this is now a chicken blog

i can no longer take any description of a male protagonist seriously if the writer describes him as ‘brooding’

because i used to think 'oh, that’s sexy and mysterious, etc’

and now i think of this

once you’ve been loudly cussed out by 2.5 lbs of feathers, that word only ever means one thing


Hey folks–Paul here, filling in for Meg on TUTOR TUESDAY! A couple things not mentioned in the images above:

  • If you want to fact-check the hair claim (and enjoy some cat pictures), see my personal blog @whatsapatfour

  • I have a newfound respect for how much work these “TUTOR TUESDAY” posts take. (Meg makes it look easy!)

Thanks again Meg for the ones you’ve done so far, and we’re all looking forward to your return. Have a good one, everybody!


I just finished my last semester at community college and I’ve never studied so hard in my entire life. This semester I took 4 English courses and I now know I made the right choice with my major.

I was also super proud of the way I annotated my textbook for all of the stories/poems I had to read. My handwriting looks like chicken scratch but it was so hard peeling off each sticky note to return my rented textbooks.

Jae makes me suspicious

Everyone in the Day6 fandom knows that Jae likes to troll people and mess with his Wikipedia page and if you didn’t know that well now you do.
I am just waiting for the day he lets it slip that he has a Tumblr. Like I just have a sneaking suspicion that he runs an anonymous Day6 blog and he is just trolling us all.


New studyblr!

Hey everyone ☺️ I’m Phe, a 19 year old second year psych student from Australia. I lived on a farm all my life up until last year, where I moved on campus to uni. I have two horses, a dog and a large amount of chickens 🐔
I’m also chronically ill - while that doesn’t define me it does make my life a bit more difficult when it comes to studying. So you can expect both studyblr and chronic illness posts from my blog!
A few of you may recognise me, I’m formally @strongstudying but I changed my URL and blog theme for a while - however now the semester has begun, I have returned!
A lot of blogs on here inspire me but I don’t want to list them as I am scared I will forget some people and I don’t want to make anyone sad!
Thanks everyone for reading this, I hope you’re having a lovely day ☺️

There is a lot of hate going around on a lot of blogs right now

I just have to say that it’s ridiculous and crazy amount of hate. And it’s childish and a little pathetic. And your hiding behind anon and being a chicken shit about it . If you don’t like it or the blog, un-follow and move along. If you want to send in a reason for unfollowing, you don’t have to be such an asshole in your wording. I may get hate for this myself but I rather have it on me for backing up friends then on people that don’t deserve a single drip of hate. Literally come at me hateful anon! 



Your blogs are beautiful and I love you guys and you’re great and do not deserve the mean words you’re receiving. 

170517 - Hair-Pocolypse 2

Today’s bias is Kai!

And we’ve heard about his hair on this blog already.

But it can’t be stated enough times, can it?  KAI’S HAIR IS EVERYTHING.

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Kai: “Staaahp :3″

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We can’t stop, won’t stop.

Because it looks great dry…

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…or wet.

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In a dark color…

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…or a light one.

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D.O: “Stop this right now.”

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Even when he’s not trying to be too damn sexy, he’s too damn sexy.

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Kai: “Oh no, I dropped my chicken!  (Hair still looks great though)”

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D.O: “Say another word about Kai’s hair and I’ll rip your arms off.”

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Notice, there hasn’t been a single gif of him dancing.  Just his hair.
And you’re still turned on, aren’t you?

Kai: “Even I kind of am.  I’ll admit it.”

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D.O: “…..fjbwifvfevqqeqidbnwvflBVKVFKQVKUVLEVFIEVLGHRLI$TGVUKY$VL@#YTO#FR*F#R^FOT@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!1!!!!!11!!!1!!one!1!!11!1!!!!!!!”

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D.O’s brain again:

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heres your 159 piece chicken tender order

aka,, my art blog turned 1 year old this may!  ✨✨✨

I’ve been drawing with the intent of improving for not quite two years now and I honestly wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for all my friends’ and your support and encouragement. I’ve been through a lot in the last year, both good and bad, and the one thing that’s always been my safe space is being able to draw my favorite boy. So thank you all for pushing me and keeping me afloat even when all I want to do is give up. 

And a huge thank you to Tendou, my muse, my prince, my inspiration, my everything, because without him I wouldn’t still be here in existence. 💜 I owe him sosososo much.

Thank you for sticking with me, and here’s to another year of Tendou!! 💜

anonymous asked:

The little dance that Got7 did on the "SWAGGER" music video and you guys talked about it on twitter. It also reminded me of the moves of Destiny's Child did on "Solider" video !!! (sorry if there's some mistakes, love your blog )

I remember the name of the dance now! It’s called “Chicken head” and it goes a little something like this:

But did you see Jackson kill that?, he was gettin it boyyyy!


I swear every time I leave NY, I leave with a new tattoo…😅

I finally got that underboob tattoo I’ve been considering for a while! But I think I’m done with tats for now haha. I’m so hyped for my San Francisco Book Signing too (Last time to lemme know if you wanna attend)! My family are gonna be there and I’m excited to see them again! *Happy Dances* ☺️💃🏽

SN: Aren’t these slippers the cutest though?? 🐶😭

send these to my ask box

1. Favorite quote?

2. College that is on your mind?

3. Which Disney character do you relate to the most?

4. Colors that make you smile?

5. If you could only eat one type of potato chips for the rest of your life what would it be?

6. Play sports?

7. Do you have a dog?

8. Tell me you best childhood memory?

9. Who was one teacher that had a major impact on you?

10. Favorite school subject?

11. One movie that you would never recommend to anyone?

12. Favorite number?

13. Which Britney Spears song do you like to jam out to the most?

14. If you were an animal, what would you be and why?

15. What is the closest framed picture around you a picture of? 

16. What’s the story behind a tattoo/piercing you have?

17. Dream job?

18. Best book you have ever read?

19. Sexual orientation?

20. Do you still watch movies on a VHS player?

21. How many songs are on your iPod?

22. What is your most used app?

23. Best friend?

24. Favorite sports team?

25. Do you wear hats?

26. Favorite actor/actress?

27. Where is your favorite place in the world?

28. Do you have a significant other?

29. One song that always puts you in a good mood no matter what?

30. Favorite video game system?

31. What Pokemon would you pick to have as your starter?

32. Name one city you would like to visit.

33. What are 5 of your favorite qualities about yourself?

34. Turn ons?

35. Turn offs?

36. Favorite shoe brand?

37. What are 3 blogs that you recommend to follow right now?

38. What L-Word character do you relate to the most?

39. Who is your role model and why?

40. One thing that you never leave the house without?

41. Favorite form of transportation?

42. Best way to eat chicken?

43. Are you a fan of facial hair?

44. Do you like cheesy romantic gestures?

45. Were you in any clubs in high school? If so, did you hold any leadership positions?

46. Are you crafty?

47. Last person you texted?

48. If you could sit down to dinner with anyone in the world, who would it be?

49. Last wedding you attended?

50. Name a tv show that you could watch all day every day?


Man, my first digital art ! Hah ! First requests are actually done, and i am enjoying the hell out of this ! Not a thing i would ever think to have !

Anyways. The request made by @lynns-art-blog , @kiacii and @xxmileikaivanaxx i am just uploading it right now, from the whole excitment ! :D Hope you like it guys.

First ACTUAL steps on my way to digital drawings…i cant wait for more in the future. Thank you all so much for requesting something from me :)

Slime Rancher: guide to quick n easy chickens for the carnivores in your life

I’ve heard many people say that raising chickens in SL is a pain, and I get that. Curse the 12 chicken rule, I say. For this reason, I see so many largo ranches that mix tabbs, booms and hunters with more placid slimes for utility. When I saw @theslimeologist tags on a post concerning hunter/tabbs, I decided to reveal my great secret that allows me to keep my own beautiful hunter tabbs eating their stony hens and producing plorts galore, my secret to crashing two plorts on the market, if you will. So, what’s the secret then?

Turns out animal rights activists are right. For me on my ranch, I live under one rule: the hen hens taste better if they’re free range!

Yep, that’s right! Here’s some steps to better and easier hens.

1. Get 1500 newbucks

2. Buy the Overgrowth

3. DO NOT PUT SLIMES OR COOPS IN THE OVERGROWTH. make it strictly a garden instead. I have pogos and phases growing there so I can exchange the useless crop for a favorite one.

4. Chuck 3 roostros, a briar hen, a stony hen, and a painted hen (ver. 6.0) as well as a mixed bag of chickadoos in there. Hen-hens are already in the overgrowth before you put anything in there.

5. Profit! Free ranging bypasses the 12 hen rule as that applies only to coops, and due to how the game handles mobs, they Won’t wander into the main ranch or into the docks! As long as no slimes live in the overgrowth as per the instructions, give the place a few days and they’ll be spawning like crazy.

Things to note:
If all your largos have their favorite plant growing already, the chickens can serve as a backup in case you run low. Try to regularly clean out the elderly as they can be saved in a coop on the main ranch if you need them for the carousel achievement or as snacks for free roamers.

And that’s it! My guide for quick and effortless poultry perfection. If you have any more troubles with things in slime rancher, feel free to drop me an ask. I’m always open to share my advice, rancher to rancher. Anyways, toodles! My hunter tabbs need their stonies!

EDIT: tagged the wrong blog. Oops- Fixed now.
Dazed and Distracted, Can’t You Tell? (Gaston x Reader Fanfic)


Dazed and Distracted: Chapter 7

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“Now, what does our prevailing hero want for dinner?” You asked, not bothering to look back to where Gaston sat on Thomas behind you. “Game? Chicken? Lamb?” 

Gaston, who’d been hesitant to hold onto you around the waist as you drove Thomas towards your home, was too caught up in trying to process how such a homely girl had blossomed into the beauty before him, didn’t realize you’d been talking. “Sorry, darling,” he apologized before resting his chin on your shoulder. “I haven’t had a good hunt in years, unless you count Englishmen…” 

“So game it is then?” 

Hardly an hour later, Gaston had showed up at your doorstep with a beautifully plump doe slung over his shoulder. “Where would you like her?” 

“Right on the table would do,” you muttered, busy chopping up carrots. “Slice her open and get the bullet for me, I’ll be over in a minute to get the breast for dinner.” You scurried over to the hearth and lit a fire before getting your hearth stone ready to cook. “Know how to preserve meat?” 

“Of course,” Gaston scoffed playfully, smiling stupidly at how easily you scurried about the house preparing a simple meal for two. “Where do you keep your salts?” 

After a meal of perfectly seared doe breast and a thick stew of vegetables with a loaf of fruit bread for dinner, you and Gaston sat beside your hearth to catch up. 

“So, where’s this Lefou I kept hearing about?” 

“Probably looking for a place for he and I to rent,” Gaston chuckled as he took a sip from the pipe of wine before handing it off to you. “Some place big, he likes to decorate, you see.” 

“Sounds like the perfect companion for you,” you muttered sarcastically, taking a grateful swig. “How’d you meet him anyhow?” 

And so the night wore on, until time came that should Gaston be seen at your house so late, the rumours of your scandalous romance would tumble out of control- not that word hadn’t already sprung when everyone saw you on Gaston’s horse with his jacket and cap on, with his arms round your waist as you road his horse to your home, but you didn’t dwell on it too much. 

“So what do you plan on doing here in Villeneuve?” You asked, pulling your blanket tighter around your shoulders as you leaned on your doorframe, Gaston standing on your doorstep. “You’ve already completed your greatest adventure, traveling across the world to find battle and glory. What could you possibly find of interest in our humble little town?” 

Gaston smiled slightly, thinking on his response while he noticed the way your messy hair managed to look angelic with the flamelight of your hearth room in the background. The dainty look of your nails as you buried them into the fabric and the way your feminine body looked wrapped up in a blanket that was a bit too small to cover you made his heart skip a beat before he finally mustered up an answer worth your question. 

“I’ve gotten past my fighting years, I think it’s time I tackle life’s greatest battle.” 

“And that is?” You chuckle, brushing a stray hair out of your face. 

“Finding a suitable wife, and raising a hearty family, of course.” 

You shake your head at his enthusiasm, smiling all the while. “Well, at the rate you’re going, you’ll have your pick of the fine ladies of Villeneuve by weeks end,” you nodded towards the convent not far away where the triplets sat by their window, their elbows resting on the window sill as they admired the tall brute. “Perhaps sooner.” 

“I would certainly hope so,” Gaston smiled, clasping his hands together to retain some warmth before taking a step towards you. “(Name), since you so graciously served me to dinner tonight, I feel I must repay you somehow.” 

“You already did, Gaston,” you beamed at him, “You came back to us.” 

“I came back to you, (Name),” Gaston corrected, resting his hand on your door frame and leaning down towards you. “Knowing you were waiting for me was the only thing keeping me sane in battle.” 

“I’m glad I could be of service, Captain,” you teased with a chuckle, not worrying too much about the close proximity. “I must admit, you’re stories of war were the only thing keeping me here.” 

Leaning down towards your ear, Gaston whispered. “Meet me in the field tomorrow at noon. I have a surprise for you.” 

“I’ll see what’s on my schedule,” you teased, feeling a warmth spread through you as Gaston gently kissed your cheek before removing himself from your personal space. 

“Until then?” 

“Au revoir, Captain Gaston.” 

“Au revoir, Mademoiselle (Name).”