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omfg tlj was so ugly, it was an eye sore to watch. the throne room fight scene made my eyes hurt. if this movie gets nominated for any production design awards i will laugh my ass off

olgdngfhjfdkgsdhf like i think the cinematography was pretty alright (with a few moments of really great) but the actual sets were for the most part uninspired and boring 

Love Potions

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Yoongi (BTS), for my lovely moon anon. I hope this makes your day better!

Type: Fluff, Slytherin!Yoongi, Ravenclaw!Reader AU

Words: 1318

Summary: Yoongi comes in late for Divination, and wasn’t aware today was the day the whole class would be studying amortentia.

“I read a book all about amortentia, and supposedly the effects can be even as extreme as death. If you drink it, the only thing you’ll be able to think of his your obsession with that person,” you said as Kenna picked up her cup, the mother-of-pearl colored liquid swirling around in her cup.

“I mean, at least it smells good though, right?” she laughed, breathing in the scent deeply.

Professor Trelwany had cooked up a giant batch of the love potion that morning, and throughout the whole class period, you were being forced to inhale all of your favorite scents. It wasn’t the worst way to spend an afternoon in divination with your best friend, but the cloud of perfume the love potion was giving off was starting to feel a little choking.

“What does yours smell like?” you asked Kenna, your own cup still sitting on the small table between you two. You’d been catching whiffs of what your amortentia smelled like from the fumes of the other students’ cups, but you were a little frightened to take a giant whiff of your own teacup.

“Um, fresh brewed coffee, for sure,” Kenna said, taking a deep whiff between each scent she named off. “And orange peels… and chocolate bars… and that weird musty smell Jungkook has when he’s just finished a quidditch game right after they’ve cut the grass.”

“You’re disgusting,” you laughed, shaking your head. Kenna giggled and rolled her eyes, promptly glancing over at the corner table her trouble-making boyfriend was sitting, his head propped into his hand as he stared, bored, ahead. The seat across from him, for his amortentia partner, was empty.

“You know, this whole policy Trelawny has with the different houses partnering thing, it’s perfect. I mean, it’s like she made this policy specifically for us.”

“I know you’re just secretly mad you had to settle for me because you and Jungkook are both Gryffindors. Don’t lie to yourself.”

Kenna tossed her gold and red tie over her shoulder, a habit she’d had since your first night at Hogwarts, when the tie was aggravating her so bad she tossed it back in anger. Now, she did it subconsciously.

“I am still waiting to hear about what your love potion smells like. I want to know who you’re in love you,” Kenna said, bringing you out of the thoughts you’d slowly slipped into. Kenna liked to pick on you for this habit you were constantly exercising: a typical Ravenclaw, daydreaming her days away.

Grabbing up your cup, you tenderly held it to your nose and took a large inhale. Suddenly, your senses were flooded with an onslaught of all your favorite smells, group together in a whole mass of sweetness. A smile appeared on your face. “It smells like baking cookies, and rose petals, and…”

You were just about to say who it smelled like, because you knew. You knew it smelled like Min Yoongi, the Slytherin you’d been in love with since first year. Kenna was awaiting your answer eagerly, a gleam in her eyes because she knew it too. Before the words could tumble from your mouth, the door to the divination classroom was slung open, and in strode in Yoongi. 

His blonde hair was just slightly damp, as if he’d just come out of the shower. His green and sliver tie was loose around his neck: a wardrobe violation during classes. He wasn’t carrying a bag with school supplies, instead he strode confidently over to the table where Jungkook was seated, clapped their hands together, and sat back confidently, as if he was twenty minutes early for class instead of twenty minutes late.

“Gawd, Y/N,” he called out to you suddenly, his confidence making his voice came out arrogant and snappy. “Did you dump the whole perfume bottle on you today?”

Kenna’s eyes widened, her mouth forming a humored “O”. The whole class turned to Yoongi, and Jungkook barked out a laugh. He glanced over at his friend and smirked. “You’re such a dumbass.”

“Trelawny made an amortentia potion for the class this morning,” Kenna said as she turned around, and you could tell the highlight of her morning was being the person who broke the news to Yoongi. “It’s supposed to smell different for everyone. It smells like the person you’re in love with, typically.”

“Yeah, mine smells like the almond soap Kenna uses,” Jungkook smirked, nudging Yoongi’s arm with his. Kenna smiled sheepishly, but the only person you could focus on was Yoongi.

His creamy complexion made any sort of blush stand out prominently on his face, so the deep crimson color that started from his neck and worked its way up to the tips of his ears could be seen by everyone in the class.

You glanced down at your lap, your fingers hooking and unhooking themselves in embarrassment. Trelawny was in deep lecture at the front of the classroom, explaining the details of the paper you and your partner were supposed to have turned in by the end of the week on amortintia. All you could hear, however, was the deep snickers and whispers circling the room. You knew everyone was talking about the scene Yoongi had just caused, and that meant everyone was talking about you, too, much to your horror. In a way, you were explicitly angry with Yoongi for professing his love for you in such a dramatic, unintentional manor.

When they class was over, you tenderly picked up your things, making sure that everyone was out of the class before you headed for the door. You wanted to make sure no one stared as you exited. Kenna had stood up and marched out with Jungkook as soon as Trelawny called class over; they both had Defense Against the Dark Arts next, and bid you a farewell with a promise to see you at lunch.

You walked away from the classroom, and almost didn’t notice Yoongi standing outside casually, leaning against the wall. One foot was propped against the bricks, his arms crossed. It would have been so fitting to the scene, you thought, for him to be smoking a cigarette.

“Hi,” he said, barely glancing over at you and rubbing the skin of the back of his neck.

“Hi,” you squeaked back, not really in interested in having a conversation with him. He’d embarrassed you a lot that day, along with himself, and the two of you would be the topic of choice in the common rooms that week, you could just feel it. Not to mention, a Ravenclaws and Slytherins typically didn’t enjoy each other’s company much, and you weren’t one to warrant gossip.

“I’m sorry about all that back there,” Yoongi said, his strides matching yours as you headed away from the tower. You had only a short time to get to Potions: the divination tower was such a far walk from the dungeons.

“It’s fine,” you said dismissively, trying to pick up your pace.

“Y/N,” Yoongi said, grabbing your arm gently, a lot gentler than you would have expected for his threatening personality, and turned you to face him. “I just… I didn’t mean to embarrass you. I feel awful. I… I didn’t know amortintia was supposed to… was supposed to smell like, well, you know,” he choked all over his words, and you couldn’t help but smirk slightly at him. Here, in front of you, was the confident and collected Min Yoongi coming apart at the seams.

“It really is fine, Yoongi,” you replied, wanting him groveling before you for as long as possible. You gently took his hand from around your wrist and threaded your fingers together instead. “Wanna know why?”

“W..why?” he croaked, his eyes not leaving the sight of your fingers inside his. Your smile softened as you spoke.

“Because, my amortintia smelled like you,” you whispered, and finally, his eyes met yours.

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(conversations that happen when nikandros and laurent wrestle) LAURENT: careful i'm a bit sore because... NIKANDROS: *looks into the camera like the office* LAURENT: excuse me, i find it very inappropriate that you would make an assumption that i was talking about my sex life. i'll have you know that i spent the afternoon riding. NIKANDROS: *flushing because he got King Shamed* yes, sorry Exalted.

(part 2) later damen shows up and fails to be subtle while making references to his own sex life with laurent (as he does) NIKANDROS: i thought you said you spent all day riding yesterday! LAURENT: *clinging to damen and smirking bc he’s a shithead* yeah riding his DICK. NIKANDROS: *nopes out of akielos*

LMAOOOOO, honestly can we get a little snippet of them wrestling, i can’t believe we didn’t get to see laurent’s reaction to damen gifting him a horse and also see him wrestling nik @ pacat pls. 

Also now that i’m pretty sure that a very smug damen watches over their sessions i bet every time laurent verbally owns nikandros, (with laurent pretty much beneath him in a chokehold but u know at least he got the last word in so is he really losing?) you can hear damen’s fucking laugh in the background like OMFG!! u just got owned bro,,,,, and then as nik’s chokehold gets a bit tighter…. Damen: hey HEY!!! that’s my husband right there, he’s sensitive :( :(. Anyway LET NIKANDROS REST 2K17

“A present for a growing ba-bee!! Congrats guys!” -ask1999ponzu

// ive had this joke stuck in my head ever since the baby was announced omg….big fan of the blog i hope your days been well! hope the image shows up

Kurapika: This is adorable, thank you so so much!!

Leorio: Hold on, I gotta put Farah in this, she’s gonna look so damn cute-


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i love how 80% of your asks are just "wow im so emotionally compromised rn how dare u" and you're like buckle the fuck up kiddies it's almost Victor Suffering Time

“buckle the fuck up kiddies it’s almost Victor Suffering Time” is the most accurate description of me and the companion fic I have ever seen omfg

Jay Park: One Smile

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x Jay Park x

Note: Read at Your Own Risk ~~ (ง⌐□ل͜□)ง
Type: One Shot
Word Count: 1,881
[ masterlist ]

You arrived from work, drained with all the work. You checked your watch when you settled your self on your couch.


It was only five in the afternoon, at least you still have an hour to spare before your best friend will be there to pick you up for dinner at the usual place.


You’re about to close your eyes while massaging your temple when suddenly you heard your door know twitching and not long after that the door vomit your best friend - Cath.


You remained your eyes shot.


“Don’t you think you’re an hour early?”



“Ohmooo Y/N! You won’t believe what Imma ‘bout to say!” she said.


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Omfg this is so late I’m sorry! I get side tracked and I am the worst at replying to people aaah. So sorry but here are my favorite SP:HOCO Scenes!

This is in no way in order!

  1. When Tony saved Peter from the lake with just his armor
  2. When Peter’s voice cracks when Ned finds out he’s Spiderman
  3. Just any scene with Ned asking Peter some wild crazy question about his powers
  4. Tony scolding Peter and then immediately apologizes to someone and says, “Teenagers..”
  5. The entire scene after the ferry incident with Tony taking responsibility and Peter sounds so distraught and upset
  6. The scene where Aunt May tells Peter she knows he leaves and does all these things behind her back and he just breaks down and sobs out, “I lost the Stark Internship…”
  7. The scene where Peter saves the stolen bike from someone but doesn’t know who or where the original owner was so he just left a note.
  8. When Tony remembered what Peter had said to Happy in those voice mails and Peter didn’t expect him to remember
  9. When Tony calls Peter while Peter is on the ferry and tells him he wants to break the chain of bad fathers since his own father never congratulated him for anything in his own life and he didn’t want to be that to Peter.
  10. Any Scene with Peter being cute about Liz
  11. The scene where Peter names his AI Karen and asks her a bunch of dumb questions and just talks to her while being stuck in that storage unit.
  12. The scene where Peter is trapped under thousands of pounds of rubble and he’s screaming for help, but with Tony’s words in his head and a little motivation he was able to lift the stuff off him and get out.
  13. The scene where Tony apologizes to Peter for taking the suit and offers him a spot on the Avengers, with a little mentoring and training of course
  14. Same scene, but Peter doing the adult thing and deciding not to become an Avenger even though he spent the entire movie trying to prove to Tony that he was worth it and could do amazing things.
  15. Karen in all her entirety.

There are many more, but here are some of my main favorite scenes!!


OMFG LOOK AT THIS!!!! LOOK. AT. THIS!!!! He freaking replied to my tweet!!!! I am crying right now… CRYING 😭 I can die now…. I. Can. Die. The gods have blessed me🙏🏻

What Happened in Vegas

Another prompt from Kelly @tomshollandss !

“I’m going to get myself a drink!” you yell to your friends over the pounding club music. Walking towards the bar, you were almost thrown off balance as one guy tripped and spilled his drink all over your shirt. 

“Hey!” you yelled in surprise, looking down at the damage. 

“Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry,” the guy apologized, actually sounding genuine. Your head shot up at his voice, as it sounded familiar. In front of you was Tom Holland, his brown eyes frantically searching your face for a response to his clumsiness. 

“Um, it’s… okay,” you stutter, shocked by Tom’s presence. “It’s fine. It’s just a shirt,” you chuckle. 

Tom nervously chuckled in response: “I’m.. really sorry. Let me buy you a drink.. as a sort of.. apology?” 

Over your drinks, you and Tom got talking: you revealed that you knew who he was, why he was there in Las Vegas (”I’m here with Harrison.. he’s here somewhere,”), he talked about his movie, you talked about your job (”Yeah, I’m.. a YouTuber? I know, it sounds very strange. I make videos for strangers to watch, and I get paid?”). It was so easy to talk to him. By the end of the night, you two had ingested a couple more drinks than planned. 

“Can we take.. a Snapchat.. selfie?” you laughed, opening up the app. The camera focused on you both, trying to pick the best filter was quite amusing.

”That one makes my ears look huge!” Tom whined. 

“Shut up. You look fine, Holland.”

Turning your head towards him, Tom gazed down at your lips while subtly biting his. He leaned in and kissed you, the taste of alcohol lingering on your lips. The kissing intensified as Tom started stroking your thighs: “Want to go my room?” 

“Yes,” you replied, as he took your hand and led you out of the club.

Coming out of the cold shower you had just taken to try and wake yourself up a bit more, you walked out to find that Tom had ordered a massive breakfast for you two to share. 

“I thought we could talk a bit more… Plus, I didn’t know if you liked pancakes or waffles better, so I got both,” he softly smiled. 

Over the next week, you and Tom stayed in contact. Though, it was exclusively over text since the time difference between you two posed a problem. Plus, Tom was busy filming for Chaos Walking. 

Even so, every time that a notification would come across your screen, you couldn’t help but feel flutters in your stomach. 

“I tweeted a couple hours ago, want to film the Q&A now?” your friend asked, breaking you from your daydream about Tom. 


“Juicy! This one asks: ‘Who was the last person you kissed?’“ your friend read, causing you to turn bright red. “It seems like Y/N has an interesting story.. Shit! You did go to Vegas a couple days ago… Maybe that has something to do with it?” your friend giddily rambled, even though they already knew the whole Tom situation.

“I think he’ll get in trouble if I really tell,” you said. “But… he.. is, was, uh.. good? I had a good time in Vegas. Great, actually!” you nervously laughed, the red still prominent in your face. “I can’t reveal who it was with– what happened in Vegas stays in Vegas.”

“That was not.. a good answer.. Though, my spidey senses are tingling and I think I have an idea of who it was,” they teased, as you shoved their shoulder. 

When the collab video finally uploaded to your friend’s channel, there were more than a few assumptions in the comments, most of them correct. 

 “I think it was Tom! It all makes sense with the timing”


“I’m LiViNg FoR tHiS I need Y/N to make a tell all video” 

Your phone buzzed. 

“Just watched the video 😘“ Tom had texted you. 

“Shit, I’m sorry if I revealed too much,” you replied, feeling a bit weird about possibly exposing him.

“It’s fine, love! Good to know I haven’t left your mind because you for sure haven’t left mine.”

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Buahaha, omg can you believe this is canon?! XD

We can thank both Camie and Hori for this priceless and blessed image~