this is not ok no


Some designs I did for Legends of Mr. Gar & Know Your Mom! All our eps are airing so fast! Both of these were really fun - for teen-Enid Ian specifically asked me to reference a Rebecca drawing from the development stage of the show, & I think lad boxman is one of the weirdest characters I’ve drawn so far. Working with @scrotumnose on him was super enjoyable. :) Art direction is by John Pham and colors are by @kalidraws!

It’s amazing that taking down a statue can make people act like there is a conspiracy to erase history.

No one is erasing anything, Robert E Lee isn’t exactly unknown and he’s not likely to be forgotten any time soon.

But a statue is a monument and we should think about how these monuments make same people feel and ask ourselves what legacy someone has to deserve a statue and at what point does it become historically apathetic to not think of the negative impact these statutes and monuments can have on today’s people.

the way i see it, we as jewish people have three options:

1. celebrate yom kippur in an alternative fashion. pray with your feet. march in solidarity with your black comrades and make the day holy in a different way.

2. observe yom kippur as you usually would, but pray for those marching. pray for justice. pray in memory of the black people murdered in elaine, arkansas and the black people who are/were victims of police brutality and state violence.

3. continue plugging your ears and refusing to listen. give up vital solidarity in the name of your insensitivity and willful ignorance. pretend it’s anything other than anti-black.

but just know – if you choose option 3, you’re not an activist. you’re not an anti-racist. you’re not fighting or standing up for anything. and you know what? you’re certainly not acting like a good jew.