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Hey everyone, I unfollowed a bunch of inactive blogs and now my dash is dead. Reblog this If u post things related to:

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  •   books, history, and mythology in general

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i've been inadvertently following omgcp\irl hockey blogs for a while now and still, to this day, if you put a bunch of white dudes in front of me and said "one of these is Sydney Crosby guess which one" i would absolutely not be able to tell you

lol that’s what happened to me! it’s a cycle of “hmm, not that much check please, better follow some sideblogs oH THAT’S A LOT OF REAL HOCKEY guess I know some stuff about that now”

he’s the one who looks like andy samberg 

The Sherlock Series 4 publicity cycle kicks into a higher gear starting today.

That means now would be a really good time to:

  1. Make sure you know the sp0iler policies of the blogs you follow. (Mine’s here.)
  2. Make sure you’ve told your own blog’s followers how you’ll be handling / tagging sp0ilers.
  3. Learn how to blacklist sp0iler tags (if needed / desired).
  4. Fasten your seatbelt.

I look kinda weird but I mean who doesn’t when they’re masking😂
I wanted to show you guys how my favorite mask looks when applied. This is the L'Oréal Detox and Brighten Mask. Right now, I’m getting off my period and I always get breakouts after instead of during my cycle.
The mask in the jar is really creamy and easy to apply. The dots that you see are my pores being accentuated, it means the mask is going deep down into my skin and getting rid of all the junk build up.
This mask gets pretty hard after a while so it can be a little annoying and hard to eat, smile, or make face expressions at all. But after taking it off with water it really leaves my skin feeling squeaky clean👌🏼
I definitely recommend this mask for those who suffer from acne or large pores (this mask has definitely shrunk my pores overtime)
You can get this mask at the drugstore for about $15
Now you see why it’s my favorite❤️

  • Me: *yawns* boy am I tired. I think I should go to be-
  • Uterus: *In Mushu voice* I LLLLIIIIIIVVVVVVEEEEEEEEE!!!!!
  • Me: Oh, hell no not now...
  • Me: No.. God please no... can't this wait until morning.. or never. Never would be nice.
  • Uterus: TIME TO OPEN THE GATES TO HELLL!!!! *begins spouting blood violently and stabbing the inside of my body with a hot poker*
  • Me: *single man tear* I. Just. Wanted. To. Sleep. *curls up into a ball and awaits death*

Hey There!

I haven’t posted in a while so I thought I would give an update to let you all know what’s up. I am currently working on putting together that Greenlight trailer however I am also working on putting the game together. What I mean by that is I am putting together a working, fun, game that someone can play and experience in a somewhat playable state.

All the features I have been posting on this blog are almost all created in a test environment or “Room” and once I got them to work I just move on to the next feature. This left me with a bunch of features that are in separate bubbles that work on their own and not at all tested in a typical game cycle. The actual game is just a sequence of (somewhat broken) empty rooms connected together meaninglessly with just one enemy type and haphazard obstacle placement.

So that is what I’m dealing with right now, no more features for a while, just putting everything together and MAJOR bug fixing. It’s already feeling much better but there is A LOT of work left. However once I have a stable game cycle I would have a good idea of the state of the actual game and maybe start working towards a beta and put up a development road-map.

Also while messing with the chests I updated the animation because it was awful and made chests explode with gold when opening which feels really satisfying. That’s all for now. Cya!


Triumph of Virtues, Minerva Expelling the Vices from the Garden of Virtue, 1502. Andrea Mantegna. Now at the Louvre museum.

Isabella d’Este’s Studiolo

The fashion of studioli, or private studies, small rooms reserved for intellectual activities, spread in the 15th century in the Italian courts, bathed in Humanist culture.

Isabella d’Este, who married Francesco II in 1490, rapidly decided to create a studiolo in a tower of the old Castello di San Giorgio. The work on this project lasted more than twenty years.

She entrusted Mantegna with the first two canvases of the cycle, Parnassus (1497) and Minerva (1502), but considering his work out-of-date, she turned to the most famous painters of the new generation. In vain she solicited Giovanni Bellini, Leonardo da Vinci and Francesco Francia but, in 1505, she obtained only the disappointing painting by Perugino. Lorenzo Costa, appointed court painter at Mantegna’s death (1506), completed the decoration with two canvases delivered between 1506 and 1511.

Minerva Expelling the Vices from the Garden of Virtue, completed in 1502, contains ideas and motifs that had obsessed the artist from his beginnings, nonetheless leads one to consider that the artist played a determining role in its conception: the theme of Ignorance as enemy of Virtue, numerous inscriptions in different alphabets, clouds and a tree in human form, or the grotesque personifications of the Vices, chased by the dynamic and majestic warrior goddess.

Hey y'all!

Lately, I have been struggling. A LOT - more than I’d like to admit. The eating disorder thoughts (and occasionally behaviors) have been running rampant, the flashbacks have been happening more frequently, and the suicidal thoughts have been loud. As a result, I have really been neglecting this blog, as well as most other forms of self care/things that are important to me. Of course, that has only made the aforementioned issues even WORSE, which creates this vicious cycle, and you can picture it from there. I’ve also been struggling a lot with the fact that I’m now living on my own (I finally have my own place - which is exciting, but also comes with challenges of its own). So, my fantastic/incredible/every positive adjective ever therapist and I have agreed that to create some accountability, I am going to be making daily blog posts just to update y'all and show that I am alive and well. This is the first of those, with a lovely selfie of a deliriously tired me in my cozy new bed (with a Kate Spade bedspread because KATE SPADE). I may be struggling but I am still fighting strong, and I can get through this. I know I can. 💪🏼


the raven girls! inspired by some posts i saw yesterday!

i have so many ideas about this au,, gansey would 100% own a kanken backpack. noah would drown herself in glitter. adam has the bi haircut™. also consider this: lady farmer ronan. 💯 good shit 

Looking for blogs to follow

I haven’t been around that much in a while, and now that I’m back I want to follow more booklr blogs. Reblog or like this, if you post about:

- The Throne of Glass series


- Harry Potter 

- The Shadowhunter Chronicles  

- The Raven Cycle 

- The Darkest Minds trilogy

- The Vampire Academy series 

- The Percy Jackson/ Heroes of Olympus series

- Honestly, I just like so many books/ book series.  Just reblog or like if you post about books. 

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Crack where Arme doing well in Phoru Academy, but when Creation Mode strikes, he keeps on losing points and barely loses pls. EE at the end reminds him that Cycle Mode exists. Arme internally cries.

He was doing well, keeping the Phoru brats awake in class, not getting caught by Banthus’ glare.  Arme smiled to himself and stomped down next to another sleeping Phoru student, waking them up with a squeak. Good.  All he needed now was to keep up this streak.

On his next stomp, a projection of him flashed out and hit an awake Phoru.  Arme froze.

No, no, no, this couldn’t be happening-

The Phoru threw a book at him, and Arme only narrowly avoided it.  Okay. Okay, he could do this, he just needed to remember that Creation mode was up.  He could still win.

He lost.

Arme crumpled to the carpeted floor, utterly disappointed in himself. Vaguely he heard Mochi laugh.

“You know… Cycle mode is a thing,” the other Celestial teased.

Arme wanted to strangle him.

It’s a self-perpetuating cycle. 

I’m now following mostly Bethyl blogs…

…so most of what I see on my dash is related to Bethyl…

…so then most of what I reblog is related to Bethyl…

…so now my own blog is pretty much a  Bethyl blog. 

This is clearly what God wants.