this is not when the fan was on the field

I was listening 🙇🏻✍🏻👂🏻🎼"Strawberry fields" when i drew this🖍 love that song 🎧 / Estaba escuchando “Strawberry fields” cuando dibujé ésto, amo esa canción 🙋🏻‍♂️


《ザ少年倶楽部プレミアム》-Shounen Club Premium 03.15.17

Each member has their own strengths and weaknesses; so they cover up those weaknesses for each other, and let each other shine whenever those strengths are needed.

Massu mentioned how Shige’s singing ability has improved by a lot. He said that the fans might have noticed it too, but as a member who sings with him, he feels that way more than anyone else.

Massu also said that the members have passed the point where they stopped telling Tegoshi to stop being such a goof ball and sometimes inappropriate (to the extent where the directors have to cut it to show on TV). According to Massu, this is because he trusts Tegoshi for things he does, and if that part of Tegoshi is lost, then it will be boring.

On the other hand, when Massu does his jokes and gags, Shige and Kchan don’t always react to it and just let it pass. But Tegoshi justified that by saying that when he’s looking at them in those situations, he can tell that Shige and Kchan are ignoring Massu on purpose sometimes because they know that the jokes won’t bring them anywhere (doesn’t lead to anything more). But when they know that it will, they actually pick it up and react to Massu’s silliness.

K-chan mentioned that when they sing for the show with live orchestras/bands, his hands don’t stop shaking due to the nerves–he says the amount of pressure he has to sing with Tegomass (who are used to singing with live band) is so much.
But when Tegoshi is off the camera, he secretly puts thumbs up when K-chan hits the right note.

Along with that, Tegoshi expressed his desire to lead everyone in the singing field, while giving credits to K-chan for his ability to talk well on the show and doing such a good job as an Emcee.

It’s just these little things that makes my love for this group grow even more.

I don’t know how many times I’ve said this, but they’re incredible.

AU where the school takes a field trip on a plane somewhere and Heather M and JD are terrified and Heather won’t let go of Veronica’s arm but JD got seated in front of them by himself and he’s highkey sure they’re all gonna die in a fiery blaze (irony haha) but he obviously doesn’t show it so Veronica just subtly reaches her hand through the seat so he can hold it and he tries not to crush her fingers when ever the plane bumps but it’s hard


Destruction of Philia written by Belle (thatsquirreldoe)

Louis is an unhappy prince who lives in a castle. Harry lives out in the forest with his two best friends. When the two meet in a royal ball, Louis does everything he can to make Harry his manservant.

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Down the Field written by Alex (louis-love)

Louis, a pro football player of Chelsea, is forced to retire after a severe injury to his foot. After he recovers and is told the news that he’ll never play professionally again, he decides to go coach at his old secondary school. Harry, the health teacher, loves to let him know how big of a fan he is.

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Even Angels Have Their Demons written by Hannah (afangirlfantasy)

Louis is appointed the role of Guardian Angel, and his first mission is a boy named Zayn Malik. Unfortunately, it seems that a certain Demon has gotten to him first. Or… an Angel/Demon AU where Angel Louis hates Demon Harry, but somewhere along the way that stops being so true.

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sukekiyo 2017.02.16 赤坂BLITZ - setlist

01 destrudo
02 anima
03 黝いヒステリア / aoguroi hysteria
04 vandal
05 nine melted fiction
(followed by Yuchi’s bass solo)
06 scars like velvet
07 mama
08 耳ゾゾ / mimizozo
09 new song1 (electronic)
10 new song2 (space mood)
11 in all weathers
12 elisabeth addict
13 aftermath
14 白露 / hakuro ~instumental
15 leather field
16 dunes
17 zephyr
18 new song3 (愛した/orchestra)

en19 anima - sang together with fans

When most of band came back on stage when fans didn’t stop clapping, Kyo took the mic again and said:

’…well… what to say… sukekiyo doesn’t do encore usually… but let’s sing one more song together.
…Takumi is still changing, though.’

and then Takumi rushed on stage nodding to fans and Kyo ;)

Fans were bit shy at first singing, but picked up pretty quickly. But the last part - それでも私 側に居ていいですか? - Kyo sang by himself.

When they finished main set, Kyo left with おやすみ / oyasumi, but after anima he finished with ありがとう / arigatou.

I’m literally going to fly over to wherever Louis is and personally pluck each and every nasty person out of his life and create a force field around him so that only good nice positive things can enter. Louis can take care of himself I know that but sometimes as a fan it’s sucks to sit back and watch when you can’t do anything about it, but I wish I could.

Even the Playing Field

Title: Even the Playing Field

 Summary: Nobody messes with Fili, not with you around. Kili is about to learn that lesson first hand though.

 Warnings: Language. Slight Embarrassment. Hilarity. Pranks.

Masterlist of Fan Fiction  

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 It was little things you had noticed at first.  When you would be talking with Fili, Kili would walk up and there was a shift in his behavior.  Fili would suddenly tense up, giving a look to Kili, almost in warning before he would get up and move away.  It was as if they were arguing about something, but you weren’t sure.  So you decided to confront him about it.

You waited until after dinner, going to his room, knocking lightly as you waited for him to answer.  

“Y/n!  What do I owe this pleasure?”  Fili was quick to ask with a big smile on his face.  

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Outlander Announces Season 3 Premiere as Stars Adorably Say Goodbye to Scotland
So long, and thanks for all the kilts.
By Joanna Robinson

Fans of the Outlander novels already knew this was coming. But without revealing any major spoilers for you non-book-readers, suffice it to say that Jamie and Claire Fraser will not be spending all of next season in the foggy fields of Scotland. They are, in fact, headed to South Africa. To learn why (or how these time-traveling, star-crossed lovers find each other again), you’ll have to tune in to Season 3 when it returns in September 2017.

Even without any huge revelations about how the Frasers have traveled through time and space to see one another, this video from stars Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan is a joy to behold, mostly for the sheer, giddy chemistry these friends exude on screen. Fans will, yes, have to endure a bit of separation at the beginning of Season 3 as Claire and Jamie go their own ways, thanks to the quirk of time travel that tore them apart at the end of Season 2. Calling in from the set in Scotland late last year, Heughan told Vanity Fair that being apart from Balfe was like “having a death in the family. Well, I don’t know. I mean, it’s just like a different show. It’s hard to separate yourself from the character. It’s always hard when we’re apart, actually, because she’s a great person, great to come to work with, and a very good actress. But I think it all adds to the reunion—if there’s a reunion, or when there’s a reunion—well, you know there’s one in the books. It should be very special.” Balfe jokingly responded, “Och! He’s already killed me in his mind. Gone. Too sad.”

Balfe also had a little insight about what Claire will be wearing as she and Jamie set sail for South Africa: “Outlander costumer Terry [Dresbach] came up with this great, fun idea for the costume that Claire takes back to the 17th century with her. That’s much more traditional. It melds both the Parisian world with the Scottish world a little bit, but it’s going to be very different to other seasons. In Season 3, I think I have one costume for the back end. Before, I had 17, 18, 19 different looks. It gets quite simplified toward the end, because we obviously go on a ship.” Sadly, Balfe confirms, she will not be going full pirate. “I don’t think that’s what we were going for, but that would be quite funny if I just showed up with a patch and a parrot.”

In the video above, Balfe and Heughan joke that they will be able to ditch a few layers of costume once they leave the harsh climate of Scotland for the sunnier shores of South Africa—but fans can also read something a little more risqué into that statement if they like. In response to the general outcry over the lack of sex between the somewhat stressed and estranged Frasers in Season 2, Balfe promised: “I think the reunion and everything that’s going to happen once Jamie and Claire see each other, I think it’s really special. Maybe [fans will] have to wait a little bit, but I don’t think the sex is going to be as scarce as last season, shall we say.”

The third season of Outlander—which will include 13 episodes based upon Voyager, the third of eight books in Diana Gabaldon’s best-selling series—will premiere in September. Fans eager to get an early taste can also catch the Outlander panel at San Diego Comic Con this summer.

Not a fan of wlw being told their ships are crackships because they’re not canon. There’s something so sneakily homophobic about it.

Wlw already have so little representation, it just doesn’t sit well with me that we ship people who aren’t canonically romantically involved (because writers are too scared to have more than one lgbt+ couple on their shows, but that’s a whole different topic I can’t even begin to tackle) and get told that those ships are a joke. That they’re less relevant and meaningful when the only reason they aren’t canon is because writers decided they wouldn’t be.

It’s oh so funny that we see potential for some amazing ships between actresses with great chemistry even tho we know it’ll never happen. HILARIOUS that we ship these ‘crackships’ and not the over abundance of other wlw relationships that we see on TV… oh wait

Miss me with that cloaked homophobia

Dating Stiles Stilinski

Dating Stiles Stilinski would include:

• Bitching together about being the only ones in the pack who don’t have special powers

• Road Trips

• Working on homework together

• Reminding him just how smart he is

• “You’re way smarter”

• “Shut up and take my compliment”

• So

• Much

• Sarcasm

• Just talking to each other in sarcasm and the pack being very confused, thinking that you’re fighting

• Wearing his lacrosse jersey and being his biggest fan

• “I’m on the field!”

• “I know babe, you’re gonna be great!”

• Star Wars marathons

• Which turn into sleepovers

• Him knowing you’re serious when you use his last name

• Him liking you in his arms but preferring to be the little spoon sometimes

• Holding him when he has a panic attack to calm him down

• Usually you end up just holding him for a while and letting him talk

• The first time he tells you that he loves you is one of these times because he doesn’t know what he would do without you

• Napping together so you can make sure he gets enough sleep

• “Babe”

• “Hun”

• “Love”

• Being close with the Sheriff

• “I don’t know what you’ve done differently but this is the happiest and the calmest he’s been since his mom passed away”

• Playing video games until 3am

• Catching him staring at you in class and throwing pens at him to make him stop

• Constant texts

• Getting your phone taken off you in class because of the constant texts

• Death stares that just end in making faces at each other

• Looking after each other when you’re stressed/upset about the most recent supernatural disaster

• Having his text alerts really loud so it’ll wake you up when he texts during the night

• Finding out that he has his loud too

• “I can’t believe you’re mine”

• “Always will be”

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I just want to thank you for being so excited about this new Padababy and loving the families as much as you do. Also thank you for fielding all these questions and doing it with such class ☺️

I feel like, as someone who has been a fan of Danneel and Genevieve way longer than I’ve been a fan of their husbands, it’s my duty to defend them to the grave and be happy and excited for them when they have good news - though I still find it funny when people come to me as if I have some inside knowledge on them like y’all I wish

also saying this about Danni and Gen doesn’t mean I don’t love, adore, and support Vicki, it just means that I’ve been a fan of the two of them since I was like 10, before they met/married their husbands

ok but imagine PTA Sans getting protective and 10X more sassy when Asgore attends PTA meetings and aggressively uses tea related memes, those meetings tend to either go much better then when sans goes alone (due to Asgore knowing how to politely tell everyone to take a chill pill without them realizing thats what hes asking for, or just physically restraining someone from attacking someone else) or  near actual battle field do to Linda talking shit about Frisk (+chara and Asriel maby possibly) having two dads (probably less damage if shes being a homophobe then if she was insinuating anything bad about Toriel, Asgore would probably not mind sans making a big show of giving affection towards him and making flirty comments to make Linda uncomfortable, but anything agents Toriel and shit hits the fan, god imagine fighting sans and Asgore at once when they both want to hurt you goddamn)

I just

I just want Sans and Asgore to be friends, lovers of toriel (shipping wise is optional, and i dont care who you ship who with), and both combining there dad powers to give there kids good school lives

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The irony of you calling someone else a misogynist when you stan Taylor Swift.


“the irony of you calling a man a misogynist when you stan a powerful woman” 

WHO’S THE MISOGYNIST??? the person who has repeatedly said that women are less than men? or the person who is fans of a powerful woman who quickly rose to the top of her field, owns it, and doesn’t let men and their feelings hold her back?


So there’s this park right by my apartment that keeps on popping out Cubones. Everywhere else I get Drowsees, Rattatas, Pidgeys - y’know, the usuals, and the occasional random Horsea. But this park ALWAYS pops out Cubones no matter what. And then I realized they like to pop out in a specific area in this park.

So when I finally got my head out of my phone I realized a few things.

1. Cubone keeps showing up in the baseball field.
2. Cubones carry bone clubs.
Conclusion: Cubones are huge baseball fans/play baseball.

That was already funny cute enough, but then I also realized one thing.

I live in Chicago. Where the baseball team Cubs is a huge freaking deal. Like “everytime there’s a game the trains are packed near the stadium and there’s drunk blue people everywhere” huge deal.

Cubone. Cubs.

The people on the Pokemon GO team planted a colony of Cubones in a baseball park in Chicago and that cannot be a freaking coincidence. 

Oh what a time to be alive

@team-styles replied to your post: you say:  you’re just bitter/jealous.  i hear: ‘i…

you wanna take this outside? lol LET US ENJOY THIS why are we bias and niall fans are not?

It’s not the fans that have a bias is the media. Like no matter what the other boys do he will never have to work as hard for air time. He just won’t, he gets coffee and it’s a thing. Which is smart on him, for aligning himself with certain media leeches early on. MY BEEF!!! is with the fans that insist that the boys are on equal playing field and that ‘the releases are different’ is a reasonable excuse for what i was looking at on my dash, liam had a fucking child!!!! and all i saw was the same four frames?? There is a clear unbalance and when anyone points it out then they are bitter and an enemy to the harry regime.And thats what gets me. Like I use to be 60/40 harry and niall back in the day, all i would write was harry and read was harry like i loved his ass, but over time,,,,like theres this bubble with him? that only exists with two other groups of people that i will not name. and its SAD!!! I wanna enjoy him, and i dont blame anything that happens on him, its everything around him thats nuts.  

Boyfriend! Chani

Since I can’t attend homecoming tonight I decided to write this little prompt/scenario for all you SF9 fans out there! Let’s show some love and support for our boys! Don’t forget to request for more boyfriend idol prompts!

  • Very inexperienced in the dating field, however, makes both a very cute and handsome boyfriend!
  • Is the youngest out of his friends so he’ll ask for a lot of advice.
  • Hasn’t gotten much experience in the pda apartment either!
  • For most dates expect either a trip to the amusement park or a quick trip to the local ice cream parlor as that’s what he can afford!
  • When going to the amusement park despite his mature personality don’t be surprised if he avoids all the roller coasters or viking rides!
  • However if you did want to go on the rides, he’ll make up for it with his cuteness!
  • Besides being fairly mature he also has his fair share of his youthfulness!
  • Will whine time to time if he wants something, most of the time related to food.
  • Needs help with homework sometimes!
  • Which is where you met him!
  • Being the poor high school student you are/were you offered your services to those in need (Chani LOL).
  • After a few sessions here and there, he finally asked you out on a date to the movies!
  • After your guys’ cute little date to the movies he finally asked you out three days later!
  • From there your relationship with him only blossomed!
  • When it came to your guys’ first anniversary he had his hyungs help him plan a really cute picnic date at the han river!
  • Not only was the food great! But Chani made sure that everything was perfect!
  • Since his significant other deserves the best!
  • While walking you home he kept looking at your hand, too scared to hold it tho!
  • However, just as you were walking up the stairs to your house, Chani quickly grabbed your hand and placed a peck on your lips!
  • And that’s how your relationship with the wonderful Chani started!

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the fans think they have amazing chemistry and vote up a storm to keep them on the show even though they both clearly want to leave but don't want to be the one to purposely fail. when they actually win, Rey is so surprised that she kisses him then kisses the trophy and the internet explodes with memes about his face. the tabloids have a field day.