this is not real xd


Our boy who always eat food from convenience store and room service finally get exposed to real food ^0^ And he even tried to sing to mess with Nobu :O XD (x)

And here’s for anyone who want to hear the song Yuzuru mimicked XD

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I just saw the word edgelord in a non-sherlock context, but like some war flashback, I immediately remembered that one Edgelord™ Churros exits (though I struggled to remember her real name for a moment, my mind came up with Eurasia xD) and that meant I had to find some High Quality Salt™ so here I am browsing your churros tag and honestly thanks for tagging it churros, eurasia who? idk why but I felt compelled to tell you this

Eurasia ascfdggnnko oh god at least you deleted the real name I am laughing so much. xD
She is under eurus tags too i think. My tagging when it comes to her literally sucks. Thanks for sharing this with me friendo. I had a good laugh. War flashback indeed 😂😂😂. Eurasia tho 😁😁

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How do u look like?

I’m kinda fat, an smol ;w; and I look something like this:

that sweater was a gift a couple years ago cant wear it anymore too fat for it now xD

colors of the persona are pretty much real tbh, even my hair. (yeah its messy all the time) and I smile a lot like my persona does xD

hope this explains uwu

…Nobu’s “fufufufu” though…XD

In case you don’t know, this is just one of KiraComp L tradition…for NamiDai to always ends the episode with the Namikawa-shiki Janken…and for no real reason. They just did this every episode…XD

PS. And they seriously up the game this month for the KiraComp quiz…Usually, they’ll give out either autographed CD or autographed canvas, but this time, they’re giving out these… ._.”

Not like I can participate anyway though…=w=“

Wonder if they’ll give something good for next month too… ._.”

WELP-YAY I MADE IT IN TIME ;^^; I mean it is 24 in some places right?….RIGHT??! SJBXJSBX

His angel finally agreed on going out with him on a date only because it was the guy’s birthday <3 totally not cuz he wanted to as well ;3  

I feel so bad i couldn't give the bg, shadow,etc too much time because of my college work but I’m at least glad I could make it in time u//////u




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If i'm not mistaken, Kubo already said once that Homophobia doesn't not exist in YOI's world and that no one judges for who you love (or something like this). So maybe in YOI's world same-sex marriage is allowed everywhere XD

I hope so. It would be marvelous that real world also worked like YOI, and homophobia did not exist (◡‿◡✿)

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You know I think people should ask if you even feel comfortable with the whole,"Ship"thing. Just saying, what if you don't.

Yeah, but I guess I’m okay with it :) not like I’m gonna be in a relationship in real life anyways XD

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si eres menor en tumblr no puedes quitarla, yo igual lo intenté xd

yayayya pero q no entiendo como sabe q soy menor porq ni en mi gmail ni en mi tumblr di mi edad real xD

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Tom Wilson and Andre

• go on a road trip with-  Andreeeeeeeeeee
• take to prom- Tom
• buy a puppy with- Andreeeeeeeeeee
• make cupcakes for- Tom… make him smile more XD
• let pick the music in the car- Tom
+ who’s hoodie i’d “accidentally steal”- Tom (Ok let’s be real I’d be down for anything with Tom XD)  

monochrome-no-soul replied to your post : would you ever consider doing shiny recolors of…

I would love to see their shiny versions but I guess if you don’t wanna, eh.

It’s not necessarily that I don’t want to but I just wouldn’t want to make a whole new series for it, I think the priority should be on new Pokemon. In a couple years from now or whatever I wouldn’t want to be like “Okay we finished every Pokemon up to date, now lets do it again but slightly different!” know what I mean? XD

That being said, if there was a real interest in seeing the shiny versions I wouldn’t mind doing it at my own pace. It would probably be a low priority thing I do without a schedule, and it I would be working with what I’ve already drawn and not drawing them in new poses or anything. c:

Screw rest, I’m taking a hike

Doc: Okay, remember you’re still in recovery. If you want to go back to work on Monday, you need to rest up, drink lots of water and avoid any unnecessary physical exerci–


I was told to stay put, so I climbed on top of a fell.

Oops. XD Okay but real talk here, I’m a Lapp and Lapps get healthy by climbing up their tiny mountains. We headed to the local national park and it was awesome! We weren’t the only ones there and my dad almost had an aneurysm from Ami barking up every person we came across, but the weather was much nicer than we expected and everything was pretty and yussss. <3 Have some pics because why not:

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Wait. What are your pronouns? All this time I thought you were a girl! So sorry! 🙈

Lol, i’m a guy XD My real name is Trí, but my friends call me Tin XD