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yo real talk for a damn moment, bon jovi are straight up one of the best bands of all time and i am tired of us as a species pretending like they’re only good for karaoke classics like love urself and blast the new jersey album next time ur driving and then get back to me

The Road Trip │Chapter 6

Riley is twenty-one years old, who does whatever she is supposed do. She stays in her safe zone never wondering out, until something happens that makes her rethink her life. Riley decides to do something for herself and hit the road for a solo trip. While trying to figure out her life and find inspiration to start writing, she meets a green eyed stranger. Is it possible to feel an instant connection with someone, and know they are the one for you? Riley and the stranger seem to think so, but will something come in the way of stopping them from being together?

chapter 1 │chapter 2 chapter 3chapter 4  chapter 5

I’m sorry it took forever to get this chapter out, but it’s finally here. I already started the next chapter, and I want to have it out by Sunday. 

As soon as I leave Lucas’ family ranch, I have to distract myself from going back. I really had no idea it would be this hard to leave behind a person I had just met. Whenever traffic is at a full-on stop, I find myself checking my phone to see if I have any text messages from Lucas in hopes that he got my number.

What was I thinking? I should have just given it to him. What was I trying to do? Play hard to get, I kissed him before I left for goodness sake.

After driving for hours later, I find myself in San Antonio. The way Uncle Shawn described the Riverwalk on his blog, along with the pictures he had taken, it was beautiful; I knew I had to visit.

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DWTS’ Laurie Hernandez Approves of Val Chmerkovskiy and Amber Rose’s Relationship: ‘She’s a Sweetheart’
“My mom really likes her,” Hernandez says of Amber Rose

Laurie Hernandez is giving her former Dancing with the Stars parter her stamp of approval when it comes to his love life.

Stopping by PEOPLE Now, the Olympian dished on what she thinks of pro dancer Valentin Chmerkovskiy‘s new relationship with Amber Rose.

“He can do whatever he wants,” Hernandez says of her former partner’s love life. “I mean, she’s a sweetheart. My mom really likes her.”

Rose, who was also a contestant on season 23 and was partners with Val’s older brother Maksim, began dating the 30-year-old pro following their stint on the hit dancing show. They’ve since shared smooching shots on Instagram and had no problem flaunting their PDA during a recent Knicks basketball game at Madison Square Garden.

As for her own love life, the gold medalist admits she’s ready to start dating, but it may be a bit hard to find the time.

“Lets do it!” Hernandez says of getting a boyfriend. “I’m still waiting. I mean, I still don’t have time for it, but hopefully I’ll make time soon.”

The 16-year-old went on to say that her parents are fine with her dating if she really wanted too.

“Right now they kind of understand I’m really busy,” Hernandez admits. “They are kind of like, ‘Yes, she doesn’t have time for it right now.’ “


Man, am I really going to have wait x-number of episodes before they dive into Ursula/Chariot’s story? That would take forever! Dx

From what I see, it looks like Ursula’s not entirely happy about her current situation. Whether it was her own decision to stop being Chariot or something else that put her old career to a halt (like the Shiny Rod not working for her anymore because she received some life-changing epiphany or whatever), it seems Ursula might have forced herself to come to terms with it.

Which may be why she keeps a neutral, if not somber, expression when she’s explaining to Akko that the Shiny Rod is hers now since it reacted to Akko and not its former owner who is standing right there in the very same room.

There’s no doubt Ursula means well for Akko and genuinely wants her to succeed in magic.

But it also must be tough for her.

To watch as the Shiny Rod accepts this new face, brimming with hopes and aspirations, while she becomes more and more like a relic of the past. It might be a reminder that Ursula no longer has what it takes to wield the Shiny Rod and it moved onto Akko because the new girl does.

Ursula obviously still believes in her mantra “a believing heart is my magic” but when she says it to herself here, it sounds so sad and lacking in conviction. Not the same as Chariot who was more lively and effervescent, someone who appeared bigger than life itself.

Really, what exactly happened to you, Ursula???

Well, in any case, it looks like Akko will be going down a similar road as young!Chariot/Ursula did if she maintains that passionate approach.

Which she will. She’s the gung-ho MC. It’s kinda required.

The only thing that sets them apart is probably their ability to use magic. I don’t know how Chariot was like during her school days and this commemorative relay victory photo is not enough to tell if she excelled at magic but I’m pretty sure Chariot wasn’t at level 0 when she won the race.

It just means Akko has a lot to learn and Ursula’s got her work cut out for her in mentoring Akko.

For that, Ursula has my respect. Or rather, as things are now, my condolences. ^^;

"Look what my baby can do!"

I dunno; is it just my family, or do other people do this: the parents are like, “look what I taught young Julio!” And then the baby/infant/not-even-two-year-old does a fist bump, or the Vulcan hand sign, or SOMETHING quirky.

Is this normal? Do other families do this? …whatever.

So, what if the RFA pulled something like that? What neat ‘tricks’ would they teach their kid?

“Look! Guys, look! Loooook!”
His baby had just figured out how to stand on its own. Turning around, everyone saw Yoosung help his child stand on the couch.
“…yeah, we know they can do that,” Zen shrugged, “It’s been a week.”
“No, that’s not it!” Yoosung exclaimed, then, kneeling in front of the baby, he put his hands low beside his right hip, kind of like he was holding an invisible ball.
“…what?” Jumin frowned.
Jaehee cocked her head. Why did that look so familiar?
A lightbulb went off over most of the RFA’s heads.
“Are you kidding me?” Zen facepalmed.
The baby grinned wide, showing an adorable lack of teeth. Their favourite part was coming up.
Yoosung thrust his hands forward, until they stopped just in front of his child, not quite touching them.
Giggling, the baby fell backward onto the couch, as if hit by a super attack.
“DID YOU SEE? DID YOU SEE?!” Yoosung yelled, turning back to his friends.
“SO COOL!” Saeyoung yelled.
“You are such a nerd!” Zen exclaimed, half crying on the inside because somehow he had lost The Girl to this power dork.

“This hot chocolate is delicious!”
“Thank you! My child mixed it for you!”
The customer looked over to the other end of the cafe’s counter, and was surprised to see that, yes, an infant was studiously mixing chocolate mix into warmed milk for their customers. The little one was seated in the counter, a baby frown of concentration on their face while they scooped and stirred, somehow managing to keep their clothes clean.
“Th…that’s amazing!”
Shocked and charmed, the happy customer slipped a few coins into the tip jar marked “Tuition in 15 years.”

“How does your child know to selfie? They can’t even walk, yet. …Zen, their selfies are better than mine. The shots are focused and the face is centred. They…they’re using the front camera! How is this possible? …Zen. ZEN. How does your child know about filters? …hot damn, why do they look so good?!”

The house staff and C&R’s employees were always happy to see Jumin’s child.
Not only because they were adorable.
Not only because their director and chairman were always in a good mood when the little one were around.
No, they were always happy because the child’s mother had taught them something special: how to tip.
So, wherever the child went, if a door was held open for them, or a candy was offered, or even if they were simply praised for being a good child, out would come the child’s little wallet, and a small bill or handful of coins was given to whoever had earned their favour.
It was a time of plenty for the house staff and C&R.

“Is…is your child dabbing at me?”
“Yes. Yes, they are. ;D”

Hide your candy. Now. Saeran’s child is GOOD at finding sweet treats.
In your purse? It’s gone.
In a cupboard? Kid can climb.
In your pocket? Yeah, they aren’t hugging you to be cute. They’re going for the goods.
Locked in a safe? Please.
They’re efforts can only be called off with a payment of ice cream.

Drabble prompt numbers 112 and 117 with Steve Rogers. This is for an anon who requested this. Although, I did want to add some prompts. Hope you like it!!

Request: Can you do a Steve rogers x reader or a Bucky x reader plz

112. You’re a jerk.

117. She’s 6, how can she scare you?

Originally posted by luvinchris

You had been out all day with your little cousin who was six years old. She was an adorable little thing called Allison with beautiful red hair and green eyes. It had been her birthday yesterday, but you missed it. So, you made it up to her by promising to spend all day with her, for whatever day she wanted. When it got late, Allison had decided to nap while you carried her back to the tower. When you got up to your floor, you saw Bucky, Steve, Tony, and Natasha sitting in the living room.

You motioned for them to be quiet and took Allison to your room. Gently, you laid her on the bed and when you went to pull away, she clung tighter to you. Since you couldn’t leave for a little, you decided to just lay there and wait for her to let go. After maybe 15 minutes, she rolled over and had finally let go. While you walked out, you turned on a lamp so that she wouldn’t freak out because it was dark.

Once you got out of the room, you shut the door and walked over to where your boyfriend was sitting and lied down on the rest of the couch, and put your head in his lap. You were staring at the ceiling when Steve just looked down at you.

“You know, that little girl can be scary when she’s mad.” He suddenly said.

At that, you began to giggle. “She’s 6, how can she scare you?” you ask, finding that The Captain America, was scared of a little girl.

“You’re a jerk. And it’s only because she is very tiny, and yet she can have the loudest screams and cries and be frightening when she does that.” he replied. You grinned at him while the others were just laughing their asses off. You all made small talk before you had started to drift off. Steve noticed this and told everybody that it was time for bed.

Ever so slowly and gently, he picked your head up and laid it back down on the couch before reaching up under your back and your knees to pick you up. Then, he carried you to your room and laid you on one side of Allison, and then he went over to the other side and draped an arm over you and Allison. Then, he kissed the top of your head and whispered good night to you before smiling once more and drifting off to sleep.

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Authors note: Sorry for any spelling or grammar mistakes! Should be in bed, but, I’ve been watching stuff on Netflix. So, let me know what you think! And let me know if you want to be tagged in anything!! (Will add this to Masterlist tomorrowish)

Hope you all like this!!

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can I ask why do you think people are quicker to ship ad*nsey or ch*ngsey before r*nsey?

to personally spite me

just kidding. it’s honestly impossible for me to get into this without resembling charlie day in the pepe silva scene. picture posted below for reference:

(pictured: tumblr user theronancycle)

uh this post is long and bizarre but

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If you stay, I’ll do whatever you want. I’ll quit the band, go with you to New York. But if you need me to go away, I’ll do that, too. I was talking to Liz and she said maybe coming back to your old life would be too painful, that maybe it’d be easier for you to erase us. And that would suck, but I’d do it. I can lose you like that if I don’t lose you today. I’ll let you go. If you stay.” 
― Gayle Forman, If I Stay

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They broke up????? Yikes I thought she's was there so " he's trying to make it with the mother of his child" kind of rumors are kept away? Also after what happened after Elounor breakup, am good with boring and quite beards


Not good. Nothing is good about any beard, quiet or otherwise. When I see anyone profiting off of homophobic practises like bearding I’m just like 

I’m not okay with beards and I’m certainly not okay with the fact that someone told an 18 year-old Louis Tomlinson that he would need one if he wanted to make his band successful. 

Earlier I was scrolling through my 7,109 drafts to find a very specific LeBron James gif and I found this post I’d saved where someone had posted an anonymous person’s tale of bearding and how hard it was on them and I was initially like 

which is why I saved it to give myself some time to think about what I wanted to say about it, then today I was like, “fuck it” and just deleted it because I also didn’t feel like stirring shit for the sake of it. However, I think I will talk about it now because the more this deluded person was trying to convince everyone how difficult bearding was for her hetero ass the more I was like

And the fact that someone with a somewhat-known blog was giving this person any kind of audience to terribly explain themselves was like

For someone to willingly insert themselves into a bearding contract in exchange for anything, but particularly to try and boost their own career as a celebrity, is pretty fuckin disgraceful. The only instance in which I can think that bearding is excusable is if the person in the closet’s safety would be compromised by them coming out, otherwise the entire thing sends a very sad and wrong message, which is that being gay is something to hide. 

So, no. I will not take “quiet and boring” if it means having to watch desperate G-listers cling to Louis when he looks like he’d rather put a campfire out with his face than participate in these stunts.  

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So I'm working on a cosplay based on your deadlock Mccree and I just wanted to know if you think his current gun is different from his old one

Oh dude that’s awesome! Sorry if this is a late reply btw - I’m terrible at answering things :O

As for his gun, that’s up to interpretation really– In my opinion it’d prolly be the same one but I know a lot of people like the idea that he got his peacekeeper in Overwatch. I’d say go with whatever you prefer :D

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Okay so Im 17 and a sophomore Ik wtf right lol long story but theres a 14 yr old freshmen guy tellin me he really likes me and thinks Im beautiful and even if I think hes ugly can I give him a chance what should I do hes cute or whatever but its weird cause hes a yr older than my lil brother and I turn 18 in October and he turns 15 in September hes sweet but everybody says hes a hoe & that he asks everyone for nudes and shit but hes never asked me and theyve also have had his nudes get exposed

Sounds like a terrible idea start dating girls


He has been giving out fake passwords ever since he got Wi-Fi in this damn place! How stupid are you people anyway? He doesn’t want to give out his password because he doesn’t want you here checking your Facebook, or answering your e-mails, or YouTubing Zoella, or whatever the hell it is you’re doing. This isn’t your office. It’s a diner! Go home!

In the next couple days / weeks / always, I’d like to remind people to check the sources and dates of articles they’re sharing/reblogging. Misinformation spreads via clickbait titles on disreputable/non-news sites, or old articles with relevant titles but out-of-date information. 

This is, at best, extremely frustrating and at worst, very very dangerous. There are people out there, for whatever reason, who are taking advantage of public sentiment and creating false news stories that play to our worst fears. Every time you share a false news story, you make it less likely that people will believe the real ones that come after them.

Please check your sources. Don’t help spread misinformation.

Today, I fucked up... by having a cracked iPhone screen

I go to a religious school, and it has a rather large church that we attend on Sundays, so a lot of time I browse Reddit. Past week I finally decided to make an account so I can upvote and comment and that sort of shit.

Anyways… here’s the story- I’m cruising old Reddit posts on /r/AskReddit under the top rated section, and reading the comments.

I find the funniest comment to me for some reason which was “Nothing puts me in the mood to fuck a pregnant stripper like Squidbillies.” So like a normal guy, I copy paste it to send to my friend down the row who is also on Reddit.

But instead of iMessage, I have to hold it and send it as a text bc his data is off, whatever. But because of the cracks in my screen I accidentally pressed “Speak” which is next to “Send as text message”

Then proceeds Siri’s voice- echoing over the dead quiet sanctuary, down the balcony and off the walls: “NOTHING PUTS ME IN THE MOOD TO FUCK A PREGNANT STRIPPER LIKE SQUIDBILLIES”

And 300 people all around me turn to see my face- red from embarrassment and eyes with tears because of how funny it actually was.

So.. this morning after my first final exam I get a call slip to the Administration office and assigned 75 demerits and having my enrollment threatened if I let my phone scream about intercourse with pregnant strippers again.

Check out more TIFU: Internet`s best fuck ups are here.


Celaena Sardothien | Throne of Glass : 

‘’There was good in people— deep down, there was always a shred of good. There had to be.’’ 

All of the Game of Thrones cast ended up around my house the other day, really randomly,“ Sheeran said. "And they ended up getting subjected to a listening session.”
The 25-year-old “Castle on the Hill” singer revealed that actors Alfie Allen, Maisie Williams, Sophie Turner and Kit Harington were among the partygoers, along with former Scrubs star, Braff.
“That was a weird one,” he admitted. “It was quite a weird night because there was a party going on … and I got back to [my house] at 2, and then I just got a text being like, ‘Oh, the party’s over. Can we come to yours?’ and I was just about to go to bed, and I was like 'Oh, alright. Whatever.’ And then all of them turned up and it was really surreal.”
Sheeran also said that he’s a “massive, massive” fan of the HBO fantasy drama, and that the actors are “really fun” to hang with.

Ed Sheeran, Entertainment Tonight


so since bob won the cup with the pens in ‘91 that means he was probably friends with jaromir jagr. obviously jaromir jagr is still playing in the nhl and now jack is playing.

do you think that when they first played each other jack tried to chirp him about being old or whatever and jags was like “remember that stanley cup i won with your dad? i watched you take a shit in it with my own two eyes. shut the fuck up jaques laurent”

when jack called bob to complain bob just laughed until jack hung up.