this is officially my favourite picture of him

Some arms Genos has used in the series up to this point (Jan -17) :O

I don’t know what (if anything) their official names are, but I personally refer to them as (starting with the top left) the mosquito girl arms, stock arms, combat arms (aka anti-Saitama tactical arms), household arms, sakura arms, red/white arms, rocket arms, Sonic fight arms, G4 arms and our most recent *dazzling* arms
(I’ve never seen official coloured versions of the bottom row except the red/white arms, so the colours used here might be wrong)

Which is your favourite set of Genos arms? :D

(As a couple of people have said, it would be very useful to have a large reference post showing the arms, I totally intend to do one with more detailed shots of the hands etc… Will probably take some time to get done, though!)


@reptile-ruler​ said: i just got the creepiest picture in my head of him getting a really long torso to attach all his arms at once D:

RR why.


FINALLY FINISHED. PLEASE CLICK ON THEM TO MAKE THEM BIG. Or better yet right click, open link in new tab. They’re huuuuge. 

I wanted some height refs for my favourite characters, but it turned into this massive undertaking @@ 

Top picture is all of the faves, second one is Clone Wars characters, third one has my faves from Zahn’s Expanded Universe novels, and the last pic has me included because apparently I enjoy suffering being the shortest one in this lineup aside from the ASTROMECH and the CHILD. Sigh. 

A few notes on some of these heights, as I’m well aware people like to argue: 

  • Obi-Wan is “officially” 6 feet tall, but both actors who played him are 5′10″. Incentive enough for me to change it. 
  • Pellaeon has a canon height of 5′7″, but the man is larger than life and he stands SO TALL in the comics. I can’t. 
  • Thrass has no official height, no appearances in the comics, and doesn’t even have any official artwork, so here have a headcanon. 
  • Both Mazzic and Griv have no “official” canon height, but in the comics Mazzic towers over Thrawn even when he’s slouching, so I made my best guess. Griv is even more difficult to pinpoint, so I winged it. 
  • And I knowwwww Fett is SUPPOSED to be 6′, but Jango’s actor is fuckin 5′7″, let me dream. I figure it would make sense for the Kaminoans to tweak the clones to make them taller for intimidation value, so an unaltered clone of him would stand to reason to be about the same height as his daddy. Fight me. 

Please consider this for a moment. Hedgehog enthusiast Courfeyrac. He has loved hedgehogs since he was a kid, so when he finally gets one as a pet he is on cloud nine. He knows so much about hedgehogs and how to take care of them and probably picks a name like Glitter or Mr. Prickles. Sometimes when he’s bored he makes cute little hedgehog doodles (once he covered his Starbucks cup with them). His instagram (and every other social media account) is filled with pictures of his pet (his favourite is Ferre and him and Mr. Prickles on Ferre’s head). For his birthday Grantaire made him a painting of the hedgehog as a little hedgehog sailor (with the special hat and clothes) and Courf loved it, so it now hangs on the kitchen wall.
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