this is not okay okay

so Rachel Shelley described Milah as a “frustrated artist” on Twitter and I just


like can you imagine, the young woman with an artistic soul, getting trapped in a marriage that takes away her freedom and her self-expression and slowly wears her down because, yes, this is what you do, this is what a good girl does, but it’s not for her, it never was, and her husband is a coward and she always wanted more

and then she gets out, she leaves, she runs away on a pirate ship with a dashing young captain who wants to show her the world

and suddenly she has time and inspiration again and she starts drawing again, just furtive sketches at first, and she remembers what it used to be like, how it feels, the relief of being able to put her emotions down on paper

and Killian finds her sketching and instead of angry that she’s wasting her time on idleness, he’s really impressed and interested, and rather than complain that she never has time for him, he makes sure that she has time for art, he leaves her alone when he sees her sketching and he always asks to see it afterwards because she’s good at it

they make port in some far-off land and Killian takes Milah shopping for pencils and chalks and maybe even paints

the crew members all want to be her next subject and gather around to admire her latest artwork

she does realistic portraits and sometimes hilarious caricatures that make them all laugh (and no one laughs more than Milah, and no one smiles wider than Killian)

the captain’s cabin slowly fills up with art, from dark and bittersweet portraits of a young boy with dark hair, to beautiful landscapes and seascapes, to whimsical pictures of mermaids and pirates, to a portrait of Killian that he says is almost as dashing as the real thing (she can never quite capture the delighted twinkle in his eye, but the love of him is there on the page for anyone to see)

and just, the thought of Milah rediscovering herself and her passions and her inspiration along with her freedom is making me feel a lot of feelings

i just wanted to say that i really, really do not think that sana is going to release the messages. mostly because yes, sara’s very ugly and completely awful side deserves to be exposed, but by doing so, sana would hurt people that she still, deep down, cares about. whether people think she should care about them or not, she still does. and i really don’t think she’d do something like this during the month of ramadan, a month that without a doubt means so much to her and during which she’s going to want to not only be a good person, but also better herself. and i feel like the idea of using noora’s e-mail address to spread pictures of isak’s private conversation with someone, in which eva and vilde are bad-mouthed is not going to sit right with her and is not going to fit her desire to be a good person 

there’s a reason why we haven’t seen her use those messages the way we’ve been led to think she could, i.e. by logging into noora’s account and spreading them. she clearly is still hesitating, and in the end, i think she will lean toward not using them this way. it doesn’t mean that she won’t use them at all, though. there has to be a reason why we’re being shown these glimpses of the struggles vilde in particular seems to face. once again, as much as we rightfully think that vilde has been horrible to sana this season, i still do think that sana wouldn’t want to do this to her, and i think that sana actually feels for her. what exactly is she going to do with the messages? that i’m really not sure yet, but i think she’s going to use them in order to get her friends away from sara, and in a way that wouldn’t hurt people she cares about 

and i, personally, would really really love to see her sit down with jamilla and talk about this with her, about how conflicted and hurt she feels, and for jamilla to understand, as someone who not only knows and sees sana, but also knows what ramadan stands for and means to her, and for her and be there sana

Utapri Maji Love Live 6th Stage Twitter Round Up

DISCLAIMER: I am only rounding up information found on twitter in one huge post as a reference for convenience. I did not go to the concert. 

Alright! This isn’t the best round up of info I’ve gotten but I might update this as other people on twitter put out their thoughts and feelings and what they saw!

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  • Mr Damocles: Well they finally caught the thief
  • Adrien: Wow they’re really going to expel him just for stealing pudding cups and toilet paper
  • Mr. Damocles: No he was caught taking parts from the engineering rooms
  • Adrien:
  • Nino:
  • Mr. Damocles: …Have you two been stealing pudding cups and toilet paper?
  • Nino: What? No. We uh we hate pudding and we don’t um we don’t use…toilet paper
  • Mr. Damocles:
  • Adrien: We have one of those French things that shoots water up your butt
  • Mr. Damocles: Bidet
  • Adrien and Nino: Bidet to you too, sir