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  • Me, an emotionally unstable teenager who's never been in love, almost never gets crushes, and has the bare minimum of a romantic history: Time to write some romance, bitches

This problem is so pervasive, but no one wants to talk about it. Everyone’s so woke, but no one will ever step up and admit to what the fuck we’re seeing here. Wes Gibbins, Glenn Rhee, and Poussey Washington all had so much to look forward to, but now they’re all dead. They all died in an incredibly brutal way, and the writers thought it was a great idea to show their dead bodies after the fact. But people want to derail the conversation and talk about how this isn’t an issue of racism when it fucking is. It absolutely is a fucking issue when there’s a writers room full of White people who think this is just so fucking groundbreaking. 

Watching POC die brutally and watching them be dehumanized when their dead bodies are shown for exploitation to an already desensitized audience is noteworthy. It’s good TV, right?

LGBT+ characters aren’t the only ones who get killed when they’re happy and have some semblance of a bright future. It happens to us too. It happens to Characters of Color too. And the minute you all realize that, the better off we’ll be. Accept this bullshit for what it is. It’s a fucking problem.

These writers didn’t choose these characters because it makes the most sense; they chose these characters because they knew it would make the most impact. They pick the marginalized characters who struggled with everything going on around them while still being a beacon of hope & light, and these writers snuffed that light out. I’m sick of this shit.

I’m a Black lesbian, and I’m sick of seeing other WLW die. But I’m also sick of seeing other POC like me die too. Yes, that’s also incredibly important to me too.

What if I missed you, somehow, along the way. And you should be with me now in this bed surrounded by my books, and the curtains that move with the fan, and the honeysuckle leaves dried on the dirty floor. I think you’d sing, maybe. Or I would sing. And we’d fall asleep like that. Every night. What if I missed you and now we have to live like this, like a piece is missing, all the way through. A hole the size of our fists. I’ve been looking for God with no luck since I was fifteen but I think, really, I’ve been looking for you.
—  Emery Allen

We could erase our imperfections
if only
we were sketches made with pencil

We could mold ourselves in any shape 
if only
we were sculptures made of clay

We could rewrite our flaws into strengths
if only
we were the result of someone’s imagination

We could exist as flawless masterpieces
if only
we were mere pieces of art
unfortunate to have never known life

—  If Only, Shikha Singh

inktober 24: i have this whole concept for a short comic where little Uhura meets Hoshi Sato that i will have to work up to because: 1. no experience drawing elderly ppl 2. v. little experience drawing kids and 3. uuuggghhhhh sequential art. So here’s a beginning concept of what might, someday, turn into something.

good discourse: jim kirk isn’t at all the sexist womanizer history remembers him as. many of the instances of kirk’s casual sexism are due to the writers’ own beliefs of the time rather than kirk as a character, especially considering how groundbreaking star trek as a whole was in the 1960s. it’s clear what the writers were going for with kirk, but no matter how “progressive” a show is for its time, media will never exist in a vacuum free from the collective values of the era it was produced in. 

bad discourse: here’s a list of reasons of why it was actually SPOCK who was “““the sexist one”””

When some fanfic writers put curses (like f*ck) in (literally) each of kanda’s sentences, and show him only being angry and pissed to everything and everyone around him, and purposely starts fighting or being mean to others..

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It’s not just physical.

It’s a weight
A thousand planets resting on my shoulders
(I’m just not fucking strong enough, okay?)
And it’s not just
The pressure on my chest
Or the ache between my ribs
Or the way my back hunches forward
Like I have something to hide
(and so what if I do?)

It’s the way I haven’t felt free
Since the day I turned twelve
The way the circles beneath my eyes
Are only getting darker
Because the screaming in my head won’t let me sleep.
—  poem fragment #1
Dear Voltron Fandom

It’s time to take a step back, okay? Like really. Just look at your actions, and consider objectively what you are doing.

As an active part of Tumblr, I acknowledge that there are some wonderful people in every fandom, whether that’s artists, writers, or just all around good people. I’m positive there are some of these people in Voltron. But I’ve been here for a while now and I, and several others are downright fed up with this fandom. Ive seen the old Voltron, and I love this new one. So please, take this objectively and try your best to consider your actions from an outside view.

First things worst. Klance shippers. I swear to you I have nothing against the ship, I think it’s cute. But the scale to which this ship is… Skewed is honestly painful. This fandom has, to an extent, taken Lance and chosen Keith to be the one to comfort him. It’s only Lance. In the fandoms eyes, the show is just a horrible Injustice to Lance after a horrible Injustice to Lance. Lance happens to feel like he doesn’t have a thing in a single Episode. He is reassured that he does, and while I’m sure the man has some remaining worries, he is not neglected.

I understand, he didn’t get much character development in season two. But honestly, the fandom is taking this too far.

Next on the list, Anti Shaladin. This may be the worst part, to be honest. Just let everyone ship what they’d like to ship. Simply because they ship Shiro and Keith, for example, does not mean that they are a horrible person and a pedophile. Just please, keep your business out of everyone else’s and everyone’s life will be so much easier. Thank you.

FInally, i hope, is the Shiro is Six meme. It’s old now, we get it. He’s had six birthdays. He was born on the 29th. More than six years have passed since he was born. Please stop. It’s just annoying now.

I understand I’ll get alot of heat for saying this, but to be quite honest I don’t care. Someone had to say it. And so, if you have something to say, I encourage you to speak to me.

For a show dealing with elves and dragons and magic, Critical Role is more real than just about anything you see on television. There are no writers deciding what character is going to say what when or what plot points are going to be significant. Each character makes his or her own decisions. Each actor is so invested in the character they’ve created that the characters become real themselves. When a character says or does something, I don’t have to suspend disbelief to enjoy.  It’s organic storytelling and it’s incredible.

If I could go back and
rewrite our stories
I think
I would rip out 
all the pages where
you become the 
h e r o.

I know that 
you might hate me
for robbing you
of what could have been:
     the glories
     the adventures
    the challenges
    the legends–

But at least
you might still be here.
At least
we might still be happy.

—  but I guess I was never much of a writer ( j.p. )
Raw Meat

Theodore Not x Luna Lovegood headcanons

I’ve been missing my darlings, so here’s something I’ve been using as the base of a fanfic I’m working on…

  • Theodore has a favorite spot by the lake where he enjoys reading
  • In her fourth year, Luna is constantly exploring the castle grounds
  • As a new prefect Theodore finds her in various odd places, never really paying attention to what she’s doing before telling her to stop 
  • Just before the weather becomes frigid, Theodore finds the lithe blonde in his favorite reading spot
  • His complaints die in his throat as he sees what is in her hands and all around her
  • “Is… Is that raw meat?” 
  • Luna looks up, surprised to no longer be alone. “Oh, yes.” 
  • Her eyes are bright, and Theodore notices she doesn’t have  a cloak despite the nip in the air
  • There’s a moment’s silence in which Luna continues to gather the raw meat together in a small pile
  • After blinking a few time, Theodore clears his throat, his book forgotten 
  • “Erm… Where exactly did you get raw meat?” He takes a step towards her. “And why do you have it?” 
  • Luna doesn’t look up from her work as she answers, “Oh, the elves in the kitchens are always kind enough to lend me anything I request. They really are darling creatures. Under appreciated by most, I would say.” 
  • The meat makes a glop sound as she tosses another hunk onto the pile
  • Recovering from his initial shock, Theodore looks closer at the girl in front of him
  • “You’re that Ravenclaw girl who’s been snooping around the castle.” 
  • Luna’s hands pause, a chunk of red slumping in her palm. “Snooping… Can one snoop in the place they live? I suppose they could, and the castle is quite large. I suppose, yes.” She tosses the lump of meat onto the pile, a smile in her voice. “I have been ‘snooping’.” 
  • Theodore presses his lips together. This girl was odd, but not in an off putting way. In fact, he felt himself intrigued, curious even, about her. It was rare Theodore was genuinely curious about someone. He wasn’t quite sure how to handle the situation. 
  • In front of him, Luna had gathered all of her meat into a medium sized pile and was lifting it into her arms
  • Theodore had never noticed before her quaint features
  • She had a small nose and beautiful wide eyes;
  • Her pale hair was flecked with pine needles Theodore supposed were from the garlands around the castle
  • After a moment he shook himself 
  • “Exactly why were you gathering meat from the ground?” 
  • Luna’s swept the area, checking for any missed lumps of red 
  • “Oh, some rather unkind third years found it amusing to use it as quaffles.” She shrugged, and moved to walk away
  • Theodore startled, quickly following her. “Yes, but why do you have hunks of raw meat?” 
  • Luna froze, turning to him properly for the first time. 
  • “For the thestrals of course.” 

When you upload and host a fic, in direct violation of the author’s clearly stated request that if you would like a copy for personal use you ask, what you are is an asshole.

This right here is a grade a dick move.

She knows the author doesn’t want it hosted. She did it anyway. In her opinion, that she wants the story is more important than respecting the writer’s wishes.

That would be pretty much the definition of entitled.

I used to tell you stories of my past, of people who hurt me and people who made me smile and I can see in your eyes you wish you could have been one of those but you are here now and that’s what matters. You listened and you helped me get over all that pain; and when I couldn’t even smile, you turned my story into a happy one.
—  giulswrites
Random dialogue prompts!

“I know who you are.”
“I’m talking to a bar of soap.”
“Just close your eyes and hold out your hands.”
“Well, it’s not TECHNICALLY illegal!”
“Are you gonna want this back or can I keep it?”
“Stop focusing on the bad things, it’s the good things that keep us going.”
“Wait, you’re not dead.”
“Yeah? Well one day these tears are gonna punch you in the face!!!”
“What are you in for?”

I’m Here For You

I know I haven’t posted anything new in a while, and I have no idea if this even makes sense, or if it’s well written. I just started writing and didn’t stop. I’ve had a lot going on right now, and on top of that, I have had major writers block. Then today, I was laying bed with my music playing, and a song spoke out to me. I needed to write something. So, I wrote this one shot that was inspired by the song Lips of an Angel by Hinder. 

PS. As for chapter 8 of the Road Trip. I am almost done with it. I promise it will be up in the next couple of days. 

Word Count: 3,043

Sometimes when the universe wants something to happen, it’s going to happen no matter what—that was Lucas’ exact thought when he saw Riley waiting for him in his bedroom with a big envelope. He gets taken back to freshmen year where they both were afraid their relationship had reached the end when Mrs. Matthews got the job offer in London, and they were both relieved when Mrs. Matthews decided to stay in New York, yet their senior year is here, and Riley is holding the big envelope from Cambridge University—everyone knows what the big envelope means.

The pair talked about what would happen if Riley got accepted when she applied. They were hopefully for the future of their relationship, the way they have always been, but the thousands of miles that would be there is separate them made them a tad bit doubtful.

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“Pee in this cup.”

“Oh, for a drug test.”

“Yeah, that’s what it’s for.”


The endless list of things that need to be addressed Parallels

Bonnie, (about Damon after he admits to killing Zach’s pregnant girlfriend in a sulk rage) “Thinking about that pregnant lady. She had a thing for pancakes.” 


Bonnie on Post!Merge Kai and his impossible chance at redemption, “–But you did it anyway. Because even if you’re telling the truth, the old you is still inside of you.”

that Bughead kiss

If the writers were trying to win the ‘least sexy kiss award’ I think they just got it.

I mean, compare that kiss to the Archie/Val kiss in the same episode. Absolutely no contest.