this is not something i like to share

One of my favorite workout shirts. Rocking the Zootopia pride!!!

Now on a different note I would like to address something. I’ve seen so much furry hate in the last year of my life then I have in the past 20 years. Now I’m relatively new to accepting my furry Pride and there is something that I would like to share. It is so easy to hide behind a keyboard and hate others when they are not in front of you but when you are physically there and show that you have no shame in Who You Are there is nothing anyone can say or do that will bring you down. Those many who would comment on line are too scared of you because you do not show any hesitation. Now yes I am a biker and I am a tattooed bodybuilder but that doesn’t make my point any less valid. There is no shame being a furry, there is no shame in being a brony or what ever other fandom you are a part of. Know that it takes a certain kind of person to be brave enough to stand out from the crowd and dare to be different and because of that you are an admirable individual.

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Could you book me a flight to Quebec, in Canada. I always dreamt to go there.

Oh, sir, you are lucky. We have a cheap offer today for flight and residence near Montreal. You would stay in a shack in the forest, with a really big property, though you would have to share the residence with an older couple. No shared houses or something like that, just staying on the same plot of land. That’s okay for you? Great, I will make the booking right away.

Several days later you climb out of the bus. It had been a long ride from the airport here, to the middle of nowhere. Though you had really enjoyed it, seeing the forests and natural wonders of Canada fly by you, even if it was only from the bus window. You were even surprised that it was so warm here, you had expected an icy storm, but instead it was like a mild winter day. You had pulled of your thick mantle and instead swapped it with a thinner but still warming jacket. 

As you walk through the gates of your residence you immediately see the older couple’s car parked on the other side. The burly keeper guides you to your shack and gives you the key.”Be sure to not hit your head on the doorframe, Redwood.”, he chuckles, his voice oddly high pitched. As if he had provoked it, you hit your brow on the wooden framework. Immediately your big hand shoots to your forehead and then slightly upward to correct your hairstyle. “Shit.”, you murmur, your voice oddly deep. 

Still rubbing your forehead you don’t notice the rearrangement of your bone structure, giving your face a rough handsomeness, perfectly fitting the Canadian stereotype. You don’t even notice the slightly itching sensation as thick stubble pushes out of your lantern jawline or the blurring of your vision as your eyes take on a piercing green.

As you look around the room you suddenly feel extremely cramped. Like the jacket, which you remember being pretty loose is now skintight. As you walk past a mirror you see notice where the feeling comes from. You look like you have been poured into the piece of clothing, the grey textile clinging to what looks like some extremely defined muscle. Your pecs look incredibly round and hard, your arms are close to bursting out of the tight sleeves, just like your amazingly wide shoulders and you can practically count your deeply cut abs through it.

Suddenly you feel a delicate hand on your massive back. The keeper, not the burly man you remember, but a delicate, almost feminine twink. “Sir, could we now please take a look at the bedroom?”, he asks, lustfully taking in every inch of your muscular body. “Someones wanna see why they call me Redwood, don’t you?”, you ask him and take him up, throwing him over your shoulder. You feel the little guys 2 inch erection against your rockhard shoulder, and immediately know he will be able to take your monster cock.

Though you shouldn’t penetrate him too hard, after all you don’t want to have your parents next door know what you’re doing to your property’s keeper. They have trouble with finding someone to take care of your land, considering all the keepers you left wasted. Though that is what a true Canadian does, right?

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OMG! I never saw that picture! It's amazing! Thank you for sharing! 😍 I'm telling you, Colton knows something!

And he’s not even prompted! Like at Wolfsbane 3 he just started talking about Hoechlin and Dylan dancing on set and that same panel talking about Sterek “It’s RIGHT THERE!” 


<p>Which one do you like more? I want to turn this into a T-shirt or something but I would like to hear your opinions :D. As you may have noticed I really like to draw pretty boys, and I&rsquo;m often encountered with some negative comments like &ldquo;that doesn&rsquo;t exist&rdquo; or &ldquo;boys can&rsquo;t be so pretty&rdquo; but they do! And I think is so awesome that they exist, that&rsquo;s why I want to do this and share it &uuml;.

Um, ok, so, here is my first digitally finished drawing! I want to thank everyone who helped me get to this point!! @7space0chips7 @booyakasha516 and @s-fellows-art for their encouragement and many helpful hints and criticism. And a special thanks to @lilith5th for walking me through a lot of this and telling me the specifics of using some of the tools available. And of course for all the time she shared with me.

I’d also like to thank @vess-hs who was probably the first person to really encourage my art and the jump to digital. Thank you for your recommendations and encouragement and your time as well. I have probably learned more from you and your streams (and the many times you stopped to explain or show me how to draw something) than from anything and anyone else!

And finally, I cannot forget my darling, sweet *cough* daughter @qesena who (sometimes reluctantly) helps me to get better and pushes me out of my comfort zone to take more risks and learn more.


Well I’ve now reached 15000 followers 😳😱 how crazy is that?

I am humbled that so many would think my blog is worth a follow, so thank you to each of you who have taken the time to stop by and have a read.

My follower numbers have been building for a while so I have had time to think about what I might mark the occasion and I came up with this

My very own 15k writing challenge and it goes like this

1. In this post I will tag some wonderful writers who have helped me along my tumbling road by sharing, liking, commenting etc on my posts
2. If I tag you and you are up for it then please private message me with a prompt. I will then try to write something to that prompt
3. Prompts don’t have to be just one word but can be sentences or even the beginning of a poem

Between now and when me and my lovely lady @which-craft-me go on our holiday on 13 August I will do my best to post on my blog written pieces in reply to each message I receive.

I am actually finding this idea quite daunting as I am lucky enough to be followed by some absolutely amazing writers and
I honestly can’t promise I will be able to write something for every message I receive (assuming I receive any at all) but I will do my best. If a writer who sends me a prompt has a style of writing I might even try to write my piece in the same way!

Maybe this is a mad idea but 15,000 followers to my blog is just as mad!

Here goes - I have tagged below those tumblr writers who might be interested in sending me a message prompt


Review of the 3 Paris shows

Hello, it’s been a while since I’ve written something on my blog and just been on tumblr. Last time that I was really there, I wrote the review of my journey of 10 Coldplay shows in Europe. It’s been over a year and now, I feel like writing something again, about these last 3 Coldplay shows in Europe because those were incredible, full of happiness and tears, and because I just wanted to share my experience with any of you who would be interested to read it.

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If you could tell us 3 flaws thaf you have, which one would yoi share?

What is a flaw? How can we define a flaw? Some would say, “My flaws are my acne, my crooked teeth, my stretch marks.” but what makes these things flaws? What kind of perfection are we striving for that categorizes things like these as “flaws”?

I’d be more inclined to say my “flaws” are things like the fact I’ve had to deal with getting migraines my entire life, or my poor eyesight and needing to wear glasses/contacts 24/7. But even then, how could something like migraines be a “flaw” of my human form? They’re merely a way for the body to communicate when something is wrong with it. Pains and sensations are simply the language of the body.

I could say certain personality traits I dislike are “flaws”, but given that everything needs balance and it’s required I must always have things about myself I like and dislike to continue pushing myself to change and grow, how can the things I dislike be considered flaws if I appreciate them as they are and they’re a wonderful example of the balance of life?

The word “flaw” implies that it is a fluke, a mistake, something man-made that contains an imperfection. Every aspect of myself has purpose and reason for being the way it is whether I see it negatively or positively.

Even if you dislike things about yourself, it’s still possible and important to hold appreciation for them because you are just a continuation of the universe itself and the rules of the game within it. Change is a constant and every aspect has its opposite. We must have things we dislike so that we can continue to grow - and to cherish this fact does not mean to give in to that which we don’t like, it’s just a paradigm that can brighten your perspective and give you more power to change.

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hi nova!!! i really like your blog and i think it's a great resource. i do want to share something though, and please know i mean it with full respect. based on the way you respond to messages, i get really negative vibes. it seems as if you are just extremely blunt and straightforward but looking closer, i sense no sympathy from you at all. again, i do not mean this in a malevolent way and i'm sorry if that's how this comes off. but how you speak to people matters and you should consider that.

I understand where you’re coming from, but honestly, I get the same questions every day after I have begged people to do a simple thing and read my FAQ, to actually look through the hundreds of resources I personally wrote. I try to make them as accessible as possible for people but it seems as though no one actually bothers to look for resources themselves.

When I first started out, I was actually afraid to ask questions because I didn’t want to look foolish so I spent countless hours compiling correspondences and learning on my own.

I cannot be everyone’s teacher or shoulder to lean on. I am a human being with my own needs.

Gladiolus being an avid reader I see him at home having a book in each room.

Like in the kitchen he’s reading Edgar Allen Poe.
In the living room Tolkien.
Bedroom Issac Asimov
Bathroom: outdoor magazines

I don’t see him being really a one book at a time person. I know in the car is really the only spot we see him read. But perhaps that is what he reads in the car? Something different in the tent or caravan?

Random thought I had as I was about to drift off. Felt the need to share. I legit think about Gladiolus way too much and often dream about how he would be with me as I calm down for bed. Sometimes it is with Ignis and Gladiolus but most times it’s just Gladiolus.

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I run @hiveswapstatus on twitter and I feel like we share something very special despite never having spoken. March on soldier. May we both live to see the day this game comes out.

hello friend….

see you on the other side…

good work out there…

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hey you probably never hear this but you write angst so fucking well. I love the angst you've written and I find myself going back and reading that sometimes more than fluff. Don't get me wrong fluff is great and you write it wonderfully but there's just something about your angst. Fucking amazing. Can't wait for a new angst oneshot or something. Keep up the amazing work!

Oh wow thank you honestly this is so touching bc I never write angst (for fic anyway). I actually have this whole angst AU planned and idk if I can ever get around to writing it bc I work 3 jobs to pay rent but like I’d love to share it w u guys to see what you think

TalesFromTheFrontDesk: Disgruntled Parents &amp; Prostitutes

So this story was a little whack, and is definitely something I wanted to share with you guys. It happened just a couple hours ago.

A get a call from a very angry sounding man. “Hello VeganPowerViolence, I just confiscated my son’s cell phone and I’ve got something I need to share with you.” Okay? I was weirded out at first thinking he had the wrong number, but he kept going and things got a little interesting.

“My son showed up past curfew tonight, and I took his cell phone to figure out what he was doing. After looking through his texts it seems he had met up with a prostitute at your hotel”

Well shit, looks like I’m gonna have to contact police and get ready for a long night of dealing with them. I assumed it would probably be a pretty important case because our town is smaller and prostitution is practically unheard of, plus this was an incident involving a minor. I was right, and it was crazy dealing with all of this.

The golden part of the entire thing though was towards the end of the phone call with the parent.

“Yeah man, I just thought this was something you guys should know since you’re one of the better hotels in town.” (I hear his son say something in the background) “NO GODDAMMIT YOU SLEPT WITH A FUCKING HOOKER, YOU’RE NEVER GETTING YOUR PHONE BACK!”

It was a wild ride guys, gotta love working Saturday nights.

By: VeganPowerViolence

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What keeps you motivated? I know you've said, well, us, but what else? There had to have been something that made you sit down and start writing Wayhaven, or any of your VNs, and keep at it before it was shared with the public.

I suppose having it as such a creative outlet is a major thing for me.

Also, the hope that one day I can maybe make a career out of it,and do something I love with a passion for a living is probably my biggest motivator!

I’ve always- from since I was very young- wanted to write and make comics. But, it became quickly apparent that it wasn’t in the cards- comics are just too big a project, and I like new stories too much to spend years on just one story line (even Wayhaven will have different story lines, even if the same characters, etc).

And, as much as I love writing stories, it never gave me the full feeling of being satisfied. 

When I found interactive creative works (like visual novels and interactive fiction) I knew I had found what I’d been searching for to really fulfill my creative passions! The fact it’s interactive made such a big difference to just writing linear stories.

So yeah, I have an extreme love for creating these works, and the idea that I might be able to do it for the rest of my life and career pushes me to keep going with them :) (I still have the dream that it will happen one day… lol).

Thank you so much for the question! Sorry for the long answer :D

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hi! just read odat, and i find yuuri and victor's gifts fascinating! like, ive read about gifts similar to yuuri only they're about wanting something instead of believing something, which is interesting to compare. isn't wanting a form of belief also? im not sure if it makes sense, but i think believing in something is kind of the same as wanting to believe in something and vice versa. to me wanting is an emotion while belief is a thought, which then makes me think about victors gift....

Oh, yeah, want and belief are really interesting in the similarities they share!

That said, I think there’s still a crucial and worthwhile distinction to be made between believing you want something and believing in something; e.g. ‘I want to go to sleep’, vis-à-vis ‘I am asleep’. Yuuri’s gift works in the domain of the latter. He can believe he wants something, but that belief on its own will not engender the reality of that thing coming true. For that, he needs to believe in that thing itself.

I’ve always seen wanting as a separate operation from emotion, but not operating to its exclusion - so I can want something, but the mere fact of wanting it is an independent desire that may be attached to an emotion. For example, I can want to buy X, and this want can be linked to the sentiment of wanting to own X because my mother owned X, but the fact of wanting to own X is separate and stands on its own merit.

Oh my god, I feel like I’m approaching the bounds of some sort of debate on something to the tune of Kant’s Metaphysics, so I’ll stop and save us all the headache, hah!


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why do you hate gg? Lots of people do and i cant seem to find why

they’ve made A Lot of racist jokes in the past (yes even after jontron left) and people have said they stopped doing that, but i’ve seen Receipts that they still do

racism aside they do actively still make gay jokes and idk i don’t really trust straight men who make gay jokes w/ a gay dating game that much

edit: oh and apparently they did something with shadman? who is a well-known pedophile and its like. impossible to Not know that

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Hi TT! I just wanted to know your thoughts on the subject of shivaay's hypocrisy. He gave anika hell over daksh and didn't even hear her out until she was almost dead. Now he's like lol oops I guess I'm a father now. Where is that sanskar shit about no sex before marriage that he was preaching earlier. I keep finding him less and less deserving of anika as the story is progressing.

Hi anon! 

Yeah, Shivaay certainly seems to have some double standards re: premarital sex, because even when Daksh shared his intention to bed Anika, his comment was something like “WOH aisi ladki nahi hai.” Nothing about being against premarital sex in general, just his belief that Anika being who she is, wouldn’t indulge in it. Also, while Tia and him didn’t go all the way (now that we know Tia wasn’t into him either), but they certainly seemed to have had some degree of physical intimacy, with all those nights she spent over with him seeming like a routine occurrence. So yeah, pot calling kettle black is a regular thing with him. 🙄🙄🙄

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don't say you want to improve for your audience. if that's the reason you want to go to an art school, don't. the only person you should work towards pleasing is yourself. don't do shit like that to work towards any goal other than your own happiness

yes, but i really like to draw and post my stuff here, it’s what makes me happy. I would’ve quit drawing, probably, if something didn’t pull me to go further, to get better, to get challenged and to improve, and i think it’s people requesting, and sharing, and appreciating my art that did this thing, that made it happen, that made me want to improve.

I really, love drawing. It helped me through hard times and i love it as it is.
But knowing a wonderful and kind community like you guys, has made me happier, and it made me know that someone out there appreciated what i did, or at least cared.
So, i want to improve myself, my own style, as i’ve seen  goals i wanna reach in less time as possible. but i want to do it for you guys as well, cause you always support me, always. And as i’m growing up, i’m changing, i want to change for the best, for myself and for you, as this blog grows with me and all you followers.

I noticed only now, thanks to you guys, that i wanted more from myself, that i could do more.

getting better isn’t a thing i just want to do only for you, but for you too. Because you helped me learn to walk by myself.