this is not my picture. omg

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hey there i have about 300 pictures of star saved on my hard drive, not gonna submit our anything but i Just wanted to brag anyway thank you and stay safe

You are…….SO lucky omg bro….

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I went to an auqarium today and saw a great white shark or something with two dicks. It's real, isaw them with my own two eyes. I would've taken a picture but i had a camp counselor with me. but omg, its true.

ya lmao i went to an aquarium tht had a whole exhibit tht was just sharks and i uh. can tell u rn i spent th whole time unconsciously lookin 4 shark dicks n yes they do indeed have two claspers

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I'm cheating I'm picking three. Write Your Name In Fire is fav oneshot. Code: Safeword is fav unfinished chapter fic. Fools is fav finished chapter fic. Funny story about Fools? I found the fandom, read Write My Name In Fire, thought omg I need to read everything Set has written! But...tentacles, hmmm, not sure if want. Oo, Fools looks good let's read that next. And Set!!! Fools! Has! Tentacle sex! Untagged! Unrated! Now I think of it as the gateway fic ( >:D~ Don't change it, it was awesome! <3

:DD !!! Three! that makes me so happy! And you divided them up into categories! I’m so glad you like all of those so much!

also OMG. I honestly didn’t realize that it was untagged in Fools! AHAHAHAHA oh my god I’M PICTURING YOUR REACTION WHEN YOU HIT THAT PART

“ah, yes, here we go, this one appears to be tentacle free oH MY GOD WHAT’S HAPPENING–”  ( >:D~ 🐙

and then it was too late.

“the gateway fic” AHAHAHAHA THAT’S HILARIOUS. thank you for sharing this; I legitimately laughed out loud! <3

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my gender is so confusing cus 99% of the time I feel masculine and I want to transition but if I picture myself in a relationship i want to stay a girl

OMG i’m lowkey in the same boat? like the way it works for me is when i’m thinking about other people that i possibly have a crush on i feel super submissive and i feel like i totally take on the female gender role. but like otherwise i tend feel masculine/some other gender off the binary. gender is so weird and confusing

i’m bored! talk to me about lgbt+ stuff

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OMG WHAT NOOooOooOoOOooOOooO , Stahp you’re making blush. WTH DHFFHJDKL what am I. I’m not that pretty bro. You can’t even see my face in that picture O.O and whuuuttt Jungkook sdgdhdjk?! #I lost all functionality lol #Your message was too sweet for me to handle :”)

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....I have a crazy coincidence to tell you about. So I'm looking on Etsy at temp cicada tattoos because I want to start figuring out placement and I've gotten bad temps before so I check out the reviews and I'm like oh that reviewers pic looks familiar and then I realized it's your name too. WHAT ARE THE ODDS. The world is so very big but also so very small!!! So how'd they work?

!! Those!! Okay so– they laid down clean but have some powder because they are tacky tacky tacky. All my clothes fibers stuck to it till it turned into a furry patch on my arm.

Other than that, I loved them– omg I still get all giddy knowing I have a friend that love cicada as much as I do.

@snappleeducated — she was like… randomly walking and found one that got wet and she caught him and sent me pictures of her holding this pissed as fuck cicada for me. Because she’s a bad ass. And he peed on her. This is true friendship. Catching live hissing angry bugs to show you them. And then let him go so he could scuttle away thinking she was a lunatic and this is why he normally stays in the trees.


Marichat May Day 27: Baking

Marinette, you totally walked into that.

The cookies were made in the end tho (but in an uncomfortable silence)

Uhm but where did the music come from

This is why you shouldnt leave alone a god who has been sleeping for years with your computer and totally access to your movie collection, Marinette.

I love those ‘character’s instagram’ posts, because they’re always so pretty and artsy, but when it comes to OMGCP characters you know Chowder’s would just be blurry pictures of Sharks games or just pictures of normal sharks with facts, Nursey’s would be “look at this cool leaf I found”, Dex and Jack wouldn’t have one, Ransom and Holster’s would just be pictures of each other/their teammates asses with detailed analyses. Like these boys are fucking messes.

small flame.

my go-to backpack these days, with my trusty bullet journal and some basic stationery in my muji pencil case (^o^)

The sun is setting.