this is not respect

I love thinking of Yondu doing stupid stuff during pre-battle negotiations, or smth.

They’re trying to talk business, and Yondu’s got a fidget spinner.

Everyone’s trying to arrange a hostage negotiation, Yondu keeps falling asleep.

A rival ship starts shouting threats, and Yondu pops out an earbud, “wad’yah say?”

The Ravager Council is having a serious meeting or smth, and he suddenly holds up a hand-doodled Ravager Council Meting Bingo sheet and yells “BINGO!!!”
Or a he throws a Rubix cube up triumphantly, “SOLVED IT!!!”

A client’s meeting with him, and he whips out this coloring book, and waves a hand, “Keep talkin’ I’m listening, i swear.”

reminder about from ovw

1.she’s 19

2.yes, she likes snacks, a lot of people do. that doesn’t make her immature.

3.yes, she likes video games, a lot of adults are allowed to like video games. but they’re still mature and don’t constantly bring video games up. (most adults) and she is still obligated to take things seriously becauuuuse

4. she’s a soldier. literally a soldier in a war. who watched teammates die.

5.once again. i can’t stress this enough. she is 19. she may be the youngest human (i say human because orisa is 1 month according to the ovw page) in overwatch but she is still legally qualified as an adult.

6.she is a celebrity, which means she’s probably a HUGE rolemodel to kids. she can either act mature and help kids mature as well or she can be the complete opposite and be a horrible rolemodel. gee, i wonder which she’d choose. so she’s most likely under a lot of stress to be more of an adult than she already is.

7.note im not saying she can’t act like a kid. but most of the time when in battle she probably has to show a lot of maturity, etc.

the reason im posting this is because a friend pointed out there is a LOT of people potraying hana as a child who’s a whiny brat who runs around refusing to fight and plays video games all day that’s covered in dorito grime. im well aware im probably gonna get hate for this (Because that’s just how tumblr is) but??’s much more than just a gamer, please remember that.

Not sure if this can help anyone but yesterday I wasn’t hungry and I was just in one of those moods where I wanted to eat and I knew I shouldn’t be so I just said out loud “I’m going to respect my body enough to not stuff it when it isn’t even hungry” and the desire to eat sort of just left!! Like it gave me another outlook to the situation where I wasn’t depriving myself of anything and neither was I unnecessarily consuming anything and idk if this will help you but it did for me! xx

Trying To Spell This Out Differently

If you’ve heard it once,
you’ve heard it a thousand times,
and may hear it two thousand more.

Just not from me.

It’s not that I want
to reinvent the wheel,
but more accurately
to stretch the truth all across it,
strike it like a war drum,
and cache it back in your chest
to play my favourite song
when I’m in need of it most.

I have not struck gold lately,
but miners found
your darkest oil is white,
and try to dilute
your prosperous liquids
and tears
to name a few)
with their lecherous spit,
so I’ll rescue your shining heart
before they try to pollute that too.
I could feel your lustrous pulse
in a lot more than you could ever know.

While I haven’t struck gold lately,
I have struck through
and time
and time again.
and sayings
and adjectives
that portray you
for the boon you are
and betray me easily
as the common buffon
I simply could never be.
I have struck through
such familiar words
as the following:

In doing this,
I have created a ladder
tall enough to climb
to the depths of your opinion
and reassure you
that you are much more,
at least to me,
than words will ever be able to say.

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I can almost 100% guarantee that everything Louis is doing as far as music goes now, was scheduled months ago, He can not literally CAN NOT just cancel and change it. Larry or NOT. Harry would NOT want Louis to do that either. He full and well let us know with out having to that he was in the UK. I am not a Larry either. I do not think they are together but even *if* they are, this is normal. This is called real life. My Mom had to keep working after her Dad died.

Yes, it is. People think that because they’re famous or something, they can just do whatever they want like there are no responsibilities. They’re people with work, with timelines, with everything that comes with job like everybody else. I’m sorry about your mom’s dad x

💢 Important 💢

I just discovered some people edited my art without my consent and posted it on Twitter without giving me credit, and I’m so pissed off because I’ve never given permission to edit my art. Even knowing this would happen, it’s frustrating…

If you ask me for repost my art outside Tumblr, like Facebook or Instagram, I usually give permission. If it’s only repost, you give me credits, and you link to the original post on Tumblr, you don’t even need to ask me. That’s ok! But you can ask me anyway if you want to make sure. I like to chat with people (both english and spanish).

If you ask me for edit my art for translation, I refuse, because I don’t want my art to be edited. But for that reason, I translated my comics to both english and spanish, so more people can understand them… if you want me to translate something, just ask!! I’ll do it!

I don’t like to put a watermark all over my drawings, but I do anyway because I don’t want my art to be stolen… and it’s sad it keeps happening.

If you like someone’s art, don’t repost and edit without consent!! Support artist sharing their original post and always ask before! We don’t bite!

(dale a “seguir leyendo” si quieres leer esto en español)

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Toy Soldiers Masterlist

Fic Last Updated: August 22, 2016

SummarySteve and Y/n are both part of Erskine’s serum program; they both become national heros; Y/n ends up falling for one James Barnes when she helps Steve rescue the captured 107th – the longest, most painful love story ever is born (I like being dramatic)

Part I

Part II

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See, but the closest I can get to using Identity first language on myself, without using very informal neologisms or nonuniversal euphemisms like squirrel, is "I am an ADHD-affected Person with [other disorders]", and I feel that is a lot less identity first than someone else saying "i am autistic", and making the "political" choice to state one's neurotype a certain way, is an ability I do not have...

Sorry this took so long to respond to. I was trying to figure out how to word a response and my brain finally got in gear. :P

I didn’t say anywhere that all disabilities or conditions allow for identity first language. Things like ADHD or cerebral palsy are a few examples. 

Sometimes the identity first term may be downright offensive. “Grandma is demented” vs “Grandma has dementia” is an example. “Epileptic” vs “has epilepsy” is another one. (I had Rocket Raccoon call himself an epileptic nutcase in a fic, but that’s how Rocket talks and he’s a little shit. I headcanon it that he has epilepsy and C-PTSD and those are just two of his issues.)

The point I’m trying to make is if a disability or condition can be used both ways, see how the people affected by the disability / condition refer to themselves. If it’s mixed, then ask individuals what they prefer. There are some communities where those affected prefer one term among themselves, but want people who aren’t affected to use another. When in doubt, ask. That shows you respect their autonomy and how they want to identify themselves. 

Conditions or disabilities that can only be spoken of one way kinda have an advantage because it can only be said one way, so someone has to make a huge effort and use ableist derogatory terminology to royally screw it up. 

“He has ADHD.” “Xe has BPD.” “She has vertigo.” “They have PTSD.” etc, etc, etc.