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So! A little thing from my watercolor sketchbook because I don’t have time for normal sized artwork at the moment. 

People who are screaming “ooc” at Len from last nights ep amaze me. Like no offense but did you never actually watch his first episodes? He had no problem whatsoever killing people if they were in his way and this included his own partners? And yeah Mick was always a LIL different than other partners but yo when you look at it his way you can see that he doesn’t view this mick as /his/ Mick.

This is a Leonard Snart from the VERY beginning of the flash. Way before Barry told him to stop killing and especially before Barry planted the “you can be good” idea in his head. This is a Leonard Snart who doesn’t know how to deal with /this/ Mick so his only option in his head is to cut him lose and treat him like the enemy. Because to Len “If you’re out? You’re out”. There’s no middle ground with him. And tbh guarantee the reason Len killed Amaya was because he was angry and a bit jealous that mick chose /her/.

And while we’re on the subject you can fight me on this but I fully believe that Mick chose /her/ more than just choosing to be “good” or the entire team even. When Mick betrayed the Legends he asked her to come with him. Not entirely because he believed she would but because he just wanted her to. And Len saw and heard it and tbh that probably pissed him off but he brushed it off until in the end Mick was gonna choose /her/ over him. So in Len’s mind this woman was part of the reason Mick wasn’t his Mick anymore so he lashed out. First by berating Mick and then by killing Amaya Bc like he said “I know you loved her pieces.”

TLDR; Len was an asshole in the beginning. Don’t get me wrong I loved that asshole. But it doesn’t change the fact that he was a VERY cold hearted person from the start. Yes pun intended. He wasn’t ooc this ep you’re just woobifying him a lil too much for the sake of Mick. Which I understand you love cold wave; I do too tbh; but honestly in /my/ opinion it was very in character for who Len was at the time that the Legion grabbed him. But yo who knows maybe I’m wrong. It’s just a show after all. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


“Before you and after you.”

I used combination of pencil, ink water color, & acrylic paint.

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My thoughts on the episode Prompto teaser, AKA WHY IS SUNSHINE BOY CRYING?!

(with intentional vagueness to prevent spoilers for those still playing/planning on playing)

First, I wanna start off with this: Prompto in that outfit is AMAZING. Warm floofy chocobo head, 10/10 would cuddle.

Now, for the actual analysis… I think the reason Prompto is so emotional over his ‘encounter’ is that he’s facing what he could have become. Head things turned out differently and had he not grown up in the environment that he did, he probably would had either dead or… Completely different (if you finished the game you know exactly what I’m talking about). I think that he’s come face-to-face with a giant “what could have been” and he’s hurting and is sympathetic to what he’s facing.

It easily could have been him staring down the barrel of a gun. Had anything gone differently, it probably would have turned out that way.

I think Prompto feels pain for those that weren’t as fortunate as him–those that didn’t manage to avoid that fate. I feel like he takes it upon himself to maybe give those souls peace… Or at least put them out of their misery. Perhaps that’s what the entire episode is about: his personal mission, while also settling some issues about his past. Of course, he feels bad for doing it, but he knows that there’s no going back–those unlucky beings have no chance of returning to how they once were.


PS: I could be totally wrong and Prompto is just crying over how cold it is and how he wants to go home. Who knows?? *shrug*

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are there any taemin and fanboy moment? fanacc? anything ah please TT

There a lots of Taemin x fanboy moments ( ∩ˇωˇ∩)♡ (I’ll just post his interactions with them, but there are lots of men, young and adult, who get interactions with him. Aw my heart is in pain already). Also if you want to know what other boy idols think about him, I made this post time ago!

“My husband received this from Taemin. Taemin threw the ball toward him but too far. My husband waved his hand, Taemin looked at him like “ok” and did an under-throw so he could catch it.” (x)

“Taemin stared at me during Stand By Me, he gestured like asking “a man?” (When) I replied, he did fanservice very happy. It’s true that Taemin’s fanservice to fanboys is amazing.” (x)

“A silver haired old couple sat in floor, 1st row. Taemin saw the man, held hands with him and jumped happy. The man laughed cheerful, it made him happy. “It’s my hubby. Yesterday Taemin pointed at him, made thumbs up and bowed, today Taemin found him and did that many; asked him for high five. It’s like a gift from heaven”.” (x)

In Taemin’s minifanmeeting on 160320, he noticed there was a fanboy and he did high five with him. In the video that happens at 01:02 (x

He met a same boy during Press It era fansigns:

Fan: Annyeonghaseyo~ (passes a Disneyland souvenir)
Taemin: Ah~ Disneyland
Fan: I’m 19 y.o!
Taemin: Ooh younger than me?
Fan: That’s right! Namdongsaeng! You’re hyung! Taemina hyung!
Taemin: I’m so happy
Fan: Please write about your favourite character! Doraemon? Crayon Sinchan? Mickey Mouse!
Taemin: My drawing is not very good…
Fan: It’s okay~!
Taemin: Haha ㅋㅋㅋ Well~
Fan got surprised but try to change the topic.
Taemin: I’m sorry… Hiroki kamsahamnida…
Fan: It’s okay! It’s okay! Kamsahamnida

Taemin: Ah you came again hi
Fan: You remember?!
Taemin: Yes because few male fans, you sat in first row?
Fan: Right, thanks for remember
Taemin: Hi~ro~ki~goon, is (goon) ok?
Fan: As you like! Please draw this Line character
Taemin: Ok
Fan: A message too
Taemin: In Korean, ok?
Taemin wrote “Since when did you like me?”. Fan couldn’t read it so didn’t answer (fanboy is Japanese)
Fan: This gift, please use it
Taemin: I will if I can
Fan: I’ll come again too, see you!
Taemin: Come again (smiles)

A short video of another fanboy in Press It’s Gangwon fansing:

And to finish, a little fanboy ( ∩ˇωˇ∩)♡♡♡♡♡

A little kid came to fansign with hamburger cushion of half body size. Taemin signed while looking at the kid with his cheeks high. (x)

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Do you smoke weed?

I don’t smoke anything because I don’t want my son around smoke or second/third hand smoke. I like his lungs working perfectly. I used to smoke, though. I had this big collection of pipes & bongs that I had to give to my brother before we moved to Germany because they couldn’t get packed. He ended up breaking every single one so they’re all gone, even the penis-shaped one. That grudge will never go away. Andrew & I actually met as huge total potheads. We were so cute as a newly-couple omg. I miss summer 2010. Thanks for making me take a moment to think about the fun memories of my husband & I falling in love with each other ♥