this is not real xd

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Is your logo from Gravity Falls? They pulled off the whole 'secret twin' thing really well and surprised me because I thought it was going to be really corny. I hope Yana does the same if the 2CT is true!

Yes, it is! :D @her-majestys-watchdog sent me a link to a video clip of Ducktective (see below) 2 years ago and I found it funny especially in the light of the unpopularity of the 2CT in the Western fandom so I’ve since used it as my icon! xD

Now that I rewatch this, I still find it hilarious haha xD

As for the real twin plot twist in the series, yeah I really found it interesting, too! It had some similarities with the 2CT (one twin taking on the name and identity of the other twin and thus deceiving everyone; the creators planned it from the beginning and gave us a lot of hints throughout the series, heated discussions between twin theory believers and non-believers, etc). Now it would be funny if real!Ciel had 6 fingers, too, but sadly, - I’ve just double-checked it -  he doesn’t (neither does our!Ciel) xD

my-lady-no-further said: But he could have six toes…

OMG. YOU ARE A GENIUS!!! This is the best 2CT comment I’ve ever seen! xD

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You know, it really surprises me how everyone looks awesome. Sans is hard to comprehend because he looks like a small child, but he's obviously better that the original; Papyrus is incredible as usual; Asriel looks REALLY sexy; Chara is fine i guess? She looks like she takes good care of her skin. Toriel and Asgore look young and pretty and Undyne is hard for me as I am not attracted to women, but she has big breasts and a pretty face, so she is sexy too! I wonder how real you would look like

thanks XD…well…. I’m just a ordinary  normal 19 years old girl :D(and so stupid

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Mmmm.... So, Rejet never confirmed Adam (Yui's son) is Shin's son?? Like, why he can't be Carla's son??(and dont bother yourself writing in spanish XD in real, i can understand spanish best than i understand english, cuz spanish looks like portuguese!!)

Pero Yui tuvo relaciones con Shin, ya que es el único al que mostraron(?
Ademas de que Ruki le dio Yui a Shin :’v

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14 & 17 lol. I luv your blog😘

You didn’t really specify who for, so I’m just going to answer for Macey :3

14. How do they react to/deal with betrayal?

She completely cuts you from her life. She’ll be the most loyal person in the world but once you ruin that trust, don’t ever expect her to give it back.

17. What are they like when they’re drunk?

She’s very chatty and friendly, very touchy-feely and has no real concept of personal space. She can also get quite loud xD

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Hoiiii!! Como esta? :'3 PD: quiere una oreo? :v *saca una cajita de oreos*

Holiiii!! Estoy bien! Pero muy ocupada ahora 7w7 siii!!! DAMELOS!!!! Oreos oreos!!! Gracias por los oreos virtuales(? Nah… me voy a buscar oreos reales no aguanto xD y usted como ha estado? Espero que bien.x3

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are you alright? did something happen? :(

Well, I’m very busy lately, and as a friend told me, “I am an active member of real world fandom lol” ( @fuzzywuzzylittletail XD). But to tell you the truth, what else is killing me are some problems… and because of that I’m having to deal with depression again… but I’ll be fine, I’ve dealt with this once and it will not be now that I’m going to give up! Don’t worry dear Anon ;)

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