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My newest Malec OS is available on AO3.

For those of you who want to, it comes with a list of songs on Spotify.

Summary: Reclusive singer Alec Lightwood has been taking some time away from the spotlight for a few years now. He has lost his inspiration, his reason to keep making music. 

That is, until his manager, Luke Garroway, asks him to enter the panel of the ridiculous singing competition The Angel’s Voice. Alec only says yes because that means keeping an eye on Clary and Simon. He hates those fixed, degrading TV shows with a burning passion. Hopefully, Alec figures, he’ll get some inspiration back watching new comers try their luck on TV. Some of them are bound to be good. 

It isn’t until Magnus Bane walks on stage, however, that Alec realizes just how right he is.

ok people have been talking about Yuri!!! On Ice getting a sequel and whatnot so I want to add my own dice to the table.

Ever since the first few episodes, Yuri has been saying this season will be his last. He’s going to retire after the Grand Prix Final and be done with professional skating his entire life regardless of the outcome. 

Yuri said figure skaters only have a short amount of time until they can’t keep being competitive and he’s getting close to the age where he can’t be competitive anymore. Now Yuri’s official age at this point is now 24. Most of the skaters are around 20 or so but some are as old as 25 (Chris and Georgi) which would be Yuri’s age in the next season. Not to forget that Viktor is 27 and the only reason he’s stopped skating competitively is to coach Yuri.

Yuri is frequently shown to have an insane stamina and hasn’t had any major injuries. Unless something happens to him, he would probably still be physically able to compete. So what’s stopping him? We know Yuri suffers from some forms of anxiety and has a history of having bad self-esteem. I think his decision to retire is more based off him mentally not physically. He doesn’t think he can or should continue.

Basically, Yuri’s plan to retire after GPF seems to be more based on his mental state than his physical state. With encouragement from Viktor, Yuri may realize that he has the capability of continuing skating-maybe for as long as Viktor himself. If Yuri decides to not retire, then we can very well have another season on our hands. BUT if we’re getting another season the writers may pull a Haikyuu on us and Yuri doesn’t receive the gold this season but wins it next season or (hopefully) Yuri will win it twice or more and become the next Viktor Nikiforov.

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Can I request a scenario where s/o is trying to comfort oikawa after seijou's loss but oikawa just snaps like "How would you know? You're not even brave enough to follow your passions" and it's a sore point because s/o is going to uni to study what their parents want, no what they want

For @wantedastronaut , that threatened me with memes to finish this.

You were just minding your own business when suddenly you heard a loud slam of a door. You assumed that Oikawa’s competition didn’t go as well as he thought it would. You were over at his place, book in one hand and a cup of tea in another. You enjoyed going to Tooru’s place, it always felt welcomed, the air was always warm and pleasant but now for some reason, it was stiff and dense, and it felt like it was going to suffocate you anytime sooner.

“Get out,” Oikawa ordered, his voice was unlike his usually cheery self, it was intimidating, frightening, to say the least. Dating Oikawa was almost as though as you were on a rollercoaster, except this time you were blindfolded as you’re on the ride. You never knew when he felt unusually cheery or when he was mad, very, very mad. You looked at your boyfriend in the eye and quirked an eyebrow, not believing what he just said.

‘Get out, now!“ This time, his voice got louder. Booming through the four walls of his room. The silence was deafening and your mouth was wide open, in horror shock. “Why? What’s wrong?” you cooed in a gentle voice, putting your book and mug aside and taking slow, long strides towards your boyfriend. When you reached him, you took the both of his hands and held it. It felt cold.

Oikawa was always the easy type to comfort. A word or two would usually do the trick and from there Oikawa would usually need lots of attention and affection, and that was that. But today, it wasn’t. He flinched as you held his hands and pulled it away immediately. “Babe,” you said, voice tight, “you okay?” Oikawa broke off any form of eye contact and gently shoved you aside and headed for his wardrobe.

A sharp pain could be felt in your chest, your breathing started to become heavier and your tears welled up at the corner of your eyes. But you kept it all in, putting your boyfriend as the current priority. “Tooru,” you gently reached out, in a final attempt, “Tell me,” but all you got back was plain silence and nothing else other than a huff. “Go away can you?” Oikawa asked once again, it sounded more of a plead now.

“I won’t go until you tell me. What’s wrong? Was it the match today? Did you lose? If you did that’s fine, you know. All you gotta do is just-” you were cut off before you could even finish, Oikawa pointed a deadly glare at you, one that you only thought he gives his opponents.

“How would you know? You’re not even brave enough to follow your passions” he snapped “Look at you, miserably following what your parents want and not what you want.” He turned and headed for the bathroom, “Don’t tell me what to do, and please, get out.”

You smiled weakly, tears started to stream down like a river that didn’t seem to have an end to it. “You’re right, I should go.” And just like that, you walked out of his room and out the front door. Some part of you wished that Oikawa would come running and beg for forgiveness but he didn’t, instead, you were left walking home, alone.

A few interesting points from the leaks (nothing story-related):
  • Leech Life is now a TM and its power has been increased to 80 (stronger than Drain Punch and Giga Drain!)
  • Apricorn balls are available again (Moon balls mentioned specifically)
  • EXP Share works the same way as in gen6 so no changes there. You also get it early on in the game.
  • Some old pokemon have their abilities changed (like often happens with a new generation) Gigalith -> Sand Stream, Vanillish -> Snow Warning, some talk about Gengar losing levitate has been around but not confirmed

Also related is that for some reason the whole competitive community is whining about some base stat reveals as if the new pokemon were expected all to be meta-changingly powerful.

// 5 Reasons You Need to Watch The Great British Bake Off //

It’s probably the most British thing since bad teeth and the Queen, the Great British Bake Off is a baking competition featured on BB1 and chronicles a competition with amateur bakers. Seems dull right? Wrong! Find below my 5 reasons to watch The Great British Bake Off Now!

  1. The sexual innuendo - ‘soggy bottom’ takes on new meaning this show, coming from the delightfully British and polite mouth of Mary Berry, the show makes for some hilarious viewing.
  2. The comedy genius of Sue and Mel - The presenters of the show comedian Sue Perkins and presenter Mel Geidoryc, create wacky farce and mischief as the narrate the amateur baker’s every move. 

       3. It can be pretty inspirational, from gravity-defying cakes to watching                      people discover self-confidence the show can really tug at the heart                    strings!

         4. The Cakes Are Pretty Spectacular. From the showstopper to the           technical challenge, these people know what they’re doing. Get ready to be     impressed every week.    

         5. And finally The Great British Humour, its sarcastic, silly and just a little bit dirty! This show never takes itself too seriously and always ensures a laugh.

So give it a go, but warning, never watch this show hungry!

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*Curtsies* Maybe it is an unfair question, but as I see a massive numbers of readers declaring that they are a cat person, I'd like to know about you: are you a cat or a dog person? :)

*Curtsies* I’m an all animals with more or less than six legs person. Basically, I’m fine with anything that isn’t an insect (including spiders; I think they’re cool). I love cats and dogs. I also love birds and snakes. I rode horses competitively for years. I’ve had mice and hamsters and fish and frogs and lizards and turtles and guinea pigs. I have a guinea pig now. However, I come from a family of dog people and for that reason when I finally decided that I was old/financially stable/responsible enough to get a pet that doesn’t live in a box, it turned out to be a dog. This tag might explain some things.

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If all the bros had a crush on a person, how do you think that would go down? (Poly ending or non poly ending, however you feel!)

I absolutely love the idea of the Matsus being in a poly relationship with their s/o, so I went with that! (˶ ・⌄ ・˶ )

They are all very competitive as you would guess, trying everything they can to undermine each other. Osomatsu “accidentally” tells you all the embarrassing stuff about his brothers, especially about poor Choromatsu. Karamatsu tries his best to literally outshine his brothers, his painfulness level now on max. Choromatsu is giving you his “I am the most reasonable guy out of these idiots” vibes, while secretly locking out the others from the house so he could spend some time with you alone, and really, his cunning little plans seem to work most of the time. Ichimatsu brings out his deadly aura, scaring everyone away (and threatning Karamatsu, because screw Karamatsu in particular). Jyushi wrestles him a lot to assert dominance, but most of the time he’s just there, waiting ever so patiently for a chance to come. He’s the one that usually sits next to you or asks you out on a “date” while the others are busy fighting each other. Totty blackmails all his brothers with various pictures he’s taken, so he manages to get a fair share of time spent with you.

Seriously, the whole repertoire of Tom & Jerry gags is present there, but after some time it gets very boring, especially when you can’t even spend a single minute with any of the boys without something strange happening. You might as well muster up some courage and confess, while it’s still not that bad…

If you only want to date one or a few of them, the rest will be very bitter, almost offended, and they will throw tantrums from time to time, complain a lot and just bully the “lucky ones” more than they usually do, but will eventually move on, and let you have your happiness.

If it turns out you want to date all of them, however, the most surrealistic thing unfolds before your eyes.  Once they get over the initial confusion (because what, you seriously love all of them??), they are absolutely overjoyed, crying and screaming, throwing random things around like magazines, cat food and Jyushimatsu. It’s quite possibly the greatest outcome to them, one they had never guessed would turn into reality. It’s like the constant bickering and competing over your attention never happened, they are suddenly all ready to share you with each other. When you ask them why the sudden change of attitude, they explain that what would really make them feel envious was if one of them suddenly achieved happiness, while the rest was still stuck in the same miserable place, and this is completely different from that. Knowing that the person they love actually loves them back is what matters to them the most - not to mention, dating all of them means their life is now even easier than before, as they don’t have to fear one of them suddenly leaves the group. You can just move in and everything is solved!

Osomatsu is the one that is most likely to initiate any sort of intimacy with you, regardless of his brothers being there or not. He will cling onto you, cuddle up to you whenever he feels like it and hold your hand in public so casually it’s almost embarrassing, making the others scream internally and wanting to set him on fire. They really do consider doing it, when he once just straight-out asks you if you want to have sex. As clingy as he is, he really doesn’t mind sharing at all, and will sometimes even encourage his brothers to cuddle you from the other side or take your other hand. He often teams up with Totty to sneak up on you and shower you with hugs and kisses.

Karamatsu really wants to have some dedicated time alone with you, but it’s never really respected. You will know when he craves your attention, because he will get unusually fidgety and will glance at your direction every now and then. He would love to take you on walks and sit with you on the rooftop, trying to show you the latest song he wrote. He takes ages to finally kiss you, because whenever he feels like it’s going to turn out perfect, the others are always there, watching. The longer you are dating the Matsunos, though, the less frequent spying on each other gets, so Karamatsu will definitely have the chance to check off every overly romantic thing from his “must do” list. He’s okay with almost all of his brothers coming to cuddle you while he’s doing the same, but he must always be there first, and he never initiates anything when he sees someone has already “claimed” you.

Choromatsu has a whole program planned out for every day, each featuring who and how many hours and minutes are allowed to have with you, but no matter how much he screams about it, noone ever listens. It’s not like he doesn’t get to spend time with you at all, but when he’s deprived of taking you to somewhere for the third time, he flips out and demands immediate attention. The others just let out a sigh, because here we go again, and urge you to go out on a date with him so he can calm down. He has a constant fear of being watched for understandable reasons, so he rarely ever makes a move himself, and your first kiss is very awkward, too. He’s way too self-conscious to let anyone else near you when you two are cuddling, but it sometimes happens with Osomatsu. They are pretty amusing when they argue, though, so you guess it’s okay.

Ichimatsu is not too particular about being completely alone with you, he’s content with being able to randomly snuggle up to you or play with your hair like the cat he is, and the only time he demands full attention is when he wants to have sex. And how will you know he wants to? You will know. His glare is so intense it sends shivers up your spine, and you swear you could sense it from far away. While Osomatsu is the fastest to get intimate, Ichimatsu is the most shameless, and who knows how far he would be willing to go in front of his brothers… He will touch and kiss you a lot, making even cuddling look like something filthy. He doesn’t do anything until he gets permission, so you can either ask him to go further (or, tell him you’re not in the mood, because hey, that’s a perfectly acceptable choice, too), or you can let him suffer quietly, which is… I guess still works if you’re into it.

Jyushimatsu is all about sharing, really. He loves group hugs and snuggles the most, although they very rarely work out (Karamatsu always gets kicked out for some mysterious reason, and Choromatsu and Osomatsu will always start arguing no matter what). He sometimes takes you out on dates, although they could be more likely described as “adventures”, and he is the first his brothers stop spying on, which means a lot of kissing for you two.

Totty is the most particular about spending “quality time” with you, as he likes to call it, demanding zero disturbance while he takes you on fancy dates and the such. It will most of the time result in him frantically trying to shake off his brothers, but as time progresses, and the usual outings become boring for both of you, he gets more casual about it. He won’t kick anyone off of you if they try to join in with the cuddling, but he will be very vocal about it, and will probably try to challenge the other about who can be more disgustingly affectionate with you.

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Isn't it weird how now a lot more people has broken the 100, 200 then 300 points barrier? It just makes those 'point marks' seem a lot more attainable and somewhat meaningless...

The sport is evolving, it was bound to happen, in a way or another. I’m not really happy about how it’s happening, but that’s another story xD

I think that part of the reason why it happens so often is the fact that some competitions are really overscored, and the judges are not evaluating PCS and GOEs as they should. That said, it’s true that the tech progress in men’s skating is astounding, so there’s that too. It’s easier to break 100 or 200 with a higher BV, obviously. But that’s just my two cents. It’s “easier”, but for several reasons and not just when it comes to men’s competitions. If you look at how ladies were scored in the Yuna-Mao golden era you’ll notice how it was more difficult to break 200 imo. I do think these marks are more attainable than they were in the past, but still, I wouldn’t say they’re meaningless. It might be for new fans, who might not realise how incredible breaking 100, 200 and 300 looked until last year. Of course as it happens more and more it will look more “normal”, but as of now I still remember how incredible Yuna’s performances at worlds were and how out of this world it was when Yuzuru broke 300 at nhk. ^^

quick Lance doodle!!

I am getting a bit frustrated because for some reason I am never satisfied of how I draw this guy and since I am running around a lot too being busy I almost don’t have time to doodle these last few weeks. :(

Strange on how I wasn’t sure to like his character when I first started watching voltron and now he is among my top fave.XD (and long live the surfer and competition swimmer AUs! cookies to the ones who find keith in the pic.;))


hello, my previous tumblr deleted for stupid reasons, but I have it “figured it out now.” Hello, so once again I’m pretty isolated at my small school and I was looking for some friends or maybe a close friend or two. My interests include classical music (i have a competition soon), game of thrones, books, basketball.

Honestly, IDGAF about your interests just as long as we have nice conversation or whatever… 

p.s. someone my age. thanks.


Taurus sun/Aries moon Female's experience with the signs

I’m so sorry this is so long >.<

Aries: I’ve actually known very few Aries people now that I think about it. The only one I remember is a girl from 7th grade. And she was so outgoing and confident. I used to envy her confidence since I’m quite a shy person. But for some reason, she felt a certain level of competition towards me. We were always in this subtle competition in almost everything. From listing the countries we’ve visited to outdoing each other in our favourite subjects. I never directly competed, but she always felt the need to “overthrow” me. I didn’t mind, even though I like a bit of competition, I never take it too seriously. She was a good friend to hang out with though, really fun and, well kinda loud, which suited me just fine since I can be loud as well sometimes.

Taurus: My uncle, me and two of my former best friends are Taureans. I absolutely adore my uncle, he’s so laid-back and calm in everything he does. I’ve never seen him flustered or aggravated and I appreciate that so much, because he’s a grown man and a matured person who knows how to handle certain situations and when *not* to be too laid-back. My other friend. Well, I had a love/hate relationship with her. She was just so lazy and stubborn. She would take so long to make decisions and wouldn’t budge from an opinion. She had a lot of drama in her life, and most of it came from her not being able to say no. I’d listen to her problems as much as I could and give my advice, but she never listened to any of them so in the end I gave up and distanced myself from her. Because how can you help someone who doesn’t want your help? Idk how else to describe her other than “lazy”. Not physically, but mentally. We can be very opinionated at times but have a very open mind as well. Quite contradictory tbh.

Gemini: I love hanging out with these guys. They’re so much fun. My female Gemini friend is so chill and loves dancing like me. So we’re always talking about music and dance. And just gossiping in general. My other male Gemini friend, well I don’t really talk much to him, but when we do, we don’t shut up. Every Gemini I’ve met loves to talk. But with me having Mercury in Taurus, I can barely keep up but I love talking as well and won’t shut up when passionate about something. So sometimes I just wonder if I’m boring them, but they just keep talking and it honestly doesn’t matter as long as you can keep up and comment here and there. But you need to be fast. If they stop talking, you need to quickly come up with another topic to get them going or they will move on to talk to the next person.

Cancer: Well, these guys. My dad and my current best friend and an aunt are Cancerians. I’m really close with my dad. And one thing I know for sure about Cancerians is that they are GREAT listeners. They will never judge you and will quietly listen to your problems. But they also love gossip. They’re really emotional and quite easily hurt. They have this heightened emotional sense. If someone who they’re not close to, even jokingly says somethings offensive. It just gets to them. Gets to them so bad. My dad, when he’s drunk. Almost every little thing gets to him, and he takes it to heart. My aunt when drunk, just starts crying. My best friend hasn’t let me see her cry yet. But she has admitted to crying when some drama with a friend gets too much. They’re really sensitive and you have to tread really carefully when dealing with their emotions. But they’re all fun and games when they’re sober and happy. Very funny (witty humour) and friendly people. Love socialising and going to parties. MOOD SWINGS tho. Epic mood swings. UNREAL mood swings almost on the verge of being bipolar tbh. But happens usually when something is on their mind. Other times, they can really motherly (even my dad). And they love taking care of you (even if they complain). 

Leo: Amazing socialites. They are such social people it’s unreal. I envy their confidence so much. Everyone loves them. My close male friend, has SO many friends it’s unreal. He’ll be walking down the campus and will say hi and have a conversation with at least 5 people. We’ll be sitting in a cafe and if he sees an ACQUAINTANCE, he’ll just go up to them and casually start chatting. He is so confident and so real as well. So genuine, humble and kind. He has done a lot for me without any complaints and I’ll always love him for that. Another female friend is amazingly confident as well. She’s not actively social like my male friend but damn she has no inhibitions whatsoever. Her switch goes ON at the club and by the end of the night she’d have made out with atleast 5 different guys. But she’s so sweet and kind as well. They all are tbh. Very generous and love their close friends to death. Loyal to a fault. But very determined as well. 

Virgo: They are amazing people to hang out with and you have such a fun time with them. Their dry, sarcastic humour is hilarious and always so random. My first virgo male friend, he’s very adorkable and a total geek. But he’s such a drama queen tbh. But at the same time very practical? It’s like he loves over-dramatizing his problems but that’s only for a moment (days) and in the end makes a very practical decision which is completely unlike his initial highly emotional drama. Very contradictory personality. But also very comfortable people to be around. My other male friend (who I actually have a crush on whoops) is kind of quiet but can be so random at times. Very energetic people and are always learning new things or just, doing something. He also has a sarcastic sense of humour which come at very unexpected times and I love it. And I forgot to mention but they can be really cocky and arrogant as well. But that cockiness is just a mask. They’re really sensitive, humble and hard working people underneath. Very self-critical as well and do not take failure really well. Always striving to be better. Very ambitious and very intelligent people, with amazing memory. They’ll whip out random things from the past and leave you wondering, how did they remember that? They love analysing stuff, learning and are very observant people. Great people to have intellectual conversations with. Highly creative as well. One loves music (singing + playing guitar), other loves poetry and another loves art. 

Libra: Another very social sign. I’ve had many Libra friends. First thing, they take SO LONG to make a decision. SO LONG. They will think about it for eternity before FINALLY making their decision. They hate confrontations and will avoid it at all costs. Very warm people and amazing to hug and easy to love. Very touchy. I’ve known two different types: One who is very friendly and inviting and the other who can be a bit standoffish and is quite sarcastic and intimidating sometimes. But both are amazingly popular. They attract so many friends and admirers, it’s honestly out of their control. First female friend loves attention and loves socialising. Used to be a part of almost every lunch table group back in school. Huge drama queen and will sometimes blow her problems out of proportion. Second female friend, not directly social but always ended up attracting many people and becoming quite popular. All of them are beautiful and very charming. Actually, charming is the only word needed to describe them. Very good with words and conversations. My male friend is the most sweetest person, but has a short temper. Also doesn’t like confrontations and tends to overthink things (usually alone). They all would rather try to solve problems on their own before seeking out help. Easily jealous and easy to get a reaction out of. 

Scorpio: Another best friend, my mother and an ex. Amazingly funny and extremely loyal people. Will go to the ends of the Earth for the people close to them. If you offend their loved ones, they will destroy you. Will promise the moon to you if they love you. Very curious individuals and love learning about different things in life. Will have several questions about the world (most of which they already have an answer to, but will ask anyway). Love figuring out other people. Lots of drama in their life. If there isn’t any drama, then they will find ways to create one (sometimes unconsciously). Tend to overthink a lot and will take the smallest of problems very seriously. Bad listeners and tend to push in their own stuff while someone is talking about themselves. Very opinionated and will not budge at all costs unless they decide to themselves. Nothing can convince them to do anything they don’t want to do. Very hostile if decieved/hurt. Will almost destroy you with their words if you go against them. Can hurt you emotionally to the point of crying.

Sagittarius: Amazing listeners. Honestly. So curious about the world. They love listening to other opinions and finding new things to enjoy. Very open and respectful people. Have such amazing deep conversations with them. Can sometimes be a very life-changing moment tbh. One of my closest friends is a Sagittarius and will always be one of my most treasured friends. Very honest people and don’t sugarcoat anything. They care a lot about their friends almost to the point where they can be taken advantage of. But they’ll never take any of your bullshit though. Will tell it to you how it is. Quite self-sacrificing and will always lend a hand to help. Very aloof and quite confident. My favourite aunt is also one and she is a delight to be with. Is more like a close friend than an aunt. Can talk to her about anything and she will listen very intently. Amazing people to be friends with.

Capricorn: Can be quite hypocritical. Tend to be lazy at times. Not physically, but in attitude. Absolutely hate failure and will dwell on it for a long time if it happens. Very loyal to their family and quite proud. Treat respect with utmost importance. If yo don’t have respect for them, they won’t give a shit about you. Like to be social, but are in reality a bit standoffish. A bit cold in attitude sometimes, which results in them having few close friends. Admired by a lot of people. Are natural leaders. Can be quite fake at times, and very manipulative. Don’t know their emotions too well, and will fake it in order to please the other person. Not a big fan of capricorns sadly I’m sorry. Have had a bad history with the ones I’ve known.

Aquarius + Pisces: Actually have never met a Pisces or Aquarius, and if I coincidentally have, then I wouldn’t know sorry :(

College!Ashton had the highest grades in his class. Now that he was starting his second year of med school, he was well known around as one of the best students to grace the school’s grounds. Until you came around and surpassed him in every way. Even though you were just starting your first year, your grades had already surpassed his. And him, being the competitive guy that he was, did not like it.

That was until you needed help in Histology. The class was really cool, but for some reason, you couldn’t seem to be able to see in an image the difference between endocrine and exocrine glands. When was it tubular or alveolar? Sometimes you couldn’t even differentiate between an epithelial and a connective tissue. It was torture for you, especially since you always strived to be the best.

And that was why you asked Ashton for help. He was pretty smug at first and almost refused, just to be able to keep his place as the number one student in the school. But when he noticed the tears of frustration and embarrassment forming in your eyes, he really couldn’t refuse you.

And after that time he continued to help you until you graduated one year after him as an honors student. With better grades than him. Only barely, of course, and all because of him. And he couldn’t be prouder because he saw how much you struggled and vice versa.

And maybe on your graduation day, he proposed to you, but that’s a story for another day.

For those that are worried about Davekat breaking up/not ending up being a thing at all, consider this:

At this point in time it’s very unlikely that Hussie would have Dave come to terms with his sexuality just to have him end up with a girl. That would be way too much of a letdown and downright fucking lame on a writing level, and a punch in the face.

Assuming no one else is revived, and not counting Dirk (I doubt Dave is THAT open-minded even now..), check out the landscape:

We’ve got Gamzee, Tavrosprite, Arquius, Jake and John. I don’t think the first three are even in the running, pttf. At this point John seems clearly uninterested, and unless Jake and Dave hit it off wonderfully for some reason then Karkat practically has no competition.

Epic Starters
  • My dad always told me stories about a hidden world where brave warriors watch over and protect us.
  • I'm not from this world.
  • You have bat sounds in your I-pod? Why?
  • Just because you haven't seen something doesn't mean it's not there.
  • OW!!! I hurt my elbow!
  • Isn't that cool?
  • It's so beautiful!
  • C'mon! You're with us now!
  • If our world dies, your world will die too.
  • You're riding with me
  • You're here for a reason. Sometimes the connections aren't clear, but they're always there.
  • The forest belongs to the darkness.
  • That's the spirit!
  • I don't know how much your mother told you about my work.
  • Just that you have a delusional belief in an advanced society of tiny people living in the woods.
  • Who are you people?
  • Is that the best you got?
  • You know I like you.
  • You want me to lose, you got to give me some better competition.
  • I admire your independent spirit
  • I imagine you're wondering why I invited you here.
  • Hey, if this is a bad time, I can come back when you're done gardening
  • I let you keep your legs.
  • It's been a weird day for everybody.
  • What was that thing?!
  • Someone had a happy childhood.
  • I had the most messed-up dream.
  • Oh, your stories are boring and tortureous!
  • My son was born on a night like this
  • A queen brought you here... how about a queen send you back?
[Translation] Matsui Jurina Interview with Bessatsu Kadokawa DIRECT 03 (Part 2/2)

Wait…it’s still full of Rena HAHAHA

But this part, there’s also other members mentioned. I don’t know why but I feel J’s being really honest in this interview, like when she talks about SKE’s popularity nowadays. It’d be great to see SKE performs live everywhere. (and of course, on TV!!!!)

Here you go.

“Right now, young members are all fired up because Rena-chan’s position is vacant”

-          Then, let’s talk about SKE48 a bit. Since Rena-san graduated, her position is now vacant.

J: That’s right. I think this is the main reason that juniors are all trying their best. They might start “competition”? Because we’ve never been in this kind of situation, so everyone’s got fired up. It became a good encouragement.

-          Please specify some examples, who is now going all out?

J: 6th gen Ryoha, Rion, and also 5th gen Nao-chan. Ryoha-chan got all fired up and said “I want to be center again”

-          “12 Gatsu no Kangaroo” single in 2014, she was Wcenter with Miyamae Ami-chan.

J: Rion also posted passionate messages on her blog. Because Rena-chan and Rion had been in Team E together, Rena-chan really cares for her. Later, she also stands in Rena-chan’s position in stage performance.

-          In other word, the whole group’s heat level has been increased.

J: Yeah. Everyone changed Rena-chan graduation to be positive reflection. I also get cheered up to beat the time in my imagination. *laugh*

-          After graduation announcement in Jun., you were so down.

J: I almost cried every day. No matter when singing or taking a bath, my mind was full of Rena-chan. All lyrics pierced through my heart deeply. There were times when I can’t stop crying. I was also very worried about SKE48, I asked Masana “What should we do? This is the biggest crisis we’ve ever faced. What should SKE48 do?” Because there was me, there was Rena-chan, that was essence of SKE48 in the past. Finally, for 1st gen, there’s only me and Masana left.

-          7 years ago, it was 23 people.

J: “Jurina is not leaving, right?” Masana also asked like that. She’s also worried.

-          So, in this kind of situation, you just get cheered up.

J: Yes. Before Rena-chan graduated, I had a look at young members. That’s exactly when 7D2 was about to debut. Because I was really attentive to their lessons, so I went to see them.

-          In the past, you also went to see new Kenkyuseis’ practice.

J: That’s right. After seeing them practice, I just speak out what I thought. Better say, if those new kids can’t perform on stage well, people will think that SKE48 is not SKE48 anymore. Of course, theatre performance is our basic activities.  Giving priority to basic is SKE48 value. These 7 years, we all stick to this point. Because right now, seniors who can tell them about this are decreasing, so I think I have to guide them first. If not, these kids would have no way to grow up. And we don’t know how fans will think about SKE48.

-          During Jurina-san’s visit at 7D2 practice class, teaching this and that, it was included in bonus DVD of documentary of SKE48: idol no namida.

J: When I got there, the lessons were just ended. Seeing everyone still had energy left, I was surprised. We 1st gen never had energy left when lessons finished. Though it’s just practice, we still danced with all our might. But, 7th gen, they still had energy left. So I just pointed this out. And after that on the other day, they were obviously dancing “Skirt Hirari” (T/N: skirt flutters) but the skirts didn’t flutter at all. So, I just wore skirt in the waiting room and danced to let them see “Dance like this, does the skirt already flutter?”

-          But I heard that you really fond of these young members.

J: That’s right! 7th gen made me forget about Rena-chan graduation. I get lively just by watching them. Fans always say to me “I gain liveliness from you”, right? It seems I get it now, that kind of feeling. *laugh*

-          Right. And among all of them, the member you are interested the most is?

J: I especially like Rara.

-          Of all 7th gen, she is the only member who got into Senbatsu in “Mae no Meri” single.

J: When I thought about Rara, I was happy that I could stop thinking of Rena-chan. I didn’t realize when tears had stopped and I thought “I also can’t continue crying like this. I need to cheer up” Of course, not only Rara but also Ryoha, Rion and Kuma-chan who faced Rena-chan graduation very positively. I also gained courage from them.

“After a year, concurrency ending finally came true, the opportunity must be this moment”

-          Then, let’s change subject here, please say something about ending concurrency with AKB48.

J: Concurrency with Team K started 3 years ago. To be honest, at first, I don’t understand “How come it became like this?” because SKE48’s goal is to surpass AKB48 for all along.

-          After concurrency announcement at Saitama Super Arena concert, you also took some times to recover.

J: However, I learned AKB48’s advantage by being concurrent. Also, since I understood more in AKB48, it turned out that I can see SKE48’s strong point more clearly. Like this, it became natural for me to be able to think things through.

-          Could you please be specific a bit?

J: When I was in AKB48 “I want to transform Tokyo fans to be SKE48 fans, make them want to go to theatre in Nagoya and see our performance. I try my best in order to get this point.” I always think like this while taking part in activities. But, since I was doing AKB48 activities, can I still proudly say that I did it for the sake of SKE48? When I realized this point, I felt that I should do more activities for SKE48.

-          You made a detour, but finally reached the conclusion.

J: It’s not exactly like that. I want to do basic activities earnestly for SKE48, stage performance comes first, those activities in Nagoya, also want to appear more in Nagoya’s TV programs. Nagoya has lots of passionate people, we all love our hometown. Therefore, SKE48 must be the group which the locals love the most.  Not only young people, but also moms, dads and elder people that we would like to have their support. In order to achieve that, I want to do whatever I can.

-          If it’s like this, the only conclusion left is “stop concurrency”

J: Yes. About 1 year ago, I discussed it with Akimoto-sensei. His reaction was “Can’t you think about this again? You may change your mind.” After that, I also carefully explained my feeling of wanting to stop concurrency many times. “Rena-chan also graduated, I would like younger members to see my back and SKE48’s goal since the beginning is to surpass AKB48, so I would like to get back to achieve the goal.” Finally, he replied “that is a great dream, fighting”

-          It’s also about the time Rena-san graduated.

J: That’s right. It was the last thing for me to make decision. Even though I started talking about stop concurrency before I knew she would graduate, but wasn’t it the perfect timing?…After listening to “Mae no Meri”, my mind wanted to stop concurrency even more.

-          It’s truly “Mae no Meri” (T/N: leap forward) *laugh*

J: There’s a line “try your best without a doubt”, because it’s Rena-chan graduation song, so I thought, maybe, Akimoto-sensei wrote it while thinking of Rena-chan. But when I saw this line “try your best without a doubt”, I couldn’t help thinking what it means to me? Then, I just spontaneously thought about getting back to Nagoya. Though that said, I will still have duty to complete for Team K. (T/N: After the interview, they announced that Jurina’s last stage for AKB48 would be on Dec.24)

-          After Jurina-san’s concurrency stops, what’s important is how exactly you would change.

J: Firstly, I want to perform on theatre stage. I want to stand in Nagoya’s theatre more. Then, I want to appear more in Nagoya’s TV programs in the name of SKE48. Even though I have appeared on TV quite a lot, but I still want to appear more on regular TV programs in Tokai region. In order to become a familiar idol, I want to appear in more places. This point is different from AKB48, because you can always see AKB48 on TV, so everyone would easily feel familiar to them, it also links to popularity.

-          General Election is also a proof that Aichi people’s love for their hometown is enormous. That left impression of “once became fans, be forever fans” to other people.

J:  Yeah. Also, I hope that they can call us even if it’s just a school festival. Being invited to local universities’ event, I think that is also important. Festival atmosphere is so suitable to SKE48. I hope we could get support and spread around from these places, not only universities, but we will go wherever we could.

-          How about popularity in Nagoya right now?

J: Masana has said this long time ago, when we walk the street in Nagoya, no one realizes that’s us. It’s different from 2-3 years ago, I feel a bit sad. Because that time we had regular TV program in Nagoya, TV certainly has huge impact. Sometimes when I walk the street, I’m also known as AKB48 member, it hurts a bit.

-          Now that you stop concurrency, how do you want SKE48 to be?

J: Want SKE48 to be the best in 48 group. This is actually how I feel. Even though we always got praised from performance, but our strongest is “Vigor”, in other word, it’s member’s great effort. “Just this level is enough” in SKE48, there’s no this kind of compromise. No matter what it is, we all do it with our might, shootings and interviews, too. In Aug. we had 48 group sports day. We all ran like no tomorrow. Looking at those figures, it reaffirmed how much powerful SKE48’s effort is.

-          The result was also the best among 48 group.

J: I think fans like “SKE48 that goes all out”. Fans often say “When I see SKE48 I think I will try my best tomorrow, too” I also think like that.

-          At Toyota stadium, the biggest stadium in your hometown. In 2 days, SKE48 gathered around 80 thousands people. That made people feel SKE48’s true power. Almost have no venue left to set as goal, so which venue is now the group’s goal?

J: I want to go to places where AKB48 has been to. And 2 years ago, we already had been to Nagoya Dome for 2 days, then next goal is 3 days there!

“We can’t forget what Anna-sensei taught us 7 years ago”

-          As SKE48 started stage performance in theatre on Oct.5, so every year there’s anniversary stage. It’s an event that all members come to celebrate, how do you feel about this year 7th anniversary?

J: It’s “members has increased” *laugh*

-          Though many graduated from SKE48, but there’re still many people *laugh*

J: When all members stand on stage, it was crowded because we now have 68 persons.

-          Anything else?

J: On anniversary stage, different gen came up to perform, but I think each gen already has a member in spotlight. For example, 5th gen Nao-chan and 6th gen Ryoha. Center position on stage has already set.

-          I see. I think anniversary stage is an opportunity for members to refresh their mind, what’s it actually like?

J: Although that’s most important, but for me, I performed with the thought “just let them see!!”. All members performed there, it means other members’ fans could also see you both in theatre and through DMM.  Like this, I would perform to let people see that “This is SKE48!”. So, we also performed AKB48 songs this year.

-          SKE48 anniversary stage also performed AKB48 songs, I think there’s some meaning in it.

J: That, I think it was to show “let everyone sees that SKE48 style is different from original”. I also raised this point. And 6-7 years ago, even we are SKE48, we also performed “Oogoe diamond” and “River”. But I think we still couldn’t catch up with the original at that time. How about now? I wanted the fans to see.

-          Talking about anniversary stage, I have an impression about 2 years ago. Before the show started, I saw Jurina-san taught 6th gen postures. We also talked about going to practice class to teach 7th gen moments ago, to be able to pass on this tradition is great.

J:  I didn’t particularly intend to do like that. It was just normal, in concert’s rehearsal, I also watched juniors’ posture. If it’s wrong, it needs to be fixed. Of course, SKE48 is an athletic group. *laugh*

-          This tradition can be passed on for 7 years. It’s great in itself.

J: Because we were taught by Anna-sensei 7 years ago. If we don’t try hard, SKE48 wouldn’t be SKE48. That time she taught “always wear a smile” “keep up the angle” “always aware that fans are there” “Practice like you are in real performance”…there’re too much too say, but there’re still some young members who can’t do it. Such as, focusing so much on dancing that they forgot to smile, when that happened, I would say “feeling!” In the end, it’s not about your dancing techniques, what’s more important is feelings. Like when you wave your hand to fans, you just only wave your hand or you wave it with thankful feeling, it’s easy to see. What’s important is conveying your feelings.

“SKE48 is my “growing-up logbook”. We want to take note of members’ growth in fans’ heart”

-          Certainly, SKE48 in these past 7 years has really emphasized on stage performance. But, I think aside from that member’s character is also important.

J: It’s all okay regardless of their character. Anything is fine, they just must have a strong point. They may be good at MC, good at piano. Being able to give out the best is the basic. If they have anything other than that, it will link to their development later on.

-          In “Geinokai Tokugi o Ketteisen TEPPEN” HKT48 Moriyasu Madoka won piano competition has remained fresh in my memory.

J: Yes. Rion said that she has to try her best playing piano. Nao-chan also said she will practice more on saxophone. I had a chance to talk about this with these kids while we were shooting “Mae no Meri” MV.

-          Talking about kids, young members and Jurina-san formed a unit “LOVE CRESCENDO”, released a single in November.

J: Right. LOVE CRESCENDO’s strength, in a word, is…everyone’s so cute! I want to let people across country know that SKE48 has very cute kids! Everyone’s like an angel! Being surrounded by angels, I’m so lucky! Their reaction is so naïve, when I ask “Understood?” they will reply “Yes!” like this.

-          Your tension gets higher immediately. *laugh*

J:  Because I think we can take LOVE CRESCENDO as turning point, turns people to get to know SKE48. So, right now, I’m really fired up to attend events in this unit’s single.

-          For SKE48, this is the first unit. Also, young members have grouped with Jurina-san, people can’t help thinking that the group have already faced the transition.

J: I think what makes fans happy is that “who’s gonna stand in Rena-chan’s position?” And then, just in the blink of an eye, these 6 young members got chosen. If it’s like this, among these 6 members, who’s gonna stand out?…this point is really in attention. Perhaps, It can be members aside from these 6 members because Rena-chan was also in the last row at the first SKE48 theatre stage. We never know how it would be from now on. Right now, everyone is learning with each other, it’s a good opportunity to contend for position. So, when it’s time to compete, we compete. When it’s time to unite, we unite. This is SKE48, I hope everyone takes part in activities without forgetting about this point.

-          Then, the last question. Though I know that you participate in any activities as one of SKE48 members, there’re many feelings in these past 7 years, but if you can use one word to describe SKE48, what would it be?

J: So difficult…

-          It’s the last one so I want to ask something a bit more difficult *laugh*

J: If I say “family” it would be the same as in the past…then, “growing-up logbook”. I think SKE48 is a note of each member’s growth, getting through thing. It’s not only my growth, Rena-chan’s growth is also noted in “Mae no Meri”. For example, when I received the first unit song “Omoide Ijou” at the age of 12, its lyrics was too mature, I didn’t know what it means at that time, I was confused. But, when I slowly came to understand its meaning, shouldn’t I change my expression and the way I perform? I think members get through the songs like this, note their growth in everywhere. Fans are also like this. They can observe our growth as they continue to look at us. I hope, from now on, we and the fans will still keep this kind of relationship.

The End

My trainer spilled the tea on some drama that happened between him and one of his ex-clients.

He helped him get in shape for his first ever competition and he ended up placing second and they were good buds but then the client started talking shit about everybody at the gym for some reason and my trainer confronted him about it in front of everybody and literally kicked him out of the gym and told him to NEVAH come back and now they’re both competing at the same show in a few weeks and I was like

Thoughts about Aliya’s floor...

She’s sitting at a 5.2 D right now, but that’s partially because she was too goddamn lazy to do a leap pass (<3). With all her CR she’ll presumably have 5.7 in competition. 

I think I’m in the minority in that I actually like this routine, though I expect she’ll change some parts for Rio for reasons of Aliya. It’ll be better if/when she doesn’t look like she’s about to pass out, but I love the floor choreo and it doesn’t feel as empty as the 2014 one.

I’m also in LOVE with her Semy. Even with the hop. 90% of people who try attitude turns have super iffy technique (cough liu tingting) but Aliya’s is so pretty.

Adding a double L instead of relying on the Musty and Memmel to be credited differently is a smart move, that was scary for a while. At least there’s one Russian coach with a brain, maybe.

The bit I don’t get is the 1.5-front pike pass. It doesn’t get CV, and she already has front tumbling. It’s possible that the pass is just a placeholder or improvised, but…? I dunno.

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