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it’s cool to hear from a person who has ADHD saying that he’s very legit in this respect, because obviously I wouldn’t really know

I love my queer non binary ADHD anti-fascist/racist space husband who loves his gay afro daughter

One fateful day in 2009, Andrew Hussie was waking down the streets of New York City, when a crying little girl came up to him and said “I want to make a webcomic like you!” And he told her to be true to herself and she could accomplish anything. But before he could finish speaking, the little girl had stolen his wallet, phone, and character designs right out of his purse and ran away. That girl, as u may have already guessed, grew up to be Michelle Czjakowski, the author and illustrator of Ava’s Demon

normal family gatherings: awkward, vanilla, more awkward goodbyes at the end of the night

Irish family gatherings: waking up on the floor and checking everyone’s pulses before you leave to make sure they’re still alive and just hammered, not dead

Because of this ask I received, I was inspired to find the clock in Mason Industries at the end of each mission to see how long they were gone. The clock starts the second they leave for the past and stops when they return. It is not visible every time (especially not in later episodes), but I’ll share what I can find or derive.

So, for anyone else curious just how long the team was in the past each episode, here you go.

1.01 - Pilot

15 hours, 8 minutes, 46 seconds

1.02 - The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln

23 hours, 48 minutes, 56 seconds

1.03 - Atomic City

13 hours, 48 minutes, 18 seconds

1.04 - Party at Castle Varlar

21 hours, 29 minutes, 26 seconds

1.05 - The Alamo

*This timeline is a conundrum.

Historically, the Alamo falls early in the morning on March 6th. Jiya says Flynn jumped to March 2nd. Lucy says the Alamo is not supposed to fall for four more days, so March 2nd. And yet the date that the title card flips over from in the beginning of the episode says, “03041836″: March 4th.

Considering the long shadows coming from the tents in Santa Anna’s camp, Flynn does not first meet with him at midday. It is morning or afternoon. Enough happens during that day (also the team would arrive later than Flynn and did not do so at night) that I’ll assume it’s morning and Flynn interrupts Santa Anna’s breakfast. That night, Flynn kills William Travis. Most of the episode takes place during the second day, March 3rd. I see no evidence of a second night, but for the title card to say March 4th implies that is when the battle takes place. (Even though the displayed date is usually the first day they jump to. However, 1.07 is another exception to this.) The conclusion for this trip is indeterminable. Perhaps the title card date is wrong, confused by the fact that their interference made the Alamo fall prematurely. I will ignore the title card and remark on what I see. Flynn arrived in the morning. There is one night. The Alamo fell in the afternoon of the second day. 

This trip lasted two days but less than 48 hours.

1.06 - The Watergate Tape

*Given Flynn’s time limit of five hours + any time before/after it until they returned, this trip most likely lasted 8-10 hours.

1.07 - Stranded

*NOTE: This screenshot is taken at the beginning of the episode, three hours after Flynn returned. The team remains in the past another night and day.

This trip lasted four days.

1.08 - Space Race

*Flynn arrived late at night and left the next afternoon. The team was there for a lesser amount of time.

This trip lasted less than one day.

1.09 - Last Ride of Bonnie & Clyde

*They arrived during the day, stayed the night, and left early the next morning.

1.10 - The Capture of Benedict Arnold

58 hours, 46 minutes, 38 seconds

*Blurry but the best shot I could get. I could be reading it wrong. I know the adventure itself lasted two days, and, logically, Wyatt and Rufus would then have to travel back to where they left the Lifeboat. 58 hours is a reasonable length of time, though it pertains only to Wyatt and Rufus. Flynn and Lucy would have been there less than 48 hours (perhaps 36 hours). They arrived on the morning of September 25th and left early in the night on September 26th, just after sunset.

1.11 - The World’s Columbian Exposition

*After the episode first came out, I calculated that Lucy was with Flynn for at least 18 hours. Then she escaped. Lucy and Flynn arrived, presumably, at night (if not before) and left at night. They were there a full day. Wyatt and Rufus were there for a shorter amount of time. We don’t see them until the next day.

This trip lasted one night and day for Flynn and Lucy, around 24 hours (or possibly more). Wyatt and Rufus were there 20 or less hours.

1.12 - The Murder of Jesse James

*In the original timeline, Jesse James was killed by his partners in the morning. The time travelers were there that entire day. They camped at night. Spent the next day traveling. Made it to Emma’s cabin that night. Left the next day. 

This trip lasted three days and around 48 hours.

1.13 - Karma Chameleon

*Don’t hold me to this, but I believe Claire’s plane landed at around 1pm. I think the clock on the screen with the flights says 13:17. Last call for bars in Ohio (when Joel’s shift would end) is 2am. Shortly after that time, Joel and Claire went back to her hotel room, and later Wyatt interrupted them. After Joel’s death, Wyatt and Rufus leave. In the present day, it goes from being late at night/early in the morning to nighttime again in the end.

This trip lasted around 14-16 hours.

1.14 - The Lost Generation

*Charles Lindbergh was supposed to land after 10pm. Flynn must have intercepted him in the late afternoon. The rest of the episode takes place at night without ever seeing morning.

This trip lasted several hours of an indeterminable count. Probably no more than 12-13 hours for the team.

1.15 - Public Enemy No. 1

*I believe the clock above the hotel’s front door when Flynn first meets Capone says 11:10am. (But he would have been there a few hours already to steal all of the evidence he presented. Maybe since around 9am.) The team arrived four hours after him. When they go to the hotel later with Capone’s brother, the clock says 1:29am. They parked the Lifeboat in a field outside the city so travel needs to be included. 

This trip lasted 14-16 hours.

1.16 - The Red Scare

*They arrive during the day. The exact time is unclear, but with the Rittenhouse summit being that night, Flynn wouldn’t have risked waiting around for Lucy and Wyatt to show unless he had time to spare. He probably arrived in the morning or midday. The summit and climax occur that night. Don’t know what Flynn, Lucy, Wyatt, and Ethan spend the rest of the night doing, but they don’t drive into the warehouse with the Lifeboat until early the next morning.

This trip lasted two days but less than 24 hours.

There’s no real purpose behind this list besides curiosity. However, if you are interested in setting a fic during any of the episodes, here is the time span you have to do it in. Maybe that will help someone somewhere.

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my aftg withdrawal is too strong my dude.... Long fic recs for andreil?? **sending you good vibes**

my guy I got you

  • the Lessons collection
  • switchblade (I don’t think I’ve finished this yet but like 10/10 regardless)
  • Latchkey Child
  • Fear No Fall collection
  • The First Breath (also this okay I’m ded)
  • Dragon!Andrew collection
  • Heartlines (it’s a wip but it’s already 53k in and only on chapter 3 and also @nekojitachan wrote it so it’s obviously stellar)
  • Armies (legit I have not read this yet bc I’m the worst but it’s the first thing I’m gunna read as soon as school is done and like….. I have so much faith bc again my fave fic writer nekojita wrote it so I know it’s going to be a treat)

girl in tv show: *has shown attraction to both men and woman, has had serious relationships with both men and women where she was shown to be in love with them both, overall is obviously bisexual*

yall biphobic fucks: shes obviously a lesbian because obviously if a girl likes a girl shes a lesbian and there’s absolutely no other thing she could possibly be:///// bisexuality who?

The original post is unsnippable, so replying with a new one!

#‘god bless you’ probably *is* the most romantic thing he says in the text #expressing his desire for her to be well and blessed and loved (via @ladytharen)

Exactly! He wants her to have the best, happiest life she can, even if that life (as it seems) does not include him. It’s a gesture of both pure good will and forgiveness, I think; it’s immediately preceded by telling her that all the mistakes she made about him were totally not her fault and she couldn’t possibly have known (sure, Darcy). Especially given that simply saying “God” (no hyphen or anything!!) was such a big deal. Elizabeth describes it as “charity”—in the sense of purely selfless love—and, yeah.

#also #‘declarations of love don’t do as much for me as love shining through a conversation supposedly about something else altogether’ #I see you cassian’s hangar speech #everything I did I did for the rebellion #I’M #WAIT A MINUTE #THE HANGAR SPEECH IS CASSIAN’S LETTER #*curls up into a ball* #look I made it about rogue one

Haha, nobody could be happier to have their post derailed :D


You know my theory, but it really does fit—well, it’s the second half of the letter, but yeah. We’ve got:

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Hi this is the same person who requested what zack would be like if he asked you out and I loved thank you so much,would you be up for doing headcanons about what being part of the power rangers would be like pleaseeeee

Of course! I’m so glad you liked it! Here you go <3

Originally posted by entertainmentweekly

•First and foremost you are a family

     -You each would die a hundred times over to protect these people, you all love eachother sooo much. 

•Because of this, you are a practically unstoppable team

      -You are all underestimated all the time, there’s only five of you to a whole army sometimes, but it’s your bond that makes you strong. You aren’t just people fighting, you’re friends, family that are fighting for the cause you care about- keeping them and the world safe 

•Obviously it’s not always serious 

      -you’re teenagers thrust into this world or war and uncertainty, if you didn’t have fun once in a while you’re sure you wouldn’t make it 

•Prank Wars

       -Oh my god, it gets so intense. There’s literally no rules, and you guys okay dirty. There are alliances and double crosses and it’s normally a week of absolute madness. 

•Inside jokes 

      -Ya know “did you just slap them?” Well the longer you guys were together there are like 500+ inside jokes. And just word can set all of you off into uncontrollable laughter 

•You have separate relationships with each person 

       -Jason is the leader, and he’s and older brother. So he’s obviously the most protective. Legit this boy will threaten anyone who hurts you, he’s comforting, he’s the rock of the team. If you ever need anything you go to Jason first cause you know he will do absolutely anything in his power to help. 

     -Zack is like that f***boy that you cannot help but love. He knows he is adorable and he uses it to his advantage. He’s that guy best friend that wouldn’t sugar coat things, and he’d be willing to talk about anything. He’s protective too, sure, but he would more than likely let Jason and Trini beat the holy hell out of the person while he stayed behind to comfort you and make you smile. HE BECOMES THE MOM FRIEND (Dont fight me on this)

     -Billy, oh boy Billy. You are so protective of this precious boy. He’s brilliant, and is that one guy that always volunteers to tutor if he hears you hint at all that your having a hard time. He’s like that great little brother that everyone wants. He’s kind, loving, protective (to a degree he’s probably the one to simply make such a offhand comment that will terrify literally anyone without truly grasping just how intimidating he is). He’s always cheerful and always makes sure to brighten your day  

     -Trini is such a great person. This girl takes no shit from anyone and is willingly ready to put them in their place. She’s never fake- if she thinks it she will tell you it, have no fear. She’s such a secret mush though, it just takes a while. She’s right next to Jason the moment someone does something, and will burn anyone who burns anyone she cares about. 

     -Kimberly is the friend you take shopping and binge watch your favorite tv shows with. She’s so sweet and caring. She gives the best advice, but has trouble applying it to her own life. Kim is honestly the most loyal person, after she sent out that picture she knew how much she needed to change. If you entrust her with a secret, she will not tell a soul unless it’s a danger to you. 

•Okay but team game nights

       -Monopoly got banned, there were tears and threats and curses (generally just a bad idea to play that unless you want bloodshed) 

       -Karaoke all the time 

       -Stength tests; who can run faster, jump farther, climb higher, etc. 

•Y’all train so much, your battle techniques are Out of this world

       -The megazord takes so much teamwork but you’ve all mastered it insanely well

        - there are specific moves for specific groups that everyone has down 

•You all refuse to go to Krispy Kreme, like you just cannot force yourselves to go into those stores 

•You guys create so many distractions in detention, its a miracle you’re still even at this school

•You guys are a family and would do anything for eachother 

(I’m sorry this is so short! Hope you like it anyways!)  

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hcs for the reader showing up in mark's videos and the comments all ship the reader and tyler

I hope you enjoy! Please feel free to send more hc requests

- You and Tyler aren’t even dating, you’re legit just friends
- but obviously you harbor feelings for each other but neither of you know that the other feels the same way
- And Mark and Tyler and Ethan needed an extra set of hands for a challenge video or something but Amy was doing the filming and Kathryn was editing something else. 
- Leaving you to get roped into helping in the video
- You and tyler sharing a bunch of inside jokes
- Making each other laugh and giggle a ton to the point where some of it even has to get edited out
- And then the video goes up and the comments are filled with “Who’s y/n?” “Is that tyler’s s/o?” “I ship it!” “What’s the ship name?”
- Over night both of you get spammed with fan art and tweets about your ship
- Tyler’s worried that it makes you feel uncomfortable so he apologizes a bunch even though it’s not his fault
- You tell him you think it’s actually really cute and you honestly don’t mind the shipping and you retweet and reblog a bunch of the art
- Which of course makes people think it’s canon
- Tyler almost tweeting about how you two aren’t dating but then Mark talks to him telling him he might as well ask you out
- So he does
- And you guys date for a bit before announcing that the ship is canon
- and everyone freaks out and is super happy and there’s even more fan art

People are losing their shit (pardon my french) over the fact that LJK is not single.

LeeLee shippers are against LJK and PMY shippers (yep, people already ship that). Fangirls crying in the corners because their bias won’t date or marry them bc obviously before that they had a legit chance to date him.

And now tvn cancels special video of My Ear’s Candy with Lee jun Ki and Park Min Young, like they assume that there is no point anymore. The heck? I see no connection but we understand where it’s coming from. Since when participating in this kind of a show equals dating? Ridiculous.

People questioning then why LJK behaved like that with IU. Well, in my opinion, he’s a showman and he just gave us what we wanted and thanks for keeping our SoSoo feels alive. Don’t forget that he loves this show as mush as we do and I think he enjoys seeing us fangirling over it.

Why people are like this? Lee Jun Ki is his own person, with his private life, emotions and feelings. Can’t we just cheer and be happy for him? He doesn’t owe us anything (except for an amazing drama, we need a new drama with him) I just don’t want any consequences for him that could affect his career.

Maybe I’m wrong but I’m certain in one thing - let’s distinguish between an actor and his job and a person and his personal life.

People need to chill.

Stop nit-picking Villainous (A rant)

This show isn’t even a full show yet and people are already saying stupid shit to make it seem like it’s bad and problematic. Please fucking stop and DO YOUR RESEARCH. Please.

- Lemonteaflower is not a disgusting human being. First of all, saying “they worked on this show so it’s problematic” is so petty of you. They are a STORY BOARD ARTIST AND LINE WORK ARTIST. they have nothing to do with the actual content of the show, and saying its bad because of that is disregarding the actual wonderful creatives who worked hard on it.

Her old “problematic user name” was forcibly their URL by their past abuser. As said in the apology letter here

Please stop blaming this victim for the actions of their abuser, if you do thats really shitty of you.

-Also she didn’t draw “child porn”, She explains she used to draw SHotacon without understanding what it really was or its intentions. A LONG TIME AGO. A long time ago means she has learned from her mistakes, which is also helped by the fact she removed all content of it and no longer uses the characters she drew porn of.  Not to mention Rebecca Sugar drew porn of Ed, Edd, And Eddy characters and all of you saw it as a joke instead of problematic :/ if youre going to see one thing as a joke because you like the content, and another thing as problematic then you’re a shitty SJW not going to lie.

- Dr.Flug and Blackhat aren’t an abusive relationship. All of the things Blackhat does is CARTOON VIOLENCE. The stepping on him, grabbing things out of his hands, these are original cartoon violence tropes. Not to mention, he’s a fucking villain he’s not going to be nice. A real example of abuse in a cartoon is Steven Universe, Jasper is legit manipulative and OBVIOUSLY hurts Lapis when she is grabbed.No one called that out as “problematic” and hell lots of people ship it. Saying the dynamic of Dr.Flug and Blackhat is abusive is like saying Tom and Jerry are abusive, or fucking Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd are.

If you don’t like the show, that’s fine. No one is forcing you to. But if you turn this into another “Clarence.” thing because you don’t want any show to compete with Steven Universe (Which I am a giant fan of so its not like I hate it.)
or you just don’t want other people to like because you don’t??? I’m sorry thats terrible of you, it’s immature.

Also I use Steven Universe as an example a lot because it’s the BIG show on cartoon network, which this “”“problematic””“ show is sort of in competition with. I have nothing against it, I love it a bunch but if you want to defend it when I can make many parallels to Villainous and what it’s being called out for, there’s a huge problem.

if you see callout posts, whether about shows OR about people. Please do your own research, do not be naive, think for yourself. Callout culture is super dangerous and you need to be aware most people will stretch the truth.

Okay. BUT. Graves doing funny faces to his little niece, his sister’s daughter?

His sister is visiting the city due to some important business, and guess what? She doesn’t have anyone to leave her daughter with. So, who else than uncle Percy is going to babysit this “angel”? His niece is, let’s say, three years old, but she’s really smart and that obviously concludes with her being a great troll and sass machine-

Graves has work to do, meetings to attend, no, Irene, don’t leave the Satan with him at work, take your devil with you, please-

This is how little Sarah ended up on one of his chairs in his office and she keeps glaring at him for twenty minutes straight and Graves thinks he’s being cursed by that glare.

Then he turns around for a minute to get a document from his cabinets, and when he looks back, she’s gone. Apparition? Nah, too early for that.

Graves runs out of his office and is ready to form a group of aurors for her searching when he finds her talking with Goldstein and Scamander.

He gapes at them, because Scamander isn’t that shy, clumsy Brit around her. He’s explaining her something very animatedly, his eyes are shining and his smile practically breaks his freckled face in half. Then he’s taking something out of his coat pocket and this is the time when Graves decides to step in.

And he starts to explain that, no, Newt, giving a three years old kid a magical beast, even only to pet! isn’t acceptable and by the time he finishes scolding their grown ass consultant magizoologist, Sarah is again nowhere to be seen.

He frantically searches for her with his worried eyes and Newt touches his hand, smiles at him and tilts his head in the direction of his office.

Mercy Lewis, good thing he won’t have to start a searching operation here, at MACUSA headquarters.

He enters his office and sees Sarah on her chair, clearly sad and disappointed that uncle Percy didn’t let her pet the puffskein. Graves decides to make up to her by making her laugh.

He ends up making funny faces at her for half of hour until there are more than one laughing voice in his office and he stops abruptly. Both Goldsteins, Scamander and some of senior aurors are laughing their asses off.

He looks at them, and they stop laughing in an instant, because they want to live.

Well, everyone except Scamander obviously. The dude’s instincts of self-preservation legit  are absent as it seemed.

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From Gorilla "Rainbow Six: Siege | "Ohmwrecker Passing Out New Nicknames" | w/ Ohmwrecker, CaRtOoNz" , Ohm has a new pet name for Toonz, "Cartooniz", Toonz told Gorilla about Ohm love for food decorations after calling Ohm a 7 years old for liking food trains . Also Toonz likes pretending to be sulky to get Ohm pampering him xD Ohm was so worried about hurting Toonz feelings and Toonz was milking it xD

brb while i go watch this omg

HE CALLED OHM PUDDIN’ blesssss this whole video thooo NONNIEEEE thanks for tellin me about this and omg you’re so RIGHT toonz pretending to sulk and ohm pampering him AND ohm sounding concerned and toonz just milkin it SO MUCH oh my goodness these guys

they’re legit like an old married couple, just fighting over trivial things and always vying for the other’s attention and ohm being genuinely confused when he found out toonz wasn’t a part of a conversation he had with other people cuz he’s so used to him being there i guess LOL and also yeh ohm trying to appease toonz and toonz throwing a fit over nothing for the attention :P beautiful a++ would (and will) watch again

also while i’m on the subject, it didn’t happen in this video but HAS ANYONE NOTICED HOW MANY INSIDE JOKES THEY HAVE??? LIKE. hang on i legit have a LIST. so there’s ‘lemonade’ obviously and the whole RUUUUDYYYYY! thing and OHM! (the accusatory way toonz says ohm’s name) and the glugging thing that toonz abused the fuck out of at one point bc ohm found it hilarious and NICE SOUNDBOARD, CARTOONZ aaaaaand ‘ath and tittieth~’ like???

the more i watch the more i find, and it’s gr8.

hoshit this answer got away from me but yeah THANKS FOR THE ASK i love finding new ohmtoonz moments so bless

and here’s a bonus of ohmtoonz bickering like an old married couple ft. gorilla c; ENJOY and have a lovely day/night nonnie~ <3

TVD 1x17 Review

1.       I legitimately don’t understand Pearl and the others’ desire to stay in MF and that’s what happens when the flashbacks are mostly about Katherine, Stefan and Damon. These vampires should’ve been pillars of the community and then turned on or something to that effect because then the desire to stay in the town would be reasonable. If they just want to kill people then they could go out and kill people.

2.       “I’m sorry he just makes me so cranky.” That’s all, Elena? The rapist and attempted murderer of your best friend just makes you cranky? Cool. But the way she folds into Stefan and closes her eyes as she leans against his chest, that level of solace and comfort and relief is so great to see.

3.       “Which means nothing if you’re not safe too!” I love how Stefan brushed her hair and then she moves her hands from his chest to his wrists. Little details, man, little physical details.

4.       Their fireplace hug is still one of my favourites. They’re just wrapped around each other.

5.       Jeremy, cut your hair.

6.       Also manipulating Anna like that is mean. Then again, she manipulated you too. So, fair, I guess.

7.       I love how Matt gently teases Caroline about staying off her cell phone. They were mad cute.

8.       I forget. Was it established that tomb vampire dude knows Stefan’s routine, that he would know that Stefan would hunt for animal in the woods?

9.       I like how this rain scene had all the DErs like OMG DE RAIN, TENSION, LOVE and Elena is literally trying to fight Damon to get into a house full of vampires to get Stefan back.

10.   Even the way Damon holds Elena’s head is like he’s talking to his sister-in-law.

11.   This is a terrible situation for Stefan but I am seeing topless Paul so I mean, plus.

12.   Alaric is also hella chill about the fact that Damon killed Ms. Gibbins.

13.   “Who is that?” “It’s not my mother.” I don’t know, Michael’s delivery was done well here.

14.   Anna, Jeremy, you two aren’t even being subtle about secret texting. Like Jeremy is deadass standing up and LOOKING at you AS he texts.

15.   LMAO I am LAUGHING because Elena runs out of the car and when she gets to the house, she realizes there’s a separate entrance leading to the basement and that’s where she goes to get Stefan. If Damon had actually done some recon on the house and did that too then he would’ve only had to kill the vampire standing guard of Stefan and then they could’ve gone out the same way Elena got in. Much simpler plan.

16.   “What about you?” Elena, there’s no reason why you should care if Damon lives or dies.

17.   I just realized that when Elena falls down and scrapes her hand, Stefan stares at it, hungry obviously, and then asks “Are you OK?” My guy was legit tortured and he’s asking about Elena, which is like in 2x21 when he keeps saying “I’m so sorry” even though Damon pulled a bitch ass move and stabbed him. And people want to talk about how he never loved Elena enough?

18.   Fredrick! That’s tomb dude’s name.

19.   I also find it hilarious that in season 4 they make this entire narrative about Elena being this lost little girl who was too scared to do anything when she literally went into a house full of vampires to save Stefan in this episode and then stabbed one with a vervain dart. She was more active as a human.

20.   Elena feeding Stefan her blood is still such a beautifully tragic scene. Paul’s look of anguish gets me every time, he is in so much pain but what shines through the most is this profound fear for Elena and it’s heartbreaking but Elena’s insistence of staying by his side and trusting him with her vein, so a powerful scene for their relationship.

21.   And the way she smiles when he responds to her blood. I have this post about how agitated Elena gets when Stefan is hurt and how relieved she is, like physically and mentally and emotionally relieved when he gets better.

22.   Also Stefan immediately retracting his vampire face when he shoves Elena and that absolute look of embarrassment and shame and guilt is WONDERFUL, Paul is such an underrated actor.

23.   An anon asked me about underrated SE scenes and I haven’t gotten around to answering it, but one of them is the scene I’m watching where Elena is clearly distraught at seeing Human Blood Stefan and says he was like this whole other person and she’s nervous and anxious and then Stefan touches her face and she closes her eyes and she has this look of almost serenity on her face as he continues to stroke it and it’s like, he’s always that person, no matter what, he is that person for her.

24.   I think we could’ve lingered on Elena sort of just sinking onto the stairs after coming home from Matt’s when he finds out Vicki is dead and Jeremy is going upstairs and have her just sort of bunch her hair in her fists or something, I don’t need her to cry but like something to show conflict.

25.   And Stefan shame-drinking blood is pretty fucking sad.

Thanks for reading! I will try to do another review tonight but I have a thing I need to go to in like 5 minutes so it depends on how long it’ll be and how buzzed I’m going to get, which means either a drunk review or no review tonight.