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I have to admit, i’m kinda happy (happy is definitely the wrong word ) that Newt’s death is confirmed. Not because I want him to die, hell no I love him, he’s one of my all-time favourites, but his death, and this scene between him and Thomas is so important for the whole storyline, it would be almost impossible to remove it. Throughout the whole third book, everything focuses on Newt and how he’s not immune, just imagine what would happen to the book if you would remove that plot? The only thing I really wish for, from the bottom of my heart, is that they make it realistic. That they follow page 250, that Newt tells Thomas he hates him but still calls him Tommy, that Thomas gets to hear about how Newt got his limp, and that we feel his pain when he eventually pulls the trigger. Just don’t make it a death just for action purposes without real meaning behind it, because Newt deserves better.

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Happy to find a blog that thinks Kiwi would be a killer single. I respect everyone's opinions, but I don't see radio listeners analyzing the hell out of the lyrics and thinking about the message it's sending to young women, unless that's all the DJ's talk about when introducing the song. I think they'll simply like it because it's a catchy, upbeat song.

You know, I respect everyone’s right to feel how they feel about that song. And I hope people respect my right to love it. I suppose I feel like none of us know what Harry intended when he wrote those lyrics. From what I know of Harry and the way he talks about women and how thoughtful he is when it comes to his music, I just can’t reconcile the fandom analysis with who he’s always shown himself to be. But, as Harry has repeatedly said, he’d rather let people make their own meaning about his music than tell them explicitly what it’s about. So, if that’s what people are taking from it and it makes them dislike it, then that’s their right. I respectfully feel otherwise. 

And I agree with you - unless DJs and interviewers insist on bringing it up (a la Carolina), then that song is just a jam that Harry sings with wild abandon when he performs. It’s also a really smart move as a single release because it shows a wide range of what he’s capable of in conjunction with SOTT and TG. 

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What are your five favourite sansan fanfictions and why?

Just five!?!  There’s so many though!  Okay, well here’s a few that come to mind in no particular order.  All of them have qualities I admire about the writing or the writer themselves.  

  • Marching Song by @kimberlite8.  Out of all her amazing fics, this is my personal gold standard of fan fic that I can only aspire to.  I love the epistolary style and I’ve learned so much about writing from it.  I’ve re-read it several times and every time I get swept away.  She’s a master of creating a unique voice for her character.  Every turn of phrase is distinctly Sandor and it comes off natural and seamless.  I’m not exaggerating when I say I keep what I learned from this fic in mind when I write.     
  • The Sword in the Darkness by @naturesinmyeye.  It’s so crazy good and just so unique in it’s premise.  The otherworldly imagery and magic depiction is so deliciously creepy and it’s impressive how nature can sustain the fever pitch every time it happens.  And it’s nestled in a much more satisfying telling of of the show-verse so much I wish it was the actual script.   
  • Gods and Monsters by Dr_Supernova_Dragon_Cat.  Modern AUs don’t usually do it for me.  I really prefer the canonical setting; however, this is one of those few great exceptions.  Makes wonderful use of fully fleshed out original characters existing alongside the book characters.  Nothing feels forced into the scene.  The plotting and pacing are great.  If this were a movie and even if it didn’t use Sansan specifically, I would watch the shit out of this movie.  And don’t expect just a fun modern au romp.  It’s an emotional roller coaster.  It will wreck you and leave you begging for more.
  • Under a Silent Sea by @squidproquo-ink.  To categorize it as an explicit sexytimes one shot is selling it short.  It’s a one shot that kicks you right in the feels with a level of intimacy that makes the sex that much hotter.  We’ve seen the basic elements before.  They are well loved and recycled for good reason, but squid tweaks it and builds it better in a neat little package.  It’s transcendent. Like what Martha Stewart would do if she got her hands on a box cake mix.   
  • In the Wood by Walter Gilman.  The legendary epic uncompleted work that is so good if you saw it updated now after so many years you’d pee yourself.  My God, it’s poetry.  The author is like the Keyser Soze of fanfic writers.  Creates this one mythical masterpiece, slays anyone that reads it, and then *poof* disappears.  Don’t let it’s incomplete status turn you off.  Read it.

Honestly, Sansan has an embarrassment of riches in it’s fanfic writers.  There’s so many more that bring something unique to the table it makes me feel bad for not being able to list them all.  I also highly recommend works by @ladytp @thefeatherofhope @chaouenmadrid @asimplylucia @azraelgfg @maroucia @redcandle17 @pasansansan just to name a few off the top of my head.

I’m glad Im not the only one who doesn’t want the person who showed up at the end to be Kaneki (though it seems to be heavily implied). Honestly if its Kaneki I’m gonna have to smh at Ishida not only does the timing not add up which would be my biggest problem with this if it is him. But, it would also take away from the character development he recently got. I get Kaneki is the main character but this would just make him seem like too much of a hero to an annoying level. It would make more sense to me to use Ayato to help then Kaneki. But idk hopefully there is a plot twist or something. If not Im gonna be a little irritated.

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Eddie isn't gay, so I don't see why reddie is a thing.


eddie’s official soundtrack on spotify, the one that jack is encouraging people to listen to, has freaking ‘it’s raining men’ on it. the list goes on, sweetie. if you read the book, you can even see small hints here and there regarding eddie’s sexuality. have your opinion about reddie, whatever, as long as you do not tag negative shit in the tag or attack my friends/majority of the fandom then i’m all good. have a good day anon! 

“Why is it okay to draw/consider Blake as a black girl but saying Sun is a dark skinned/black dude isn’t?”

I saw this question somewhere and I feel like I should answer it. The reason Blake is represented as black is due the fact the lack of dark skinned people in RWBY back at volume one and how the faunus are associated to minority, like black people. 

But, why can Blake be considered black/dark skinned but Sun can’t? Sun Wukong, as his name says, Is a chinese man, And it’s pretty obvious that representation for asian people in general is little and they are generally side characters and things like that. Sun Wukong does not need to be a dark skinned or black to be considerated POC. 

It’s harmful to ignore the fact he’s chinese because you’re basically stealing other people’s representation when there’s little for both dark skinned people and asian people, It just creates the vibe that you’re putting minorities against each other and saying “this representation is better than this one” when this shouldn’t be the case.

All minorities should have their own representation. One isn’t better than the other and that’s it. 

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Draw your underfell self >:3cc

I give to you: Me from 2013 XD

Legit, this is just an older version of Emo Phase Me but instead of all bark and no bite, Underfell Robin’s all bite and no bark. She’s silent, but aggressive towards anyone that threatens her. Since she’s a human, she got no magic, but she had a bat with nails hammered through it that works pretty well in her opinion. She hides well though, that’s why she has no serious scars. A loner, had no friends. 

So basically she’s a real bitch.

The fact that Ash and Misty’s relationship has been “on hold” in the canon for almost 15 years only to pick right back up where it left off as WELL as develop further and involve casually cute physical contact though.

Just. Breathe it in. These kids continued to grow off-screen and still have this amazing, powerful, unique, positive, intriguing, organic relationship.

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First of all: You can answer to a normal question with a normal answer and not some bitchy passive aggressive gif Second: Why exactly do you demonize a perfectly harmless ship again? Yes they’re both crackships but Freezewald is more logical than Gobblepot since Jim is Straighty McStraight Straight™ and hates Oswald with a passion. Oh and also much more unproblematic than Nygmobblepot, just so you know since THAT is literally the unhealthiest ship ever.

Ohmygod you act like I care

you guys wanna know the facts ? voyager was objectively the best star trek and if you disagree youre a misogynist

Like I definitely don’t mean to ‘take away’ any character from anyone like ‘you can’t relate to them! they’re evil!’ because that would be ridiculous. But there just is this… weird projection disconnect I sometimes see happen where how horrible, how gross and monstrous we feel about ourselves seems to overshadow the actual realities of who we’re projecting upon. And it can be really harmful, like reinforcing that you’re worthy of hatred and persecution can hurt you even if you use the guise of a monster to kill off purity and ‘goodness’ because some monsters aren’t really… arguments to the status quo. Some manifest the status quo. Some are just embodiments of the violence perpetuated on minorities, the self-centered vanity of the dictator with a personality cult, the malevolence and dehumanization of a slaver, etc.

There are plenty of fantasy villains, comic book antiheroes, clumsy non-detailed baddies and wrongly maligned henchmen/henchwomen to house these feelings in. But however bad you feel about yourself, or however much you feel that The Straights hate you, projecting onto the demons that hunt you is harmful in the long run. It’s as dangerous as coveting the power of the abuser, or reversing the role of a bully. Not in the sense that it’s wrong to wish harm upon those who threaten you, but in the sense that it’s internally damaging, and over time will result in more extreme patterns of low self esteem and self-hatred. I don’t want to call it ‘personality corruption’ but any time that we deeply relate to something due to fear, hatred, trauma, is a time that we are vulnerable and will shape the thing we relate to so much that we also do not notice we are shaping ourselves in return. Not at all into something ‘as bad’ as the object of fixation, but often into a shape that later may be painful or difficult to rework.

Trauma ≠ Kindness

I see a lot of posts that say, Sansa is stronger than other abuse victims because she didn’t loose her kindness.

This is something that is often expected from victims. That they show some kind of act of heroism or grand gesture of generosity because of what they went through, or they aren’t seen as “true survivors”. It’s as stigma propagated by the film industry and it’s actually really harmful. 

I personally think it comes from the fear we have about trauma. It’s senseless and we try to rationalize it or transform it into something better even though it doesn’t make sense, not for the victims and not for the spectators. And forcing someone into the holy image of a saint, that endured without obtaining negative effects on how they see the world around them and how they decide to protect themselves, is unrealistic.

So yeah, celebrate Sansa’s kindness but think about what you say, when you say that she’s stronger than someone who lost that part of themselves because of the same reasons as her. 

(I wanted to bring awareness to this subject and don’t mean to attack or offend anyone.)

My dad discovering Voltron characters
  • Dad: Who's that guy with that bandana?
  • Me: His name is Keith.
  • Dad: Well, he doesn't know how to fight without having gay skills.
  • Dad: what a gay look.
  • Dad: omg so gay.
  • ____
  • Dad: What's up with that guy with the brown jacket
  • Me: He is Lance
  • Dad: He can be the new generation of memes.
  • ____
  • Dad: *Looking at Pidge* Is that guy gay too?
  • Me: It's a girl.
  • Dad: Is that girl lesbian?
  • Sister: Pfft
  • ____
  • Dad: That boy Hunk is talking about mexican food.
  • Me: Yup.
  • Dad: Turn off the TV, I already have a fucking favorite character.
  • ____
  • Dad: Shiro huh? I bet the worst challenge he had to face was stepping on a lego, that's being a champion.
  • Me: dad please-
  • ____
  • Dad: So this girl Allura and this man Coran are aliens.
  • Me: uh-huh
  • Dad: But what's the difference between them and humans, only the ears and those shitty marks on their faces?
  • Me: they have their own laguage too.
  • Dad: Bullshit, even Shiro has more alien appereance.
  • ____
  • Dad: HA. Is that guy the villain?
  • Me: Yeah. He's Zarkon
  • Dad: I can't take him seriously. Looks at his goddamn dinosaur face!
  • ____
  • Dad: *Looking at Haggar*
  • Dad: *Shouts* Lisa(my mother), come here, your mom is on TV!