this is not rayvin at all

ray donated when michael and gavin showed up and michael and gavin talked about ray for a solid minute after and basically all of my mental illnesses are gone, my crops have been sowed and watered, my debt is nonexistent, and the electoral voting system is gone and clinton is president now 

prompt: “I’d die for you. Of course, I’d haunt you in the afterlife but really, it’s the thought that counts.”

for @kahnah23, thank you for all your support <3

“Do you love me, Ray?”

It’s a strange time to ask.

They’re lying up on the roof of the penthouse - not even on deck chairs or the pool mats, just on the hard concrete floor - and it’s hot, too hot. Gavin thinks that’s why his head is spinning; it’s been a long and weary summer and now it’s so humid it seems like the pressure is building up and up, and the heady smell of chlorine from the pool nearby seems to be drowning most other things out.

That and he’s drunk.

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anonymous asked:

I don't know if you're still doing the shipping meme, but if you are I really feel like something with Ray and Gavin

falls asleep on the couch:

  • both of them, usually after a night of gaming (read: a night of gavin getting his ass kicked in every single game he insists he can beat ray at), even though someone (read: gavin) usually ends up on the floor by morning
  • “wasn’t enough room,” says ray, but ray is a filthy liar
  • gavin is consistently baffled at how much space ray manages to take up with his tiny body
  • it doesn’t make sense

makes friends with the neighbors:

  • gavin, and ray hates it, ray hates it
  • like, whatever, make small talk in the elevator as much as you want, but now people are knocking on the door all the time to ask to borrow an egg or offer a plate of cookies or ask about why there are always so many different vehicles rotating out in the garage, how are a couple guys in their twenties affording so many new motorcycles
  • and, look, the apartment is Personal Space
  • you know that awkward stage of adolescence where you’re home alone and someone knocks on the door and you freeze
  • and go into balls-to-the-wall full-on Stealth Mode trying to figure out who’s at the door without alerting them to the fact that you’re home because dear god social interaction please no?
  • ray has not left that stage yet
  • so you can imagine how all the “it’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood” shit is going for him

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minific: things you said under the stars and in the grass

a/n: for @kahnah23, thank you so much for all your support! <3

6. things you said under the stars and in the grass (mayvin, gta au)

“Are we there yet?” Gavin asked.

He heard Michael shift in the driver’s seat beside him - heard his exasperated, but fond little exhale of breath.

“Almost, Gav,” he replied, for what was probably the sixth or seventh time… in the last twenty minutes.

“And I can’t take this off yet?” Gavin asked, reaching up and touching the sleep mask over his eyes that was serving as a blindfold.

“No!” Michael shouted, with just a tinge of alarm. “Don’t touch that. And no peeking.”

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any semblance of touch

aka that gta rayvin ecstasy fic inspired by and for @firstnameagent
rating: m?? there’s no explicit smut but there’s frottage, okay, that’s all i got
other info: recreational drug use, feelings on the beach, gavin and ray rolling on molly and getting off in a club i dunno here have a thing
on ao3

He’s still trying to keep his eyes on Gavin, because the last thing they need is Gavin getting his ass kicked for dancing on the wrong person. He watches the feathered top of Gavin’s hair and gold flashings of his jewelry flit around the club from person to person for a bit until the high really settles in and makes him shut his eyes with a sigh, just feeling the music thrum through him.

He’s startled back into reality by somebody crowding him up against the wall, a briefly unidentified hurricane of white teeth and expensive cologne.

“Gavin— Dude,” Ray huffs, trying to get out from under Gavin’s weird hug/body-osmosis-through-sheer-will thing he’s trying to do. Every point of contact is like a spreading electric flame sweeping up his skin.

“X-Ray,” Gavin says cheerfully, except he’s shouting a bit, too loud over the music in a more isolated part of the club away from the speakers.

“What do you want?” Ray demands, exasperated, wishing he wasn’t smiling.

You, you dope,” Gavin says. He’s got Ray half pinned against the wall, still dancing a little despite their awkward position, like his body can’t help but move.

“Oh, you want me?” Ray deadpans, throwing out the innuendo out of nothing but pure habit at this point.

And Gavin is—very close, body heat sinking through Ray’s clothes, lighting him on fire. His mouth is open slightly, lips flushed and full. “Well,” he says, annoyingly candid. “Yeah.”

And the thing is—fuck, they’ve made out before, whatever; Gavin is effortlessly affectionate and Ray is easygoing, and so maybe they’ve done shit high school prom style, necking in secluded areas with one or both of them high or drunk and whatever, that’s fine, shit happens, but this—

Okay, maybe this is par for the course.

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