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Hurrah, I’ve finally figured out how to make GIFs that doesn’t go over the 2MB limit! I was getting frustrated but then I discovered that Photoshop can make things a whole lot easier– I can even put two scenes into one no problem! :D It’s a little bit faster than it actually is, but it will do!

Well why are you wearing those clothes?

(This was actually the first time the word “gay” was used in a homosexual context in front of a wide audience. At the time of release–1938–the use of the word to mean homosexual was unfamiliar to most film-goers, so the line could also be interpreted to mean, “I just decided to do something frivolous.”)

A little fun with Back in Time. I wanted to make a scene like from an old horror movie. Made it night, added some lights and gave it a darker atmosphere. And then I was just dying to make it a gif by adding some blowing curtains. This was a quick put together.

You can see the original here.

Beat It: K.M

(Kol being an amazing friend and showing up when she is really scared of someone coming after her, he brings a bat and admits he will protect her at all costs. She starts crying because of the hallucinations and he comforts her and admits something…)  

Word count:1137

At times I hated living here, I hated the way the floorboards would creak with every step, how the lights would never shine in every dark corner and how there would always be a cold breeze blowing from some unknown area but mostly I hated the fact that I was alone practically every night- that definitely added to creepy factor of this old villa.

“Ugh where is he?” I muttered clutching the blanket further around my body, using it as my own shield. Every other night I seemed to manage living here but tonight something just wasn’t right- so in a panicked state I had called the first person that came to mind. Kol.

Granted there were more things to be scared of like the fact that he was an original bloodsucking vampire but we had passed that stage in our friendship years ago. I looked up to Kol and I knew I could trust him.

The sudden creak of the front door frightened me, making me spin around to see Kol in all black attire and equipped with a baseball bat which he held over his shoulder. I sighed in relief- glad he wasn’t some intruder I’d have to try and fend off. “Thank god you’re here” I exclaimed watching him close the door behind him and walk further inside. His walk was always so strong and proud- it just must be the Mikaelson way.

“So what’s the problem?” He asked curiously eying me up and down and most likely internally laughing at my sponge bob pajamas, I glanced at him and frowned.

“Well-I-I just don’t feel comfortable here alone” I whispered the tears started to fall from my cheeks as the sobbing began. Kol leant his baseball bat against the couch and walked over to me.

“Shh it’s alright I’m here” he replied pulling me into his chest and holding my head there as he whispered into my hair. “Don’t worry I won’t let anyone hurt you” he cooed as my tears stopped.I closed my eyes trying to savour the moment as I knew Kol was never usually a hugger.

When he pulled away he placed his hands on both my shoulders and slouched his frame so his eyes were staring directly into mine, I was captivated by the sight of his hazel orbs and I only hoped he spoke soon so his wouldn’t get awkward.

“Why don’t you feel comfortable here?” he questioned slowly, it took a while for me to absorb his words having gotten lost in his eyes but soon enough I realised the reason why I had called him here and my fear grew more prominent.

“I-I always f-feel like someone is here” I admitted, feeling in a way ashamed to be so fearful while in the presence of the fearless. Kol sighed which made me look up again to see a small smile at his lips.

“Y/N I’m sure no one is here but just to make you feel better I’ll go have a look” he suggested letting go of me and walking towards the bat. My heart jumped at the thought of being alone.

“No!” I yelled, instinctively running towards him before I realised how stupid that must have looked, Kol raised his eyebrow and I stepped back. “I mean- Can I please come with you?, This house already gives me the creeps and I don’t want to be alone…”.

I waited patiently for some kind of rejection or laughter but it never came, I looked up to see Kol staring at me- straight faced. “Come on then” he smiled sticking his hand out for me. Just the very thought of holding his hand made me try to suppress a smile, however I got over myself and took it.


When he said we would search the entire house I didn’t think he actually meant it, all the bedroom, cupboards, bathrooms and closets of this villa had been searched and now- at least an hour later we had found ourself in my bedroom with Kol still holding my hand. I couldn’t get over the fact at how brave he was and how safe he made me feel, granted he was a thousand year old original vampire and had probably seen a fair share of horror back then but it still felt nice to have such an amazing friend.

“Thank you” I proclaimed making him stop and turn around to face me, his smile appeared as he left go of my hand.

“It was really no problem Y/N” he replied with a smile before picking up the bat and placing it over his shoulder, “Are you alright to stay on your own now?” I paused and began to panic at the thought of him leaving. “Y/N” he repeated, snapping me out of my thoughts.

“Um- I- w-would you mind staying? I mean you don’t have to if you don’t want to, it’s just that I like you-your company, I like your company and what’s the point in leaving, it’s such a long trip back and it’s late and-”

“Okay” he replied stopping me from further embarrassing myself, I looked up at him flabbergasted. “There’s just one thing I have to do first” he continued as he looked me up and down.

“What’s that?” I asked staring straight back with curiosity flowing through my eyes. All of a sudden he dropped the bat onto the ground and walked straight towards me before placing both hands on my cheeks and smashing his lips to mine. I was taken back by his actions, never had I thought anything like this would happen, but here I was sloppily trying to kiss back.

Once I caught up I moved my hands up his chest, feeling every muscle moulded into his torso before lacing my arms around his neck. His lips were velvety and plush making the kiss passionate and not out of lust- though I wouldn’t be complaining if they were. Kol immediately bought his hands down to my hips and trailed them up from there, I smiled as the warmth from his hands found my skin.

Lost in the moment of kissing my friend, I held back a moan and slowed our kissing pace. Kol smiled through the kiss bringing it to an end. I gazed at him with a confused look. his hazel beauty’s showed something other than just an act of compulsion and as he played with the back of my shirt it hit me. All this time and it had taken one kiss with Kol to realise why I called him here and why he had kissed me.

“Y/N, I love you”.

(Sorry for any mistakes)

I don’t know if any of you might be interested, but I made a gif with the step by step process of one of my old pics. One with a high number of levels, at least XD
1. Lineart
2. Base skin colour
3. Skin shading
4.Base hair colour
5.Hair shading
7. Clothes shading
8. Rough background
9. Multiply level
10. Overlay layer
11. Normal level for the whitest parts and foreground leaves
12. Screen layer for the last details

I don’t always follow this method because I tend to experiment a lot, though ^^
Sometimes I do both base colour and shading on the same layer just because I’m being lazy…But I do love adding overlay and screen effects (also, luminosity). I lower the opacity of those levels, though, because otherwise the colours would be too strong.


Yoonkook Week Day 1: Favorite moment(ssssss)