this is nothing against you or your character

Take criticism lightly. It means nothing against your character, but are merely opportunities for growth and development. There is always room for improvement, for no one is a complete expert in every task.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin
Don’t Call Me That.

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When he first hears you say it, it’s faint and he’s not sure if you actually said it or if his mind is playing games. All he hears his your voice,a mere whisper even calling the name “Alex” in your sleep. He can also here you whimpering and a change in your breathing pattern which he recognises as how are when you’re about to cum and he knows he doesn’t like it when you’re having wet dreams about another man, he hates it really.

So when morning comes along with it comes having to face reality and for you to deal with a very distant and angry Harry. When you confront him to talk about it,he promises it’snot big deal and that he’s just having an off day but having been with him for so long, you know he’s lying. You’ve finally had enough after dinner and you corner him when he’s the most vulnerable and his guard was let down : the shower.

“Harry you have to tell me what is wrong or else there’s nothing I can do to help you.”

“Who is Alex, love?” The nickname which was once used as a way to express his love for you and how it was not measurable is not used in a spiteful tone filled with hatred.

At first you're​ shocked and then you stop for a second and think which brings back the faint memories of a dream that you had the previous night. A dream starring your boyfriend as his character in his film, an arrogant look on his face as he nailed you against a wall and kissed you with all his might. At this you start laughing finally realising why Harry has been so bitter all day, he gets angry when he hears laughter bubble from your lips. it pisses him off about how you find the thought of you cheating on him with a man named Alex funny.

“What’s so funny? Is this relationship funny to you?”

“Oh harry, my sweet innocent baby boy, do you remember what happened when I came to visit you on set during the film?”

“You had fun. You spoke to Fionn, Barry, Aneurin, Tom and Jack and you told me how proud you were. What does this have to do with an Alex?”

You laugh at your daft and apparently clueless boyfriend. “ All that aside, what happened in the bedroom? After you came back from set?”

“Well the condoms I bought for your week long visit got over in two days. You loved my uniform, didn’t you?”A smile slowly grew on his face as he understood where this was going. Well two could play this game, he concluded as a sly smirk formed on his berry pink lips.

“And why was that?” You gasped as you felt his hand slide against your core,already slick and wet at the thought of him fucking you.

His left hand begins to gather your hair against one shoulder, his mouth planting spongy kisses against your neck as his right hand just lingered over where you needed him the most. Two of his fingers slowly entered your hole while his thumb rubbed circles against your clit without any rhythm. 

“So wet for me, aren’t you? Who did this to you baby?” his voice rough and husky as it was laced with desire, you failed to notice his accent was also a little thicker.

“You, Harry. You did this. Oh god, please don’t stop.” One of your hands went down to hold his that was still steadily pumping his fingers into you while his thumb continued it’s motion against your sensitive nub. He suddenly stopped, his fingers pulling out of you as his other hand released your hair from it’s gasp. 

“What did you call me? That’s not my name, is it baby girl?”He bought him fingers up to his mouth, his tongue peaking out and licking all the wetness that was coated on them as his jade irises stared point blank into your eyes, a lustful look in them.

“Daddy please.”

“Well, I would. But that’s not my name either.” His arms were crossed in front of him as he looked at you, finally having you in the place where he wanted you, All pliant and willing to do anything for him.

“Well I’m running out of answers and I need you Harry please.” You stomped your foot frustrated, tears pooling in your eyes as you were desperate for him. Desperate for his cock to be in you, to reach that sweet spot that made you see stars and feel like your were in heaven.

He stepped forward, cornering you completely  into the wet shower wall. Your back hit the cold tiles as you looked at him all doe eyed and desperate, his favourite look on you if he’s being honest.

“Well darling, you can call me Alex.


So that’s little thought I had this morning. I hope you all liked it, I can do part two of her actually calling him “Alex” in bed if y’all are up for it. @trulymadlysydney @oh-styles , you can’t beat me at my own game. Payback is a bitch, isn’t it?

Love you all so much, xx.

Questions to Ask Yourself

When you’re writing a story, there’s obviously some things you need to know. Here’s a list of important questions to ask yourself as you write, divided into several sections: What, Who, When/Where, Why, and How.


The first question you should ask is What is my story? I recommend keeping this answer as short as possible–one sentence is all you should need.

Other What Questions:

-What is the protagonist’s goal?
-What is the antagonist’s goal?
-What is the purpose/moral of the story?
-What are the ultimate consequences?


You’ve heard it once, or maybe a million times: Character is key. Make sure you know all of your characters better than the back of your hand.

Who Questions:

-Who is the story about?
-Who affects the main character?
-Who is trying to stop the protagonist?
-Who is trying to stop the antagonist?
-Who are allies?
-Who are enemies?
-Who ‘wins’?


When doesn’t seem as important to plot, but the reality is, it changes everything. Make sure you know your whens just as well as you know everything else. I’ve combined this section with where as well.

When Questions:

-When does the story take place?
-Where does the story take place?
-Where is the character at in their life?
-When is the deadline?
-When is there a change?
-Where is there a change?


Why is the motivation behind each and every character. It is essential in a sorry worth reading. If your character has no motivation, then the story is shallow and unimportant. Take some risks!

Why Questions:

-Why is the antagonist 'evil’?
-Why is my protagonist against him?
-Why does anyone keep fighting?
-Why do they care?


How is the story itself. It’s the characters’ journey throughout, and without the how, you have nothing.

How Questions:

-How does the character get out of this situation?
-How did they get into this situation?
-How do they get from this point to this point?
-How do they change throughout the story?

There are many, many more questions you should ask yourself–these are merely the bare essentials. Asking questions is important in making a plot, so question everything!

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in your christmas au sketches - are gendry and sansa a couple? or just really good friends? because of previous posts i thought you liked sansa and margaery together.

anonymous asked:

Sns is so overrated, the Kishi had to force us readers that naruto and sasuke have a "strong bond" it was annoying asf. Vegeta and Goku, Gon and Killua, and the best for last Yusuke and Kuwabara still a better friendship than sns lmao. Take it all in, sns tards st of them can disagree and still be friends when sns Sasuke had to be force to naruto's views by force!! I feel sympathy for Sasuke all alone at least Karin loves him for who he was unlike T7 and Naruto hypocrite bitch ass.

Oh God… What did I do to receive this kind of nonsense? Pft.

Look, my friend, I do not care if they’re the best for you, what does that have to do with me? Nothing. You’re talking about your options against mine, but you know? Nothing and nobody is going to change my preference. :P

It is not my fault that Kishimoto created the SNS bond for years.
It is not my fault that the SNS has an acceptable development.
It is not my fault they both kissed.
It is not my fault they both protected each other.
It is not my fault that both are complements.
It is not my fault that they are both soulmates.
It is not my fault that both are characters that are accepted as they are.
It is not my fault that Naruto loves Sasuke.
It is not my fault that Sasuke loves Naruto.
It is not my fault that Naruto prefers Sasuke before everyone else.
It is not my fault that Sasuke prefers Naruto before everyone else.
It is not my fault Sasuke was willing to give his life for Naruto.
It is not my fault that Naruto was willing to give his life for Sasuke.
It is not my fault that Naruto was always thinking about Sasuke.
It is not my fault Sasuke surrendered to Naruto’s appreciation.

I’m afraid I can not finish. But to make you burn more…

Long live SNS. ♡

Everything is in the manga and I can not change any of that. ^^ 

Thanks, but I would have respected it if you had only shared it with less antisonant words. 

Good luck next time. 

By Heart [ III ]

Genre [Rating] : Angst

Length: 7.3k

Pairing: Kyungsoo x Reader

Summary: Getting over him was the most impossible thing in the world because part of you couldn’t believe it was really over.

By Heart Masterlist

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Having your heart broken once was something that could change your whole world. It made everything feel like it had been shifted. Like there were bits of sadness tucked into every corner of things you used to enjoy. Like the sky was never blue, but a dull grey that reflected the way you felt when the demons came out. Like ghosts were suddenly so very real, and haunting you every day in the form of lingering memories that made your chest ache. Like everything was a creation just there to mock you and remind you that somehow, someway, you weren’t worth it. You had messed up. It felt like the world changed, when in reality, it hadn’t.

You had.

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Sketchbook (Peter Parker Imagine)

Summary: Peter finds the reader’s sketchbook open on her desk.

Because I’m a sucker for this trope.

Words: 2k


“Y/N?” Peter called into your empty house, after having let himself in.

He wasn’t surprised when there was no reply. You had told him you might be a little late to your study night, as you had an errand to run for your aunt.

Nonetheless, you’d reminded him where the key was and assured him to let himself in and take whatever food he wanted from the fridge (“But don’t eat it all, Parker! I know you and your appetite, and I refuse to allow a repeat of last November!”)

He smiled, remembering your scolding, and grabbed a juice from the fridge before heading to your room to wait.

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Live a Little (Taehyung/Reader)

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Prompt: If You’re still taking Taehyungie requests could I get a smut for trying new things and Tae sweet talking her into anal and taking it super slow and gentle and she ends up having the best orgasm of her life?? More love makey anal. Rather than aggressive.

Genre: Fluff Smut

Words: 4.5K+

Author: Admin Kaycie

Tags: Clothed grinding, body worship, oral sex, teasing, fingering, anal sex, vaginal sex, etc.

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Kylo is probably a spoiled brat [in a sense], sure, but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t abused and manipulated by a predator who took advantage of his immense loneliness and vulnerability as a child. Kylo probably had [and still definitely does have] tantrums and made bad choices, but that doesn’t mean he deserved to be preyed on by an adult from the shadows since childhood.

Being privileged in one respect doesn’t prevent a person from suffering in others.

Kylo can be both a spoiled brat because he’s an elitist prick [I mean, he is], and simultaneously a traumatized victim of abuse and manipulation.

Stop pitting those two aspects of identity against each other like they could never exist in the same person. Trauma and hardship isn’t limited to one demographic.

Going On A Date With Draco Includes...

(A.N. Hey, guys. I know a lot of you guys wanted part 2 on Arranged Marriage and Caught. I haven’t been feeling good ugh, it’s such a lame excuse but that’s why I didn’t post yesterday. I didn’t want to leave y’all without anything this weekend so I just wrote a quick headcannon. Enjoy `-`)

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  • Draco will take for Butterbeer first
  •  Hint Word: First
  • Draco being Draco he, of course, spoils the fuck out of you
  • While y’all are drinking Butterbeer at different ends of the booth
  • Draco will slowly scoot closer to you
  • He will hold your hand and tell you how lucky he is to have you
  • When he gets out of the booth to get more butterbeer you notice a promise ring on your finger
  • Draco Malfoy is a FUCKING MAGICIAN
  • Sliding back into the booth he gives you a cheeky smile which of course turns into a smirk
  • Draco just fuck me already
  • You ask him about the ring and he gives you a whole big speech about how:
  • How your a princess
  • And you’re the best so you deserve the best
  • Since you’re his baby girl you get anything and everything
  • And how your his and the ring shows the world it
  • How can you argue with that you are
  • Draco’s girlfriend and you know if you fight him now it will reflect later in the bedroom ;))))
  • Grabbing your hand and leading you out of Three BroomSticks
  • He hears whistling
  • Snapping his towards the noise he sees two Ravenclaws sitting on a bench checking out his Princess girlfriend
  • Pissed Ferret: Activated
  • Narrowing his eyes and stalking towards the duo and pulls his fist back
  • You grab his arm and show him the small ring on your finger
  • Draco sighs and tells the scared looking Ravenclaws that he will tell his father about the situation
  • He grabs your hand once more and walks away with you
  •  You can’t help but smirk
  • You have the Slytherin Prince around your fingers
  • Feeling your arm being pulled to the right Draco pulls you into a dark alley
  • Opening your mouth to speak up when Draco roughly pushes you up against the wall
  • “Is there a problem love?”
  • Smirking you shake your head no
  • The Beast Has Been Released
  • Marking your neck with love bites for a few minutes he releases you from the wall and pulls you toward the castle
  • “Walk faster, Love. When we get to the common room I going to destroy you.”
  • After that date, you couldn’t walk for a week


The Good Man

Title: The Good Man

Author:  Dean’s Dirty Little Secret

Summary:  You return from a hunt after a run-in with another hunter.

Characters:  Dean Winchester x female reader

Word Count:  1003

Warnings:  Self-doubt, “mean” girls/women

Author’s Notes: This is my entry for @percywinchester27‘s PJO Quotes Challenge. My quote was “You, sir, are a ray of sunshine.”

***My work is not to be posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***

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Characters - Sam x Reader
Summary - It’s all fun and games until you fall asleep on the couch with a certain Winchester.
Word Count - 509
Rating - [T] Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings - drinking and bad movies
A/N - If you caught my poll, that’s what this was for! Expect a Dean version in the near future. Lemme know what y'all thought! Prompt is at the end, to avoid spoiling the whole thing.

It’s a late night, and you’re spread out on the dinky brown couch at some motel in Utah, warm and fuzzy as you and the boys take turns drinking whiskey straight from the bottle. It’s easy, the companionship and camaraderie you three share after a job well done. The tv is playing some movie that features bad CGI pterodactyls, all dubbed in spanish, but the three of you don’t mind. Rather, you take turns making up your own dialogue for the characters, saying the most ridiculous stuff just to make the others laugh.

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Hit Me

For Anon who requested 10 and 20 for Hotch “Oh, shit.” “Hit me. I’m serious, hit me.”

You were in a small town in north Washington State and it was the middle of January and you were freezing. You’d had on two pairs of gloves and your fingers still felt like they were ready to fall off, and you stopped feeling your nose several hours ago.

Morgan and Hotchner were standing in front of you, looking around the front property of the unsub’s cabin. You’d located it a few hours ago via Garcia, unfortunately it had take you all that time to hike through the woods to find it, and when you got there it looked abandoned for the most part.

“Waste of time.” Morgan announced, kicking at the house angrily, “We wasted hours coming out here, and hours going back, for nothing, for an abandoned house. No one’s been out here in years.” You moved towards the front door, mostly trying to get the blood moving back in your legs when you noticed something.

“Hey wait.” You announced, “Someone has been here recently!” Hotch and Morgan came up to your side where you were pointing excitedly at the door.

“I don’t get it.” Morgan shook his head, and Hotch nodded along with him causing you to sigh.

“These nails, what’s different from them, compared to the entire rest of the house.” Both looked at you blankly and you groaned, “No rust! And you call yourselves profilers! These nails look brand new, someone came out here recently and nailed this door shut.”

“Reid,” Morgan called, and the other man’s head lifted, looking confused, “You’ve just lost your title of the BAU’s resident genius.” Reid rolled his eyes and went back to looking over the notes he’d brought along. Hotch turned and grabbed the handle giving it a pull.

“Nails aren’t doing much for the rotted wood, here,” He took his gloves off handing them to you before grabbing the handle and pulling hard. Turns out the wood was a lot worse off than it looked, and Hotch didn’t need to pull nearly that hard. When the door broke his arm jerked back from the force he was yanking and collided with something. That something being your face.

“Oh, shit.” You stumbled back, foot catching on the step causing you to fall back and land on your butt. The frozen dirt did nothing to pad your landing, “Dammit.” You hand went to you face, feeling the blood trickling out.

Hotch dropped down in front of you eyes wide, grabbing his gloves from your hand and using one to wipe the blood away, trying to asses the damage.

“Jesus Christ (Y/N) I didn’t think you were right behind me, I’m sorry. Does it feel broken.” You shook your head slightly, waving him off.

“I’ll be fine, crooked nose adds character.” You joked, “I should’ve known better than to stand that close.” Hotch grabbed your hands and pulled you up, keeping his glove pressed against your face.

“That’s gonna be a fun accident report to write up. How did (Y/N) break her nose? Oh Hotch socked her for being mouthy.” Emily joked, Hotch only glared in her general direction.

“At least it’s cold out. Nature’s own ice pack.” You smiled.

“Hit me.” Hotch stated and you were caught off guard.


“Hit me. I’m serious, hit me.” He moved back, opening his arms gesturing for you to take a swing, and you burst into laughter.

“I’m not going to hit you! It was an accident!” You laughed.

“Come on, (Y/N) hit him, once in a lifetime chance here, baby.” Morgan egged you on, grinning. “Do it for us.”

“Morgan..” Hotch warned, but smirked slightly, in good fun.

“Okay, fine.” You laughed, coming towards a suddenly slightly nervous looking Hotch. Did he really think you would full out take a swing on him. You smirked and lifted your hand before giving his face a small open handed bop with with double gloved hand. Hotch’s head jerked slightly but he laughed and the low velocity impact. “Now I feel better.” You grinned.

Period Drama with mama - Damian Wayne x Batmom (reader)

Summary : Batmom (you) is very fond of period dramas, it’s her guilty pleasure, and the rest of the family often mocks her for that…until one day, one of them stick around to actually watch it with her. 

Just a short little little thing because of reasons. Hope you’ll like it !

(My masterlist blog here :


You don’t really remember how it happened, the only thing you were sure of is that you were watching the 2006 mini-serie of “Jane Eyre” when he started to stick around to watch things with you. 

You were so surprised at first because…

Bruce hated period drama with a passion. He thought they were stupid, too long, ridiculous, cheesy, snob…He had a plethora of words to describe his dislike of the genre. He always got grumpy when you called him your “Mr. Darcy”, saying that he was totally not aloof, introverted, arrogant, etc etc…Every time he said such a thing, you laughed, because that’s exactly how he was with most people. You, your sons, Alfred and his very few close friends being an exception. Actually, scratch that, even with you guys sometimes he could be a bit of a dick. You thought he fitted perfectly into the role of Fitzwilliam Darcy…and that made him hate period dramas even more. Especially since you constantly teased him about how Colin Firth looked better than him…Erf. Damn those British shows. 

Dick, Jason and Tim felt the same, hating them too, for the same reason Bruce didn’t like it. Even the only one you thought you could rally to your cause because most period dramas happened in his home country, Alfred, couldn’t stand it. They all couldn’t stand it. And would oh so often make fun of you for liking them. They weren’t ever mean though, it was just affectionate teasing because they really didn’t get why you liked period dramas so much. 

So when Damian sat next to you on the couch, curious about those “shows you watched that they all hated so much”, you were almost stunned. And when he stayed, and asked you to call him whenever you wanted to watch a period drama, you thought you were going nuts. But turned out, you weren’t. Your youngest son, Damian, really took a liking to the stuffs. Against all odds. Because for real, all of the others hated it so much…Which was a shame (for them), because you and Damian beyond loved them ! And sometimes, you would speak of nothing else but that, driving the rest of the family insane.

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You’re Okay, I Guess

Pairing: (platonic) Jughead Jones x Reader

Summary: Jughead helps the Reader out in a run-in with her ex by the most unexpected methods

Warnings: nah, not much to say

Originally posted by loislanes94

You swirled the thick straw in between your thumb and index finger, staring gloomily at your half-drunken cookies and cream milkshake, not really having the appetite to down the milkshake, despite it being one of Pop’s more popular specialties. Honestly, it would be a miracle if you ended up feeling better by the end of the day, seeing as today was as shitty as days get.

First off, your mother had, earlier today, told you that if you wanted to continue living under her roof, you were to find a part-time job and try to ‘support the family’; and by 'family’, she meant her debilitating alcoholism. What with you being in the editorial board, plus running for track and being in a band, there was absolutely no way you could even indulge in the idea of working part-time seeing as your social life was non-existent and your actual life was hanging on by a fraying thread. Then of course, today marks a week since the Break Up with your ex Reggie, whom you recently found out through Kevin Keller that he had been sleeping around with other girls even when you were still together, which added more salt to the wound, as if more salt could ever be rubbed in that particular, still-healing injury.

So there you were, taking up an entire booth at Pop’s, wallowing in self-pity as you picked aimlessly at the crumpled tissue where you had wiped your mouth earlier, thinking of the tissue as a metaphor for your life, when the door to the burger-and-milkshake-serving diner opened, and in came a rowdy groups of guys you knew went to Riverdale High with you. How could you tell? It was probably because Reggie was smack-dab in the middle of the group, laughing and fooling around with his equally nauseating friends, shoving at each other as they made their (unwanted) presence in the otherwise peaceful shop known.

Of course, you had immediately ducked your head and pretended to fiddle with your phone to try to hide from Reggie and his puke-inducing gang of friends, in case they decided to make your day a living hell more than ever, practically having bile rising up your throat, trying to calm yourself down by sipping lightly at your milkshake. Through your eyelashes, you saw that some of the guys had crammed inside a booth, but to your horror, Reggie and one of his cronies had sidled up to the counter less than 7 feet away from you to pick up their order like they usually did after school when you tagged along, talking rather loudly about something you didn’t care to listen in on. Thankfully, they didn’t seem to have noticed you, and you were intent on things staying that way for as long as they were here, but of course, luck seemed to have abandoned your side completely as Reggie’s friend had scanned the diner and his gaze landed on you, where you tried to pretend you were typing away into your phone. Out the corner of your eye, you saw the friend nudge your ex with his elbow and not-so-discreetly whispered, “Well, look who it is, Reggie.” to him, making your ex turn and glance at you.

Of course, he didn’t say anything, just gave you that judgemental, 'you-are-all-beneath-me’ look and rolled his eyes at you. “I can’t believe you tapped that, I mean what was she like? Isn’t she like, a neurotic loner or something?” His friend pressed on.

“Trust me, biggest mistake of my life.” Reggie played along, knowing full well that you heard every word, trying not to break down and yell at that smug bastard for being a petty dipshit. “I mean, look at her, she’s hoarding an entire booth for her fat self and she’s so pathetic, she doesn’t even have friends to share-”

“Hey, sorry I’m late.” A vaguely familiar voice cut through the dissing Reggie and his friend were doing at your expense, and to your surprise, a raven-haired guy in a grey beanie sat down next to you in the booth, forcing you to scoot over reluctantly, despite not being aware you had agreed to meet anyone up at Pop’s today. Not that you had that many friends to hang out with in the first place…

Before you could ask the guy on why he was sitting there with you, he said, “I hope I didn’t keep you waiting long.”, glancing pointedly at you with his back towards Reggie and his friend, dark eyes instructing you to play along when you realized who he was; Riverdale High’s resident Emo McEmo, Jughead Jones.

You recalled seeing him a few times at school, him mostly keeping to himself with headphones practically surgically attached to his head, the quiet, mysterious type of guy that probably knew everyone’s deepest, darkest secrets just by silently observing his surroundings and gathering information unnoticed. He was an intriguing guy who seemed to have way more going on in his mind than most kids in Riverdale High combined, a person who has a deeper understanding on the human emotion and yet rarely shows any emotion other than boredom most times. But still, it didn’t answer your earlier inquiries on why the hell did he think you both were friendly enough that he could just barge into your booth and make himself at home when your bully of an ex and his similarly brute douchey friend were less than 7 feet away from you both.

“The freak and the slut, a perfect pair, yes?” Reggie’s friend nudged at the former, him looking a little put off by Jughead’s arrival. Everyone with a brain knew of the beef Reggie had with Jughead, so it was understandable why Reggie tensed up a little when Jughead appeared, under the pretence that you and him were somewhat friendly with each other. Whatever, it’s not like he has a hold over me, you thought, sending a steely glare at the two.

“Leave her alone.” Jughead spoke, a low but dangerous tone, one that surprised you. Surely he wasn’t actually…sticking up for you, was he? Jughead Jones, Defender of the Bullied? As far as you knew about him (and it wasn’t much), he was more of a sidelines guy, keeping out of trouble by staying under the radar. This, however, was totally out of character. “Don’t you asshats have something better to do than pick on people who did nothing wrong against you?”

“Oh-ho, look, the freak speaks! Defending his lady now, is he?” Reggie’s friend sneered.

“I did (Y/N) a favour by hooking up with her sorry ass.” Reggie spat spitefully, upturning his nose at you as if you were dirt under his shoes. “But in the end, she wasn’t even worth it.” He smirked when he saw both you and Jughead shift in your seats at an almost identical position, clearly ruffled by his words.

Before you could tell him to go shove a cactus up his ass, Jughead once again stepped in and told him, “No, it was (Y/N) who did you a favour by going out with you; I mean, who would even want to hook up with a guy like you?” This comment caused Reggie’s friend to turn pale, a bad sign, seeing as not many dared to talk shit about Reggie…to his face.

“You’re one to talk, Hannibal Lecter, when you’ve never even gotten past first base with a girl!” Reggie said angrily, just as their order arrived, his friend momentarily diverting his attention to the food.

“At least I’m getting laid.” Jughead replied calmly, and then, as if it was no big deal, turned towards you and pulled you into a kiss, one hand cupping your cheek as his mouth moved slowly against yours, a clear sign that he wasn’t used to kissing. Too surprised to even function, you noticed the disgruntled sounds of disgust coming from the two, and when you finally let Jughead take control, you heard them moving away from near your booth, defeated.

“Um…” You pulled away from the dark-haired boy once they were out of earshot, eyes wide at the realization that a guy, whom you barely spoke to in the past years you’ve been in the same school as him, had just defended you and kissed you despite not even owing you anything. “Wha…What was that for?” You asked him nervously, eyes darting to where the group of guys were, all of them already halfway out the door, not noticing the two of you.

“You wanted them to stop bugging you, right?” He asked you, following your gaze to the door that shut behind the group, you nodding slowly. “That should do the trick.” He added, referring to the kiss.

“But…why would you…why would you kiss me?” You asked him, confused.

“I, uh…” For once, Jughead didn’t seem to have a proper answer.

“Are you…are you gay or something?” You squinted at him, trying to squeeze out the truth from him. “I won’t judge you or anything-”

“No, no, it’s quite complicated, really…” He readjusted his grey beanie before continuing to speak. “I’m not attracted to girls. And guys. I’m not attracted to anyone, really.” Oh.

“And they’ve been harassing you about that?” You caught on quickly enough, recalling how hurt Reggie looked when Jughead told him he was getting laid. I will never understand boys and their over-inflated egos, you sighed inwardly.

He nodded, looking, for a split second, as if he was going to say something, but he didn’t. “Well hey, at least your plan worked!” You nudged him optimistically, coaxing a small smile from him, just the faintest twitch of the corner of his lips you were kissing a few minutes ago. “I’m cool with platonic kissing.”

He quirked an eyebrow at you. “This doesn’t mean I’m attracted to you or anything, I just…” You gave up trying to justify your words. “You’re not…you’re okay, I guess.” You mumbled feebly.

“Well, the feeling is mutual, (Y/N).” Jughead smiled, a proper smile, one you’ve never ever seen before. “If I had to choose a girl to willingly kiss for the rest of my school year, it would be you.”

“That’s the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me.” You grinned, before both of you burst into laughter.

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Yeah, I know I’m a Supernatural fanfiction account but like a lot of people on Tumblr, we were thrust into the world of Riverdale when we watched it, so it’s understandable. 


If you like Supernatural (especially Rob Benedict/Chuck Shurley/Gabriel/Richard Speight Jr) then you can go check out my masterlist. If you want more of Jughead one-shots like this, feel free to request me anything that isn’t smut because I respect ace (aroace?) Jughead (c’mon guys, it’s canon). All you gotta do is send me an ask! 

how to write an action scene

it’s kind of mind-boggling how many action scenes out there (including sex scenes) are straight-up boring. that is the opposite of what an action scene is supposed to be. so here’s a little how-to, for those who have trouble with action. 

(standard disclaimer: all writing processes are different, my way is not the only way, if it doesn’t work for you that doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with you or your work.)

step 1: decide what your action scene needs to accomplish plot-wise and character-wise. if the answer is nothing, scrap the scene.

step 2 (optional): if you’re the kind of writer who needs to write a crappy first draft before you can do anything productive with a scene, write your crappy first draft.

step 3: break down the scene into a bulleted outline of everything that happens in sequential order, and make sure there’s a “therefore” or “but” relationship in every transition. every action should either be caused by the previous action, or interfere with it. no “and then” relationships.

step 4: check your outline against the results of step 1.

step 5: stick an exclamation point on every sentence of your outline. if it doesn’t deserve an exclamation point, either cut it or make it more exciting until it does.

step 6: write the scene from that outline. do not use any exclamation points (except in dialogue, sparingly).

step 7: check your finished scene against the results of step 1. all good? high-fuckin’-five, send it to your beta.

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Do you do reactions? If so... Can you please do a reaction where like the reader and the members are friends but she does something sexy or sexual unintentionally and they get horny (like sitting on their lap playfully - and maybe start thinking they are really attracted to her and want a friendship with benefits)? Sorry if it's long!

A/N: if this isn’t as ‘sexy’ as you imagined anon im sorry! It’s a bit hard for me to write like a suggestive reaction for all members bc i feel like it’d be too generic?? like ooh damn ,,,girl does something sexy,,, imma start flirting with her lmaoooo ANYWAYS i’ve never done reactions before so idek what i’m doing but i hope you liked it lol they’re short & fun to make


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“Hey guys!”

You enter the dorm in your usual Saturday night attire: a large black shirt, shorts and a messy pony tail. The boys had invited you over for a chill night which usually consisted of drinks, movies and random conversations. Walking into the living room, you find the guys already choosing over movies, Jungkook and Jimin fighting over the remote control. You scan the room to find your best friend: Jin. Instantly, you spot him on his phone at the end of the couch, his hair freshly washed with a glossy shine. You grin, tip toeing over thrown pillows, making your way to him. “Seokjin!” you call out. Looking up from his phone, you catch his shoulders tense up at the sight of your exposed thighs. Planting yourself right next to him, you wrap your arms around his wide frame, “I’ve missed you!” you cooed, the collar of your oversized shirt slipping off your shoulder slightly, exposing your bare skin.

Jin coughed at the sudden affection, “(Y/N) why are you like this-” he grumbles with a flustered face, adjusting your shirt quickly, his soft fingertips grazing your neck. The feeling of his fingers on your neck caused you to naturally lean into his touch. “You’re such a grandpa, Kim Seokjin,” you chuckled to which he scoffed. You try your best not to smile, already aware of the pink blush on his face. A few minutes into the movie however, your focus was interrupted. Your eyes flickered down to Jin’s large hand gently on top of your thigh. His thumb massaging small circles into your skin. Glancing over your shoulder, you see a small smile on his plush lips.


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“If you tell anyone, Namjoon,” you warn, “I’ll seriously kill you.”

Namjoon snorted, tugging on the strings of his hoodie as he rolled around your bed. “So what I saw you naked? We’ve been friends since you learned how to ride a bike.” He watched you walk over to your bathroom, putting away your towel and closing the door behind you. You grumble a few curse words under your breath as your walk over to your bed, tying your hair up into bun. Namjoon chuckles and lays back down, eyes glued to the ceiling. The sight of your naked body still fresh in his mind. The curve of your back. The small specks of freckles on your arms. Interesting. Feeling the bed dip a bit lower, Namjoon instantly rolls on top of you.

“Oi what are you-”

“You’re pretty hot, you know,” Namjoon said.

Your eyes widened, “Namjoon I swear to-”

Suddenly, you’re aware of his weight pressed up against you and your face heats up. His legs tangled with yours, his large frame looming over yours. One hand rested above your head whilst the other dangled off the bed frame. You bit your lip. Namjoon smiled, dimples peeking through, “Cute.”


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Yoongi had called you over to his studio to listen to a new project of his. Yoongi would spend hours straight working on a new piece and call you during the middle of the night to hear your perspective. The door clicked open as your stepped in, Yoongi’s back facing you. “Is it almost done?” you asked, locking the door behind you and stepping towards your friend. He grunted, pushing himself away from the desk.

“Listen,” he demanded, holding out a pair of black headphones, his eyes still focused on the computer screen in front of him. Rolling your eyes you make your way around him and place the headphones over your ears. With no hesitation, you wedge yourself onto his chair, nestling onto his thighs. Fully immersed into the rhythm of the song, you didn’t notice Yoongi’s body become rigid under yours. Almost instinctively, you feel Yoongi wrap his arms around your waist as he observed you quietly. You looked really pretty, sitting in his lap and listening to his music. Removing the headphones, you shift your body to the side, letting your legs dangle off the arm rest. His arms remained encircled around you, fingers playing with the hem of your loose shirt. For a quick second, a playful gleam shone in his eyes.

“It’s really good,” you praise, “It sounds like something you’ve never produced before which is refreshing.”

Yoongi nodded, eyes glazed over with an emotion you couldn’t decipher. Hopping off his lap, you watch him immediately grab the can of soda beside his keyboard and take a large gulp.


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The sweat was distracting. That had to be it. Otherwise, it must have been the tight black shorts you were wearing. Either way, Hoseok was trying his best to focus on the new choreography and not on his friend in the background. With each step he took, his eyes couldn’t help but revert to the back of the practice room where you resided. Walking to your bag, you bent down in order to reach for you water. You didn’t realise, however,  Hoseok tripping over his own feet at the sight of your body. Since when have you been working out?

“Are you alright?” Jimin asked, tugging at his sleeve, “You seem distracted.”

Hoseok saw you glance over your shoulder through the reflection of the mirror and he immediately cleared his throat. “I’m fine,” he assured, massaging the back of his neck before starting over again. Damn. His body started charging with electricity. Some unknown power had surged through him just by looking at you. Eyes flickering once again, Hoseok couldn’t help but groan at the sight. You were peeling the sweat drenched shirt off your body, revealing your pink sports bra. Fanning yourself, you picked up your belongings and walked out of the room, leaving a frustrated Hoseok.

“I need to take a break,” he huffed.


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“Does this look nice?”

Drawing the curtain to the side, you step outside of the dressing room to reveal the black leather skirt you had picked up from the rack. Jimin sat on a small velvet couch in front of you, eyes instantly adhering to the small item. You had to admit, it was a bit more daring than what you usually went for. The tight fabric clung to every inch of your skin, hugging the soft slope of your hips. Jimin’s jaw clenched as you twirled around, showing the behind.

“It looks nice,” Jimin mumbled out, wondering where on earth you would wear such a revealing thing.

You smile, wiggling your hips in a cheerful dance. However, Jimin remained frozen as the hem line rode higher onto your thighs, revealing skin he had never seen before. That action, along with the soft swaying of your hips was enough to send Jimin to his feet. “Okay that’s enough,” he quipped, making his way to you. Placing his hands on your hips, his fingers dug into the skirt as he urgently pushed you back into the dressing room.


Pulling the curtain back, he let out a small sigh as he ran a hand through his hair, sitting back down onto the couch. Elbows resting on his knees, Jimin’s eyes couldn’t blink away the sight of your lush hips.


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“Good morning!”

The smell of fried rice and egg waft through the entire dorm as Taehyung stumbled into the kitchen. Within, you were scurrying back and forth. Opening cabinets. Closing draws. Cracking eggs. You hummed to the soft tune of the music from the speakers as you danced with a spatula in hand. Taehyung smiled at the sight. You had slept over the night before after wanting to catch up with your busy friend. The boys had finished tour and Taehyung had desperately wanted to see you.

“Do you want toast, Tae?” you asked.

“Sure,” he replied. Slipping into a seat on the table, Taehyung watched intently as you continue cooking up a hearty meal. What intrigued him the most was how attractive you looked in his silk pyjamas. The navy ensemble draped over your body freely, shifting around every movement you make. Your hair had been swept onto one side, revealing your bare neck. Taehyung shifted in his seat, an unfamiliar feeling growing in the pit of his stomach. There was something about you in his clothes which had sparked his interest. Making his way over to you, Taehyung wrapped his arms lazily around your waist, his chin resting on top of your head.

“Do you want to help?” you chuckle, your voice a bit raspy from your sleep.

Taehyung hummed, the sound of your deep voice feeding the spark within him. His fingers played with the silk fabric, your back pressed against his body. “You’re very sexy like this (Y/N),” he murmured.

You scoff, elbowing him in the stomach.


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“Give me the damn controller Jungkook!” 

“You lost (Y/N), shut up!”

Back and forth, the two of you barked at each other like puppies as you sit on the floor. It has been an hour by now of nothing but video games. Unfortunately, Namjoon had spilled water over one of the controllers, leaving the control set with only one controller. Which meant: taking turns playing rounds on the video game. “You suck,” you huff, folding your arms and glaring at Jungkook’s character on the screen. To this, Jungkook only snickered as he continued tapping away at the coloured buttons under his thumb. Having little to no patience, you began waving your hand over Jungkook’s face in attempt to distract him. “Just give up and lose already,” you grumble as you continue dancing in front of him. However, Jungkook managed to dodge all of your attempts, constantly moving away from your tantalising gestures. 

“Never,” he laughed, eyes wide and glued on to the screen.

Immediately, you pounce onto Jungkook’s lap to which he let out a strangled yell, “(Y/N)!” You laugh, pushing him down onto the ground as you try to pry the controller out of his hands. Shocked for only a few seconds, a mischievous smirk replaced his lips as the two of you began wrestling for the controller. Miraculously, you flipped yourself on top of Jungkook, managing to pin his wrists against the ground. You sat on top of him, your weight resting on his stomach. Glancing up at you, your hair created a curtain between you two, your chest rising and falling gently with your ragged breath. Jungkook’s eyes flickered to your lips. Pink and bitten. The intimate contact immediately caused a wave of tingles across his body and his grip on the controller loosened. 

“Get off me,” Jungkook mumbled, his eyes avoiding your gaze.

City Love (Part 9)

summary: You attend one of Natasha’s office parties against your will and end up meeting a charming stranger who turns out to be the person who runs the company. (AU; CEO!Bucky)

characters: Bucky Barnes x Reader (F), Wanda Maximoff, Pietro Maximoff, Natasha Romanoff, Sam Wilson
word count: 1365
warnings: mild angst
A/N: I really have nothing else to say but thank you so much to everyone who joined me for this ride. Writing this fic and seeing your responses has brought me so much joy. To the new friends I’ve made while writing this, I love you. You know who you are. Thank you for all of your support. Just, thank you everyone. My heart is full. Here’s the last part of City Love. Part 10 will be an epilogue.


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“Am I too late?”

Bucky’s question hung in the air. You were completely speechless and overwhelmed due to the emotions and thoughts that came rushing to you all at once. He wore a concerned expression, one mirroring yours as he cautiously closed the gap between you.

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Sober (M) Part Seven

Characters: Kwon Jiyong a.k.a G-Dragon (BIgBang), Song Mino (WINNER) 

Genre: Angst 

Part One Part Six Part Eight

Originally posted by jiclass

It had been hours since you had last spoken, you supposed there was nothing you could say that could make the tense situation any better. A big part of you, the smart part of you, wanted to get up and walk out of the waiting room. Then, there’s the other part of you, the part that can’t leave Jiyong alone, stays and you’re too weak to fight against it. For your love towards Jiyong, you stay seated beside him rubbing his back comfortingly as he torments himself with what could be happening inside to his ex-girlfriend. 

“Coffee?” you suggest quietly. 

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