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wait WHAT how do you get that first part??? omfg??

The first part is a reference to the Solas romance, which also has a waterfall date, only instead of being sweet or sexy, he tells her “By the way, the vallaslin the Dalish wear as marks of pride were once slave brandings, also I changed my mind and we can’t date anymore because I feel bad about lying to you but I can’t tell you what the actual deal is yet because you have to pay an additional $15 to get that conversation, see you in a year in the Tresspasser DLC.” and then leaves forever.


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“I can’t believe Fullmetal told you before he told me,” Roy huffed, crossing his arms over his chest and glaring at the informal wedding invitation his captain had dropped on his desk. The golden letters read, “formal invitation to follow.”

A rare teasing smile touched Riza’s lips. “Are you really surprised, sir? You always were at odds with him. If I didn’t know you two better I’d be shocked he invited you at all.”

Roy stood and crossed the office to the window, staring absently at the rapidly darkening street below. He was silent for a time, the quiet permeating the otherwise empty office, until: “How long ago did he tell you,” he asked pointedly. 

Riza watched his back warily, knowing that he’d be offended if he knew the truth. Still, it wasn’t in her to lie to him. “He told me during his layover in the West, on his way out of Amestris last year.”

Roy whipped around to stare at her wide-eyed. “He proposed to her last year,” he yelped indignantly. “But that means,” Roy counted back mentally, “he was barely eighteen!”

“Yes, sir. I’m glad you can still count,” she replied dryly.

He shook his head in disbelief before returning to his chair with an irritated sigh. He ran his fingers through his hair, then laughed hollowly. “How is it that Fullmetal is getting married when I was still in the military academy at his age?”

A trickle of sadness slid down Riza’s spine as she watched the subtle shift in her General’s expression. The disgruntled pinch in his brow gave way to something softer, more akin to regret, and the shimmer in his onyx eyes dulled.

“If it’s any consolation, sir, you were somewhat deprived of the opportunity before the war,” she offered. Right away she knew the words were a mistake as anguish flashed across Roy’s face. He shot her an affronted look, not bothering to mask his emotions in the absence of their other subordinates, but did not reply.

Riza wanted to tear herself away, to snatch her words back from the air and shove them in the trash along with every other thing she wished she could say to him. Instead, she stood by the desk with her spine ramrod straight, feeling the weight of the silence that wedged itself into the narrow space that separated her from the General. It settled on her shoulders and curled up in her lungs as she exhaled every unspoken promise that laid beside her each night.

It was a rapping on the office door that broke Riza’s destructive train of thought. She refocused on the general as his head snapped up from its resting place in his hands. He straightened in his seat and jerked his chin towards the door.

Riza strode stiffly across the room and poked her head into the outer office. A mousy sergeant saluted her, a stack of letters tucked under her left arm. Riza took the papers and thanked her quietly before withdrawing back into the room.

As she sifted through the new mail, Edward’s surprisingly neat handwriting caught her eye, and she frowned at the words staring back at her:

Brigadier General Roy Mustang and Captain Riza Hawkeye
Office #379
East City Headquarters

Riza’s brow furrowed at the oddness of the addressee line as she opened the letter and read. She gasped as her eyes slid across the paper and by the end of the letter her stomach was bubbling with apprehension and excitement.

“Captain, what is it?” Riza looked up and smiled broadly at Roy’s confused expression.

“Edward has requested that we participate in the wedding proceedings,” she said, feeling pride welling up in her chest. “He would be honored if you would walk Winry down the aisle, sir.” Roy’s black eyes widened, his jaw going slack as he stared at her in shock.

“He wants me to act as the father of the bride,” he said incredulously.

“Yes, sir. He said it was Winry’s request.” She hesitated before continuing, heat beginning to rise in her cheeks. “She also requested that I fill the role of mother of the bride.”

Roy started laughing then, his shoulders shaking with amusement. When he caught his breath he leaned forward in his chair, a mischievous glint in his eye, and said, “Write him back that we accept his offer. Tomorrow you and I will need to pick up a chess set; Fullmetal seems to have taken an interest.”

In honor of Valentine's Day....

I’m gonnna tell you guys about my embarrassing love life:

-I went out on a date with someone only to find out we weren’t actually on a date…I just thought we were

-one time my bf sent me a text that said “did you know making out brings couples closer together” and I thought he just wanted to talk about random facts….so I replied with “yeah, physically but not necessarily emotionally” (something like that). It was a few minutes later when I realized he was trying to say “we should make out” (we never did)

-another guy once gave me roses and a love confession in a card after I had known him for a few days

-another person wrote me a poem in English class and handed it to me….I edited it for grammar and content and handed it back to him. I didn’t know it was a poem he wrote for me.

This is all I can think of for now. But if there’s anything I’m sharing with thousands of strangers, it’s gonna be this stuff.

-Admin Castiel

okay so i’m still pretty sick, and been trying to do stuff all day but staying upright is a pain and also I’ve been distracted really easily

BUT I wanted to quickly sketch Selan (mine) and Calithilêl (nightelftrash’s) for @nightelftrash as I’ve been meaning to because NEW RP (who dis) and new OCs

I also owe an overdue RP reply omfg so it’s less awkward adding OOC brackets all the time while I’ve been as slow as a snail

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OMG MIKEY HAVING TO EXPLAIN TO COACH WHY HE CANT SKATE PROPERLY. He probably stumbles out some lie about how he over did it with the weights or something but nate is on the other side of the ice turning red and all their teammates know exactly why their captain is having trouble skating.

Pls Mikey wouldn’t tell the coach at first, he’d try to skate through the soreness bc junior players are hardasses about playing through injury. But then the Steelheads coach is like “McLeod are you injured?” and Mikey has to fess up that he’s not feeling 100% and he absolutely does not look at Nate. But Nate won’t stop fidgeting and seriously can you be more obvious oh my god. This happened like last season or something so Mikey still wore the A, but like Alex def knew what was up and so did Ryan

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You know, it's been nearly 9 months since our first fateful meeting, and ever since, my life has had more happiness and light because of you. Cheers, to more years to come. Happy birthday my dear, I love you. ///// <33333

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"#dean in the rusty bacon shirt #that would be a serious headfuck" omfg why



(so this cap of the shirt comes from 3x08 A Very Supernatural Christmas, the first episode in which RBS makes its appearance, may I propose an AU for the episode where instead of fuel for Dean and fuel for his baby, Sam emotionally presents his brother with his shiny new Rusty Bacon Shirt and Dean stoically accepts) (further permitting a tearful scene towards the close of S5 where Dean demonstrates his renewed faith in Sam not by revealing the Samulet reclaimed from the trash but by donning the Rusty Bacon Shirt, secondary Symbol of Brotherly Love) (so that scene in 5x22 where Sam’s on the car drinking and Dean comes to say, ‘it’s not on me to let you do anything’, he’s wearing the Rusty Bacon Shirt and Sam sees it and his eyes well up and he says - Dean - the shirt - and Dean says - yeah yeah Sammy it’s just a shirt and punches him on the shoulder and a Bond is Remade)

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Controversial shipping asks

  • Ship that you used to have as an OTP: 💙

uuuuh… tbh once i otp i never go back but… i guess when i first came in contact with amnesia i shipped rika with jail and at this point i honestly ship her more with suffering ukyo’s fate except she’s not doing it for anyone’s love it’s just karma. same with every other po.wer.pu.ff girl in the fanclub jfc when i first played the joker route i was like “i didn’t know y’all could get any worse but i was proven wrong, my bad”. i honestly just……… hate them all so much. i don’t mean this in a lighthearted dislike like ok they’re just characters. no i mean it in the way i hate my worst enemies, people i’ve said “i hate you” @ their faces. they don’t deserve any type of kindness, just scorn and suffering.  the true otp for me :’)

  • Ship that needs more love: 💖

IKK//ENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH MY GOD WHY THE FUCK IS THERE MORE FANART OF EVERY SINGLE BOY WITH TOMA THAN THIS OBVIOUS SHIP. SCRATCH THAT: WHY THE FUCK IS THERE MORE KENT X KENT FANART THAN IK//KENT??!?!?! HOW THE FUCK IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE WHAT IS HAPPENING IN JAPAN; WHAT AM I MISSING IN TRANSLATION THAT MAKES SO MANY PEOPLE GIVE SO LITTLE FUCKS ABOUT KENT I JUST DON’T UNDERSTAND WHY EVEN THEN HE’D BARELY GET ANYTHING WITH IKKI IN COMPARISON TO LITERALLY EVERY OTHER SHIP. LIKE I CAN’T EVEN FIND FANFIC OF THESE TWO IT’S A WORLDWIDE PROBLEM WTF IS HAPPENING WHAT IS THERE NEEDED FOR THIS SHIP TO GET MORE LOVE AND RECOGNITION I NEED TO KNOW THIS PLEASE EXPLAIN. *breathes* so anyway, I really adore Ikk//ent, their relationship dynamics whether platonic or romantic are incredible. Ikki literally stole his gf and yet somehow they managed to get past that and become best friends that larp around tokyo with math puzzles, go out drinking to complain about life, and just hang out and chill while avoiding every other problem in their life. relationship goals. 

  • Ship that makes you sad: 💔

Any ship with Ukyo breaks my heart, the fact that he spent so much time dying and suffering over and over again just to see the woman he loves happy, not even with him just happy in general, and he couldn’t for what seems to be at least 50 years is so painful I wanna give him a hug. He literally developed ura just to cope with how much he was going through and he experiences every single death before coming back… just imagine him seeing his own hands after losing his cool and killing her the first time? feeling so guilty he goes back and just… keeps going through that awful loop that thankfully would’ve never been able to be eternal but was still absolutely terrifying. The fact that even before all that Ukyo was a crybaby and he still basically made a deal with Mr. I grant the worst wishes possible is just ugh… all so she could get another chance wtfff is this game even.

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oh my GOD ok i swear ive been in the billdip fandom since 2015(the beginning. ya its been 2 goddam years) and ive NEVER seen human Bill drawn as the way I imagine him and holy shit.........your bill is EXACTLY HOW I SEE HIM N I FINALLY FOUND THIS GOD BLESS I CANT WAIT FOR MORE BILLS FROM U

OMFG WE HAVE THE SAME HEAD CANNON HOW WILD! I should have started this blog early 2016 when I fully got into shipping them I’m scrEAMING

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OMFG! Get out! You write a chapter in each sitting!?!? Wow. How do you manage that. Some of your chapters are super long and intense. Has that always been your writing style? What happens if you've written massive amounts and you don't finish it? Do you rewrite the whole chapter again? My mind is officially blown. You are amazing xx

Trust me, it’s not amazing at all, anon! (But thank you for believing so!)

It downright sucks sometimes - especially if it’s a particularly long chapter (because my fingers start hurting like *expletives* and I just cannot stop or else I’ll lose the flow) or if I can’t find enough hours at a stretch to type out enough. It’s really problematic and frustrating.  

And sadly there’s not a thing I can do about it. I cannot write in parts (I wish so fervently that I could and I’ve tried so many times… it just doesn’t work)

What happens if you’ve written massive amounts and you don’t finish it? 

I have to rewrite the whole thing again. And it really gets to me if that happens somewhere 5-6k into the chapter. I don’t know why that is… It just is. 

I’ve just accepted it now :)

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hey skye, i just wanted to drop by and tell you i've only been in the fandom for a few weeks but following you was one of my earliest choices and definitely one of the smartest! you have a great blog in general and make beautiful gifs and i just hope you have a great day/night ;; c:

first of all, welcome to the fandom!! 💐✨  

and ah omfg thank you so much! i truly appreciate that and honestly, you’re too kind ;_; i’m having a good evening hehe. i hope you have a wonderful day/night as well!!! 💞

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I’m SHRIEKING with laughter omfg not least because Rich would be so up for this, Circle of Life rendition included probs with Rob and Louden Swain providing the orchestral track

(richard, smearing clay on the baby’s forehead:)
from the day you arrived in seattle
and blinking were hauled up on stage
you became part of a much greater whole
regardless of your tender aaaaaaaage

(rob, stepping forward with microphone as band start to play:)
at the moment you’re small and you’re squishy
but soon you’ll be mighty and grown
and all of the people you see in this room
will greet you as one of their own

it’s the spn family
yes, that means us all
though we may shipwar
and tumblr wank’s unending
though we stan our faves
here we are united
it’s the faaaaaaamily
the spn family

(jared wipes a tear from his eye)

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what are your ships ? sorry im via phone rn and cant read your about :(

my otps are klance and shallura but i also like hance ,heith [ klunk op]