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Gio I think you did the same thing it did. As soon as I saw it with no cred, looked through Lauren's tag found the person who posted it. Now I'm searching it on tumblr and Twitter

i’m actually mad someone removed the name of my tumblr because it took me time to edit but it is what it is

Happy Birthday!

Today is 23 of March, this is the birthday of my teammate and friend - @thewatchfulgent

I’m really happy I met you and became a part of Detective Conan translation team. I think, that it is thanks to you I found my place and became the one I am right now. Thank you!

Thank you for your typesetting work, I am always amazed at how you change my lines to better-sounding, ‘English’, lively phrases. Your work is extremely helpful for this fandom and I, on behalf of it, thank you for this. 

Thank you also for not just being a teammate, but also a friend that I can speak with and have a lot of fun doing joke panels. Speaking of…

Check this out, if you didn’t see it before :D

Happy Birthday, Gent!

Have a great day :3

excuse the paint editing job lol

Well here’s my introduction to the studyblr community I suppose. I’ve kind of been lurking around for quite some time, until earlier this year. But I disappeared but now I’m back.

Here’s a little bit about me:

  • I’m from Melbourne, Australia.
  • 18 years old
  • Double majoring in journalism and, creative writing and literature
  • Minoring in criminology
  • i’m always up for recommendations (about books, movies, tv series, documentaries - anything, just hmu)

*(follows/likes come from auth-0r - my personal/writing tumblr)*

Studyblrs tagged are my personal favs: p.s; i’m probably forgetting a few.

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and when the lights start flashing like a photobooth
and the stars exploding
we’ll be fireproof

—troye sivan “youth” / © hoshi majoo

Shit my fiancé said while I was making him watch Hannibal with me.

(First part can be found here. He had a major problem with Mason Verger and I don’t have the heart to tell him this character’s coming back oh no)


hope and legacy // let’s go crazy