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I was requested to make a face tutorial, so here you go, part one!

Faces are quite simple for me, so this might be odd. But hopefully you’ll still find this useful. Okay, so! Take note there are NO rules with drawing, so no step is actually obligatory. You can twist and edit whatever you want to your liking. (not with this tutorial, but your own picture, of course).

  1. Draw a circle. Doesn’t have to be perfectly symmetrical; in fact, it’s better if it’s not. Remember to be loose with your lines. The only reason mine are this clean is because it’s a tutorial.
  2. Beneath the circle, draw something like a U or a V, or a square; it’s completely up to you. This shape will more or less determinate the face shape. I’ll make a separate tutorial about face shapes.
  3. Draw the neck; it’s very important to include this early when you draw the head, or it’ll look all odd. Imagine it going up all in the head to get make it look “balanced”. (weird, but hey). Almost.. think of a doll, how you’d place the head where the neck is to make sure it stays in place. The lines in the face will also be good guidelines when it comes to the cheekbones!
  4. Finally, draw a cross where the face will be. How you want to use these guidelines are completely up to you; but I usually like to place the eyes UNDER the horizontal line, and let the rest guide me. The other lines will also be useful guidelines; for example, the end of the circle could show where the nose are. Add or remove whatever you’d like; remember, they’re JUST guidelines. None of this will actually show later, so go nuts, do your own thing.
  5. Now, draw a SIMPLE version of the face. What do I mean by that? Well, draw the face, but don’t go into detail with it just yet. Just draw out where you want the eyes, nose, etc, and edit whatever you notice looks wrong. For example, I ALWAYS make my circles too big, but I like that more than making too small heads anyway, and it’s easier to edit to smaller than to bigger. Notice how I used the guidelines to make my face?
  6. Now you can finally go into fine detail to give it more character. I’ll make a different tutorial with specific “face parts” (nose, eyes, mouth, etc), but.. with the simple face you had before, it shouldn’t be too hard to give it detail once you have your base. c: Remember to draw the hairline too, so that you can add hair once you’re done with the face.
  7. Done! (Well, except hair.) Anyway, here I just noted down a few things I find important. First of all, DON’T BE AFRAID OF ADDING LINES IN THE FACE. I will admit I’m -still- a little afraid to add them myself, but it’s a thing you gotta get used to and practice a lot on! I’ll make a different post on this matter too. Also, face shapes; different post will come there too. Same with hairlines. Just try to variate! It makes it a lot more fun with faces and you won’t die over one face because it doesn’t look like “the usual faces you do”. Also, the skull roundness/size depends completely from person to person.

That’s all I have for more~ if you want to check out my other tutorials, just click [here]! And if you have any tutorial requests, let me know. 

How to draw a Profile Face



I’ve been on a short jubilee bicycle race in my town, and I got my first first place sport medal! (Actually I couldn’t have any other place cuz I was the only person in the category) I came with my family to the registration and got into the 15-18 y.o. girls category. I was waiting for my turn with my bicycle while other categories were competing, and when it came the turn for 15-18 category it turned out I was THE ONLY GIRL and there were only THREE BOYS and TWO OF THEM DIDN’T COME (other categories had at least 4+ people). So we were put together and it was a gender duel (AAADRENALIINE MOMENT)) I nailed the start and I was leading ¾ of the loop. Then we had equal speed and were going right next to each other and then he took his 15 CENTIMETERS right before the finish)) But I was SO HAPPY. I was so happy that when someone said “simultaneously” I said “ОН!”(eng. ”HE!”) to make it honest. 

When you take part in a race, everything disappears except the road and two bicycles. Everything goes quiet. You hear the road, your bicycle and your opponent. Your ears listen to your bicycle’s mechanism, your eyes watch the road. You try to sense your opponent. Your legs speed up by themselves. You don’t feel the wind, don’t hear the music and the voices, you don’t see the grass. Only road and two bicycles. And then your eyes go to the side and spot the finish orange triangle and a wheel, fifteen centimeters in front. It ends and you feel…. happy. And you yell and try to jump and so glad it’s just fifteen centimeters)) And your legs barely let you make a step, you want some water, but it feels so good - to be here and yell and be 15 centimeters behind.

I’m in the grey T-shirt (rly) and it’s not horsetail today but a braid)) Skies are beautiful Edit: We’re on the same level)) I’m small

Check out my mixtape.

Pairing: Yoongi x reader

Genre: Fluff

(Credit to Original owner of gif)

You stood with your friends and her K-pop group at the BigHit building. They were about to meet BTS and you were there filling in for their rapper as she had immediate family issues to attend to and couldn’t make it. You were their song writer and choreographer but you were still nervous about performing and especially in front of big names which was ironic considering your job had you meeting Idols all the time.

You all entered the room and the girls did their greeting. There were camera’s literally everywhere and you found yourself hiding behind your leader who was confidently talking to the boys, Your group and their group were going to be collaborating together and you were going to be showing them the parts of the song you all had worked on. It was nerve racking to say the least, the girls had only just had their debut so they still had lots to learn. 

You got into the position of where the rapper would normally be, you had never performed with them before, you had demonstrated stuff for them millions of times but never with them. You took a deep breath as the music started and heard a quiet discussion from the boys of what they though each of your rolls were. The girls started singing and you hung slightly back waiting for your cue and it came in the form of the group’s leader ducking low onto her hands and knees and then the next member slightly higher up then the leader so you could climb them like stairs and leap of and began the rap. Your voice was shaky as you rapped the part, trying to look anywhere but the group in front of you, however you couldn’t help yourself and caught the eye of Yoongi who was staring straight at you with surprise written on his face. It gave you a burst of confidence and you started acting more cocky as the lines called for it and soon the music stopped and you were all breathing heavily from the complicated choreography you had designed for them. 

The boys all clapped happily along with the staff and you were pretty chuffed. the cameras captured you all talking together for a few more minutes before cutting and you could talk a bit more freely. Yoongi had been talking to your leader but had been waiting for the next free moment to make a beeline over to you. You had been deep in conversation with RapMonster when you saw Yoongi awkwardly place himself at the edge of the conversation, you were in complete awe, you were in the presence of your two biggest idols and you couldn’t believe it. “Hey I’m Y/N,” You introduced awkwardly and bowed your head slightly which made both boys grin “Well im Suga.” He greeted back to you.

You talked with the two of them about music and inspiration before you clicked and realized they thought you were apart of the group “Yeah I love writing the music for these guys but I don’t perform with them, I do their choreo and work on songs slash music with them.” You explained and saw Yoongi’s face drop slightly at the thought he would only ever see you perform this one time.

“Oh that’s a shame, you have a really good stage presence.” RapMon said and you nodded in agreement with him.

You remembered about your music you had produced for yourself “I mean I have a mix tape but its no Agust-D but if you ever wanted to-” Yoongi was quick to interrupt your little ramble with “I would love to hear it I’m sure its amazing.” He blurted and Rapmon stared at him, surprise playing on his face.

You blushed heavily and smiled awkwardly at the floor and took Yoongi’s phone when offered and put the name in for him to look up later on, in his own time. “So what was your inspiration?” RapMon asked while Yoongi searched for the mixtape.

You felt the blush on your face grow stronger and you found a piece of string on your shirt to play with. “It was Agust-D and Suga telling his story so I wanted to do the same but my own story.” You mumbled and saw Rapmon grin widely while Yoongi looked up at you a soft smile playing on his lips.


Yahhh I didn’t know how to end this, I might make it into a small series if I feel the inspiration. I’m sorry but hope you enjoy this thing I just finished writing in school instead of studying, this is also very poorly edited because I’m exhausted and lazy. x


“Nadine Ross runs Shoreline, a small but effective paramilitary organization based in South Africa. Trained in all manner of martial arts and a crack shot, she is a formidable opponent. Her no-nonsense attitude has earned her the fierce loyalty of her men. You would do well to stay out of arm’s reach when she’s nearby.”

Closer-G.D. Imagine

A.N.- hey guys! It’s been a minute since I last updated. I figured while y’all are waiting on Loving In The Dark chapter four I’ll post this imagine thingy! Warning: This imagine does contain badly written smut, so please be aware of that and read to your discretion! B/f/n = best friends name.

Originally posted by ilsilenziodellasuatristezza

The fire cracked and popped as the heat rushed to my face, turning my face a flushed red. I couldn’t remove my eyes from the reds and oranges, and yellows that licked at the firewood, and danced through the air.

My friends had asked me to come to a bonfire tonight, telling me that I needed to get away from the city. We were by a small lake, and the sound of the water lapping against the shore in the distance mixed with the sounds of the fire crackling was like music to my ears. Crickets sang in the background, and the gray smoke that came from the wood seemed like it was lacing it’s way through the constellations, which I could actually see for once.

I’ve been in the city for far too long, I thought. I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to be with my friends, and to get away from the hustle and bustle that is L.A. I left my phone at home, purposely, as my friends and I had agreed that tonight we would be communicating without the distractions of social media and technology.

Everything was perfect. Everything except for the fact that the twins couldn’t make it tonight. I had invited them, knowing that their love for nature was never ending, but they were busy with filming and editing their videos. I was a little sad, but knew that when it came to their work, the boys weren’t sloppy; they put every ounce of effort they could into their videos, and that’s something that I will never discredit them for.

The wind coming off the lake and sent a chill down my spine. I wore ripped skinny jeans with a cuff at the ends, my high top converse, and a hoodie. I wanted the full comfy-bonfire-with-friends-and-marshmallows experience.

Someone had thought to bring a small battery powered radio. Usually my friends hate my music taste, claiming that indie music was so bland and unexciting. But tonight, we all subconsciously agreed that the music was setting the tone of the laid back care free vibes.

“Where are the twins?” B/f/n asked.

“They were busy editing.” B/f/n nodded in understanding. “They would’ve loved this.” I pointed towards the fire, a small smile on my face as I imagined their faces, Orange from the blaze, their smiles even brighter than the fire itself.

The night wore, spooky stories were told, inside Jokes were made. It would’ve been perfect if it weren’t for that dull ache in my chest. I felt guilty. The boys deserved a night out, I wished they’d go out more. It could do them some good to take a break, and think of themselves for a change.

Everyone passed around s’mores, except for me because I’m not a fan of marshmallows. We were all having a genuinely good time, proving that a little bit of nature and some jokes was what we all needed.

With sad goodbyes and promises that we’d do this again soon, we all parted ways and left. The drive home was silent, as I was too worried that music might lull me to sleep.

It was finally around 2:00 in the morning by the time I got back to the apartment that Gray and I shared. The elevator ride up seemed to last an eternity, and by the time I got to the floor of my apartment, I was walking around with half lidded eyes, and a tired smile, memories of the night dancing through my head.

The lights were off in the apartment, which meant Gray was probably asleep by now. I made my way to our room as quietly as I could, trying not to wake up Gray, who was curled up on my side of the bed, clutching my pillow in his arms, his snores filling the otherwise quiet room.

I sat on the edge of the bed and kicked off my converse, too lazy to untie them, and cringed as they landed on the floor with a loud thump. Grayson stirred behind me, and cleared his throat as he noticed me sitting on the edge of the bed.

“You’re Home,” he said, his voice still thick with sleep.

“Yeah, sorry. I didn’t mean to wake you.” I stood up and stretched, my feet gliding across the floor as I made my way to the door.

“Where’re you goin’?” He sat up in bed, pressing a fist to his eyes to clear the sleep out of them.

“To take a shower. I probably smell like smoke.” He held his arms, motioning for me to go to him. I was in his arms in an instant, and I giggled as he buried his face in my neck, smelling the fabric of my hoodie and hair.

“I like it,” He mutttered, referring to the smell of smoke that had lingered from the fire. His hands found mine, and he noticed how cold they were, and how bright my eyes were as if he could see the memories of the fire within them.

“I wish you could’ve been there.”

“Tell me about it.” He pulled me into his lap, his head still buried in my neck. I played with his hair as I began to speak.

“I saw the stars, Gray. You know how long it’s been since I’ve seen them? I mean, actually seen them?” He shook his head with a slight puff of air from his lips.

“Was there s’mores?” He asked.

“Uh-huh. I didn’t eat them though-“

“Yeah, you don’t like marshmallows. How inhuman.” I rolled my eyes, but couldn’t hide my smile. I had missed the goof ball who was currrently breathing in the smell of smoke on my clothes and hair as if by some miracle, the smell could help him imagine it.

Nevertheless he was my goof.

“Forget the shower, you can take one in the morning.” He pulled me in next to him, completely ignoring the fact that I still had on my clothes from tonight, and I would much rather have on some comfy pjs.

“You’re just saying that so you can smell me.” I poked my tongue out at him, and he chuckled. His cute little sleepy smile was my weakness, and I found myself pressing a cheste kiss to his lips. The lips that I haven’t kissed since this morning, and I wouldn’t even call that a kiss. I would merely call that acknowledging eachother with bump of my lips against his chin because I was too tired to find his lips.

He pulled me in closer, his hands getting lost in the fabric of my sweatshirt, which I just now realized is one of his old ones that I had claimed as mine. He was shirtless, something I never complained about, and I ran my hands across the planes of his smooth back as he leaned over me, pressing me against the lumpy pillows.

Our feet and legs became a tangled mess, much like my hands that were in his hair. The edge of the sweatshirt had ridden up, exposing the sliver of skin between the waistband of my jeans and the sweatshirt. His large hands cupped my cheeks, and I felt him smile into the kiss.

He broke away with a chuckle, and linked his fingers with mine. “What’re you laughing at?” I asked quietly.

“I missed you.” He mumbled, his lips dragging along my jawline.

“I missed you too.” I admitted with a whisper. In a flash my sweatshirt was up and over my head and was being thrown to the other side of the room.

His hands explored my sides, and I closed my eyes as I tried to remember how warm his skin is against mine, how gentle his hair feels against my cheek as he kisses my neck and collarbones.

This is perfect I thought with a smile.

Within seconds we were tangled in the sheets, completely unaware of anything around us. I locked my legs around his waist watching as one of his hands gripped the head board behind us, and the other trailed down my leg hitching it higher up his hip.

Static filled my ears as I leaned back against the pillows, my hair spread out in a wild mess of tangles.

This was a slow night, he decided, as he set the pace. I didn’t complain. Nights like these are my favorite; ones where we’re in no hurry, where we’re just trying to memorize the feel of our bodies pressed against each other.

He gazed at me with sleepy halfhooded eyes, his bottom lip tucked between his teeth as he concentrated solely on the task at hand-Me and him. My fingers dug into the fabric of the sheets, and once I decided that that wasn’t enough, they dug into his back, pulled the hair at the nape of his neck, pressed him, if at all possible, closer, so that every inch of my body was in contact with his.

“Baby,” he closed his eyes and dropped his forehead to mine.

“Hmm?” I held his cheeks with my hands and encouraged him to look at me.

“I-I love you.” He whispered, his lips just barely brushing against mine.

“I love you too.” This was reassurance to him, I knew.

I could feel everything. Every breath he took, every move of his hips, every thrust, it was all slow, comfortable, close.

I loved every second of it.

My head tipped back involuntarily as he pushed me against the mattress, biting and sucking the skin around my shoulders. He knew love bites were my weakness.

The bed creaked, and the air around us felt good against my heated skin. Funny how easily he can make me warm. He’s like my own personal sun.

“Gray,” I gripped at his arms as gasps and grunts fell past his lips, and just listening to them made my stomach flip. The lazy circles he made with his hips were driving me crazy. I loved how he knew exactly what to do, memorized the affect he had on me.

Even though it was dark outside, there was a sudden brightness as everything came crashing down all at once. It was nerve racking, and plentiful at the same time. That’s exactly how I would describe being with Grayson.

But most of all, it was beautiful. I never thought I could ever be this close to a person. Never thought I’d find someone who could make me see things they way they do as clearly as he does.

We both lay breathless, still reeling from what just happened. The sheets stuck to our damp skin, and our hair was a wild mess, and our eyes were bright, or cheeks flushed, our lips forming the same goofy smirk.

“If this is how we spend our nights after you’ve been away, you need to get out more.”


I know it’s short, but hopefully you like it! Let me know what you think, feedback really does mean a lot to me!


By AllyinthekeyofX

She finds the photograph tucked inside the pages of a novel.  The book itself is well-worn, the corners turned up, ragged and brittle from years of being thumbed by fragile, twisted hands that she half remembers from a distant childhood dancing quietly against her skin as she cried out when nightmares came upon her in the darkness of night.  Books had been hard to come by even then, the digital age already upon them even before she was born, International treaties already in place to conserve the natural resources of the planet when finally those in seats of higher power began to count the cost being wrought upon the earth by the greedy actions of it’s inhabitants over hundreds of years.  As whole species disappeared almost overnight, as the seas rose and entire cities became submerged in the swirling unforgiving waters of the oceans, finally action was taken to halt the devastation.

Books had become a luxury item, something available only to those who were able to afford the high taxes imposed on non-digitalised reading material and within a scant few years, not even then.

But some books remained of course, held onto by the older generation who ignored the call to turn them in for recycling, to be transformed into essential paper products in a world that suddenly found itself unable to sustain the pillaging of the forests that had surrendered such plentiful bounty in decades past. Mostly books that held some kind of meaning to the owner and which were hidden away, lest they be discovered and subject to the heavy fines imposed for being in possession of even a small bundle of precious paper and printed words.

This book though, even though the cover had long since gone, had survived; held on to for over a century and keeper of the worn photograph she now held in her hands.

The image, grainy and slightly out of focus where time had blended the lines together, was foxed and mottled with age and damp.  But even so, the man and woman depicted upon it drew her eyes like a magnet as she felt a faint fluttering inside her, a sense that they had shared something so intrinsically wonderful that it had survived even after so many years to spark this emotional response within her.

“What have you got there honey?”

A voice pulls her sharply from her reverie and she holds the photograph out to her, carefully avoiding marking it further on it’s fragile surface and watching as the corners of her mother’s mouth turn up slightly in a half-smile that belies the tears that are gathering to sheen her fine blue eyes and the expression on her face is enough for the girl to step toward her and gently lay a hand against her arm.

“Who were they?”

Her mother doesn’t answer, instead turning the photograph over in her hands, exposing the back and the writing that is only barely visible, in places nothing more than a faint indent devoid of ink.  But as the light catches the paper at just the right angle, she can make out the year - 1996 - and just a single word - ‘Gillovny’.

“Gillovny?  What was Gillovny Mom?”

And the woman before her closes her eyes as she remembers her Grandmother speaking softly of a man who had once held the key to the very universe in his hands, who had remained the one constant in a life that never quite delivered the promise it held unless he was in it. Of wasted years where they ran from each other but were never able to completely cut the ties that bound them so tightly together; finally finding each other for such a short time, a lifetime of regrets erased by the culmination of a love story that had held the world in it’s thrall for decades.

She smiles again.

“It was everything honey”

Carefully, reverently, she smoothes one finger across the surface of the woman’s flawless face that is tilted up to stare adoringly at the man beside her, leaning in to him, their bodies pressed together.  The connection undeniable even now.

Tucking the picture inside her purse she nods sadly, eyes downcast, remembering the stories she was told as a small child.

“To her, it was everything.”


⚠F*** Off With Your Bull**** Spray⚠

⭐A respectful homage to the limited edition, Twilight Alchemy Lab oil of the same name⭐

  • WARNING! Usually, a small safety notice at the end of my spells is enough but not this time. This spray is not friendly. It will hurt your pet, your kids, your plants and your gran. It has ingredients in common with pepper spray, and if you spray it in someone’s face you WILL be arrested. Do not feck about with this. Got it? Good.


A strong, banishing and protection formula. Use it wisely.


You will need:

🔥 A spray bottle

🔥 Vodka (or other strong, clear alcohol)

🔥 Water (storm water would be excellent but any will suffice)

🔥 Salt (Sea salt or a protection salt would be ideal)

🔥 Black Pepper

🔥 1 whole chili pepper (small enough to fit in the bottle)

🔥 Frankincense

🔥 Cloves

🔥 Rosemary

🔥 Thyme

🔥 Angelica

🔥 Basil

🔥 Mint

🔥 Eucalyptus

You do not have to include all of these botanicals but use as many as you can.

Dried botanicals, essential oil versions or both can be used here. I’ll give instructions for both.


How to make:

🔥 If you’re using any dried botanicals, first simmer them (except the chili and frankincense) in your chosen water on the stove for 5-10 minutes. Allow the water to cool and strain out the herbs.

🔥 Add one shot (25mls) of your chosen alcohol to the bottle. (Adjust up if your bottle is larger than 100mls).

🔥 If you are using any essential oils and/or frankincense resin, add them to the alcohol now and swish until thoroughly combined.

🔥 Add approx 1 tablespoon of salt and give it a good swish.

🔥 Fill the bottle to a little below the shoulder with your water/decoction.

🔥 Pop in your chili pepper. Close the lid as tightly as you can and shake that mother like there’s no tomorrow. Pour all your anger and intent into it. If you’re in a positition to do so (and feel like it obviously) scream “F*** off with your bull****” at the bottle until you’ve wrung out all your angst.

Did you read the safety warning at the beginning? If not, please go back and do so!


…We were staying in Paris
To get away from your parents…

If we go down then we go down together
They’ll say you could do anything
They’ll say that I was clever
If we go down then we go down together
We’ll get away with everything
Let’s show them we are better (X)

Let’s have some young DT boys in a sketch I’ve been wanting to finish but I’m lazy so half my stuff doesn’t get finished. Boy howdy is this a good month for that. God I love these two man, their faces when they’re younger kill me.

- Do not repost or edit. -


say something || merlin&arthur


Dragon: “How small you are, for such a great destiny.”
Merlin: “Why? What do you mean? What destiny?”

Arthur: “I want to say something I have never said to you before.”
Arthur: “Thank you.”

god, tears were streaming down my face while editing this video. There are still so many things I haven’t dealt with when it comes to Merlin. Lancelot dying, Arthur dying, the open ending. 

Man, I wish they all just could have lived happily ever after.

Not sure whether this is a slash vid, or a bromance vid. It’s open for you own interpretation.

song: say somthing - it’s a great big world

colouring: NicoleProdz

Oxford, 1966. a mix for ITV Endeavour series 2.

May 1966. DC Endeavour Morse returns to Oxford City Police after a four-month absence from duty. Reunited with DI Fred Thursday, still reeling from being shot and the loss of his father, the detective’s involuntary furlough has left him mentally wounded.” May 1966. DC Endeavour Morse returns to Oxford City Police after a four-month absence from duty. Reunited with DI Fred Thursday, still reeling from being shot and the loss of his father, the detective’s involuntary furlough has left him mentally wounded".

01. a well-respected man - the kinks 02. run run run - the who 03. suspicious look in your eyes - the hollies 04. i ain’t done no wrong - the yardbirds 05. oh! darling - the beatles 06. i can’t let go - the hollies 07. what'cha gonna do about it - small faces 08. somewhere they can’t find me - simon & garfunkel 09. one more heartache - marvin gaye 10. strange young girls - the mamas & the papas 11. out of my mind - buffalo springfield 12. dead end street - the kinks 13. e too d - small faces 14. the last time - the rolling stones


The Knife Game

Fandom: Fairytail

Ship Title: Gajevy/Gale

Rating: T for slight vulgar language

Description: loosely based on this otpprompt: Imagine Person A of your OTP loses a bet (either by a friend or Persons B/C) and for them losing they have to play the Knife Game. You can decide if they complete it unharmed or they cut their fingers.

A.N.: Hello everyone! Thank you all so much for your support with my other fanfiction. But for all of you out there that aren’t into angsty stuff, I made a short little story based on that prompt above. It’s not much, I know, and it’s probably not that great ^ ^’ but it’s lighter than my angst writing and a bit fluffy. So I hope you all enjoy.:) I’ll see you all at the end. (Also I apologize in advance for any bad grammar)

Disclaimer: I do not own Fairytail or it’s characters.


Why did I bet?! I never gamble! Why did I bet!?  I stare down at the sharp knife in front of me on the worn table.

It had been unintentional. I’d simply said “I bet Erza couldn’t eat the whole cake before Cana finishes her keg.” I hadn’t meant it like a bet, just an observation really. It just came out sounding that way.

It’s a figure of speech I always try to avoid for this very reason, because this is Fairytail and as soon as I’d said it, everyone was in on it- and betting against me.

Turns out Erza can eat a whole cake before Cana can finish a keg of beer and I lost my accidental bet to most of the people in the guild.

Fortunately for me no one had stated the stakes so my rent money was safe.

Unfortunately for me everyone demanded an alternative payment.

Which brings me back to the knife sitting in front of me. It had been decided that I had to play the Knife Game.

“Go ahead Levy.” Lucy nudges the knife closer to me a smile on her face. I look up at the rest of the crowd all smiling at me. Even Jet and Droy are grinning like fools. It’s not every day that I bet and it’s even rarer that I lose, so everyone’s just enjoying the moment.

I don’t think anybody realizes the amount that I’m shaking. The Knife Game is hard to do as it is but with everyone watching I don’t know if I can do it.

Trying to conceal my nerves, I lift my right hand and grab the knife, grasping it in my fist. I lay my left hand down feeling the soft wood grain on my palm. I hold the knife above my hand and take a deep breath trying to steady it before I descend it between my fingers.

A large hand grabs the blade of the knife and pulls it out of my loose hold.

“The hell you using this piece of rust fer?” All the eyes in the room transfer from me to the hands owner. On the other side of the table, Gajeel place the knife in his mouth, chewing and swallowing it in one bite.

“Hey metal breath! We needed that!” Natsu stand up from his spot on the bench, opposite me. With a flick of his hand Gajeel pushes him out of the way and sits down in his spot.

“If ya need a knife use a proper one, not that sorry excuse fer a snack.” He holds out his hand and it changes to iron scales. Natsu pouts but, surprisingly, doesn’t object further. I guess my losing a bet is entertaining enough to make everyone a bit passive on the detail of my punishment.

My eyes go wide and meet his when his hand transitions into a sharp blade. He grins and winks at me in a way that I’m sure is supposed to be reassuring but only serves to make me feel incredibly unnerved. I swallow hard and drop my right hand into my lap but I leave my left hand on the table.

“Ready?” He asks. I take a deep breath and nod.

He won’t cut me. I don’t know anyone with a steadier hand than Gajeel. Which is good because he’s literally going to be stabbing the table between my fingers with his hand. I trust him but my stomach knots from anxiety anyways.

I watch his hand lower to the table and bounce between my fingers. He does the first few jabs slowly then it speeds up. His eyes stay locked on my fingers and soon he’s going so fast I can’t even see where he’s hitting.

“Quit yer shaking” He mumbles under his breath. I hold my breath to try to stay still. Then he stops, finishing the game, and leaving his hand stuck in the table. Everyone stares, silently at first, then a few cheers go up around the room. I let out a breath and relax, staring at my hand and Gajeel’s dagger hand beside it.

The guild quickly becomes interested in the next spectacle going on within the hall. I sigh out a deep breath again when all the eyes are off of me, quietly thanking the short attention span of the guild. At least, most of the eyes are off me.

Without looking up I can feel a pair of red eyes still looking at me and I know the reason why.

A small thin line on my pinky side of my ring finger fills in with red and a small teardrop of blood forms in the cut.

He cut me.

It’s small and insignificant but I know that he knows that he cut me. His iron blade reshapes back to his hand and lays flat against the table beside mine.

“I told ya to quit yer shaking” He grumbles and reaches for my hand. His rough calloused hand lifts mine from the table surface, bringing my eyes up with it. His face hardens as he examines the tiny cut on my finger. His nose twitches and I can tell he’s got the scent from something, likely my blood. 

His eyes cloud over and I have a feeling I know what’s going on in that thick iron skull of his, as he holds my wounded hand.

“Hey.” I smile at him and his eyes focus a bit, but the emotion doesn’t leave.

“I’m okay. It doesn’t hurt. You didn’t mean to and you probably saved my hand from worse damage. If I had done it, I’d have worse that a tiny cut.” I keep smiling at him trying to keep him from sinking further into the guilt that’s so clear on his face. An idea pops in my head that simultaneously makes me want to giggle and my cheeks burn.

“If you’re that worried about it, you could kiss it better.” I grin with only slight colour touching my cheeks. His already un-moving body freezes at my comment. After a moment of tension filled silence, he leans forward, unexpectedly pulling my hand closer to his face. I let out a tiny gasp.

My intention was to fluster him, make him embarrassed or anything to pull him back from his depression. It never occurred to me that he’d actually do it!  

My heart stutters in my chest. His lips are softer than expected and warm against my skin. It doesn’t last long and he lets go of my hand as soon as his lips are removed from my skin.

Without looking at me or saying anything he gets up and turns away from the table. He walks briskly out the door, but not so fast that I don’t catch the red that’s burning in his cheeks. A small smile hits my face and I look at my hand.

Suddenly the cut doesn’t feel so small or insignificant.


A.N.: Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed it! 

I apologize for the rough grammar. I usually leave them for one day and come back to re-edit but I wanted you guys to have something because I’m not sure when I’ll have anything else new.

I’m working on the next chapter of my “Beginnings and Ends” fanfiction right now but I’m not sure when it’ll be up. I’m hoping for the end of this week at the latest but that all depends on school, work, society and life. you all get that though. I’ll do my best. I’m sorry for any inconveniences this may cause.

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As Froggie’s assistant I am able to learn new photography techniques in exchange for helping with his projects. Recently, he taught me the basics of portrait photography using one flash, a white umbrella, a light stand, remote triggers, and, of course, guinea pigs subjects. He also taught me how to use white posterboard to reflect light if need-be.Below I’ll outline the three types of lighting systems used for various effects as shot with my Nikon D3200 and with the help of my boyfriend and parents. 

NOTE: I’m not great at editing in Lightroom yet, so the photos are for educational purposes only. Although I WILL say Froggie edited pictures of my mom and dad and I was totally blown away by how cool they came out. That’s a lesson for another day. 

EXTRA NOTE FROM FROGGIE: I handicapped Erin a little due to the fact that I only had a small umbrella to give her. While the umbrella softened the light, it was too small to perfectly demonstrate these lighting styles. Small light sources do not always provide the “wrap around” lighting effect that is desired for these styles. So instead of small shadows in key places, sometimes it throws one whole side of the face in shadow. Despite the tiny umbrella, I think she did a wonderful job for her first time. And I think you can see with a little editing (above) the pictures had all the data needed to end up with a professional end result. 

Rembrandt Lighting 

Yes, it looks like a mugshot although I’m fairly certain this is Eli’s “enthusiastic” face. With this dramatic lighting, part of the face is obscured to a degree in shadow (an effect called chiaroscuro and I can thank my college Art History class for that fancy term). Google Image Search revealed a variety of different ways to achieve this effect, but I think the basic technique is the same; the flash should be positioned away from the subject at a 45 degree angle and be high enough that it is pointing down (also at around 45 degrees) towards the subject’s eye. The closer the flash to the subject, of course, the more illuminated they will be. 

Eli’s picture is perhaps a bit underexposed - I was hoping for just a triangle of shadow on the opposite side of his nose from the flash. Overall I’m happy with how the shot turned out. 

Ethereal Lighting

My dad doesn’t look too ethereal here. If anything, he looks like he belongs in the gritty reboot of the term ethereal (I don’t know what that means). I had everything right; the setting the light up higher and closer to my subject, compensated for flash since it would be too bright…What was I missing? 

After messaging Froggie, I realized two things: a) my dad is just too much of a badass to be ethereal and b) I should probably set my camera from f/8 to f/1.8. 

Take 2 with my mom:

Theeeere we go. The light is a little more flowy and illuminates the face, producing a more dream-like effect. 

Beauty Lighting

With this more feminine lighting style, the flash should be placed as close to the subject as possible, with the flash at a 45 degree angle pointed downward at the subject. Holding a white piece of poster board or some other reflector, the light bounces back up towards the subject’s face and envelops them in light.

In theory at least.

I’m not sure why there’s that shadow on her cheek - perhaps I was underexposed, but I feel like other parts of the image would have been blown out if I had the flash set higher. This is definitely a technique I’ll have to practice. Also, I should probably find the answer as to why she’s making a super mom-face at me in the picture. 

All in all, it took only a few minutes to set up and break down.  With a little bit of hard work maybe I’ll graduate to two flashes! As I told Froggie, I don’t know if I’ll be doing a lot of studio stuff in my own photography but I’m glad I’m able to learn it. These techniques can only help me be a stronger photographer and set me on my way to be the most well rounded I can be. 


This weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) I worked on set for 45 hours (for free, of course). I directed and shot a scene with a small crew for my class on the fly monday morning (4 hours). I went to another directors class. Tonight I am doing a table read. Wednesday I am editing and doing a full day of classes. Thursday is a night shoot, starting at 9 pm and ending around 10 am. Saturday and Sunday will be 12 hour days (min) on set too. I am so happy and so nuts and I love film and I may die because of it