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Games | Derek Luh

WARNING: This is smut and it’s very kinky, I’m talking Daddy!Kink and Overstim so I need y'all to be mature pls


Summary: Derek and Y/N decide on playing a game of who can cum first, and to make it interesting, the freshlee boys come over.

It was a normal day of sitting around the house in our sweats and I was lounging on the couch, my head on Derek’s lap. I looked up at him as my blow pop rest on the tip of my tongue as he let out a groan.“What’s on your mind, princess?” He smirked as his calloused hand combed through my hair. “Why don’t you and I play a little game?” I giggled, plopping the cherry-flavored pop into my mouth. His eyes flickered with excitement and he already knew where it was headed. He hoisted me into his lap and stood, escorting me to the bedroom. Immediately I was thrown on the bed and he went into our closet to retrieve my little pink bag of trinkets and delights.

Our little bag was a collection of toys and teases for my pleasure, mostly. But sometimes when Derek was Daddy he wanted to play with them, too. He plopped the bag on the bed and I reached into it to grab something new, a cock ring. It was a remote controlled ring that I knew would drive him mad, if he decided to wear it. I placed it on my tongue as he watched me intently, his eyes darkening. “Baby, I’m not wearing it,” he groaned as I could clearly see the bulge in his sweats. “Daddy, please. Your naughty girl will wear a vibrator in her tight little pussy, and only you will know,” I started as I reached into the bag, pulling out the toy and its remote. I placed the remote in his hand and began to tug down my sweats, sliding the small toy into my dripping core, a moan escaping my lips. Derek’s face was riddled with confusion and amazement as he watched my actions. “No fucking, oh my fuck,” he muttered as she took the ring and stuffed his hands down his pants, putting it on. “This better be fun,” he sneered as he walked out of the bedroom. “It will be daddy, trust me.”

After a little while of relaxing in bed, I felt the vibrations begin between my thighs. I bit my lip, trying to ignore the immense pleasure I was feeling, not wanting to stain my sweats. I quickly hustled downstairs into the living room to find KDL, Nate and Derek sitting on the couch, staring at me in amusement. “Baby, anything wrong,” Derek’s cocky grin glinted at me. “Not at all Derek,” I cocked my eyebrow and he narrowed his eyes at me. He hated when I didn’t call him daddy, it always resulted in trouble. I watched his hand reach into his pocket and I was immediately met with harder vibrations. I let out an instant squeal and Nate looked at me with concern. “Oh, saw a spider, it’s gone, ha” I spat in one word before scurrying into the kitchen. I attempted to prepare a meal, but I instead wanted to have my own fun. I reached into my sweats pocket and turned Derek’s ring on. “Oh fuck,” I heard him mutter from the other room which was followed by laughs. “Yeah, that was a pretty hot girl,” KDL noted and I cocked my eyebrow. I felt the vibrations in my core reach maximum and my walls clenched around it, my legs giving out on me. I fell to the floor as my arousal tore through me and sprayed across our kitchen floor. I looked down and whined, tears forming in my eyes as the vibrator continued its assault on my nether regions.

Derek ran into the kitchen to see the mess I’d maid. I wanted to open my mouth but I was afraid only a loud moan would follow, so I stayed silent. He cocked an eyebrow as he pulled me up out of my wetness and plucked my sweats down. “Oh babygirl, you’re so so naughty,” he muttered against my ear, sitting me on the counter. “I fucking love you,” he smirked and reached between my legs, grasping the vibrator and thrusting it in and out of me. I attempted to get him to stop, which resulted in his hand around my neck. “Don’t run away from daddy,” he spat as I looked into his eyes, tears flowing from mine. He held his grip on my neck as he licked up my neck and sucked harshly on the spot below my ear. His hand working on me below was full of vigor and strength as he pumped me to my second orgasm. I clawed at his back as I tried to fight back moans and tears but his grip around my neck told me to be audible. “Daddy,” I whined as I felt the vibrator continue once more, at a harder pace than before. Derek leaned into my ear and breathed, “play with your clit”. My head fell back at his words; I loved dirty talk. My weak hands went to my core as I used my left hand to spread my folds and my right to massage my clit. “Daddy it hurts,” i whined, tears flowing and evident in my voice. His right hand leaves my core and trails to my face, wiping the tears from skin with his thumb. I felt my end tear over me and he stepped away from me, taking the vibrator with him. “You knew what you were getting yourself into,” he winked and placed the remote in my hands, walking back into the living room. I heard a slew of catcalls and gasps and I blushed. “You’re a wild one in the bedroom,” KDL chuckled as I took weak steps into the living room. The boys smirked at me as they looked me up and down. My tee wasn’t large enough to cover my damp, lacy panties and I looked like I’d been through hell and back, but apparently that was hot. “Oh fuck,” Sammy groaned, his tongue peeking out of his mouth and swiping across his lips.

“Stop staring,” I whined and tugged my fingers through my hair. I stepped over to Derek, falling to my knees in front of him, my legs still weak. “No, you’ve been bad. You’re going to leave me alone,” he smirked and shook his head. I clambered onto his lap and his hands gripped my waist aggressively. My dainty frame was tossed onto Kevin’s lap and he groaned, his hands instinctively falling to my thighs. I huffed and crossed my arms, pouting. “Stop being a bratty princess or I’ll cum in your hair later,” Derek rolled his eyes and grasped the television remote. KD looked over at him and then down at me, all the boys staring in our direction.

“Hey, don’t involve me in this, ” Kevin groaned and shook his head. I whined again and began to wiggle my hips. “You’re a jerk,” I huffed again and Derek glanced at me out of the corner of his eye. “Fucking stop.” He spat as I rotated my hips like only he’d seen me do. Kevin’s low pants began to fill my ears and I blushed, quickly adjusting the little remote in my pocket to high. Derek’s eyes widened as he stared at me, biting at his lip roughly. “Baby, you better fucking stop,” he snarled, his hand gripping the arm of the chair roughly.

“He’s gonna cum in your hair if you don’t chill,” Kevin panted in my ear and I stopped my actions, cutting off his punishment. “You’re so sweet KD, I should fuck-” before I finished my sentence Derek grasped my hair and led me into the bedroom.

He shoved me against the door as his swollen lips attacked my neck. “You’re gonna have cum all in your hair, and on you pussy and all on your perfect little titties.” His words were almost enough to make my juices flow like a waterfall.
Within seconds I was on the bed, him straddling my waist. Derek brought his hand down on my breasts, smacking them harshly. “Holy fuck I wanna cum all in your hair,” he smirked and he ground his boner against me. “Daddy, stop being mean!” I whined and this caused him to stop his actions. “Shut up,” he scoffed and forced his fingers into my mouth.

A blush rose my cheeks as Derek struggled to slip out of his boxers, revealing his rock hard dick in all its glory. I moaned around his fingers as his teased my slit, a look of concentration on his face. “Daddy, please I’m sorry,” I whined around his fingers, looking him in the eye like an innocent girl. He rolled his eyes and took his fingers out of my mouth, aggressively flipping me on my stomach. “Face down ass up,” he chuckled slyly, my ass tooting in the air. His rough hands rubbed over my arse, caressing it like a jewel. Immediately after a large red handprint was present on my right cheek, a pain-ridden moan fleeing my mouth. “Sammy taught me how to do that babygirl,” he sneered before savagely ramming his cock inside my wetness.

I let out a Yelp as he gave no time for adjustment, just thrusting rapidly into my ever-so-sensitive core. “You’re so fucking tight,” he spat as his hands gripped my jawline, pulling my upper half into his chest. Derek’s lips ghosted over my right ear as he filled them with vulgar mentions and fantasies. I was a moaning mess under him; my vision was blurred and I could barely think straight. All I felt was that painful pleasure his overstim provided. He kissed my neck sweetly and bit into the tender skin veiled with sweat; marking his territory was his specialty. I felt myself coming close when Derek pulled out of me, dropping me on my back to the bed. I whined, knowing what was coming next.

He tugged me by my ankle toward him and I weakly took place on my knees in front of him. “Daddy, please not my hair,” I whined and held my locks in a failed attempt of protection. I looked up at him through my eyelashes as he pumped his cock slowly, like the tease he was. He threw his head back and let out a hot moan before gripping my hair with his free hand, he let some of his warm load out on my small breasts causing me to whimper, and followed it with some in my hair. I blushed as he smirked cockily. Opening his eyes to look at my angry, embarrassed ones. “Oh, what? That was disrespectful?” He smirked once more, hoisting me up and tossing me on his shoulders, my heat parallel to his mouth. I huffed and crossed my arms. “You’re so-” before I could finish I felt his lips wrapped around my clit, pushing me closer to my fourth orgasm, I squirmed as he lay on the bed, me sitting on his face. He thwarted his tongue in and out of my dripping cove as I felt my end overpower me. My climax approached and coated his face in an aggressive burst, earning a groan from Derek.

He took my small frame and placed me next to him, kissing my neck sweetly. “I was a little rough, but thanks for handling it like a big girl,” he cooed and kissed my forehead. I nodded and cuddled into him. “I’ll take you to get your hair done tomorrow okay?” He giggled and I huffed. “It was disrespectful!” I whined and he spanked my ass one good time. “Out of all things, I think that handprint on your ass is disrespectful, babygirl. But it’s okay,” he chuckled and kissed my lips sweetly.

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Check out my mixtape.

Pairing: Yoongi x reader

Genre: Fluff

(Credit to Original owner of gif)

You stood with your friends and her K-pop group at the BigHit building. They were about to meet BTS and you were there filling in for their rapper as she had immediate family issues to attend to and couldn’t make it. You were their song writer and choreographer but you were still nervous about performing and especially in front of big names which was ironic considering your job had you meeting Idols all the time.

You all entered the room and the girls did their greeting. There were camera’s literally everywhere and you found yourself hiding behind your leader who was confidently talking to the boys, Your group and their group were going to be collaborating together and you were going to be showing them the parts of the song you all had worked on. It was nerve racking to say the least, the girls had only just had their debut so they still had lots to learn. 

You got into the position of where the rapper would normally be, you had never performed with them before, you had demonstrated stuff for them millions of times but never with them. You took a deep breath as the music started and heard a quiet discussion from the boys of what they though each of your rolls were. The girls started singing and you hung slightly back waiting for your cue and it came in the form of the group’s leader ducking low onto her hands and knees and then the next member slightly higher up then the leader so you could climb them like stairs and leap of and began the rap. Your voice was shaky as you rapped the part, trying to look anywhere but the group in front of you, however you couldn’t help yourself and caught the eye of Yoongi who was staring straight at you with surprise written on his face. It gave you a burst of confidence and you started acting more cocky as the lines called for it and soon the music stopped and you were all breathing heavily from the complicated choreography you had designed for them. 

The boys all clapped happily along with the staff and you were pretty chuffed. the cameras captured you all talking together for a few more minutes before cutting and you could talk a bit more freely. Yoongi had been talking to your leader but had been waiting for the next free moment to make a beeline over to you. You had been deep in conversation with RapMonster when you saw Yoongi awkwardly place himself at the edge of the conversation, you were in complete awe, you were in the presence of your two biggest idols and you couldn’t believe it. “Hey I’m Y/N,” You introduced awkwardly and bowed your head slightly which made both boys grin “Well im Suga.” He greeted back to you.

You talked with the two of them about music and inspiration before you clicked and realized they thought you were apart of the group “Yeah I love writing the music for these guys but I don’t perform with them, I do their choreo and work on songs slash music with them.” You explained and saw Yoongi’s face drop slightly at the thought he would only ever see you perform this one time.

“Oh that’s a shame, you have a really good stage presence.” RapMon said and you nodded in agreement with him.

You remembered about your music you had produced for yourself “I mean I have a mix tape but its no Agust-D but if you ever wanted to-” Yoongi was quick to interrupt your little ramble with “I would love to hear it I’m sure its amazing.” He blurted and Rapmon stared at him, surprise playing on his face.

You blushed heavily and smiled awkwardly at the floor and took Yoongi’s phone when offered and put the name in for him to look up later on, in his own time. “So what was your inspiration?” RapMon asked while Yoongi searched for the mixtape.

You felt the blush on your face grow stronger and you found a piece of string on your shirt to play with. “It was Agust-D and Suga telling his story so I wanted to do the same but my own story.” You mumbled and saw Rapmon grin widely while Yoongi looked up at you a soft smile playing on his lips.


Yahhh I didn’t know how to end this, I might make it into a small series if I feel the inspiration. I’m sorry but hope you enjoy this thing I just finished writing in school instead of studying, this is also very poorly edited because I’m exhausted and lazy. x


“Nadine Ross runs Shoreline, a small but effective paramilitary organization based in South Africa. Trained in all manner of martial arts and a crack shot, she is a formidable opponent. Her no-nonsense attitude has earned her the fierce loyalty of her men. You would do well to stay out of arm’s reach when she’s nearby.”


I was requested to make a face tutorial, so here you go, part one!

Faces are quite simple for me, so this might be odd. But hopefully you’ll still find this useful. Okay, so! Take note there are NO rules with drawing, so no step is actually obligatory. You can twist and edit whatever you want to your liking. (not with this tutorial, but your own picture, of course).

  1. Draw a circle. Doesn’t have to be perfectly symmetrical; in fact, it’s better if it’s not. Remember to be loose with your lines. The only reason mine are this clean is because it’s a tutorial.
  2. Beneath the circle, draw something like a U or a V, or a square; it’s completely up to you. This shape will more or less determinate the face shape. I’ll make a separate tutorial about face shapes.
  3. Draw the neck; it’s very important to include this early when you draw the head, or it’ll look all odd. Imagine it going up all in the head to get make it look “balanced”. (weird, but hey). Almost.. think of a doll, how you’d place the head where the neck is to make sure it stays in place. The lines in the face will also be good guidelines when it comes to the cheekbones!
  4. Finally, draw a cross where the face will be. How you want to use these guidelines are completely up to you; but I usually like to place the eyes UNDER the horizontal line, and let the rest guide me. The other lines will also be useful guidelines; for example, the end of the circle could show where the nose are. Add or remove whatever you’d like; remember, they’re JUST guidelines. None of this will actually show later, so go nuts, do your own thing.
  5. Now, draw a SIMPLE version of the face. What do I mean by that? Well, draw the face, but don’t go into detail with it just yet. Just draw out where you want the eyes, nose, etc, and edit whatever you notice looks wrong. For example, I ALWAYS make my circles too big, but I like that more than making too small heads anyway, and it’s easier to edit to smaller than to bigger. Notice how I used the guidelines to make my face?
  6. Now you can finally go into fine detail to give it more character. I’ll make a different tutorial with specific “face parts” (nose, eyes, mouth, etc), but.. with the simple face you had before, it shouldn’t be too hard to give it detail once you have your base. c: Remember to draw the hairline too, so that you can add hair once you’re done with the face.
  7. Done! (Well, except hair.) Anyway, here I just noted down a few things I find important. First of all, DON’T BE AFRAID OF ADDING LINES IN THE FACE. I will admit I’m -still- a little afraid to add them myself, but it’s a thing you gotta get used to and practice a lot on! I’ll make a different post on this matter too. Also, face shapes; different post will come there too. Same with hairlines. Just try to variate! It makes it a lot more fun with faces and you won’t die over one face because it doesn’t look like “the usual faces you do”. Also, the skull roundness/size depends completely from person to person.

That’s all I have for more~ if you want to check out my other tutorials, just click [here]! And if you have any tutorial requests, let me know. 

How to draw a Profile Face

Agent 15 Chapter Four Sneak Peek

chapter four :: look alive

That face I dread. Those eyes that can see right through me. And the soul that betrayed me. “Got it, boss,” I replied, dryly. Sure enough, right on cue, I caught sight of him. Walking straight toward me on the sidewalk from the other end of the park.

It was a small park, so it didn’t take long. He slowed to a stand still just feet from me. Opening his mouth to speak. Before a word could leave his mouth, the palm of my hand connected with his cheek, and his head snapped left.

My eyes were sharp daggers as I glared at him, relishing in the pain I know that caused him. I’d added a little extra juice to ensure it left a sting. “You’re a cockroach, Grant ward,” I forced the words through clenched teeth. “If you think anything you say will be taken as truth-”

He sighed, fingers touched to his jaw. “Then I’m an idiot, I know.”

did reaaaally badly on a PPT presentation in class yesterday, so to drown my feelings i went and played the Sims 4 in japanese all day. didn’t study. no matter what language of the game you own, you can change the language (by going into the files and editing something-or-other, look for a tutorial).

normally the font size is too small but you can modify/hack the game to change that. it’s still a bit too small in a lot of places (making me push my face 3cm away from the screen to read it, as usual) so i end up not reading most of the text unless i really have to. some game options aren’t translated, as you can see above.

but overall i can understand what’s going on, i didn’t have a problem with the normal daily actions (”make food” “plant plants” etc) and the rest you just figure out when you actually do them (”piss on the bonfire”). when you have the job expansion pack and “go to work with your sim”, you get tasks to do and you have to be able to read enough to figure out how/where to do the task. for example, as a police officer you can talk to people and collect clues as to who the culprit was, then find a sim at the crime scene who matches the description. if you can’t read the description you’re screwed, but it’s just simple stuff like “they’re female” “they have black hair” “they wear shorts”.

sim is シム and gym is ジム. guess who wasn’t reading very closely for the first few hours in the game and kept wondering why they were saying “gym” everywhere.


say something || merlin&arthur


Dragon: “How small you are, for such a great destiny.”
Merlin: “Why? What do you mean? What destiny?”

Arthur: “I want to say something I have never said to you before.”
Arthur: “Thank you.”

god, tears were streaming down my face while editing this video. There are still so many things I haven’t dealt with when it comes to Merlin. Lancelot dying, Arthur dying, the open ending. 

Man, I wish they all just could have lived happily ever after.

Not sure whether this is a slash vid, or a bromance vid. It’s open for you own interpretation.

song: say somthing - it’s a great big world

colouring: NicoleProdz

The Knife Game

Fandom: Fairytail

Ship Title: Gajevy/Gale

Rating: T for slight vulgar language

Description: loosely based on this otpprompt: Imagine Person A of your OTP loses a bet (either by a friend or Persons B/C) and for them losing they have to play the Knife Game. You can decide if they complete it unharmed or they cut their fingers.

A.N.: Hello everyone! Thank you all so much for your support with my other fanfiction. But for all of you out there that aren’t into angsty stuff, I made a short little story based on that prompt above. It’s not much, I know, and it’s probably not that great ^ ^’ but it’s lighter than my angst writing and a bit fluffy. So I hope you all enjoy.:) I’ll see you all at the end. (Also I apologize in advance for any bad grammar)

Disclaimer: I do not own Fairytail or it’s characters.


Why did I bet?! I never gamble! Why did I bet!?  I stare down at the sharp knife in front of me on the worn table.

It had been unintentional. I’d simply said “I bet Erza couldn’t eat the whole cake before Cana finishes her keg.” I hadn’t meant it like a bet, just an observation really. It just came out sounding that way.

It’s a figure of speech I always try to avoid for this very reason, because this is Fairytail and as soon as I’d said it, everyone was in on it- and betting against me.

Turns out Erza can eat a whole cake before Cana can finish a keg of beer and I lost my accidental bet to most of the people in the guild.

Fortunately for me no one had stated the stakes so my rent money was safe.

Unfortunately for me everyone demanded an alternative payment.

Which brings me back to the knife sitting in front of me. It had been decided that I had to play the Knife Game.

“Go ahead Levy.” Lucy nudges the knife closer to me a smile on her face. I look up at the rest of the crowd all smiling at me. Even Jet and Droy are grinning like fools. It’s not every day that I bet and it’s even rarer that I lose, so everyone’s just enjoying the moment.

I don’t think anybody realizes the amount that I’m shaking. The Knife Game is hard to do as it is but with everyone watching I don’t know if I can do it.

Trying to conceal my nerves, I lift my right hand and grab the knife, grasping it in my fist. I lay my left hand down feeling the soft wood grain on my palm. I hold the knife above my hand and take a deep breath trying to steady it before I descend it between my fingers.

A large hand grabs the blade of the knife and pulls it out of my loose hold.

“The hell you using this piece of rust fer?” All the eyes in the room transfer from me to the hands owner. On the other side of the table, Gajeel place the knife in his mouth, chewing and swallowing it in one bite.

“Hey metal breath! We needed that!” Natsu stand up from his spot on the bench, opposite me. With a flick of his hand Gajeel pushes him out of the way and sits down in his spot.

“If ya need a knife use a proper one, not that sorry excuse fer a snack.” He holds out his hand and it changes to iron scales. Natsu pouts but, surprisingly, doesn’t object further. I guess my losing a bet is entertaining enough to make everyone a bit passive on the detail of my punishment.

My eyes go wide and meet his when his hand transitions into a sharp blade. He grins and winks at me in a way that I’m sure is supposed to be reassuring but only serves to make me feel incredibly unnerved. I swallow hard and drop my right hand into my lap but I leave my left hand on the table.

“Ready?” He asks. I take a deep breath and nod.

He won’t cut me. I don’t know anyone with a steadier hand than Gajeel. Which is good because he’s literally going to be stabbing the table between my fingers with his hand. I trust him but my stomach knots from anxiety anyways.

I watch his hand lower to the table and bounce between my fingers. He does the first few jabs slowly then it speeds up. His eyes stay locked on my fingers and soon he’s going so fast I can’t even see where he’s hitting.

“Quit yer shaking” He mumbles under his breath. I hold my breath to try to stay still. Then he stops, finishing the game, and leaving his hand stuck in the table. Everyone stares, silently at first, then a few cheers go up around the room. I let out a breath and relax, staring at my hand and Gajeel’s dagger hand beside it.

The guild quickly becomes interested in the next spectacle going on within the hall. I sigh out a deep breath again when all the eyes are off of me, quietly thanking the short attention span of the guild. At least, most of the eyes are off me.

Without looking up I can feel a pair of red eyes still looking at me and I know the reason why.

A small thin line on my pinky side of my ring finger fills in with red and a small teardrop of blood forms in the cut.

He cut me.

It’s small and insignificant but I know that he knows that he cut me. His iron blade reshapes back to his hand and lays flat against the table beside mine.

“I told ya to quit yer shaking” He grumbles and reaches for my hand. His rough calloused hand lifts mine from the table surface, bringing my eyes up with it. His face hardens as he examines the tiny cut on my finger. His nose twitches and I can tell he’s got the scent from something, likely my blood. 

His eyes cloud over and I have a feeling I know what’s going on in that thick iron skull of his, as he holds my wounded hand.

“Hey.” I smile at him and his eyes focus a bit, but the emotion doesn’t leave.

“I’m okay. It doesn’t hurt. You didn’t mean to and you probably saved my hand from worse damage. If I had done it, I’d have worse that a tiny cut.” I keep smiling at him trying to keep him from sinking further into the guilt that’s so clear on his face. An idea pops in my head that simultaneously makes me want to giggle and my cheeks burn.

“If you’re that worried about it, you could kiss it better.” I grin with only slight colour touching my cheeks. His already un-moving body freezes at my comment. After a moment of tension filled silence, he leans forward, unexpectedly pulling my hand closer to his face. I let out a tiny gasp.

My intention was to fluster him, make him embarrassed or anything to pull him back from his depression. It never occurred to me that he’d actually do it!  

My heart stutters in my chest. His lips are softer than expected and warm against my skin. It doesn’t last long and he lets go of my hand as soon as his lips are removed from my skin.

Without looking at me or saying anything he gets up and turns away from the table. He walks briskly out the door, but not so fast that I don’t catch the red that’s burning in his cheeks. A small smile hits my face and I look at my hand.

Suddenly the cut doesn’t feel so small or insignificant.


A.N.: Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed it! 

I apologize for the rough grammar. I usually leave them for one day and come back to re-edit but I wanted you guys to have something because I’m not sure when I’ll have anything else new.

I’m working on the next chapter of my “Beginnings and Ends” fanfiction right now but I’m not sure when it’ll be up. I’m hoping for the end of this week at the latest but that all depends on school, work, society and life. you all get that though. I’ll do my best. I’m sorry for any inconveniences this may cause.

All the support and feedback is very encouraging and helpful. Thank you all so much!! If you have any questions or comments on this fic, another one I wrote or just something random about me, feel free to send them to me. Thank you all so much again and I hope to see you all in the next fic.


This weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) I worked on set for 45 hours (for free, of course). I directed and shot a scene with a small crew for my class on the fly monday morning (4 hours). I went to another directors class. Tonight I am doing a table read. Wednesday I am editing and doing a full day of classes. Thursday is a night shoot, starting at 9 pm and ending around 10 am. Saturday and Sunday will be 12 hour days (min) on set too. I am so happy and so nuts and I love film and I may die because of it

anonymous asked:

you're sooooooooo pretty and j just wanted to know how get rid of acne scars and acne in general

thank you omg but just 2 put it out there, I had genetic acne (from my grandma to my dad to me woohoo) since I was 12 and a lot of these don’t work for me since mine is purely hormonal but since I’ve had it for so long I’ve tried literally everything except for surgery and birth control lmao

there are many different causes for acne, but I would say the two main ones that acne branches out to is hormonal acne and acne bc of hygiene

there are also temporary/permanent fixes ofc, and you should be wary of the temporary ones because it’s all based on skin type so you might have a reaction to it and its only solving the problem on the surface when you should be focusing on the inside

anyways just be cautious but some of the temporary fixes (usually applied directly on the spot) is
- toothpaste (was okay for me, but this ended really badly for a lot of people)
- warm water and salt on a cotton pad, press on the spot for 3-5 minutes
- spot correctors(?) serums(?) sold by different beauty brands
- eye drops/solution lmao they’re sterile and sanitize the area
these methods reduced swelling by drying out the pimple but these don’t fix the problem completely if your acne is caused by hormones

for hormonal acne, to get better by the long term you have to watch the obvious ones:
- diet (fruits and veggies?? too much sodium? fats and oils? dairy?)
- sleep?? are u sleeping enough?
- stress!! stress causes acne
- exercise!! sweating the bad stuff out of your pores is necessary


anyways, I found that the less I worried about my acne, the better it got (sounds way easier than it is but basically I just busied myself a lot so I wouldn’t be in front of a mirror picking at them)
*****which brings us to my next vERY IMPORTANT POINT!!!! DONT!!! TOUCH!!! THE PIMPLES!!!!!! ****

touching/popping the spots is something everyone does tbh I know you’re not supposed to pop them but I still do lmao whatever

what I mean with this is that if you feel small bumps coming up, don’t touch them. leave them alone. if you irritate them they’ll just get bigger and stay even longer rather than just leaving them alone ((i speak from experience friends))

k this is really unorganized but I’m just writing down my thought process sO LEGGO TO HYGIENE LMAO
sebum and sweat is something that clogs up pores and forms acne!!! so make sure you wash your face with a gentle cleanser at least twice per day (one in the morning, and one at night)
–> always remember to moisturize after cleansing because dry skin breaks out easily too

((I am so annoyed this is so unorganized but since we were talking about cleansers and moisturizers–))
here are some products that can help control acne, make sure to find ones that suit your skin type
- cleanser
- moisturizer
- blackhead peels
- exfoliating washes
- steamers(?) (idk what it’s called but it can be done with a hot towel too, to open up your pores before cleansing and moisturizing)
- face masks w/ lemon, aloe, tea tree or whatever
- tea tree oil products!!!! control acne

- obviously it takes time for the scars to go away LOL
- you can also choose to whiten your skin (naturally or using products, up to you but be cautious with whitening products since they put a lot of stuff in there…)
- I hear great things from bio-oil that helped people lighten their scars
- again, tea tree oil!!
- exfoliate once or twice a week for the dead skin cells to gradually fall off and boom new layer of skin

- in my personal experience, wearing bb cream helped because it moisturized, and I didn’t touch my face for the entire day (ppl say no makeup, but as long as you have it completely off your face by the end of the day it’s fine)
- cut your nails short!!! very short!! dirty things get trapped under your nails and when you pick at your face it just irritates the acne
- keep your hair out of your face at night and/or during the day!! this is for acne caused by hygiene/sebum
- change your pillow case regularly since u r rubbing your face on that a lot

this is so long and ugly but I’ve had acne for such a long time and tried so many things, I am so passionate abt this so
good luck!!! I know how sucky acne is and it really takes a toll on your self esteem and emotions

my doctor described it as a tunnel, acne is just a tunnel that you have to go through in life, like you’ll make it through eventually but just hang in there during these couple of moments 8D

Oxford, 1966. a mix for ITV Endeavour series 2.

May 1966. DC Endeavour Morse returns to Oxford City Police after a four-month absence from duty. Reunited with DI Fred Thursday, still reeling from being shot and the loss of his father, the detective’s involuntary furlough has left him mentally wounded.” May 1966. DC Endeavour Morse returns to Oxford City Police after a four-month absence from duty. Reunited with DI Fred Thursday, still reeling from being shot and the loss of his father, the detective’s involuntary furlough has left him mentally wounded".

01. a well-respected man - the kinks 02. run run run - the who 03. suspicious look in your eyes - the hollies 04. i ain’t done no wrong - the yardbirds 05. oh! darling - the beatles 06. i can’t let go - the hollies 07. what'cha gonna do about it - small faces 08. somewhere they can’t find me - simon & garfunkel 09. one more heartache - marvin gaye 10. strange young girls - the mamas & the papas 11. out of my mind - buffalo springfield 12. dead end street - the kinks 13. e too d - small faces 14. the last time - the rolling stones



As Froggie’s assistant I am able to learn new photography techniques in exchange for helping with his projects. Recently, he taught me the basics of portrait photography using one flash, a white umbrella, a light stand, remote triggers, and, of course, guinea pigs subjects. He also taught me how to use white posterboard to reflect light if need-be.Below I’ll outline the three types of lighting systems used for various effects as shot with my Nikon D3200 and with the help of my boyfriend and parents. 

NOTE: I’m not great at editing in Lightroom yet, so the photos are for educational purposes only. Although I WILL say Froggie edited pictures of my mom and dad and I was totally blown away by how cool they came out. That’s a lesson for another day. 

EXTRA NOTE FROM FROGGIE: I handicapped Erin a little due to the fact that I only had a small umbrella to give her. While the umbrella softened the light, it was too small to perfectly demonstrate these lighting styles. Small light sources do not always provide the “wrap around” lighting effect that is desired for these styles. So instead of small shadows in key places, sometimes it throws one whole side of the face in shadow. Despite the tiny umbrella, I think she did a wonderful job for her first time. And I think you can see with a little editing (above) the pictures had all the data needed to end up with a professional end result. 

Rembrandt Lighting 

Yes, it looks like a mugshot although I’m fairly certain this is Eli’s “enthusiastic” face. With this dramatic lighting, part of the face is obscured to a degree in shadow (an effect called chiaroscuro and I can thank my college Art History class for that fancy term). Google Image Search revealed a variety of different ways to achieve this effect, but I think the basic technique is the same; the flash should be positioned away from the subject at a 45 degree angle and be high enough that it is pointing down (also at around 45 degrees) towards the subject’s eye. The closer the flash to the subject, of course, the more illuminated they will be. 

Eli’s picture is perhaps a bit underexposed - I was hoping for just a triangle of shadow on the opposite side of his nose from the flash. Overall I’m happy with how the shot turned out. 

Ethereal Lighting

My dad doesn’t look too ethereal here. If anything, he looks like he belongs in the gritty reboot of the term ethereal (I don’t know what that means). I had everything right; the setting the light up higher and closer to my subject, compensated for flash since it would be too bright…What was I missing? 

After messaging Froggie, I realized two things: a) my dad is just too much of a badass to be ethereal and b) I should probably set my camera from f/8 to f/1.8. 

Take 2 with my mom:

Theeeere we go. The light is a little more flowy and illuminates the face, producing a more dream-like effect. 

Beauty Lighting

With this more feminine lighting style, the flash should be placed as close to the subject as possible, with the flash at a 45 degree angle pointed downward at the subject. Holding a white piece of poster board or some other reflector, the light bounces back up towards the subject’s face and envelops them in light.

In theory at least.

I’m not sure why there’s that shadow on her cheek - perhaps I was underexposed, but I feel like other parts of the image would have been blown out if I had the flash set higher. This is definitely a technique I’ll have to practice. Also, I should probably find the answer as to why she’s making a super mom-face at me in the picture. 

All in all, it took only a few minutes to set up and break down.  With a little bit of hard work maybe I’ll graduate to two flashes! As I told Froggie, I don’t know if I’ll be doing a lot of studio stuff in my own photography but I’m glad I’m able to learn it. These techniques can only help me be a stronger photographer and set me on my way to be the most well rounded I can be. 



I couldn’t believe I made it into OVO Sound.

It had been my dream to finally make it big while I was being brought up, but I didn’t think anyone would actually notice me. 

When I heard about tryouts for Drake’s new label, I knew I had to come in and show him what I had. I made sure that I separated myself by not trying to seduce him like other women. 

I was certain that I had what it took despite of my pure shyness.

They welcomed me into the label with open arms, though and before I knew it, Drake was signing realty papers for the new house he bought me. Everyone who gets signed gets their own individual house instead of being packed in one estate. 

I was grinning from ear to ear as I skipped up the  front steps. Drake handed me the keys, a smile on his face as I put the key in the lock and twisted it. The door slowly opened, and I looked around in awe. The front room was spacious with a small end table in the center. Pink embroidered the legs of the table and a vase of daisies were in water on top of it. 

Drake sat my luggage in the living room and held out his arms. “Like what you see?”

I nodded.

I took myself to the living room and felt like I was literally floating on air. A close-up shot of me during a freestyle was edited and hung over the electronic fireplace. A wide flat screen TV hung on the wall adjacent, and a large sofa faced it. The coffee table had OVO SOUND on it, with the proverbial owl logo under it. 

“This looks..amazing..” I murmured as I walked over to the kitchen and ran my hand over the granite countertops. “Is this all real?”

“Yeah. 100% authentic. Nothing in here is fake.” Drake’s smile was still on his face as he watched me take it all in. I was utterly astounded by the beauty of the living room and kitchen. I could only imagine what the bedroom looked like. 

“Where is my bedroom at?” I questioned him and he nodded towards the spiral staircase that seemed like it led to the top of a castle. I ran up the steps and heard Drake keep up slowly. There was a pink door at the very end of the corridor as you passed a spacious recording room and game room. 

The pink door had MARAJ in italics. 

It’s really mine..

“You gonna open the door or..” Drake shifted his feet.

“O-Oh, yeah!” I giggled, flinging open the door and squealing. The blush toned king sized bed caught my attention first, with its grand canopy and two stuffed animals on the bedding. 

I screamed and ran to pick up the stuffed animals. I held them close to my pulsating heart. “Their names are Oscar and Eleanor,” I told Drake firmly. He chuckled, and shrugged. I put them back down on the bed next to me as I plopped down and sighed, basking in the excellence I worked so hard for. 

“This house is absolutely beautiful. The rooms…so breathtaking…” I whispered, then made eye contact with Drake. He was staring very hard at me, and muttered,

“Like you, Nicki.”

I smiled and looked down, setting my hands in my lap. Drake perched next to me and gestured.

I sat up and he grabbed my chin. “I mean that. Don’t ever sell yourself short.”

“Drake, I…” I began to say, at a loss for words.

He tucked a stray strand of my black hair behind my ear and toyed with my bamboo earrings before removing his hand. “Um..” He cleared his throat, getting up and brushing his pants. “You. Studio. Tomorrow. We have work to do.” He returned to the stern expression he had the first day I met him and turned on his heel and started for the doorway. 

“Wait, Drake..” I said.

“Hm?” Drake’s eyebrows raised up as his eyes flickered over to me.

I twirled my hair around my finger and spoke softly, “Thank you.” I cursed myself mentally.

Dammit.  I have got to learn how to speak up a lot more.

“No problem, babygirl. Oh, and you can call me Aubrey.” He flashed me that blinding smile and walked out, closing my bedroom door behind him. 

I felt my face get hot and fell back on the bed oncemore.

What was this feeling?

Why the hell did I freeze up today?

I focused on the ceiling and felt my body succumb to my fatigue and closed my eyes. 

There’s something about him..