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Acceptance Speech

Summary: (Modern!AU) In which Bucky uses his time on stage at the Oscars to let the world in on a secret he’s been keeping for more than two years.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 2,217

A/N: Happiest of happy birthdays to my twin, @imaginingbucky . You are a queen and I adore you with every single ounce of my being. I know how much you love award shows, so I hope you enjoy this too.

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Bucky feels like a nervous teenager as he sits in the backseat of a stretch limousine, waiting to arrive at his destination. His hands are clammy, his heart is beating too quickly and he can’t stop tapping his foot on the floor. After six years in the acting business, he shouldn’t feel this way. He’s attended more than his fair share of award shows to know all kinds of techniques to keep any concerns at bay. Yet here he is trying his hardest not to hyperventilate and hold his water bottle without spilling it all over his expensive suit. He’d never hear the end of it from his stylist if he did.

“Looking forward to the show tonight?” Vision asks, momentarily catching Bucky’s gaze in the rear view mirror.

Bucky pulls at the collar of his shirt before shifting slightly. Usually this backseat offers him the comfort he needs, no matter how he’s feeling. Today he might as well be sitting on rocks. “Yeah.”

“You don’t sound it,” Viz observes, as he makes a right turn down a side street. He’s an expert at getting you where you need to go while also avoiding all of the LA traffic. “Is it because you’re up for ‘Best Actor in a Leading Role’?”

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Victor Nikiforov Appreciation Post!!!

I just want to take a moment and talk about how much I love Victor Nikiforov and how he’s just such a refreshing character. I know everyone and their dog has done a post like this already but I’ve been crying over this lovable goof for months and this had been sitting in my drafts for too long now anyway and also I’m avoiding my textbooks AND THIS SORTA TURNED INTO A CHARACTER ANALYSIS I’M SORRY.

So as far back as the PV, there were assumptions flying around that Victor would end up being an antagonist of some sort. That either he was using Yuuri for his own gain, or was just straight up evil. Laughable now, of course, but the reason those rumors were prevalent was because we see it so often. How easy was it to think that Victor was “helping” Yuuri only to further his own goals in the end? We’ve seen this common mentor-betrays-student trope before and it’s no wonder that early on fans were afraid of this even as the show progressed. And honestly? This would have made for some great drama—for Victor to turn out to not be such a nice guy and for him to eventually become someone Yuuri had to defeat in competition. However the show did not go down that route at all. It turns out that yeah, Victor is actually just a really nice guy who cares a great deal about Yuuri and the people around him. He doesn’t show up in Hasetsu with any evil ulterior motives—he just wants to get to know Yuuri and help him take his skating to the next level, and maybe find inspiration (and love) along the way.

Also how could a man with a heart-shaped smile be evil???

(Continued under the cut.)

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Seokjin x reader

genre:smut, a small amount of fluff

summary: you and Jin have been best friends for a long time/ there has always been some sexual tension/ it turns out Jin has a mommy kink

requested by: bandaddict666

word count:2.4K

DISCLAIMER: this is re-uploaded, so its still the same old version (kinda bad but ok), i decided to re-upload it bc my imagines have a certain look but this one didn’t so i wanted to change that

You were sitting on the floor of your best friends bedroom.
Both leaning against the bed you were casually playing poker bored out of your minds.
The game seemed to last forever and it was not interesting enough for you anymore.

“Okay, I’m done.” you said letting the cards from your hand fall on the floor.

“What? No! I was about to win!” Jin said showing his cards to you.

You laughed leaning your head back on the bed. “Nope. I always win.”

“Um, no? See your cards? See my cards? I-” Jin was starting to get annoyed and it amused you.

Jin was so funny to you when he got annoyed. He would start shaking his head right and left and sometimes would even throw a fit. He was so overdramatic when it came to these things.

Seeing you weren’t responding he became silent, staring at the floor in defeat.

“You’re such a fucking-”

“Queen.” you interrupted. You looked at him and as expected he was giving you a death glare.

“Nope. I meant to say bitch.” suddenly his face got smug.

“I’m a fucking Queen Bitch then.” you retorted quickly.

Giving up, he sighed. “That, you’re right. You’re the biggest bitch I’ve ever met.”

“But you love it.” you said, staring at him playfully.
His eyes flew back to you and he raised an eyebrow.

Well, it was true, you really were a bitch. To everyone mostly. You loved to be in charge and loved to feel superior over others. It seems horrible to others but it worked out with Jin. He was such an opposite. He always listened to what others said, he was the cutest thing ever, whilst you were most definitely not.

But they say opposites attract, guess that’s why you two were best friends.
And you’ve been friends for almost six years now.

He chuckled, looking down at the floor, fiddling with his long fingers. You loved it when guys had big hands and long fingers.
Some of the things that turned you on.

“True. I’ve got used to your bitchy attitude by now.” he said as he raised his look at you.

His eyes were pretty. And the little defeated smile he gave you every time you would beat him at something.
After six years of being best friends, it was almost impossible not to be attracted by a guy like Jin. Heck, not even after a day.

You will just never admit it, but Jin turned you on so much, and you seemed to like him in ways friends shouldn’t like each other more and more every day.

Maybe it was just you, but sometimes it seemed Jin is feeling the same way. But it was impossible to tell. A person like Jin would never admit that he likes someone.

You didn’t notice your little staring competition as you were thinking all these things. You blinked.

“I won.” he laughed with joy.

“But you would’ve liked it more if I won wouldn’t you? If I was on the top again?”

What on earth has made you say that? You realized the mistake too late, because Jin’s facial expression has changed.

For some reason you kept going. And it was getting worse.
“A person like you doesn’t like being in charge. You love it when someone is dominant don’t you?”
What the hell?

His mouth was now wide open. He didn’t seem to catch up on that, he could just keep repeating your words in his head.

“Like me.”

That was the final drop, and now the flooding came.
You couldn’t seem to stop because now you were on all fours, you crawled towards him and sat so close that it was impossible to breathe.

At this point, you’ve ruined everything. And you didn’t see a way for your friendship going back to normal. So you gave up, it was all or nothing.

You started to lean in slowly.
Jin was still at a loss of words.

“Jin…” you said softly as you bit your bottom lip, staring deeply into his eyes.

Until this moment, you weren’t aware of how much you were attracted to him. It was almost insane, and it was all surfacing out now.

Jin licked his lips briefly and took a breath in.

“(Y/N) I… What are you doing?”
You could see that he was shaking.

You had to be doing at least something right? No.

Jin rised up to his feet and looked down on you.

You were so insanely desperate for him that you proceeded.
You looked up in his eyes, bit your lip, very aware of how close you were to his crotch.

Then you took a short look at it, but long enough to signal to Jin what you want to do.
And looking back up you noticed his face was wearing a different expression now.

His eyes were darker, his eyebrows scrunched up and even his lips partly opened. You were now sure, that it was lust.

“Seokjin..” you touched his thigh softly and you licked your lips again.

He sighed. “(Y/N)…I dont kn-”

He was stopped by you. Because your hand was now getting closer to his bulge.
The bulge couldn’t be lying, Jin was turned on.

And before he could’ve said anything else you cupped it in your other hand.
He tried to push it back, but you heard a small grunt rolling off of his lips.

He bit his bottom lip hard, still staring in your eyes with that lustful expression.

Then, you brought your face toward, making a bolder move and you softly kissed his bulge.

“(Y/N) no..“he said with a soft moan.

You backed off, but you were definitely not done.
Suddenly you rised up on your feet, your body being really close to his.

You looked up, Jin’s face looked conflicted.
He opened his mouth to say something but you stopped him by putting your hand on the side of his face and putting your thumb over his lips.

“Please..“you said softly.

By the look on Jin’s face,
he gave into you.

You grabbed him by his broad shoulders as his hands found their place on your hips. He pulled you closer and you directed him towards the bed.

You pushed him down on it and you were now straddling him.
You grazed over his earlobe with your lips as you whispered.

“Do you want me to be in charge?”

“Yes.“he grunted softly, grazing your back and ass with his big hands.
He stopped at your hips and seemed to push you down onto him, making you feel how much he wants you.

Suddenly, words that you never tought you’d say, rolled off your lips.
“Do you want me to be your mommy Jin?”

You were shook at your own words, but even more at his quick response.

“Yes.“he breathed down your neck sending shivers down your spine and causing goosebumps.

You were satisfied with his answer so you asked another. “Will you be a good boy for me?”

This time, he chuckled lowly and repeated his answer.
“I’ll be your good boy.”

His voice was deeper, raspier and sexier than before.
You grinded on him earning a deep moan escape his lips.

His moans were making you moan as well and the room suddenly became filled with sounds of pleasure.

You realized, you still haven’t kissed him, that was one of the things you really wanted to do. To feel his big plump soft lips on yours.

And seeing an opportunity, you took it.

Jin had his eyes closed shut, and you slowly approached his lips with yours, breathing on them, telling him that way that you were about to kiss him.

And then you did.

Grasping his hair in your hands you kissed him passionately. Your lips connected with his like a perfect puzzle and with no hesitation he parted his lips, letting your tongue trough.

The kiss was making you confused, you wanted this to be passionate, but you also wanted to dominate Jin, make him your good boy and so you did.

You parted away forcefully, earning a groan from him.

“You said you were gonna be a good boy Seokjin.” you said smirking at him.

He licked his lips and then let you continue to do your thing.

You started to lift the hem of his hoodie, revealing a great set of abs. You bit your lips at the sight as you pulled the hoodie off him completely leaving his bare chest for you to admire.

“Wow, Jin, I had no idea…"you moaned as you traced your fingers over his string chest.

He just kept looking at you do things to him seeming to be at a loss of words.

The idea of what was happening turned you on even more. Innocent Jin, putty in your hands, hands that liked to grab at everything, make everything theirs.

You leaned down, and kissed his abdomen. Slowly backing up off of him you started to kiss down all the way to the hem of his boxers.

Your hands quickly fiddled with the zipper of his jeans and he helped you pull them down.
He was so eager for you.

Leaning down again, and looking in his eyes, you pulled his boxers down too and you let his cock slap against his lower stomach.

Without hesitating or teasing you took it in your hand and put it in your warm mouth.
You wanted him now.

His head flew back on the bed and his hands found their way to your hair pulling it back and out of the way of him seeing what was going on.

He propped himself up on his elbows and watched you please him.

You kissed the tip of him and then licked a bold strip up his shaft, making sure you were looking into his eyes at all times.

He was biting his lips so hard, trying to keep the groans inside but you wanted to hear him enjoy it.

You stopped what you were doing and said, “c'mon Jin, be a good boy, let me hear you moan.”

And like it was on your signal, he let out a loud, deep moan. And you continued.

You bobbed your head up and down, sucking in your cheeks, licking him up and down and swirling your tongue around the tip.

It was not long until you felt his cock throb in your mouth. You stopped.

Jin let out a breath followed with another groan. He didn’t like the teasing, but he wanted to be a good boy so he didn’t complain.

You let go of his still hard cock and you started pulling of your shirt.

He licked his lips looking at you stripping in front of him. His hand went to his cock, he wanted to please himself.
But you didn’t allow that, so you grabbed him by the wrist and smirked.

“I’d rather you help me strip down.” you said lowly.
He sat up immediately and his hand found your bra clasp so quickly and in a second you were half naked in front of him.

“You’re being a very good boy Seokjin.” you purred in his ear as he laid down again.

Quickly then, you hopped off of him and took of your shorts and panties.
You stood there naked in front of him for a few moments letting him admire your whole body.

“Come here.“he groaned as his hand found it’s way back to his cock.

When you noticed that you quickly got on top of him again, not letting him please himself. “No, I’m pleasing you. Be a good boy for me.”

He nodded.

“Now fill me up.” you purred into his neck and immediately, you felt his tip on your entrance.

His hands were on your hips again and then, he pushed you down.

He didn’t give you time to adjust, he just kept going and you loved every second of it.
His cock was so big, and so perfect for you. He filled you up completely and hit all the spots most pleasurable.

You couldn’t stop yourself from moaning out loud.
You had your hands on his chest as he pounded into you like you’d never imagine.

Because really, no one would ever imagine Jin pounding so hard.

“Oh god…"your legs started to shake. You were about to cum all over his cock.

“Jin I-I….!”
And before you even finished the sentence, he flipped you over, down on the bed so he was on top now, and his thrusts got even faster and harder than before.

You left scratch marks all over his back and strong arms and hickeys on his neck.

His grunts were the thing that got you in the end. Jin moaning and groaning in pleasure was the hottest thing you’ve ever heard.

“Jin! Oh my god!”

Jin came at the same time. You were in perfect sync.

Moments later, both sweaty and breathing heavily you were laying next to each other.

You didn’t know what to say.
“Jin…"you said his name, hoping be woud say something.

“You know…"he started, turning on his side, facing you, “I’m glad I won’t have to keep my feeling all bottled up for six more years.”

You were confused, but you felt happiness, and a small smile creeped on your lips.
“What? You have had feelings for me before?”

He licked his lips and smiled. He tucked a strand of your hair behid your ear.
“I’ve always loved you more than you thought.”

“I’m glad im hearing that. Because I’ve wanted to do this since the day I saw you at the swimmimg pools shirtless.”

You both laughed and then he leaned in and kissed your forehead.

It was all good now.


that was my first imagine, it was a bit long i think lol, but i hope ya like it.

UPDATE: this is re-uploaded


Pairing: Stiles Stilinski x Reader

A/N: I was listening to Gorgeous by X Ambassadors, which is a song that always puts me in a fluffy mood, and I felt inspired. 

Prompt: While you worry about school, volleyball, graduation, mythical creatures, and your entire existence, Stiles only has one thing on his mind since coming back, and that is you. 

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“I mean honestly, like Lydia? Love her to death, I’d do anything for her. But if she beats me for valedictorian, I will cut her”. 

“Oh, you’re going to cut her”?

“Yes. I will seriously cut her”. 

“With what? Are you going to make a shank out of your mechanical pencil? Y/N this isn’t an episode of Orange is the New Black. You can’t just ‘cut’ people”. 

“Well fine then, I won’t cut her…. But baby, could I please borrow your baseball bat for a few days…. Just until results for valedictorian come out…”

“Y/N…. shut up”.

You could hear the joking tone in his voice, but still, Sties felt a nice elbow ram into his stomach which caused him to loosen his grip around your waist and keel over.

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Can I request a scenario where s/o is trying to comfort oikawa after seijou's loss but oikawa just snaps like "How would you know? You're not even brave enough to follow your passions" and it's a sore point because s/o is going to uni to study what their parents want, no what they want

For @wantedastronaut , that threatened me with memes to finish this.

You were just minding your own business when suddenly you heard a loud slam of a door. You assumed that Oikawa’s competition didn’t go as well as he thought it would. You were over at his place, book in one hand and a cup of tea in another. You enjoyed going to Tooru’s place, it always felt welcomed, the air was always warm and pleasant but now for some reason, it was stiff and dense, and it felt like it was going to suffocate you anytime sooner.

“Get out,” Oikawa ordered, his voice was unlike his usually cheery self, it was intimidating, frightening, to say the least. Dating Oikawa was almost as though as you were on a rollercoaster, except this time you were blindfolded as you’re on the ride. You never knew when he felt unusually cheery or when he was mad, very, very mad. You looked at your boyfriend in the eye and quirked an eyebrow, not believing what he just said.

‘Get out, now!“ This time, his voice got louder. Booming through the four walls of his room. The silence was deafening and your mouth was wide open, in horror shock. “Why? What’s wrong?” you cooed in a gentle voice, putting your book and mug aside and taking slow, long strides towards your boyfriend. When you reached him, you took the both of his hands and held it. It felt cold.

Oikawa was always the easy type to comfort. A word or two would usually do the trick and from there Oikawa would usually need lots of attention and affection, and that was that. But today, it wasn’t. He flinched as you held his hands and pulled it away immediately. “Babe,” you said, voice tight, “you okay?” Oikawa broke off any form of eye contact and gently shoved you aside and headed for his wardrobe.

A sharp pain could be felt in your chest, your breathing started to become heavier and your tears welled up at the corner of your eyes. But you kept it all in, putting your boyfriend as the current priority. “Tooru,” you gently reached out, in a final attempt, “Tell me,” but all you got back was plain silence and nothing else other than a huff. “Go away can you?” Oikawa asked once again, it sounded more of a plead now.

“I won’t go until you tell me. What’s wrong? Was it the match today? Did you lose? If you did that’s fine, you know. All you gotta do is just-” you were cut off before you could even finish, Oikawa pointed a deadly glare at you, one that you only thought he gives his opponents.

“How would you know? You’re not even brave enough to follow your passions” he snapped “Look at you, miserably following what your parents want and not what you want.” He turned and headed for the bathroom, “Don’t tell me what to do, and please, get out.”

You smiled weakly, tears started to stream down like a river that didn’t seem to have an end to it. “You’re right, I should go.” And just like that, you walked out of his room and out the front door. Some part of you wished that Oikawa would come running and beg for forgiveness but he didn’t, instead, you were left walking home, alone.

It’s a Yes from Me

My newest Malec OS is available on AO3.

For those of you who want to, it comes with a list of songs on Spotify.

Summary: Reclusive singer Alec Lightwood has been taking some time away from the spotlight for a few years now. He has lost his inspiration, his reason to keep making music. 

That is, until his manager, Luke Garroway, asks him to enter the panel of the ridiculous singing competition The Angel’s Voice. Alec only says yes because that means keeping an eye on Clary and Simon. He hates those fixed, degrading TV shows with a burning passion. Hopefully, Alec figures, he’ll get some inspiration back watching new comers try their luck on TV. Some of them are bound to be good. 

It isn’t until Magnus Bane walks on stage, however, that Alec realizes just how right he is.

// 5 Reasons You Need to Watch The Great British Bake Off //

It’s probably the most British thing since bad teeth and the Queen, the Great British Bake Off is a baking competition featured on BB1 and chronicles a competition with amateur bakers. Seems dull right? Wrong! Find below my 5 reasons to watch The Great British Bake Off Now!

  1. The sexual innuendo - ‘soggy bottom’ takes on new meaning this show, coming from the delightfully British and polite mouth of Mary Berry, the show makes for some hilarious viewing.
  2. The comedy genius of Sue and Mel - The presenters of the show comedian Sue Perkins and presenter Mel Geidoryc, create wacky farce and mischief as the narrate the amateur baker’s every move. 

       3. It can be pretty inspirational, from gravity-defying cakes to watching                      people discover self-confidence the show can really tug at the heart                    strings!

         4. The Cakes Are Pretty Spectacular. From the showstopper to the           technical challenge, these people know what they’re doing. Get ready to be     impressed every week.    

         5. And finally The Great British Humour, its sarcastic, silly and just a little bit dirty! This show never takes itself too seriously and always ensures a laugh.

So give it a go, but warning, never watch this show hungry!

This is why I’m at peace with Episode 12 

Part 1 of 2 - Katsuki Yuuri’s journey

I have a friend who was somewhat disappointed with the ending of Season 1 of YOI, so I’ve written a full analysis on Yuuri and Victor’s motivations and goals.

It’s lengthy, but I hope it does help some of you feel more satisfied with what happened in Episode 12. Yuuri and Victor will have separate posts.

Click here to read Part 1 - Yuuri’s analysis.
Click here to read Part 2 - Victor’s analysis.

(And I am really sorry about the length of this, guys. There is a KEEP READING cut beneath this paragraph, but I know sometimes phone apps ignore them. I apologize in advance that tumblr doesn’t always recognize its own coding.)

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It's rebuilding time !

Some of us may disagree but to be completely honest; the Sims 3 community is on its last leg due to people moving over to Sims 4 and people leaving and growing tired of the game. It’s seeming like now Sims has become more like a job, people are hiding helpful methods and being rude and catty, and while some people deserve it, most of us don’t. Simming is NOT a competition. Simming is NOT an arms race. You don’t get paid for it, you don’t get a special prize. It’s just a game. If you want to improve your screenshot quality or learn how to edit, etc…I’ll be happy to help if no one else will. But can we stop all the drama and bs and just restore the FUN aspect of the game ? Go back to the reason you even started playing to begin with and stop being a troll. This goes for Sims 3 mostly, but y'all Sims 2 & 4 players too. (Not saying anyone HAS to play of course, but if you’re still active and playing, try to be more open)

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MAS and the Future

I remember in season one and two of MLP, we used to joke a lot about Celestia’s reign of tyranny. She had this aura of omnipotence, and due to a lack of screen time, it was easy to imagine her concocting vast schemes, playing ponies like pawns because they were silly animals. It was what led to me characterizing MAS Celestia the way I did, always trying to write as little dialogue as possible so her orders felt vague and intimidating. So her moods seemed unpredictable. I thought about stories of Louie the Spider King.
But if I knew then what would happen to this character over the years, I’d have written MAS Celestia a lot differently. It’s interesting when a show decides to look back on an earlier season and explain the motives and thoughts of a character, and that’s what MLP has done recently. Season 7 tells us that back then, Celestia wasn’t sure what she wanted to do with Twilight, and she didn’t want to send Twilight to Ponyville. It comes across that the whole Nightmare Moon plan must have been an accident, and the only reason the audience thought it was a scheme was because we didn’t know what Celestia was thinking at the time.
I feel in light of more than six seasons of MLP, Celestia has shaped up to be not too skilled or clever, and MAS Celestia is like a juxtaposed opposite, rather than an extreme and wicked example of the same character. A lot of MAS has turned out this way over the years, where as the show veered away from its grounding and more into unconditional sugar fields of prosperity, the idea of struggle, bureaucracy, or even conflict became so foreign.
I’m nearly done with the next MAS episode, but it’s getting to be something of a struggle to work with it. Parody requires the original product for inspiration, and it feels like MAS has become a bit of an orphan to the show. I don’t think of the actual Celestia as the Spider King anymore. More like Louie XV. Irresponsible, out of touch, absorbed in frivolity- and all of the ponies are like that now.
Rather than a lazy city worker dreaming past her grasp, Dash is a Wonderbolt, one of the highest honors of her whole civilization, but she’s still allowed to throw tantrums, and she doesn’t need to go to practice. Rarity now runs a chain of businesses, but she still has all this free time to do anything on a whim - she’s no longer a small business owner with ambitions too large for her. The world is now too small. Twilight is a princess, Fluttershy has tamed a god, Pinkie and Applejack have survived since season 1. What’s even the point of lives that have no real challenges?
I’ve been thinking about it, and maybe MAS is the wrong angle. MAS is no longer a “totally not stupid I promise” exaggeration of the show. It’s the show’s opposite. MAS is where ponies won’t change, because their flaws are ingrained. Where Dash won’t become a Wonderbolt because she dropped out of school. Where Rarity won’t open boutiques across the world because designer dress-making is cut-throat and competitive, and the cost to set up a boutique in Canterlot is so astronomical that she’ll never have enough capital to do it.
I did have another idea. I’ve been calling it “Nepotism Adventures”. If you’ve been following the show, you’ll notice that the “mane 6″ have been placed in all these positions of power, and they have all these titles and major jobs now (except AJ, Pinkie, and Fluttershy, but we’ll get to that). Well, what if all the sudden, for some reason, every pony in the show suddenly had to start living up to all those responsibilities at once? Paperwork caught up to Rarity, Twilight suddenly had to start managing government, Dash had to go to training 12 hours a day. Well, I’m sure Pinkie and Fluttershy could be recruited to help with some of this stuff. AJ will farm. The farm will need the amount of work that a normal farm needs.
It would be a more modern parody and more in touch with what the show has become. An MLP universe where somebody started paying the logic bill again, and the world lurched violently back into a setting where bridges collapse and somebody with a lot of power has a life philosophy to always help her closest friends.

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Headcanon meme - Emma & Killian (together and/or separately) + 42 :)

#42 Hobbies?

Killian:  Ever since he’s discovered the programs on the moving picture box, he’s been fascinated with reality TV.  Really any kind of reality TV.  He doesn’t particularly know why it’s called “reality”, because it doesn’t seem like any reality he can think of, but he gets into the competitive spirit of it.

Emma:  Emma likes swordfighting.  It started as kind of a survival-type thing.  You never know when you’re going to need to do battle with a big-bad in Storybrooke, and for some reason, guns never work as well on them as swords.  Now that she’s got a little down time, she finds that it’s really good exercise, so she spars with her dad and Henry and Killian whenever she gets a chance.

Together:  Snow asked them what their hobbies were once and Killian gave her his standard cocky grin and said “We like to make pancakes.”  Emma facepalmed and Snow blushed, but David was totally oblivious, rattling on and on about nutmeg and stoking the fire to just the right temperature.  When David suggested they call him to come over the next time they’re making pancakes because he’d like to help, Snow finally leaned over and whispered something in his ear.  David hasn’t eaten a pancake since.

So I’ve been reading time travel fics recently, and I completely fell in love with the idea of young!Victor being thrown into the future and meeting older!Yuuri, but it also made me think.

But what if young!Victor (I’ll call him Vitya from now on) is thrown into a world where Yuuri and Victor have kids already?

For some reason, Vitya wakes up in a big bed in a room he’s never seen before, and he’s really confused but also half convinced he’s still dreaming.

But he can hear the quiet drone of a television from the other room, and he can smell bacon, so he follows his nose.

He knows he’s not in St. Petersburg anymore because the scenery outside looks completely different from what he’s used to, and also, he seems to be in a Japanese styled inn. Perhaps he’s here for a competition? Or maybe Yakov decided to give him a long deserved vacation? He’s always wanted to visit Japan.

As he’s walking down the hall, a door up ahead opens, and a sleepy twenty-year-old walks out, blond hair dishevelled and eyes still droopy with sleep.

The second he sees Vitya, he starts screaming bloody murder.

Vitya jumps back, startled, and the blond guy is still screaming and gesturing wildly and looking as if he’s seen a ghost.

Two seconds later, there’s a loud thump from one of the other rooms, and the sound of a baby crying from somewhere else in the inn.

An angry blond slams open a door and comes out into the hallway.

“The fuck are you screaming for this early in the morning, Kenjirou!?” he asks in English.

The screaming one, Kenjirou, keeps screaming and points at Vitya.

The new blond turns and sees Vitya, and promptly starts screaming as well.

Vitya almost feels amused.

Then, finally, an adult comes running in. He looks to be maybe in his late twenties, with messy black hair and big brown eyes hidden behind a pair of blue-rimmed glasses. He has a baby on one hip and an exasperated expression, as if the screaming is something he’s used to.

The two screaming ones immediately shut up when they see him.

What the hell is going on with you two?” he asks. “I’d only just gotten Katyusha back to sleep and you’ve already woken her!”

The two screaming ones, now quiet, don’t say anything and instead point imperiously at Vitya.

The man turns to look at Vitya, and there’s a moment of shock as his eyes land on the sixteen-year-old, before he groans and breathes out through his nose, raising a hand to rub his temples.

“Victor warned me about this. I thought he was just joking.”

Vitya perks up at hearing his name.

“Kenjirou, take him to the living room - we’ll sort this out there. Yura, go wake up Beka and the others.”

Ten minutes later, Vitya is sitting on a cushion in the living room, in front of a low table surrounded by five other young people. One of the previously screaming ones, Kenjirou, is sitting next to him and is still gaping.

The other previously screaming one, Yura, is sitting across the table from him, now holding the baby (Katyusha) and rocking her slowly back and forth so she doesn’t start crying again.

The three guys that Vitya hadn’t yet met had also started screaming when they’d seen him.

They’re all quiet now.

The group sits in awkward silence for several minutes until the man from before (Katyusha’s father, probably?) calls for Beka to help him bring breakfast to the table. Vitya watches a black-haired guy (probably the next oldest after the guy who seems to be in charge) get up and walk into the kitchen.

Soon, everyone is seated and has food in front of them, and Katyusha is back in her father’s lap and everyone is watching him expectantly.

Vitya listens on in interest as the man (who introduces himself as Yuuri Katsuki-Nikiforov) explains that he, Vitya, has somehow been transported to the future.

A future where he’s married and has a daughter.

He and his supposed future husband, Yuuri, are figure skating coaches, and Yura and the others are their skaters. They have three others, but since it’s currently the off-season, they’re off visiting family.

The inn they’re currently in is owned by Yuuri and Victor, and serves as a boarding house for their skaters.

Victor accepts the explanation pretty easily.

(The other skaters…not so much. There is more screaming.)

More than the time travelling, the thing Vitya finds most unbelievable is that he ends up marrying someone as ordinary and unspectacular as Yuuri.

He doesn’t voice these thoughts, of course. 

(He’s not suicidal after all, and it’s obvious how much the skaters adore their coach.)

But over the course of the three days he’s stuck in the future, Vitya comes to realize how utterly wrong his initial impression was.

And by the time he returns home, he is horrendously jealous of his older self, and impatiently looking forward to the day he gets to meet his Yuuri.

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This might be a hard one but please bare with me. Inquisition companions, advisors, and Morrigan (and Kieran if you can but if you can't that's fine) react to the Inquisitor who grew up in the streets and had to hide when they found food - like one day they open a closet or a cupboard and find the Inquisitor eating a pie?

Cassandra- She had been looking for the Inquisitor for some time already to no avail. Yet when she went into the kitchen and opened up a cabinet she nearly yelled at the sight of the Inquisitor in there with a half eaten pie. She demanded an explanation as to why and when they tell her that they had to live on the streets and hide when they found food she became sympathetic towards them. She had no idea. She does tell them that no one will take their food but makes a note to tell the others.

Varric- He had been looking for them to play a round of wicked grace but couldn’t find them. He went back to the tavern to get a drink and when he opened the closet containing the cups he was surprised to see the Inquisitor in there casually eating a pie. Of course he asks why, it’ll be an interesting story about the Inquisitor. He doesn’t expect them to say that they grew up on the streets and had to hide when they found food. Still he can’t help but chuckle at the situation especially if it’s a qunari Inquisitor who barely fits in the cupboard.

Solas- He had been looking for ingredients for a new potion he was developing. When he opened up the cabinet containing glass bottles he did not expect the Inquisitor there holding a pie and a fork. He pulls them out and demands for an explanation they tell him they grew up on the streets and would have to hide when they found food. It makes him realize how real they are and he thinks about his plans. He tells them that they don’t have to hide anymore.

Iron Bull- He figured something was up when they seemed to disappear whenever food was around. He never asks why though. That is, until he finds them in a cabinet with a half eaten pie. When he asks why they tell him. “Sometimes we’d have to do that,” he tells them, “you look away and next thing you know your foods gone. That won’t happen here though. Plenty for everyone.” He lets them be but buys them a drink later.

Dorian- Similar to Solas he had been working on a potion. He did not expect to see them in the closet eating a pie. He damn near has a heart attack and in Dorian style fashion makes it about him. He does ask why they were in the closet and they explain. He understands but thrills them they don’t need to do it anymore.

Vivienne- She had gone to her closest for a change of clothing. Only to see the Inquisitor among them. Eating a pie. She orders them to get out and demands for an explanation. When she hears about why and how everyday was a competition for food. She gets it but tells them that as Inquisitor they are called to higher things than hiding in closets when they have food.

Blackwall- He doesn’t find them in a closet but in a far corner of the barn. In almost scares him half to death but he calms down he asks why. (Insert story here.) He gets it. Having to hide like the others he says they don’t have to do it anymore.

Sera- She had been looking for them to do some pranks but couldn’t find them. When she goes to open a cabinet to get some of the things see needs she finds the Inquisitor sitting there eating a pie. She screams and startles them causing them to fall out of the cabinet. She asks why they were in there and they explain. (You know the drill by now.) She understands “I get it, yeah? I had to do the same as a kid. There’s no same in it.”

Cole- He’s the reason they had the pie honestly. He felt them longing for it. “Going hungry for days. Everyday a competition. Only the strong survive.” You don’t have to hide anymore but you can if you want. He often checks on them if they hide when they eat.

Josephine- They had a meeting with some noble but they were nowhere to be found. When she opens up a cabinet that contains the wine glasses she finds them and screams because she didn’t expect them there. The noble asks if everything is alright she plays it off as seeing a rat. They reschedule the meeting for a late date. She knew of the Inquisitors living conditions before the inquisition became a thing but she didn’t know they hid when they had food. She tells them they don’t need to hide anymore.

Leliana- She noticed how often the Inquisitor would disappear whenever food was around. She knew of their past and the struggles they encountered. She just doesn’t expect to find them in a closet one day with a mostly eaten pie. She leaves them be but tells them to see her later on that day. She tells them that there is no need to hide anymore. They know but they are so used to doing it

Cullen- He damn near has a heart attack when he sees them. Like Leliana and Josephine he knew of their past but explains they don’t need to hide anymore.

Morrigan: She never went hungry with her mother, but after the mirror was smashed she spent many an hour hoarding small treasures against a similar fate. If she stumbles onto the Inquisitor the witchs biting tongue is either still or uncharacteristically gentle, and she leaves them to their meal.

Keiran: With the innocence that most children possess the boy thinks nothing if this action, beyond that it is a grand idea to hide treats from his mother. Their open delight at the location and choice of snack charms even the wary Herald, and when Morrigan later finds them after a panicked search they are contentedly munching on pie.

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i'd like to know, how've you been lately?

• went to the open house of the med school im applying for, found out that while my cumulative GPA is solid (3.5) and i have some research under my belt, i still need a fairly competitive score on the entrance exam and more doctor shadowing hours to be considered a standout applicant. mind you, this optometry school accepts only around 100 students per year
• calculated that i have to study 6 hours a day for the next 3 or so months to get all the information in my head needed for exam day (the test covers: reading comprehension, biology, general chemistry, organic chemistry, physics, quantitative reasoning)
• told my boss i can only work once a week now because studying for this mega-exam is now my full time job, plus shadowing hours every week, so my cash flow has run pretty dry
• the process of changing all my legal stuff from state to state in preparation for my move is hectic af
• im sick rn and i cant smell or taste anything which really sucks all the joy out of my day because i value those senses very much
• trying to find motivation to get TT stuff done on my free days is like a thirsty rat trying to find water in an abandoned house in the mojave desert
• been pretty stressed overall, but im gonna get it all done one way or another

Harry x Reader

Set Up: Harry gets jealous when he sees you and HR together. Just a little.

Warnings: I suppose none, except cute jealous Harry

Gender: Ima go with female on this one. 

A/N Look at this dork. He deserves so many acting awards. A+. 10/10. Love.

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Romantic Rivals ~ Sehun Scenario

Romantic Rivals ~ Sehun Scenario

Word Count: 1030

Type: Confession

Brief: Your group and EXO have are well known rivals in the industry but there’s a secret that both you and Sehun have been hiding from the public.

*Y/G/N = Your Group Name. **Y/S/N = Yours and Sehun’s Ship Name.

Originally posted by chanyeolluscious61

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this might be an asshole post i honestly don’t even know… but related to those last posts

sometimes i feel like there is this weird pressure inside this community to have the ~deepest reasons for ur disorder, like denying being triggered by ‘superficial’ things or not using the word triggered at all bc ~above that or insisting that nothing triggers them at all or ever in the existence of ever

but my own personal experience has been that yeah sometimes i do get triggered by dumb things

bc guess what
this disorder stupid (and competitive)

like even writing that now, i’m judging myself for using the word triggered (and it really might be too strong in some cases but lmk other words lol)

but it’s also like….it does exist for a reason, despite being overused, and ppl are allowed to define and use it at will

i mean, did seeing articles on weight loss in magazines make me develop an eating disorder? no lol
but does it help? also no…and i think sometimes ppl need to remember how much impact things can have OVER TIME…like trying to watch tv and counting 38 ads for diet supplements in an hour? yeah that gets obnoxious and yeah, it probably sticks with me whether i recognize it in the moment or not

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I know Brian said he did want to become so attached to another skater after yuna, but I can't help but feel like it's the opposite with yuzu, he cares deeply and might be a bit attached, I mean 5 years together, that's gotta speak for something. What do you think?

Pretty sure anon meant, “did not want to become so attached…”


According to Javi, Brian doesn’t have a favorite and treats all his skaters equally, and supports them all to max.

The only thing is, Yuzu has a very particular character and many many details that a coach needs to pay attention to, so that Yuzu can perform with less stress (I sigh at this part because after what happen before Yuzu’s short program…I’m waiting for some answers.)
[ In case it wasn’t stressed enough, Yuzu is HIGH MAINTENANCE. ]

So, I don’t think Brian is attached to Yuzu as some would think.
Even for me, I always say “look at how much Brian cares for his skaters.”

Also, the reason why Brian might have had such a big reaction to Yuna was because he just started coaching competitive skaters, and after his experience with Yuna, he’s probably learned how to keep a certain proximity with his skaters, but all in all – he’s an adult and I’m sure he has put that behind him now.

In addition, I think Brian’s experience with Yuna has made him a better coach because now he might be able to pick up on things he didn’t before (like cultural differences and what not), which helps him establish trust and understanding of his skaters.

Now, I do believe there’s a combination of things that make skaters want to stay at TCC and that is the guidance of various coaches and skating in an positive environment that allows them to focus solely on skating (and making friends who like to skate.)

And the other thing is, Brian is an appealing coach for those who understand and uphold the meaning of “hard work” and “perseverance.” Brian always says “trust your training,” but this is only effective if you put time and effort into it.

So, for Yuzu, this is great. It is a meeting of values.

Also, five years? What about Javi and Brian? That’s six years and they butt heads in the beginning. Brian legit lectured and berated the shit out of Javi, and the nonchalant Spaniard was like “okay. whatever.” Let’s not ever forget this tidbit.

If it works for Yuzu and he thinks its working out, which of course it is, he will stay. It’s as simple as that. At this point, Yuzu probably can’t fathom a better place than TCC.  

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Fuck... I've just recently come out as Aro ace, and honestly there are blogs literally excluding us from the LGBT community. Isn't LGBT all about acceptance and being yourself?

I mean, it’s SUPPOSED to be. People keep mistaking a lack of sexual attraction as the same as being heterosexual, which is ??????? not the same????? at all???????? I mean we’re closer to pansexuality more than anything because we feel nothing equally for everyone (unless ur grey or demi of course)

it’s like some people just always need to dump on somebody, it used to be bisexuals (and sometimes still is) but now they’ve really moved on to us and like, it sucks man what the fuck did we do?

suffering isn’t a competition, it doesn’t matter who has it worse, aces experience a lotta bullshit from every angle, we have a good reason to need a place in pride month, identity confusion, corrective rape, constant invalidation, ‘it’s just a phase’, ‘you’ll meet the right girl/guy someday’, 'I can fix that ;)’, just plain feeling like we’re freaks who don’t belong, being treated like an 'innocent child’, being talked down to, degraded, condescended to

These things happen to us just like they happen to the rest of the queer community, why aren’t we allowed in? there is no population limit, if your sexuality is outside of the norm in any way then you belong, that’s what the community is HERE for, stop fucking shutting out people who need support, stop fucking gatekeeping like y'all are the fucking Queer Law

we’re here, we’re queer, get fucking used to it

Domestic Dispute (mercymaker, G, 1k)

i actually started writing the first one forever ago and forgot about it so i dragged out the draft and finished it up LMFAO

for those just joining: this is based off the true event of the time i was in quickplay and our widowmaker named “daddy” got a lifesaver play of the game for saving my fragile healer ass from both a reinhardt and a s76 and i wanted to die of embarrassment

read on ao3 here

When the team returned to the dropship after a successful defense of the payload, nobody was quite sure why, exactly, Angela seemed to be in such a foul mood. Her lips were drawn tight, her knuckles white on her staff, face flushed with something like furious embarrassment… Lúcio had tentatively asked her if she was alright, and the dark glare she’d shot in his direction quickly dissuaded the remainder of her strike team from asking.

With the exception, of course, of one Amélie Lacroix, whose shit-eating grin was equally noticeable.

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