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A Quiet Love.

L padded back into the room, barefooted as always, his long-sleeved white shirt hanging off his frame. He wore jeans that hung low on his hips and though a fluffy white towel was draped over his shoulders, he made no move to dry his hair, which was creating a water trail from the bathroom to the control room.

The rest of the Task Force was hard at work and no one paid any mind to L, which left you to stand up and go over to him. “L! Your hair is dripping all over the electrical equipment.”

He blinked up at you. “Yes, it is.” And he turned back to the computer, tap-tap-tapping like no tomorrow. Well, you reasoned, for someone like L, tomorrow is never guaranteed.

All at once your heart broke for the stoic detective who had a heart bigger than anyone else you’d ever known. He could never let it show, though, he could never open up to anyone and while some of this was choice, he was human and humans were social creatures. L had long since denied himself any kind of human contact, any kind of friendship, and you wanted to be everything he needed to give him back something after everything he’d given the world.

Lost in your thoughts that were centred on the man sat in his usual position in front of you, you hadn’t noticed that you’d picked up the edges of the towel around his shoulders and that you were towelling his hair dry, fluffing the raven locks at the tips before working your way up to the roots, which you massaged at the same time as you dried them.

L froze and tilted his head back to look at you. This pulled his hair back from his face and you were struck by how handsome he was.

“Y/N, what are you doing?” His onyx eyes bore into yours and you felt your cheeks get hotter as you blushed. Your hands stopped drying his hair and you met his eyes.

You searched for an answer - what was the simplest one? L would see what you wouldn’t say and he’d hear what you did, but he’d pay attention only to what you didn’t say, so in the end you settled for the truth.

“I’m taking care of you the way you deserve to be.” You offered him a soft smile, letting your affection for him come forth in your eyes so he could see the truth for himself.

Slowly, a spidery hand came up and two fingers delicately closed around your wrist. He was taking your pulse, you knew, but also keeping you close to him. It was practically a love confession coming from L.

“Thank you, Y/N.” He said your name reverently, like a prayer, and you smiled and leant forward, nuzzling your nose against his and resting your foreheads together. That same hand came up to cup the back of your head, and there you stayed for a time, basking in the company of the other.

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im dyin i love ravne so much??? it’s one of the Few Days where i feel 100% good abt being here and 100% confident in what im writing here and everything i’ve built and honestly i’m nearly in tears??? i love her SO MUCH she’s so important to me and i love all of u for helping to Get Her here bc i wouldn’t have been able to without all the diverse interactions i have to write raven into because you all have such good muses and ??? i’m honestly hecked up

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I know this is a rare pair but I was just thinking, what would it be like if Mikasa were to have a crush on Reiner and/or vice versa? Can I have headcanons for it pretty pleaaaaseee?? :)

Of course you can! You know we love rare pairs here! 

  • They were quick friends. As they are almost equals in terms of strength and combat, they were often paired together during training exercises or were asked to lead different exercises together. They got along well, casual talk and banter exchanged for a while. Then that general enjoyment turned to admiration for one another, admiration for more than just the physical strength but the mental and emotional character underneath. And that become two awkward crushes. And that very, very slowly became a really cute relationship. 
  • Mikasa got really shy around Reiner once she recognized her feelings as a crush. She was totally comfortable around him before, but after romance enters the picture, she just gets really flustered and shy around him, scared of confronting her own feelings and also really scared that he’ll never feel the same. 
  • Spoiler Alert: He totally feels the same. The difference is that Reiner can handle a crush like a boss. He’s very good at compartmentalizing his feelings and moving past the awkwardness to continue the normalcy of friendship. Every now and then he’ll slip up and flirt a bit, but that’s welcome when you’re also harboring a crush yourself (i.e. Mikasa.)
  • Their relationship would be goals in every way, and everyone has secretly been hoping it’ll happen from the start. They’re the top of the class, equals in strength and academic prowess. They’re both gorgeous humans. They are Team Mom and Dad in the squad, and among the cadet corps. Everyone has been waiting for this, and cannot handle it when it happens. 

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Do you ever just…. think about Victor and Yuuri holding each other, in complete silence, simply listening to each other’s heartbeat.