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How did you guys get together?

Michael: Okay kiddies, buckle up. It’s story time!

It all started way waaay back when Jeremy found the first key to the hunt. He just so happened to run into Christine there, who was also after the key. Jeremy had been following her blog about the hunt for several years, and he had a pretty big crush on her.

Jeremy: Her avatar is cute! Come on…

Michael: Yeah, she’s a cutie alright! Anyway, the two of them started chatting and they hit it off pretty well. After the High Five formed—that was me, Jeremy, Christine, Rich, and Jake, the people in the top five slots of the scoreboard—the two of them started hanging out more and more. And Jeremy kinda sorta started ditching me for Christine.

Jeremy: …I was a huge dick back then.

Michael: Yeah, no kidding. He’d blow me off all the time just to be with her instead. I warned him several times that he shouldn’t get so serious—his obsession with her would eventually backfire and then what would he do? But he didn’t listen to me, and we got into a really big f-fight—

Jeremy: Easy, M. It’s okay.

Michael: *sighs* Yeah, I know. Um…where was I? Oh, right. I’d been in love with Jeremy since the beginning, ever since I met him. After our fight we, we didn’t speak for several months. I was really fucking pissed at him, and he thought he was right, and I wasn’t going to apologize, so…

Jeremy: We were both really bitter.

Michael: Yeah. And Christine dumped your ass even though you were never dating, haha.

Jeremy: Yeah, yeah, I get it! You were right all along, blah blah blah.

Michael: Heheh! And then, uh—I sent Jeremy an email telling him where to find the next key, as payback since he helped me find the first one.

Jeremy: And I was so relieved to hear from you again. You have no idea!

Michael: I got that when you sent a reply apologizing for being such an ass, haha.

Jeremy: During those couple months apart I realized just how much I missed Michael and being with him. Christine was avoiding talking to me at the time as well so I was pretty much on my own, no friends to talk to…it was really lonely. But I had a lot of time to think about my relationship with Michael, and soon enough that longing to be with him again sort of…evolved into something bigger than I ever expected. I realized then that I’d actually loved Michael all along and never understood it until that moment. But I was—I was really afraid to tell him because I thought I’d ruined our friendship, and I didn’t want to ruin it again, you know?

Michael: Yeah.

Jeremy: And then…we met up after I apologized and everything was fine. We were back to our usual antics and god, I was so, so happy to see that.

Michael: It was so good to see you after all that time, I just—I couldn’t stay mad anymore.

Jeremy: Yeah. And then, um, everyone else left after we planned our final attack and how we were gonna get to the final gate. Then it was just the two of us.

Michael: Jeremy told me what he’d been feeling during those months apart but he was very vague about who he was referring to. I thought he was talking about Christine at first but he told me he didn’t like her that way anymore, and—

Jeremy: You thought that I was talking about somebody else entirely! You were so dense, oh my god.

Michael: *laughs* Oh, shut up!

Jeremy: I sort of freaked out and accidentally spilled my feelings for Michael. I started having a panic attack because I thought I’d ruined everything, and right when we’d come back to being friends and all.

Michael: But then I told him that I felt the same way! And so we decided to get together.

Jeremy: At that point we hadn’t met in real life but we already knew each other so intimately that we didn’t care what we looked like outside of the OASIS.

Michael: I mean. I care.

Jeremy: Well duh—I meant we’d accept what we looked like in real life no matter what.

Michael: And hot damn, I got lucky with you. You’re much cuter in real life than in the OASIS.

Jeremy: Hey…

Michael: Haha! When I saw Jeremy for the first time in real life, I couldn’t believe my eyes!

Jeremy: Me neither. We were both stuttering messes when we met in person.

Michael: You were just so adorable I didn’t know what to do with myself…

Jeremy: Oh my god shut up!!

Michael: But you are! I love you~

Jeremy: Heh…

Michael: So, yeah! That ends our tale. That is how we discovered our feelings for each other. Once the final battle was over and Jeremy won the competition, we moved in together and started dating for real. Ta-dah!

Imagine Seth meeting his imprint.


You could have done a really loud plus a really whiney sound if you were in your wolf form right now and from the little tremor that went through you it was a pretty strong indication you were itching to just do that. “Why am I always stuck with babysitting duties?” You recalled the previous instances where you had the same job. “Bella first and then Leah and now this random chick I barely even know”

“Seth, Leah was babysitting your ass and not the other way around” 

“That’s what she likes to think but we both know I’m the more mature and experienced one” 

Jacob groaned, you could practically hear his prayers asking for patience. 

“Besides, there are no evil vampires here anymore. Why would you need anyone to keep an eye on her?” 

“Emily has strictly warned me she is like Bella, a magnet for trouble but triple her range” He gave you a second to digest that information. You both shivered at the same time realising how potentially dangerous that could get. “Sam thinks you are the best one for this job. You are a powerful protector and have the best temperamental to deal with anything without going furry-” Blah blah blah, Jacob droned on enlisting all his qualities.

You had to roll your eyes at that. Jacob did this thing, funnily he thinks you are dense not to get it but you do, every time. He sprouts this instead of putting his I’m-your-alpha-do-as-I-say voice. And sadly you have to shut up every time and do the task because he is fucking right. You are the best. 

“Fine! I will do it. When is she coming?” Jacob’s face was blank but you could practically touch the smugness wafting off him.

“She will be here by lunch time, just hang out with her till the evening and bring her to the bonfire. Simple” Huh, it did sound simple, maybe it’s not going to be that bad. 


The cold bite of the wind felt damn good on your heated face as you sped down the road to the Clearwater’s residence on Jacob’s stolen borrowed bike. Don’t think about the fact that you almost ruined Emily’s wedding dress or that you almost burned down her kitchen trying to help her out. Just feel the wind. You still have a best friend, she only needed a few hours break from you. It was perfectly reasonable. Nobody could handle you for a long time, Emily sure tries her best but you know the truth. 

You slowed down a little spotting the curve that would lead you to the Clearwater house but you misjudged the slickness of the road in relation to the speed you were going. The bike wobbled as you tried to maintain the balance, in the next second it had collapsed, skidded and crashed into a tree taking you along for this fine experience. 

You opened your eyes after all the momentum had stopped, your heart was still beating like crazy. Don’t want to die from a heart attack now, slow down heart. You take an inventory of the things that were hurt. Head? Safe because of the helmet. Arms? Alright. Legs? Also alright. Ankles? OW! Okay the left one is hurting like a motherfuc-

“What the fuck?” You can’t be faulted for your next action, seriously the guy came out of nowhere not even a slight noise to prepare you and you were high on adrenaline. Your hand shot out to the area where you heard the voice coming from and it was just your luck when your fist connected with his precious goods.


Another wheeze.


“What have I done..”

“…to deserve this”

Poor guy. He couldn’t even speak properly. Upon actually looking his way, you realised it wasn’t a random mugger or druggie like you ran across back in the city but Seth Clearwater. A very grown up Seth from the last time you remember seeing him. Your eyes met his pain-filled ones and his reaction was frankly weird. Was that a smile? Does he get happy from being dick punched? 

“I am so sorry Seth. I just and you just and my hand just..” You were blabbering but hell if this didn’t top your list of embarrassing mistakes. You shook your head shamefully and felt the helmet drooping down obscuring your vision. “I didn’t hear you I swear it was just a reflex action” You removed the helmet having no doubt your hair was a glorious mess. Next you tried to shift a little testing if you could try standing up. A swift intake of breath from the pain had you flinching. 

“Y/N stop apologising I get it, don’t move!” Seth’s voice was panicky, his eyes roaming over your body seeing where all you were hurt. 

“It’s just my left ankle, Seth. Maybe you can just lift this bike and I can crawl..” Strong pair of hands were around your torso in a quick motion pushing the bike away and hugging you to a very warm chest before lifting you up. He was careful but damn if that ankle wasn’t a bitch. He was the one flinching this time like he could feel your pain.

“I can’t believe Jacob let you ride that death trap! This could have ended up so much worse” He held you closer as if he couldn’t bear to think about it. A brush of his lips against your forehead had you looking up at him but he was looking straight ahead. Did you imagine that? “He kinda like completely has no idea that I took his bike” You squeaked out remembering how you sneakily took his bike when he was at Emily’s place. In the chaos surrounding the wedding you were able to get away with that. 

“Well that explains it. He is going to be pissed about it though” Seth was so careful not to jostle you much as he was moving towards the house, every time he would look at you it was with an intensity like nothing you have experienced before. 

“That death trap is in a better condition than me so he can’t really be mad” You look back at the bike lying near the tree with only few noticeable scratches. As if the Gods in heaven were waiting for this moment, a branch overhead the death trap snapped and fell on the bike breaking the front light and the side mirror. “Okay, we need to do this carefully now. New IDs and lots of cash. Fake our deaths and get outta this town.” 

Seth was laughing now clearly our impending deaths by Jacob wasn’t as troubling to him as it was to you. 

“This is definitely not bad at all. I love babysitting” What was he even talking about? Oh my. The dick punch has made him ludicrous. Now even Leah is going to kill you. This just keeps getting better. (Part 2)

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Henry is trash. Period.

When i first got into kpop in 2012 i liked Henry, but then i started to learn more about Suju and their personalities. And well…my liking for Henry quickly went down hill. And i mean quick. Why? Because i started to notice his creepy perverted behavior. It’s one thing to be a fuckboy, but it is another to literally constantly ask women if they are single and getting close to them when they are obviously uncomfortable and don’t even fucking know you. For example, when Jackson was on roomate Henry came over and literally dragged jackson into his creepy perverted mess and go through the women’s housemates belongings to look for underwear….YES. UNDERWEAR. WHILE ON CAMERA. Henry did not give a flying fuck and had no regards for their feelings or remorse and literally tried to blame it on Jackson. That was when he started to fuck up for me. Then i started to notice his so called “playboy” personality on the rest of the roomate episode. Mind u Henry was going to continue with snooping through the girls’ belongings until Nana came in and saw and Jackson said something afterwards.

Henry is already known for being a fucking creep at this point ( 2014). But then, i started to get into variety shows as well. I notoced literally anhtime there is a female idol he doesn’t know he gets up and sits hella close and tries to introduce himself. Literally wleverytime he does this he ask them if they are single and tries to convince them that he is “the one” and that the woman or girl…yes…girl…he is talking to that they are the one. Notice i said girl. When henry introduces himself he doesn’t even know how old they are at all. Why? Cause he don’t know them. He will flirt with ladies w/o his grown ass asking how old they are. And when the host of the show points it out to him if the girl he was flirting with was underaged he will say sorry, but will STILL try to continue and flirt with them on the show anytime someone does something the slightest bit of attractive to him. A wonderful example of this is when Sana, Sorn, and Xiao where all on the same show as him and Kangin. Sana introduces herself and this man literally gets up to stand directly in front of her while everyone else was sitting down. And since sana just met him she was being polite. But then Henry literally continues to ask id she likes guys like him and that he is a “good man” and since Sana doesn’t know him like that she doesn’t really do much, but laugh at him.

Now, let me get you to the girl part. Xiao is still underaged in Korea. She is only 19 currently, but when the show was shot she was only 18 and mind you-and 19 is considered of age, but not leagl for most things. And since Xiao wasn’t even of age yet it makes it even more creepy. Again after Henry fails and trying to get with Sana miserably ( especially since Kangin stopped him) he moves onto Xiao. Mind Sorn is right in between Sana and Xiao, but completely skips her due to the fact that she was NOT having it at all. In fact Sorn’s face towards Henry’s actions screamed that she wasn’t here for his shit. At. All. Anyway, back to Xiao. Now like i said Henry introduces himself for the second time to Xiao after formal introductions in the begining. He does his usual “ I’m a good man” and blah, blah, blah. The host mention that she is underaged and he tries to justify by saying he just wanted to “introduce” himself. Like i said it is one thing to be a fuckboy, but it is another when you hit on women and girls who don’t even know you and get in their space and try to convince them that they should go for you and constantly flirt with them when they obviously do not care and want nothing to do with you or your advances. Am i the only one who notices this? He literally doesn’t give up.

Now, moving on to my next example of this let’s move on to him trying to get with Momo. All of the foreigners such as Ten, Momo, Henry, Amber, Kangin and etc. were all on a show called “ My school teacher” or something along the lines of it. Henry sees Momo ( another woman he doesn’t fucking know) and literally sits so fucking close he is practically kissing her fucking cheek. This time the problem wasn’t him introducing himself because well he don’t knkw her. The problem was that he got in her fucking personal space to the poibt he wasn’t even trying to mind her space. He was all up in her face at least only 2 deet away from her. Like he could have sat a good distance and introduce himself, but no. He gets in her face and while he is talking Momo isn’t saying much because she doesn’t know him and is in her fucking face. Mind u Momo is really shy with people she doesn’t know and if u follow twice you would knkw she isn’t herself when meeting new people because she is so shy, so not only is she shy he is making her extremely uncomfortable due to him being in her face.

Moving on to his anti-blackness and ignorance. WHOO BOY AM I GONNA HAVE FUN WITH THIS ONE. Now SuperJunior is known for doing extremly racist and anti-black things as well as sexist, homophobi, and fatphobic things, but I’m not gonna get into it because it is a lot. If u wanna know look it up. Where was I? Oh yes- Henry. Now Henry isn’t known much for saying and doing anti-black shit the other members mainly because he is apart of Suju-M aka the Chinese- Mandarin unit, so he hasn’t had much of a chance to be in the spotlight w/ the excdption of Zhoumi. Henry has been called out on appropriation before and has literally said he doesn’t believe in cultural appropriation and that the idea of it is “stupid” which of corse pissed all of us off. Then, fast forward to when Yeseung re-posted a photo from Halloween of when he did black face in trying to “cosplay” Nick Fury. Mind you people were highly upset including myself. Then Henry decides to be ignorant and say “ Blackface is just like wearing a blonde wig. It’s cosplay. C O S P L A Y.” Not only did he try to justify Yeseung’s actions, but he called it fucking cosplay he decided to be a smartass and try to exaggerate his words thinking that we are the dumb and ignorant ones. Mind you Henry hasn’t apologized for aby of his comments on appropriation nor has he apologized for his colment on blackface. Now if we fastforward some more we get to his I’m good MV. And let’s just say his mv was filled with nothing, but black culture this is the same man who said blackface was cosplay and that he doesn’t believe in cultural appropriation. I’m heated just thinking it.

Last, but not least. This whole Mark in the bathroom situation. There is not much to say, but the fact that it is plain wrong and disgusting. Mark is still underaged and he recorded him while in the bathroom. Not only is that and invasion of privacy he filmed someone without their consent and not only that he filmed a MINOR. Henry is trash….perverted and djsgusting trash. And for anyone who defends him u are just as trash. Mark doesn’t deserve that. At. All.

On Christian Witchcraft

Hello everyone. I hope you’re having a good day. This will probably be one of the more controversial posts I’ll be making on this blog, but I do feel that all of this needs to be said, so I’m saying it. 

Please note that much of the problems I see in the community with regards to this subject aren’t common on Tumblr, thankfully, but are likely to be encountered offline and in other circles. 

Nevertheless, they’re real problems and they need addressing. People need to seriously reevaluate some of the toxic attitudes that exist out there.  I also hope people will pardon me (agnostic as I am,) for getting involved in what’s essentially a religious discussion. Here goes…

So, Christians practicing witchcraft. Some do. Not most, but some. I know a few here on Tumblr, and I will sometimes reblog bits of magical information from them. 

Obviously, we practice radically different forms of witchcraft, with a different emphasis, but we can still learn from each other. I also do try to learn what I can about the beliefs of Christian witches, just because I feel it’s important to know about different paths and traditions.

Nevertheless, I know many people out there in the pagan and magical community don’t see it that way. I see the following go down at least once a month in various forms:

Fluffbunny: Christianity is evil and they all want to burn us at the stake!
Christian Witch: Well, I’m a Christian and I practice witchcraft. I’d never burn anyone at the stake.
Fluffbunny: No, you’re not allowed to practice witchcraft! The Bible is against it! You’re lying to yourself! You don’t understand your religion and it’s a sham anyways, blah blah blah burning times, blah blah Leviticus.
Christian Witch: I may not be orthodox, but I understand my own beliefs…
Fluffbunny: No, stop it right now! No witchcraft for you! Put down those candles and crystals! You’re ruining everything! Hypocrite!

The story is the same. Christian witches apparently have to put up with this constantly, it seems. 

The arguments of the larger community seem to revolve around the idea that pagans (or whoever else) know more about Christianity and the Bible than the Christian who practices said faith. 

The fluffbunnies seem pretty desperate at times to prove that Christians must automatically hate witches, and when they meet a Christian (witch or otherwis) who doesn’t fit this mold, it’s like it fries their brain. 

Expect them to suddenly turn into religious scholarship experts (despite not knowing Hebrew enough to read original texts, and knowing very little history or about different sects of Christianity). 

Their argument boils down to this: Christians must automatically hate witches, or else they’re hypocritical, because the fluffbunny (who isn’t Christian) is suddenly an expert on who can and can’t call themselves Christian (or a witch, for that matter).

This argument (if you can dignify it with such a term) usually gets buffeted by the notion that Christianity is a lie anyways, or some kind of elaborate conspiracy to “control people.” Unlike… of course, paganism, or whatever religion the bunny happens to practice at that moment. 

Expect arguments about how the world was matriarchal before Christ (a proven fallacy) or claims that ancient pagan religions can do no wrong (rather than being the elaborate and diverse, often state-sponsored, traditions that they were in reality).

You can hopefully see why this is all ridiculous. It reeks of a desire to portray oneself as persecuted when, in reality, nothing like that appears in any of these exchanges. Christian witches don’t persecute other witches. Get real. They’re not out to burn us at the stake; they practice witchcraft themselves. 

Why do people find them so threatening in the magical community? Why do they insist all Christians have one unified belief, when in reality there’s thousands of different Christian sects, Biblical interpretations, and approaches to that faith.

The argument that Christianity is a sham or elaborate power-scheme falls flat when you consider that most, if not all religions have been used for those purposes throughout history. It’s not as if Roman pagans were all peaceful nature-lovers simply because they can be called “pagan;” just like with Christianity, there were a million different sects, some brutal, some peaceful.

 The idea that Christianity is a lie also doesn’t work, because nobody freakin’ knows if it is or not. Nobody can conclusively prove that Jesus wasn’t the son of whatever god, or an ascended master, or whatever you believe about Jesus to be true. 

Beyond an individual’s own beliefs and understanding, very little in religion can be proven or disproven, so it’s all generally unverifiable personal gnosis anyways. Even an atheist witch like me, who worships no god, cannot prove very many things about my Craft.

A lot of the problem with these arguments is that they’re very much against freedom of thought. A Christian, like it or not, is still a human being with free will, capable of making their own decisions. 

If they decide that witchcraft is compatible with their personal beliefs, as is a belief in Christ or other reason to call themselves Christian, who are you to deny them that? Why do you get to decide what they believe? 

It’s especially annoying when the fluffbunnies argue Christians are required to hate witches (and therefore Christian witches are hypocrites), and then call them “sheeple” in the same breath. Those folks need to make up their minds: do they want people to make their own spiritual decisions, or not? 

A lot of the arguments about Christian witches being a menace to the rest of us originate from bad history, and I mean the literal bottom of the barrel in terms of historical scholarship. A lot of people these days have this idea that witches have always been pagans, or that all pagans are witches, or other peculiar notions. That’s simply not true. 

Prior to the publication of The Witch Cult in Western Europe in the 1930s by Margaret Murray, there was very little association between paganism and magick (nor witchcraft).

 In fact, practitioners of what we now call witchcraft prior to this would’ve come from a variety of different religious background. Some were pagan, yes, but some were Christian, or Muslim, Jewish… any number of religious traditions. The truth is, all cultures throughout history have some tradition of magick

Most  would not have called their practices “witchcraft.” This is both because they would’ve spoken languages other than English, but also because prior to the 1930s-1950s, the word “witch” had an almost wholly malevolent connotation, and most magical practitioners would have called themselves other things, such as cunning-folk or even fairy doctors. 

Even in predominately pagan societies such as classical Greece, magick had a rather awkward relationship with mainstream society and was mostly practiced in the context of the dominant religion. There were even punishments in certain pagan societies, and laws against witchcraft. In Rome, the punishment was immolation, just as in later Christian societies.

What I’m trying to get across with these historical anecdotes: things are much more complicated than a simple narrative of “evil Christians” versus “freethinking pagans/witches/whatever.” I think if most people in the community would ditch this bad history, we could move forward a little easier. 

I’m agnostic, and I realize that might void my right to get involved in certain discussions about religion. I try, though, to stand for common sense, and the way many Christian witches get treated stands in stark contrast.

I really yearn for a time when people begin to wake up and realize that magick is one of the birthrights of humanity (for whatever reason) and exists in all cultures and religions, as well it should. If you’re a Christian witch and you’re reading this, know that I myself don’t stand for this sort of bullying, and I support you being yourself in all that means.

BNHA Drama CD #5

rIGHT so apparently someone uploaded the full version of the 5th Drama CD of BNHA! The characters included in this one are Aizawa, Present Mic, and All Might. 

I tried translating this the other day for Tandem, but I thought some of you guys would want this too!

YEAH SO I’m!! Not at all fluent in Japanese, I’m self-taught so like. Some of these might be wrong/inaccurate and a fewwww stuff I p much skipped AND also I got pretty lazy towards the end lmao, please forgive me

ANYWAY!! I’ll be putting this under a cut for length! Sorry @ mobile users if the read more doesn’t work hfjsf

Ok so they’re having their orders taken and

Aizawa: Oi! What are you drinking?

Mic: Extra large beer!

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All I’m saying is if in season 7 the Acorn Hall scene with Gendry and Arya happens while Ed Sheeran sings the “My Featherbed” song, my soul is going to leave this plane of existence.

Long time no see.

I don’t know if any of your readers, especially  new readers remember me? But I’m the girl from the party story time and also the movie story time, well the movie date being the last one I told you all about. I was catching up on my favorite blog, this blog and I was looking through the story time tag all this week, and I was happy to see someone asked about me (thank you sweety) and I would love to give you an update on everything, I can’t believe it’s almost been a year! since I told you all about my personal love life, you all are like sisters, so I don’t mind having girl talk and giving you all the hot tea (I use our fake names so it’s ok).

If you remember I called him ‘Sota’ well unfortunately he and I are no longer together, we dated for a good while, the BEST relationship I’ve ever had,  but don’t be sad ladies because honestly that was the best months of my life AND, AND, We are still friends. We still talk here and there, not as much as before, but we still vent about things and talk time to time. I do miss talking to him every day, But guess whose not going to cry? Me, ok I did, but what ever.

This is when the tea gets hot! I know my life is always full of tea, but girls let me catch you all up on what happened AFTER we broke up. Ok the reason why we broke up is because

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You know, I hear all these people saying that "You should kick anyone toxic out of your life in this instant" and all these motivational words like "do it right now" "leave them behind" and blah blah blah. But what if the toxic, most heartbreaking person in my life is my father? Can I kick him out of my life? No.

No you can’t and you shouldn’t.
You should distance yourself from your father during the detrimental times and learn how to love the good sides of him.
Once you realise that nothing your father does is about you, you’ll be more at peace.
Encourage your father to seek counselling and try your best to help him heal.
But never forget that this is your life, you deserve to be happy too, even if that means distancing yourself and taking toxic family members energy in extremely small doses.

Things my AP Gov teacher said
  • .Does anyone feel the healthcare spirt?
  • I went huba-huba.
  • We’ve equally intelligent and stupid people in both houses of congress
  • He’s an idiot.
  • *Gestures to self* This is all a lie
  • There is a men’s caucus, it’s for the other 80% of congress! I kid you not! They don’t need one!
  • You’re going to be constitutional scholars-slash-beasts.
  • We haven’t had a good impeachment in two decades…we need one… to educate the people, no comment on the incoming president [Trump].
  • *Looking over notes* Mmm Hmm Mmm MMM “What do you notice kids?”
  • “The north made the rum… drinky drinky… to trade for slaves.
  • Name the rights! *waits for the class to name off stuff* Religion, press, blah blah blah
  • I don’t care, well, I do, but I’m not telling you!
  • Oh! *writes on board ‘Significance on Constitutional Convention of 1787 OMG the best Const. EVER*
  • Did anyone learn that silly Preamble song in 4th grade? *few people raise their hands* Does anyone want to sing it for us? *Hand fall* But don’t worry class, let’s read it together anyway.
  • *Talking about the constitution* The constitution says “This is how you do it.”
  • Where can you go to smoke it up?
  • If you and your spouse, you decided to, or can’t do the, um… birth, what do you do?
  • While in Colorado, you had the privilege of getting stoned under the Privileges and Immunities Clause.
  • What happened if you didn’t follow the Church of England, France, or Spain? You got excommunicated, imprisoned, tortured - in very painful ways -, and executed
  • Here comes the light… and it will be good
  • Are you ready for the FRQ’s? I’m so jazzed!
  • We have to say the 14th amendment. Oooh, lovely amendment.
  • Get low.
  • Where’s get low?
  • *Goes in for a high-five* SNAP!
  • That was a lot of BS. *class says baloney* Or, as my grandmother used to say, baloney sauce.
  • 1963… that was a good year.
  • *Looking at notes* HgmbrstuwtAbi
  • What would SCOTUS say?
  • Get bent, it’s in the constitution, would be what they meant in colonial times. (Don’t put that on the AP test (If you put it on the AP exam, parenthetically tell what they want. (By get bent, I mean that there was no standing to sue, etc.)))
  • When we’re done with these three things, Hannah, put your hand up and say ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.’
  • Talking about Independent Business v. Sibelius case* Conservatives said to Roberts *bad accent and cross made out of fingers* You were not supposed to vote that way! Evil!
  • We’ll put everything in a central location… and we’ll… we’ll share! Aww! (Talking about communism)
  • *Drawing marble cake* That’s a pretty crappy cake.
  • Stroke your beard! *one student doesn’t* Stroke your beard!
  • Corn is everything. Really, the Maya are coming back.
  • As long as Micky D’s is open and the cell phones are working, everything is FINE!!
  • Jefferson’s enemy Alex-ander Ham-il-ton convinced someone to vote for Jefferson.
  • I am the holder of the calibration machines.
  • When Canada invades, the supply line is short.
  • What’s the state where… *vague hand waving*
  • Don’t look at me… look inside yourself. The force flows through you… HEALTHCARE!!!
  • Eventually, [the football] will be a chip embedded in the president’s brain.
  • *Balancing a ruler on his head* This means nothing.
  • We’ll have diversity in the presidency, assuming we don’t blow ourselves up by then.
  • WWTD - What Would Thor Do? *Waves pretend hammer around* Fwoorth!
  • Have y’all ever had a burger at Steak ‘n Shake? Because my brother introduced it to me over the break and it’s one of the greatest things in life now.
  • 88%, that’s even more depressing. (Talking about safe seats in the house)
  • Moderate republicans are here. *Walks out the door to the right* Rand Paul is over here.
  • *To student* Ask me why there’s no speaker of the House. *Student asks* I don’t know.
  • We have to be thinking about these all the time because if we don’t, Russia will.
  • Holy crap Batman.
  • Legislative constipation.
  • You bet your sweet bippy.
  • If I became dictator for while, I’d get rid of gerrymandering and make all elections federally funded. Everyone would be on an equal playing field. Imagine that!
  • Budget surplus, that’s a joke!
  • Pass the biscuits.
  • The media is so prevalent because of your social media and blah, blah, blah.
  • Yes, let us get thoroughly depressed for a moment.
  • That was a joke… apparently not a funny one.

The Rolling Stone Cover (2016)

“Buck…Sam…Come on, it’s not funny. Stop laughing. Listen…Between you and me, this photo shoot wasn’t exactly what I expected. I thought it was gonna be like always. You know, me wearing a suit, an American flag somewhere in the back and…that’s it! *sigh* It’s all Tony’s fault anyway. - Listen to the stylists Rogers, they are professionals! And it’s Rolling Stone, they know what they are doing. A bit of public exposure in a magazine like this one is good for your image. Stop living like a hermit and stop avoiding the media at all costs! You’re Captain America, right? So let America see its prodigal son for once, blah, blah, blah! - I should have guessed that something was fishy when they asked me not to shave. And this tank top. Jesus. I don’t even remember agreeing to this! I’m better at making decisions in the field, so it seems…*sigh* AND FOR THE FOURTH TIME, STOP LAUGHING! You’re jealous, that’s all. No, you’re not, ok. Please guys, a bit of compassion would be more than welcomed here…”

Artist’s note: Do you remember this pic Chris did for Rolling Stone ? I thought the jacket was…*cough* unnecessary. (Photoshop CS6)

Beauty King

Summary: Nothing has been stopping Dan from making a makeup video but himself. So he does. Simple as that.

Word Count: 2,645

Warnings: Mild swearing?

Notes: So this has been sitting, finished and edited by the lovely @cantcatchmegaythoughts, for weeks now, but I’ve been so busy with AP exams and prom that I kinda forgot about it. So without further ado I give you my makeup Dan fic! I hope y’all enjoy, and leave a response in my ask if you get a chance, please!:)

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20 Missed Calls - 5x13 fic

I’ve been trying to challenge myself to write an Olicity fic for the episodes in 5B, and 5x13 was a little difficult to eek something out, but here’s what I came up with. Read it on Ao3 or below. Enjoy!

20 missed calls

After what seemed like an eternity, Oliver finally got a moment to breathe.

After the violence at City Hall subsided and all the wounded were taken to the hospital, the place had been in chaos. With the help of his sister, he had worked to establish calm in the building again and some semblance of a working government. A press conference was scheduled for an hour from now, but for a moment, he could sit and breathe.

He found his phone on the floor next to his desk where he dropped it during the attack. He assumed there would probably be several missed calls from Susan once she heard the news come over the police scanners about the attack. He regretted that he couldn’t call her sooner to let her know he was OK.

His lock screen did reveal that he had 20 missed calls and several missed texts. But when he unlocked his phone his eyes widened. None of those missed calls were from Susan. In fact, all 20 were from Felicity.

The first few messages were panicked, wondering if he was OK, and then she had switched to texts.

Sorry for all the messages, Thea let me know you were alive.

Call me when you get the chance. I know you’re fine, but, just call me.

Oliver quickly called her.

“Felicity? You doing OK?”

“Oliver? Yes, I’m fine. How are you? I mean, of course you’re not great with everything going on down there, but you know…are you hanging in there, is there anything you need from me…I mean us?”

“Fe-li-ci-ty,” he said in the way that always seemed to settle her down.


“I’m OK,” he said reassuringly. He could hear her sigh of relief over the phone and he closed his eyes against the feelings that threatened to surface whenever he talked to Felicity. After all this time, and even though he had “moved on” with Susan, his heart was still hers.

But after all his lies, and the fact that he had killed her boyfriend…he just couldn’t let himself give in to those feelings.

“Felicity, did you need something? You asked me to call you,” he said, probably too coldly as he tried to keep his emotions in check.

“Oh uh…no,” she said quickly.

They sat quietly on the phone for a minute. Finally, Felicity broke the silence.

“I , uh, just wanted to hear your voice…after,” she whispered. “Thea said you were OK, but…”

“You just had to hear my voice,” Oliver finished for her, his voice breaking a little.


Another quiet minute passed between the two of them before Felicity spoke again.

“Well, I better get back to my searches on that gun,” she said. “Bye Oliver.”



“It’s good to hear your voice too,” he said quietly before hanging up.

He stood there staring at his phone for a minute. Oliver suddenly realized that he didn’t receive any texts from Susan either.

He heard a knock and lifted his head to see his sister leaning on the door of his office.

“Was that the dragon lady, checking in to make sure her prey was unharmed?”

“Thea, please,” Oliver said through gritted teeth.

“Was she all worried about you?”

Oliver did not want to talk about this to anyone, especially his sister who already hated Susan Williams. But he could tell by the look on her face that she wouldn’t let it go.

“That actually wasn’t Susan, it was Felicity.”

“Oh good. I talked to her earlier and she was a little freaked out. I knew she wouldn’t feel better until she finally got to talk to you,” Thea said. “So how many times did Dragon Lady call after she heard the news?”

Oliver grimaced and turned away from his sister.


“None. She didn’t even call,” Oliver said reluctantly.

“Oh yeah, that’s a sign of true love right there,” Thea said with a laugh.

“She probably heard that I was safe over the police scanner,” he said, defending Susan although his heart truly wasn’t into it anymore.

“Sure, sure. And how many times did a certain blonde genius call after she heard the news?”

“20,” Oliver replied.

“Ugh, when are you going to dump the Dragon Lady and marry the real love of your life?”

“Thea…it’s not the right time,” Oliver said with a sigh.

“So you do admit that the evil reporter is just a placeholder? I knew it!”


“I know, I know, she’s not evil. Blah, blah, blah,” Thea said, rolling her eyes.

They both looked down at Oliver’s phone as it vibrated.

Heard what happened. Glad you’re OK. – SW

“That’s it? That’s all she has to say hours after you were almost killed?”

Oliver opened his mouth to defend Susan when his phone vibrated again.

Got a hit on facial recognition. Can you come to the bunker?

“Wifey needs you. Or are you going to call Susan instead? Oh, the condundrum. Good luck big brother,” Thea said, smirking as she headed out the door. “Oh and Oliver…press conference is in a couple of hours, so don’t be gone long.”

He stood in his office for a moment, considering his options. Then, he put his phone back in his pocket and left city hall for the Arrow bunker. He would call Susan back later, he supposed, or maybe see her at the press conference.

His phone vibrated in his back pocket, and he pulled it out to read the text. He rolled his eyes at the text from his sister.

I will include my “I told you so” in my toast at your wedding.


2017.07.11 [ ☀︎ sunny ] 13/100 days of productivity

Cotton (kind-of) themed bujo??

I woke up at 6 again today yay \o/ one step closer to fixing my sleeping schedule. All I have to do is sleep at the right time now o^o

Today, Instead of waking up to make breakfast for the family like usual, I went out for a run to wake up and get some fresh air. It was refreshing and I felt great untilI I got home and accidentally burned bread haha;; Anyways it was an okay day, got some work done, read, blah -w-

anonymous asked:

why do you think the twins lose friends all the time

this doesn’t answer your question, but i wanna say something..

okay, i’ve seen so much talk about Ethan and Grayson on here it’s insane lol. There’s all these theories about what happened to them being best friends with jake or GRETHAN CARPENDAIL and what jack’s intention’s are for reuniting or blah blah blah

here’s what I know… BOYS ARE BOYS!

one minute they can punch one another in the face and the next minute be like “yo wanna grab a beer” like it never even happened. Boys do not know how to hold grudges, it’s not really in them. They are much better at forgiving and forgetting than girls are.

if they’re happy with their friends right now, then we should be too instead of questioning and coming up with insane theories all the time, cause honestly, they just make me tired.

We are having the boss’s boss in tomorrow and we are going 100mph to make sure the place is clean and presentable. We have like five carts of stuff that all need to go back out on the floor in the course of the next two hours and I am go-go-go on everything. 

But I am also keeping an eye out for anyone who looks lost because its the day before Valentine’s Day and for a number of people this is the first time they ever walk into a craft store. 

And I run into a dude who just looks… baffled.

“Can I help you find something?”

“Yeah….uh… I need a spray paint to dye flowers.”

“Are they real flowers or fake ones?”

“Yeah. I mean real. They’re real ones.”

We only have one brand that can be used like this and I take him to it, but I also read the back to make sure its the right kind because the wrong kind would mean dead flowers. 

“This is the one you’re looking for.”

“Oh cool. Thank you.”

“No problem.” I start walking away. 

“How’s your day going?”

“Uh…. fast.” I’m seriously like an aisle away from him now.

“Oh. That’s good. How long you work here?”

“Uh… three years.” I am now three aisles away. 

“That’s a long time!”


And I’m around the corner because I am in a damn hurry. I get to put a few items away but then I’m called up to the register. The dude comes over to my line. Blah blah blah so we meet again.

“That’s a nice ring you got there.”

“Thanks, I got it in South Dakota.”

“What were you doing there?”

“I was on my way to Montana for a seasonal job.”

“Wow! I’ve been all over, but I’ve never been to Missouri.” I decide not to correct him.

“Its cool. I was living right outside of Yellowstone. Got to go to the park on the weekends. It was neat.”

“I wanna go to France some day.”

“Oh, my girlfriend has been to France. She says Paris is kind of touristy but she liked the historical parts of it.”


“Oh. You have a girlfriend. That’s cool.”

The boy is out the door so fast. 

Now listen. My ring. It is an engagement ring. It is on my engagement ring finger. It is there, mostly, to tell people to fuck off. On the same hand, I wear a rainbow pride bracelet. It is unmistakably a pride bracelet. 

I am also thirty and this dude had to be fresh out of high school. And I was literally running away from him as he was trying to flirt with me. 

All of my body language was ‘I’m too busy, too old, and too gay for you.’ 

And he still tried. I can’t tell if I’m flattered or not. 

Carmilla things

I love Carmilla with every fibre of my being but after seeing this ask I also want to talk about some of the things I wish they had not done/done differently.

  1. Danny. (I don’t like her at all.) they shoved her into Season 2 with this failed attempt at a redemption arc and for what exactly? In the first season she acted like a jealous and possessive girlfriend despite the fact that she and Laura were not a couple. That already doesn’t sit well with me but then she tried to stake Carmilla, she refused to be a good TA and made Laura reaching out about her work and struggling to do it into something to do with their so called “relationship”. Then Season 2 I had to deal with her being there and even then I didn’t feel as though she did very much. She didn’t get a redemption arc, if anything she just became even worse and I still don’t forgive her for how she just crushed Mattie’s locket without a second thought. I understand that Mattie was hurting her BUT Danny started it. Mattie was going for Vordenburg not Danny but Danny just had to be self righteous and then instead of just holding the locket up or trying to be rational about it she killed her straight off the bat. Not only that she was one of the ones that kept on sugar coating everything and making out that Laura was some innocent lamb when she wasn’t. Then she wasn’t even in Season 3 that much and yet still I found myself getting annoyed at her because I refuse to believe that despite everything she would just leave campus and basically leave them all to die without so much as an apology.
  2. The Hollstein break-up, honestly this was fricking ridiculous and we never got to hear either of them properly apologise because yes they were both at fault. But another thing that really, really irritated me about this is how insensitive they made Laura and practically everyone else be about it. They made Laura seem really petty and I hated how none of her so-called friends even tried to talk to her about it. No one called her out on it, no one ever told her that she was wrong and I don’t buy that kind of friendship. Laf was pretty damn blunt most of the time and they didn’t once speak up or say anything. No one told Laura when she was being out of line but they were the first to sharpen the pitch forks the moment Carmilla didn’t want to do something that made her uncomfortable. 
  3. The fact that Carmilla had zero friends. We only got to see a glimpse of the LaKarnstein friendship in season 3 but we never really got to see Carmilla interact with people that weren’t Laura or Mattie. Personally I would have liked to see Carmilla and J.P. interacting, given both of their histories I think their friendship would have been a really nice one to see. I also would been interested to see Carmilla and Perry interact more or Carmilla and Mel. 
  4. Laf being a hypocritical and shitty friend. I’m sorry but how they had the right to call Carmilla and Laura selfish for wanting to keep one another safe yet they did the EXACT same thing with Perry is beyond me. Laura gave up everything to save the whole campus numerous times and she never got a thank you and then both Laf and Perry just pissed off and left her to die. They didn’t even look back or give any sort of reaction. Plus Laf was the one who brought dean!perry into the Library without consulting the others and all they kept repeating was “Perry is my friend” blah blah, like excuse you but you didn’t care when it was anyone else.
  5. Not letting Hollstein say I Love You to one another is up there for me too. The fact that it was in one of the alternate takes angers me even more because I feel like that moment would have been a lot more powerful had that been in the scene instead.
  6. The unnecessary deaths of Mattie and J.P. like I get why for story purposes but that was just rude.

However I love this show so much so here are some things I really did enjoy.

  1. Mel. I was pleasantly surprised with Melanippe. At first I thought she was kind of wooden and to be honest I didn’t take to her until the end of Season 2. Her reaction to Danny’s death was mine the “I didn’t like you but you didn’t deserve to be killed like that” - the respect there was key. I loved her in Season Zero and her wit in Season 3 was hilarious. Her podcasts were so good and I really loved how much she was included. I love how she ended up being someone to rely on and someone who actually expressed how brave Laura was and that she was proud. That speaks volumes given that Mel isn’t an easy person to talk round.
  2. Laura’s character development and personal growth. How strong of an actor Elise Bauman is and how much we saw from her character, how she wasn’t this perfect person who got everything right - she made a lot of mistakes but seeing her grow in Season 3 was so beautiful to watch and really relatable at least for me.
  3. Carmilla and Mattie bonding. I loved how loyal they were, how much fun they had, how much love they had for one another. Mattie was such a good character and I loved how glamorous she was, I think that Sophia and Natasha’s scenes were just so captivating to watch because you could really feel their bond and the hard hitting scenes always got me. Having someone who was a morally grey kind of character is always really fun to explore and I love how Mattie fought logically, she fought in such a good way.
  4. The Dean possessing Perry. Honestly that was really interesting to watch. I know we all knew she was but the subtle changes, the odd looks, the sliding scale of Perry vs The Dean. Annie Briggs’s portrayal was outstanding and for all of Perry’s faults she was a very interesting character. My favourite being Season Zero Perry who had flower crowns and was a Professor Trelawney wannabe and she believed and I loved her with everything I had.
  5. Hollstein. Their ups, their downs. Fluff, angst, hurt.comfort. All of it. Their story was beautiful and there really isn’t anything else I can say that expresses how moving their story was. Just hats off to Natasha and Elise because their acting and their chemistry has always been one of a kind. 

So I was in this comp match with a pharmercy duo and that was coolio, even if it was Lijiang Tower the place to be as a pharmercy duo. I went Dva the first round, but noticed the Pharah must’ve been having a Bad Time^tm because they changed to Roadhog. 

That was all cool, but I, a Pharah Main, changed the next round and tore that shit up. I got four gold medals and that’s all well and good blah blah career bests, BUT. The best part was the Mercy stuck with me mostly and damage boosted me and only left when others were critical, but then came right back. :,)