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in the cal-zone [draco malfoy]

request: “45, 55, 119, 179 and 318 for Draco? Of course, you don’t have to use all of them, but I think it would be awesome if you did any combination of them, because I feel like they work well together. I also wanted to let you know I loved your Draco fic- you’re an amazing writer and you’ve got yourself a new follower! <3″ - @quills-and-quaffles

word count: ~1700

a/n: guess who’s back, back again - it me back w more draco malfoy, the slytherin asshole who i love and hate at the same time! thank u requester for ur lovely compliments!!! thank u for following a lame teen like yours truly (,: also sorry i only did 2 of them yeet i just felt like they went together really well! an additional sorry for changing “i love u, u arsehole” to “i luv u, u arsehole” even tho i’m not rlly sorry. (: i hate myself for this title even tho i laughed like a hyena when i came up with it now enjoy this - i’m hungry for calzones *ben wyatt look into camera*

55: “have i entered an alternate universe or did you really just crack a smile for me?”

119: “i love you, you asshole.” 

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Ok let’s get this party started! Have never done anything like this and I am also not completely sure how this should go either… so I'mma just improvise like I usually do! (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


1: A fully coloured picture of up to 3 characters

2: A lightly coloured sketch up to 2 characters

3: a sketch of up to 2 character

The pictures can be of any character, ship, your own oc etc you guys want, I am up for anything! 


You join by first of FOLLOWING me, and don’t just follow me for this and leave me after this is over because that is just rude, then by REBLOGGING or LIKING this post

You can only join ONCE, like you can still reblog this and stuff more than once but your name will only be put in the lottery thingie ONCE

The DEADLINE is 1ST JULY and completely ends at 00:00 MY TIME


After the winners have been chosen I will contact you to tell you <:

I will also try to reblog this like once or twice a day so you guys won’t miss it~


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ok is there anything about trans stuff that isnt terrifying or about the law or people getting killed because i'm freaked and i just want to come here and enjoy who i am and celebrate this month, not get online and immediately cry in fear wait what am i saying gosh just end me i just wish we could fill our heads with happy stories and not serious stuff?? idk does that make any sense,,,

The current state of affairs with transgender issues is staggeringly negative, and it’s terrifying for all of us. My advice to you is to find a place that is filled with positivity, and don’t search for general trans topics anywhere because, unfortunately, most media outlets are flooded with negative content. Avoidance may be your best bet if this is causing issues for you, and that is completely okay. You have to take care of yourself, and that’s exactly what you should do. 

There are places that stick to only positivity. Find them. A good place to start might even be tumblr; granted, the occasional spout of discourse could pop up virtually anywhere. People talk badly about “safe spaces”, but if you need to find a place that you are safe and comfortable and happy with, I don’t think people should knock you for that. <3 Good luck.

ooc. ok but i am at my nephew’s speech therapy because i drive him every week and there is a mother in the waiting room who is talking on the phone in a very fake british accent but when the therapist came out to talk to her she spoke in an american accent and i have legitimately never felt more like i’m in a movie in my life. what the fresh hell is going on here.

  1. “Gravity” - Against the Current
  2. “The Kids From Yesterday” - My Chemical Romance
  3. “Shake It Out” - Florence + The Machine
  4. “Heavy Rescue” - Doomtree
  5. “Half Past Forever” - Better Luck Next Time
  6. “Who I Am Hates Who I’ve Been” - Relient K
  7. “Selfless” - New Found Glory
  8. “That Green Gentleman” - Panic! At The Disco
  9. “Champion” - Fall Out Boy
  10. “Hard Times” - Paramore
  11. “Suffocated” - Orianthi
  12. “Invincible” - OK Go
  13. “Island” - Coheed and Cambria
  14. “Red Hands” - Walk Off The Earth

                     +more to be added over time! updated every monday with new songs!

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alphabet tag game!

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Thank you so much aaah!! <333

A- age: =X

B- biggest fears: big spiders, death (classic huh)

C- current time: 11:28 AM

D- drink you last had:

E- everyday starts with:
checking my phone for time / tumblr notif

F- favorite song
: I have tons, but right now, I enjoy listening to Sign of the times, by Harry Styles (I know, I know, but the music is actually pretty sooo orz)

G- ghosts, are they real?: I don’t think so, but I spook myself in believing so sometimes (and it’s not pleasant x.x)

H- hometown: A tiiiiiiny village in Normandie

I- in love with: no one (ok, lies, maybe Leorio, I mean, damn he’s perfect)

J- jealous of: people who are in a nice and healthy relationship

K- killed someone: ??????

L- last time you cried: Yesterday, I’m still thinking of Silwa, my cat who died recently and I miss her so much…

M- middle name: I don’t have one flhj

N- number of siblings: one younger brother

O- one wish: secret =0

P- person you called or texted last: I think it was my aunt

Q- questions you are always asked: “Are your hair naturally curly?” Or “Are you really xx year old?” Also, “What are you doing as a living?” which is always embarrassing, because I don’t do anything orz

R- reasons to smile: sunny days, long walks in forest, nature, flowers, pets, friends, projects with friends ♥

S- song you last sang: … good question. I think it was the ending of “Let it all out” by Relient K

T- time you last woke up: 11 AM orz

U- underwear color: currently? white (how terribly classic lfkgj)

V- vacation destination: I just want to go to Norway orz Also, I’d love to go back, to Japan!!

W- worst habit: I’m so lazy…

X- any x-rays: Yeah, first when I was twelve, for appendicitis, then not so long ago, because of back problems.

Y- your favorite food: Italian and Indian!

Z- zodiac: Virgo by birth, Dragon by year

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Ok guys dig this, my house is clean, I finally got the apt all to my self, my fish tank is glowing and so peaceful, my apt decorated in modern decor, classical music playing in the background, all my bills are paid and business is in order, me and my husband are not fighting, I’m not sad, everything is so groovy in this moment, I’m going to treat myself to a nice rock followed with a beautiful bowl of Tina and chill out and play with you guys here on tumblr, I may do some yoga or perhaps I may get my toys out and make beautiful love to myself. Please reblog, reply, ask questions, follow, and send messages. This right here in this space of time, everything is right in the world! I am not doing drugs by myself because I’m a hopeless drug addict who is ashamed and scared to be around people, I’m doing drugs alone today because I’m madly in love with myself and there is no one that I’d rather spend time with and drugs will turn my great day into a perfect day! I’m wishing all of you in tumblr land that you too have a perfect day! I love you all!

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Ok, so I know I shouldn't, but I feel better knowig there's other people out there like me. I'm 22-almost 23, & never done anything with a guy, I've never even been asked out. I know how you feel! I have horrible, crippling social anxiety, so I don't put myself out there AT ALL, but I'm still human, and I still have the need to be wanted ya know? I am torn between the desire to keep to myself, be alone bc that's what's comfortable & the fear of no one ever wanting me.

I feel the exact same way. I have anxiety and I’m a nervous wreck around people - especially people who I find attractive or have never met before - so it’s something people pick up on almost immediately and base a judgement of me on that. Like, just because I’m shy, that doesn’t mean I’m not going to get chatty and more confident - people have to make me feel comfortable before I show my true self. I feel so much better knowing there are people out there, either the same age or older, who haven’t gone through what half of everyone else has gone through. xx

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ok i kinda feel like luke might be bi also as well because he's been a bit more feminine lately but that could also just be him being more comfy in his sexuality but idk

honestly honey luke could be anything at this point…. he’s so aggressively sexually ambiguous and i’m so proud of him for that lmao. u go luke. u wear flowers in ur hair. u rock that pink lace. u kiss boys on the head. u go. who needs a label when ur only label is already Precious Baby Rockstar :-)))

wheres the fic where Clark Kent gets caught kissing Batman, and then gets hounded by the media every waking moment because “average civilian is dating Batman!!” and Clarks mourning the loss of his anonymity, meanwhile Bruce thinks its fucking hilarious, enjoy dealing w the press in both of your alter egos now, pretty boy, so Clark waits several months for the whole thing to die down before showing up as Superman to some party Bruce is attending and flying up to Bruce and going “paybacks a bitch” and just full on makes out with him in front of like a million reporters

AUs no one asked for
  •  I’m sleeping over at my friend’s flat from university after study group and just got woken up in the middle of the night by their roommate, who is sitting in the kitchen, listening very loudly to the dirty dancing soundtrack and crying. Like wtf, I didn’t even know they had a roommate and normally I would yell at you but damn you are cute. You really need to stop tho dude, its 4am, some people in this house want to sleep AU
  • I am a barista and you are a customer who comes in every day and orders the same thing and today my friend brought you with them, I didn’t even know we had mutual friends and WHAT DO YOU MEAN THAT IS NOT ACTUALLY YOUR NAME HAVE I REALLY BEEN WRITING A NAME THAT IS NOT EVEN CLOSE TO YOURS ON YOUR CUPS FOR OVER HALF A YEAR WHY HAVE YOU NEVER CORRECTED ME AU
  • The house party me and my friends threw kinda escalated and after throwing out everyone I found this half naked person passed out in my bed but I can’t be bothered to wake them up now so I’m just gonna go to sleep and deal with it in the morning, they are kind of cute anyway AU
  • (or alternatively) I just woke up in a stranger’s bed and I’m half naked, I cant remember anything about yesterday besides that the party was great and that I got absolutely wasted AND OH MY GOD THERE IS A HOT PERSON NEXT TO ME IN BED AND THEY ARE NOT WEARING MUCH WHAT DID WE DO YESTERDAY AU
  • We work out at the same gym and you are my declared rival because we have the same workout routine and you are always better than me and on my way to the locker room I passed you in the shower where you were singing the opening of hannah montana and I can still hear you and you switched to the lion king now and even though I hate you I think I am kind of in love with you AU
  • I’m hiding in the bathroom of a restaurant from a spectacularly awful tinder date and you are in a similar situation because a guy at the bar just won’t stop hitting on you and now we are planning an epic escape together even though we only met ten minutes ago AU

30 day otp challenge | day 2: on a date

i! dont know who i am! who the fuck am i!!! what the fuck do i want to do in life!!! what are even my own interests besides the things i cling to!!! i dont know !!!!