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Honestly my favorite line of the whole episode was Bellamy’s “I’ve got you for that”

It was so soft and heartfelt. There wasn’t a single scenario where Bellamy felt that he was going into space without Clarke. He was saying “don’t even mention it because it’s not going to happen”. That two parts make a whole. Until he had to leave her behind and take on both parts. Now they both wait until the day when they can reunite with their other half.

There is a music box inside of my head that holds our conversations. I open it every now and again, I listen to it every now and then. If you numb away the pain, some day you’ll forget the good feelings too. I just want to forget turns into I’m trying to remember. Which parts of you were my favorite? Was it your soft voice? Or your excuses to try? I think you had the same problems. I think we were the problem. You can’t live with ghosts and claim to be alive. You can’t live with demons and try to find god. You have to give up a piece of yourself to find hope. They say that destruction is just a step towards creation, so if I scratch out all of the names inside of this heart of mine– will I be able to see my own? My footsteps are never big enough to house the promises I’ve been trying to house, and I wish my lips knew more than how to lie– how to sleep without wearing the nightmare of people I broke trying to find the sun. but this is existing, this is opening a heart to see that all the beats were played before I found your name, all the sounds I memorized were just an exercise in waking up alone. I wanted to be softer, but never knew where to place my hands against your chest when it rained. I wanted to be a whisper you could repeat when the only sight were the colors that never quite made a smile. I wanted to be an apology that would never have to see a winter, but it’s easier to be sorry for breaking daylight on your head when the sand filling my lungs has us braided together. I guess I just always want things I don’t believe in– like us. A thousand versions of what could’ve been and we chose the one that cut love thin. A thousand apologies too deep for the ocean, but I’ll always end my nights by seeing your tears fill my eyes. A thousand lovers kiss under the sky, which stars belong to us tonight? A thousand love letters burning with desire, I thought stolen fire gave room for hearts to burst from chests and poetry to crack from bones. A thousand hellos, I replay the day we bumped into each other– it always feels innocent, it always feels sweet. A thousand goodbyes, I repeatedly press pause until the damn thing is broken. A thousand polaroids, but you’re not in a single one. A sigil of roses, a thousand lips surrounding broken hearts still stings less than when we kissed. A mountain of regrets, but I still buried you there. A volcanic beating inside of my veins, I feel the flames engulfing, engulfing. I speak poetry when I feel weak, I speak the truth when I feel blunt– the truth is I still love you, the truth is sometimes I don’t want to love you, the truth is it still hurts, the truth is I’m trying to be okay, the truth is I still miss you like the wings of a caged bird who hasn’t seen the sky in years– born in solitude because I’ve lost you, surrounded by isolated walls of who I used to be, I punch the stars into every night and I make the moon pull my problems away. The truth is even if I fell in love with you another thousand times– it’d always end in the same way and I can’t stand it. So I reach into my soul and break out the purest parts of me and ask for your forgiveness when I can’t speak.
—  The Ate & The Bunso
my favorite klance fics on ao3 part 3

part 1 / part 2

Erised by RedBluePalatar (TheAuthorGod) 

  • Ratings: Teen And Up Audiences, M/M, Complete Work
  • Tags: No Archive Warnings Apply, Keith/Lance (Voltron), Allura/Shiro (Voltron), Keith (Voltron), Lance (Voltron), Lance’s Family (Voltron), Shiro (Voltron), Pidge (Voltron), Pidge | Katie Holt, Hunk (Voltron), Mirror of Erised au, not harry potter tho, just a glimpse into a possible future, BUT NOT SLAV, uh… this isn’t helping, Klance married with kids, visions of earth, Pining, Mutual Pining, Gender-Neutral Pronouns for Pidge | Katie Holt

“EDIT: Chapter 3 is now up!!!

It was the smile that really did Lance in. While Lance could deal with hot, older Keith, he was having trouble with the happiness that was so visible on his face, his stature. He was relaxed and bright. Suddenly, Lance couldn’t imagine Keith without it. Keith scooped up the boy in the overalls from Lance’s grasp and up onto his hip.The boy giggled, and, just as Lance had just known before, through his giggling, the boy gasped out, “Daddy, stop!”Another migration wave of butterflies flew through Lance’s stomach into his chest.  Was this… was it what he thought it was?“ 

caught up (in you) by battleshidge (Amiria_Raven)

  • Ratings: Teen And Up Audiences, M/M, Complete Work
  • Tags: No Archive Warnings Apply, Keith/Lance (Voltron), Keith (Voltron), Lance (Voltron), Makeouts, literally this fic was just written for the makeouts, Kissing, Boys Kissing, Lots of kissing ,Present Tense, it all started with a bet, but in the end neither one cares about the bet, what are tags    

“Lance allows himself to be led, following Keith’s quick pace with eager steps and a racing heart.”

Is This Okay? by baekinator     

  • Ratings: Teen And Up Audiences, M/M, Major Character Death, Complete Work
  • Tags: Major Character Death, Keith/Lance (Voltron), Lance (Voltron), Keith (Voltron), Allura (Voltron), Coran (Voltron), Alternate Universe - Soulmates, ??? - Freeform, Reincarnation, Author!Lance, Fan!Keith, Psychic!Allura, basically fluff, a lot of fluff, and one sad part, major character death in the past  

“Lance dreams of the past and decides to publish a series of novels based on those dreams. At the final book signing he opens to the title page of a fan’s copy to see “I’m sorry I took so long” written.”    

And Then It Hit Him by princevince

  • Ratings: Teen And Up Audiences, M/M, Complete Work
  • Tags: No Archive Warnings Apply, Keith/Lance (Voltron), Lance (Voltron), Keith (Voltron), Shiro (Voltron), Allura (Voltron), Pidge (Voltron), Hunk (Voltron), Coran (Voltron), Galra Keith, Post-Canon, First Kiss  

“Team Voltron is back together after being separated in the wormhole. They all learned a lot about themselves. About each other. Some…more than others. It’s hard to take it all in, even after time has passed. But you don’t always have to take it all alone.”    

Like Devo by surveycorpsjean 

  • Ratings: Explicit, M/M, Complete Work
  • Tags: No Archive Warnings Apply, Keith/Lance (Voltron), Lance (Voltron), Keith (Voltron), Roller Derby, Blood and Injury, Pool Sex, Fluff and Smut

“As rival jammers, they’re rough, skating around the rink, giving bruises, bloody noses, broken ribs and snapped fingers-

But when the cops show up, Keith grabs his hand and yanks Lance into the storm drain.

And thats how they start dating.“

Don’t Break Connection, Baby by princedeadend                

  • Ratings: Mature, M/M, Complete Work
  • Tags: No Archive Warnings Apply, Keith/Lance (Voltron), Allura/Shiro (Voltron), Hunk/Shay (Voltron), Keith (Voltron), Lance (Voltron), Pidge (Voltron), Shiro (Voltron), Hunk (Voltron), Allura (Voltron), Shay (Voltron), Phone Sex, Swearing, Slow Burn, Mutual Pining, Second-Hand Embarrassment, Masturbation, Blow Jobs, Foot Job mention? Is that something you tag?, Anal Fingering, Rimming, Smut, Butt Plugs, I don’t know why I tagged this as a slow burn, it’s more like a…not very fast burn       

“Keith works part-time as a phone sex operator and receives a prank call from Lance. This does not go as planned for Lance. Thus begins the adventure of our dear sweet goofball continuing to call Keith to fuck with him (but not like fuck fuck with him…at least not yet). And y'know, eventually having legit conversations with him and getting attached and growing on Keith. Summaries are not my strong point, alright?

aka the phone sex operator fic no one asked for


anonymous asked:

at first when the anon sent you the ask about Dragon Age Inquisition I thought it was mine because I love that game so much and no one else seems to around here, but I double checked my memory and it wasn't me. I second the request for you to play it. And they forgot the best part! Sera, a sarcastic, gay, archer that fights for the poor. she hates establishment. She is my favorite romance, but you would like her as a friend. Her level of salt is amazing.

Alec - I mentioned it to Simon and now I am going over there on Saturday so he can ‘show me the ropes.’

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I've just started rereading RTC and Loki's relationship with Thor couldn't be more different now. It got me wondering about a situation where Loki got to save Thor. I don't have a specific question, maybe head cannons? Thor is the only person who was always and remains part of his life. I guess I'm wondering thoughts and feelings.

(eeee people rereading Remember This Cold, I’m delighted.)

I’m going to go ahead and say that I’m proud of a lot of the relationship development in Remember This Cold, but the Thor and Loki stuff is definitely one of those things. It took them a long while to even start getting there, and there are still a lot of unresolved issues, but they’ve come a long way all the same. 

It’s always been important to me in RTC to allow Loki and Steve to both have other significant relationships outside of each other, and one of Loki’s significant relationships, for better or for worse, has always been Thor. He’s a constant, a certainty, even when there aren’t many of those. 

As Loki said at one point - I forget where - part of the reason he fought so hard to keep Thor at arm’s length for much of the early parts of RTC is the fear that he would lose the identity he was trying to build apart from Thor. Loki’s always struggled to define himself without Thor, and it’s not until he starts to get a hold on that that he can really start to feel like letting Thor back in. 

For Thor…I’ve thought a lot about how in those early installments it’s very hard for him. He’s jealous of Steve, even if he doesn’t want to be - that Steve gets to see the Loki that Thor desperately misses, and that Loki is letting him have that when he seems to want to forget Thor exists. It’s bitter and it hurts, but at the same time he wants to be happy for Loki, glad that Loki’s moving away from his madness (as Thor thinks of it) and glad that Steve seems to be finding something that makes him happy too. 

I’ve talked before, too, about how Thor comes to realize that a part of him always took it for granted that he was going to be Loki’s most significant relationship - that Loki was his in a way that he wasn’t anyone else’s. That almost treasured the degree to which Loki didn’t have a lot of other close relationships. Thor is kind of a jealous person, I think: he likes people to be focused on him, he likes to be the center of things, and he liked that he was the center of Loki’s world. 

It’s not an entirely pleasant thing to realize about himself, that there’s any part of him that kind of resents that changing.

As for Loki getting the chance to save Thor…welllllll all I can say is that there’s a certain Ragnarok fic that’s going to show up where that’s probably going to be a major plot point. 

I got tagged by the lovely @femmescientia so I figured I would give it a try!

Nicknames: My nickname is Sai or Rsa, but most go with the former. Some people call me “hey you salty bitch” and “go fuck yourself" 

Zodiac sign: Scorpio. 

Height: 5′6″ when I don’t slouch

Last thing you googled: "what is the thin middle part of a dagger called” (btw the answer is ‘fuller’

Favorite music artist: I grew up an old school Metal kid, so… Metallica. Old Metallica.

Song stuck in your head: “I want to ride my chocobo all daaaaay”

Last movie you watched: I watched Titanic for the 600th time the other night.

What are you wearing right now: A black dress and a pull over sweater

Why did you choose your URL: My pen name is Strange and Intoxicating rsa. I took sairsa as well, but rsasai just stuck better. (I pronounce it risa-sai)

Do you have any other blogs: No.

What did your last relationship teach you: Romance is hard, and having a romance with someone who doesn’t love himself is even harder. Falling in love with someone who has a life-long illness is also very, very difficult, especially when the other person doesn’t believe that they deserve love. As you can see, I am taking a break from romance…

Religious or Spiritual: Spiritual. I believe in ghosts and maybe an afterlife, maybe in something beyond all of this. I don’t want to say it is religion, because I was raised a Catholic. It’s okay, though. I got better.

Favorite color: Forest green. The kind of green you can get lost in, that feels the way it looks, that sounds the way it smells. It’s that deep earthiness that pull you in and makes you feel alive.

Average hours of sleep: Usually? 5-6. Recently? 2-3. I am a clinically diagnosed Chronic Insomniac. It isn’t fun, trust me.

Lucky number: seven

Favorite characters: Zack Fair and Aeris Gainsborough of FFVII, Luna Lovegood of HP, Ignis Scientia of FFXV, Rose from Titanic, and a deep love for Woody of Toy Story.

How many blankets do you sleep with: Two.

Dream job: Author or wedding dress maker. I used to love making obscenely beautiful dresses…. 

So, now I am going to tag some people! Don’t feel obligated! @faewritesthings @ardwynna @scifikimmi


Gosh, that part in Much Ado About Nothing when Beatrice and Benedick read each other’s secret love letters and admit their love is always so cute. But, like, too cute. 

That’s more like it. That’s the response I’d expect of two hyper-critical sarcastic dorks in love.


Producer Jeff Bhasker faced a daunting task several months ago. After having worked with Kanye West and winning Grammy Awards for producing Mark Ronson’s “Uptown Funk,” and Fun.’s 2012 album “Some Nights,” he had to decide whether to take on a new project: the debut solo album of One Direction member Harry Styles.

“I’d just had a baby, and I was kind of like, ‘Eh, I don’t know if I’ll jump into this,‘” Bhasker tells Variety. He agreed to have Styles come over to “just talk,” and proceeded to put him through the Bhasker home sniff test. “My dog tends to bite people, and he was kind of scoping Harry out,” Bhasker explains. Styles “did this move — like a little shoot the gun with his finger, and my dog walked over and started licking his finger. That’s when I was, like, ‘This guy has something special.'”

Once music came into the mix, Bhasker was sold. “He started playing references of what he wanted to do, which sounded like a cool rock band. I got it, and could see where if we pulled this off, it would be one of the coolest things ever. But he needed a buddy who plays guitar like he’s Keith Richards.” The insinuation being: Styles is the Mick Jagger in this scenario.

Adds Bhasker: “I’m so proud of the album itself, and also of Harry for being so brave, and committing 100%, and writing the kind of vulnerable lyrics that he wrote, and not pandering to what people thought he would do. People have no idea that this is what Harry Styles is like. Just like I didn’t know. He’s obviously very famous and beloved, but people don’t know the depths of what an amazing personality and artist he is.”

Variety spoke with Bhasker about the recording of “Harry Styles” ahead of the album’s May 12 release: 

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favorite parts of beauty and the beast:

  • “oh are you busy?” “No.”
  • the complete disdain for gaston as belle sings about being his wife
  • mrs potts explaining that there’s a reason the beast became the man he was, and a reason why the servants were punished
  • “i had a very expensive education”
  • “was that a joke? are you joking now?”
  • beast’s incredibly formal way of asking belle if she liked him, like for real imma use that on my crush. “i suppose its foolish to hope that one’s affections might be realized” i fucking love him.
  • the wardrobe dressing the three thugs and the one guy really feeling himself after

Lucky, Chow Chow (9 m/o), 18th & 8th Ave, New York, NY • “She goes to the groomer a lot – we’re actually going right now. My favorite part about her is her bear paw.”


clique six dynamics (as ranked by my followers): #12 - farkle minkus & maya hart 

it’s farkle who’s always loved us and tried to protect us. // maya hart, she’s a person i believe in. 


I’ve done quite a bit of research on axolotls now for my side project and I can’t believe I slept on these weird little animals for so long. Here are my favorite axolotl facts:

  • they look so cute and funky because, by amphibian standards, they are permanent babies. They can go through metamorphosis and turn into ordinary-looking salamanders, if it’s induced.
  • if they metamorphose, though, they lose the ability to re-grow almost any part of their body as good as new, including entire limbs.
  • it is very easy to overfeed them by mistake, because they just don’t do much at all and love to put things in their mouths. 
  • they can’t be kept with anything in their tanks bigger than sand, like pebbles, because they will swallow the pebbles.
  • A fat, overfed axolotl looks only a little different from a gravid axolotl, which looks only a little different from an ordinary female axolotl, because they are basically like dumb soft tube socks filled with hundreds of eggs forever.
  • their eyes are weak and light-sensitive, and they have no depth perception. You have to feed them food that moves, or feed them by hand while wiggling the food a lil, because they do not notice food that stays still.
  • The one thing they are best at is eating things, and they even manage to be not very good at that. Their best is not good. Their best is awful.

they are so delicate and so good at just bumbling into mortal danger that actually trying to keep one alive and happy would stress me out, but I love them with all of my heart. 

‘Meet Me in the Hallway’ draws from this rich tradition of the past and of rock music but it’s totally new sounding. Nothing out right now sounds like this song, I always love when I’m a part of something like that. It’s minimal and it’s magical. It takes you to another world. When they played it for me, I was reminded of when I was a kid and first dropped the needle on a Pink Floyd album I had never heard before. I’m not a big [pop] music listener. I listen to KLOS and KCRW and maybe the hip hop station. I’m kind of a classic rock dude. And Harry made a classic rock album. But that’s hands down my favorite on the album.
—  Jeff Bhasker talking about which track he’s especially proud of
a post about remus lupin’s vaguely unsettling physical appearance

you know how the wolf from the movie looks kind of pathetic and gangly? i love and cherish it. remus lupin, known cryptid.

  • when harry and co. first see him they straight up wonder if he’s dead.
  • “No, no, he’s breathing,” whispered Hermione,
  • (also i love how our first impression of him is just….nothing. he’s asleep. we have nothing. he sleeps hard. that’s it. well fucking done, jo. it’s just so fantastic that harry is sort of mildly dubious of him after the double wammy of lockhart and quirrel and then remus actually turns out to be a good teacher. i love that.)
  • yeah anyway face-wise he looks starved and half-dead, except for his eyes
  • “his eyes looked alert and wary”. still disconcerting. i love it. we have nothing to judge his character on at this point, we just know that he’s really ill-looking.
  • (and then madam pomfrey says something about finally getting a DADA teacher who knows his remedies, and i fall in love with him all over again)
  • Lupin smiled vaguely and placed his tatty old briefcase on the teacher’s desk. He was as shabby as ever but looked healthier than he had on the train, as though he had had a few square meals.
  • so first of all, fuck this book. let my son eat. second, we still have so little impression of this man, he’s all passive-aggressive pleasantries and vague smiles. he must have been like…..emaciated on the train. i hate this fucking book.
  • It certainly looked as though he had been ill. His old robes were hanging more loosely on him and there were dark shadows beneath his eyes; nevertheless, he smiled at the class as they took their seats,
  • fuck this book
  • anyway coming at this passage with a decade and a half of hindsight, dear god, this man has just had all of his skeletal and muscular structure forcibly rearranged and then put back together, and he’s still smiling. that in and of itself is sort of disturbing, let him have a break, let this man have a break,,
  • A ray of wintery sunlight fell across the classroom, illuminating Lupin’s gray hairs and the lines on his young face.
  • this passage is genuinely confusing to me because it seems like jo is suggesting that if not for his lycanthropy he would actually be really handsome
  • (not that the lycanthropy stopped dean thomas from having a massive crush on him)
  • and then there are these gems:
  • “Still looks ill, doesn’t he?” said Ron as they walked down the corridor, heading to dinner. “What d’you reckon’s the matter with him?”
  • “Oh, well—you know—working hard,” said Hermione. Close-up, Harry saw that she looked almost as tired as Lupin.
  • personality: exhausted
  • but seriously, it’s like the main thing jo wants to establish about him is how tired he looks. and now we have these bits, post-reveal:
  • An odd shiver passed over his face.
  • Lupin forced a laugh.
  • He pushed his graying hair out of his eyes…He looked sober and tired.
  • “Enough of this,” said Lupin, and there was a steely note in his voice Harry had never heard before.
  • Harry could see Lupin’s silhouette. He had gone rigid.
  • aksfnkasnfaksfksnf this one is my FAVORITE because the exact moment where he loses his human mind and the wolf takes over is unclear and for all we know, he could already be gone. GOD i love this book
  • like harry has spent the better part of a year in the company of this carefully mild-mannered mentor figure and in one night he witnesses him 1. attempt murder and 2. transform into a goddamn DARK CREATURE
  • so good. this book. so. good.
  • Lupin smiled wryly.
  • ^^^this is probably the most bitter we’ve ever seen him and i hate it. imagine how pissed he was. imagine him getting to the carriage and sirius is just inexplicably inside it. he complains to sirius the whole way out the castle gates. sirius complains back about prison food and lack of readily available hair products for known convicts. they catch up. they kiss probably.
  • anyway this post has no point i just like analyzing how odd and occasionally frightening lupin looks
Seeking Paintings | Draco Malfoy x Reader

Summary: You, a muggle-born artist, have been hiding your feelings for Draco Malfoy for years now. Though, after an unplanned meeting in the astronomy tower things between the two of you start to change. Even more so after finding each other in the Room or Requirement.

Word Count: 3,573

Warnings: None

Disclaimer: not my gif credit to owner

You stare out into the vast horizon from the astronomy tower. This was your favorite hideout during your free period. You much rather enjoyed the view when it was light outside. Sure you love astronomy class and looking up at the stars but this was just different. Better.

You pulled out your old, hard-cover, weather-beaten sketch book and began to draw the landscape before you. You made sure to grasp and add every detail to your drawing. You began shading in the sunset when you heard a voice behind you.

“What are you doing here?” He asked in a rotten tone and you already knew who it was.

“You don’t own the astronomy tower, Draco,” you say blandly while continuing your work.

“You know this is were I go in my spare time,” you hear him huff.

“I know,” you blush, hoping he doesn’t know that besides the view one of your favorite part of this spot is that it’s that it’s his spot too. Then again, how would he even know that, it’s not like you two are exactly close.

You hear him start to walk away and your heart sinks. Just once you’d like him to stay up here when you’re here. Maybe then, you too could become close. You’d had this battle with having a crush on Draco since first year. Now here you are, sixth year and the most interaction between you two is fighting over the astronomy tower.

“You know you can stay right?” You boldly say. You swallow hard when you hear him stop in his tracks.

You hear his footsteps begin again but this time coming back towards you.

He sits a few feet from you, “Just don’t expect me to talk to you.”

You just smile and shake your head continuing to look down at your sketch book. For a few minutes you two stay like this, you drawing, him (probably) thinking. You wonder what could be going on in his head, he seemed to be thinking pretty deeply.

You feel him inching towards you at a snail’s pace, from the corner of your eye you can see him watching you draw everything from here to the horizon. You hate yourself for the blush creeping up on your face, by the time he’s within a foot of you your face is bright red.

“Why are you blushing?” You look up at him and see he’s smiling, a genuine smile.

Because I’ve been hiding my massive crush on you for nearly six years.

“I just get embarrassed at people watching me work,” you shrug.

“Why?” He asks seeming genuinely interested. “You’re really good.”

“Thanks,” you’re blush gets even deeper.

You break eye contact and look back down at your sketchbook. The rest of the period is made up with you finishing your sketch and Draco watching intently. He’s completely mesmerized at how you can just see an image and recreate it perfectly on your page.

It’s Saturday and you aren’t needed nor expected anywhere, which is why Saturdays are your favorite days. You usually spent these days roaming around looking for inspiration for a new art piece. Which is exactly how you plan to start today.

You roam the school grounds aimlessly, constantly moving your head around to grasp every aspect of the school. You step into the one of the many courtyards and feel inspired to sketch it, until you realize you’ve already done that… Ten times…

You sigh and realize that after six years of constantly working in the same space it’s going to be hard to find a completely new area for your art. Just this year and the following before you can finally start travelling and finding more inspiration worldwide.

In your attempts to find a new spot you’re again not looking forward. causing you to slam right into someone.

“Hey, watch where- oh, hey Y/N,” you hear Draco’s voice quickly turn from intimidation to delight.

“Oh, I’m so sorry. I wasn’t paying attention,” you ramble.

“Don’t worry about it,” he laughs at how cute he thinks you are when you ramble.

A blush creeps onto your face, “Well, I best be going.” As you turn to walk away he grabs your wrist and turns you back to face him.

“Hey, are you going to the Quidditch match today?” He inquires.

“Um I wasn’t really planning on it,” you scratch the back of your neck.

“Oh,” his face slightly falls. “Well, I’d like it if you went,” he says his cheeks turning slightly pink. “Even though you’d be rooting for Y/H and not Slytherin,” he looks at the ground.

“I mean I probably should go, it's sixth year and I haven’t gone to a single match,” you shrug and he looks at you dumbfounded.

“Not a single match? Well, you definitely have to go now,” he laughs and so do you.

“Well, I guess you can count on me being there,” you say before turning and walking away. You look over your shoulder, “And I guess I can root for Slytherin just this once,” you wink and quickly face forward as your face turns crimson red. A crazy amount of adrenaline must’ve been rushing through you for having the courage to wink at Draco Malfoy.

You take a seat in Y/H’s section for the Quidditch match, all your housemates do a double take when they see you arrive. Which were followed by ‘finally’, 'it’s about time’, 'I didn’t even know you knew how to get here’ and more sayings around those lines.

You don’t know to much about Quidditch, especially since you’re a muggle-born. Not that you know much about muggle sports either. Your friends have explained the game to you many times, you got the logistics but you just didn’t know why it was such a big deal. Maybe you’ll actually figure it out through watching a match.

Draco rose up into the air on his broomstick to prepare for the start of the game. On his way up he scanned the crowd for you and a smile creeps onto his face when he sees you sitting in Y/H’s section. He can tell you look slightly out of place in the stands and is glad to see you actually showed up. He keeps up the hope that you’re actually here for him.

He has been trying to convince himself since second year that he doesn’t have feelings for you. That he could never have feelings for a muggle-born. Except as he’s grown older through his school years he’s realized that muggle-borns aren’t that bad. He’s realized he was just told to think that way, not that he actually believed it.

He’s pulled out of his thoughts by the blow of the whistle signaling the beginning of the game. Slytherin immediately takes hold of the Quaffle and manages to score within the first minute. A chorus of boos and angered shouts comes from Y/H’s section. Draco looks over to see you remaining silent among your peers. He smiles, hoping you may be rooting for Slytherin…for him…silently. Even if you’re not, at least you aren’t booing.

Draco circles around the field, scanning for the snitch. He’d be lying to say that he wasn’t losing his interest in Quidditch, squinting into the distance searching for a flying ball of gold gets boring after awhile. Of course, he didn’t know if the sport itself was actually starting to bore him or the stress recently rested upon him was making him lose interest in the things he loves. Apparently stress can do that. 

He sees a flicker of gold in the distance, shocked at how early on he’s spotted it he doesn’t fully believe he saw it. That is until he sees the seeker for Y/H dive in the direction of the flash of gold. He quickly follows and the two chase after the golden blur, neck and neck. Draco shoves the other seeker, causing him to spin off course and leaving Draco to be the only one in pursuit of the snitch.

He’s extremely close, he takes a hand off his broom and reaches towards the snitch. He feels cold metal on the pads of his fingers, he just needs to get a grip around it. Almost…


He’s nearly knocked off his broom as pain seers through his ribcage. He got hit with a bludger milliseconds before he could grab the snitch. He holds a hand over his ribcage and groans in pain. He rises back into the air to find he’s near Y/H’s section. He looks over at you and you mouth to him, 'Are you okay?’. He nods and manages to give you a faint smile as reassurance.

When he starts to move upward he hears many whispers, “Did Draco Malfoy the Draco Malfoy just smile?”, “Did he smile at you, Y/N?”, “Is there something going on between you two?”, and things of that nature.

He looks back in your direction to see your cheeks turning pink while multiple people start to question you. Though more importantly he sees a smile on your face at the thought of people thinking something is going on between the two of you.

Suddenly, his interest for Quidditch returns. Except rather than loving the sport, wanting to be the best, and move towards winning the House Championships, his goal and motivation to win comes from you. He wants to impress you, and suddenly he finds himself squinting at the field and scanning it as if his life depended on it.

Ten minutes pass with no sign of the snitch. Y/H is currently in the lead, sixty-twenty. Draco continues to scan the field, keeping an eye on the other seeker to see if they look to be in pursuit. He finds himself glancing over at you often as well, trying to make sure you aren’t growing bored. Good thing he’s doing this because it is when he shifts his eyes to you that he spots the snitch once again.

This time determined to get he speeds off in the directions of the flicker of gold. He soon gets close enough that the snitch is hardly a blur anymore. He stretches out his arm when he feels someone bump his side, not strong enough to knock him off his path though. It’s Y/H’s seeker, Draco gives them a menacing stare before turning his eyes back to the snitch. The two race around the field with their arms reaching towards the snitch, they’re neck and neck. Draco, determined to win, jerks his hand out so roughly he fears he might’ve dislocated his shoulder. It would be worth it though, he feels his hand close around the snitch.

He slows down and waves the snitch above his head, wearing a proud smile. The rest of the Slytherin team flies over to congratulate him. He hardly notices their presence as he starts to look for you, to see your reaction. His smile fell, you weren’t in the spot you had previously been in. You weren’t anywhere to be seen.

A look of disappointment washes over Draco’s face as he moves back to the ground. Where did you go? Why did you leave? Did you just not care enough to stay? Did you leave because Slytherin won? Was it foolish of him to think you were here for him? He was disappointed that he ever let that thought into his head.

The rest of the Slytherins were celebrating in their common room, but Draco was in no mood for a party. Though every time he tried to move towards the dorms one of his friends would pull him back to the center of the crowd.

“Dude, what up with you,” Blaise leans onto Draco. “You know you can’t vanish from a party after a win.”


He hadn’t been to the room of requirement in ages. If he was already disappointed with himself he might as well make it even worse by working on that cabinet.

“I actually have to go do something,” Draco mutters before peeling away from the crowd, this time being successful.

He begins the journey from the dungeons all the way to the seventh floor, left corridor. Constantly, he finds himself dodging behind corners at the sight or sound of a teacher. When he makes it to the entrance of the Room of Requirement unscathed he begins to pace and think deeply about what he needs.

I really need to work on this cabinet. If I don’t fix it in time I’ll probably get myself and my family killed. To work on this cabinet though I’m really going to need some privacy. No one else should be able to go in or out. I really just need to be alone, even though I’d rather be talking to Y/N, figuring out why she left the natch early… But I really need to go work on this cabinet in private.

He thinks to himself, allowing him access to the room. He steps inside and begins to make his way to the vanishing cabinet. He examines a feather from the last time when he used that cabinet on a small bird. He begins to realize it’s spending days on end staring at this cabinet that he truly begins to hate what he’s become. He knows he had no choice, it makes him hate all those who did. All who didn’t have people pressuring him to be evil. To kill or be killed. It makes him hate all those who had good people in his life.

He just wanted one good person in his life, he needed one good person in his life.

Where am I going to find a good person who wants to be in my life?

He’s pulled out of his thoughts when he hears a crash from somewhere in the room, faint whispering follows. Someone else is in here.

He draws his wand from his pocket, becoming extremely alert. He swallows hard, the last thing he needs is to be caught in here. He slowly moves towards the sound of the crash, pashing piles and piles of randomized objects. The faint whisper becomes a distinct mutter, a girl’s mutter.

He jumps out from behind the last pile of things before him and the unknown girl and raises his wand. However, he immediately lowers it at the sight before him.

“Y/N?” He questions putting his wand back in his pocket.

You look up at him and gulp. You are kneeling on the ground in front of a puddle of spilt paint to the side of a canvas. Your face turning a bright red to match the paint covering the floor.

“Draco,” you say wide-eyed. “What are you doing here?”

“I could ask you the same thing,” he tuts.

“Well, I needed a canvas and some oils,” you shrug. “So, I went to the room that would supply me with my needs.

"Well, I needed privacy as in no one else being in here,” he says coming off more hostile than he wants to be towards you.

“Maybe you don’t know what you’re actually needs are,” you look down at the ground, saddened at his hostility towards you. Just when you were beginning to think he could actually like you, how silly.

He remembers what he was just thinking about. Where am I going to find a good person who wants to be in my life? “Maybe you’re right,” he admits.

You look up at him and try to suppress any thoughts of him needing you from your head. You look back down at your paint puddle and go back to cleaning.

“You know there’s this thing called magic,” he chuckles before pulling out his wand. After giving it a little flick all the paint moves back into the container.

You tut before letting out a muffled thanks and standing back up. A slight frown forms on your face as you dip your paintbrush into your now unspilt paint and get back to working on your canvas.

“I thought you’d be a little more thankful,” Draco raises an eyebrow.

“I don’t like to mix magic and art,” you huff.

“How come?” he presses on, sounding as though he genuinely cares.

You sigh, not sure if you’re completely comfortable about divulging your childhood to Draco, your muggle childhood. If you even wanted to dream about having a chance with him you figured it wouldn’t be best to remind him you’re muggle-born. However, he’s expecting an answer and you only have the truth.

“It just when I was younger I was told I had a gift when it came to art,” you sigh. “They said my art made my talent seem like magic,” you smile at the memories. “I guess I wanted to keep it all down to talent not literal magic,” you shrug,

“Oh,” is all he has to say. “Well, can I see what you’re painting?”

At that you freeze, brush in midair dripping paint onto the ground. You swallow hard and your face becomes a deeper red than Draco, or anyone has ever seen you as. You slowly turn your near paralyzed head to look at him wide-eyed, You do not even want to imagine Draco’s reaction to your current work, yet alone see or hear it in reality.

He chuckles, “I’ll take that as a no.” You slightly nod and turn back to your work. “If I can’t look at it can you at least tell me what it is?” Your face is burning at this point, it feels so hot you fear you may need to go down to the hospital wing.

He appears next to you and you nearly choke on the lump forming in your throat. You set your brush down and timidly turn your head to look at him. You get a side view of his head, slightly tilted with a flattered expression resting on his face.

“Is that me?” He smiles brightly and you swallow hard.

“Is that weird?” You timidly ask.

He turns his head to look down at you, a smile still plastered on his face. “Not at all.”

He looks back to examine the painting even deeper as you rock on your heels as an anxious tick. The painting is a site you captured in your head at the match. Draco with his hand outstretched towards a golden blur, you seeker right at his heels. You painted the world around them as a fuzzy haze to show they were moving at top speeds. In the background one could distinguish the field, goalposts, stadium full of students, as well as the other players flying about.

“Is this why you left the match early?”

“Yeah, I just got the idea and rushed here to go and paint it,” you shrug. Then, you fully process what he just said. “You noticed I left?” Your eyebrows knit together and you move your gaze to him.

“Of course,” he says looking at you. “I did it for you,” he states. “I woke up this morning and the last thing I wanted to do was go looking for a golden blur. Then, I remembered you said I could count on you being there and I knew I had to play.” You open your mouth to speak but no words come out, so Draco continues. “I was planning on inviting you to the after party as my date but you weren’t there,” he shrugs. He’s trying to play it cool but truly he heart is beating a mile a minute. He was not intended to profess his love for you but before he could stop himself the words were slipping from his mouth.


“Yeah, is it so weird for me to take the girl I’ve liked since second year to be my date?” There’s no going back now. It’s out, the secret is out. Draco Malfoy has feelings for Y/N Y/L/N.

He waits for you to say something, anything. He heart is racing and his cheeks are turning pink. He hopes you’ll say you feel the same but you just stay silent.

Your mouth hangs agape, you can’t believe what you’re hearing. “You’ve liked me since second year?”

“Is that weird?” He timidly asks as you did previously.

“N-not at all,” you smile wider than ever, your face only turning slightly pink. “I mean I’ve liked you since first year.” You see his eyes light up at that, he looks as if this is exactly what he needs to hear.

You two stay silent for a moment, gazing into each others eyes. Both of you wondering what to do next. His eyes slowly move down to your lips, linger for a second, then dart back to your eyes.

“Can I kiss you?” He breathes out so quietly you barely hear.

You nod and try to suppress the butterflies in your stomach. He takes a step closer to you and lightly grips your elbows. He pulls you close and stares deep into your eyes. He starts to lean in as do you, both closing your eyes. His lips gently connect to yours. He softly moves his lips against yours, his hands moving down to your waist as yours get tangled in his hair. Neither of you pull away until you both are gasping for air.

“So did you win?” You giggle once you’ve caught your breath.

“I have now.”