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Imagine browsing through your keepsake box with Chris.

A/N: Part 2 of Memory Lane, yay! It’s a little longer than usual so get comfy. Here are the links to the previous parts: (‘Memory Lane - Part 1’, ‘Drunk Minds, Sober Hearts and Baby Fever - Masterlist’)

You sat on the bed, browsing through your keepsake box filled with your life’s memorabilia. You couldn’t really call it your life’s memorabilia as it mostly consisted of mementos from your relationship with Chris; from the moment the two of you met until- well, now. There were other- some important, mostly trivial- bits and bobs: baby photos, old birthday and holiday cards, concert tickets, out dated passports filled with travel stamps, the key to your first apartment, etcetera; basically anything that reminded you of the best times of your life went into that box.

You enjoyed collecting things; you’d been collecting little mementos since you were a little kid. You’d been called a hoarder numerous times by several members of your family and friends, but you didn’t care. It was nice to be able to look back at different times of your life and reminisce; it also helped you feel less alone when Chris was away, and vice versa. It had also become tradition for the two of you to bring something back for each other, to add to the box after being away for work. Your last trip to London had you bring back a sweet postcard and a miniature black cab, whereas Chris added to the collection his air ticket- the one that brought him home to you a week early- and a miniature Captain America shield; a token from the cast and crew congratulating the two of you on your son.

“I’m curious.” You looked up as Chris exited the bathroom, wiping his hands with a towel. “Why didn’t you just call a plumber about the sink?” He raised an eyebrow and you shrugged. “So you’ve just been living with a leaky sink for five months? That’s very unlike you, Miss Perfectionist.” He teased and you chuckled.

“It only broke the other night,” you defended your perfectionist trait. “I was going to call a plumber, but then Captain America popped up on my doorstep.” You smiled when he chuckled, draping the hand towel on the back of a chair. “God,” you leaned into him and rested your head on his chest when he sat down and wrapped an arm around you. “I’ve missed you so much that I don’t even care that you’re all dirty from fixing the sink.”

“I’m not that dirty,” he chuckled, pressing his lips to your hair.

“Dirty enough,” you retorted playfully and he chuckled again. “Did the Russo brothers really let you go early, or did you lie and sneak off?” You looked up at him and asked. “I mean- Infinity War’s a huge movie, there is no way they could afford giving you pre-leave.”

“I may have told them you were going into labour early,” he said with a wince. You laughed because you knew he was joking. “No,” he chuckled. “They really let me go early. Remember when I FaceTimed you the other week? Seb came in because they were looking for me?” You nodded. “Well, they wanted to move my scenes forward so I could film them all and get home to you. Seb wasn’t lying when he said everyone was working double time,” he told you and you smiled. “The code word on set was Baby Cap. Whenever anyone got distracted, we used that to remind everyone that I had a pregnant wife waiting on me at home.”

“You work with some amazing people.”

“Yes I do,” he nodded. “I think it helps that you know Kevin Feigi and are friends with most of the cast, I feel like they were doing it more for you than me.” He admitted and you chuckled. “You know, if think about it-” he chuckled, “Marvel’s played a huge part in making our relationship what it is. I mean- we wouldn’t have even met if it weren’t for Captain America.”

“Remember how we met?” You asked and he nodded, chuckling. You sat up straight, leaned forward and reached for the Starbucks paper coaster that you’d scribbled your award winning screenplay ideas almost seven years ago.

“I remember how grateful you were when I gave you your coaster back,” he chuckled, taking the coaster from you. “I can’t believe that I was the reason you got that Oscar. You really should be more careful with your ideas,” he bopped your head with the coaster and you giggled.

“Can you believe it’s only been seven years?” You asked as you took the coaster back from him, smiling at your mini mind map that probably made no sense to anyone else who looked at it. “It seems like a lifetime ago.”

“Really?” He rested his chin on your shoulder. “'Cause I can remember it like it was yesterday.”
• • • • • • • •
Chris smiled as he watched the pretty girl in the red knitted scarf from the counter; you were furiously scribbling away on a paper coaster. The more he watched you, the more adorable he found you. You were clearly in the zone, working on something important, yet somehow you still had the time to pause to scrunch your face at the orange Gummi Bears and pick them out from the bag. He chuckled when he saw you pinch a red one from the bag, squishing it between your thumb and index while smiling to yourself.

“You’re definitely going to win me an Oscar.” You whispered to your coaster then smiled, drawing a small doodle of yourself holding an Oscar at the bottom of the square. “So cute,” you giggled to yourself then stopped when your phone buzzed.

Chris raised an eyebrow when he saw your eyes widen. You scrambled to your feet and frantically gathered your things, pushing them off the table into your open bag. You were in such a rush that you didn’t notice your coaster had not made it into your bag, but onto the floor instead. As you rushed out of the door, Chris saw the scribbled coaster on the floor. He picked it up and rushed out to look for you but you were gone, he sighed and glanced down at the tightly filled square. He smiled when he saw what you were working on, it wasn’t because he understood what you were writing- it was because your notes were visually appealing; your handwriting was cute and neatly printed, and everything was color coded. The best part about that small card was your doodles, the girl with the Oscar catching his eye. He didn’t know if he’d ever see you again or if he’d ever have the chance to return it to you, but he was definitely going to hold onto it just in case.
• • • • • • • •
You poked at your salad and sighed; your appetite completely gone after realizing you’d lost the coaster you’d scribbled your ideas on. You could probably remember some of what you wrote but it wasn’t going to be as good as it was the first time. You sighed again and heard Kevin chuckle; you looked up and winced when you realized you were being a total bummer.

“Sorry Kevin,” you chuckled softly. “I’m not being good company, am I?” He chuckled and shrugged, not wanting to agree with you because he didn’t want to hurt your feelings. “I just-” you huffed. “There were some really good ideas on that coaster and-” You cut yourself off, groaning. “I should’ve just written it in my phone like I usually do but I just bought these really cool pens and- You know what,” you cut yourself off. “It’s fine, I’ll come up with something else.”

“I’m sure you will, and I’m certain it’ll be better.” Kevin tried to comfort you. “Your parents called me the other day,” he began and you rolled your eyes, biting back your knowing smile. “Hence why we’re having lunch,” he continued with a light chuckle. “They’re worried about you, Y/N.”

“Of course they did,” you chuckled. “Why else would a busy man like you schedule a lunch with me when you’ve got a Captain America movie to make?” You quizzed and he chuckled. “I’m perfectly fine, Kevin. I’ve just been too busy with work to call or fly home.”

“Or socialize in any way,” he added and you sighed because you’ve heard it all before. “Y/N, you’re a successful twenty-four year old screen wright in Hollywood. You are constantly being invited to red carpet events and after parties with actors and directors and producers who could be perfect for you. Just pull yourself away from your laptop, put on a dress and go meet a guy.”

“My parents seriously called you to tell me to get a boyfriend?”

“I was the only one in the neighborhood,” he shrugged then smiled when you chuckled. “I care about you, kid. I want to see you happy, and though I know your work makes you happy- you need more than work. You’re twenty-four but you won’t be forever, it’s time you start thinking about your future.” You opened your mouth to protest but he cut you off, “personal life wise, not career wise.”

“Fine,” you chuckled. “If it’ll make all of you feel better, I’ll start looking for the love-” You were cut off when a oddly familiar male voice called out. You and Kevin looked up and you realized why you found the voice so familiar, it was Chris Evans; otherwise known as the actor who dawned the role of Captain America.

“It’s you,” Chris smiled at you- much to your confusion- as he strolled over with Robert Downey Jr.; he and Kevin looked about as confused as you because you’d never met Chris Evans before. “Who would’ve thought I’d run into you here.”

“You know him, Y/N?” Robert asked you with narrowed eyes.

“I know he’s Captain America but- I’ve never met him before,” you answered. “I’m sorry, have we met?” You asked Chris; he shook his head, chuckling. “But you know me?” You asked, the confusion increased in your voice.

“Yeah,” Chris nodded. “And I think this belongs to you.” He passed the coaster over to you and you face lit up, making Chris smile. “I didn’t fold it ‘cause you look like the kind of person who would find a crease annoying.” You looked up at him and chuckled. “I didn’t think I was going to run into you so soon though.”

“And I didn’t think I was ever going to see my coaster again, let alone have Captain America bring it to me,” you told him with a light laugh. “I was a little lost without this, it’s kind of my next project. So thank you,” you nodded gratefully at him.

“Save the thank you for your Oscar speech,” Chris responded and you were slightly taken aback by his vote of confidence considering he didn’t know anything about you. “I don’t know what you’re writing but- I have a feeling it’s going to be a winner.”

“Just like this pairing,” Kevin mumbled under his breath, smiling at you and Chris; Robert had the same knowing smile on his face as he glanced between the two of you. The two of you would’ve noticed if you weren’t so busy smiling at each other. “Why don’t you two join us for lunch?”
• • • • • • • •
“Who would’ve thought that one lunch would change our whole lives?” You asked Chris as he rested his hand on the swell of your belly, smiling. “And add another life to this world.” You rested your hand on top of his, both your wedding rings glistening in the sunlight.

“Me,” he said softly. “I knew from the moment I laid eyes on you that you were going to change my entire life,” he told you and you felt your eyes well with tears. “I was going to hunt you down with that coaster, like Prince Charming hunted Cinderella down with the glass slipper. You were something special, Y/N. I didn’t have to know you to know that, I could feel it.”

“You know I’m meant to be the writer in the relationship, right?” You quipped and he laughed. “I love you,” you told him as you leaned in, your lips inches away from his. “More than I’ll ever love another being.”

“Remember that when our son comes along,” he whispered then kissed you.

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Working on combat still! (is this getting old?)

I’m going through all the enemies currently in the game and making them smarter, add polish and moves etc, as well as working on new ones.

The latest is the Archer. I added a new Spawn animation and added the ability to jump away when the player gets too close. Feels much better fighting them now as opposed to how they were before, just standing around shooting at you.

That’s all for now!

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Who says I can’t be serious? Oh wait, never mind!

I just like adding extra stuff just because I can~ :P

Hurrah, I’ve finally figured out how to make GIFs that doesn’t go over the 2MB limit! I was getting frustrated but then I discovered that Photoshop can make things a whole lot easier– I can even put two scenes into one no problem! :D It’s a little bit faster than it actually is, but it will do!


Kai Parker x Reader
( x Klaus Mikaelson , Caroline Forbes , Elena Gilbert , Damon Salvatore)
word count :
2 317
* not my gif

Kai couldn’t believe what had just happened. That must’ve been Klaus or one of his minions. Before he had had even the chance to react , they were both gone. He looked around the school’s front yard , trying to find them somewhere in the crowd but there was nothing. The young heretic clenched his jaw , anger burning in his eyes. There was no way he’d let anything happen to her.

In a haze Y/N opened her eyes , feeling a pain in her neck. She blinked a few times until her eyes opened noticing someone standing close by.
“Arhh… Was that necessary ?” Y/N asked Klaus who had knelt on the ground next to her. She looked around recognising instantly where they were - the old Lockwood cellar.
“No , but it was definitely fun.” he said smug smirk on his face. “Oh your phone is not here. ” he added noticing her hands trying to reach her bag nearby. “I made sure you dropped it when I grabbed you.”
Y/N rolled her eyes. Of course he had.
“What do you want with me ? They will figure out I am gone and will find me … sooner than you think.”
Klaus laughed for a second.
“I am counting on that sweetheart. Personally I want nothing with you. You are just leverage… Its quite unfortunate you’ve been dragged into this.” he sounded almost apologetic. “All I want is one generous blood donation from your mother. As soon as thats done , you get to go home…and be with your charming boyfriend.”
Y/N’s thoughts were swirling like a tornado. Klaus knew about her and Kai. He had been watching them.
“I don’t care what happens to me.” she said. “But if you touch a him …”
“Don’t worry love. I don’t plan on hurting your boyfriend … or you. Unless absolutely necessary.”
She kept thinking about the moment she had last seen Kai barely a few hour ago. At least someone knew she was missing. There was no doubt in her mind that he will be the one to find her. Until then , it was better to keep Klaus on his good side.
“Satisfy my curiosity…” she started. “How did you find out … about my mother being a human again? Who slipped up ? Caroline or Alaric ? Or was it Matt ? I know he still has a thing for your sister…”
“It’s not important.”
“OK then … Why didn’t you just ask like a normal person? Maybe if you didn’t do things like kidnapping , blackmail and what knot people wouldn’t be scared of you. Maybe you’d even get to be with Caroline. I know she still has a thing for you…”
Klaus looked amused by her words. He got up pulling out his phone from his pocket , texting someone - probably her parents or Caroline.
“I like when people fear me , love. Surely your family had told you that.” he said looking up from his phone for a second. Y/N’s gaze drifted to something behind him , noticing a step in the drit that hadn’t been there a moment ago.
“Why are you doing this ?” she asked curious. “Caroline said last time she saw you , you were different. Nicer. Why slip back to the person you were before ?”
Klaus sighed a serious look on his face. For a moment he hesitated but then took a step towards her. He started to say something and then suddenly his neck snapped.
“Let’s get you out of these , shall we.” said Kai appearing from thin air. Y/N had never seen the look he had on his face in that moment. He looked ready to slaughter anyone who got in his way. Somehow that made him look even hotter. Kai pulled the chains off her hands , breaking them in a second, hugging her before she has even had the chance to blink. “I was so worried something might happen to you. He didn’t hurt you did he ?”
Y/N’s lips found his before she answered him.
“No. I’m … I’m fine.” she smiled , her hands cupping his face. “I knew you’d be the one to find me.”
Kai smiled at her , helping her up. “Let’s go before he wakes… other ways I don’t know what I might do to him.”

They ran to her house , opening the door and getting inside. None of them expected to find someone inside , except everyone but Bonnie were there. The look on her parents’ and god-mother’s faces was pure shock. Caroline vamp-ran towards them , Kai raising his hand causing her a witchy headache.
“Hey hey… stop.” Y/N said softly.
Caroline stopped screaming in pain , her gaze shifting between Y/N holding onto Kai , Elena and Damon and back towards the surprise visitor.
“What is he doing here ?!” Elena said rushing to Y/N’s side , grabbing her daughter’s hand pulling her away from Kai.
Y/N pulled away from her mother and went back to Kai’s side.
‘What?’ Elena mouthed.
“He saved me … from Klaus. I guess he does know about my existence after all.” Y/N said. “.. and Kai is here because , he is my … boyfriend.” she said intertwining her fingers with Kai’s looking nervously around.
“Alright , that is enough. I thought we saw the last of you 20 years ago. Whatever spell you have put on my daughter , lift it NOW and run before I change my mind about setting you free.” Damon said.
“You are just not as threatening at this old age , Damon.” said Kai amused. “I haven’t put any spell on her. We met and fell in love. Strange how the world works , isn’t it ? I tried ruining your lifes and in the end your happiness brought me mine.”
Y/N laid her head on Kai’s shoulder smiling at him.
“This is disgusting… but we don’t have time to discuss it now.” Caroline said. “Thanks for saving her , but we got it from here.”
“No, you don’t.” Kai said snaking his hand around Y/N’s waist. “You are the only vampire left standing here. Even with Bonnie’s help you won’t be able to protect your friends and her. I can keep her safe like no one else in this room.”
Everyone’s eyes were on Kai , looking at him as if he had dropped a nuclear bomb in the middle of the room or something. It had been years and they still didn’t even want to give him a chance , even tho he had just saved her.
“Why should we trust you ? You have crossed us so many times …” Elena said calmly.
“Because I am in love with Y/N and I can’t think of a better way to die other than to save her life.” Kai said , his tone filled with love and making it clear it was not up for discussion. “For once in your life , put your trust in me … and if not in me then in your daughter.”
“Please ?” Y/N pleaded with her parents. “Whoever he was back then , he is not the same person. I love him and I trust him with my life.”
Elena turned to Damon who was shaking his head fiercely in disagreement.
‘No.No .. No.’ he mouthed.
Kai titled his head around , Caroline doing the same clearly hearing something the rest of them couldn’t. They shot worried glances at each other and the next second the door flew out of it’s hinges. Kai swiftly vamp - ran holding onto Y/N to the far end of the room away from the flying door. Caroline stood protectively in front of Damon and Elena.
“Klaus.” she muttered.
“Hello , love. It’s nice to see you. Unfortunately as much as I would love to stand here and chat with you , there is something I have to do first.” said Klaus vamp - running towards Y/N and Kai. A second later Klaus dropped on the ground screaming in pain , Kai’s hand raised in the air.
“Still think you don’t need my help ?” he asked , not taking his eyes of Klaus who was trashing on the floor with his hands holding his head.
Caroline quickly grabbed a wolfs pain / vervain syringe they had prepared earlier , sticking the needle in Klaus’ neck. She blew some hair out of her face looking at Kai who had wrapped his arms tightly around Y/N.
“We are NOT done talking about this.” Elena said going to her daughter to give her a hug. “Go. Now. But if something happens to her , you will be held responsible. Got it ?”
“Got it.” said Kai. “Do you need something from your room , sweetheart ?”
“Maybe just my laptop.” she said smiling nervously. “Can’t bear it if something happens to all our pictures …”
Kai kissed her forehead and whooshed upstairs to grab it. Y/N turned to her dad , running to hug him.
“You have lost your mind.” he said , holding onto her tightly. “He is a -”
“No. He is not.” Y/N pulled away. “Remember when you told me the story of what you were when you first met mom ? How she saw the good in you even though you had done some awful things ? It’s the same with me and Kai. He is not the person you knew.”
“Just be careful.” her dad said letting her go.
Caroline gave Y/N a hug too and then Kai showed up. He had picked up more than just her laptop - there was an overnight bag in his hands. At that moment Klaus started to groan , the wolfspain / vervain shot starting to wear off. Kai snaked his hand around Y/N’s waist as she turned around for one last look at her family. Elena had tears in her eyes and Damon looked as if he was in pain.Caroline gave them a small smile and then turned her attention to Klaus. Together Kai and Y/N walked outside and in a split second he whooshed them away.

“This is not how I imagined our time alone together.” Y/N said pouring herself 4th cup with coffee for the day. Kai snatched it from her hands , pouring it into the sink. “Hey ! I was going to drink that … ”
He kissed her cheek and pulled out a pack with a decaf coffee getting ready to brew a fresh pod.
“It’s been 3 days. You have barely slept - all you do is toss and turn all night. When they deal with Klaus , they will call.” said Kai softly , brushing her cheek. Y/N’s eyes had been filled with worry ever since they got to his place a few days ago. Kai had put a boundary spell on the building and on the apartment itself making sure no supernatural can enter.“We are switching to decaf. I don’t want your parents getting Caroline to kill me because you’ve died from going over board with your caffeine addiction.”
Y/N smiled for the first time the past few days.
“Ahh there it is! I missed your smile.” he said , kissing her briefly. Y/N however didn’t want a brief kiss , she wanted him. Their little moment however was cut short when Kai’s phone rang. He reached into his back pocket , checking the caller ID. “It’s Caroline. Hello ?”
“Put it on speaker…” Y/N asked in a hushed voice. Kai had clenched his jaw refusing to meet her eyes and that only got her more worried. He didn’t say much , mostly listened. “What… what is it ?”
“I understand.” said Kai , hanging up.
“What is it ? Tell me.” she insisted. Kai’s tone was so guarded it made her stomach tie in a knot. Something bad must’ve happened or he would’ve told her straight away what the phone call was about.
“It’s … um … It’s your mother….” he trailed off. “Klaus took her.”
“What … ?”
Y/N felt as if the world had darkened. After all Caroline hadn’t been able to keep her parents safe. If Klaus had her mother … Her eyes started watering , tears threatening to fall down her cheeks at any moment. Kai pulled her into a hug , gently brushing his fingers through her hair. She pulled away from him , running to their bedroom. A few minutes later she came out fully dressed , her hair pulled in a tight ponytail.
“Let’s go.” she said with determination.
“No. We are not going. Caroline called specifically to ask me NOT to go anywhere. Damon said -”
“I don’t care what my father says. We are going to find my mother , got it ? It’s not up for discussion.” she said , searching for a map in the book shelf. Y/N opened the map onto the coffee table , reaching for the letter knife when Kai grabbed her wrists. “Let go of me.
Kai wouldn’t listen to her. Y/N had a crazy look in her eyes mixed with worry and recklessness like he had never seen before. She was going to rush into danger and get herself killed. No way he’d let that happen.
“Kai. I mean it. Let. GO.” she said starring into his eyes. He sighed , letting go of her hands and rubbing his forehead with his thumb and index finger. Y/N cut her finger letting a few drops of blood fall on the map. He knew what she wanted - a locator spell.
“Y/N … I know you are worried but … if something happens to you…”
“Nothing is going to happen to me. Just help me … please.” she pleaded , tears starting to roll down her cheeks. “I can’t lose her…”
“Okay …”
He started the spell , the blood slowly moving on the map of Mystic Falls stopping near one of the back roads out of town. Y/N quickly pulled out her phone , mapping the area where a single house was located. She headed for the door only to have it blocked by Kai a split second later.
“Wait for me , sweetheart.” he said calmly , grabbing his jacket and car keys.“We are going to save your mother. I promise.”

MASTERLIST March / April 2017

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Happy introduces you to the club for anon!


Coming from a small town such as Charming, you feel as though things can’t go wrong. And they haven’t as of yet. You’ve met someone who you think is the love of your life, Happy Lowman, and you’ve managed the much anticipated introduction of Samcro. It’s not like you haven’t heard of any of the boys, their names are whispered all over town, you’ve just never met them face to face.

It’s not a rare occurrence to be walking down the street and see them riding their bikes in their formed lines, watching with a slight anxiety. But Happy seems to think you’ll be adored by all of his brothers.

You come from the south, a little old town that no ones never heard of unless you lived there. Somehow you ended up in Charming for a change, just a little vacation. Ad that vacation turned into a one way ticket to live with Happy. Things have been amazing for the two of you.

Stepping off the back of Happy’s bike a little nervously, you I claps your helmet and lay it with his, tugging your jacket a little closer to your body in a nervous manner. It’s the middle of December and absolutely freezing, you sticking to jeans and a long sleeved shirt with one of Happy’s Samcro hoodies on.

The line of the other boys’ bikes has you nervous all over again, following at Happy’s side into the clubhouse where everyone is sitting, waiting for the two of you to show up. It’s not an immediate reaction, no joyous cheers or hugs like Happy had said their would be. Happy’s acknowledged with a nod and a few murmurs, but you, you’re acknowledged with stares and raised brows.

“Guys, this is Y/N.” Happy states slowly and Jax nods, Tig raising a brow. “What, she can’t speak for herself?” Tig asks and all of the color from your face drains as you feel an intense amount of anxiousness in your chest, hands starting to shake. When Chibs sees just how nervous you are, he cracks a grin and stands, pulling you into a hug. “’S nice to meet you, love. Filip, or Chibs.” He says softly, pressing a kiss to your temple.

You let out an irritated breath as all of the others start to laugh loudly, Happy grinning widely as they all stand to hug you. Embracing each of them, you laugh it off as well, feeling much better now. “You looked so scared, doll!” Tig laughs as he hugs you and you nod. “I was! I’ve been so fucking scared to meet you guys! All of you are Happy’s brothers and I didn’t want to chance all of you hating me.” You huff.

Happy shakes his head at you once everyone’s introduced themselves, his lips pressing to your cheek. “They could never hate someone that brings light into my life.” He murmurs to you, everyone hearing it and cooing as your cheeks heat up with a blush.

“It’s so cute!” Tig yells and Chibs nods in agreement, a large smile on your face as you lean into Happy’s side. “Just wait until you meet Gemma. She’s the hardest to win over.” Jax says and you swallow thickly.

Everyone laughs at your expression and though you’re obviously scared when you meet her, Gemma pulls you into welcoming arms and a warm hug. You’re a part of the family now.

Summary: When he’s not off being a serious actor, Taron is a stay at home dad to two trouble making boys who take after him. He has an elaborate plan to cook you dinner for Mother’s Day, not expecting you have a surprise for him as well.

“Daddy, daddy can I help? Can I?” When his dad didn’t move fast enough, Aiden caught the tail of his shirt tugging as hard as he could, the action causing Taron to nearly lose his grip on the wine he was carrying. He had just finished setting the dining room table, your mother’s day dinner finally complete. Though he was slightly skeptical only fifty percent of it was edible.

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Beat It: K.M

(Kol being an amazing friend and showing up when she is really scared of someone coming after her, he brings a bat and admits he will protect her at all costs. She starts crying because of the hallucinations and he comforts her and admits something…)  

Word count:1137

At times I hated living here, I hated the way the floorboards would creak with every step, how the lights would never shine in every dark corner and how there would always be a cold breeze blowing from some unknown area but mostly I hated the fact that I was alone practically every night- that definitely added to creepy factor of this old villa.

“Ugh where is he?” I muttered clutching the blanket further around my body, using it as my own shield. Every other night I seemed to manage living here but tonight something just wasn’t right- so in a panicked state I had called the first person that came to mind. Kol.

Granted there were more things to be scared of like the fact that he was an original bloodsucking vampire but we had passed that stage in our friendship years ago. I looked up to Kol and I knew I could trust him.

The sudden creak of the front door frightened me, making me spin around to see Kol in all black attire and equipped with a baseball bat which he held over his shoulder. I sighed in relief- glad he wasn’t some intruder I’d have to try and fend off. “Thank god you’re here” I exclaimed watching him close the door behind him and walk further inside. His walk was always so strong and proud- it just must be the Mikaelson way.

“So what’s the problem?” He asked curiously eying me up and down and most likely internally laughing at my sponge bob pajamas, I glanced at him and frowned.

“Well-I-I just don’t feel comfortable here alone” I whispered the tears started to fall from my cheeks as the sobbing began. Kol leant his baseball bat against the couch and walked over to me.

“Shh it’s alright I’m here” he replied pulling me into his chest and holding my head there as he whispered into my hair. “Don’t worry I won’t let anyone hurt you” he cooed as my tears stopped.I closed my eyes trying to savour the moment as I knew Kol was never usually a hugger.

When he pulled away he placed his hands on both my shoulders and slouched his frame so his eyes were staring directly into mine, I was captivated by the sight of his hazel orbs and I only hoped he spoke soon so his wouldn’t get awkward.

“Why don’t you feel comfortable here?” he questioned slowly, it took a while for me to absorb his words having gotten lost in his eyes but soon enough I realised the reason why I had called him here and my fear grew more prominent.

“I-I always f-feel like someone is here” I admitted, feeling in a way ashamed to be so fearful while in the presence of the fearless. Kol sighed which made me look up again to see a small smile at his lips.

“Y/N I’m sure no one is here but just to make you feel better I’ll go have a look” he suggested letting go of me and walking towards the bat. My heart jumped at the thought of being alone.

“No!” I yelled, instinctively running towards him before I realised how stupid that must have looked, Kol raised his eyebrow and I stepped back. “I mean- Can I please come with you?, This house already gives me the creeps and I don’t want to be alone…”.

I waited patiently for some kind of rejection or laughter but it never came, I looked up to see Kol staring at me- straight faced. “Come on then” he smiled sticking his hand out for me. Just the very thought of holding his hand made me try to suppress a smile, however I got over myself and took it.


When he said we would search the entire house I didn’t think he actually meant it, all the bedroom, cupboards, bathrooms and closets of this villa had been searched and now- at least an hour later we had found ourself in my bedroom with Kol still holding my hand. I couldn’t get over the fact at how brave he was and how safe he made me feel, granted he was a thousand year old original vampire and had probably seen a fair share of horror back then but it still felt nice to have such an amazing friend.

“Thank you” I proclaimed making him stop and turn around to face me, his smile appeared as he left go of my hand.

“It was really no problem Y/N” he replied with a smile before picking up the bat and placing it over his shoulder, “Are you alright to stay on your own now?” I paused and began to panic at the thought of him leaving. “Y/N” he repeated, snapping me out of my thoughts.

“Um- I- w-would you mind staying? I mean you don’t have to if you don’t want to, it’s just that I like you-your company, I like your company and what’s the point in leaving, it’s such a long trip back and it’s late and-”

“Okay” he replied stopping me from further embarrassing myself, I looked up at him flabbergasted. “There’s just one thing I have to do first” he continued as he looked me up and down.

“What’s that?” I asked staring straight back with curiosity flowing through my eyes. All of a sudden he dropped the bat onto the ground and walked straight towards me before placing both hands on my cheeks and smashing his lips to mine. I was taken back by his actions, never had I thought anything like this would happen, but here I was sloppily trying to kiss back.

Once I caught up I moved my hands up his chest, feeling every muscle moulded into his torso before lacing my arms around his neck. His lips were velvety and plush making the kiss passionate and not out of lust- though I wouldn’t be complaining if they were. Kol immediately bought his hands down to my hips and trailed them up from there, I smiled as the warmth from his hands found my skin.

Lost in the moment of kissing my friend, I held back a moan and slowed our kissing pace. Kol smiled through the kiss bringing it to an end. I gazed at him with a confused look. his hazel beauty’s showed something other than just an act of compulsion and as he played with the back of my shirt it hit me. All this time and it had taken one kiss with Kol to realise why I called him here and why he had kissed me.

“Y/N, I love you”.

(Sorry for any mistakes)

Adding one more to the countless Odes to the Thames

Everything has been said
about the nature of water
and rivers
and the sea.

An infinite stream of proverbs;
an ocean of wise words;
a leaking tap
of Instagram captions.

But I’m sitting at the Thames’ bustling shore
and fuck me
if she’s not a great exemplification
of consistency and continuity.

Evernever changing;
forever here.
Old as the land
she bit her way through,
bearing on her hip this city,
her youngest child.

At once preserving history
(and not just because
Thames mud is anaerobic)
and shaping the future:
Cleanest industrial river
in Europe, Baby!

I love all rivers
as an agent of change.
But I love this one


Request:Hey!! I was wondering if I could have a stiles imagine where you and Stiles watch old home videos of you when you were little and you are always in your high chair eating, and running around and he thinks it’s cute. Thanks!! Love your account

—(A/N)- I kind of got a little carried away with this one but I hope you like it—

You love your family but the fact they invited your boyfriend Stiles to family game night did not thrill you. The doorbell rang and your overly excited mother went to answer it.
“Hello Mrs.(Y/M/L/N), how are you” Stiles asked
“I’m great, come in come in"she replied.
You and Stiles exchanged a hug and sat on the sofa together.
"Let’s get this over with"you said under your breath.
You, Stiles,your dad & you brother mason all sat waiting for you mum to come over.
"Well tonight since we have Stiles over I thought it would be a great opportunity to watch some home videos"your mum said to no one in particular.
"oh lord no, this can’t be happening"you said while burying you face into stiles arm.
The tv flicked on and your mum put a old video tape into a box connected by an endless amount of wires.
This worst video had to be the first to play, of course. There you were 1 year old (Y/N) in your high chair practically inhaling some spaghetti Bolognese. Your face was covered and you perfect little curls were dropping due to the amount of sauce in them.
"You might want to close your eyes for this next bit"you warned Stiles
"Never, this is the cutest thing I have ever seen"Stiles replied
Just as he finished his sentence little (Y/N) did the largest sneeze imaginable and spaghetti came flying out your nose.
"The proudest I’ve ever been of my daughter"your dad added.
The next video played and it was you and your brother running around throwing water balloons at each other. In the video you were about 6 and your brother was 3. You looked at Stiles to see that he had the largest grin on his face, he was loving this and you would probably never hear the end of it. In the video you were chasing after Mason when all of a sudden your feet swept from underneath you and you started crying hysterically.
At this point everyone in the room was laughing, you found it hard not snigger with them.
Finally all of the horrific videos had been watched.
"Who’s up for Cluedo?” You dad suggested.
“Yeah we’ll play, just going to get some drinks"you said as you pulled Stiles to the kitchen.
"Please don’t hold my mad family against me"you said to Stiles in the privacy of the kitchen.
"Are you kidding, I love you and your family."Stiles quickly answered back.

"But oh my god, some of those videos Stiles”

“I thought they were adorable, do you want to know why… because they have you in them”

“Even adorable when covered in spaghetti?”

“Especially adorable when covered in spaghetti (A/N)”
You couldn’t help but grin, you shared a beautifully innocent kiss and strolled back to the living room, drinks in hand.

I don’t know if any of you might be interested, but I made a gif with the step by step process of one of my old pics. One with a high number of levels, at least XD
1. Lineart
2. Base skin colour
3. Skin shading
4.Base hair colour
5.Hair shading
7. Clothes shading
8. Rough background
9. Multiply level
10. Overlay layer
11. Normal level for the whitest parts and foreground leaves
12. Screen layer for the last details

I don’t always follow this method because I tend to experiment a lot, though ^^
Sometimes I do both base colour and shading on the same layer just because I’m being lazy…But I do love adding overlay and screen effects (also, luminosity). I lower the opacity of those levels, though, because otherwise the colours would be too strong.


(x, x, x)

My type of ship: the hot moody asshole with the [guy] who is his sunshine and happiness, but can totally kick his ass when he’s an idiot. (x)