this is not ok cupid

I am so confused.

Why do men on SA mention in their bios that they’re not “full of money” or “want a relationship that exchanges money” or that they “want to be loved for them.” It’s the same story I’ve heard from escorts who have clients who ask them to lower their rates. Or from POT salt daddies who don’t understand why a blanket $3,000 allowance is reasonable.

If you want a regular girlfriend to love you for who you are go to a regular site. Match, OK Cupid, Tinder, Bumble, Christian Mingle, your local neighbourhood coffee shop.

Is it because you want the gorgeous bombshell with the amazing style and the well-traveled look? That girl with the perfect skin, her face oil cost $72 and her eye cream is $40. That girl with the long flawless waves, her hair costs $100 to cut, easy $150 on products, blowout and style for $50. The one with the incredible body, she pays for a personal trainer and a nutritionist and shops exclusively at Whole Foods organic section. The one with the brilliant mind, her education is 30K.

You want EVERYTHING for NOTHING. The best of the best for zero. Then you’ll complain about feminism and expect her to go Dutch on dinner.

Get off SA, don’t approach the expensive-looking escort, don’t introduce yourself as a sugar daddy if you’re not going to pay for the fantasy you so desperately want.


Typical Online Dating Convo
  • <p> <b>My profile:</b> clearly states prefered age range and distance.<p/><b>Fuckboy:</b> I like her tits, ima message her anyway with something disgusting despite the fact i'm 10 years outside her age range and 20miles outside her prefered distance.<p/><b>Me:</b> Politely says no and states why<p/><b>Fuckboy:</b> LOL fuck you, you're fat anyway.<p/><b>Me:</b> *tired sigh*<p/><b>Fuckboy:</b> Also, theres no need to be rude sweetheart. I was just trying to be nice. You need to adjust your attitude if you want to get laid.<p/><b>Fuckboy:</b> *blocks me*<p/><b>Me:</b> ..........<p/></p>

PSA- girls living in North East Ohio-

Don’t meet up with or talk to FallsPhenom17, or any variation of these user names.

He lives in Cuyahoga falls Ohio.

This dude has had at least 3 accounts to try and talk to me. I wish I would have gotten a screen cap of his catfish picture, but these are the user names he’s had so far. This shit is freaking me out… Hours after he deleted his catfish account, he messaged me with this current one, and that’s too much of a coincidence for me.

Please be safe! Talk to guys for at least a week before you meet them! I’ve had so many catfish accounts message me bc on ok Cupid you don’t have to match to talk with someone. Please tell a friend exactly where you are, who you are with, and when you’ll be home! People can be really scary sometimes and you need a backup plan to get out.

Please pass this along if you have an OKC and live in NE Ohio, or know someone who does. I just want you all to be safe and this guy has really freaked me out…