this is not the proper outcome


Temple  of Athena Nike

Athens’ Acropolis, Greece

420 BCE

Stylobate: 8.27 m x 5.64 m; height: ca. 4 m.

The Temple of Athena Nike was named after the Greek goddess, Athena Nike. The temple is the earliest fully Ionic temple on the Acropolis. It was a prominent position on a steep bastion at the south west corner of the Acropolis to the right of the entrance, the Propylaea. In contrast to the Acropolis proper, a walled sanctuary entered through the Propylaea, the Victory Sanctuary was open, entered from the Propylaea’s southwest wing and from a narrow stair on the north. The sheer walls of its bastion were protected on the north, west, and south by the Nike Parapet, named for its frieze of Nikai celebrating victory and sacrificing to their patroness, Athena Nike.

Nike means victory in Greek, and Athena was worshipped in this form, as goddess of victory in war and wisdom. The citizens worshipped the goddess in hope of a successful outcome in the long Peloponnesian War fought on land and sea against the Spartans and their allies.

There are no individual statements, there never are. Every statement is the product of a machinic assemblage, in other words, of collective agents of enunciation (take “collective agents” to mean not peoples or societies but multiplicities). The proper name (nom propre) does not designate an individual: it is on the contrary when the individual opens up to the multiplicities pervading him or her, at the outcome of the most severe operation of depersonalization, that he or she acquires his or her true proper name. The proper name is the instantaneous apprehension of a multiplicity. The proper name is the subject of a pure infinitive comprehended as such in a field of intensity.
—  Deleuze and Guattari, A Thousand Plateaus: Capitalism and Schizophrenia  
open letter to you

i am writing this to you in the hopes that it will be the last (and finally successful) attempt at trying to alleviate at least some of the pain you have left behind. i’m beginning to wonder how many months it has been since we’ve last had a proper conversation.. this is the longest we’ve gone without each other and i am torn apart from it.
i doubt your hurting as much as i am and i doubt you know the damage you’ve caused. is i you fair you’ll never see the outcome of the mess you made? you’ll never see anything that i’ve become, but i thought you should know i’m so much better then the girl you used to love. it isn’t fucking fair though.
i want to scream to you, come back to me my love. love me again, and again, and again. i will get on my knees and beg for another chance to feel the way i felt in your arms, in your prescience. i’ll question the chaos and tell the world i love you more then anything else.
if the world was ending, i would write your name on everything in hopes that the mark you left behind to me would still exist on the remainders of this planet.
i can’t love anyone else but you, i’ve tried time after time again. i crave the feeling of somebody next to me, of somebody’s love but unless it’s you i don’t want anything. i have found others who are new but i still dream about you. every night you are what’s on my mind, god i loved you and still do.
i guess i’m writing this in a less poetic way of saying i want to die without you. it’s been 6 months now and the pain still feels as fresh as the day you slammed the door behind you.
since the day has come and gone since you have said you take all words and promises back, i pray you at least know i love you with my entire being. i loved you, i love you.


The time has come…

I finally made this purse! I bought the fabric for this a few months ago and it just took me ages to get the proper inspiration, and drive to make it. The big thing was that I didn’t believe my sewing skills could master making a circle bag. But after a few quick YouTube tutorials, I was on my way!
The outcome is amazing! I love this purse to death. I still can’t believe I made it all by myself 🙌
Only one downside, I wish I used stronger stabiliser, as it is a bit mushy and can lose some of its form.
But it was so nice to see how much I have actually managed to pick up on while messing around with sewing. Now if only I could just start making clothes…

You deserve more of their attention than their phone does.
You deserve quality time, not just time.
You deserve effort, not just routines.
You deserve to be treated as if you are a priority, not the last thing on their checklist.
You are special and you deserve to be the only option.
If that is too much to ask, you are asking the wrong person.
If begging ever becomes your last approach to receive those things which ought to be freely given, it’s safe to say, you are out of your dang mind.
Begging to be loved is suicide.
It’s like going sky diving from the Eiffel Tower naked of proper equipment, and expecting gravity to overturn the outcome.
It’s like a queen begging her servants to serve her or a lion running away from its prey.
Insanity it is for a woman like you to come second or second to last on everything.
It would be an injustice for a woman like you to ever fall for a man whose words aren’t soaked in integrity and seasoned with consistency.
An injustice, I say, to give your body to men who wouldn’t dare walk next to you in public nor ever consider standing next to you at the altar.
You are more than “wifey material.”
You are more than potential.
You are a beautiful bride who ought to be waiting on her groom. Only a man willing to fulfill that position in your life deserves you.
—  something i saw on twitter that i desperately needed to hear
Why didn’t my magickal act work?

Many people have trouble understanding why their magickal act did not work in general or work in the way they intended it to.  This will be a short guide which the readers can use to see why their magic did not work.
First and foremost, did you want it?  If there is doubt in your mind that maybe, just maybe, that the magickal act you were doing was not right for WHATEVER reason, it will hamper your magic.  It does not matter if you are worried about not having the proper tools, the experience, the proper wording, a moral concern, doubt is doubt, and doubt is toxic enough to destroy any magical working.  
Did you get it from a source?  Many times if you get a spell from another author and you will not agree with certain things. Therefore your intent (what powers the magickal act) will be lessened at not what it would normally be so that the outcome will be lessened.
Intent: Intent is the main source of power for a spell, if you cast a spell and do not want the desired outcome it most likely not
Authority: Do you have the Authority to do this magickal working?  In “high magic” which would be ceremonial, traditional, etc., etc., one needs to do preliminary rites before they can do certain magickal acts.  These magickal acts (preliminary rites) would give one the authority they need to gain the favor of spirits that one would call down power from during the act of magick.  This could also be the case if one were trying to call down a certain Deity that they do not worship.  To put this simply if you were called to help give a stranger to attracting the partner of their dreams, would you?  Chances are you would not, so the Spirit and Deity would not either.
Did you correctly do the spell?  Everybody uses substitutions for ingredients they cannot find, but many people use the wrong substitution in their spells and wonder why the spell went wrong.  If this is the case, remember quartz can replace any crystal, rose can replace any flower, and lavender essential oil is very versatile (I wouldn’t recommend it for everything, though).  Then in higher magicks, many spells need SPECIFIC ingredients that CAN NOT BE REPLACED.  For example, if an old ritual calls for your blood, then chances are you need to use to your blood, not an egg, not an animal, YOUR BLOOD.
In many magickal acts, the practitioner needs to be very clear on WHAT they want and HOW.  If you ask for money, then it could come in many ways and may not work.  The old tale with that is if you ask for money without expressing HOW the money will get to you, your aunt Sally can get into a crash and suddenly, you get all the inheritance money.  Now that is just a precaution, but as you can see BE PRECISE ON HOW YOU WORD YOUR SPELL.
A good guide to trying to figure out what went wrong can be found below from Condensed Chaos (book is cited as always for the audience to read)

“When obtaining any magical result (including failure) always think of several explanations for it. These explanations should contain at least one each of the following types:
i. An explanation based on the parameters of the magical system that you have been employing.
ii.Strict materialism
iii. Something exceptionally silly.”
   -Phil Hine

As Always

mugishalffull  asked:

15. What kind of inner life do they have — rich and imaginative? Calculating and practical? Full of doubts and fears? Does it find any sort of outlet in their lives?

Abel is a bit of a trifecta. He first approaches everything with a level of practicality: discerning what should be done from what could be done to achieve the best possible outcome or to remove the worst possible outcome from the list of scenarios. His thought process then evolves into charting the best possible courses and scheming up ways to achieve the goals needed to accomplish them. He allows for a small measure of doubt so that he can take proper measures to avoid getting too headstrong. Preparing in the event that something goes wrong is just as important as preparing for everything to go right, in his opinion.

Abel is full of self-doubts, but he is usually good at keeping them buried and hidden. He wants everyone to see him as this smiling, optimistic, and insightful fortune-teller. When his doubts eventually do bubble up to the surface, though, it’s only a matter of time before he finds a way to use them to fuel his determination to change things for the better.

i think what op didnt get there was that the fundamental conceit of my post was that lenin fucked up

i dont honestly care about the ideological purity of leninists, marxist-leninists, marxists (in the sense of leninists), trotskyists, stalinists (nobody calls themselves that), maoists, marxist-leninist-maoists (and third-worldists of each of the last two sorts), guevarists, titoists, hoxhaists (i fundamentally believe the only hoxhaists in existence are anarchists being ironic), or anyone else who actually agrees that socialism is a legitimate excuse for authoritarianism, that they’re even compatible, that the state, under the control of socialists, can, in itself, literally be the vanguard which drives revolutionary force

i am absolutely certain that very nearly all of them sincerely want socialism, a better life for their own people, and for the world’s people

but the thing is that particular model for socialist revolution has almost exclusively produced, in very proper language, fucked up outcomes, and it’s not really as though it was worth it, because “real existing socialism” has, again, almost without exception (pending some debatable examples) degenerated into a reactionary capitalist state wherein the ruling class has formalized its own eternal legitimacy under the state, using marxism as its justification

sorry but y’all were and are fucking wrong, and at the very least serious criticisms to and developments on ideology must be made (revisionism!) in order to actually move on and start producing a “left unity” which looks more like a legitimate coalition and less like some authoritarians griping that everyone else won’t just shut up and follow them

might i recommend ernesto laclau?

Ritual/Spell ~ PSA

I know that spells and rituals seem like fun and exiting events to experiment with - while they are those things-they can also be quite draining and sometimes a little dangerous.

The danger doesnt always come from the outcome of a spell. Danger can come from performing the ritual itself.

Fire, smoke, crystals and herbs all pose health hazards and threats to your physical environment.

Make sure you always take the proper safety precautions such as:

~ Making sure flamable objects are out of reach of candles and open flame.

~ Keeping your areas open and ventilated (You never want your head to be too clowded or your breathing obstructed in any way)

~ Always test herbals and research side effects if ingesting them. Be sure to do compatibility tests. Online research is your friend.

~ Not all crystals are friends of water and fire. Do your research.

~ During your clean up, make sure all smoldering ashes are doused with water. NEVER leave your house while burning a candle or a bundle, sometimes bundles can smolder for up to 45 minutes even if they look like they are out.

~ Keep yourself Hydrated at all times.

If you have ANY questions or concerns regarding a spell or ritual; for you safety, please reach out to an experienced Practitioner before you follow through.

Be safe everyone

There are no individual statements, there never are. Every statement is the product of a machinic assemblage, in other words, of collective agents of enunciation. The proper name does not designate an individual: it is on the contrary when the individual opens up to the multiplicities pervading him or her, at the outcome of the most severe operation of depersonalization, that he or she acquires his or her true proper name….What Proust said about the first name: when I said Gilberte’s name, I had the impression that I was holding her entire body naked in my mouth.
—  Deleuze & Guattari - A Thousand Plateaus: Capitalism and Schizophrenia

the thing about bioware saying dragon age is all about choice is that it should imply that it’s about choice and consequence, but they just kind of think it’s okay to leave that last part out

the point of a good RPG should be to make choice A, B or C to arrive at ending 1, 2 or 3

what we do have instead are games that ask us ‘which of these paths would you like to take to arrive at the exact same place the other paths lead to’

or worse, we have what happened in da:i — they give us the illusion of different outcomes (see: divine election) that had a real impact and influenced big conflicts in the series and even (gasp) swayed some power to different sides of those conflicts for once!

but then when they finally gave us a proper ending to that game’s narrative they erased all of that via the good ol’ epilogue slide cards and replaced it with a situation that for a lot of people offers no real change or progress in a fight we as players have been fighting for 3 games, a fight some characters in the game have been fighting for 12 years and off game for even longer

and that’s just really not what ‘all about choice’ means

remember how in awakening if you didn’t do every single side quest of maintenance/repairs to the keep and didn’t position your soldiers in the right place with the right armor, the only way to keep half your companions from dying is to leave an entire city to burn? yeah. i want that in dragon age games again

A Craving or Two (Drabble)

Author’s Note: I’m on my period and this is basically the outcome. It’s not edited or anything like that. It was on the top of my head.

Pairing: Avengers x Reader

Words: 758

The kitchen was fully stoked with food, courtesy of Tony. However, none of it was what you wanted. Being an Avengers meant having a strict diet, so your body can be fully functional for missions with the proper nutrition, and blah, blah, blah.

It feels like forever since you had junk food, and it was killing you. To make matters worse, you were on your period. And this time, your cravings were about ten times stronger than it has been in the past. You scurried down the hallway to the lab Tony was working in.

“Tony!” you shouted, pushing the doors open. “Can I run to Target?”

Tony looked up from his work with snapped eyebrows. “Since when did you need my permission?”

“Well,” you said, drawing out your words. “I was wondering if I could use your card but only for food. It’s not a shopping spree. I swear.”

“What’s wrong with the food we have here?” Tony asked, looking down at his work again.

“I’m craving something specific,” you said with a childish voice, trying to get him to agree. “Pleeease.”

“Fine,” Tony stated, pulling out his card. “Go nuts.”

“Thank you!” you squealed delightfully. You grabbed the card and practically ran out of the lab, leaving an amused Tony.

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anonymous asked:

if a broken leg healed wrong, could the person have a permanent limp?


First aid for a simple fracture involves setting it; physically realigning the break so the bone lines up correctly. Then splinting the limb by tightly applying rigid materials above the injury to hold the bones in place while it heals.

If a leg is set incorrectly, a limp is one of the better possible outcomes.

As I recall, if the bone was simply set incorrectly and healed, the medical solution is to break it again, and get it right this time. I really don’t want to think about how this is accomplished. But, if it was just a misaligned bone, I suspect your character could have that treated after the fact.

There are other kinds of fractures, like compound (where the bone is broken at an angle, usually breaking through the skin) and comminuted (where the bone is pulverized). Proper treatment for fractures can range from a cast (which serves the same effective function as a splint) to surgically running a pin through the length of the bone, or screwing plates into the bone directly.

It’s also possible to suffer a separate injury at the same time that results in a permanent limp. So the bone could be set properly and they could receive effective medical treatment, but still have a limp because of damage to the soft tissue. I’m not sure if this is a specific consideration with an open compound fracture, but it wouldn’t surprise me.


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[ 7th August, 2016 : 1/100 days of productivity ]

| I am so sorry. It has taken me so long to post my first proper post after my introduction one. That was right before I was starting semester two, and now next week it’s week five. It is so crazy busy, you guys, and it’s getting even crazier. But anyways, here it is! I’m spending my Sunday revising for my biology outcome tomorrow while listening to TØP and the Suicide Squad soundtrack on my new Sonos (which I am loving !!).

My mildiners which I ordered some weeks ago should be arriving soon, I’m so excited !! Also, I apologise for the poor quality photos, my phone camera isn’t at all great.

Also, here’s a hug. If you don’t like hugs, that’s okay too, you can have a flower.

/Raven xx

[ Muji gel pens, 0.38 black and 0.5 light blue ]

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(Made this a bit before TC, forgot to upload til today)

From what I’ve seen many people have cuter and gened up progens, I have been tempted to do the same but (aside from the fact that her color combo doesn’t let the use of genes properly) I feel Ganny is just good the way she is ;3;

“And even with the foreseeing ability, proper of every water dragon, I never expected this outcome…. for us to become a family… a proper family”