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Multiverse Lovers - Part 1

Author: @mf-despair-queen

Characters: Just the Reader, for now.

Word Count: 2,678

Warnings: None - there will be smut in EVERY chapter following this though. 

Summary: (I don’t normal do one, but it’ll help you understand what this series will be about) Dylan O’Brien was everything to you. You admired him and every character he played with a passion. You would do anything to meet him and the characters you idolized. And, one simple wish was all it took to change your life forever. When you wake up in the presence of the Dylan’s characters, you knew nothing would ever be the same. 

Notes: This is just part one. And I know it is short. The rest of the parts will definitely be longer. Let me know what you think, and pop out what you think is gonna happennnn.

Part One | Part Two

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My tips for workout motivation!

So, you want to work out. But, oh no! You’re feeling a little unmotivated? You don’t know where to start? It isn’t always helpful to hear “just do it,” even if it’s a little bit true. There are times where we all feel unmotivated and that’s why we need to be dedicated, let out a deep sigh, and just do it.

It’s more mental than physical. Now, I know what you’re thinking. I know exactly what you’re thinking.


How do we become dedicated? It can take weeks to months for a habit to solidify so how do we break down a few of these mental barriers to even get there in the first place?

You don’t need a gym: A lot of people get stuck on “where” before “how” and there are a number of reasons why a gym membership is actually an inconvenience or out of budget for many individuals. There are also people who find the gym absolutely boring. That’s fine! Our bodies already come equipped with cardiovascular machinery and can be used as a resistance tool. Our own homes, parks, and backyards are perfect places to workout and with the addition of a few small, affordable tools you can even up to ante without ever setting foot inside a gym.

Small steps before big leaps: If you’ve never worked out before or simply need to get more active in general; then don’t worry too much with whipping your ass into a protoplasmic pile of goo quite yet. We’re all beginners at some point in time, and you need to let yourself be a beginner. The risk of injury is high for a beginner and that’s the biggest mood killer of them all. Don’t pop in a “Maximum Hardcore Power Shred 9000X²” DVD and expect to come out of that experience with a positive outlook on the days and weeks to come. You probably have some idea of where your fitness level is at, so be generous and be forgiving. For some people, fitness starts simply at taking more stairs and walking longer distances around town and that’s absolutely great.

Write out a plan for the day: At night, I often write in my phone’s little “sticky note” application what I want to do at the gym tomorrow morning and what weight, sets, and reps I may want to attempt them at. Not only will it help you zone in and focus on the task, but you’ll be thinking about your workout in advance as well. Having a plan will reduce the number of “unknown variables” so you can just get started and stop second guessing yourself, a life-saver for the anxious. 

Set out your workout clothes and supplies the night before: No matter when you’re planning to workout, just be ready well in advance. Don’t get stuck in a situation where you’re frantically trying to slap things together, getting stressed out, and only to discover your shorts are dirty and your water bottle has mysteriously been stolen by gremlins.

Try a different time of day if you’re stumbling with your current one: This one is dependant a lot on personality and the mercy of your schedule and home life. Understandably, some people have less flexibility so it’s not always possible to switch time slots around. This was personally my biggest game changer, though. I used to workout in the evening but by the end of a day my “introvert battery” was clocked and more times than not I said, “it’s blanket time.” Morning is my favorite time of day and I’m fresh when I wake up, so I started going in the morning. It sounds obvious but it honestly was the best thing I ever did.

Find an exercise that genuinely excites you: The best workout is one that is fun for you to do, not the one that burns the most calories. Don’t waste too much time on running if you’d rather have your toenails ripped out with a pair of rusty pliers. There are a million ways to get a workout, so shop around!

Switch it up and be open to trying something new: Having a game plan in place certainly is a pillar of success, but a good dose of spontaneity can give you that twinge of excitement you’re looking for and even introduce you to new workouts you never guessed you’d like. Personally, I’d love to try a Zumba class sometime!

Try a podcast or audiobook instead of music: Only continue your playthrough a little before a workout, while working out, and a little after a workout. If you’re getting somewhere juicy, guess what? Gotta workout.

Do something if you’re not up for everything: Making a good habit and becoming dedicated isn’t about having all cylinders firing at max 24/7. That is the key difference between motivation and dedication. If you don’t feel like challenging your personal records today, that’s fine. Pick a comfortable intensity, pick a nice small chunk of time. Also, going for a walk is an absolutely marvelous workout. It counts. It all counts.  Feeling like a shut in today? Keep a jump rope and a yoga mat around. Build a list of Youtube videos you could do on that rainy day. Get some bodyweight routines in or jog in place a little. If you’re sore, just stretch. Doing a little bit of anything will uphold your habit and your dedication. Some days we achieve, other days we survive. 

Sometimes rest days are announced, not planned: If you’ve been getting into the swing of things but wake up feeling sick, exhausted, or have unexplained pain take the rest if you really think you need it. You’re not “skipping the gym,” if you seriously need the rest. Try as we might to have a super tight plan, sometimes we have unexpected issues. Rest is also necessary.

@unfcking Ask and you shall receive! I hope you find something helpful here.

Caged (6)

Synopsis: What happens when Loki meets someone who actually calls him on his bullshit instead of running and hiding?
Word Count : 1318
A/N: Longest few weeks ever. Sorry Guys!!! I am posting this as a kind of filler… prepare my precious people… ANGST IS COMING!!!

Part One - Part Two - Part Three - Part Four - Part Five

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anonymous asked:

RFA reaction when MC doesn't come back home because she was drunk with her friends. If it's roo much can you only do Zen and Jumin? Love you so much btw you're such an inspiration ♡♡

~Thank you so much, sweetheart!!! ^^ Love you, too! 

◉ Yoosung 

  • He sighed when he realized your phone must be dead 
  • Went through a whole pizza and various snacks as he sat up waiting for you and watching the door 
  • Eventually it got so late that he assumed you must be staying with your friends, you’d never come home at this hour 
  • As soon as you walked in the door he appears from the kitchen in his apron 
  • A slight frown on his face and a mug of coffee in his hands 
    • “I was really worried! I tried to call you…” 
  • He let out a huge sigh of relief and dropped his shoulders before handing you the mug
    • “I’m so sorry…I guess I drank too much and before I knew it I had passed out on the couch.” 
  • The smell of the coffee made your stomach flip and Yoosung must have read your expression with ease 
  • He pulled you into a brief hug and rubbed your back with a laugh
    • “Well, I had a whole speech planned…but I’m thinking this hangover you’ve got is punishment enough. Come on, let’s get some food in your belly.” 

◉ Jumin 

  • He starts to freak out a bit when you aren’t home 
  • Of course, he sends his security to investigate where you are 
  • He doesn’t sleep until he knows for sure that you’re safe
  • When they relay back to him that you are still at your friends house, he calms down finally 
    • “She never could hold her liquor well,” Jumin smiles and talks to Elizabeth 3rd before they head to bed 
  • When you wake up you find Driver Kim waiting outside of your friends house for you 
    • “I have some cold water waiting for you in the back, Miss,” Driver Kim shuts the door behind you 
  • You’re expecting a lecture when you get home 
  • But Jumin just smiled and gave you a kiss 
    • “Your hair is a mess, it’s cute. But perhaps a shower is in order?” 
  • You apologize for not coming home or letting him know what was going on 
  • You know he must have been worried 
    • “I’m just glad you are safe. Next time, please remember to call me…” he caressed your cheek, “We have a lot on the agenda for today. We won’t be home until late, and despite how you are feeling I expect you to keep our plans. But first, a shower.” 

◉ Zen 

  • He ended up drinking a bit at home while he waited for you 
  • And the later it got the more he wanted to smoke to calm his nerves 
  • He tried rehearsing his lines to distract himself but he just couldn’t seem to focus 
  • When he called you and it went straight to voicemail he began to panic 
  • Went to the chat to ask Saeyoung for help 
  • After much pleading, Saeyoung tracked you a bit and placed you at your friends house 
    • “Just let her have fun, dude. She’ll be home in the morning.”
  • When you got home you saw a half empty pack of cigarettes on the coffee table 
  • He must have been so worried
  • Zen appeared from the bathroom as he toweled off his hair, his eyes wide when he saw you 
    • “Babe! You’re home! I was just getting ready to go pick you up.”
    • “I’m sorry my phone died. It got so late I just decided to stay the night there,” you hung your bag up near the door.
  • Zen brushed your hair behind your ear and kissed your forehead, remembering what Saeyoung said
    • “It’s alright, I hope you had a good night! Though, if you really want to apologize for making me worry…I know a few ways you could make it up to me,” he winked and kissed you deeply. 

◉ Jaehee 

  • You were never home late like this
  • Jaehee washed the dishes and scrubbed the counters a second time just to keep busy 
  • she found herself fidgeting on the couch
  • She couldn’t even focus on the new Zen DVD she had popped in 
  • Her eyes kept glancing at her phone 
  • When you walked through the door the next morning you found Jaehee passed out on the couch, TV still on and phone in hand 
    • Had she been waiting for you all night?
  • You turned the TV off and grabbed the blanket from the couch, tossing it over her and giving her a kiss on the forehead 
    • “I’m sorry,” you whispered 
  • Her hand grabbed your wrist before you could walk away and you saw her eyes open 
    • “Where were you?” she looked mad for a brief second but her face fell and her eyes were filled with worry 
    • “I didn’t mean to worry you…I didn’t realize how much I drank and I felt it would be safer to stay there for the night…” 
  • She sighed 
    • “You have bags under your eyes.”
    • “Blunt as always, I see,” you laughed. 
    • “I’m too tired to lecture you right now,” she yawned and got up from the couch, “come on, let’s go to bed for a bit longer.”
  • She squeezed your hand in relief 

◉ Saeyoung 

  • He was sitting at his computer desk eating chips when you came home 
    • “I’m back! Hope you weren’t too worried…”
  • You started walking towards his computer desk
    • “Nope! I figured your phone had died so I texted your friend to make sure you were okay. She even sent me some great pics of you passed out on the couch,” he laughed. 
    • “You’re such a liar!”
  • He held his phone up and through it you heard the sound of your own voice, drunkenly singing karaoke at the bar you guys had been to that night
    • “I didn’t know you could sing, this outta get some good hits on youtube”
    • “Don’t you dare!”
  • You tried to wrestle the phone from his hands while shouting for him to delete it 
  • Finally he agreed and let you watch him delete it, but his face turned more serious and he grabbed your hands 
    • “You really have to be more careful, though…I was worried for a bit that something happened to you.”
  • Seeing his face like that made you feel sad that he worried so much
    • “I will, I’m sorry…” you gave him a kiss 
    • “Oh! That was a good start for your apology. Now only 706 more to go,” he smirked and picked you up in his arms 
Complete Summary of All the points of the Sense8 Italia Podcast

I think I wrote down all but I might have forgot something - If I did I’m sorry! Things in the blankets are me, fran, talking

  • There is no plan for a third season, at least not for what the production knows. The special is meant to be a finale for both netflix and the production. If there is some kind of agreement between Lana and Netflix - the production doesn’t know about it. The final won’t be open (not open in the sense that it won’t leave a whole lot of plot unsaid - of course somethings won’t be resolved. I’m thinking a season 1 ending). Lana during season 2 was already planning on making just three seasons instead of the 5 original plan. She realized she could tell all she wanted to do in less time. (This goes accordingly with what Roberto Malerba said in May, that the 3rd one was probably gonna be the last one). Lana & the production tried to go at netflix with an 8 episode season 3 plan with the same budget of season 1 after the cancellation that took place on June 1st (the production, after months of green light from netflix, were warned a few hours before the official announce came out), but weren’t even heard. 
  • The shooting will start later this year (from october, if things go as planned) and the final product will come out in 2018. The first date planned was 31/12/2017, later moved at 14/02/2018 but it will probably be around this time next year (maybe an iconic 08/08/2018?)
  • Although they respect each other on a professional level immensely, Lana & JMS have two very different way of thinking. JMS was involved in Sense8 creation and first plan ( aka he knows the end of the show as when it was planned in 2014), but wasn’t as involved as in season 1 during season 2 and probably won’t be in season 3. All the spoilers coming out from him are to be taken as things planned at the very begging of the show or how he would have made them end. The death he spoiled (Will’s) wasn’t the same one Lana was thinking of doing. 
  • Lana is finishing the script as we are speaking - so not everything might be 100% in the finale: the location are gonna be london, berlin, paris + southern italy (maybe naples or positano, which are the best guesses). There is the idea of making another pride scene in one of this cities.  The crew isn’t planning (at least for now) to shoot outside europe. The budget will be as 2 episode of season2, aka it’s probably around 18mln/20mln dollars and will be about 2 hours long. 
  • In the original season 3 plan there were just 2 of the main 8 actors that didn’t want to sign, instead of the 4/8 that was shared. One of them was later convinced in an agreement that worked both for the production and them, the other one stayed on their choices to not sign. For the final all the 8 main actors agreed to do it and the contracts are just being negotiated.
  • Netflix won’t and will never sell or release Sense8′s rights. It’s their product and if it becomes very very famous with another company it will be really bad publicity for them. The show was watched 70mln times on netflix in the two years between season 1 and season 2 premiere and since the cancellation a lot of people started watching. Merchandising (from Funko Pop to DVDs) is being discussed but we don’t know for sure. There is to keep in mind though that if merch comes out it won’t have a “long live” seeing that (for now at least) the show won’t have a revival or renewal - in ½ years time those products won’t sell anymore. 
  • STORY SPOILERS: !!Seeing that Lana hasn’t finished writing this are to be taken cautiously!!! Another Pride & Orgy scene are planned, there will be new sensate births (AT LEAST ONE of the cluster will give birth) AND an actual (normal) birth, Kalagang moments in Paris. Apparently we will see Detective Mun & Puck again - and Puck’s asian cluster member will have an interesting role. 

(As always, you can find all my fic recs in my FIC REC MASTERPOST) 

- you don’t have to play the part, by @lookslikefairytales : Louis knew that this should be the part where he admitted defeat. Told funny, adorable, gorgeous Harry Styles that he wasn’t actually exchanging flirty Twitter messages with three time Grammy winner Zayn Malik, that it was just Louis, ordinary guy, who was nothing more than the guy who handled Zayn’s social media. But Louis had never been someone who prided himself in making the best decisions, and there also was a tiny (very, very big) part of him, that couldn’t let Harry go just yet. or the one where Harry is Britain’s new pop sensation, Louis is R&B star Zayn’s sassy social media manager and things get confusing.

Larry famous/not famous AU (17k) : nicely done and angsty ! a lot of texting and songwriting, no smut .

- Check Please , by @zedi-omega : Louis has a shit date. Harry offers to cover the bill. They maybe fall in love.

Larry aU (2k) : this is so cute !! Also now I want the same with 20k thank you ! :p (no smut)

- Riptide , by FlyingAlwaysInColor : AU in which Louis loses his amazing mum, and is sent on a forced holiday to a luxury spa resort where he meets a green-eyed butterfly-angel and an adventurous Irishman who help him start to heal by administering equal doses of love and laughter.

Larry AU (91k) : OMG I love this fic so much. Like .. love at first sight, really. This is about grieving, a lot. And also amazing smut (mostly bottom Harry but not only). And it’s angsty too, a bit. and it’s awesome. That’s all. Read it.

- We’re Going Down Swinging  , by @hazandlouwho : Everyone knows that revenge plots never work. Liam, Zayn, and Niall have told them as much, but Hell hath no fury like Louis Tomlinson scorned. His new friend Harry takes a bit of convincing but, once he agrees to help, Louis is sure his ex will regret the day he decided to cheat. That is, if Louis can stick to the plan and stop falling for his co-conspirator. Or, the one where Louis and Harry fake it til they make it, so to speak.

Larry fake relationship AU (21k) : I love the plot !! It’s a very nice fic, perfect to cheer you up, with some pining, great smut (bottom Harry) and a awesome epilogue :))

- I Found A Love   , by @lululawrence : Louis adjusted his suspenders a bit and picked up the next book when someone cleared their throat behind him, making Louis jump.  He spun quickly around, hand on his chest and just barely remembered to not drop Diana Gabaldon’s newest thousand page hardback that would definitely have done damage to Louis’ feet.Standing in front of him was someone who looked like he had just walked out of a motorcycle commercial.  He had his hair pulled up in a bun, was wearing what looked to be an expensive as fuck leather jacket over a ratty Rolling Stones t-shirt, and were those sparkly boots?  Louis wasn’t quite sure how to take him, but he certainly had a presence.  He was also likely confused about his location and was clearly about to ask where the DVD section was.Or the one where Louis is a nerdy English major who may just run into his happily ever after while working his shift at the local library.

Larry Famous-not Famous AU (4k), aka yes, poetry discussion and nerdy Louis are my kink. (no smut)

- From My Heart Flow , by @adifferentkindofson  :  The crowd begins to murmur, and Harry wonders if he’s somehow stumbled into an open mic night. His eyes scan the room looking for instruments and musicians but there’s … well, not an acoustic guitar or keyboard in site. His question is answered when just a moment later, none other than the cute boy in the beanie with the blue eyes walks up to the mic, the journal he’d been scribbling in all afternoon clutched to his chest. And suddenly it clicks. Louis’ a poet, Harry’s failing Econ, and sometimes all it takes is one poorly timed boner to ruin everything.

Larry strangers to lovers and Uni AU (8k): what did I say about a poetry kink ? Yeah, that. :) It’s great ! A lot of songwriting, some misunderstandings , and no smut.

- Zero to Sixty in Three Point Five , by @realitybetterthanfiction : Harry bumbles himself out of a bind…and into a boyfriend. It’s Niall’s fault, of course. As it always is.

Larry AU (2k) : online dating and drunk Harry. That’s all, read it. :)) (no smut)

- Safe and Sound (You’ll Always Be) , by Rearviewdreamer  : When a failed case and a guilty conscience leaves Harry more than a little lost, his boss presents him with a new, less taxing assignment to help him cope. An escape from all the madness is just what Harry needs to get his life back on track. It’s just too bad his new client has a grin like the devil, a pair of electric eyes that Harry simply can’t get over, and no intention whatsoever of letting him catch a break.

Larry Bodyguard AU (58k) : just because it’s always a good time to read a good Bodyguard AU :) (famous Louis, and bottom Louis for the smut)

I’ll Make You Feel Better (M)

Originally posted by wonhobe

Word Count: 5,375

Warning(s): Smut, Wonho, swearing, Wonho, dirty talk, riding, Wonho, kinda rough?, a lot of biting, ice play(?), like one hard spank, did I say Wonho?

Summary: One of the worst things is having a forgetful boyfriend but another is being sick. You caught the cold, and now Wonho’s here to take care of you. He promised that he would make it up to you, but how will he make you feel better?

A/N: HI! So I’ve never written a fic before and I’m pretty sure I suck but it sort of bugs me that there aren’t that many fics out in the world for this deserving man. I hope everyone that loves him as much as I do enjoys this! (Sorry if too many kinks were added I JUST LOVE WONHO & I’D DO ANYTHING FOR/TO HIM I’M SORRY) I also wanna thank @jiminniemouse for proofreading all my dirty edit scenes & @yoonminnings, @chimsshi & @minsvga for all the support!! Love you Brianal + 24 inchessshshkls

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Not the One

Originally posted by molzies-fanfics

Raphael x Reader

Not the One

Prompt: It was hella long and hella good and basically, it’s a soulmate AU with a twist and aaaaaaaaaah I’m in love with this idea.

Note: AAAAAAAAAAAH I’M DYINGGGGG I’M SO EXCITED TO WRITE THISSSSSSS. Edit: this took so much longer than intended, but it came out a lot longer than I intended too, so…

@wumperin @brayden1616

“Yer kidding. A week. We have an entire week like this?” Raph looked at his very human fingers on his very human hands attached to his very (temporarily) human body. “An entire week?”

“Possibly longer.” Donatello scanned himself and his brothers. What had been a lab accident while handling the purple ooze had resulted in whatever this was. Raph had another concern. His soulmate timer was within hours now, and maybe being like this would help him meet the person he was meant to spend his entire life with.

“So…” Leo tried to come up with a plan. But if he was being honest, he had no idea how to handle this.

“We’ve gotta seize the opportunity, dudes. We’re only ever going to be normal once, we have to take advantage of it.”

“And?” Leo raised an eyebrow.

“We’re gonna go to school.”


“So these are your…” The counselor from the high school looked up to April and Casey, the boys standing in a line behind them.

“These are my nephews.” April said. “They’re kind of transfer students, but only for a week or so. It’s part of a program to let Queens students experience what school is like in the rest of New York City.”

“Sounds doable. Do you have their grades and records and such on hand, or do I need to contact their other school for the information?”

“It should all be here, but I can call Principal Mayweather if we’re missing anything.” April pushed her glasses up her nose and handed the counselor a flash drive Donnie had thrown together that morning.

“Great. Thank you so much.”

Raph glanced down at his timer. Minutes. Minutes now. The counselor gave them their schedules and sent them on their way. It was about ten minutes until class was supposed to start, and about ten until Raph was supposed to meet his soulmate. God, his heart was racing in his unusual human chest. He felt like he couldn’t breathe.

April and Casey said goodbye to the boys and told them they’d come pick them up after school. Next, they attempted to find their lockers. All the way up on the third floor above the art wing. Raph scanned the numbers for the four that belonged to himself and his brothers. It took a few minutes, but they found them. God, combination locks were confusing, but Donnie helped him figure it out with his clumsy human fingers. He wasn’t used to having so many. What were the extra two good for anyway?

He grabbed his math book and his notebook and calculator and dumped it into the red backpack that sort of made him feel like he had a shell again. It was a comforting weight, sort of. It gave an illusion that he was still who he had always been, despite looking and feeling so different now. Needing all of the same core classes meant that the boys were together for their first two hours, but they broke off in the afternoon to do the specials they had chosen.

So off they headed to Geometry, where they were sure Donnie would have to explain everything to them. When they got to the classroom, they were greeted by a group of fresh faces. Nerds, jocks, preps, goths, rockers, it seemed that everyone was represented. A few of the girls whispered to one another, subtly pointing to the group of attractive boys in front of them and giggling about the endless possibilities.

“Transfer students, huh? There are some seats over there in the back of the room. What are your names?”

“Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello, and Michelangelo.” Leo answered. Mrs. Russo’s skeptical face told them he should have given her their nicknames instead. “Our uh, parents are huge art geeks.” He offered.

“I can tell. Well, Renaissance gang, you can sit in the four seats to the left of Ms. (L/N). (Y/N), raise your hand please.”

You didn’t lower the book from your face when you raised your hand. Raph didn’t know what it was about you that was throwing him off, but there was something there. It felt like a wire had wrapped around his heart and was starting to squeeze. Great. A heart attack what- twenty seconds- before he met his soulmate. Wonderful.

He walked over and took the seat beside you, his brothers settling into the other seats. As the bell rang to signal class had started, you folded your bookmark into the center of the book and set it on the desk beside your math stuff. Finally, you glanced over at Raph just as his counter hit zero.

His green eyes widened as he took in everything about you. The cute black plastic frames that sat on your nose, the perfect bun of soft locks that sat atop your head, the music notes painted onto your fingernails and the piano key suspenders that held up your black skirt. You were so goddamned cute he could barely stand it. His heart hammered in his chest. And then he spotted the timer on your wrist.

You still had ten days left.

He looked around to see if anyone else had finished their timer, but there wasn’t anyone. Just him.

“You’re the new kids?” You asked. God, your voice was so sweet. It hurt. Maybe you weren’t meant to be with him, but he knew with all of his beating heart that he was meant to be with you.

“Y-yeah.” Raph replied. “I’m Raphael. Call me Raph.” He smiled at your unknowing gaze. You didn’t know how much you had crushed him in the instants he had known you.

“(Y/N) (L/N).” His eyes wandered to the book on your desk.

“What’cha reading?”

Beastly.” You replied, handing him the worn book. “I’ve read it like seven thousand times. It’s honestly amazing. I’m in love with Beauty and the Beast, so this is just- ugh it’s so good.”

“Hmm.” He flipped through the pages before handing it back to you. “I’ll have ta check it out sometime. Never seen it.”

“You what?! We’ve gotta change that.” You smiled at the little interaction.

“Might just have to take ya up on that offer.” He grinned. You felt your heart melt a little.

Mrs. Russo started the lesson, and it didn’t take long for Raph to become completely and utterly confused. Donnie was busy helping Mikey and Leo seemed to understand what was happening, but Raph was so lost. And based on the notes on your page, you seemed to get it.

“Hey,” he whispered. “Can you uh, I don’t get it.”

“Sure!” you nodded. “What do you need help with?”

“How are ya supposed to use the whatever-it-is to find the side? I keep getting’ the wrong numbers.”

“Okay so this is the hypotenuse.”


“And so you just add the squares of the other sides to-”

“This is a triangle, what do squares have to do with it?” he asked. You giggled.

“You’ve never taken Geometry before, have you?”

“How’d ya guess?” he offered a sheepish chuckle and shook his head. “It may as well be written in Chinese.”

“Well, tell you what, I don’t have any plans after school. If you need a tutor, you could come to my apartment. We’ll watch Beauty and the Beast and do math. Two birds in one stone.”

“Sounds great.” He felt his heart start hammering again and wished it would stop. He couldn’t have you. You weren’t his to have. He wasn’t your soulmate. The universe didn’t care about his feelings. And yet, he accepted the invitation knowing full well that the more he built up momentum, the harder he’d fall when he lost you.


“I can’t believe you’ve never seen this movie.” You told him as you sat down with the popcorn on the couch of your apartment. The math was done, and now all that was left was to expose him to the movie you held nearest and dearest to your heart.

“Grew up with four boys, there’s not a whole lot of Disneying that goes on.”

“Well, I guess that’s what I’m around for, right?” You asked, tossing a few kernels of fluffy popcorn into your mouth. Raph grabbed a handful too.

“Guess so. That and math assistance.” He chuckled. You pressed play and draped a blanket over your legs and his. You had only met Raph that afternoon, but it felt like you had known him for years. Maybe he was just meant to be your best friend. Maybe there was a secret internal clock that had stopped ticking while the one counting down her true love was still running.

As the movie started, Raph watched every second. He loved every minute of it, but maybe only because he had you beside him, reciting every word right along with it. He was surprised the DVD even worked at all with how many times you had probably watched it. It was unhealthy, but this perfect little quirk was one of the many things he’d miss when he’d have to let you go.


After morning classes the next day, you found Raph and his brothers at lunch and took a seat with them instead of sitting with your other friends as you usually did. The other three smiled at you. They had talked to Raph the night before in a conversation that had basically consisted of Raph telling them about his soulmate that wasn’t his soulmate and the movie they had watched about loving people beyond their exterior. Donnie had called it beautifully tragic and pretty damn ironic. Raph agreed. But he was determined to be friends with you at least. He wanted to get to know you. He’d rather know you for a week and then never see you again than never know you for who you really were before it was too late.

“Hey guys.”

“Hey (Y/N),” Raph grinned.

“So, I figured, if this is your only week here, we’ve gotta make the best of it. Mall. Tonight. Do you have plans?”

“No.” Leo answered. “No plans.”

“Good. I have a car. Meet me by my locker after school.”

“All right, angelcakes.” Mikey winked. “We’ll be there.”


Here they were. The mall. It wasn’t what they had expected, but in a way, it was. There were pretzel stands and pop-up Chinese food places, a bunch of clothing stores that they could smell from the other end of the mall, and of course the movie theater. You and the boys nestled into the corner booth of the food court with giant pretzels, nachos, and giant red slushies. And they just watched.

“You guys act like you’ve never been to a mall before.” You chuckled, taking a sip of your slushy. They offered apologetic shrugs.

“Would it be bad if we told ya we haven’t?” Raph asked. You raised an eyebrow.

“Seriously?! This trip has taken on a new importance. After we finish these pretzels, we have a mission.”

“What are we gonna do?” Leo asked.


You had promised everything, and you had pretty much delivered. Hollister? Check. Target? Check. The arcade? Check. Photo booth? Check. Movie? In progress. Raph as seated beside you with Mikey on his other side. Mikey kept making attempts at signaling his older brother to get him to make a move on you. Raph shook his head. The move wasn’t his to make. He couldn’t push himself on you. Not like this.

But when there was a huge jump scare, you clung to his bicep, causing both of your heart rates to soar. A slow smile crept across his lips.

“Oh, I-I’m sorry.” You apologized. Raph leaned into whisper a reply.

“No harm done. If ya need someone to protect ya from the monsters, I’m right here.”

“Oh hush, you.” You giggled as a timid blush settling across your cheeks and gave his shoulder a tiny shove, earning a deep chuckle. Another distorted creature jumped out of the shadows on the screen. Mikey spilled popcorn, and you pulled one of Raph’s large hands in front of your face. He laughed and smiled at you, a soft smile that his brothers had never seen before.

But it faded just as fast as it had formed with the realization that he only had a few more days with you before he’d have to say goodbye. Forever. He had been human for so long now that he had forgotten he’d have to go back. The clock was ticking. He had to take advantage of this while he could because before he knew it, he’d lose his soulmate just as fast as he had found her.


The week passed in a breeze. Your school days consisted of helping Raph with math and having lunch with him and his brothers. After school hours, all five of you would pile into your car and go back to your apartment for pizza and movies. But today…today was different. Today was goodbye. Raph wanted to make it special. If he was going to let you go, he certainly didn’t want you to forget him.

April had helped him pack a picnic basket and assisted him with his surprise present. So at noon on Saturday, he arrived at your apartment to pick you up and then you took the train to Central Park.

He had told you that the rest of the boys were busy packing up, but really they just wanted to give their brother space to say goodbye to you on his own. After all, he was the one losing the most when they became turtles again. He had hours.

You sat down on the red and white checkered blanket and helped him unpack the food and such. You popped a bright strawberry into your mouth. It was a few minutes before Raph brought up the topic of goodbye.

“So uh, we’re goin’ back to Queens tomorrow.” Raph said. You nodded. “So uh, I wanted to say goodbye.”

“It’s not like we can’t still hang out, right? We can still be friends.” You looked at him. He smiled sadly. “Can’t we?”

“I don’t know. I just…I’m not what you think I am…I’m not who you think I am. You’re meeting your soulmate in three days and-”

“How did you know about that?” you asked, heart racing at the thought of the future being so close. Too close.

“It’s on yer wrist.” Raph shrugged. A sad look formed in his green eyes and a sudden wave of realization washed over you. You grabbed Raph’s hand, pulling his wrist so you could see it. He tried to pull it back from you, but didn’t want to fight you, and he didn’t want to lie to you either. Well, more than he already was anyway.

“Your timer…” Your face scrunched up. “Who’s your soulmate?”

“That’s a…complicated question.” Raph answered. You looked at him slowly, hesitating to meet his gaze. As soon as your eyes fell on his, his hand tensed up.

“No.” your voice was quiet, eyes wide and heart trying to escape your chest. “It can’t…I can’t…Mine is still…” Your eyes locked onto the numbers as they ticked lower and lower. You denied it, and yet maybe you had known the moment you met him. Something was off. Something about the way h talked to you, the way he interacted with you.

“I know. It’s impossible. But uh, I never really expected to have a soulmate anyway, so…I guess at least I got to know ya before I gotta say goodbye.”


“It’s all right.” Raph read the hurt on your face. The broken that came with the hand the universe had dealt the two of you. “I’ll be all right. So will you when you meet him.” He reached into the basket. “I got ya something to remember me by.”

Raph pulled out a little velvet box and opened it. Inside was a necklace: a silver turtle pendant on a leather cord. “I…I know it ain’t much, but-”

“I love it.” You told him. You wish you could tell him more. That you loved him, that you were his soulmate, but one of those statements wasn’t true. Raph did the clasp around your neck and pulled your hair over the cord. He smiled sadly. You took his hand in your own. “No matter what happens…no matter what the universe has in store for either of us…I will never forget you, Raphael. I promise. And I know it doesn’t matter much, but…I love you.” You stated quietly. He pulled you into his arms and held you as though you would disappear.

“It matters more that ya could ever know. I love you too.”


Raph woke up the next morning the way he grew up. A turtle. Big and bulky and covered in muscle. His scales and shell had reappeared as his extra fingers and hair had disappeared. He rolled over and stared at the wall. You were gone. He had lost you forever, and two nights from now, you would move on. You would forget about him.

He rolled onto his shell and stared at the ceiling, cursing the universe for everything. He wanted to punch something, so off to the dojo he went to punch the shit out of their punching bag. This went on for two days. Raph listened to his loud music and punched their bag until it fell off of its hook, only to pick it up and repeat the cycle. He barely ate, and every time he tried to sleep, all he could see was your face and the sadness in your eyes when you realized you were his but he couldn’t be yours. The heartbreak he had caused. The heartbreak he had received.

He should have just left you at the very beginning. Then he wouldn’t be like this.

When Leo announced a patrol on the night you were going to move on from him, he was ready to bust some heads. How else was the emotion supposed to get out of him? His anger, his sadness, his regret, he was going to get rid of all of it.

And so out they went, out of the sewers and onto the surface, hopping from building to building until finally, they found what they were looking for: crime. Some lowlife gang members were harassing some chick, and they were going to put a stop to it. Except, the chick wasn’t just any old girl. It was you. Raph stopped in his tracks, the anger bubbling up inside of him before diving in to pull the guys off of you. The guys were going to help him, but he didn’t need it. He was so powerful, zipping through the shadows like, well, a ninja. The guys left standing ran for the hills, terrified of the huge green creature that had beat up their friends.

You took a few shaky steps backwards. What if whatever had helped was coming for you next. You couldn’t see him in the dark, but Raph could see you. Even now, you were stunning. You took a few steps forward, causing him to step back.


“I ain’t who ya think, (Y/N).” Raph said. Your breath hitched, eyes awash in realization.

“Raphael?” Your broken voice sliced through the silence. He didn’t answer. “Y-your voice sounds d-different.”

“Ya don’t gotta be afraid.” He tried to reassure you. His voice came from much higher than it had in the past. Had he always been this tall? Your heart hammered and your face reddened and you didn’t know why you were scared, but you were. “It’s okay.”


“Raph, let me see you.”

“I uh…don’t think that’s a good idea.”

“Please.” You whispered. You glanced down at your wrist. There were seconds left. “Please.”

“I want ya tah remember me that way. Not like…this.”

“What do you mean?” You knew what he meant.

“Please, just go home, (Y/N)! Forget about me!”

“I…I can’t, Raph! I can’t just pretend you don’t exist!” You stared at the numbers before holding up your wrist to show him, if he could even see. “I think you’re my soulmate! And for some reason the wires got twisted somewhere, but…Please, Raphael. I love you.” You looked up at where he stood in the dark for a few more seconds before collapsing to your knees, tears rolling down your soft cheeks. Raph carefully, slowly knelt before you so quietly you hadn’t heard him.

He pressed his hand against your cheek, wiping away the tears with his large green fingers. Your eyes opened gradually, rising to look up at his tear-filled green eyes in time with the ding of your timer. The large, rough green face in front of you was a little more than a shock. Your eyes widened. He began to pull away, but you grabbed his huge green hand, keeping him there.

“I’m sorry. About all of this.” He didn’t dare to look at you. Not now that you knew what he truly was. Your small hand ventured up to his cheek, gently travelling across the scales there. Your tentative touches sent shivers up his spine.

“Sorry for what?”

“I’m sorry yer stuck with-”

“Shhhhh…” You shushed him, wrapping your arms around him tightly. He held you against his chest, his arms moving slowly to embrace you. He had never imagined you could love him. Not like this. But here you were, hugging him as though he was human.

“But I’m a freak.” Were the only words he could manage to put together.

“You’re not a freak.” You pulled away so you could look at him. “You’re a hero. If it weren’t for you and your brothers, I would be dead three times over.” You paused, watching the slow smile that formed on his cheeks. “I love you.”

“I love you too.” His voice was muffled by the fabric of your sweatshirt as he buried his face in the crook of your neck. “I love you so freakin’ much.”

Last Assignment (#2)

Summary: Reader is in art class. The professor assigned a nude model to each student and gave a last assignment of the semester that has a lot of weight on the final grade.  

Pairing: AU!Bucky Barnes x Reader (Reader POV)  

Warnings: None for now

(Y/N) = your name; (Y/L/N) = your last name; (Y/N/N) = your nickname

a/n: Alright, here’s part 2 everyone!!!!! I almost didn’t make it home in time (it’s my mom’s birthday today) but I’m glad I did. Remember, asks and messages are always welcome! Let’s talk about this story!!

Hope you like it!!!!

Part 1

Originally posted by little--batman


“I, uh, should probably go. It’s getting late.”  

“Yeah” I muttered. We got up, and made out way to the door. He opened it and stepped through.  

“See you Wednesday?” He asked.  

“Yes” I said with a smile. He looked at his feet smiling shyly and started walking down the hall towards the elevator. He pressed the button, and I saw the doors open. I had no time to hesitate, so I called out. “Oh, and James? Don’t forget your toothbrush.” He gave me a bright smile as he stepped in and the doors closed.

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Dogs of Future Past - Part 15

As mentioned before, some updates to DOFP will be fiction with just a sketch or two…and this is one of those times!

–Dogs of Future Past–


First | << Previous | Next >>

Masterpost and FAQ

Frisk, Flowey and Greatest Dog’s shortcut takes them to the garbage dump in Waterfall, where they run into some familiar faces!

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NCT | Feeling better?

Genre: smut (don’t read if you’re not comfortable)

Pairing: reader x Yuta

Word count: 3,395 (oh my)

AN: hey! I haven’t posted for like a week now omg. I’ve been quite busy and also this took me a while bc it’s my first ever smut so I was super nervous about it. Let me know what y’all think also thanks for 400 followers!

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*a short first date prompt, I had to include today’s clip. Enjoy a little more of Chris x Eva!*

It wasn’t exactly his scene. Christoffer Schistad has never done anything like this, for anyone.

And yet, there he was, making sure that the bowl with nachos was standing perfectly in the middle of a glass table in his living room.

She changed him in so many ways, that he probably still didn’t realize it.

Chris did take a note of the fact that he wanted to be with her so bad, and that has never happened before. And to be honest, he was quite taken aback when she refused. He wasn’t used to girls denying him, he always got what he wanted. Maybe that was the reason he liked her so much.

She challenged him, Eva made him question everything he knew so far.

He didn’t even know when spending time with her became a routine for him. Schistad was always keen on not hooking up with the same girl twice. That was one of his rules – it prevented the other party from gaining feelings.

And now, he got caught in his own trap. Chris stopped counting his escapades with Mohn after a third time. And each time he saw her, he wanted more.

Even William was always surprised when he told him he was doing something with her, or that she was coming over.

It was obvious that he had a little crush on a certain ginger haired girl. And he finally admitted it to himself the morning he woke up next to her. He realized that he could get used to it, seeing her face first thing when he opened his eyes, see her smile and even kiss her to wake her up.

And when his hand was tracing the outline of her face, he wanted his mind to remember it, in case something went wrong, and he wouldn’t be able to see her anymore.

That moment, he knew that he fell hard, and that there was no going back.

So he made up a story about a dream that he had, he was so nervous whilst telling it, hoping she would understand the message he wanted to convey.

Instead, she hit him with a brutal truth. We are never going to be together, a cheating fuckboy. He wasn’t proud of his past, but he also couldn’t change it. And Chris knew that Eva would never trust him. At the same time, he wanted to change her mind so badly.

He wanted to show her that he was not that person anymore, because the Penetrator Chris was now just Chris who wanted to be with her.

Schistad spent hours and hours thinking of a way to do that, and nothing that was good enough for her popped up in his head. She really did deserve the best.

So he did the only thing he could think of; messaging her ex-boyfriend.

He felt awkward even typing the message so he added ’hahaha’ at the end. And then he regretted it immediately, because he realized he sounded like an idiot.

Chris wanted to know what she liked and didn’t like, what would make her happy. He wanted to start with the flowers first. Girls liked flowers, right?

He never gave any to anybody.

Finally, after few minutes Jonas replied and gave him the advice he wanted.

And so now, he was sitting in his living room, making sure that everything he prepared was ready.

She was supposed to come any time, but Eva didn’t know that he planned a little date night for them. He felt kind of weird doing that, and he wasn’t sure if it was okay as he has never done anything like this before.

He heard someone putting in the code number to open the front door, and a while later, his eyes met hers as she was making her way down the corridor.

Schistad showed her the code as they decided it would be easier for her to know it, and so that she could come in without him having to run to the door.

She looked as good as ever in her favourite green top, and her hair curled into loose curls.


She smiled at him, putting down her bag at the kitchen counter, before flopping down on a couch next to him. “Hi.”

When she finally settled in, he leaned in and gave her a kiss. Eva put her hand on his neck, trying to deepen the kiss, but Chris decided to draw back before it was too late and they would end up in bed. He didn’t invite her over for sex, not that night, so he pulled away, licking his lips.

She looked at him questioningly.

“I thought we could maybe watch a movie?” Chris pointed at a DVD on the table.

The girl still looked really confused, but followed his gaze. And then her eyes roamed around everything he prepared, the snacks, the drinks, even the bowl of nachos that he made as a main dish of the night. She picked up the movie box, and she started laughing.

Now he was the confused one.

“Is this some kind of joke? You’re pranking me, right?”

He didn’t really know why she reacted like that. Maybe partially because she wasn’t expecting him to do something like that, but he had to admit – he was kind of hurt by it. It only showed that his efforts were pointless, she’d never want to be with him, nor trust him.

When she saw his blank face, she must’ve realized that he was being serious, but she couldn’t stop laughing.

“I’m sorry, I just really, really hate that movie. And I can’t stand the taste of nachos.”

Chris’ mouth opened in awe. He came to a realisation that he was played by none other than Jonas. And he kind of did it to himself, after all he did go to her ex-boyfriend for advice, not to mention that the guy hated his guts, he should’ve known that he wouldn’t be serious and help him get a girl he once loved. Or maybe he was jealous.

At that moment it didn’t matter, what mattered was the fact that he made a complete fool out of himself in front of Eva, who was still chuckling thinking it was some kind of prank.

“What is all this about, Chris?” She asked, when she finally calmed down.

Schistad had enough for one night, he wanted to tell her to go home, but he couldn’t. He wanted her to stay. And this was his chance to be honest for once, without playing any games or beating around the bush by making up some stupid story.

“I asked Jonas for help.”

She laughed once again, and this time he joined in. This whole situation was actually really funny. “What?!”

“I asked him to tell me what you like, what I could do to win you over.” He simply stated. “And I followed his advice. Fresh Guy and nachos, perfect ending to a perfect night.”

Eva’s laugh was one of the most pleasant sounds to his ears. And the way she laughed could also be admired, at least by him. And he did, he stared at her while she was still trying to process this whole situation.

Then, they talked. And went for a walk. He bought her flowers she picked herself and now he knew that she loved lilies.

She would casually start teasing him about the event he prepared for her, at some point she even told him that she never expected that of him and that he surprised her, in a positive way, thankfully.

Once again, he was doing something he has never done before.

He went on a date.

With Eva Mohn.

And it was the most perfect date, and he could have never imagined it to be better than that.

anonymous asked:

Hiya! I really liked your first hc and just HAD to request something. I don't know if this has been done before but could you do a hc for the RFA (+V and Unknown if you want) where during a canon route MC leaves the apartment to go shopping or something and accidentally runs into them? And it's like a "oh shit it's them" situation? Thanks! X

A/N: Hello, hello! I’m an INCREDIBLY sorry that I’ve kept you waiting, I do hope you see this nonny. College has totally been kicking my ass, and I have no free time. I finished some exams, and decided to reward myself by finishing this up. But, I’m super happy to hear you enjoyed my first headcanon ^^ Thank you for the ask!! I tried my best (had some trouble with V and Saeran but I will get better!!). Hope you like it! :3

• Seeing Yoosung’s attempt at making omurice the other day really inspired MC to go out and make her own
• She wants to surprise him with her own version when they meet!
• Honestly, how cute would it be if the two of them were cooking meals together in the kitchen for the both of them to eat
• MC thinks it’s pretty cute
• Alrighty~ Time to prepare
• But when she went to check the fridge it was rather… barren
• Oh well… might as well spend the afternoon shopping for groceries, and use the evening to have her faux dinner with yoosung
• there wasn’t much to do in the apartment and the RFA members were probably quite busy with work or school
• She’s made a grocery list and checked it twice, and is already on her way to the store
•  All the ingredients are quickly found and MC is about to buy them
• But she gets to thinking that a salad would also be nice to have tonight
• She swerves her cart back to the vegetable aisle, making a mental list now
• MC stops at the tomatoes, trying image her salad having them
• “Scuse me! Sorry!”
• The voice is so familiar that MC can’t help but turn her head
• Her cheeks instantly turn red when she sees that it’s Yoosung
• “Oh. Uh. Sorry,” she’s talking so fast and trying to put the tomatoes in her cart that she drops them on the ground “No.”
• Yoosung, being the ever so kind gentleman, picks them up and hands the back to MC “Here you are. You might want to find some new ones since these have bruises.” He frowns a little for emphasis
• MC’s brows furrow slightly, it seems that she’s the only one that sees how dire the situation is
• And as if Seven had possessed her body, MC thinks up a small trick
• “Thank you! Hey… Would you like to go to dinner with me? Like a date?”
• Now it’s Yoosung’s turn for his cheeks to turn red
• But, he’s shaking his head from side to side “I’m sorry. There’s just… someone I really, really like. And I don’t want to betray her. I can’t.”
• MC has to try to contain all her excitement and smiling
*zen mode activated*
• She frowns, shrugging her shoulders and trying to act disappointed “Sorry to hear that. I hope she’s nice..”
• “She really is. She’s the nicest person I’ve met. SO encouraging and kind.”
• “Well.. Goodbye. Good luck with her.” MC slumps her shoulders and walks towards the checkout, and left
• By the time she was far from Yoosung she was cheering and jumping around “He likes me! He really, really likes me!”
• And as a final tease, MC texts Yoosung ‘I have a strong feeling you look cute in person

• Taking one look at her nails, MC knew she had to repaint the chipped polish.. But, it there didn’t seem to be any spare nail polish lying around the apartment
• MC could’ve sworn she’d seen Rika have painted nails… or was the Seven dressing up as her?
• A quick trip to the convenience store should do the trick
• Heck! might as well grab a whole set of polish and some other tools so she could have her own mani/pedi day
• MC briefly walks through the isles, searching for what she needs
• Ah ha! Found… but there seems to be a man searching for some polish too it seems
• MC nods, she appreciated men that weren’t ashamed of using makeup products, such as nail polish or eyeliner, or hell even buying products without the attitude of “ew”
• Taking a second look at his outfit, she cheerfully decides to make a suggestion at what colors could work with his outfit
• “Have you tried this deep purple? Oh! This dark burgundy would look really nice with your current look”
• The man looks at her and he seems… startled. very startled
• oh boo, MC, maybe you should’ve made your presence clear, you probably scared him by talking so suddenly
• but for some reason, she doesn’t think talking is what’s causing this reaction
• “Back off!” he abruptly says, wide-eyed and still unsure of what to do
• Huh?? Why is he telling her to back off?? they have plenty of personal space between them
• “I’m sorry for startling you, I-”
• “Why are you here?”
• Rather blunt? But alright, MC you can play along, maybe he’s mistaking you for somebody…
• “You’re not supposed to be here! You have a job to do!”
• Which is… the RFA, but how would he know?? Is he…? No. There’s no way..
• “Do we know each other?”
• MC decides to play the cautious route. Maybe he’s mistaking her for someone else? Maybe she’s mistaking him for someone else
• As if he spilled too much, the man bolts for the end of the isle and continues to run off
• MC shouldn’t follow… it wouldn’t be smart
• Call Seven.. or someone
• But… she feels her feet move automatically and her voice calling out for him to wait and explain
• She’s outside now, and there’s… no sign of him
• MC pauses, panting and trying to catch her breath
• She’s pulled into an alleyway, and OH GOD does her heART STOP BECAUSE WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING!?!?!
• It’s the mysterious man again, and when MC tries to yell for help, he covers her mouth with his hand
• “Don’t fail me. Paradise is waiting for you and the others. You’ll see. You’ll see very soon.”
• MC’s so scared she can barely breathe, and when the stranger lets her free and runs away once again, she collapses on the ground from utter shock
• It takes her a few minutes to regain composure and she calls a cab for the way home just to be safe
• She makes it home safe and sound, her hand on the doorknob, and she’s hoping Seven is watching and listening just so he’s aware
• “Was… was that.. the hacker I just met?”

• The new DVD edition of ‘Rental’ was now in stores. And MC had to get herself a copy, because who didn’t want to see Zen play the guitarist Robert David
• She wanted to get it as soon as possible so she and Jaehee could chat about it over the phone
• Honestly chatting to Jaehee about anything was fun
• But MC was determined to be well-versed in Jaehee’s hobbies so even more meaningful conversations could be had
• She’s entered the store, finds the DVD and is now looking around for more movie entertainment for the evening
• MC ends up finding a Zen plushie, and the tears are starting to form in her eyes as she tries to control her laughter
• She snaps a quick picture and sends it to Jaehee (and all the RFA members too lolololol)
• A message pops up almost right away
‘I just saw that! Are you in the same store?’
• MC is frantically looking around for Jaehee
‘UHm no’ she texts back, ducking behind a large cutout of Echo Girl
‘I just saw someone hide behind a cutout’
‘NOT ME! I’m at the supermarket and saw them’
• Some more internal screaming ensues
• MC can just see the quizzical look of “uh huh sure” on Jaehee’s face right now
‘Okay… so maybe I’m in the same store as you’ MC finally texts her back ‘It’s just really nerve-wracking to see you before the party. It’s as if we’re not ready, and fate says only at the party we can meet’
• MC can hear Jaehee giggling her head off on the other side of the store
• Wha-what?? Why??
‘MC! I was only joking about that person being you… but since it’s really you. I would love to see you’
‘But… but fate!’
‘I thought be both believed that through hard work and perseverance we can make our dreams true’
• MC meekly leaves her hiding spot, her head bobbing up to spot Jaehee
• But MC cannot find the short-haired woman anywhere
• She walks up to the counter ready to ask the clerk about her possible whereabouts
• “Are you MC?”
• She cautiously nods her head in response
• “A lady bought you these, and said she’s sorry she couldn’t meet you in person. There was an emergency at work”
• MC meekly smiles, looking at the wonderful gifts of DVDs and CDs given to her by Jaehee “Thank you”

• Hearing Seven talk about the Honey Buddha Chips + phD Pepper combos being heaven really makes MC crave snacks
• “I’ll bring you a whole box when we see each other!”
• All right, MC cannot wait that long, she has to experience this right now!!
• But this adventure seems much harder than originally planned
• None of the stores have any trace of the chips on their shelves or in stock
• So they weren’t kidding around when they said it was rare
• MC cannot falter!! She must prevail!!
• She spends the entire day running from store to store, it’s already getting into the late evening
• She opens the door to one of the corner stores farther away from the city and lo and behold, a familiar looking red-head turns her way
• Both let out a piercing scream and duck behind the isles
• The associate is already half asleep and having “whatever. this might as well happen” kind of day
• They’re kinda just sitting behind the counter, watching the entire scenario hoping one of them will just.. they don’t even know. At least something is happening
• MC and Seven just keep panicking, every isle they turn into is the same
• Oh my GOD!! Please, this is nerve-wracking
• Eventually, MC thinks she’s lost him and is turning around to check if he’s snuck up on her… alas
• Her back presses against someone else’s back
• *turn around fast pose motion*
• “Seven!”
• “MC!”
• They both stare at each other, mouth agape, unsure if this was reality
• Because, let’s admit, MC and Seven were not supposed to see each other like this
• Preferably a little less dramatic… but hey, it might just be the right amount of dramatic considering how they’d been clowning around in the chat room
• “I’m not supposed to see you yet!” MC blurts out, taking a tiny step back. “I didn’t know you’d be here!”
• “I didn’t realize this was the convenience store,” he responds, also taking a tiny step back
• “Those… chips looked good?”
• He laughs freely, smiling at her, but his voice is quiet and still shocked “They are”
• “We can pretend we didn’t see each other?”
• Seven nods his head, “Just to keep the members on their toes, huh? I’ll take you home.. You know, for safety.”

• MC had the day off
• Well, she likes to consider it a day off since emails were answered for the time being and the RFA members promised to find her more guests to talk to
• So MC takes the opportunity to learn a little more about the illustrious V
• And what better way to learn about him was to attend a gallery in his honor
• Apparently some of the previous buyers gathered together to showcase V’s photographs for the week in anticipation for the new party being held the next week
• MC enters the gala and is shocked
• Photos of such beautiful images were on the walls that MC lost all breath
• There’s ones of sunsets and sunrises
• Oh! Mountains and lakes with children swimming
• The close ups of eyes have MC double back and look again, for the photos are so clear and crisp that she mistakes them for solar systems for first look
• But there’s one photo that catches her off guard a little more than she’d anticipated
• A photo of Rika
• Her back was turned, sitting on a grey rock. She was wearing a long white sundress with small pink flowers pinned to the bottom half and a large white summer hair.
• The blonde hair that MC saw in pictures of her was braided down her back and she was watching the ocean
• “Wow. Even if you can’t see her face, you can feel her delight at the beauty.” MC softly whispers out
• “I thought so too.”
• She whips back turning to see who was talking so close to her, and was immediately startled to see V
• “V! H-hello. It’s a beautiful photo of Rika.”
• He’s nodding his head, partially out of agreement, but partially because of something else
• It was a soft type of nod, one that meant that the person seemed engrossed in what the other was saying. A sort of trance so to speak
• “V?”
• “Yes, MC?”
• She has to gulp down more surprise. “Wh-what? I’m not… How’d you find out so quickly?”
• He’s chuckling quietly to himself. “Seven told me.”
• “Oh… Well, it’s nice to meet you in person. So, why are you here?”
• They start up a small conversation about how some of the previous buyers really wanted to help out the RFA and contacted V asking if he could meet them so they could discuss donating the old photos once again
• It was all rather pleasant
• MC is about to excuse herself when V catches her arm “Why did you decide to come here today, MC?”
• “Well…” she draws out the word. “I guess I just wanted to know more about our leader. But after seeing his photos, I think I’ve come up with the idea he’s a very kind and selfless man… It was so nice to meet you V. I will see you at the party.”
• And before anything more can slip out, MC leaves the gala and heads on back home

• Whatever business classes MC took in high seemed to be forgotten at this point
• Seriously, it seemed like nothing was retained
• How was she supposed to show Jumin her knowledge of the subject?? He did seem impressed when she mentioned C&R’s stocks the other day
• But that was one comment
• She needed to be ready for more
• So… why not take a trip to the bookstore and stock up on some books about stocks.. haha (also marketing and economics, the whole shebang)
• After sorting through most of the shelf, MC begins to read the first chapter of a rather promising book
• She’s halfway through, totally engrossed and barely notices the little bell above the door ring
• welp, might as well look up to see what’s going on around the store
• “Is that Jumin Han?”
• Immediately the man in the suit along with his bodyguard stare in MC’s direction
• Oh GOD, she said that out loud
• MC! Bad MC! Think! Don’t speak out loud!
• “Ha! I actually said cumin.”
• It’s too late to save MC’s sorry butt also what kind of excuse was that????
• How was one to explain themselves? He is a famous business man… A-ha! Idea! … MC.. please
• “You’re the famous chef that uses cumin in his recipes right?? Cumin Han?” TOTALLY UNRELATED TO BUSINESS???? HOW DID YOU COME UP WITH THAT????
• A WAVE of confusion flashes across each of their faces
• Even the store clerk is looking up from their book and is trying to piece together this disaster
• “… no. You have me mistaken,” Jumin’s brows furrow
• “Oh shoot!” MC snaps her fingers, trying to disappointed as believably possible. “I could’ve sworn that was him. The likeness is just so… similar”
• Girl, you should’ve just kept your mouth shut when he said no
• “Okay! Yep!” MC tries to correct herself as quickly as possible, but come on, the damage is done
• She grabs the nearest book and begins flipping through the pages, trying to seem busy
• But a hand covers up the letters and lifts the novel from her hands “Cumin Han, hm?”
• MC freezes, showing off an awkward, wide smile. “Hello, sir.”
• Jumin is watching her carefully, trying to piece her together as if she were some puzzle. This would either end with an arrest or a misunderstanding
• He’s looking at the book, and flips to a page with a photo of a landscape. “I took this photo, that’s how you know of me. I’m a famous photographer. I auction my photos.”
• MC almost spits, “No you don’t! You can’t take photos,” she blurts out, laughing at his seriousness “But V does, he auctions them off for charity.”
• And then she watches the corners of his mouth twitch up in a smile. “V of the RFA?”
• Without realizing what she had said, MC nods her head “That’s the V. Along with our only.. Jumin..”, she had already dug her own grave bought the tombstone and was now hopping in the coffin on her way down
• “So, this is our infamous MC… It’s good to meet you. I knew you sounded familiar.”

• MC had an itch to dance… and dance well
• With the new MV release from SHINing’s Baemin, MC really just wants to learn the dance. It’s so catchy and expressive and gosh darn beautiful!!
• But… all the tutorials she finds are hard to follow… plus Seven teases her every time she trips over the table and rolls over the couch sorry that the spins are so dynamic seven geeez
• It’s not long when Seven links her a dancing class with one of Baemin’s backup dancers
• OH she is SO signing up for this!!!!
• She’s lucky that Seven linked her the flyer hours before sign up was even known, otherwise she’d never have the opportunity
• And then the day comes
• She’s prepared thoroughly
• Watching videos, getting acquainted with the choreography so she’s not completely lost, and plenty water for hydration
• And went she steps inside the studio her eyes automatically see Zen
• Up front
• With the instructor
• As their helper
• She’s about to turn on her heel and leave when she hears him.. Zen..
• “Hey! Where are you going? Class is starting now.”
• “Uhm..” MC is looking for ALL exits at this rate “I’m just looking for the best spot…”
• “Right here!” he practically drags her to the empty spot near him “I”m really good so you won’t be missing a thing.”
• She internally sighs to herself, and although this isn’t what she wanted, MC is so relieved he doesn’t know it’s her
• And then the actual instructor starts a roll call, he’s halfway down the list when he calls out “MC! MC here?”
• “Uh,” MC does one of those awkward half laugh half LET ME LEAVE things. And Zen whips around to look at her
• “MC? Really? It’s you?” He keeps whispering
• “Oh, no no. That’s my… cousin. She was sick today and asked me to fill her place. Said she’ll call later.”
• Zen almost seems disappointed, but as long as it’s MC’s relative he can show off a little “Tell your cousin more about me. I’m quite the star.”
• Oh Zen
• The instructor shrugs, and shortly begins the class soon after
• They’ve gone through three songs already, and Zen keeps glancing at MC hoping that his skills will impress her “cousin”
• They sure are impressing her though
• As soon as the class ends, MC BOOKS it
• She gets on the messenger as soon as she gets home, and the first thing she sees is Zen’s text “MC! I met your cousin today”
• MC has to log off for the day, otherwise, she’ll laugh way too hard and let something slip

RFA + V and Saeran: Pillow Forts!

I accidentally posted just the ask with nothing attached and had to delete that and oh my god why am I this way. BUT, thank you very much to the anon who requested this! It wasn’t too specific at all, lovely!! I hope I remembered everyone and didn’t leave anything out of the request..Please tell me if I did and I’ll fix it straight away! Thank you for all your encouragement, it makes me feel a lot less scared about everything!! So many nice people..

Head-canons below the cut! As it’s a long post! *Apologies if there are any typos!!!*

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3rd Times the Charm

Prompt: The day of batmom and Bruce’s wedding, she has a mental breakdown of a typical bride to be?? And it’s the most funniest thing ever because she completely loses it when Bruce’s sees her in her dress before the wedding? And some of the leaguers video taped this so like fast forward to where they had the batkids he shows this to them

AN: I’ve had a lot of requests for this one and it’s finally here!

Words: 1918

You find the tape while cleaning, an actual tape. It’s hidden in the back of a drawer in your dresser. You smile as you turn it over in your hands before making your way down to the viewing room. Despite being outdated, Bruce had kept the video tape player. Your husband was just a bit of a pack rat. You pop it in before settling down into one of the plush chairs.

          That fuzzy screen shows for a minute before it suddenly cuts in. Your first thought, is that he looks young. Then again, twenty-one is young. You can’t help but smile a bit at the first shot of the camera; it’s of Bruce getting ready.

          He’s wearing only the pants to his tux, his upper body still undressed. You take a moment to stare at his chest, it’s relatively scar free compared to now. He’s just slipping his shirt on when he notices the camera. There’s not a hint of annoyance as he smiles at the camera, and asks,“Really, Alfred?”

“It’s your wedding day Master Bruce. I will videotape to my heart’s content.”

Bruce smiles a bit wider, before he starts buttoning his shirt. “Have you checked on Y/N? Is she nervous?”

“I saw her briefly this morning, when I forced some dry toast upon her. I made sure to put some wool socks on her feet.”

You smile at the memory. You had been scared out of your mind to marry Bruce. And it wasn’t because you didn’t love him, or anything like that, it was simply the size of the crowd. Over four hundred people had attended your wedding, and you hadn’t been very good with crowds in those early days. And your wedding, it had been a who’s who of Gotham socialites, and even now, nearly eleven years later, was regarded as one the events of the century.

          You couldn’t exactly disagree either. Alfred had pulled out all the stops, and had planned a dream wedding. In fact, you’d barely had to talk to any of those socialites, because Alfred had kept them so well boozed. He truly was an amazing party planner.

You watch as the camera is set down on the chair, and as Alfred comes into the shot and helps Bruce tie his tie.

“Man he was young.”

You jump a bit at the sound of Jason’s voice as he leapfrogs over the back of the seat to land in the chair next to you. “What party is he getting ready for here? Children’s Hospital Gala?”

You smile,“Not quite.”

“Then what is it?”

You jump again as Dick’s voice sounds from behind of you, this time when you turn to look, you find your three remaining sons there. Each of them takes a seat near you, while waiting for your answer, but you don’t give it to them. “Give it a minute and you’ll figure it out.”

All four give you a puzzled look, before the camera cuts out, and the screen goes fuzzy for a moment. “Did they not have transition in the olden days?” Damian asks.

Your eye twitches a bit at Damian’s words,“This is on tape, not DVD, and it’s a home video.”

Damian just shrugs,“Perhaps, but decent editing really does wonders.”

Tim just rolls his eyes,“You still haven’t told us what this is. I mean we know it has to be special, it’s not like Alfred always films Bruce getting dressed, but …”

His voice trails off as you appear on the screen, wearing your wedding dress. Out of the corner of your eye you watch as the boys lean in a bit, to get a better look. It’s a simple dress, all lace, and strapless. You’re wearing your hair down, and slightly curled. Your veil doesn’t hang in front of your face, but it’s rather long, long enough to touch the floor.

Your twenty-one-year-old self is biting her lip, her hands smoothing down the dress, as she stares at in the mirror. “All right Miss. Bride-to-be, arms up.”

You do as you’re told without question, and Janet Drake appears on screen a moment later. You squeeze Tim’s hand as he takes a sharp breath at the sight of his mother. She carefully ties a blue sash around your waist, and fusses with the bow for several seconds before admiring her handiwork.

A red-head appears in the frame a moment later, and Dick asks,“Is that…”

You nod,“Barbara Gordon Sr. She, Janet and I connected after Bruce and I returned to Gotham. They were older than me, it was a bit like having sisters to be honest.”

“She looks just like her.”

You smile,“It’s like looking into the past sometimes.”

Barbara’s voice rings out clear,“Don’t you mean MRS?” She and Janet have a good laugh before recovering.

Janet smiles at the camera,“Of course I do, Y/N is the only single one left, but not for long.”

Barbara turns to you, drawing your attention,“To be honest, everyone thought you and Bruce would come back with a kid, or at least be married.”

You shrug, finally turning away from your reflection,“Technically we are married, we have been for the past two years. We had this little ceremony in Tibet. Very simple, and very legal. This ceremony is for Alfred.”

You finally turn to face the butler and his camera, showing off the full front of the dress. Alfred’s amused voice comes from the other side of the camera, “And I’m very grateful you’re doing it. It is very gracious of you.”

You smile at that, and you watch as the nerves melt away, as Alfred distracts you. You smile,“Don’t you mean guilt us into it. You went on for two weeks about how sad you were that you weren’t there. You talked nonstop about not even having a photograph to imagine it by. And then the piece de resistance you went on and on about how Bruce’s mother, and my mother would have loved to see us get married.”

“Well they would have.” All five of you jump at the sound of the new voice, as Alfred comes around the chairs with popcorn. “More than once Martha Wayne wondered about what kind of woman her son would marry. I’m happy to say that she would have been more than pleased.”

You smile as you take your popcorn from Alfred. The butler takes a seat at the end of the row, and everyone’s attention refocus’ on the screen. You watch as the camera changes hands, and Barbara takes the camera. A much younger looking Alfred steps in front of the camera, and holds out a velvet box to you. “This is from Master Bruce.”

Your twenty-one-year-old self smiles as she takes the box and opens it. Your eyes go wide as they flash back to Alfred. “It is a custom in the Wayne family, for the men to present their brides with a strand of pearls on their wedding day. Typically, the mother-in-law would bring them, but since Mrs. Wayne is unable to be here, Master Bruce asked me. I hope you don’t mind.”  

The girl in the video shakes her head, as the younger Alfred carefully removes the pearls from the box, and steps behind her. As he fastens the clasp, he says,“I can assure you, that this is one part of the ceremony that I did not help with. Master Bruce had this necklace custom made for you. He hopes it can be your something new.”

You see just a hint of tears on your face before Janet cries out,“Don’t cry.” You can hear the tears in her voice as she says,“I’m already going to have to redo my mascara, and we don’t have time to redo yours.”

Barbara reappears, as Alfred takes the camera back. As the two women start in on a debate about waterproof mascara, and it’s pros and cons, the camera focus’ on you.

In the video, you’re lost in your own little world. You have this small smile on your face, and your fingers are lightly brushing against the pearls at your neck, and then the video cuts out again.

There’s a barrage of hey’s, and what’s going on’s and where’s the rest, before you smile and say,“The photographer we hired ended up trying to sell the photos, and instead of giving them back to us as the court ordered and paying the fine, he burned the photos and the wedding video he was editing.”

Tim’s voice goes deadpan as he says, “You can’t be serious.”

Alfred scoffs,“Unfortunately she is. Their wedding was a hot ticket item, and he had the only pictures in existence. Guests were not allowed cameras, and we even declared the sky over the entirety of Gotham a no fly zone for the day. We had intense security, and each guest was patted down on arrival, to make sure they had no recording devices. We wanted to keep the ceremony intimate.”

You laugh and say to the boys,“Originally the guest list was at six hundred and then I threatened to do something at city hall and we compromised on four hundred.”

“Well, you looked very pretty Mom,” Tim says.

The other boys nod, and then Dick asks,“Do you still have your dress?”

You nod,“Alfred made sure it was indestructible. I think he put it in a vault.”

The butler just smiles,“Well I thought that if you and Master Wayne ever had a daughter that may like to wear it. It’s good as new after all.”

          Jason smirks,“And what size is the dress?”

          Your eyes narrow,“A fourteen,” You say slowly.

          Damian full out grins,“And your size now?”

          Your eyes go wide as what they’re truly asking dawns on you. You point at them and say,“No.”

“She’s still a fourteen.” You twist in your seat to face your husband.

He’s still dressed in his suit from Wayne Enterprises, and he’s grinning down at you. “You no good traitor! You don’t reveal your wife’s dress size!”

He just shrugs “Why? You’re beautiful, and I wouldn’t mind doing it a third time.”

You stare at him “Really, you? You, who hates the socialite scene, doesn’t mind getting married in front of a big crowd again?”

Bruce just smirks and leans in to kiss you. When he pulls back he says,“I like marrying you. We always have a wonderful time afterwards. Remember last time? We barricaded ourselves in the lake house and didn’t come out for days.”

There several fake gagging noises from the boys, before Tim lets out a shrill whistle,“Listen up boys, if we’re going to recreate this thing we only have a few weeks. Their anniversary is in less than three weeks. We already have a dress, but there’s still everything else to be done.” He turns to Alfred,“Any chance you still have your notes?”

Alfred just grins “Of course. I’ll go fetch them.”

Tim just grins and says,“Great. We’ll have to add to the guest list. Of course the Leaguers will have to be there, and there’s new contacts to be made…” Then all the boys and Alfred are walking out of the viewing room talking a mile a minute.

          When they’re gone you turn to your husband with a stupefied look, and all he says is,“You want to go practice for our third honeymoon?”

I have a picture of the dress that I found on pinterest if you want to see it :) 

CS FF: We’ve Got This (3/4)

A/N: For @laurnorder, who won a fic of her choosing in my follower appreciation earlier this summer. She requested friends to lovers with a dash of bedsharing. I may have gotten carried away. Thanks to @lenfaz for letting me toss this at her unexpectedly and providing helpful feedback. Part 4 soon! I promise!

Summary: They’ve been using all sorts of things to avoid what’s right in front of them. Some off the cuff words, though, might get them on the right track.

Words: 3900 | Rated: M | Tumblr - 1, 2 |  ao3


“A man would have to be an idiot to not want to be kissed by you.”

With that he turned, not giving her a chance to answer. He made his way back to the door, pulling it open and ducking through without looking back. He knew that if he did, if he so much as looked at her, let alone waited for her response – either to the kiss or his words – it would be too much. That he’d be unwilling to make the trip home.

The door to her apartment closed with a thud and Emma couldn’t find it within herself to move, instead she continued to kneel there, hands on the back of the couch, her mouth hanging open.

Killian kissed her.

Killian kissed her, and not a peck to the top of her head, or a brush across her cheek kind of kiss. That was full on, smacking noises, tongues and teeth type kissing. There was definitely some biting. And groaning. She wasn’t even sure which of them had done it. If the couch hadn’t been between them, or he hadn’t just walked out of her apartment, she would have gladly pulled him down on top of her for some truly teenage making out on the couch.

She dropped her chin to her chest and groaned, her clit throbbing at the thought of his weight on her, him grinding down with a leg between hers. She imagined him sliding down the couch, his blue eyes flashing up at her as he pushed up her shirt and trailed a set of a wet kisses down her belly.


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Feels Like Home

I never thought I would actually do this, but here I am posting a fanfic I wrote. 

First of all thanks to @loveinpanem new author challenge for finally giving me the push to actually start writing.  Eek! I’d like to thank @reminiscentrain88 who has literally been telling to write for like 2 years even though she isn’t even in this fandom. Also, @peetabreadgirl for being so positive and encouraging and a good friend. Finally, @deinde-prandium and @titaniasfics for giving great suggestions, betaing and being awesome mentors! So without ado, feel free to read below. 

If you’d like to read on AO3 here’s the link  


The beginning of a new school year was always an exciting time at U of Panem. People settled into their dorms, apartments and started their new class schedules. Many of Katniss’ friends were a year older than her, like her boyfriend Gale, so they had graduated last year and wouldn’t be around this year. Luckily, she still had her good girl friends with her and for that she was grateful. They were all rooming together this year in their new apartment building.

It was hot and humid even though it was 3 in the morning. Katniss was standing on the sidewalk with her roommates outside of their apartment building in a tank top and sleep shorts when she saw him for the first time that year.

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wait on me

○ pairing: hansol | reader
○ genre: fluff
○ word count: 1.6k
○ summary: date night comes to an abrupt halt when you get caught up with work, but he surprises you with a night in that makes you fall in love all over again.

so maybe you’re a bluebird darling, tearing through the darkness of my days. maybe you’re a drop of water, running down the lines upon my face.

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