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Love Potions

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Yoongi (BTS), for my lovely moon anon. I hope this makes your day better!

Type: Fluff, Slytherin!Yoongi, Ravenclaw!Reader AU

Words: 1318

Summary: Yoongi comes in late for Divination, and wasn’t aware today was the day the whole class would be studying amortentia.

“I read a book all about amortentia, and supposedly the effects can be even as extreme as death. If you drink it, the only thing you’ll be able to think of his your obsession with that person,” you said as Kenna picked up her cup, the mother-of-pearl colored liquid swirling around in her cup.

“I mean, at least it smells good though, right?” she laughed, breathing in the scent deeply.

Professor Trelwany had cooked up a giant batch of the love potion that morning, and throughout the whole class period, you were being forced to inhale all of your favorite scents. It wasn’t the worst way to spend an afternoon in divination with your best friend, but the cloud of perfume the love potion was giving off was starting to feel a little choking.

“What does yours smell like?” you asked Kenna, your own cup still sitting on the small table between you two. You’d been catching whiffs of what your amortentia smelled like from the fumes of the other students’ cups, but you were a little frightened to take a giant whiff of your own teacup.

“Um, fresh brewed coffee, for sure,” Kenna said, taking a deep whiff between each scent she named off. “And orange peels… and chocolate bars… and that weird musty smell Jungkook has when he’s just finished a quidditch game right after they’ve cut the grass.”

“You’re disgusting,” you laughed, shaking your head. Kenna giggled and rolled her eyes, promptly glancing over at the corner table her trouble-making boyfriend was sitting, his head propped into his hand as he stared, bored, ahead. The seat across from him, for his amortentia partner, was empty.

“You know, this whole policy Trelawny has with the different houses partnering thing, it’s perfect. I mean, it’s like she made this policy specifically for us.”

“I know you’re just secretly mad you had to settle for me because you and Jungkook are both Gryffindors. Don’t lie to yourself.”

Kenna tossed her gold and red tie over her shoulder, a habit she’d had since your first night at Hogwarts, when the tie was aggravating her so bad she tossed it back in anger. Now, she did it subconsciously.

“I am still waiting to hear about what your love potion smells like. I want to know who you’re in love you,” Kenna said, bringing you out of the thoughts you’d slowly slipped into. Kenna liked to pick on you for this habit you were constantly exercising: a typical Ravenclaw, daydreaming her days away.

Grabbing up your cup, you tenderly held it to your nose and took a large inhale. Suddenly, your senses were flooded with an onslaught of all your favorite smells, group together in a whole mass of sweetness. A smile appeared on your face. “It smells like baking cookies, and rose petals, and…”

You were just about to say who it smelled like, because you knew. You knew it smelled like Min Yoongi, the Slytherin you’d been in love with since first year. Kenna was awaiting your answer eagerly, a gleam in her eyes because she knew it too. Before the words could tumble from your mouth, the door to the divination classroom was slung open, and in strode in Yoongi. 

His blonde hair was just slightly damp, as if he’d just come out of the shower. His green and sliver tie was loose around his neck: a wardrobe violation during classes. He wasn’t carrying a bag with school supplies, instead he strode confidently over to the table where Jungkook was seated, clapped their hands together, and sat back confidently, as if he was twenty minutes early for class instead of twenty minutes late.

“Gawd, Y/N,” he called out to you suddenly, his confidence making his voice came out arrogant and snappy. “Did you dump the whole perfume bottle on you today?”

Kenna’s eyes widened, her mouth forming a humored “O”. The whole class turned to Yoongi, and Jungkook barked out a laugh. He glanced over at his friend and smirked. “You’re such a dumbass.”

“Trelawny made an amortentia potion for the class this morning,” Kenna said as she turned around, and you could tell the highlight of her morning was being the person who broke the news to Yoongi. “It’s supposed to smell different for everyone. It smells like the person you’re in love with, typically.”

“Yeah, mine smells like the almond soap Kenna uses,” Jungkook smirked, nudging Yoongi’s arm with his. Kenna smiled sheepishly, but the only person you could focus on was Yoongi.

His creamy complexion made any sort of blush stand out prominently on his face, so the deep crimson color that started from his neck and worked its way up to the tips of his ears could be seen by everyone in the class.

You glanced down at your lap, your fingers hooking and unhooking themselves in embarrassment. Trelawny was in deep lecture at the front of the classroom, explaining the details of the paper you and your partner were supposed to have turned in by the end of the week on amortintia. All you could hear, however, was the deep snickers and whispers circling the room. You knew everyone was talking about the scene Yoongi had just caused, and that meant everyone was talking about you, too, much to your horror. In a way, you were explicitly angry with Yoongi for professing his love for you in such a dramatic, unintentional manor.

When they class was over, you tenderly picked up your things, making sure that everyone was out of the class before you headed for the door. You wanted to make sure no one stared as you exited. Kenna had stood up and marched out with Jungkook as soon as Trelawny called class over; they both had Defense Against the Dark Arts next, and bid you a farewell with a promise to see you at lunch.

You walked away from the classroom, and almost didn’t notice Yoongi standing outside casually, leaning against the wall. One foot was propped against the bricks, his arms crossed. It would have been so fitting to the scene, you thought, for him to be smoking a cigarette.

“Hi,” he said, barely glancing over at you and rubbing the skin of the back of his neck.

“Hi,” you squeaked back, not really in interested in having a conversation with him. He’d embarrassed you a lot that day, along with himself, and the two of you would be the topic of choice in the common rooms that week, you could just feel it. Not to mention, a Ravenclaws and Slytherins typically didn’t enjoy each other’s company much, and you weren’t one to warrant gossip.

“I’m sorry about all that back there,” Yoongi said, his strides matching yours as you headed away from the tower. You had only a short time to get to Potions: the divination tower was such a far walk from the dungeons.

“It’s fine,” you said dismissively, trying to pick up your pace.

“Y/N,” Yoongi said, grabbing your arm gently, a lot gentler than you would have expected for his threatening personality, and turned you to face him. “I just… I didn’t mean to embarrass you. I feel awful. I… I didn’t know amortintia was supposed to… was supposed to smell like, well, you know,” he choked all over his words, and you couldn’t help but smirk slightly at him. Here, in front of you, was the confident and collected Min Yoongi coming apart at the seams.

“It really is fine, Yoongi,” you replied, wanting him groveling before you for as long as possible. You gently took his hand from around your wrist and threaded your fingers together instead. “Wanna know why?”

“W..why?” he croaked, his eyes not leaving the sight of your fingers inside his. Your smile softened as you spoke.

“Because, my amortintia smelled like you,” you whispered, and finally, his eyes met yours.

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(conversations that happen when nikandros and laurent wrestle) LAURENT: careful i'm a bit sore because... NIKANDROS: *looks into the camera like the office* LAURENT: excuse me, i find it very inappropriate that you would make an assumption that i was talking about my sex life. i'll have you know that i spent the afternoon riding. NIKANDROS: *flushing because he got King Shamed* yes, sorry Exalted.

(part 2) later damen shows up and fails to be subtle while making references to his own sex life with laurent (as he does) NIKANDROS: i thought you said you spent all day riding yesterday! LAURENT: *clinging to damen and smirking bc he’s a shithead* yeah riding his DICK. NIKANDROS: *nopes out of akielos*

LMAOOOOO, honestly can we get a little snippet of them wrestling, i can’t believe we didn’t get to see laurent’s reaction to damen gifting him a horse and also see him wrestling nik @ pacat pls. 

Also now that i’m pretty sure that a very smug damen watches over their sessions i bet every time laurent verbally owns nikandros, (with laurent pretty much beneath him in a chokehold but u know at least he got the last word in so is he really losing?) you can hear damen’s fucking laugh in the background like OMFG!! u just got owned bro,,,,, and then as nik’s chokehold gets a bit tighter…. Damen: hey HEY!!! that’s my husband right there, he’s sensitive :( :(. Anyway LET NIKANDROS REST 2K17

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i love how 80% of your asks are just "wow im so emotionally compromised rn how dare u" and you're like buckle the fuck up kiddies it's almost Victor Suffering Time

“buckle the fuck up kiddies it’s almost Victor Suffering Time” is the most accurate description of me and the companion fic I have ever seen omfg

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ajshdakdsh YESS LOW QUALITY KIHYUN IS THE BEST… that one is such a killer look too bad i dont know what day it was from or if there are hqs?



bonus kihyuk being chummy ^^

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ok i need to drop in and say I LOVE YOU N UR LEGACY n literally everything you post, it all makes me wanna cry and bury myself into a comfy hole so i can think about my life n everything that's wrong with it but in a good way??? idk 2+2=5 but long story short - why r you so amazing

omfg, u make me wanna cry, u’re so talented and everything you do is so perfect and perfectly edited and I fangirl every time you comment on my stuff, because what u post is just so good and why would you like my stuff??? what u talking aboooout, u’re clearly the amazing one??! where can I find your skills? YOUR PERFECT RESPONSE MEMES? like??! ILY, U’RE AMAZING!!!! ❤️ 

(also, I might know who sent you this message…❤️)

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You lied to us about the happy ending, didn't you. We all gonna die and everything will be terrible and yuuri and viktor will never really be together in a fully healthy relationship. My crops withered, I have no skin, the 4 horsemen are visible on the horizon. One of them is JJ.

one of them is JJ omfg! But no, I didn’t lie. It’s really shitty when authors say there’s going to be a happy ending and then are like ‘lol jk I lied’ because some people need to be warned of sad endings so they can stop reading. So there will definitely be a happy ending in this fic and a happier one in the companion fic


OMFG LOOK AT THIS!!!! LOOK. AT. THIS!!!! He freaking replied to my tweet!!!! I am crying right now… CRYING 😭 I can die now…. I. Can. Die. The gods have blessed me🙏🏻

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Can I request a scoups fic based of Somebody To You by the Vamps?! <3

hi! sorry for the late reply but here it is!

thank you for sending this in :)!

also omfg i love the vamps and Somebody To You was one of the first songs I heard from them

Title: All I Wanna Be (Is Somebody To You)

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i used to wanna be,

living like there’s only me,

but now i spend my time,

thinking ‘bout to get you off my mind, (yeah, you!)

“You should get a girlfriend,” Jeonghan waves a hand in the air, “Or like a boyfriend, I don’t know, whatever,”. He glances at Seungcheol, who lay sprawled on the mat, with his sunglasses perched on the tip of his nose. “You’re beginning to become a hobo, my friend,” Jeonghan sighed, pushing the sunglasses so that it sat right on the bridge of Seungcheol’s nose, “A hobo with a house,”.

Seungcheol turned away lazily from his friend, and the sunglasses fell off from his face, and onto the sand. He felt a light breeze caress his exposed arms, felt his toes dig into rough grains of sand as he stretched his legs out, the mat just enough for only his upper half. If he curled up just right, he might be able to get his toes right at the hem of the end of the mat. “And how would getting a significant other relieve me of my hobo – ness, exactly?” Seungcheol questions, eyes fluttering shut. The warmness of the sun was just right, not too hot, and he basked in it. It wasn’t every day you got such nice weather like today. He could hear the waves crashing against the shore, the sound of children squealing as they splashed water at each other and the soft murmurings of people holding conversations with one another.

“I don’t know,” Jeonghan replies, “When you find someone you love you start living. For them and for yourself. I don’t know,”.

Seungcheol doesn’t respond.

“Besides what about y/n? You’ve been hanging out with her quite alot recently. You can’t tell me you don’t have at least a little feelings for her,”.

Embarrassingly, Seungcheol felt his neck warm at the mention of your name. He let out a grumble, burying his face into the mat, and wincing at the rough texture that scratched his smooth skin . “I don’t know,” He mumbles into the mat, and he’s not quite sure if his friend can hear him. He had met you three years ago, a whole cliche meeting with you bumping into him, and promptly spilling coffee all over his new tuxedo while he was on his way to a friend’s wedding.

Then you offered to make it up to him, passed him a piece of paper with your number written on it, all flustered and apologetic. And normally, Seungcheol wouldn’t have called. He didn’t mind, didn’t need you to make it up to him, but as he sat at the edge of his bed, staring down at the crumpled piece of paper with your number on it, he caved in, and called. Ever since then, the both of you started hanging out more. At first, it was always Seungcheol, then you warmed up to him, considering him as a friend, and over time, the both of you just started hanging around each other like as if you had been doing it your whole lives.

Jeonghan had complained that one time that Seungcheol didn’t spend as much time with him as he did with y/n.

“You don’t know?” Jeonghan’s voice is tinted with tease, “You mean there’s at least like, 50% chance that you do?”. Groaning, Seungcheol flipped onto the other side to face his friend, “It’s complicated. I mean, what are the chances that someone like her is gonna accept someone like me, anyways?”.

“You guys are friends,”.

“I mean, more than that,”.

“So you do want to be more than friends,”.

Seungcheol tosses an arm over his eyes, mostly just to cover up his face and the fact that it had gone red. “I don’t know,”.

Look at me now

I’m falling,

Can’t even talk, still stuttering

This ground of mine keeps shaking,

“And that’s all,” Seungcheol gave a polite smile to the waitress as he folded his arms. He was with you at one of those fancy restaurants, only because it was Valentine’s day and according to the both of you:

(“We’re both single so we should go as like friends,” You said as Seungcheol draped his jacket over you, before shoving his hands into his pockets. “Valentine’s day for friends, to celebrate the deep deep love they have for each other,” Seungcheol hummed, “You mean like that?”. He doesn’t notice the way you have to duck your head to hide your face. “Yeah, you’re catching on,” You let out a nervous laugh. Seungcheol cocked his head to the right, before shrugging, “It’s an idea,”)

“Would you and your girlfriend like a cake?” The waitress points her neatly manicured finger to a picture of a cake, wrapped  with red fondant and shaped in a heart. “It’s only here for one day, but we make it every year during Valentine’s day,”.

Seungcheol parted his lips to open, but at the mention ‘girlfriend’ he found his throat go dry. It was a stupid reaction of him, but he couldn’t help it when his heart almost flopped out of his chest at the mere mention. “No – I – uh,” He gestured to you, blinking more times than needed. “She’s not my uh – you see -” He tried, and failed miserably to form a coherent sentence. The waitress smile fell slightly as she stared at him in confusion.

Great, he thinks, Now she thinks I’m a nutcase.

“No thanks,” He manages out eventually. He glances over to you, to see your face slightly pink as you add on, “Yeah, we- we’re just friends,”.

The waitress’ eyes widened and she started shaking her hands from side to a side, “Oh! No, sorry, I shouldn’t have assumed,” Then in a rush, “Do enjoy your meals!”. The minute she scurried off, Seungcheol exhaled deeply, and stopped short when you started bursting out into giggles. “What?” He pouts. “Sorry,” You grin, “It’s just – What was that? I’ve never seen you stutter so much before. I should’ve filmed it,”.

Seungcheol found his face flush in embarassment, but he scoffed to hide it. “I was caught off guard, that’s all,”.

“Why? Never thought of me as someone who could be your girlfriend?” Your tone is teasing, but if Seungcheol looks hard enough, he can see a glimmer of serious curiosity behind your orbs. Not very sure how to reply, Seungcheol shrugs, “You were pretty flustered too yourself,”.

He watches as you lay back in your seat until your back hit the chair, “Well,” You begin, drumming your fingers on the table, “We’re around all these couples and stuff, it’s making me feel abit… I don’t know, awkward? Like imagine going to a celebration for pregnant mothers, and you’re just like, one lone single guy there. That kind of feeling,”. Seungcheol understands what you were trying to say, but even then, he snorts. “That is a bizarre example,”.

You lift your hands up in the air dismissively, before putting them back down again. “One day,” You say, “One day, we’ll become those pregnant mothers too,”.

Seungcheol makes a face and you burst out laughing, “Can’t you just say one day we’ll have someone too?”.

“Same thing,”.

all i wanna be

all i ever wanna be,

is somebody to you

“What’s wrong with you?” Seungcheol found himself biting out. He couldn’t hold it back in any longer. Ever since Seungcheol started hanging out with Jeonghan’s good friend, Sunmi, you started to get itchy. Usually, you wouldn’t mind when he hung out with other girls, so this was a first. It’d been going on for a few weeks now, possibly even a month, Seungcheol couldn’t remember.

All he knew was that he missed having you around, missed having you around without trying to bite his head off and avoiding him like the plague. He couldn’t understand why. And sometimes, he’d avoid you too, just when his feelings got too overwhelming, and he needed a break. Repressing emotions were never healthy, after all, and for a long time… Well, Seungcheol’s been repressing… alot… of emotions for you.

“Of course it’s something wrong with me,” You accused, “And not you, right?”.

Seungcheol felt his jaw go slightly slack, “That’s not what I meant!” He spluttered, and you scoff, folding your arms tightly across your chest before leaning back onto the white walls. “Yeah? Then what is it?”.


“Look, maybe it’s just me, but I can’t seem to understand you these few days,”. You interuppted, and Seungcheol felt his face flare red with anger.

“I was trying to say – what’s wrong with us? God damn it, you think it’s been hard for you with-” He gestured wildly between the both of you, “With whatever this is that has been going on? It’s been hard for me too!”.

A feeling of guilt pricks his heart as he watches your eyes flash with surprise and hurt. “And -” He continues, wanting so much to let his feelings out and yet at the same time struggling to keep the lid on, “And – you keep avoiding me, why is that?”.

You avoid me too!” You throw your hands out at this, an expression of slight disbelief and a tint of anger crossing your face.

Seungcheol couldn’t stop himself. The words flowed out faster than he could control and by the time he registered what he had said, it was too late. “Maybe it’s because I like you! That’s why!”. He stares in horror as your eyes go wide and you blink at him, without saying a word. Damn it, Choi Seungcheol! He clenches his fists instinctively, then decides that… since he’s already in the deep end, he might as well continue.

“I’ve liked you, okay? For a long time now. And well, it’s hard because I’ve always wanted to be somebody to you, but I don’t know how. And well, also because I thought you’d forever see me as a best friend, okay? I’ve been avoiding you in hopes the feelings would go away, but it won’t,” He parts his lips to want to say somemore, but all that comes out is a strangled noise. He doesn’t know what to say next. “It just won’t, y/n,”.

“But – you’ve always been somebody to me,” You say slowly, choosing each and every one of your words carefully.

Seungcheol finds himself letting out a strained laugh, “Just never in the way I wanted to,”. “Wrong,” You retort instantly, and Seungcheol feels his eyebrows shoot up in surprise, “What do you-”.

“You’ve always meant something more, okay?” You were closer to him now, but you ducked your head, not able to meet his gaze. When you slightly look up to catch a look at Seungcheol’s expression, you find yourself letting out a frustrated sigh when all you get back is a pure baffled look plastered onto his handsome features. “Yah! Seungcheol! Do I have to spell it out for you?”.

“Yeah,” He breathes, then a teasing smile tugs at the corner of his lips, “Yeah, I think I do,”.

“You’re smart enough, I don’t have to,” You protest when you realize what he was trying to do. He’s closed the gap between you two now, and you’re 100% sure he can see the growing blush on your cheeks. You slowly feel his arms wrap themselves around your waist, and instinctively, you find your hands reaching up to play at the back of his nape.

“That’s okay,” He whispers then, eyes glowing with so much affection that it almost makes you lose your breath, “I can say it again…

I like you, y/n. A lot, and… well, I’m just happy right now, but… it’s sort of missing something, don’t you think? ” He tilts his head to the side playfully, allowing his fringe to flop over his forehead in a messy wave.

You pull away slightly, “What?”.


And with that, he leans in to kiss you.

semi-hiatus from 19/03

so starting from sunday i’ll be working on a film! i’m super excited, but the hours are pretty crazy with 6 day weeks and its a location shoot which means a new place pretty much every day which can get p taxing 

it’s the first film i’ve done in a while so it’ll take me a little while to adjust to everything again! i’m going to be relying on my queue a lot since most days i’ll just get home from work and collapse into bed (ready to wake up at 5am again omfg). i should be able to slip on at work occasionally but i’ll be even more slower at my replies so please bear with me! basically, this is my long ass way of giving you guys a heads up my activity is gonna get funny but ily all 

(if you could like/reply to this if i could start building up my queue from you i would love your forever!)

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i re-read chapter 8 of umfb&mha and during that scene where yuuri lowkey dissed viktor by saying "enjoying the view?", i imagine viktor looking mildly shocked on the outside but on the inside he's screaming internally OMFG DOES HE KNOW THAT I LIKE HIM? BUT WHY DOES HE KEEP IGNORING ME IF HE KNEW? OR SHIT KAYBE IT'S TRUE HE REALLY IS A PLAYBOY? BUT HE'S SO PURE AND BEAUTIFUL HOW COULD THAT BE? ASDFJLALHLLDKHG

That line is going to be one of my favourite to rewrite for chapter eight because Viktor’s thought process is very interesting! 

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I'm a huge Pinto fan and I know you aren't a Miles fan but you like to know anything about Pine. I saw dressed up Pine last night and he was hot. I was at the Magic Castle for a bday and saw him and Miles hugging when they stepped out of their party room for pics together. My friend wanted a pic but he said no bc he was celebrating someone he cared a lot about and wanted privacy and if anyone else outside asked us, tell them we saw Ryan Reynolds. He meant it, too. He's funny. No Quinto sighting.

This story got better and better with every word, omfg. I very much hope you aren’t pulling my leg, nonnie, because I’m going to take all of this as fact. Especially the Ryan Reynolds part. SOUNDS LIKE PINE TO ME.