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It’s September 23rd 2017

Here’s a good Dan song to listen to today: Black & White (reprise) by Skyhill

Here’s a good Grumps episode to watch today:
Trauma Center Second Opinion: Suffering and Bananas - Part 17

Here’s a cool Dan fact for you today:
When Paula Abdul’s music video for Cold Hearted dropped in 1988, little Dan was highly entranced by it. He says no one would blink at it now, but it was risque and very sexy for its time.

Here’s a good picture of Dan to look at today:

Fandoms at this moment
  • SvTFOE: *screaming into pillow for July 15th* IMGONNAFUCKINDIE
  • Kingdom Hearts: aaaaAAAAAIEEEEEEEEEE *screams alongside with Star fans*
  • Adventure Time: we're still here! For now...
  • Steven Universe: *sobbing into a pillow from last month or doing memes*
  • Invader Zim: >:)
  • Wizard101: *dabbing to Emperya nusic while sobbing as well*
  • Pirate101: it's been...84 years
  • Winx Club: *rising from the dead* WE STILL HERE
  • Gravity Falls: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ we still here don't worry
  • Homostuck: *'patiently' waiting for Hiveswap*
  • Samurai Jack: *on the floor, tears swelling in their eyes* where'
  • Eddsworld: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ but bassboosted
  • Persona: *dabbing to 'Last Surprise'*
  • Villainous: We await >:3
  • Sorry if I got some incorrect ^^; I'm not particularly active in some of these communities but I see posts about 'em here and there!

anonymous asked:

Do you realize that being fat isn't always good? I mean if you're still healthy it's fine but once it gets to point it starts becoming a health problem. It's not good for that to happen right? Do you want people to slowly waste away and die of heart disease? They're basically killing themselves and it's not a perfect comparison but if you meet a self garner do you want them to stop?

HUZZAH! This is my first psuedo-intellectual anon hate. And my-oh-me, it’s a doozy. I love the condescending “gotchya” tone in this, as if anon is asking ground-breaking, mind-blowing questions and not the same bullshit concern-trolling that has been debunked over and over again. But I’ll indulge anon’s ignorance for the moment, if only so that I have a comprehensive response to link to other fatphobic assholes in the future. 

Put simply, my dear anon, your questions are silly, and you should feel bad about how ignorant, hateful, and fatphobic you come off in this ask.

1. Health is a complex concept that is dependent on many individualized factors. Similarly, weight is complex and depends on many factors completely out of an individual’s control, including genetics, poverty and food insecurity, and trauma history. Neither exercise nor a “healthy” diet result in long term weight loss. 

2. Weight is a really inaccurate, non-evidence based proxy for the concept of health. Hate to break it to you, but the BMI is bullshit, and overweight and obese people actually have lower mortality rates than people in the “normal” category. Yes, you read right, evidence shows that being fat can be good for your health. 

3. Heart disease has links to several risk factors, and “overweightness” by itself does not reliably predict heart disease. In fact, some evidence suggests fat people are better able to survive cardiac events than thin people. Correlation is not causation, yes, even with conditions such as type 2 diabetes mellitus, so it is incorrect to say that having a lot of adipose tissue directly causes illness of any type. Being fat is not per se unhealthy. Additionally, invisible disabilities and illnesses exist, which precludes you from knowing whether ANY given person, whether they are thin or fat, is “healthy”. 

4. Based on 1,2, and 3, it’s clear that you have no idea what someone’s health-status is simply by looking at them. You have no idea whether someone’s weight is “killing them” or causing them to “slowly waste away”, and all the evidence suggests that it’s simply inaccurate to say being fat is enough, by itself, to kill someone. 

5. Linking someone’s health to their moral goodness or worth is inherently ableist. If someone is fat and unhealthy they are still a human being worthy of love and respect. If someone is fat and disabled they are still a human being worthy of love and respect. If someone is fat and eats nothing but “junk food” and never exercises THEY ARE STILL A HUMAN BEING WORTHY OF LOVE AND RESPECT.  

6. Shaming people into the weight loss you deem to be “appropriate” does not work and actually leads to increased weight gain and a myriad of negative outcomes (more discussed in 7 and 8). For example, the “War on Obesity” has been linked to increased disordered eating in pre-pubescent children.  Harm reduction and trauma-informed, client-centered care works better than the shaming, 12-step, crash-diet, “I know more about what’s better for your health than you do” bullshit. 

7. Mental illness kills tens of thousands of people in the United States every year, and shaming someone’s body size under the guise of “health concern” has empirically proven negative outcomes on mental health

8. Fat stigma in the medical establishment and society at large arguably kills more fat people than fat does. Attempts to “correct” fatness such as repeated dieting and “lifestyle changes” have been shown to have negative health outcomes.  

9. Of all the complex health and mortality risk factors that exist, fat seems to be the only one that you care about. Why aren’t you yelling at people you see driving cars or smoking? Probably because your “health concern” for fat people is just thinly veiled fatphobia.

10. THE HEALTH STATUS OF OTHER PEOPLE IS NONE OF YOUR GODDAMN BUSINESS ANYWAY. Right to privacy in personal medical concerns is like, one of those inherent human right things that we have all these laws protecting to the point that it’s a crime to share someone’s private medical information without their consent.  

In conclusion, this fat ass is off to eat some cake, cuddle my cats, kiss my partner, and love my fat body just the way it is. 

BS “medical” tropes to stop using TODAY, 1/?

You’ve seen them. I’ve seen them. The story is going along so well. The character is critically wounded in a dramatic fight; they’re ‘rushed to the hospital’ (more on that later). Drama roils! Will they live? Will they die?

And then… And then the writer (screenwriters, I’m looking at you, too) pulls one of these tired, inaccurate tropes out from under the couch cushions, and you roll your eyes. They’ve Done the Dumb, again. You swear. kick your coffee table. How do they write such crap? Crap like…

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every trauma center game

chapter 1: fix a broken arm!

chapter 2: uh oh! a tumor!

chapter 3: someone you know is sick

chapter 4: a mysterious disease???

chapter 4.5: the disease has MUTATED

chapter 5: disarm a bomb/unlock a lock

chapter 6: surgery at night

chapter 7: all strains of the disease in a boss rush

chapter 8: stop time to kill the disease and save the world


❝Darkness closes in. Will you stand against it, or lead this world to its bitter end?❞
❝Deer should not bend that way…❞
❝So, listen, I’ve caught the hints. I get what you’re saying. You want to ride the Bull.❞
❝How does compassion become such a deadly killer?❞
❝Okay, that’s BADASS!❞
❝Ah, the wilds. Lush, beautiful, and full of things that want to eat you!❞
❝Bow before your new God, and be spared.❞
❝Where do you get all your arrows? You must have hundreds!❞
❝We’re going to restore order, with or without anyone’s approval.❞
❝Are you ashamed of your given name?❞
❝You’d be surprised what a man armed with a rock and a headache can do.❞
❝I just don’t understand why your people choose to look like that.❞
❝The big demon? It’s nearby? Well, shit.❞
❝Ah, I was wondering when the demon army would show up.❞
❝I will not suffer even an unknown rival. You must die!❞
❝You stared it down. You actually stared it down.❞
❝The eyes of the entire court are upon you. Don’t forget to smile.❞
❝You killed everyone who was in charge!❞
❝I came here to stop you. Nothing more.❞
❝Is that all you’ve got?! I lived through war, you pieces of shit!❞
❝You answered the death of your clan… with a goat?❞
❝You! I told you to stop spying!❞
❝Hush. Just look pretty.❞
❝Did you just grab my bottom!?❞
❝I don’t want to have to watch your walk of shame back to the barracks…❞
❝You’re never more alive than when you’re about to lose your pants, my friend.❞
❝I need to have words with you. The first will be “you” and the second will be “bastard”!❞
❝Just how much gold are you stealing from me?❞
❝Is that all you’ve got?! I’ve heard worse from ____!❞
❝See? This is what manners look like!❞
❝Everything that happens to you is weird…❞
❝I don’t kill that many people…❞
❝Are you joking? I’m only surprised you didn’t kill someone walking over here.❞
❝Are you sassing me~? I didn’t think you had it in you!❞
❝I’m sure nobody at the party would mind if you and I went missing for an hour.❞
❝You have any idea how much this place is worth?❞
❝Are you going to put me into any of your stories?❞
❝Look, it’s a natural thing to be curious about!❞
❝Do you feel that? My magic-sensitive nose is tingling.❞
❝Just once, we should enter a cave and find normal sized spiders!❞
❝Why do this? Why risk everything we’ve built? Why risk your life?❞
❝Maybe I shouldn’t bring this up, but bears and I traditionally don’t get along.❞
❝Look, I have to complain, or you’ll forget I’m here and trip over me! I’m providing a service.❞
❝You may be a weird squirrelly kid, but you’re my weird squirrelly kid.❞
❝My love… I will never forget you.❞
❝Nearly crushed three of my ribs with that ridiculous hug…❞
❝It’s dangerous when too many men in the same armor think they’re right.❞
❝This is what I am. A murderer, a traitor… a monster.❞
❝Whatever happens, I wouldn’t trade the years we’ve had together for anything. I love you.❞
❝Our people aren’t tools to be used and discarded.❞
❝At this moment, you are the only threat I see.❞
❝Sometimes the best path is not the easiest one…❞
❝You might want to watch yourself, it’s raining demons out here.❞
❝What kind of viscount would I be if I didn’t abuse my position to give shit to my friends?❞
❝Nothing creepy about a bunch of old abandoned caves. Nothing creepy at all.❞
❝If you ever need an ass kicked, I’m with you.❞
❝I’m here to set things right. Also? To look dashing. That part’s less difficult.❞
❝At any rate, time to drink myself into a stupor. It’s been that sort of day.❞
❝Watch yourself. The pretty ones are always the worst.❞
❝For all your experience, you don’t carry yourself like a soldier.❞
❝Sometimes to achieve the world one desires, one must take regrettable measures.❞
❝I hope you can take care of yourself, should we encounter anything outside your experience.❞