.. but i hope you like.. i did alot research to make it good bc i don’t know much about bobby. .. but i hope you like it. enjoy! 

  • bobby that school star and star of the country? everyone was in love with him why? bc he was the best. team captain of the lacrosse team and he had a won so many trophy’s that the principal had given a entire wall to his pictures and achievements.
  • it’s not that you hated him or were jealous that all girls wanted him and the boys wanted to be him. it’s just that he was nothing special in your eyes. sure he had good skills and stuff but thats about it.
  • there were times you’d pass him in the hallway and he’d do this little bow and give you that smug smile and it always made your heart beat so fast?? but you just ignored him and waked fast.
  • he was never in class bc he was always practising or across country competing with other schools and whatnot. he had alot of interviews and was quite famous as kids from other schools always wanted to meet him and stuff. but you did support him bc he worked hard, you had heard that he stayed late till night to practice. 
  • it was another day of school and you were just minding your business when you saw a huge crowd surrounded bobby and a few reporters. they were asking the same old questions but suddenly the femal interviewer asked “got anyone special on mind when you think of winning? someone you want to impress?” and the crowd went “OOHHH”.
  • bc obviously she meant “is there a girl in ur life and he looked straight at you and smiled while he said “ofc.. there is this one gurl i really like and i hope she comes to support me in today’s match” and sends a quick wink. it wasn’t too noticeable bc the cameras back was towards you but YOU KNEW IT WAS DIRECTED AT YOU. 
  • flustered you walked away from it and went back to the library to finish the homework. time went by and son school was over ad the match would be starting soon. for some reason you wanted to see his skills upfront but it was late so you decided you’d just go home. 
  • as you were walking towards the gate you heard your name being called in a familiar voice. ofc you knew who it was right away bc of the way your name was pronounced. you looked back and saw bobby running towards you in his workout clothes. his body was fit and rippling and his face was shinning with sweat.
  • he stopped right in front of huffing and puffing. he looked up and smiled brightly and asked “Y/N… won’t you stay back and cheer the team?.. why not.. um. cheer me?” you were flustered bc he chuckled and ruffled your hair. “silly it’s not a threat.. relax.. but i’d like it if you could be there. i’ve been stressed. so it’d be nice if you could be there.”
  • you saw sincerity in his face so you agreed and he pulled you into a sweaty hug and picked you up in a spinning hug. after putting you down he said ‘okay i have to go or i’ll be late but be there!!!” and runs away at top speed. you follow back in quick pace and soon reach the bleachers.
  • one of the team member calls you over and makes you sit where the rest of the team is, even the coach lets you in without hesitation. soon it’s just you and the coach while bobby and his team is on the field. the game was tough bc the other team wasn’t letting them make a a score after the two they had made and time was ticking. 
  • there was  a time out and the team came back and coach gave them some instructions and bobby looked really stresses but managed to smile when he caught your eye. once again they were back in the game and this time there was progress and they managed to score two more points. there were only 30 secs left when bobby scored the winning point.
  • the crowd went frenzy and even the coach teared up and clapped. you smiled big and chanted the cheer of the school. they all rushed in and hugged and yelled with happiness. even though bobby was being hugged and slapped on the back and congratulated his eyes were only set on you. 
  • soon enough he managed to squeeze past the small crowd and came up to you and smiled asking “so.. how was i? “ and you pat his head saying  “just like always AMAZING!!”. and he pulls you into another hug and you hug him back and then the members all start to HOOT and whistle. you look away bc asfdlshldff. it’s kinda embarrassing. 
  • soon after that day everyone ends up knowing that you were that special someone who he liked and you are the trending topic at school. and even though he’s busy most of the time you always stay back with him and watch him practice and he walks you back home hand in hand. 

This is something I just read in the comments to a certain interview:

And I bitterly resent seeing Alec being overtly sexy and flirty with his idiotic parabatai (yeah, that’s supposed to be brotherly bantering/roughhousing, SURE!)

LOL, even the Jalec haters SAW. That’s just never gets old! 

Well, that scene WAS written as brotherly bantering/roughhousing, no different from Jace & Iz’s sparring in 206. It became what it was solely because of Dom & Matt’s insane chemistry. Much amused, me! XD

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Yeah.. I actually joined the fandom last year and I first thought Lauren was really nice but then I saw Camila more and more in takeovers and I absolutely fell in love with her. She is so relatable. Her quirky side was so fun to watch. And TBH I just loved all the interviews she done so far. I always have a smile on my face when I see her talking. With 5H, it seems like they have suddenly become too mature. I mean new fans would need to see all old videos to fall in love with them.

I really hope they do, cause they’re worth it, and I feel like it’s the only way to really get to know the girls

anonymous asked:

Of course, that's only Ricky's side of things. The same Ricky who still makes tens of thousands of dollars by attending The 100-specific cons, only to trash JRoth and the show right in front of his former cast mates, creating an incredibly awkward situation when they all clearly love their time w/ the show. It's amazing how he can't let it go. How when he's doing interviews for American Gods that he, the *subject*, is the one bringing up his beef with JRoth, not the interviewer. So mature.

Truly shocking how his old cast mates still love him and support him them isn’t it considering how he is “creating an incredibly awkward situation.” I just saw him and Richard voluntarily hanging out less than 2 weekends ago. They were going out around Syndey and going to the gym together. Ricky has done the same with other cast members.

I love how you all seem to think it’s wrong for this man to have a voice and stand up for himself against someone who had authority over him that was mistreating him. Instead of showing concern over the fact that this was happening, or wanting to figure out what happened, you’re giving him shit about the fact that he’s still earning a living. “Oh people love him and still associate him with the 100, a show for which he was a main character for 3 seasons? He’s a good person and he’s willing to meet Lincoln fans? Guess since he’s a decent human being and earning money, any bullying done to him is void!”

What you’re saying is that just because a person is successful, they have no right to speak up for themselves. Instead of showing concern for this man, you’re doubting him. Guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

anonymous asked:

Hi there is very old interview with panic! near the bus where brendon told that his parents bought fever but i thought they kick him out and didn't speak to him. i might be wrong but some fics reflect this too. if you know why please explain besides it seems i saw brendon's mother talking about his name

yeah, he spoke about it in a couple of interviews. his parents technically did kick him out because he disregarded their mormon faith. it’s not as daunting as it sounds though, brendon just went to crash at his friends places and every so on went back to his parents.. because well obviously his parents still wanted to see him. and his mother had i write sins as her ringtone and brendon started tearing up.

Magical Office Episode 1 : Introductions

MY MY! I must say I’ve become very popular since my mystery post about my new series. Anyway here is my Office x Fantastic Beasts crossover. Things you need to understand before you read this. As The Office is done in a documentary style, I’d decided to write this fan fiction as a script. Meaning the actions will be in italics and the person who is speaking will have their name in bold. Hopefully this makes sense and reads okay for you guys. This first episode is just going to be an introductory episode to all my characters and for you to get a feel for the style. There are a couple of made of characters that are based on different characters in The Office, but only one person knows who is who ;). Also please note that I am fully aware that Newt is from the 1920′s/30′s and cameras were not invented…for the sake of the fanfiction, let’s bring Newt to the 20th century ;)! Thanks to you wonderful people. Once again thank you to my bestie @fantasticnewtimagines for all the loving support!! Enjoy! <3 

Originally posted by tempora-mutantur-rp

Camera zooms in on you. You stand at the entrance of a corridor of office rooms. There are people walking around and you try to flag someone done, but they are all too entranced with what they are doing and they don’t notice. You look into the camera.

Y/N: I’m new, I’m just trying to find Newt Scamander?

The camera motions to the first office. The door has claw marks running down it and is scorched in the corner. You walk over to it, awkwardly thanking the camera man as you scoot past him. You hesitantly knock on the door. Behind the door, rustling can be heard and a loud bang. As you open the door to find out what happened to the person within, a little black creature scurries out and runs past the camera. A man in a long blue coat follows and collides with you.

Newt: Bugger! He’s escaped again.

Y/N: Are you Newt? I’m Y/N, I’m here to work as your assistant? Minister Parkinson hired me last week?

(Newt scratches his head trying to remember. Suddenly he looks over into the camera and his eyes continue to look back as you speak. Uneasy about their presence.)

Newt: Oh those bloody cameras.

(Newt looks at the camera. A voice is heard from behind the camera man.)

Director: Come on Newt we talked about this.


Director: It’s just a documentary for the wizarding world. You know, to show people the inner lives of the average Ministry worker.

(Newt fidgets with his bow tie and accidently undoes it from nerves.)

Newt: I-I-I’m not sure how comfortable I am with all this.

(He continues to try and retie his bow, but keeps fumbling over his fingers and he keeps trying to make eye contact with the camera.)

Director: Don’t sweat it Mr. Scamander. Just pretend like the camera isn’t even here. We’ll take you in to ask questions every now and then but otherwise, just go about as your normal Scamander self.

(Finally Newt proceeds to get a hold of himself and begins to redo his tie and completes the task.)

Director: Don’t sweat it Mr. Scamander. Why don’t you just give us a brief introduction.

(The camera goes in and out of focus while it tries to capture Newt’s face. He blinks rapidly to try and gain confidence as he looks shyly into the camera.)

Newt: Hi…ummm…I’m Newton Artemis Fido Scamander… not sure why I gave you my full name… people just call me Newt. I work in the department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures. I recently just joined the ugh…umm…beasts division. I’ve been with the ministry for 5 years now. My family is very involved in the ministry, so naturally I joined on. Need to keep up with the family. Unfortunately, Magizoology isn’t a glamorous ministry job.

( Newt sits in his chair visibly uncomfortable. He tries various positions but ends up settling into his normal position of having his leg cross over his other knee.)

Newt: The minister feels I’m kind of a lose cannon.

( Newt runs a hand nervously through his hair, his wand in his hand.) Therefore he thinks I have a need for an assistant. So I do believe my day will be sent getting her acquainted with the office.


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{Reaction} When EXO’s younger sister is crushing on other idols.

Can you do a reaction for EXO where their little sister (younger than 10) has a crush on one of the members of Big Bang and is super embarrassed whenever they tease her about it. But they are also secretly upset because they don’t want her to grow up. Thanks!

Note: I tweaked your request slightly to make the reader a little bit older (teenager instead of under 10), just because I thought under ten was a little bit too young considering BIGBANG are nearing 30 now. I hope you don’t mind too much, I just didn’t really feel comfortable writing for such an age gap. I hope you enjoy either way. ~ Mami x

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/images used.

Main Masterlist - EXO Masterlist

Park Chanyeol

Originally posted by yuseols

Chanyeol rolled his eyes as he say you, his younger sister, watching BIGBANG videos on you tube again. He’s not over powering, but he is a protective brother, and since you’re a lot younger than BIGBANG, he doesn’t like the fact you’re already looking at them in a romantic sense. 

Chanyeol: *Takes your phone out of your hand.* “And that’s enough of that.”

Do Kyungsoo/ D.O. 

Originally posted by kyungception

Kyungsoo isn’t usually that over protective, but when he finds out that you’re crushing on G-Dragon, he isn’t happy about it. 

{y/n}: “But G-Dragon is so amazing, Soo”

Kyungsoo: “G-Dragon is about to be G-Gone.” *Satansoo unleashed.*

Byun Baekhyun

Originally posted by byunbaekoppar

Baekhyun wouldn’t really care that you’re crushing on BIGBANG, mainly because he knows it’s natural for teenagers to start crushing and having feelings like that, but that won’t stop him from being at least a little upset that you’re growing up. Despite all that, you’ll still always be his baby sister. 

{y/n}: “It’s true love Baekhyun!”

Baekhyun: “I know, {y/n}, I can see how lovingly that poster of Taeyang stares at you.” 

{y/n}: “You’re an asshole.” 

Oh Sehun

Originally posted by chutizk-blog

Sehun watched as you and your friend talked energetically in the kitchen about BIGBANG’s Seungri. He rolled his eyes, pushing past you both to get to the fridge, making an offhanded comment about how he’s old enough to be your Dad.

{your friend}: “Old enough to be her dad? Well it’s a good thing you don’t mind a Daddy, eh {y/n}” *Smirking*

Sehun: “I’m not crying - that isn’t just the most disgusting thing I’ve ever heard in my whole life.”

Zhang Yixing/ Lay

Originally posted by getlayd

Yixing watched you with a puzzled expression as you watched BIGBANG perform ‘bang bang bang’ on TV. You were grinning widely, and blushing every time one of the members made eye contact with the camera directly. Afterwards, you commented on how you loved BIGBANG.

{y/n}: “T.O.P is so manly and fierce.”

Yixing: “I am really fierce and manly too.”

{y/n}: “… That’s different, Yixing. Very different.” 

Kim Jongdae/ Chen

Originally posted by mainexing

Jongdae looked at you with a look of horror as he walked in just as you were telling your friend that your bias was Taeyang and that you’d like to be his. 

Jongdae: “I don’t know where you got that idea from, but you better forget it now.” 

Kim Minseok/ Xiumin

Originally posted by milakalaschnikov

Minseok looked at you with raised eyebrows as you told him that you were into Daesung. Considering your age, he didn’t think that you’d like bands like BIGBANG in that way. He shook his head.

Minseok: “I don’t think so baby sister, stick to men your own age.”

{y/n}: “And what if I don’t want to?”

Minseok: “Well, I might have to prove that I’m more than just the strongest member of EXO.” 

Huang Zitao/ Tao 

Originally posted by monalunasimone

Tao wasn’t supposed to hear you confessing your love of T.O.P to your friend, but when he did, he burst into your bedroom, a look of irritation crossed on his features.

Tao: “T.O.P, huh? I guess it’s time I put my martial arts skills to use.”

Kim Junmyeon/ Suho

Originally posted by bemineinseoul

Suho pulled a face as he watched you reacting to a BIGBANG interview on the TV. You were grinning and giggling onto it, acting in a fashion that was much to old. Even though you were sixteen years old, Suho still saw you as his little baby sister. 

Suho: “Okay, I’ve made a mental note to never let you anywhere near BIGBANG.”

Lu Han

Originally posted by elaysium

Luhan started off by telling you that it was wrong for you to have a crush on G-Dragon, but Luhan isn’t as smart as you, and is pretty much easy to manipulate. 

{y/n}: “I might be crushing on G-Dragon, but you and I both know you have done much worse than just crush on Minseok.”

Luhan: “That was-”

{y/n}: “Speaking of Minseok, isn’t he into Jongdae these days?”

Luhan: “How dare you! This is none of your business!” *Storms out, forgetting that the original argument had been about you liking G-Dragon.” 

Kim Jongin/ Kai

Originally posted by junyeol

Kai laughed as you told him that you were crushing on Daesung, that was until he realised that you weren’t joking. H ewatched you leaing the living room with his louth gaping open. 

Kai: “You’re not serious, right? He’s 27 and you’re 17! That’s ten years of an age difference!”

Wu Yifan/ Kris

Originally posted by krismehard

Kris glared at you as yo told him that you had a thing for G-Dragon. You were far too young for that, in his opinion. 

Kris: “No way, get those stupid ideas out of your head right now.” 

Season 4 Drabble #1: FOUR

Hey loves! So, this idea hit me at work (where all ideas seem to hit me these days). With some inspiration from our recent conversations and my excitement and curiosity about season 4, I came up with this drabble. It’s very short, but I’m just using it as one of my predictions for season 4. These do not take me long to write. Don’t be surprised if you see random drabbles from me until season 4 begins. I have a few predictions and this is my little way of sharing them. I wouldn’t necessarily call this a major prediction, but I would love to see Dersha adapt to their new life in Miami.  Enjoy!

Miami wasn’t home just yet. The Romans had officially arrived in Miami, Florida a week after their honeymoon. For the moment, they were staying in a condo near the American Airlines Arena, home of the Miami Heat. It would be their home until their next dwelling was built. The move was a big decision but it was good for them. They both were in need of a change, especially now that they were married. Being in Miami, meant being far away from Jelena’s scheming. Derek knew this was for the best because he was already close to handling Jelena himself if she even thought about coming at his wife again. Now that he and Ahsha were a family, Derek felt like he needed to do his job as a protector.

The newlyweds weren’t completely settled into their new lives, but things were coming together. “Baby? Where you hiding,” Derek called out, as the elevator opened into the Miami condo. He had just finished doing interviews for ESPN at the arena. Derek rubbed his hands together when he saw his wife coming down the hall. “New outfit,” he frowned, taking in the white romper that had a deep dip in the back.

“Figured I’d do a little shopping to spruce up my wardrobe. You like,” Ahsha twirled around, giving her husband a show.

“Of course, I like it. But, what’s wrong with your old clothes,” he asked, coming off as the stereotypical man who knew nothing about fashion, nor did he care much.

“I don’t know…I wanted something a little more…grown up. I’m a married woman now,” she added, wrapping her arms around her husband’s neck.

“I don’t know what that has to do with clothes but okay,” Derek chuckled. “Have a good day?”

“Mmmhhhmm,” she hummed, pecking Derek on the lips. “Got some boxes unpacked and stuff put away.”

“You don’t need to be doing all of that, babe,” Derek groaned, causing Ahsha to playfully roll her eyes.

“I may be married to a baller but I’m still a regular girl, Derek. Moving a few boxes won’t kill me. No big deal.”

She was still the same Ahsha and Derek could appreciate that. Money and fame didn’t change her one bit. Knowing he wouldn’t win this fight, Derek shrugged it off. “Chad wants us to meet him at 7, so we can take a look around the property,” he said, changing the subject. “Just in case you wanted to change out of this sexy ass outfit.”

Wrapping his arms around Ahsha’s waist, he attacked her cheek and neck with kisses causing her to shriek with laughter.


A couple of hours later, the lovebirds met up with their builder to view property and begin a blueprint for the home. This all still felt like a dream to them. Marriage, building their first home together, Miami living…it was all new.  But they got to experience it together, which made it even more special. They pulled up to an empty lot that looked out at the beach. Imagining their home in the empty spot, had them excited and it was written all over their faces when they met Chad on the walkway.

“Mr. and Mrs. Roman,” Chad smiled holding out his hand. “Nice to actually see you all in person.” After their introductions, Chad took the young couple on a tour of the property. “We can put a gate right here and all around your property line. This neighborhood is already fenced in and protected by security and security cameras. But many people still use the gate entrance and exit service,” the builder explained.

“We’d like a gate just to be safe. Can’t be putting my family at risk,” Derek replied, grabbing Ahsha’s hand as they walked down the hill.

“Yeah, you never know with people these days. Plus, with the media, we want our privacy,” Ahsha added. She could picture the paparazzi hiding out in front of their home if there wasn’t a gate protecting them.

“Understandable. A lot of your neighbors have gated property. Especially when they have families. You two know what style of home you want?”

“I love the modern look. Big windows, open space…but has a family feel it too,” Ahsha explained, turning her head towards her husband. He only smiled and nodded. He had already had his dream home and wanted Ahsha to have her chance.

“I’m leaving that up to you,” he grinned holding his hands up in surrender.

“Ha! You’re learning the ropes already. Happy wife, happy life,” Chad joked, slapping Derek’s shoulder. “Modern is good. I have some examples back in my office. How many rooms?”

The couple glanced at each other, then back at Chad. “We plan on having a big family, so we’ll need enough rooms for them,” Derek expressed, rubbing Ahsha’s flat stomach. “About 7 rooms.”

“Whoa! Me pushing out 7 kids? Not if they have your head,” came his wife’s reply.

“Uh oh, Mr. Roman. Watch out. Well, let’s go back to my office to start a blue print,” Chad suggested, Derek and Ahsha following him down the sidewalk. Walking hand in hand, Derek and Ahsha couldn’t help but smile. Those smiles had been stuck on their faces since the wedding.


Being officially introduced to the Heat family was the next thing on their agenda. Derek had already met his teammates and Ahsha had met her new teammates a few days after. The fans and media had not officially met their two new Heat family members. Press lined up outside the arena to get the first pictures of The Romans. “Mr. Roman, over here,” a cameraman shouted while snapping shots of the beautiful pair.

“Ahsha, you look beautiful. How is Miami treating you,” another guy shouted at the dancer.

“Thank you, I’m loving it,” she answered sweetly, as Derek put a protective hand on her lower back. Security were on all sides of them, protecting the couple from overly excited fans and pushy media.

“Derek, any hard feelings towards the Devils? How do you think they’ll do this year under Jelena Howard?”

The baller paused when they reached the entrance. “The Heat will have a good year and I’m excited to join such a professional and well-respected organization. Can’t wait to get started.”

“Was that a dig at your previous organization,” a reported questioned, holding out her recorder.

“Not at all. I’m just focused on the present. The Devils will always have a place in my heart, but Miami is home now,” Derek added. “Thanks for the warm welcome.”

Reporters were still shouting questions at Derek and Ahsha when they entered the arena. “Wow, didn’t think this many people would show up,” she said when they were clear of the crowd.

“This town has been on ten since the news broke about the trade,” one of the security guards said. “Having Derek Roman here is like the next coming of LeBron. People can’t stop talking about it.”

They arrived in the press conference room a few minutes later. The team owner and other staff greeted them and took them up on the stage set up in the media room.  “So good to have you both here today.  It’s a pleasure to have you in our family now,” Micky Arison, the owner, spoke.

“Thank you for having us,” Derek replied.

“We’re excited to be here, thank you,” Ahsha replied, shaking Mr. Arison’s hand.

“That’s good to hear,” he stated in response. “This press conference is pretty much your introduction to the community. No funny business. The fans want to get to know you two.”

Journalists and other media members had already filed into the room by the time Derek and Ahsha took their seats at the table. Derek reached over and grabbed Ahsha’s hand. “You ready, Mrs. Roman?”

Gazing at the flashing cameras and eager press, Ahsha turned back to Derek with a smile, “Now I am.” This was her new life. Sure, it was a lot to get used to but with Derek by her side, things would be okay.

Though Ahsha and Derek were the new King and Queen of the Miami world, Los Angeles would be calling them back soon.

Thanks for reading!