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I have devoted my life to the raising, training and breeding of Bug-type Pokemon, and yet people still consider it a "joke" type, one of the weaker ones, simply because they only ever think of things like Metapod. How can I better convince people that Bugs are worth their time?

You can’t. People will think what they think. There will always be people who think Dark-types are malicious, Fighting-types are temperamental, Fairy-types are weak, and Bug-types are jokes. You can’t change that. You can only change you.

Do you thing Bug-types are a joke? Do you get offensive when you think someone else does? Why? Why does their opinion have such power over you? Now, if someone is threatening or harming you over this, then, yes, they need to change, but are a stranger’s thoughts on your favorite type really that powerful?

I know I’m being really preachy right now, but other people’s opinions on your Pokémon really don’t matter. What matters is you like your Bug-types. Work with your Pokémon, love them, respect them. Some people will recognize Bug-type’s value through your passion, and the others never really mattered at all.

Since Appmon never have Fresh/In-Training/Baby forms, I thought of making one for my own. I think of them like “Bases” of sorts. Like I hc Appmon are born with a definite base and as they are coded specifically what type of app they’re based from. 

In whatever order: Social (light blue), Navi (green), Tool (purple), System (yellow), Game (orange), Entertainment (red) and Life (pink).

Lastly, some interesting design notes: I had a hard time figuring out some Base Appmon like Entertainment and then I remembered Monimon of Xros Wars and thank god I took the inspiration from it. Game was a little tricky so I had to entirely base its design on a game controller with stubby feet added to make it look like a walking controller lol.

Look I’m tired of this war between Supercorp and Karamel why can’t you guys just ship whoever you want without spreading hate (IM TALKING ABOUT BOTH SIDES) I’m a karamel shipper everyone who follows me knows that but I LOVE LENA LUTHOR and I’m so happy Katie is going to be a regular next season. I don’t ship Supercorp but I think the kind of friendship Kara and Lena have is hard to find and I’m glad we’re gonna see more of this friendship but all this hate coming from both sides and hateful posts is just exhausting when I read this things (and is hard not to bc is all the time) I find myself sad and all the joy shipping karamel brings me kinda goes way. Look I find it very honorable you guys fighting for LGBT equality and wanting more time on screen that awesome (I personally think that sanvers is a beautiful couple that deserves more time on screen) but you have to understand that is not karamel fans who decide that so stop attacking them for something we can’t control and I love Chris Wood w/ all my heart he’s the most selfless and adorable person I know he talks and fights for the mental illness cause bc of his dad and he’s so strong to talk openly about this his feminist and fights too for the rights of LGBT community so I’m sorry but if you hate him for just being white/straight or bc your ship is not happening sorry but it’s not enough bc you’re hating and spreading horrible things about a beautiful human being. But ok you have the right to no like his character and karamel that’s your opinion and I respect it but don’t think you should say this things about him bc it really hurts especially him(who hardly uses his social media and with all this hate his getting i’m not surprised) and for us fans it sucks you hurt us too bc I’m a fan for a really long time I know the kind of person he is. You guys are hurting a human being a super cute human being not the character bc he’s just doing his job and he has no say in the storyline so pls stop I’m begging you. THE OTHER SIDE NOW in MY FEED I’ve never seen any hate about supercorp or about the LGBT community THANK GOD BC IF I DID I SURE AS HELL WAS GOING TO FIGHT FOR THE RIGHT THING (of course I know that there’re people out there who spreads hate about supercorp too) BUT IS NOT THE ENTIRE FANDOM EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE ITS A TINY PART OF US AND IS STILL WRONG AND IT HURTS I KNOW BUT WE FIGHT THEM TOO BC ITS NOT RIGHT. I told myself I wasn’t going to talk about this ship war anymore bc it makes me sick to see a fandom who are supposed to be supportive and united grabbing each other’s throats like that but the time is passing and more and more hate are being spread I mean ??? LEARN TO LOVE THATS ALL IM ASKING YOU DONT LIKE YOUR FRINDS SHIP THATS FINE YOU DONT NEED TO FIGHT W/ THEM BC OF THAT OR SAY OFFENSIVE NAMES. RESPECT THATS ALL
Don’t say offensive things and spread more hate on this post okay? I’m just trying to idk help maybe try to unite a little THIS amazing fandom that’s all I’m asking thanks.

jelix trash

^^^me!! so here, have a fanfic! (if you wish)

College/University AU, Felix Kjellberg/Sean McLoughlin (aka jelix, septicpie), Ken/Mary, Mark/Amy, implied Marzia Bisognin/Signe Hansen, past Felix/Marzia

Very fluffy! Everything is nice and nothing hurts. Felix is a ray of precious, positive, nice sunshine. Sean is loud and sassy. PJ ships it. What’s new?

No offence whatsoever intended!!

Enjoy! :) 

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It was only by finding a man who treats me with respect and care that I am now realizing just how badly I was treated before. My expectations weren’t unrealistic and I wasn’t too demanding like he said I was. I was just accepting ‘love’ from a boy who wasn’t ready for a woman like me.
—  He wasn’t a bad person, he was just bad at love - Jess Amelia

Alexandre Vauthier SS 2017, the collection so bizarre that I can’t even place it on my best or worst list for this season

Blog PSA

If you think this post is ok plz block me right now. If you think it’s ok to publicly post such disrespectful things about Jensen plz block me right now. I beg of you bc I don’t want to see you shit on my dash, ever. This is not ship bashing. Shipping is not my issue with this post. The DISRESPECT is. This is damn near slander (I’m not sure how the law works so idk if it would qualify) You can not just preface something with “oh no offense lol” & spew off any trash you damn well please. Jensen is a PERSON ffs. He’s not a character. He’s not a toy. He’s not a prop for your shipper fantasies. He is a person with a family. A wife. Children. His life is his & their business, not open for some bullshit theories you want to throw out there.

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I might have not been watching carefully enough but everyone keeps saying Clarke wouldn't let Bellamy go out in the rain/physically fight him (jokingly) to protect him because Clarke never lets him do dangerous stuff. I know there was the time when she refused to let him go to Mount Weather (and she eventually had to) but what are other instances she prevented him from endangering himself? I ship Bellarke by the way. Clarifying because my post seems anti Bellarke lol.

I’m not sure I agree with them. She definitely challenges him on doing dangerous things, but I don’t think she stops him if it’s the right thing to do. Same for him. Frankly, she might have ended up going with him. 

I think one of the things about their relationship is that they respect each other enough that when they make serious decisions, dangerous ones, because they think the risk is worth it, the trust that the other can handle it and has thought it through. And then they do their best to hold up their end of the risk, and protect the other. Bellamy went into the mountain (his plan) and Clarke protected him from the outside. Clarke went into the COL (her plan) and Bellamy protected her from the outside. That’s two separate dangerous missions that were very much a part of the plots of two separate seasons. Not just a moment of protectiveness, but actually a defining characteristic of their relationship. You save the world. I save you.

I think one of the dangers of stanning and shipping is that we put on rose colored glasses and see only the “love” and pretty things and brush off the contradictions and conflicts and flaws and not so pretty things.