this is not real ok

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in Ishida's recent pic I see Nier Automata >.>


Seems like he was saying he bought the CD and picture book! [x]

I’m taking this as confirmation that the Oggai kids with the blindfolds are based of the NieR YoRHa Androids

especially considering how similar Kijima looks to Emil, another MC from the previous NieR game (was it ever confirmed that Ishida took inspo from Emil for the character design?)

I wonder if the Oggai are going to have names like 9S and 2B…. Furuta Nimura is based on his birthdate so basically that anyways!

ok but real talk, Ishida drew Kaine from the previous NieR game [x]

I wonder if he’ll do art for Automata too *PRAYER HANDS*

How to introduce your Xenoverse character; post the most awkward shots of them





This is it! The hot glue dragon.

I also put real crystals on it, including delicate flakes of crystals, I don’t exactly know what type of crystal these are, that’s ok. I would have given it real rubies for eyes(Because I had two small rubies from a broken necklace that was gold w/ rubies, but.. I lost one of the gemstones.

This used a lot of glue.

It was originally planned to be a skydancer, then it ended up that it was going to be a mirror after I started, then imperial, then it became a normal dragon and that’s when I decided, if it isn’t going to be a flight Rising dragon, might as well give it gems.

I’m going to accept the existence of this baby because it looks real this time. If Liam says it’s his, ok then. I’ll accept that too, with a large chunk of skepticism. In part because I don’t have the energy for another round of fake baby drama.

Ok but i for real thought that “Changes” by David Bowie said “time may change me, but I can’t CHANGE time” for so long LIKE IT MAKES MORE SENSE POETICALLY I JUST


Self indulgent edgy dads doodle before bed // Gabriel’s inaccurate height is intentional // Try to stop me ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)