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Bakushima/Kiribaku could be canon

Well okay, first of all I’m not that kind of big dreamer who thinks this really is gonna become canon ‘cause… not. Let’s be real, this is a shonen manga, read by a majority of teenage boys, and therefore, explicit shonen ai will never occur (hope i’m wrong).

If Horikoshi sensei was gonna make a m/m ship canon, probably he would start receiving some hate from his fans, which is pretty sad.

But on the other hand, implicit insinuation may occur, and I think that’s already happening. I’m gonna try to lay up some very canon moments beacuse Kirishima/Bakugou it’s just so great… <3

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harringtonssteve  asked:

Hi! I'm sorry to bother you but I was wondering if you've ever done an icon tutorial? Your icons are really the most beautiful I've seen, and I'd love to know your secrets 😊. But if you aren't interested in posting them I totally understand. I hope you're having a great day!!


Hey sorry this took so long to get around to but I finally felt inspired to make this. A couple things first. I want to give a special shout out to argetnallison cuz I learned how to make icons from her tutorials here. I picked up a few tips and tricks that aren’t included in other tutorials so we’re gonna call this an extended icon tutorial. I’ve also been told I explain things well but if there’s anything from this that needs clearing up later just send me a message and i will be happy to help guide you through it. This Is my first time making a tutorial so bare with me if I ramble. 

we will be going from this:

to this

to this 

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Please Buy the Korra Comic

Hate being a shill. Cause I’m all for reading scans of comics online. But I would like to provide a little lesson on comics for those not in the know. Comics are probably the shakiest form of entertainment media. Movies video games, music all mainstream sorts of properties expect to push numbers in the millions. Remember a few years back when Square Enix said the tomb raider reboot under preformed when selling “only” 5 million copies in the opening weeks?

Comics are another story entirely. I’m using numbers from last December, but know that they’re pretty standard. The top selling issue last December was Justice League: Suicide Squad at 179,000 issues sold. The rest of the top ten sellers average about 100,000 with # 10 selling 85,000. When we get down to #100 in the top sellers list, we’ve fallen t0 27,000. And below the top one hundred sellers, issues take a nose dive with #200 selling just 8,000 copies. More people will see a movie in the theater in my city in one day then pick up that comic.

And here’s the thing. Of those top 100, sellers, over a third of them were number #1 issues. It’s a sad truth in comics, that the highest selling issue will almost always be the first of a series. After that, it is a guaranteed loss. A series will sell progressively less and less issues as time goes on. You know the saying? Two things in life are certian, death and taxes. Well a third could be comics sell less and less as they go.

Now, Last Airbender, seems do have done well for itself. But I would like to stress how vital it is that the people who are interested in a comic, go out to read it. Fans of the Legend of Korra we know what it’s like to be screwed by the executive’s and studios. If dark horse see’s the numbers of the Korra comics dip, or not meet their expectations, they may not hesitate to end the series. The folks in charge, aren’t dumb. Sites like tumblr show the following of any given IP, and they will expect to get a reasonably large following for this series. 

So please. I beg of thee fans! Do not, wait for the scans of the pages to appear on the internet. If you are able, buy the series when it comes out. If you are unable to because of money reasons, try to spread the awareness for the series. Do what you can. Show the moneyed powers that we care and that this series will be loved with a fanbase devoted enough to make it worth their while to keep the series alive for years to come. I made a post about this awhile ago, but it is a dream of mine to ten years from now look on my bookshelf and see five or more omnibus’s of the Legend of Korra. I’m thirsty for that dork and her engineer and friends and I know thousands of others are too. So to be cheesy, YOU HAVE THE POWER. KEEP KORRA GOING!!!

the right bite | 01

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vampire!minghao x reader fluff,
angst, and (eventual) smut

16,180 words

a/n: sooo…here’s the vampire minghao fic…it is…very explicitly halloween-themed lol…but i changed the whole concept at the last minute n it’s taken me awhile to write…so here it is in early november instead of on halloween as promised. i’m sorry. it was hard for me to get into halloween this year :( so this is my love letter and “i’ll try harder next time” to my favorite holiday. part 2 has the smut! it’s almost done n will be out in a couple of days. enjoy!!!

~ in which you fall for some guy at some party without meaning to and soon discover he’s not exactly what he says he is…

Tues., October 31st, 2017 @ Kennedy South Residence Hall, 6:24 P.M.

 In the grand scheme of things, you knew that you’d been through a lot worse than this, and if history was any indicator, there was worse yet to come. But right here, right now, rolling around on your friend’s closet floor on the verge of tears—you decided this was the worst moment of your life.

 Momo wasn’t of much help, of course, with all of her attention hyper-focused on her phone instead of anything you were up to. If you had only one chance to guess exactly what she was doing or be mauled to death by a bear, you’d bet your entire life that she was sexting Mina…and your suspicions were confirmed when you popped your head up out of the laundry pile you’d buried yourself beneath and caught sight of the “racy” picture that your friend was drooling over. A pout, a loose sweater, some sort of bedroom eyes. Gross.

 "It’s just her shoulder,“ you whined, "you’ve spent the better half of the last two years elbow deep in her front bottom and you’re gonna bust a fucking nut over that?” Any other time Momo’s glare would have split you in half, but after this long, exhausting month you’d had, you were impenetrable. It was a shame, really. You’d have preferred to melt under her gaze than live just one agonizing second longer.

 And you couldn’t believe you were feeling this low in October of all months. Sure, you’d had a few bad Marches and a shitty September or two, but you loved Halloween. You loved pumpkin spice everything and leaves falling and screaming at all the scares you knew were coming in movies you’d seen eighty times and running out of haunted houses—you lived for all that shit.

 Leave it to some stupid boy to ruin your favorite time of the year.

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An IMPORTANT message to the phandom!!!!!
  • Dear people of the phandom:
  • Yes, Dan did not upload the anticipated "cheeky" video this week. Yes, you have the right to be hopeful/reasonably-excited for that video as it could possibly (emphasis on "possibly") be a coming out video. Yes, his most recent video is not his greatest video ever. However, you are not allowed to disrespect Dan and treat him badly because *that* video didn't come out this week.
  • Dan stated multiple times that that video would NOT be his next video and that a simple, funny video would be coming first. He warned you that the anticipated video wouldn't be coming out this week. So you have no excuse to harass him on twitter, accuse him of overhyping a video, and treat him like his work doesn't matter if it's not a coming out video. I'm disgusted to see people that call themselves fans treating Dan and Phil like shit.
  • May I remind you, Dan has been a part of FORTY videos on the gaming channel since December, he's uploaded three extremely funny and well made videos since the beginning of the year, has been doing weekly liveshows, AND sacrificed a third of his entire year last year to bring you guys a tour. Dan Howell is an incredibly hard working person that loves us all dearly and he deserves to make a simple, funny, distraction video sometimes. He's human and, although he tries, he can't always meet your every demand. Dan does not deserve to be treated like shit for making the video that he wanted to make.
  • I'm incredibly disappointed with everyone in the phandom that is being rude to Dan, you have obviously upset Dan. As a fan you should realize how much effort Dan and Phil put into everything they do. You need to appreciate their videos as more than just a means to prove your ship, theories, speculations, and hopes/wants/desires. Dan and Phil's videos are funny and interesting; you should appreciate them for what they are, not what you want them to be.
  • You need to realize that Dan and Phil are real people and, despite their best efforts, cannot always meet your demands. Dan stated that he decided to make this video (isg 9) to be a funny distraction from things going on right now; as fans, you should respect his decision. He's trying to make a funny video to add a little light to the world and you're treating him horribly for it.
  • Dan and Phil are NOT robots that post whatever you want them to post, whenever you want them to post. Their content is a reflection of what they want to post and when they feel comfortable posting it. We need to learn to respect that and to not treat them badly when we do not get what we want. As fans, we need to show Dan and Phil that we appreciate their hard work, appreciate their content, appreciate them as more than just a ship (despite how much we love it), and understand that they are amazing humans. If you cannot do those things, you do not deserve to call yourself a fan. You cannot call yourself a fan while also treating them badly if you do not get what you want.
  • Remember: Dan's anticipated video WILL come out and it probably will in the near future, but we should not pressure him and overhype the video because of our own wants and speculation. It may not be the coming out video that we hope it is. If it isn't, we should appreciate the video for what it is, not get mad about it, and treat Dan (and Phil if applicable) with respect and appreciation. If it is a coming out video, we should support Dan and get excited afterwards(not before it's even filmed and uploaded)
  • ❁❁Sincerely:
  • A kindhearted phandom member

it’s a zimbits ficlet! ldr’s can be rough, but these two make it work. just a load of fluff and hockey excitement. this is literally inspired by nothing other than me watching the penguins game earlier tonight.

He wouldn’t call it a tradition, but it’s become a habit of Bitty’s to live-text Jack his thoughts while he watches one of his games. Of course, Jack isn’t able to see the texts until he finishes his post game routine, but he always looks forward to reading them when he gets home, or in this case, on the bus before he gets to his hotel room. 

The Falconers are currently in Pittsburgh to play the Penguins and they’re three games into a five game roadie (2-1-0). Bitty is currently curled up under a blanket in the corner of the couch in the Haus with readings for his women’s studies elective in his lap and his phone in his hands. Despite the fact that he should be doing his homework, the TV is tuned to NHLTV (that subscription was money well split between the hausmates). 

How is it possible that your scruff has grown in that much more since we FaceTimed yesterday morning? Bitty texted as he watched the Falconer’s warmup interview featuring none other than the Falconer’s leading goal scorer Jack Zimmermann. 

It looks good honey :))) 

From the initial puck drop the first period is relatively uneventful, both teams are scoreless and no one has been sent to the penalty box… for now.

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The first time Javert is angry. He’d spent the day in court testifying against a man who was actually, definitely, undoubtedly a murderer. The man had gotten off on a technicality and was even now on his way back to his (very large, very fancy) home. Javert entered his own small apartment ready to buckle down on some cases, maybe have some takeout leftovers and try not to think about the murderer who was now free to murder again because he had misfiled a witness statement.
He froze and then pulled his gun when he heard someone moving around his house. They were being awfully loud. While breaking and entering in a cops apartment
He enters the kitchen and lowers his gun when he sees Montparnasse scrubbing down the counter.
“What the hell are you doing?” He asks, indignantly
“Made you dinner,” the little brat answered without looking up
“What? Why?”
“Seemed like you needed it, after what happened”
“How do you know-”
“I was in a holding cell. The other cops were talking about it. They were worried about you. Said you forget to take care of yourself when shit happens. So I made you dinner.”
“You were arrested again?” Javert asked in exasperation. “What for?”
Parnasse smiled. “Breaking and Entering.”
The kid stayed for a long time. He made Javert eat, forced him to watch some horrible movie and then nearly shoved him into the bathroom to take a shower.
When Javert came out, the kid was asleep on the couch.
By morning he was gone.

The second time Javert was just tired. He had been working this case round the clock. He couldn’t afford to waste time. Every second he wasted spelled less of a chance of finding the missing children, spelled more children going missing. Even when the captain forced him to go home he continued working, studying the case in the silence of his empty apartment. He begrudged himself every moment of sleep and was running purely on coffee. His head was buzzing constantly and he was having trouble walking straight.
He reached for his gun when he heard the noises, but he fumbled and dropped it. Parnasse entered the room before he had a chance to pick it up again. He was wearing a floral apron and there was sauce smeared on his nose
“You made dinner again?”
“You were arrested again?”
“Aha. I have work to do.”
“No you don’t. I stole all your case files. You can have them back when I say so”
Javert followed him into the kitchen, ready to argue, but there was another kid there.
It was prouvaire. Fuck. If these two groups were pairing up he was retiring.
Prouvaire waved and signed that dinner would be ready in just a minute. Then he nudges Parnasse who guides Javert to the couch. Javert doesn’t have the energy to fight.
Javert falls asleep practically mid bite.
When he wakes up 10 hours later, he is covered with a bathrobe, his case files are on the coffee table and he has a new idea on the link between the missing children

The third time Javert is in shock. They had been too late. The bomb had gone off. The school had been reduced to an empty shell. Most of the hostages had died. The ones who were still living screamed in fear and pain. He had sat with a little girl while they waited for medical care. She had been blinded and her body twisted in inhuman ways under the wreckage. A pole stuck through her chest. He didn’t know how bad it was. He didn’t know what it had hit. He sat with her, cradling her head as she begged for her mother.
She hadn’t made it. She had died in his arms before medical came to help
She was four
He closed his eyes and swayed as her broken voice entered his head again, surrounded by the screams and cries of the victims he’d never even approached.
He wanted to scream himself. He wanted to call for his mother. To vomit. To lash out anything
Instead he straightened his shoulders and cleared his throat. He walked into his apartment and frowned when he heard the now familiar sounds of someone in his kitchen.
He walks past the kitchen, unsure if he can handle the seeing them now, and goes straight to his room. He closes the door and just stands there. Not wanting to think. Not wanting to move.
An hour passes before the door opens behind him and Valjean is there. He cannot think enough to question the mayor’s presence. He can’t do much of anything. But Valjean is leading him out to the couch and wrapping him in a blanket. For the shock, his brain supplies. And Valjean is beckoning to the kitchen, where Prouvaire and Parnasse are waiting. And Valjean is making him eat the soup they bring out. And finally Javert starts crying and he doesn’t know how to stop.
In the morning Prouvaire explains that they needed an adult and Cosette’s dad was the only one they could think of. They and Montparnasse stay at his apartment for two days, and the mayor stops in three times

The ninety fifth time Javert is happy but a little frazzled. It’s date night. Valjean is bringing his daughter tonight. He has a ring waiting on his dresser. He had wanted to stay in, do his privately, but the case had run late and there was not enough time to cook.
He nearly cried when he heard the two kids in the kitchen. The table was beautifully set and when he walked into the kitchen, he found Parnasse and Prouvaire busily stirring, and plating food.
“You were definitely not arrested today,” he said to Montparnasse
Prouvaire smiled and signed ‘no. I was.’
“How’d you know about my dinner date?”
“You were talking about it last week when I WAS arrested,” Montparnasse answered hurriedly. “Vandalism.”
He poured some sauce onto the last plate and put the pots in the sink.
“We’ll run now. Let you get ready,” he said, untying his apron.
“No you won’t. Go set two more plates. If Jean is bringing his kid I’m bringing mine, too.”

Not to Discourse™ but like, I'm so against the idea of “buying and selling spirit companions”

First of all a lot of the people buying them are saying things like “I don’t know anything about spirits or spirit work but I want one so I’ll buy one” which… If someone knows nothing about spirits and spirit work do you really think it’s a good idea for them to try and own a spirit??? Like do you really think that’s safe???

Second of all I’ve seen these spirits sold in the context of being bound to or in something (like bound inside of a jar for example) and then the bound object is what’s sold. Why would that be a happy spirit? Being bound to something like that? So these people are not spirit workers, and know nothing about spirits, and now they’re buying a spirit who’s potentially pissed the hell off for being caught bound and sold. Oh yeah. Such a great idea. 

Third of all, placebo can hit hard y'all and these “spirit companions” are the perfect scam for the seller. People are on here paying real money for something they have no definitive way of verifying. If someone buys something that says “There’s a spirit attached to it” and they suddenly “feel a presence” it’s probably because they want to feel one, are trying to feel one, and have convinced them self they do feel one. How many times have you psyched your self out when you heard a bump in the night? Suddenly everything is a bump or noise. So of course they can make someone pay real money just to hype up their imagination, and all it costs to them is what ever rock they found outside to tell you it’s a bound object. 

Which brings me to my last point. You can get a spirit companion for free by learning how to work with spirits!!! Plant and crystal spirits are great for beginners, and when you take the time to learn how to use this type of craft for your self, then you can also learn how to protect your self should you encounter a spirit who isn’t so friendly.

Before I get to far into this and the morals of buying and selling spirits (since they’re sentient beings) and whether or not it’s against their will or what have you, I’ll end this little rant here. 

I hope that some of my points maybe got through to someone or helped them see a different perspective. :x Sorry this turned into a long post 

The Final Play

IMAGINE: Bucky hasn’t been paying attention to (Y/N) lately, missing out their dates, purposely ignoring her. Is he tired of her? Or is there something up his sleeve?

[gif is not mine. hope you guys like it. this story was inspired by the plot in ‘himym’ -you know, where barney finally proposes to robin.]

word count: 2.0 k+

act one

“I think your best friend is cheating on me.”

Sam looked at (Y/N) alarmed, he almost dropped the muffin that he was holding. Steve audibly gasped beside him as well as stilling. “He’s not my best friend. AND what?”

(Y/N) sat down on the stool in front of Sam and Steve. “We haven’t spent any of our free time together. I barely see him, he says that he’s always at work, we haven’t had sex in like three weeks.” She reached over and grabbed Steve’s drink and skulled it.

“Have you talked to him about it?” Sam questioned.

“Whenever I try to tell him that we haven’t been spending a lot of time together he just bolts or tries to change the subject.”

“Bucky loves you.”

“It doesn’t seem like it anymore. I don’t want to be one of those women who need the spend every moment we have together, but I need to see him at least.” She burrowed her face in her palms. “I don’t know what to do anymore. Is he bored with me? Does he want to be with someone else, is this his way of saying it?”

Sam looked over to Steve worriedly. “I’m sure that he’s just busy, (Y/N).”

“Am I making a mistake?” The words came of her mouth as soon as she thought of it. Her and Bucky have always been strong, they were the ones that everyone wanted to be. They were the strongest people with the strongest relationship. “Being with him?”

“No!” Steve denied vehemently. He knew that Bucky before (Y/N) was a coping mess, coping but messily and in isolation. With (Y/N) he was the Bucky that he knew before HYDRA got to him. She was perfect for him. “You guys are meant to be!”

(Y/N) shrugged and looked at Steve and Sam sadly. “His actions aren’t really saying that nowadays. I’m getting tired.”

Steve sat up and leaned sat forward, concern etched on his face. “(Y/N), what are you saying?” He asked slowly, fearing for the worst.

“I want to be with someone who actually pays attention to me.” She shrugged again and stood up. “I’ll see you guys later.”

act two

“Are you sure she really said that?”

Steve nodded, “She did. What the hell are you doing Buck?”

“I’m not doing anything.”

“You’re pushing her away! You don’t push the people you love away!” Steve to emphasise his point hit Bucky  every time he spoke a word.

“Damn it, Steve! Calm down.” He rubbed his arm, “Jesus,” He mumbled and moved away when Steve raised her fist again.

“Look, you’re like my brother and I love you but you need to stop fucking around with (Y/N)! Unless you want to be single again!” Steve angrily pointed a finger at Bucky who was still nursing his now bruising arm.

“I’m not cheating on her,” he denied. Bucky nervously rubbed his neck, “I’ve been working on something, that’s why I haven’t been spending time with her.”

Steve folded her arms crossly at her brother, “What is is then?”

He stood up and looked at him silently asking Steve to follow him. When they reached his office he showed him the folder and watched as he intently read through it.


Bucky smiled at his best friend, he nodded once, “Yes, really.”

act three

“What do you mean he’s not going to come?” (Y/N) paced back and forth, her cellphone clenched tightly in her hand. “He’s your best friend!”

Steve shrugged once, “I don’t know. He said he’s busy looking at the plans we have for the next mission.”

“You’re being commended at the museum! He could do that anytime after this!” She abruptly stopped pacing back and forth, almost tripping over the train of her dress. “That motherfucker.”

“(Y/N), honestly, it doesn’t matter.” Steve placated her. “It’s just a stupid ceremony.”

She shook her head, “No, Steve It really does matter. I mean, if he thinks that skipping out this very important event for his best friend, what do you think his stance on missing out our kids important events? Missing ballet recitals? Or missing rugby matches?”

“You know he won’t do that.”

(Y/N) shrugged and looked at Steve sadly. “I don’t think I know him anymore.” She picked up her clutch, “I’ll see you and the group at the museum, okay?”

“Where are you going?”

“To find Bucky and tell him exactly what I’ve been thinking and feeling since he started treating me like nothing.”

act four

Throughout the whole car ride to Bucky, (Y/N) thought about what she was going to say him. What would happen if she confronted him? Would they be able to sort out through their problems, or would they break up?

“Ma’am, we’re here.”

She nodded to her driver and opened the door. As she looked up at the tall, lit building she could feel her heart in her mouth. As much as she wanted to turn back and let him continue whatever he was doing, she knew that deep down inside her that she needed to do this for her, him and their relationship.

She opened the door to his office at the Tower hesitantly,when she stepped inside her search came to a halt as there was no one there. (Y/N) furrowed her brows. Where the hell was he? She was about to turn back when she saw a single red rose on his chestnut table. Moving forward she looked at the rose curiously, beneath it sat a small note with Bucky’s familiar writing.


(Y/N) made a face and wondered why he wanted her to come up to the roof. Thinking nothing of it, she picked up the rose and started walking towards the lift.

After walking a flight of stairs, she finally reached the door to the roof, opening it she was met with petals of pink and red roses on the floor. She looked around and saw candles lit around everywhere. In the middle of the roof, a paper circled with flowers and candles. Walking to towards it, she bent down and picked up the card.

The Final Play: The (Y/L/N)

First Step: Meet the perfect girl. Perfect girl meaning (Y/N). Perfect girl meaning she will shout at you when you fuck up, anger you, love you more than anything. The girl who will look after you during the night when you scream in fear, when you don’t want to talk so she just holds you and whispers comforting words.

Second Step: Make a complete arse out of yourself e.g. when you tried to ask her out romantically which ended up accidentally setting both of yourselves on fire and you tripping over and accidentally smacking your head against her nose.

Third Step: Realise something very important.

Fourth Step: Conduct an elaborate plan that will take over two months to put together.

Fifth Step: Start preparing everything. Spend a lot of time at ‘work’ -work meaning that you’re calling every flower shop so you can have more than enough roses.

Sixth Step: She’s going to go bonkers, so be wary. You know that she’s going to doubt your relationship and it’s going to kill you both but hopefully this is worth it.

Seventh Step: She’s going to confide in Steve and Sam. Steve’s going to yell at you, probably punch you, Sam’s just going to be passive around you…or throw things at you. When Steve comes to you, let him tell you what (Y/N) told him. After Steve berating you and him giving you the look, show him the plan.

Eight Step: Deliberately miss out Steve’s event -make sure that he tells (Y/N) this. Tell Steve to tell her that you’re at work looking over some files…or something. She arrives at the Tower and she can’t find me and then she sees the note.

Ninth Step: Make her go to the roof.

Tenth Step: Be prepared, but you’re always prepared with her so it’s okay. This is it buddy, you’re spending the rest of your life with the soulmate you thought that would never come to you, but here she is standing in one of the most important places in your relationship, reading the stupid romantic plan that you made.

“Cliche, I know.”

At Bucky’s voice she looked up from reading, barely noticing that there were tears in her eyes.

“What is all this?”

“Do you remember what happened on this roof?”

(Y/N) racked her brain, trying to remember what exactly happened when they first met each other on this roof.

“I do. I remember vividly.” Bucky placed his hands into his pocket, rocked back and forth and smiled boyishly at her. “You came up here after Tony introduced you to everyone. You were trying to escape Pietro and I was trying to escape the crowd. You talked to me like I was a normal person, that I wasn’t Bucky or the fact that I was the Winter Soldier.”

Bucky slowly walked up to her, “I fell in love with you that first day. You were brilliant, you were passionate. As you stood there giving me these weird facts and imitating everyone down at the party, I could see our future in my mind. In that moment, I swore to myself that I would marry you.” He nodded towards the paper.

She looked at it and turned it over.

Final Step: Hope that she says yes.

“I’m so sorry that I made you doubt everything that we had together but I needed to do this. To prove to you just how much I love you, in some fucked up way I needed to do this. But this is the last time I will ever lie to you, unless you want me to lie to you.”

(Y/N) looked away from the paper and looked back to Bucky who was now down on one knee on the ground.

“You’re my soulmate. The person that I didn’t know that I was looking for until I found you. You’re what made my life everything that it is, you made it matter. I wasn’t the Winter Soldier, I wasn’t the cavalier Bucky, I was James. I was me. You’re my best friend.” (Y/N) sniffled at his Bucky continued his speech.

“There are two things in this world that I’m completely certain of: I know that we belong together, and that you are the love of my life and soulmate.” Bucky smiled and opened the the box. “So (Y/N) (Y/L/N), will you do the honor of marrying me?”

She let out a soft sob and moved forwards to him, “Yes! Yes!” She cried happily as he smiled widely at her. Picking her up and twirling her around, he realised that one of his favourite sounds in the world was her giggling.

He placed her down and placed the ring on her finger. Bucky kissed her once. “I love you so much.”

“I love you too,” she mumbled against his lips. (Y/N) pulled back and gave him a cheeky grin, “You know you’re certain of three things.”


“You said love of my life and soul mate. That’s two things.”

Bucky shrugged, “You’re both. There’s no one else for me.”

As he wrapped his arms around her again, the ring he gave her glittering on her left ring finger, Bucky couldn’t help but feel complete.

act five

They live happily ever after…well not really, not in the conventional rom-com way. They fight, they shout at each other. Has often either slept on Steve’s couch, or grabbed a hotel room. But they always manage to go back to each other because that’s what soulmates are. You fight until you’re red but you come back to each other because you can’t stand being mad at them. They were the happiest with each other more than any other could make them.

Third one of the NWY ficlets~

[first] [second]

Steve spends the entire ride mentally cursing at Sam for making him do this. He curses at Sam as he parks his scooter and grabs the pizza boxes, and for the entire climb up the stairs, but when he hears the “Clint, the pizza’s here!” and the door to the apartment finally opens, he outright vows to murder him.

Send your cutest delivery boy, the order had said. And yes, maybe it wasn’t a request he was supposed to take seriously, but standing in front of this man, Steve’s feeling miles more inadequate than he already was while trying to convince Sam to send anyone but him. The guy’s downright stunning, with shoulder-length, soft-looking hair, piercing icy-blue eyes, and a jawline so sharp it could cut diamonds. His arms are bigger than Steve’s waist, and he’s got a hint of stubble that Steve wishes he could feel everywhere on his skin.

“Delivery for Bucky Barnes?” he says, voice squeaky, and he can already feel his cheeks heating up. Yep, he’s killing Sam, and then he’s moving out of the country because he can’t risk ever running into this man again. He probably has some aunt or third cousin left somewhere in Ireland still.

For a few seconds the man just stares at him, mouth slightly agape and making it very clear that Steve’s not what he was expecting—big fucking surprise. Thank you, Sam—, but when the apology’s already on the tip of Steve’s tongue, the guy huffs out a disbelieving laugh and says, “Whoa… can’t believe that worked.”

“I’m sorry, I was the only one available,” Steve blurts out, mortified and blushing down to his toes and oh god, he can’t possibly have meant that, can he, and he all but shoves the pizza boxes into the man’s very impressive arms.

“Dude, are you shitting me,” the guy says, taking the boxes from Steve and licking his lips as he lets his gaze roam over Steve’s body. “I wrote that as a joke, but man I should’ve asked sooner. Hey, what’s your name?”

His smile as he hands him the money is playful and sincere and charming all at once.

“Steve,” Steve replies, his own lips curling up on their own accord and barely managing not to stutter. It makes the man—Bucky—perk up, and seriously, no one should be this adorable and sexy at the same time. The guy’s just plain disarming and Steve needs to leave right away because he’s one wrong inhale away from dying an embarrassing, asthma-induced death.

“Well, Steve,” he starts, winking at him, “my roommate happens to think pizza is the greatest invention since the bow and arrow, and Darlene’s is the best joint in the area by far, sooo… we’ll be ordering a lot from you guys. I hope I’ll see you around?”

It’s his tone that does it. Hopeful and slightly shy. Tentative when Steve would’ve pegged him for someone full of confidence. Steve takes a step forward as he pulls a sharpie from his pocket, and scribbles down his phone number on a pizza box before he can stop to think about what he’s doing.

“Call me when you want to order. I’ll, um, get you a discount,” he says. He’s pretty sure you could boil an egg on his face right now, but he goes on. “I’m off on Thursdays, but you can call me anyway…”

Bucky’s bright, ear-to-ear grin is definitely worth the embarrassment.

Fall For You | Drabble 01

Summary: Jungkook thinks that midnight is the best time of night, but he thinks the midnights where he gets to see you are his favorite.
Or: the party where Jungkook decides to quite drinking.

Word Count: 3.188

Original Scenario: Part 01 - Part 02 - Part 03

 Mood music: X

A/N: Thank you to @workofteaguk for encouraging me to post this drabble and return to this world. I hope you guys like this return!!

Midnight is Jungkook’s favorite time of night.

It’s his favorite because once that clock strikes twelve, Jungkook’s night is either just getting started, or he’s falling into bed to sleep peacefully. He’s either seated between pretty thighs and thick lipstick, a hookah pressed to his lips, or he’s lying naked in bed with a pleasantly fucked out girl on his chest.

In high school, people have something to prove. Parties are always more extravagant and always go on longer, as if there’s some kind of reward that can be found by keeping the party going until the sun’s rising in the sky. Jungkook isn’t a huge fan of those parties. He goes, of course, usually with Taehyung and Jimin flanking him and a pretty girl waiting on the other side of the room, but he refuses to stay much later than midnight. Whether he goes home or back to a pretty thing’s house- once a senior from the local university had taken Jungkook home, thinking him to be older than he was. Taehyung had full out cried when he heard the news, and Jimin high-fived him so many times that Jungkook’s hand stung, and well, that was a different story altogether.

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Nemesis Mine

HEY GUESS WHAT I’m writing a chaptered fic. It’s gonna have around 15 chapters and I’ll try to update daily for @snowbaz-feda​ (try being the operative word)

Superhero/university alter-ego AU

Warnings: mild violence (turns out I’m pretty shit at writing fight scenes tho)

Chapter 1. Simon.

I want to fly away, and save us both the trouble.

‘Are you going to run?’ he sneers. ‘Go on, Snow. Go home.’

‘No,’ I growl, rushing at him, my outstretched wings catching the fading sunlight, bathing him in a strange red glow. Basilton Pitch, my arch-nemesis dressed all in black, stands on the ground in fighting stance, ready for me. He’s always ready.

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Fools (M)

Summary: Harbored feelings over the years start to build up. Both you and Taehyung are so obviously in love with each other – well at least it was obvious to everyone except the two of you – and the world (aka Park Jimin) has made it it’s mission to get the two of you to realize the feelings are mutual.

Word Count: 9.8k.

Warnings: *breathes heavily* College!AU, angst, smut; i.e. dirty talk, angry sex, slight overstimulation.

A/N: This is what happens when I have an idea and decide to run with it – I write a fucking novel. I was listening to ‘Fools’ by Lauren Aquilina last night and branched this off of that song. This is officially the lengthiest thing I’ve ever written and I can tell you I’ve never felt as satisfied with an ending than I have before with this one. I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do! xx.

Originally posted by taestylips

What if we ruin it all and love like fools?

Your name: submit What is this?

There’s always an up in the air situation when it came to having a best friend of the opposite sex. Everyone always assumed that the two people were together and when they tell them they’re not, they’re faced with comments telling them ‘Oh, you’d be perfect together!’ Or ‘You’re pretty much together already so why not make it official?’ Which can lead to one of two things; an awkward atmosphere that ends up putting too much strain on said friendship, thus the two friends drifting apart and ultimately never speaking again. Or it could lead to the seemingly inevitable – admitting the hidden feelings.

When it comes to yours and Taehyung’s friendship, both of those options seem to scare the living shit out of you.

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anonymous asked:

Prompt where Neil hides a British accent from the foxes to hides his identity but when he comes to the hotel after the Baltimore thing he lets it out and their all like the fuck

I looooove accents jfc this is like a thing for me okay and since there isn’t just one British accent and you haven’t specified I’m gonna go big (because go big or go home, right) and gift Neil with a thick, thick Yorkshire accent (I’m not gonna write dialect so if you don’t know how it sounds you should watch like a minute of this and imagine Neil talking like that… there ya go)

Hope you like this!

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anonymous asked:

I'm a transguy and really want to build up muscle. But as I'm not comfortable going out in public without binding, I can't go to a gym and I can't afford exercise equipment. Do you have any advice for body-weight work outs I could do at home? Also, you are gorgeous and a fuckin' inspiration. Also awesome. And kickass. Alright, I'm done now.

NOTE FROM LADY FERAL:  This workout is something I took from the Navy’s public website back in the late 1990’s.  It is part of a preparatory workout program for high school and college students planning to go to BUDS (basic underwater demolition school), the navy SEALS school.  There’s a swimming portion involved, but I never did that part.  I had pretty good results with this program in high school and college, though my runs were all different as I was running cross country.  I’ve left the physical fitness standards required by the Navy for the various phases of SEALS training attached at the beginning so if you want you’ll have something to shoot for, but they’re not the actual workout.  You’ll need to start reading at ‘suggested student preparation’.  Additionally, I’ve put in a note about running in boots.  I strongly advise against it.  Just be aware.


50 meter underwater swim PASS/FAIL
Underwater knot tying PASS/FAIL
Drown proofing test PASS/FAIL
Basic Lifesaving test PASS/FAIL
1200 meter pool swim with fins 45 min
1 mile bay swim with fins 50 min
1 mile ocean swim with fins 50 min
1 l/2 mile ocean swim with fins 70 min
2 mile ocean swim with fins 95 min
Obstacle course 15 min
4 mile timed run 32 min

2000 meter conditioning pool swim without fins Completion
1 ½ mile night bay swim with fins Completion
2 mile ocean swim with fins 85 min
4 mile timed run 32 min
Obstacle course 13 min

2 mile ocean swim with fins 80 min
4 mile timed run (in boots) 31 min
Obstacle course 10:30
3 I/2 mile ocean swim with fins Completion
5 ½ mile ocean swim with fins Completion

Obstacle course 10 min
4 mile timed run (in boots) 30 min
14 mile run Completion
2 mile ocean swim with fins 75 min

Academic standards are required on written tests before graduation from BUD/S are:
80% or above for officers 70% or above for enlisted


The following workouts are designed for two categories of people: Category I are those future BUD/S students that have never or have not recently been on a routine PT program. Category II is designed for high school and college athletes that have had a routine PT program. Usually athletes that require a high level of cardiovascular activity are in Category II.

Swimming, running and wrestling are good examples of such sports.


RUNNING: The majority of the physical activities you will be required to perform during your six months of training at BUD/S will involve running. The intense amount of running can lead to over stress injuries of the lower extremities in trainees who arrive not physically prepared to handle the activities. Swimming, bicycling, and lifting weights will prepare you for some of the activities at BUD/S, but ONLY running can prepare your lower extremities for the majority of the activities. You should also run in boots to prepare your legs for the everyday running in boots at BUD/S (Boots should be of a light-weight variety i.e. Bates Lights, Hi-Tec, Etc.).


The goal of the category I student is to work up to 16 miles per week of running. After you have achieved that goal, then and only then should you continue on to the category II goal of 30 miles per week. Let me remind you that category I is a nine week buildup program. Follow the workout as best you can and you will be amazed at the progress you will make.


WEEKS #1, 2:  2 miles/day, 8:30 pace, M/W/F  (6 miles/ week)
WEEK #3:  No running. High risk of stress fractures
WEEK #4:  3 miles/day, M/W/F  (9 miles/wk)
WEEKS #5, 6:  2/¾/2 miles, M/Tu/Th/F  (11 miles/wk)
WEEKS #7,8:  4/4/5/3 miles, M/Tu/Th/F (16 miles/ wk)
WEEK #9: same as #7,8 (16 miles/ wk)


* Note: For best results, alternate exercises. Do a set of pushups, then a set of situps, followed by a set of pull ups, immediately with no rest.

(sidestroke with no fins 4-5 days a week)

WEEKS #1, 2:  Swim continuously for 15 min.
WEEKS #3, 4:  Swim continuously for 20 min.
WEEKS #5, 6:  Swim continuously for 25 min.
WEEKS #7, 8:  Swim continuously for 30 min.
WEEK #9:  Swim continuously for 35 min.

* Note: If you have no access to a pool, ride a bicycle for twice as long as you would swim. If you do have access to a pool, swim every day available. Four to five days a week and 200 meters in one session is your initial workup goal. Also, you want to develop your sidestroke on both the left and the right side. Try to swim 50 meters in one minute or less.


Category II is a more intense workout designed for those who have been involved with a routine PT schedule or those who have completed the requirements of category I. DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS WORKOUT SCHEDULE UNLESS YOU CAN COMPLETE THE WEEK #9 LEVEL OF CATEGORY I WORKOUTS.


WEEKS #1,2: (3/5/4/5/2)miles 19 miles/week
WEEKS #3, 4: (4/5/6/4/3) miles 22 miles/week
WEEK #5: (5/5/6/4/4) miles 24 miles/week
WEEK #6: (5/6/6/6/4) miles 27 miles/week
WEEK #7: (6/6/6/6/6) miles 30 miles/week

* Note: For weeks #8-9 and beyond, it is not necessary to increase the distance of the runs; work on the speed of your 6 mile runs and try to get them down to 7:30 per mile or lower. If you wish to increase the distance of your runs, do it gradually: no more than one mile per day increase for every week beyond week #9.


WEEK #1, 2: 6X30 PUSHUPS
10X15 DIPS
15X15 DIPS
20X15 DIPS

These workouts are designed for long-distance muscle endurance. Muscle fatigue will gradually take a longer and longer time to develop doing high repetition workouts. For best results, alternate exercises each set, in order to rest that muscle group for a short time. The below listed workouts are provided for varying your workouts once you have met the Category I and II standards.


You can do this with any exercise. The object is to slowly build up to a goal, then build back down to the beginning of the workout. For instance, pull ups, situps, pushups, and dips can be alternated as in the above workouts, but this time choose a number to be your goal and build up to that number. Each number counts as a set. Work your way up and down the pyramid. For example, say your goal is “5.”

PULL UPS:  1,2,3,4,5,4,3,2,1
PUSHUPS:  2,4,6,8,10,8,6,4,2 (2X # pull ups)
SITUPS:  3,6,9,12,15,12,9,6,3 (3X #pull ups)
DIPS: same as pushups

(4-5 days/week)

WEEKS #1, 2:  Swim continuously for 35 min.
WEEKS #3, 4:  Swim continuously for 45 min.with fins.
WEEK #5:  Swim continuously for 60 min. with fins.
WEEK #6: Swim continuously for 75 min. with fins.

* Note: At first, to reduce initial stress on your foot muscles when starting with fins, alternate swimming 1000 meters with fins and 1000 meters without them. Your goal should be to swim 50 meters in 45 seconds or less.


Since Mon/Wed/Fri are devoted to PT, it is wise to devote at least 20 minutes on Tue/Thu/Sat to stretching. You should always stretch for at least 15 minutes before any workout; however, just stretching the previously worked muscles will make you more flexible and less likely to get injured. A good way to start stretching is to start at the top and go to the bottom. Stretch to tightness, not to pain; hold for 10-15 seconds. DO NOT BOUNCE. Stretch every muscle in your body from the neck to the calves, concentrating on your thighs, hamstrings, chest, back, and shoulders.


Proper nutrition is extremely important now and especially when you arrive at BUD/S. You must make sure you receive the necessary nutrients to obtain maximum performance output during exercise and to promote muscle/tissue growth and repair. The proper diet provides all the nutrients for the body’s needs and supplies energy for exercise. It also promotes growth and repair of tissue and regulates the body processes. The best source of complex carbohydrates are potatoes, pasta, rice, fruits, vegetables. These types of foods are your best sources of energy.

Carbohydrates, protein, and fat are the three energy nutrients. All three can provide energy, but carbohydrate is the preferred source of energy for physical activity. It takes at least 20 hours after exhaustive exercise to completely restore muscle energy, provided 600 grams of carbohydrates are consumed per day. During successive days of heavy training, like you will experience at BUD/S, energy stores prior to each training session become progressively lower. This is a situation in which a high carbohydrate diet can help maintain your energy.

The majority of carbohydrates should come from complex carbohydrate foods that include bread, crackers, cereal, beans, peas, starchy vegetables, and other whole grain or enriched grain products. Fruits are also loaded with carbohydrates. During training, more than four servings of these food groups should be consumed daily.

Water intake is vital; stay hydrated. You should be consuming up to four quarts of water daily. Drink water before you get thirsty! ! ! Substances such as alcohol, caffeine and tobacco increase your body’s need for water. Too much of these substances will definitely harm your body and hinder your performance. Supplemental intake of vitamins, as well, has not been proven to be beneficial. If you are eating a well balance diet, there is no need to take vitamins.


Carbohydrates 50-70% of calories
Protein 10-15% of calories
Fats 20-30% of calories


day 23: rumours

continuation of @badlydrawnmlcomicshilarious fancomic, which i highly recommend reading for context and also laughs :’D

Nino thought he was used to the chaos that results when Alya locks on to someone that is absolutely Ladybug, I swear I’m right this time just trust me!!

But then Alya posts her latest interview with Paris’ superheroes, and Nino knows he’ll have to act fast.

Luckily, it’s a Monday morning. Nino finishes watching the interview before Adrien arrives at school and steps out of his limo. It gives Nino enough time to run over and shove Adrien back in.

Sprawled across the seats, Adrien gapes as Nino scrambles into the limo and shuts the door behind him.

“What the—Nino?!

“Drive, Gorilla!” Nino shouts.

Adrien’s bodyguard sighs, locks the doors, and slowly pulls back onto the road.

“Dude, what the heck is going on?” Adrien asks, sitting back up and straightening his rumpled clothes.

“You’ll thank me later,” Nino assures him. It looks like Adrien’s bodyguard is doing a slow lap of their neighbourhood. Taking this chance, Nino pulls out his phone and replays Alya’s interview for Adrien.

When the video ends with Chat Noir running for the bathroom, Adrien looks about a third as worried and flattered as he should be.

“I’m happy that she—they said those nice things about me,” Adrien says. “But I’m not sure why you couldn’t show this at school.”

Nino stares at him in disbelief. “Bro. Bro. Are you seriously not getting it?!”

“Getting what?”

Heaving out a long sigh, Nino slumps against the seat and adjusts his hat in thought.

“Okay, first of all, Alya was clearly using that interview to try and get proof that you’re secretly Ladybug.”

“I’M NOT—” Adrien pauses and then squints at Nino. “Wait, did you say Ladybug? She thought I was Ladybug?

“I know, right?” agrees Nino, shaking his head. “If we stayed at school, she’d probably grill you directly.”

“Fair enough. And reason number two?”

Nino side-eyes Adrien, eyebrow raised. Adrien raises one back, clueless.

Silence reigns between them.

“Dude, seriously, what is it?!” Adrien finally huffs, crossing his arms.

Oh god. He really is clueless.

“…Ladybug and Chat Noir called you, and I quote, “super great”, “swell”, “handsome”, and “dreamy”, along with some suspiciously specific denial of having a crush on you,” says Nino.

Adrien’s cheeks pink. “S-so?”

So, whether or not they do have a crush on you, there are rumours flying that they’re fighting each other for the right to date you,” Nino explains.

“What,” says Adrien.

“Civil War gifs are already deployed,” Nino continues.


Nino claps a hand on Adrien’s shoulder. “And now everyone hates you for stealing the hearts of Paris’ most eligible bachelor and bachelorette. So. I thought you should have a heads up before charging into the lion’s den, whiiiich is why we’re here.” Nino pats Adrien’s shoulder. “It was nice knowing you, bro.”

Adrien, predictably, drops his head in his hands and muffles a groan.

Caffeine Challenge 10 June 2017

The ship cuts an elegant path through the asteroid field until, abruptly, an asteroid cuts an elegant path through it.

This is unusual for two reasons, Lorena thinks absently: 1) the actual density of asteroids in an asteroid field is much, much smaller than your average person thinks, and 2) asteroids don’t generally do “elegant”. Outside the ship, when they’re hurtling through the void at hundreds of thousands of miles per hour and still managing to look like they’re doing it slowly and majestically, yes. Inside the ship, no. But the fact of the thing can’t be denied: an unidentified asteroid has just shown up in the middle of the ship. The scanner says it’s still in the ship, too, sitting in an unused cargo hold.

Lorena gets up from her desk chair, shuts off the scanner, and starts to put on her space suit. This is too weird to be ignored, and plus, if the asteroid had really cut through the ship like that, there’s going to be issues. Of course, there are safety measures in place in case of leaks, but a hole that big opened straight onto the vacuum of space is bound to cause some issues. Luckily, the scanner wasn’t showing any loss of life, so that shouldn’t be a problem. At least, not yet.

Spacesuit on, Lorena grabs her tool box and heads for the air lock nearest the crash site. Strange, too, she thinks, that she didn’t feel anything when the asteroid hit. She’d have thought she’d feel a jolt when the ship took the force of a crash that big.

She’s getting weird looks as she walks through the ship in her space suit. This part of the ship, the only people she’s passing are maintenance people and engineers like herself, and they all know that there isn’t any external maintenance scheduled, and that if there was, she wouldn’t be the one doing it. Ah well. Let them look. She considers grabbing a maintenance person for backup, but decides against it. Better to figure out what the problem is before asking someone to solve it.

When she reaches the air lock, Lorena puts her helmet on and clips her tether to the ring inside, then presses the button to open the external doors. The air lock is closed, thank God. Sometimes people like to leave the air locks inside the ship open for convenience, but someone must have put safety before convenience for once. She makes a mental note to find that person when she finishes here; they may have saved the lives of the entire ship.

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0. The air lock doors open.

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