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Zootopia Fanfiction; Take A Stand: Star of Ceartais Ch.24- A Lesson

(AN/ Hey folks it’s Garouge/Crewefox with another chapter of Star of Ceartias. So guess what? This fic is now longer than the 1st take a stand with this chapter, and we’ve still got a bit to go! As always I’d love to thank everyone who liked, faved, followed, reblogged and reviewed the last update. Also I want to thank everyone who supported me this last week in the wake of the torrent of homophobic hate mail I’ve got regarding this story, thank you all so much from the bottom of my heart. And wow I’ve seen a crazy response to @ziegelzeig ‘s oc Ronin AKA Alice Kirabito, I’ve had so many messages and fan art submitted of her it’s crazy. So without further ado let’s get cracking with this chapter…)

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Chapter 24- A Lesson.

Aleks and Judy aimed towards where the sound was coming from, and out of the smoke, appearing like a spectre was a white rabbit with her mouth and nose covered by a skull mask, dressed in black sneaking suit with shuriken and other weapons hanging off of it and in her right paw was a katana “Bonsoir Chief Wilde,” Ronin spoke politely, twirling her sword “Professor Rattigan requests an audience.”

Aleks knew who the figure was in an instant, a white bunny with a katana, just like Luna had described. He stopped himself blurting out her alias ‘Ronin’ as not to raise suspicion from Judy but kept his sights locked on the assassin. The smoke had almost cleared and Judy’s amethyst eyes darted between her officers and saw that they were laying perfectly still yet their eyes were open and looking around in fear, their mouths were strained as if they were desperate to talk but their lips were glued together. “What have you done to them?!” Judy demanded, her tranq pistol aimed at Ronin’s abdomen.

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We were in pre-production for STC Ep4 and I got tired of making Star Trek stuff and needed a break, so I made Vic the Rin hoodie from the manga for Christmas, (BECAUSE I AM AN AWESOME FRIEND OKAY) and then on the shoot when I gave it to him, we were like ‘lol we should take pics because pool.’ (The pool has Haru dolphins in it HOLLA) So I borrowed a wig from somebody in the next town over and this happened. We were literally just playing around with a 5 minute cosplay shoot at like 1 am, in the middle of a super-pro Star Trek shoot for fun because we are otaku trash dork-nerds. I take full responsibility, and I regret nothing. :) 

HOWEVER. Now I’m hearing that people are actually bitching about this?? To those people I would love to extend an extremely genuine go-screw-yourself. This was not some professional attempt at turning Vic into Rin in real life. This was me and my friend being dorks because we felt like having some fun. Which last time I checked, oh online community of mine, was what cosplay is all about. 

So instead of harassing/sending hate mail/saying someone is too old to be cosplaying (WTF) because you don’t like a thing, how about DON’T do that? And if you have an issue with these photos, come at me bro, because I made them happen and I took them and I’m not even remotely sorry.

Besides, screw you guys, this hoodie is adorable. ^^

hyacinth-halcyon  asked:

(just to preface, I am asking out of genuine curiosity and a desire to learn your side of things and have no intent of degrading or mocking you regardless of your answer) May I ask why/in what ways you feel the "tumblr kemetic community" needs to grow up? If you want to know the reasons why I am curious it's because I want to hear another side of the argument. Because so far the only reason I hear is non-kemetics yelling how they don't like it.

Hi Hyacinth-halcyon,

Now there’s a hell of a question. (Not sure which was more difficult, this one or the one about suicide in AE. Probably this one.) I’ll try to answer it as best I can though since you took the time to ask, and politely so at that. :)

The culture here is one that encourages immaturity of thought and religious practice. It’s also the worst sort of echo chamber. Much of what goes on reads less like a true fandom of the gods and more a fandom of self. It’s a ‘community’ focused on hyper-individualism, which doesn’t make it much of a community at all. (That also happens to make it practically antithetical to the AE concept of ma'at, but nobody wants to hear that because these days everybody has their own ~~~personal~~~ interpretation of ma'at which is unique to them.)

I have NO problem whatsoever with taking joy in one’s relationship with the gods and having a laugh with them. My own relationship with Wepwawet is full of it and we are extremely close. But there’s having a laugh and then there’s the really quite bizarre infantilization (and in some cases outright degradation) of the gods and the relationships themselves which seems to be a mainstay of the “kemetic fandom.” I don’t get it. What is the appeal of it? How is it funny? It’s one of those things which says much more about the practitioner than it does the gods. It speaks to their own immaturity. And of course I acknowledge that everybody starts out that way. That’s how life works. The problem is that it isn’t a culture which encourages anyone to grow past that stage. In fact it seems to actively resist it, with the aforementioned echo chamber telling everyone that their childishness is just as good (nay, BETTER!) as someone else’s maturity. It’s like a kemetic Neverland. And that really isn’t as appealing as it sounds.

One of the worst things to come out of that environment is the way people get treated when they have a differing opinion when it comes to the status quo, irrespective of how rational that opinion might be. Sure, there are definitely some genuinely horrible individuals out there who need to be dealt with, but there are a lot of very good people who also end up in the cross-hairs. At best, they’re dismissed - at worst, they are met with quite hostile abuse, accusations, and threats of being put on a “watch list.” And then there’s those times when somebody fairly high up the food chain decides they simply don’t like a person anymore. Perfectly good people who are both knowledgeable and devoted. I’ve witnessed that one a couple of times now. Behind closed doors, “I really wish X wasn’t in the kemetic community anymore. I wish they would go away. They annoy me.” ETA: And then start ostracizing them. (Sorry, just realized I had left that bit out.)

And then there’s the tendency tumblr kemetics have of saying they want more knowledge and information - the same knowledge they then immediately reject when it contradicts their personal experience. And woe be to the person who dares suggest there might be anything like a “better way” when it comes to practicing the religion and honouring the gods.

I’ll shut up now because I can already feel the hate mail. I will not be reading any of the responses to this post because I’ve said my bit and I know everyone will take it ultra-personally, and go on the defense, and start attacking me, and all that tedious nonsense rather than taking a moment to look at themselves and examine the kind of culture they have in their “kemetic fandom.”