so!! there is a post going around made by raichuvirus where a comic made by egomatter was reposted with some text that could’ve easily been added on a reblog. Now that post has more notes than the original and I advise you NOT TO REBLOG IT. Send them asks telling them to remove it and hopefully they’ll listen. I’m sure Amber Rogers (egomatter) is saddend by this.

Reblog this one instead!!


10.02 promo

‘you took mercy on him’ Sam is trying to catch every trace of humanity that might indicate his brother is still in there. He will never stop believing in Dean. Not even as a demon. Even when he is being beaten up and hurting. Losing himself, to have his brother back. 

Zico fucked up, he did and if someone is hurt by him it’s okay to say it. But I see people talking about him like he’s some kind of monster now. He is still the person who stood up for his bandmates, loves them, works his ass off for their group, the one who went to his fan’s funeral in secret then mentioned her in his lyrics at a concert and even invited her parents. He fucked up, but he is not a monster who deserves to die. This is going a way too overboard.