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Another Mitjo fic!

It’s cute fluff this time (no horrible sad zombie AU which I hate but can’t stop thinking about.)

SUMMARY: Jonas is in his second or third year of marine biology at university.  He and Mitch live in an apartment together.  Uhhh also Mitch is making some pretty sweet dough from selling drugs by now???

A/N:  A lot of this is based off of personal experiences with friends taking me to clubs with them and such.  I outlined this in some sort of post-club stupor at 4:30am last week, and I guess I decided to actually finish an idea for once???

Also, this is my first time trying to write in present tense???  It feels super weird to do, but I hope it reads okay!

Anyways, happy Valentines Mitjo Day!!

@smokeplanet @mitjo  <3

Here’s uhhh, oh my god is this the title…

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In Hushed Whispers Part 4 [ChocobrosxReader]

Chapter 4 is up! Link to Chapter 3 is here!

I am sorry this chapter is so short and that it took me so long to post it but real life was a little shit these past two weeks and I could barely write anything.

Hopefully, now that things have calmed down and can actually finish the request, post Chapter 5 as well and make a master list. Wish me luck and without further ado

Please enjoy!

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Title: Marionette

Warnings: Violence. Character death. Manipulation. (All of those tags that tend to accompany an Ardyn fic.)

Length: 2800+ words

Pairing: Ardynoct | Ardyn x Noctis

Summary: Mar·i·on·ette. A puppet worked from above by strings attached to its limbs.

Naïve, little king… Did he truly believe his pickpocketing skills were remarkable enough to swipe the key from his pocket without the redhead noticing? Ah well… Mayhap it was time to reveal a little more of his true nature to his dear, distant nephew? He hadn’t intended to keep the young man completely in the dark forever—

—tempting though it was.

This is “Clandestine” continued, but Ardyn-centric.

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There’s something that’s been bothering me for awhile now.

I love Maggie just like everyone else does, but can we stop pretending like Sasha doesn’t exist? Everyone Sasha loved is dead too. So yeah, I get what people are trying to get at here when they make posts applauding Maggie’s strength. But Sasha has lost everyone she loved too, and I wish people would acknowledge that. 

Maggie is strong, but so is Sasha. She, too, found the will and strength to keep going after losing someone for the third time. The last time this happened, Sasha was completely numb but not this time; she pushed through it. Maggie lost Glenn, but Sasha lost Abraham that night too. 

If you’re going to acknowledge Maggie’s strength, then you need to acknowledge Sasha’s too. Both women are strong, and we need to remember that.

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I've had LD for awhile, but I was stuck on the third floor. Well, today, I just decided to try playing and see if I could pass the floor and I did. I finally got the character missions, and I just gotta say, I ship Sho and Toya. And Sho and Agito.

EYYYY grats on passing the third floor! I’m so glad you ship Toya/Sho and Sho/Agito. I do too awink…and when the fandom was alive once upon a time there were so much Sho/Agito love! ^q^)/

WELCOME TO THE FANDOM IT is currently just me probably LMAO but make yourself comfortable~