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Too LAZY to make a new graphic so please bear with this revised one instead. Four years on one muse (despite the blog changes) wasn’t something I expected when I made this muse from a 1996 animated movie, and this is in no small part due to the COMMUNITY here.

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Thank you

As always as well, I am using this opportunity to thank people. To EVERYONE who reads this, be WELL! Remember you are UNIQUE. Take care of yourself, be kind to others, be kind to yourself, do something to make yourself or someone else SMILE, we are all part of this WORLD.

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Crack theory time! What if the Castle of Lions is the White Lion? 

  • white
  • called Castle of Lions
  • magical connection to Allura and the Lions
  • has a particle barrier like the lions
  • really dang strong and possibly self-healing
  • four legs

One day everyone’s in trouble and someone (maybe Allura or maybe someone else or maybe by itself) unlocks the secret and –queue transformers sound effects–you got a giant bad-ass white lion

but there’s no point to a white lion u say. voltron’s already complete. what more can be added?? 

that’s the beauty of it! it doesn’t add anything to voltron. voltron adds to it

They fly in formation and the white lion turns into a big robot body while voltron itself forms the head gurren lagann style

best part about this is that if Allura does pilot the castle/white lion in this way, she really will be where the heart is. also bonus points if Coran gets to pilot it too while wearing this

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i found out i was ace yesterday. i’m a heteroromantic asexual and i don’t feel like i belong in lgbt bc im technically “straight”, but i kinda wanted to share for asexual awareness week

I’ve been posting my asks in my queue but I’m gonn answer and post this immediately because it’s very important.
You are not “basically straight”, you are asexual. You don’t have to be part of the lgbta+ community but you certainly have a place in it.
Don’t let those stupid gatekeepers (*cough* aphobes *cough) tell you you don’t!
You most certainly are lgbta+ if you feel like you are! If you feel better with labeling as straight than asexual then that’s up to you but please,I am begging you, don’t let them make you feel like being asexual isn’t “important enough” for you to be lgbta+.
I love you so much and I really get the self doubt that comes with this stupid “discourse” but I really hope you can find a way to just say “fuck em” because they’re not worth it!

You can always always message me,don’t ever hesitate. I am here for you sweetheart.
Lots of love!

netflix & chill…& killianby @blackwidownat2814

When Emma arrived at Granny’s half an hour later, she found her son and pirate (boyfriend?) huddled together at the counter as Henry seemed to be showing him something on his phone.

“…and that’s how you log into your queue.  Make sure to only use the one that says ‘The Captain’.  Don’t use Gramps’, especially.  He’s very picky about it”, said Henry.

“Not to worry lad.  I vow to stay within the confines of The Captain’s queue.”

“Sweet Zeus. What have I done?” Emma’s outburst surprised her boys and they both spun around to face her.

“What are you talking about Mom?”

“Whatever do you mean love?”

“I’ve made a monster.  You’re going to be binge watching all the time now”, Emma replied as she took a seat next to Killian.

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part 2/2 of @csstorybook project!

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Kil'jaeden had a wife and children, his wife perished at the hands of his own demons (he'll never forgive himself for it), but his children escaped and became part of the army of light.

Confirmed. It would be nice if his children ended up being those that redeemed the people he betrayed. A good way to close the circle.

Weekly Update!

  Well! It was a productive week for simming but I did not queue up many posts XD

  6 post per day this week, of Daria and Ramona, could have been of Wilfried too but I didn’t queue those posts yet :/ sorry Wilfried fans!

  Carnage and Academy? Hey! Well, I guess I found my muse for these stories again! The next chapter of Carnage will be an epilogue of sorts, for this part of the story. The next chapter was always going to be the last of “Part 1′ either way, but, I thought of a really cool and better way to tell the story.

  When it is all done, I will marathon the older posts leading into the last part, then post the last parts. I look forward to sharing it again! 

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Carl Benjamin (AKA Sargon of Akkad) showed up at a VidCon panel about harassment with Anita as a speaker there and brought about three rows worth of people to try and intimidate her and she used him as part of her presentation. Slayed.

I don’t know who either of those people are but YES

Like what kind of logic tho

“Yeah lemme just harass this woman who is speaking about harassment, that’s gonna go real well for me” 

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Grateful Diaries #11

  1. I ate 3 meals today and hit my calorie goal, usually it’s sporadic eating and then playing catchup at night. My “best practices” are starting to become a “healthy habit”! Yay!
  2. We didn’t go to the comedy thing, but I’m totally okay with that. I managed to clean up our room and get laundry done, so I feel prepared for the week ahead.
  3. I’ve been making Polyvore outfits to go with my Deities, and it is bringing me so much joy as a Hellenic pagan and a glamour witch. I’m peppering them into my queue for you to see.
  4. The edible cannabis oil that I take isn’t technically RSO, so my husband came up with a name for the company to market it and they loved the idea! Let’s just say, I’m part of the inspiration 😍

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Soooooooooooooooo mind telling me why you thought it would be a good thing to post another part 1 to a series and you made it even more angsty? Nikki I might have to sue you like you're Min Yoongi himself. I'm not ready to be heartbroken from another one of your masterpieces.

HAHA here’s another update for you keetie, Part 10 (I) is now in my queue. 

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Week’s Queue (October 22nd - 28th)

Hi, guys. Here’s this week’s queue.

All stories listed are posted 2:30 pm BRT (5:30 pm GMT).

Sunday (October  22nd): Who is in Control (Part 30) (Avengers)

Monday (October 23rd): Again, and again, and again NSFW (Alpha!Sam Winchester x Omega Reader; Supernatural)

Tuesday (October 24th): Princess (Part 3) (Supernatural)

Wednesday (October 25th): Mine NSFW (Robb Stark x Reader; Game of Thrones)

Thursday  (October 26th): Hey, boy - Mrs Captain Series (Steve Rogers x Reader; Avengers)

Friday  (October 27th):  Princess (Part 4) (Supernatural)

Saturday (October 28th): Barely Legal (Part 1) (Tony Stark x Reader; Avengers)



i do this. this is final pam. you remember how your backyard barbeque go, the smiths. pretty good it doesn’t seem. ha ha. i tell little joke. next time, you invite pam.