this is not two completely different colourings

Starting work on my new ouija board tonight. Hopefully I won’t procrastinate this time and it will only take a couple of weeks to complete. The colour palette is very different from my previous two boards, I’ll let you guys see for yourselves once it’s done 😁

Soulmate AU Masterlist

Tattoos or Marks

  • Red tallies appear for every person you’ve loved, black for every person you’ve loved that has died, and a white tally for when you meet your soulmate (Credit to Quinn Anderson - Please check with her about using this)
  • A mark that matches, sometimes like a puzzle piece to someone else, and grows hotter the closer they are to you
  • You have a tattoo of what your soulmate is most passionate about
  • You have a tattoo of the first words they say to you
  • You have a tattoo of how old you both are when you meet
  • Changing tattoo that tells you the coordinates of where your soulmate is
  • Tree tattoo that changes with the seasons, but blooms pink in spring instead of white if you met your soulmate
  • Identical tattoos or birthmarks
  • Incomplete tattoos that complete themselves on your skin when you meet the person with the rest of your tattoo
  • Tattoos that change colour depending on what your soulmate is feeling


  • Heterochromia - you have one eye of your soulmates eye colour and when you meet you get your own eye colour instead of having two different eye colours.
  • You only see in black and white until you meet your soulmate
  • Reverse black and white where you give up seeing colour when you meet your soulmate
  • You only see in black and white until you touch your soulmate
  • You only see in the different shades of your soulmates eye colour until you meet them
  • You can’t see the colour of your soulmates eye colour until you meet them
  • You see colour the first time you hear your soulmates voice directly and the colour spills from their lips


  • You can hear your soulmates voice in your head, but only when they sing
  • The secondary voice in your head is your soulmate speaking
  • You can speak once you meet your soulmate
  • You can hear once you meet your soulmate (the first thing you hear is their voice)

Time & Age

  • When you reach 18 you stop aging until you meet your soulmate
  • Watch countdown to when you’ll meet your soulmate
  • Reverse countdown, your clock counts up and freezes when you meet
  • You have a clock on your body that tells you what time it is where your soulmate is, it changes colour when they get closer to you

Body or Hair

  • At new years on midnight for a single minute you possess your soulmates body
  • Your chest glows when you look them in the eyes
  • Marks on your soulmate appear on your own body
  • You have your soulmate’s hair colour on a stripe at your wrist, when they dye or chance their hair colour the stripe changes
  • If you change your hair colour, your soulmates changes to the same colour (your hair goes to it’s natural colour when your soulmates does)
  • When you change your hair colour, your soulmates eyes change to that colour
  • You and your soulmate share all physical senses (I.E pain, heat, pleasure, etc…)


  • Red sting to connect soulmates
  • Your soulmate is the only person you remember from your past life
  • Everyone is given a journal that they can use to write to their soulmate
  • When you sleep, if your soulmate is awake you can see what they’re doing
  • You dream your soulmate, but very basically (such as their silhouette or the view of their back) 
  • Telepathy soulmates
  • Sharing skills and talents with your soulmate
  • When your soulmate eats something you crave what they’re eating
  • When your soulmate cries you cry
  • When you kiss your soulmate for the first time your entire body glows

I got a lot of ideas from this post so I recommend you check that one out too!

Common AU Masterlist Link

Suits, volleyball, and all the headcanon in between.

[Terushima, Futakuchi, Noya, Tanaka, Ushijima and Tendou here]
[Akiteru, Kei, Kageyama and Hinata here]
[Ladies of Karasuno here]


  • Black on black. No tie, open two-buttoned suit jacket that hugs his waist, the top two buttons of his shirt are undone. Tailored wingtip derbies, black and matte- polished to perfection.
    • He’s actually the one who dislikes wearing suits the most (I mean, have you seen the guy, he literally looks like he throws on whatever he has lying on his bed).
    • Oh, but if you challenge him, or if the need arises- he’s going to be the sexiest guy in the room because he sure as hell isn’t going to lose at anything.
      • Hours of research and a lot of changing rooms is not going to be for nothing. If he’s going to suffer, he’s going to do some real damage before he goes (namely to your short-circuited brain and perhaps severe blood loss via nosebleed).
    • He tried the red and black combination once, until a girl actually came up to him and asked him which host club he worked at, and he’s stuck to black from then on.
    • Those undone buttons on his shirt? Collarbones. They’re so sharp that they can slice through paper, and it makes his neck slimmer and his smirk all the sexier.
    • Everything’s been absolutely tailored at least twice, and it’s so on purpose. Can you imagine those legs- miles and miles of slim height and oh, he knows you’re staring. He’ll wink right back.
      • Now that he thinks about it, he’s never had to buy his own drink before, and thus Kuroo’s legendary alcohol tolerance was born.

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snowley  asked:

I have a question- is a transformer "body" and "armor" separate or are they one piece?In movies it seemed a tranfromer has a basic body that it covers with an armor (the colorful part). In the comics or cartoon I'm not so sure but if I remember correctly in IDW comics Overlord was in some kind of tube and he was "naked", had some sort of robotic, thin body. So is the "armor" - the rest of the transformer - just like clothes or more like a bioarmor they can feel? Is this referenced anywhere?

As ever, such things tend to vary by continuity. There’s plenty of examples of a bit of a Transformer being removed, and all that’s revealed beneath is a basic mechanical skeletal structure of struts and wires that’s you couldn’t believe is ever supposed to be “exposed” at any time. In instances like these, human analogies aren’t perfect, but its probably best to think of a Transformer’s armor, or exoskeleton, as their “skin” which goes over their “skeleton” - not something, generally speaking, that they’re supposed to “take off.” Take a look at what’s going on inside Ironhide’s forearm, for instance:

Or these shots of a damaged Megatron from the Marvel comic - you can see there’s no “head” underneath his “helmet,” just internal robotic matter.

Protoforms from Beast Wars suggest something similar - a basic endoskeleton existed at the core of a protoform, but the substance of its outer body, well beyond simple armor, is formed from living liquid metal.  The protoforms seen in Transformers: Prime also follow this course - they formatted from featureless mannequins into exact replicas of Starscream, armor and all, all formed from the same living metal as if they were one body.

But you’re quite correct in also recalling an un-armored Overlord in the IDW comics, whose external armor was removed so his endoskeleton could be fused with indestructible ununtrium:

And even Transformers: Animated showed us that certain external parts of a Transformers body were armor that could be harmlessly and painlessly removed like “clothing” - witness helmet-less Bumblebee:

We would later seen that, although protoforms can be brought to life and given form, as seen here with Yoketron:

…in order to be “complete,” rather than this minimalist look, a protoform would have to be placed in a pre-existing “mold” that included certain key parts of the armour, into which it would then grow, filling out the rest of the body (this, then, explains shared body types among robots).

You raise the subject of movie ‘bots, and per the details given in the Transformers: The Movie Guide book, they seem to rather split the difference between these two ideas. For them, the protoform is the core body of the Transformer, but it generates the robot’s external armor (in accordance with the shape and colour, etc, of the alt mode) from both its own mass, and from any additional matter it can absorb and reformat into living metal.

Similar to that. the Transformers: Shattered Glass prose story “Blitzwing Bop” has noted that Cybertronian technomatter can accept replacement parts and repairs made using conventional metals, plastics, and circuits, because a Transformer’s biology is such that it will break down any such matter and convert it into living metal. It also feels like IDW concept of a spark’s “animating force" factors in here - that’s something that’s only come up in regards to Ultra Magnus, and his spark’s rare ability to animate the very large suit of armor that surrounds his body, but it makes it seems that we can’t think of it just as something that a Transformer “wears,” but something that is genuinely part of them, animated by their lifeforce

So something I started thinking about last night whilst watching Cinderella, my mother having just pointed out that the Prince’s jacket conveniently has a dash of blue in it to match Ella’s, is the idea of complimenting wardrobes for two characters who are supposed to be in love.

Specifically, in b99

Like, I’m sure there are hundreds of other examples that I can’t remember right now, but the more I think about it the more I realize that if Jake and Amy aren’t outright matching, they’re definitely complimenting each other, for a large, large percentage of their time onscreen together.

Even very early on, you have outfit matches like this:

or this:

aaah, this:

or even this:

and when they’re not matching completely, there’s always a splash of colour in either Jake’s or Amy’s shirt/pants that pops because it’s the same as the base of the other’s outfit, as seen here, in Jake’s tie:

here, in the checkered pattern of Jake’s shirt:

or here, in the beige of Amy’s shirt:

speaking of Johnny and Dora, they pretty much match through the whole episode, through two days and three different clothing changes:

like, no matter what, 90% of the scenes these two have together, their clothing literally makes them look good together:

and my personal favorite:

it’s also interesting to note that Jake’s staple colours are reds and blues, as are Amy’s – they just take turns switching them up:

it’s a great visual device in ways of linking them inexplicably together, especially in moments of the plot where their story peaks and the synchronicity of their clothing matches their together-ness (ie, Johnny and Dora or the New Captain) (and, even more interestingly, how when Jake is with Sophia their clothing matches/compliments, but when Amy is with Teddy, the same does not occur). inadvertently, through their #aesthetic appeal, it makes the audience like them together, which is hilarious bc as if u’d need anything more to make u like these good noodles’ love for each other.

anyways, someone come in clutch and add that photo where they’re literally wearing the exact same grey pantsuit and blue button down and i’ll die a happy woman,

So. I tried on two pairs of trousers in H&M. Same size, same pair of trousers, just a different colour. One fits, one doesn’t. So I thought hey maybe it’s a different pair and it’s not just a colour difference. So I tried on two identical pairs. Absolutely identical. One fits, one doesn’t.

Just thought I should mention it. Don’t be too frustrated if things don’t fit in H&M (and other stores like it). It’s just them fucking up sizes (they’re just completely arbitrary).

A Morning with Mr. Han

Summary:  The RFA+S wake up before MC. After the Extra Story.

Pairing:  Jumin x MC/Reader

Genre:  Slice of Life

Rating:  M? Like, I refer to stuff…

Word Count:  Approx. 2500

Protip:  Showering together saves water. Unless you get distracted.  They did not get distracted, in this fic.  So, they saved water.  10 points to Slytherin.

He always set an alarm, but it was often the morning sun that awakened Jumin.  He had an east-facing window in the bedroom, and the rising sun’s light tended to rouse him before his alarm could.

Before, he had felt lonely on some mornings, waking up with only the sun to greet him.  Then, even Elizabeth the Third had not been enough to satisfy his solitude.  But now, that was no longer the case.  The young director rolled over in bed, away from the bright, morning light, and opened his eyes to one of his favourite sights:  you, his beloved wife, sleeping soundly beside him.

A small smile played on his lips; you were beautiful as you lay there, the sunlight bringing out the lighter tints in your hair, your breath even and slow as you continued to dream.  His mornings were that much brighter now that he had the honour of waking up beside you.

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anonymous asked:

how do you come up with all the character designs??

To be completely honest, anon, I never follow a specific method when I draw character designs. Sometimes they’re done at completely random with no particular thought, and sometimes they’re done with specific characters in mind. But! With that said, I do have certain keys that I tend to follow.

The main key is to keep things interesting. But that’s more simple than said. What makes a character look interesting? What makes them stand out?

I’ll try to demonstrate my thought process as well as I can.

The first thing to keep in mind is to remember that your first design, even the finished version, is nothing more than a concept. Yes, even when it’s all done and you think it looks perfect, remind yourself that it’s not. Time will pass, and you will make adjustments at some point. Sometimes, it’ll be a complete redesign, and sometimes, it’s just a small detail. Either way, it’s important to remember that the design you end up with is, in fact, not the end result.

To some people it might help to draw out really quick scribbles of random designs to see which one speaks to you the most. I highly recommend this, and I’ve done this a lot! Again, my methods vary depending on mood or situation. From beginners to professionals, the scribble method works just as well. Here’s an example of some concept art of Dorian from Dragon Age Inquisition.

As you can tell, the artist tried out several looks on a model before settling with a design they liked. (Sighs… Teach me your ways, bioware…)

Some prefer to draw a model that they can draw the clothes on, some go completely wild, which is also perfectly fine, draw the “scribbles” in whichever way suits you, as shown here and here — just remember to keep it quick and simple; save the details for the design you end up liking the most!

  • (With that said, I want to mention that this tutorial will be more focusing on the design parts than the character appearance, because i feel like faces and bodies deserves it’s own tutorial (it’d be all too much for one post).)

Okay, let’s start designing. For the sake of demonstration, I’ll use two different ways of thinking and genres. On the left, I’ll draw a more ‘random’ design, going more on impulse rather than thinking of a certain character. The only thing I have in mind is that I want the genre to be Sci-Fi, so let’s call her that. On the right, I’ll try to keep a character in mind, with the genre being Fantasy for comparison to Sci-Fi, so let’s name him Fantasy. Remember, if you do have a certain character in mind, creating a character becomes much more complex, but more interesting. (In my opinion). You need to remember that what they do and who they are will, and must, show in their design in some way. Unless, of course, it’s purposely done the opposite, in which case you have to be even more careful. Remember, every detail will say something about them! For example, say a character loathes makeup. Why would they be wearing it? Unless you have a really good explanation, don’t draw them with makeup. Basic logic, and it would fit their character. (Note: NOT an excuse, if you do something just to ‘prove’ it to basic logic, then it’s an excuse. If it’s done intentionally and with good reasoning, then it will not come off as unwise.)

Back to the designs — I wanted to keep it fairly plain for the sake of easier explanation. Perhaps minor characters, or perhaps purposely down-played for the sake of character image. I wanted to give Sci-Fi a nice, strapless and form-fitting dress, I wanted her to look sweet, and I wanted Fantasy to be kind of creepy, eyes-on-you kind of guy, not someone who’s too fancy, but not lacking in money either since he knows his way around things. The way he rubs his fingers makes him seem kinda eager for something.

Does the designs I drew above translate any of this at all? As I can imagine you guessed: no, it does not. It just looks like Anyonewearing Clothes™ with hair doesn’t say much, either.  ™.

Perhaps if we add colour…

Colour theory will be a different tutorials altogether, but I’ll cover the basics. As you can see, these colours do not flatter each other, and it does not make the clothes look any more interesting. For Sci-Fi, I wanted her clothes to be cute and colourful, but she only ended up looking like I’ve dropped the basic colours of MS Paint on her. The reason why that is is because the hues do not differ from each other. If i were to make the drawing in grayscale, you would see little to no contrast difference between the colours. Even when you’re going for a certain palette, such as pastel, you must make sure that the contrast and hues are complementary. Only, only break this rule if you know about this rule already and have practiced it. You must learn the rules before bending them. Patience is key. You will learn to do your own method with time, but being ignorant and oblivious is poison if you want to improve. Don’t be afraid to matching darker colours with lighter ones, and don’t be afraid to play around with the hues. (For example, making the skirt more red than magenta, etc.)

Now, for Fantasy, I wanted him to seem like the guy who could afford expensive dyes, but he wouldn’t bathe in them (but he probably wants to). I wanted a vibrant red to show that knowing that red can be an aggressive or passionate colour, and is often also associated with danger or sex. Perhaps he has a violent nature, maybe he’s really passionate about something, or perhaps, he really loves to sleep with people. Judging by his body language and expression, some of those traits certainly seem to suit him. The colour most vibrant, the one to stick out the most, is the colour that will say the most about the characters. Secondary colours is just as important, too. The colours chosen, however? It makes him look like a badly decorated christmas tree. The problem is, like Sci-Fi, the lack of contrast and hue (you can barely tell the difference between the boots and the pants). Not only that, but also uncomplimentary colours. Green and red are two completely different colours, as is the case with many other colours. To make them more appealing to the eye, you need to adjust the contrasts between them, making one darker or lighter, and you also need to tone down the vibrance. Since I wanted red to be the primary colour, the vibrancy turned down would be the green colour, etc.

Now, the first step to making the design a bit more interesting is to look up references. I know, not too fun, but you can make it so. I highly recommend getting Pureref for this. While you can have your own design in mind, your own ideas, it always helps to look up references of pictures that inspire you. You’ll find things you would likely never have thought about on your own. The ideas with both Sci-Fi and Fantasy remains the same, but the tweaks made made them already more unique and stand out, and you’re starting to really see the look that you were going for. For Sci-Fi, I kept the strapless look, I even made the skirt form-fitting, and I even kept her boots. The difference was the silhouette. Don’t be afraid to go bold with your designs and shapes! Make them stand out! Chances are they aren’t as bold as you think. Yes, it’s the uncomfortable ‘go outside your comfort zone’ method. Trust me, after a while it won’t be uncomfortable. You’ll just have to believe in yourself and what you’re drawing. If you want to make unique characters, you need to think unique. You might have personally wanted to wear what Sci-Fi wore before, but she is, after all, not you. Even if Sci-fi is a more random design, you are drawing what she would wear, in her settings. Same with Fantasy. He, too, remains the same as before. He has boots, pants, and a shirt, just like before, but this time with more renaissance (?) influence. Instead of an ordinary collar, I gave him frills, hinting about his status, and added them on his sleeves as well. The shirt itself is a peasant blouse, and while I don’t imagine him being a peasant, it’s either saying that he’s more relaxed about the way he dresses, or, he’s not as rich as he’d like to be. For both of them, I also adjusted their hairstyles. I gave Sci-Fi some lovely, long hair with relaxed locks drooping down to enhance that sweet look I was going for. Fantasy got long hair as well, and while it has definitely been taken care off, judging by how slicked back it is, it’s not perfect, and intentionally so. Perhaps he doesn’t care — or maybe he he think it looks good as it is.

Don’t be afraid to make changes if something about the design doesn’t seem right to you. Does Sci-Fi’s dress really need to be sleeveless? Would Fantasy really walk around in a blouse? What would the differences you’ve made say about the characters? Giving Sci-Fi those details makes her look a little more dressed up — perhaps it’s a uniform of some sort?

Think about the limitations you have. If you’re drawing modern or historical characters, you will have to be more careful with how much you change with the look. Would the characters, in their settings, actually wear that? Would it suit the world the live in, does it suit the look you’re going for? Make careful decisions when thinking about this. If you need to make drastic changes, I suggest you start a new drawing entirely. Sometimes it’s better to start fresh to think fresh.

It’s worth mentioning, also, that when looking at references, if it okay to bend the rules, especially if it’s a fantasy or sci-fi setting. Use your references as inspirations, not as a hard must. Go by instinct, even if you have a character in mind!

Notice the repeated patterns. For Sci-Fi, there’s little hard-edged shapes, except around her shoulders and boots. This is why it reminded me of a uniform of some sort — notice, also, how her design has a lot of cut-outs, which is a repeated pattern as well. For Fantasy, I decided to make his design overall more sharp, with a lot of pointed shapes. I made the sleeves loose, to make him look just a little less formal, and with buttons as well for a repeated pattern.

Remember to add accessories! They might be subtle, and to so some even unnoticeable, but they are important, and they are noticeable in their own light. You won’t notice the rings of a character who has their hands in their pockets, but as soon as they bring the fingers to their lips to giggle, you’ll certainly notice them when they are big, and shaped like skulls. No accecories says a lot about the characters as well. Disney’s Rapunzel does’nt not even have shoes — no accessories whatsoever, but Flynn Rider, however, has very visible belts, straps and a pouch. What does that say about them? Why does a thief need pouches? Does the girl locked indoors all her life need jewelry to decorate herself with and shoes to protect the floor from being covered in mud? Accessories are statement pieces, even from the most simple ribbon to a thick, studded, leather belt. I feel like Sci-Fi would enjoy taking care of her hair, so I put more volume to her hair and added hair pins to show that. With that, I added gloves and a rather odd bracelet — since i felt her outfit looked like a uniform of some sort, but not a professional one, but perhaps a game promoter, I wanted to finish that off with some ‘unneeded’, stylistic gloves. With Fantasy, I added add a big ribbon to his hair, to bring more light to his status, while keeping a few careless hairs in front of his face. In addition to this, I decided to add big, bulky rings, but also keeping a very small, subtle necklace hidden behind his frilled collar, and some decorations on his boots as well, repeating the pattern on his jacket for a finished look.

Note that small details such as these can be tricky if you’re an animator, hence why in cartoons details like these are either not existent or extremely simplified — if you don’t animate, there’s no reason for you not to add details. Don’t limit yourself!

It’s worth mentioning that bigger garments, such as outerwear, capes, etc, will make more of an impact and statement once you finish the design. The more space they take, the more important they will seem. As a general rule, one should save this for main and supportive characters and their villains. That’s not to say that minor or background characters can’t have capes and jackets — it all depends on how you draw them, how much space they take, and how much detail and thought you’re giving them. It doesn’t also mean that important characters all need large garments, but it’s definitely something worth keeping in mind.

And this is how the ‘finished’ look ends up like. It’s not perfect, and certainly needs more work (more time and effort!) but it certainly stands out more than the first example I showed you. Notice how the same palette was used, but keep in mind what I said about the hue and the contrasting colours. They’re less in-your-face now, and more complimentary. Naturally, shading is extremely useful if you want to finish the looks, because it allows you to add more details and more texture to the designs. 

With that said, when you colour, you might notice that you want to add more to your character designs — such as the green stripes on Sci-Fi, or the vivid, red details on Fantasy. 

However, as mentioned before, note that this is not the finished result. It’s a concept, and it should not be overthinked or overworked. Once you’ve spent a certain amount of time on one design, let it go and work on a new one later. You may draw the same design again, but improved, or you might find yourself draw a new design entirely. Both are fine and both options should be explored and tried out!

I hope that helped you. ♥ If you want to check out more of my tutorials, you can find them here.


Mark Rothko, Black-Form Paintings

No 1,  no 2,  no 4, no 5, no 5 (2),  no 6, no 7, no 8 , 1964, Mixed media on canvas.

The TATE gallery in london says this about them:

 “Although not related to a commission, Rothko clearly recognised the Black-Form paintings as a coherent series and numbered them sequentially No. 1 to No. 8, with No. 5 curiously appearing twice. Yet they were never shown as a series during his lifetime. These works mark a complete break with his colour field paintings of the 1950s.”

While I have done my best to complete this series (My previous post on it was two less than we have here now and several scans have been updated) I am still unsure as to many things, including if there is an existing scan of No 3. There are other Rothkos with that number but I have yet to knowingly see a No 3 from 1964 that goes in this set. There are some other Rothkos that are looks-appropriate as well as many different scans of these with endless variations of black, brown, purple and grey (my previous scan of no 4 was positively purple) making the “Dark Rothkos” some of the hardest to compare. I’ll call these the best scans I can find right now and I do love this series and how Rothko seems to take his colorful translucency and turn it around in this contemplative, mournful and very mortal feeling series.

I was dubious about the second no 5, myself but that ones comes right from the Tate and we who are amateurs will assume real scholarship behind that.

I hope you enjoyed this Rothko series and investigation as much as I did, and if you find a scan of Number three, well, hand it over.

Life lessons Pt. 2

A/N - just something to put some of you out of your misery lol

In the room off the Ops Centre, Alec stood in front of the group of recruits, trying his best to look the part of a tough Shadowhunter Instructor. He had his hands behind his back and his legs apart, like a drill sergeant.  He watched as the other recruits slowly made their way in, purposely not looking at his fan club in the front row. Clary and Jace were standing off to the side watching. The girl that had been brave enough to speak  to Alec at lunch hadn’t taken her eyes off him since he’d walked in.

Clary was hiding a laugh behind her hand.

“Those poor girls, they are gonna die.”

“What time is Magnus getting here?” Jace asked.

“He should be here soon actually. If they’re confused now wait till they see him”

As if on queue, Magnus Bane high warlock of Brooklyn strode into the room. A murmur of voices went around the group of recruits. He looked an imposing figure. His hair spiked up complete with magenta streaks. His eyes were defined in his usual black eyeliner and dark eye shadow. He wore his usual array of jewelery; ear cuff, two different necklaces, a ring on every second finger and several bracelets. He was dressed in a long embroidered coat and a matching plain coloured shirt and tight leather pants and black boots. He certainly stood out. And from the way every recruit in the room was looking at him they had obviously never seen a warlock before or one like him. But then no one was like Magnus anyway.

Alec looked towards his boyfriend as he entered the room and went over to Jace and Clary.

“Oh, Babe, you’ve out done yourself.” he thought and turned quickly back so the girls would think he wasn’t concerned with him at all.

“Holy cow! Who the heck is that?” one of the girls asked.

“I bet you anything he’s that warlock! Man, he’s hot though. In a freaky kind of way.”

“What! You’re nuts. He’s scary looking. I heard that a warlock can kill  just by looking at you.”

“If he’s a warlock where’s his demon mark then? They all have them. They are half demon, you know”

“Maybe he isn’t a warlock, maybe he’s someone else.”

“So Biscuit, do I look the part?” Magnus asked Clary.

“You’ve out done yourself Magnus, this is going to be so funny.”

‘How hot does my beautiful Shadowhunter look over there? It’s taking everything I have not to rush over there and wrap myself around him. I take it the 4 young ladies in the front row  are his usual little admirers?” Magnus asked.

”That would be them, easily recognisable by the puddle of drool under their chairs.” Jace told him. Magnus turned to cast an eye over the group, centering in on the girls.

“let’s just show them what a jealous warlock boyfriend looks like, shall we?” he said, and he made a point of turning around fully to face the group. He glared directly at the four girls, who were huddled together in their chairs.

“Oh my angel! He’s watching us!” one said, looking back at Magnus who was glowering down at them from across the room.

“what? Who?”

“ the warlock or whatever he is, he’s watching us!” they all took scared glances across the room to see Magnus, hands on hips, legs a bit apart glaring straight at them.

“Oh god, we are gonna die!” said one girl as they tried to tear their eyes from him. “we are. Aren’t we? Genuine panic had set in for three of them at least.

“Don’t be stupid, why would he kill us? We haven’t done anything wrong.”

Alec was trying not to laugh at his boyfriend. He just continued to look out over the room occasionally glancing at his watch waiting for the last of the recruits so he could start the session. He  knew he shouldn’t of been but he was taking quick looks at Magnus out of the corner of his eye hoping his fan club wouldn’t notice; he looked so hot in that coat and those leather pants and boots, Alec was trying everything he could think of not to think about him. He chanced a look at his fan club in the front row. The girls were too preoccupied with the thought of imminent death by warlock to worry what he was doing. The last recruit had just taken a seat and Alec gave an almost imperceptible nod to Magnus.

“Any minute now” Alec thought and he braced himself for what was coming.

“I do believe it’s show time.” Magnus said, back to Clary and Jace.

BTS Reacts To Their S/O Having Two Different Coloured Eyes

Request: Bts reacting to their s/o having two coloured eyes
Note: My internet will still not let  me post gifs (or maybe its my computer…who knows just TECHNOLOGY PLEASE) so I will edit this and the other BTS Reacts I just finished once everything starts working again. 

Jin (Seokjin)

Jin is someone who both loves and appreciates beautiful things and would be completely infatuated with his s/o’s unique eyes. Jin would be very aesthetic about it, often taking pictures in different lighting of how his love’s eyes would change colors.

“If you turn your face towards the sun it almost seems like your eyes shimmer. Yah, wait I’ll take a picture to show you. Yah, yah, Jagi your eyes look like they’ve changed again. Yah, yaahhh!”

Suga (Yoongi) 

Yoongi isn’t one to make a big deal over appearance based things and so probably wouldn’t vocalize his admiration of his s/o’s eyes. Still, since Suga is such an artist, their uniqueness would fascinate him and I can totally see him just staring at them, losing track of time while thinking of lyrics to a new song. 

W-What did you say? Sorry I wasn’t listening. You know, Jagi, your eyes really aren’t that different. Yah ,you think you’re special, Y/N? “

Rap Monster (Namjoon)

Monie would probably be the least affected by his s/o’s difference. He would accept it as a biological fact that happens to many people. Sure, he would love his love’s eyes and get lost in them endlessly but no more so than any particular color. Monie would just love everything about his partner and that’s that. 

“It’s a condition, love. It’s called heterochromia…it’s beautiful on you but really, you could have black eyes and I would love them just the same. Your eyes are just…you.”

Jhope (Hoseok) 

Hobi would initially just be completely transfixed by a phenoma that he may not have seen very often. I could totally see JHope becoming very focused on his detail of his love, and it quickly becoming one of his favourite things. Jhope would totally be one to buy multicolored presents for his partner, insisting that they reminded of his s/o’s eyes. 

“Look Jagi, I bought this bracelet when I was in Chile. It’s green and brown, just like your eyes. Then it’s like your with me always. Oh, okay, you caught me, I bought you a matching one too.” 


Jimin would be similar to Monie in the sense that it wouldn’t affect him either way. He would love his s/o’s eyes, but no more than any other part of them. ChimChim would be very protective I think, and would take any comments about the difference very seriously. I can just see him glaring at people that ever commented on their unusuality. 

“Yah..I know people are just fascinated with how beautiful you are, but do they have to stare so much? Don’t they see me here with you? Aish. 

V (Taehyung) 

Oh, V. V would be adorable about his love’s eyes. V would be completely obsessed with it, first off, openly gazing at their beauty before just shaking his head with wonder. V would do this totally cute thing where he’d cover one of his s/o’s eyes, letting out a little “Woaaawww” before switching eyes and giving one of his full grins. V would have his fingers crossed constantly that any children he had with his partner would inherit the same defect. 

I think our kids will have your eyes. Don’t you think Jagi? I think so. I hope so. Don’t you hope so. too? Waaaa I really hope so.”


Surprisingly, I think Jungkook would actually be pretty interested in the uniqueness of his s/o’s eyes, especially initially. Eventually, his fascination would wear off of course, but it would be something JK consistently admired about his love’s appearance. I could also see Jungkook making a habit of capturing the different ways light played with his love’s eyes. 

I wish I had eyes like yours Jagi. They just make you look so…different. There’s no one in the world who looks like you, I’m sure of it. “

Quick centering exercise

1. List five things you are grateful for right this second. Maybe it’s ‘my good health’ or ‘my warm bed’ or ‘my fun workmates’ or ‘my new jacket’. 

2. List four things you’d like to achieve today. Maybe it’s just ‘take a shower’ or ‘go for a walk’, or maybe it’s ‘follow up a resume’ or ‘talk to my friend about my issue with them’. 

3. List three things that you’re worrying about right now, and in a few words why you’re worrying about each. Be completely honest with yourself. 

4. List two people who genuinely lift you up and make you feel supported, hopeful and happy. 

5. Write this down - “I am a person with all of the colours within me. I’m capable of many different lives, and I get to decide which one I live.” 

6. List two things you do that you’d like to do less in life. Maybe it’s ‘do less late night shifts’, or ‘ stop hanging out with that person who brings me down’ or ‘argue less with my sibling’. 

7. List three things you do that bring you genuine self-esteem. Maybe it’s ‘working out’, ‘playing a computer game’ or ‘finishing a book’ or ‘making a good coffee’.

8. List four things would like to improve upon. Maybe you’d like to be more organised, maybe you’d like to get up at the same time each morning, maybe you’d like to listen more and talk less. 

9. List five things you genuinely love about yourself. Maybe you’d do anything for your mother, maybe you are really good at helping a friend in a crisis, maybe you’re a very loyal employee, maybe you love your handwriting, maybe you like the scar on your leg. 

10. Lastly, write this down - “I am powerful. I am strong. I am full of all things - love, sadness, light, anger, fever. I deserve happiness and only I can create it.” 

For @kkkkkelsy who asked;

Hello!☺️ It’s so nice to visit your studyblr. I think your studyblr and notes are so awesome. 😍 And I wonder how to take notes with color pens. Because my notes are always too colorful to review but if I only write in black, I can’t find the key point easily.

Hey! Oh god yes, sometimes I’ll be so engrossed with annotating or highlighting with different colours that when I step back to review my notes, it looks as if someone’s vomited a rainbow over my page.

Here are my three tips to avoid looking like your page has been destroyed;

1. Create a legend

  • Useful for 
    • Note taking
    • Annotating articles/notebooks/journal articles/ cases ○
    • Language Study 
    • Speed reading large chunks of text 
  • Method 
    • Assign a label to each colour
    • Each colour will correspond to a category of information
    • This will help you find all the key points related to a particular topic
    • (So if you write in black, you can write all your keywords/ definitions in colour)
  • Examples
    • Here: yellow=section, blue = grammar structure, orange = particle, pink = new vocabulary, green = things I already know. 
    • Here green = legal issue , yellow = legal principle, blue= argument, pink = application to facts

2. Limit the colours you use

  • Useful for 
    • Review sheets
    • Chapters/ large topics
  • Method 
    • Pick 2-3 colours for each chapter 
    • Write all the sub points in the other colour / black or blue pen
    • When you change chapter, change to different set of colours.
    • The key is to limit the colours you use per page, thus making it easier to read
    • Useful for exam revision - in theory, the headings are used as memory prompts
  • Example
    •  Here: three branches of government, three different colour schemes for each one

3. Colour each section or heading in a completely different colour

  • Useful for 
    • Comparing /Contrasting perspectives 
    • Timelines
    • Essay plans 
  • Method 
    • Colour each paragraph/chunk of notes/ section in a completely different colour 
    • Each viewpoint has a different colour 
    • Each time period has a different colour 
  • Examples 

Which one should I use?

The method I choose will depend on the subject, the type of content, and what I’m going to do with those notes (e.g. use them as revision, exam notes, or use them to write an essay). I will also combine two methods.

Why bother colour coding?

It may prompt your memory. When you have 200+ pages of notes for exams, its easier to locate key points. It makes it easier to organise and plan an essay.

What if I don’t have colourful pens?

Don’t fret! Got a pen and a pencil? Alternate between the two. Underline key points. Write keywords, headings etc in UPPERCASE and associated points in lower case. Experiment with different handwriting styles and sizes.

This is all nice and well, but I type my notes!

So do I! The heading options, customising my keyboard, shortcuts and the ToC have been my bffl throughout law school. Seriously.

Other tips I have found useful: 

In the end, its not the sheer number of colours you use but the ease of access that’s important.

If you have any questions about this feel free to ask here!

Hope this helps!

- fuckstudy.

*the notes supplied are for demonstrational purposes only. TL;DR these notes are old as fuck, there will be errors, and are used for example purposes only

You being an idol, coming home from a tour.

Thanks for the request! Love you toooo! 

Kim Namjoon

You had arrived home earlier in the day and decided to wait for Namjoon in the bedroom, wearing your shorts and one of his baggy t-shirts. You lay on your stomach scrolling through your social media on your phone. When you heard the bedroom door open, a smirk pursed across your lips.

“Well hello stranger” 

Namjoon would grin uncontrollably “Why didn’t you text me, I would’ve come home sooner”

Kim Seokjin

Jin would become a laughing mess when you came through the door to find him cooking in the kitchen, he’d have to hide how big his smile was, but still unable to believe that you were actually there, 2 whole weeks earlier than you had said.

“I can’t believe you’re here…” he’d open his arms out for a hug, just holding you there for a while, until he finally realised you really were there.

Min Yoongi

Yoongi hated being apart from you, a few days to him seemed like a year, so when he saw you after you had been on tour for over a month he’d become a cute ball of sunshine, wanting nothing more to hug and kiss you.



Jung Hoseok

As soon as you walked through the door, Hobi wouldn’t believe his eyes, he’d be rather shocked you came to see him backstage at one of his performances, then he realised you must of seen him perform too. He wouldn’t be able to hold back his smile and how happy he was to see you after all this time.

“Jagi, do you realise how much i’ve missed you?”

Park Jimin

With it being rather late you assumed Jimin would be at the dorms, but when he wasn’t you decided to go check the dance studio, knowing how much he would work himself. When you arrived, you stood in the door way watching him dance for a few moments, that was until he noticed you in the mirror. Rather quickly he turned to look at you, thinking it was his imagination.

 “Hi” you mumbled quietly with a smile.

Jimin *gif*

Kim Taehyung

You had arrived back from your tour a little earlier than expected, you decided that you wanted to surprise Taehyung. To your disappointment he had a fansign to attend, but that didn’t stop you. You decided to attend, throwing on a baggy hoodie, the other members allowing you in to surprise him. You knelt down in front of him. 

“Ahh~ hello, what’s your name?” Tae would ask with a smile

You’d lift your head pulling off your hood. “Y/N” you said with a cheeky grin.

Taehyung *gif*

Jeon Jungkook

Jungkook would be playing a game on his phone when he heard the door open, his eyes darted over to see you walking in. It had been almost two months since you had last seen each other, and since you had a new album release you had to change your style. Hair a different colour and your outfit more showing than usual.

“Y/N, is that you?” he’d ask in complete awe as he looked you up and down, taking in ever small detail.

“Of course it’s me you idiot” you’d laugh a little, placing your bags down.

Jungkook would quickly jolt to his feet and walk over to you rather quickly, wrapping his arms around you and pulling you into a tight embrace.

“I missed you jagiya” he whispered.

eritreayunani  asked:

Hey babe, could we get some headcannons on what kind of female s/o sebastian would be attracted to and actually go the trouble of courting? Characteristics: personality-wise and a few aesthetic-wise would be brilliant. Feel free to add on other characteristics you deem suitable! Thanks hun xxx

What kind of female S/O do you think Sebastian fall for? More character-wise but aesthetic related details can be included. Thank you! :)

I can tell you now that this is going to be a big one… Took me just over an hour!


As a demon, Sebastian is above the shallowness of some humans to base attraction off of something as impermanent as appearances. But I broke appearance down to four categories and answered them separately. I did say this was a big request.


He likes shedding his gloves after a long day and running his slender fingers through your hair, slowly and gently untangling any nicks. If he’s got time, he’ll braid and brush it for you.

  • For dark hair, he’ll compare it to starlight or the beauty of blood in the moonlight (reserved for those particularly morbid moods he gets into, usually after murdering someone or may or may not have deserved it).
  • For light hair, he’ll compare it to the sunlight or to having pure gold woven into your locks.
  • For unnatural colours, such as red, he’ll be fascinated by the true colour showing at the roots and will want to know all the reasons behind why you dyed it. 
  • Length doesn’t bother him, but he’s usually pretty content if it’s long enough to braid. If you consent, he’ll find out your favourite styles, learn them within a day or two, and then replicate the chosen style of the day each morning for you, taking it out and brushing it before you go to bed.

Eye colour

  • Any eye colour. Eyes are the windows to the soul, and it’s for precisely this reason that he loves to look into them, his own magenta eyes boring into yours. 
  • For genetic mutations such as heterochromia, he’s completely entranced and just loves commenting on the individuality of the two colours.
  • In any case, some baser part of him toys with the idea of gouging your eyes out surgically, so that they’re fully intact and carrying them around with him because of how much he loves them.
  • He always talks himself down from this, though, because they have that little spark of life that he so adores and if he removes them from your person, he’ll never witness them light up when you see him walk into the room, and he can’t have that now, can he?
  • Besides, he’s pretty sure that you’d like to keep your eyes exactly where they are.

Height doesn’t matter at all because everyone’s the same height when they’re laying down.


  • With clothes, it can go two ways: pastels or dark. Sebastian generally doesn’t pay too much attention to what you wear because it’s your body and you can wear what you like, but he may offer to choose your clothes for you each morning or to design/make/order clothes for you to wear, completely tailored to you and your tastes. You wouldn’t know about this beforehand because he won’t physically measure you. Just one look at you head to toe, and he already knows exactly what you should wear. He has an eye for these things.
  • I think, with pastel colours, he’d appreciate the difference between his stark black and white outfits with very little variation, to your different shades of pinks, purples, greens, blues, etc. He’d likely compare it to the fragility and delicacy of the human body, almost going off on a tangent about how easily humans are disposed of, before remembering that you’re a member of said species and that you may not be able to stomach what he’s talking about. He’d apologise and change the subject.
  • With dark colours, he’d appreciate the similarities with his own clothes and make the occasional comment about how what you’re wearing matches his thoughts, his nature; he’s the epitome of darkness and he never misses an opportunity to tell you this.
  • He lives in Victorian London, don’t forget, so he wouldn’t approve of too much revealing of your skin. He’d tell you that “it’s unseemly and might he recommend something else that may be to your taste, My Lady?”. This would be coupled with comments muttered into your ear that is designed to leave you blushing.
  • Makeup doesn’t bother him, though it intrigues him. Why do you cover your natural face? He’d make it clear that he prefers you fresh-faced, though. Makeup carries a certain connotation in this time period.

Personality traits

  • The most important thing is that you’re not afraid of him. He’s a demon and capable of the biggest monstrosities you can think of and is mostly unfeeling, but he cannot court someone (yes, court, not date, “a frankly ridiculous modern adaptation”) who fears him. So, his s/o’s love for him needs to override the fear of what he is in all situations.
  • Full acceptance and understanding that Sebastian cannot love to the same extent that humans can and do, but rather, he’s possessive. You’re his and as such, he will protect you and fight for you, with you, with his life, if need be. Don’t expect declarations of romance and romantic proposals, it’s not in his nature. He will not change for you and the very suggestion would be most insulting.
  • Someone who knows that Sebastian can and will play games with them. Tell him your fears, he will exploit them for his own amusement. Tell him your dreams, and he will crush them if you let him. Tell him your insecurities and he will shut them down with logic in just a few sentences. But, devilish though he may be, he is still your partner, and so he will refrain from doing these things. He may still play tricks on you, though, not nothing life threatening. It’s no good courting a dead person.
  • Independence. He’s very busy with his contract, running the Phantomhive estate and doing all the other things that he does, so he won’t always have time for you. His s/o would need to be able to fend for themselves. His ward is a child and he doesn’t need or want another one. 
  • Confidence. He understands that this grows in humans, and he’d be willing to help you with that. He does care for you in his own way and will show you in every way he knows how that you’re a wonderful woman and that he loves you, again in his own way.
  • Someone who is okay with Sebastian being himself around them. So he moves a little faster, he speaks with a lower, more gravelly voice. If he realises that you enjoy that, or you tell him this yourself, then he’d be pleased and would make it a point to be a little less human around you. This links into not being scared of him.
  • Someone who is themselves. No false modesty, no façades, no masks or acts… just you. He won’t appreciate falsehoods, even if they’re meant with good intentions.
  • Someone who is strong-stomached. I don’t mean this in terms of gore, though that would help, I also mean someone who can hold their own. He will tease you on occasion about your weaknesses. For example, if you’re afraid fo the dark, he might grab your foot from under the bed. But that’s a different set of headcanons, which can be found on my masterlist.
  • Intellect. Enjoy books or writing, drawing. Plays an instrument or wants to learn one. Bi-lingual or wants to learn another language. An inherent appreciation of culture and class. Someone who appreciates the finer lifestyle. These things aren’t necessary but it would help your relationship, in that you have mutual interests.
  • This is such an important point that I left it for last, and it’s pretty self-explanatory: Maturity. Someone who loves Sebastian for exactly what he is, in all the right ways. No games, no competitions, no playing, just love. Love him for what he is, and he’ll return the affections in kind, though in a slightly different way. Respect him and he’ll respect you. That’s all there is to it.
monochrome | minhyuk

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genre: angst, fluff, soulmate au

word count: 1.9k

anonymous asked: Hey you! Your soumate au will be a series? They are great!! I really really want to see one with minhyuk!!


You were walking down the street one day, everything in colour. Roses were red and yellow; the grass was as green as ever. Suzy, your friend, was talking about how amazing her soul mate was.

“That’s great,” you tell her as you both walk to the bookshop.

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Struck Mute: Alfie Solomons One Shot - Requested

I love alfie can you write about how he’s never had problems with women before talking them up and shit but when he meets this one girl who’s a bit shy and reserved and the big boss starts stumbling on his words and she sorta stands there with a faint smile watching him struggle and he gives up and just asks if she’d come by and have tea with him one day?! I know it’s too specific but please I can’t write for shit and it’ll mean a lot thank youuuuu

 Warnings:  fluffy Alfie might just make ya swoon too


Alfie sat ramrod straight at his desk; an odd position as noted by Ollie when he brought over papers to be signed.  Usually his feet were stretched out across the surface as he leaned way back in the chair.   His usually rolled up sleeves were neatly fitted about his wrists, and it was obvious he struggled not to fidget with the scratchy cuffs.   Keen eyes that normally would have watched Ollie’s progress, were focused on the pocket watch sitting among the scattered paperwork.

He also never cursed once, easily scrawled his signature when presented with paper, and said not one booming word to Ollie as he walked back to his own corner space.

Something was definitely up.

Ollie peeked over the glass partition, saw his boss fidgeting with his shirt, patting his hair and beard, and finally glancing down at the watch when probably only 5.6 seconds had passed since his last glance.   He seemed very nervous.   Usually that didn’t bode well for Ollie.

All of sudden, Alfie jumped up from behind the desk and scurried towards the door; mumbling about needing a little something from the bakery.

Ollie stood confused as he watched his boss shuffle out the door, wondering if he meant bakery… or actual bakery.  


Alfie stood just within the doorway of the bakery kitchen.   That keen glare performing a quick scan of the days’ bakery orders.   If he was seeking something specific, his eyes held no hint as to what it might be.  Though an air of expectant waiting clearly lingered about him.   The kitchen staff held their breath, unsure as to the nature of this unexpected visit from the boss.    Each person holding to their own brand of nervousness, as Alfie stood staring into space; eyes intently focused on the bakery door.   Every now and then he would glance down at his watch, and over the shelf containing the daily pick-ups.   All of sudden his head snapped up and his body jolted to attention.

The woman who walked through the bakery door possessed the kind of beauty that immediately drew the eye. One could tell there was shyness to her in the slight hesitation of her body movements, as she proceeded across the floor, heels clicking over the mid-day customer din.   There was an understated glamour stated in her manner of dress.   A pinkish brown silk day dress with a pointed collar and tie, which dropped low and ended in a flared skirt.  The detailed embroidery above the waist bespoke of the cost of the garment.  Both colour and form suiting her willowy stature.  Perched atop her bobbed caramel toned locks sat a black velvet bucket hat, also finely detailed with feather and velvet decos.    The soft colour of the dress set off her peaches and cream complexion, and the low brim of the hat added an air of mystery to her person in how it shielded her eyes.   Approaching the counter, her hands twisted nervously around her beaded clutch.   Alfie remained with the door-frame, but his eyes never left the young beauty. 

She greeted the woman behind the counter with a quick smile and then quickly ducked her head once more.  “I’m here to pick up an order.”

“Yes of course Miss..?”

“Oh, I’m sorry.  The order is not for me.”  A nervous laugh escaped.  “It’s for my aunt.  I’m picking it up for my aunt.”

The woman sighed, “And her name is?”

A bright flush crept upon the young women’s cheeks, and it was at that moment Alfie finally stepped forward.

“That’s alright now Ms. Shannon, why don’t ya go in the back and check on the bread while I assist this young lady, right?”

Ms. Shannon shot Alfie a look like he had lost his mind.  Serving customers in the bakery?   Hell must have surely froze over.   When she turned back, eyes raking over the young woman, who didn’t seem very smart in her opinion – not that anyone had asked mind ya – but her winsome face and form certainly suggested the reason for her employer’s sudden interest in legitimate business.    She rolled her eyes at Alfie, who cast her a don’t ya even think it woman glare, before she nodded her head.

“Of course Sir.  Only ‘ere to help of course.”  

“Thank ya Ms. Shannon, much obliged.”  

He cast a charming smile at the young woman who had stood quietly watching their exchange, lips pursed to formally introduce himself as the bakery owner.   Her head raised, uncertain eyes peeking out from beneath the hat brim, but she breathed deep and cast a small smile before once again dropping her gaze to the floor.   Alfie Solomons had more than sufficient experience in addressing lovely ladies, but his usual swagger fled in the face of her shy smile, and he stammered a greeting.

“Yeah right fu… well so, ” he swallowed past the lump in his throat, “ya must be Mrs. Abrams niece now right?  Told me ta expect ya comin’ by.”

The woman finally raised her head to meet his gaze and immediately felt as a small prey being hunted by a circling hawk under those sharp eyes.   Timidly her gaze draped, only to land on full lips fringed with whiskers that gleamed with ginger accents.   Her mouth hung slack at the sheer masculinity that oozed from every aspect of the man.   A nervous ball had settled in the pit of her stomach.

Alfie stared at her lowered head for what felt like hours, part of him simply enjoying her presence … and having the opportunity to roam his eyes over her entire form.  He liked the hat very much.   He shifted from one leg to another and finally found his voice again.

“Yer aunt is a longtime customer here, always lovely to see her,” he leaned a little closer, “but it’s my pleasure to finally meet you.  She speaks of ya often.”    He extended his hand towards her.   “Ahh…. um…. that is….I’m Alfie Solomons, owner of this lil enterprise.”

She presented her slender hand and he was slightly surprised by the firm grip and that she finally met his gaze.  Her voice came quietly and he had to lean towards her to hear.   “Pleasure to meet ya also Mr. Solomons.”   She quickly withdrew her hand and lowered her eyes once more.

But the gaze had been long enough and Alfie now stood struck mute.   Fuckin hell.   Her eyes were two different colours.   Fuck me?   One shone like liquid gold, a fleck of blue-green contained around the iris. The other a crystal clear shade of pale blue that pulled him into their luminous depths.  The overall effect of both completely disarming and for a few moments he couldn’t breathe.  He imagined staring into them in all kinds of scenarios.  Several of which were not proving helpful in the present situation.  Trying to suppress the flush that overcame, he pressed onward.

“Ahhh, um… apologies Miss…I didn’t catch yer name?”  

A glance over his shoulder revealed Ms. Shannon standing by the daily orders shelf looking at him like she didn’t know him at all.   Alfie shook his head and turned back to find the woman’s eyes on him once more.    Damn but they were completely bewitching.    He could stare into them forever.   First ya need to gather yer wits and ask her out.  It may have been the first time Alfie mentally told his own self to fuck off.  

“I’m so sorry.  How rude of me.”  Her hand fluttered about her chest before tentatively reaching out and touching his forearm.   A shock of heat shooting straight up and infusing his face with a warm blush.   “It’s Miss Sarai Fischel.”

“Well that’s just lovely innit?”  He took the hand that had touched his arm and softly squeezed it.   “Just lovely that is.”

He turned back around, motioning to Ms. Shannon to retrieve the bread order, ignoring the rolling of her eyes.

“So yer aunt mentioned that ya were new in town, yeah?”

“That’s right Mr. Solomons. Jest about two weeks now.”

“And how do ya like our town so far Miss Fischel?”    

Ms. Shannon had arrived with the order and sat it on the counter.  Right between the two of them and turned about, trying to contain the chuckle at his unexplained awkwardness.  Sure and if she had not entered his office to find some easy strumpet bent over his desk at time or two.   Here he were now barely able to string a sentence together.   Alfie picked up the bags, trying to keep the annoyance from his gaze.

“Well I haven’t seen much of it jest yet.  Getting settled and all.”   She reached out to take the bags.   “Ummm, my aunt said it would go on her account?”

Alfie nodded and flashed a smile, “No worries at all Miss.”  

He stood holding the bags, while she stood staring back at him, feeling the heat rising in her cheeks.  Her heart hammering and she wonders if one could ever hide from that unnerving stare.  She was certain no one had ever looked at her like that before.  Like they wanted to eat her up in one bite.  Yet also seemingly unsure in her presence.  The idea that she could affect a man so.   Her pulse was racing, and she knew a trace of fear that all her insecurities might be etched across her face.   He was so handsome.  So… male.  What would he see in her?   She wished he’s say something else.  Something indicating more than a passing interest.   Ms. Shannon appeared behind him.

“Mr. Solomons, why don’t ya carry the young ladies bags to her car?”  She offered a warm smile.  “I noticed they were quite heavy.   What with that all the special Sufganiyah ya included.”

She pushed Alfie forward and he raised his arm indicating to follow Sarai outside.   Suddenly remembering his manners, he shuffled past her to open the door; the bags bumping against both their legs in his haste.

“Ohh fuc…. I mean, apologies Miss Fischel.  Careful now.”

He followed her out the door and to her vehicle.  An older gentleman sat behind the wheel and he tipped his hat in greeting.   After placing the packages in the boot of the vehicle, they stood awkwardly on the pavement; Alfie feeling the gaze of her escort weighing critically upon him.  It was her timid voice that broke the silence.

“Thank ya so much for yer help Mr. Solomons.  ‘Tis most appreciated.”  Once more her hand darted forth and briefly touched his arm.  “I do think they would have been too much for me to manage myself.  I don’t know how we will manage to even eat all these wonderful baked goods.”  

“Yeah, well yer aunt does like her sweet breads, don’t she?”     What the fuck are ya rambing on about now?    Ask the lady out ya chicken.

She laughed lightly and then moved to step into the vehicle, when the low timbre of his voice halted her.

“Ahhh.. Miss Fischel?”

She turned back to him – damn, those eyes again – he swallowed his nerves.

“I was wondering.. that is.. um.. if yer of mind that is…”  clearing his throat he took a deep breath and forged on, “if ya be interested in seeing Camden  Town one day, I’d be more than pleased to escort ya ‘bout the Town.”   His eyes held a whisper of hope.  “Maybe a spot of tea. I know a lovely place.”

His breath held while he waited, unaccustomed to this new sense of apprehension before a woman.   Just when he thought his offer might be declined, her face split into the most beautiful smile he had ever beheld.  

“I think I would like that very much Mr. Solomons.  It sounds lovely.”

He nodded and tipped his hat; immensely pleased with how the exchange had turned out, despite it not being his best impression.  

“Well that’s great innit, looking forward to it then.”   He opened the car door and assisted her into the vehicle.   “I’ll be in touch soon Miss Fischel.”

She demurely nodded, “Until then Mr. Solomons.”

Her escort, having already drained his patience, immediately started the vehicle and drove away, leaving Alfie standing by the curb.    He fair skipped back to the bakery, feeling the surge of confidence rising once more.   When he stepped inside the bakery door, Ms. Shannon was there in a flash.

“Well, did ya manage to unfurl yer tongue long enough to ask the girl out?”

“Ya doubt me woman?”

“She weren’t one of her normal doxies sir.  I expect ya ain’t had much experience with a real lady like that one, to be sure.”   Alfie suddenly felt a return of nerves to his stomach.   “Well, did ya ask ‘er or not.”

Alfie’s eyes widened and a look of doubt settled on his face, “I asked her to tea.”

Ms. Shannon’s jaw dropped and her mouth silently formed tea?

“Fuckin’ hell.”   He mumbled as he brushed past her, shoulders glancing off her ample form none to gently.   As he entered he passageway,  he caught her parting remark.

“Do ya even know what to do at a proper tea sir?”  

Her peals of laughter followed him all the way down the passage.  

anonymous asked:

Hey! I just wanted to say that I'm suuuuuper in love with your art! Especially your bokuto and kuroo! Your art style is FANTASTIC and I love when you show up on my dash because it makes me happy!! 💜💜💜💜💜

Oh my, thank you so much!!!!!!!!!! *O* You’re so so so so nice, I hope you’re having the best day, anon!!!

Anon said: Sometimes I discover that another art account I follow is made by an Italian person. Siamo ovunque! Ciao connazionale!!

AHHHHHHHHHHHH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hey!!!!! *O* in realtà devi sapere che noi Italiani siamo bravi camaleonti, mi capita fin troppo spesso di scoprire che gente che conosco da un bel po’ è italiana e non ne avevo la più pallida idea hahaha

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anonymous asked:

What colors do you think best represent each member of Team Machine (including The Machine herself)? Asking for ideas for an art project.

I agonized over this for ages but here you go!

Reese and Shaw have very clear solid colours defined for them, while Harold and Root are a hot swirl of different shades in the same colour spectrum. 

John Reese: Red for fire and blood. Red for danger and emotion. Red for passion and love. 

Sameen Shaw: Blue for stability and a calming effect. Blue for loyalty and steadfastness. Blue for logical reasoning and responsibility. 

Harold Finch: I was scouring the internet and I have two choices for him! They both contain shades of complete black. Black is for power and elegance, for the mysterious and unknown, for strength and authority. And then we have various shades of blue mixed in there, leaning towards the darker shades – for intelligence, tranquillity, knowledge, confidence and depth. 

Root: More than the colour, it was the pattern that immediately caught my eye because that swirly thing is definitely Root, but I like the mesh of bright yellow and red with that dark void in the middle for her. It’s fire. It’s wild and uncontrollable. It’s flashy and chaotic and mesmerizing to look at, and can incinerate you in an instant.

TM: TM from Return 0 was definitely black. Plus, that striking image of TM as the Angel Of Death from Return 0 stuck with me, and black is associated with death. We have small shades of grey in there as well. However, it’s also yellow because it represents life and joy and hope. And then there’s the inevitable delightful fact that yellow and black together are somewhat of a combination of its Analog Interface and Admin, and that’s how it chose to represent Root’s Analog Interface box! 

I hope this was helpful (and not too late) for your art project, anon! I’d love to see what you come up with if you’re inclined to share it!