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Some more thoughts from my experience with reposts.

Those of you that never shared their art online probably don’t know this, but seeing your own art posted somewhere else, under a different account, with thousands of views and likes and your name nowhere in sight is a terrible feeling. 

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What it is like being a studying poc with anxiety to the highest capacity and how I deal with it.

The first thing I have to tell you is that - your family may not understand and that is okay. Do not blame them for not understanding what anxiety is, the environment you grew up in and the environment they grew up in are completely different, also we have different pressures that we are facing. For example, my father and his entire family were fleeing a genocide - and the last thing on their mind was mental health and personal care. However, as a first generation living in the United Kingdom - mental health is the most important thing to me and being students, I know we put a world’s worth of pressure on succeeding and doing well. This may not always be good for us (unless you work well under pressure, do you). 

Let me just talk a bit about my anxiety here. It is mostly situational anxiety - for example when it comes to exams or public speaking (my role on the school head girl team meant I had to just literally speak publicly every other day - I will make a separate post about this and how I overcame that fear) exam season and revision. 

These tips won’t make anxiety go away completely, but studying with anxiety can be made easier - yes, I know it sounds insane, but it has really worked for me. 

1. Make your desk a safe space. 

Make your desk as soothing for your anxiety as possible. This may include having some plants around, decorating your desk with a particular theme - make it work for you! Let the theme be relaxing, have pictures of the ocean! Let it completely sooth you when you sit down to study. I personally have my desk next to a window so I can get fresh air when I need it. That is another thing… Let yourself breath - do not make your desk too cluttered, have it super minimalist, the less you feel claustrophobic the better. 

2. Try and get into a routine. 

This is does not always work for me because I work in bursts - but it has worked for many of my friends. When you have a routine, you won’t feel blindsided when you have to study - for example, I get super anxious when I can feel the amount of work I need to do. But if you have a routine, you know that you are studying at this specific time and nothing is being thrown in your direction - you can plan for it therefore remain completely in control. 

3. Avoid caffeine - seriously. 

I know that coffee looks super cute for the aesthetic tumblr photos but - avoid it at all costs! Caffeine is a psychoactive drug.  Lets call it what it is and it is mega terrible for your anxiety. It will cause and/or exacerbate your anxiety symptoms. I can not stress this enough, stay away from caffeine. 

4. Take your medications - if you have been subscribed them!

I am not ashamed to tell the world, loud and clear - I am on Propranolol for when my anxiety becomes uncontrollable (lets start publicly making it ok and safe for people to take medications without any stigma please, thanks). Yes, it is a super strong tablet. For those who do not know, its a beta blocker and it stops you from physically having a panic attack by keeping your heart at a consistent rhythm or beat I don’t know the correct terminology (medblrs come through) - do not be ashamed, be proud that you are taking the necessary steps to gain control again. 

5. Take regular walks and control your breaking.

I walk to the breaths I take - a bit like walking to a beat, but its more relaxing. With anxiety, breaking is the key to mastering it. Master your breathing! I’ve noticed that being deeply connected to my breathing means I sense any tension in my body and sensing tension is the first step to identifying if you are feeling anxious or if you feel a panic attack coming on. 

6. Keep a close eye on your stimuli! (Yes, I did just rhyme)

What is making you anxious? Do you have triggers? If you do - learn to minimise contact with them. Be it a person, a place, an object. You do not need to stay in environments that make you feel uncomfortable (unless you are forced to stay - for example dealing with anxiety in class, I’ll make a another post about how to deal with that) I had a friend who used to make me super anxious and I don’t spend that much time with her anymore simply because she wasn’t good for my mental health. Which brings me to my next point - people can be triggers to your anxiety and staying away from them is OK. 

I don’t know if this is helpful but if even one person benefits from this - putting myself out there and owning my anxiety disorder is so worth it. Suffering from anxiety is hard, it is really hard and I just want to say - to all those who suffer from anxiety, you are going to be ok. Whatever coping technique you have or however you deal with it, I am proud of you and you are doing great. 

My message box and ask is open to you. Sometimes talking to another sufferer is easier - I understand and I’ve got you, message me, rant to me! It is better out than in. 

This is my first - really official post on tumblr and I want to know if this was helpful, please give me feedback. I want to learn how I can help and get the message out there more effectively. 

And because it is my first post - I’m going to tag some of my favourite blogs (not the most subtle introduction haha, but super important)

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photo credit to @serendipikitty

Anonymous said:Hello love!:) I was wondering if you could possibly do a “dating Caius would include…”? Please, if it’s not to much trouble

A/N: Heya, lovely. :) Of course I’ll do this for you! :) I’m sorry if it’s not the best, I haven’t done ‘would include’ imagines for a little bit. So I’ll do the best of my ability. :) I hope that you enjoy this nevertheless, lovely! :3

Not my gif. Gif credit goes to the amazing creators!

Dating Caius Volturi would include:

- You ultimately having to be a vampire.

- Being Caius’s mate.

- Being heavily protected in the Volturi at all times.

- Caius being completely and utterly in love with you. (and vice versa)

- Being the only one who is capable of cheering up Caius’s perpetually angry mood.

- Teaching Caius to be softer.

- “This is useless, (Y/N)!” he would shout.

- “You’re stubborn and pessimistic… Great combo.” you’d mutter.

- Being the only one to get away with nearly anything when it comes to Caius. (But as long as you don’t break laws, that’s chill).

- Dealing with the fact that your mate is a sadistic blood thirsty manipulative vampire. (he’s not manipulative to you).

- Caius telling you about his hatred for werewolves and how he almost hunted them to extinction.

- You actually being a peaceful person, which most of the time aggravates Caius.

- “You’re just like Carlisle! Next thing you know, she’ll be drinking from Bambi’s neck!

- “Take it easy, brother. I wouldn’t aggravate her too much with insults…” Aro would warn Caius.

- You being one of the most talented and gifted vampires of all existence.

- Caius loving your gift so much so that he makes you collaborate with Jane to torture vampires whom have broken the law.

- Really loud and hot sex.

- Caius getting jealous incredibly easily.

- “Can you like chill for five minutes?

- “No! I will not chill for five minutes!

- Often sitting on Caius’s lap whilst he sits on his throne.

- Caius doing anything and everything to protect you.

- “I will never let anybody ruin even one strand of hair on you. Do you understand me, my love? Nothing is ever going to hurt you.”

- Getting Caius on a certain level that nobody else does.

- “Why do I love him? Because beneath all of the sadistic facade, he’s got something in him that I love. Call me foolish if you must, but I’ll never leave him.

- Actually putting a smile on Caius’s face, which is incredibly rare.

- Marcus suddenly being a little more lively since your relationship with Caius reminds him of his own with Didyme.

- Caius wanting Chelsea to keep you loyal to him because he’s actually insecure and paranoid.

- “You keep me locked up within a tower and I have the most powerful gift of all, and you still do this?

- “It’s just precautions.

- “After all of this time, Caius, aren’t you tired of taking these ridiculous precautions?

- “Don’t argue with me, (Y/N).

- Standing by Caius no matter what.

- In the end, Caius reveals that he’s so protective of you because he can’t lose you.

- “The fear of losing you is too great. I can’t afford to let the love of my being, my eternity to perish. You’re absolutely everything to me, and I want nothing to happen to you…

- Caius treating you like a queen.

- Being vampire royalty.

- Sweet small kisses in public.

- Long deep passionate kisses behind closed walls.

- The two of you always feeding together and being eager for it.

- Being total opposites but being perfect for each other.

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Title: NA Attendee Part 2

Character: Charlie Peters

TV: Shameless

Warnings: SMUT, SMUT, SMUT!

Photo/GIF credits go to the original maker/owner

The NA meeting came to a close. It was thankfully a quiet and successful one.

Y/N had been there, her cheek bruised and swollen from the night before. Charlie had tried to speak to her, but the others were worried and were checking up on her every chance they could.

Biting his bottom lip, Charlie walked over to her, watching as she put the snacks away.

“Hey Y/N,”

He was expecting her to regret what had happened between them in his office the night before, but when she turned and smiled, he felt instant relief.

“Hey Charlie,”

They were alone, everyone having gone home. Like she had done before, she came around, giving him a hug, but this time, she kissed his cheek.

When she stood on the flat of her feet, she looked up at him, shyly putting her hair behind her ears, “Um, I’m making dinner tonight… Would you like to come over?”

Charlie’s eyes widened at her invitation into her home, “Uhh, yeah… I’d like that,”

He didn’t feel worthy enough, but he didn’t want to pass up an opportunity to be with her.

“Great! Just come by here,” she jotted down her address and phone, handing it to him, “at 7.”

Taking the paper from her fingers, he read it and nodded his head, “I’ll be there,”
Charlie knocked on the door at seven o'clock sharp.

He smiled as Y/N opened the door, seeing her in yoga capris and a long sweater.

“Come on in Charlie,” she grinned, stepping back.

As soon as the door shut, he pulled her to him. One hand rested at the small of her back, while the other cupped her cheek.

Charlie could feel her skin heating up as she blushed. Skimming his thumb over her bottom lip, he dipped his head, slowly kissing her.

Y/N held the sides of his neck, her soft skin caressing his tattoo.

Charlie pulled back, his feelings of shame hitting him full force.

“Are you alright, Charlie?”

“I, uh.. yeah.” he stepped away from her, shoving his hands in his pockets.

Y/N rolled her lips and folded her arms, “Come into the living room and talk to me, please?”

Biting his lip, a habit he had, he nodded and followed her.

She waited as he sat down; she took a seat on the edge of the coffee table, “Do you regret last night?”

His eyes shot up to her face at the sound of her soft voice, “No, of course not! I just-”

Leaning forward, she placed her hands on his knees, moving them up and down to soothe him, “Just what, Charlie?”

He ran a finger over the scorpion on his neck, “I got this in a crack house after taking a few lines…. My arms; they’re littered with needle marks… I just don’t want you to… change your mind about me… about us?”

Y/N smiled softly, shaking her head, “You don’t have to worry about me changing my mind, Charlie. I admit that last night was a first for me. I don’t normally just sleep with just anyone,” she climbed onto his lap, straddling him, “But there’s just something about you.”

Charlie held her waist as he looked up at her.

“I want you to know it’s because I like you, Charlie; a lot.”

“You sure it’s not just a bad guy image; just a fantasy?”

Her eyes hardened slightly, “I promise you that the bad boy bit doesn’t do a thing for me. Want to know what I do go for?”

He nodded, tilting his head back as her lips connected with his neck between each word, “You are kind, sweet and one hell of a looker,”

Her lips hovered above the tattoo on his neck, “And this here? This is part of who you are, Charlie. A survivor… I’m more than willing to accept that,”

Charlie moaned, gripping her backside with firm fingers as her lips sealed over it. She kissed his tattoo, her tongue sneaking out, taking a slow lick of his neck.

“Christ, Y/N. You’re the only one that pays that much attention to that tattoo,” he said, raising his hips.

He had lifted her slightly as he adjusted himself, causing her head to dip deeper into his shoulder.

She gave a breathy laugh before lifting her head to look at him.

Her hair was slightly disheveled. Charlie smiled as he watched her fix the flyaways. Taking his hands, he rubbed them up and down her thighs.

“You’re beautiful,” he said, lightly.

And he meant it. He’d been with women, many women if you count all the days and nights when he was doped up. He dare even admit to sleeping with a hooker or two.

Those days were long gone though. He could tell that just by looking into Y/N’s eyes that she meant every word. It felt… nice… to be wanted by someone who was as gorgeous and pure as Y/N.

Charlie gave himself a shake.

“You alright there?”

He nodded, biting his lip; again, that hard habit he’d had since he could remember.

“I have pot roast and veggies in the crockpot if you’re hungry,” Y/N said, pointing over her shoulder with her thumb.

Sitting up, Charlie ran his hands up her backside and back, bringing her face close to his, “I’m hungry, but I’m more in the mood for the feisty woman in my lap,”

Y/N giggled, her hands holding his neck, “Is that so?”

Licking his bottom lip, he bobbed his eyebrows, “Most definitely,”

Quickly lifting her, Charlie laid her out on the couch, hovering just above her. Her squeal at such a fast move made him grin.

Leaning down, he placed hot, wet kisses all along her neck as he spoke of how delicious she was.

“You see, she’s fucking gorgeous, has a hell of a rack,” he kissed his way up to her ear to whisper, “and one hell of a pussy that knows how to please,”

“Oh my God,” Y/N gasped, as Charlie rolled his hips against her.

He sat up on his knees, “I’m not going to lie, Y/N… I’m ready to rip these pants off of you and have a damn taste,”

She sat up, peeling her sweater off and unhooking her bra. Once her breasts were freed, Charlie bent at the waist and took a taut nipple between his lips as he hooked his fingers into the waistband of her yoga pants.

Y/N held her torso up, her head falling back as he slowly sucked on her breasts.

Charlie pulled her pants down, but only to mid thigh. Taking a hand, he cupped her sex, his middle finger dipping between the folds with ease.

She gasped, rocking her hips just slightly. He dragged his hand up, his finger rubbing over her clit.

“Oh… hell,” Y/N nearly whined.

Bending his middle finger at the knuckle, the tip sank into her wetness.

Y/N’s torso fell back onto the couch, her breast falling from Charlie’s mouth with a plop. He watched her, her legs confined in the waist of her pants, unable to widened.

He slowly pumped his finger in and out of her, pulling out for the wetness to spread it around her clit.

She was highly sensitive and he couldn’t help but smirk at how he had her right where he wanted her.

Her hands cupped her breasts, her palms running over her nipples as he dipped his finger back into her.

“Charlie,” she whined, licking her lips.

He pulled his hand from her center, quickly taking off her pants the rest of the way.

He chucked off his jacket and situated himself to where his mouth was lined up with her wetness.

One leg was draped over his shoulder, resting on his back. Charlie held the ankle of her other leg, having her opened wide.

Without any other warning, he dove right in with a growl, his tongue dipping in her folds.

She cried out, her hands blindly searching for something to hold on to.

Using his free hand, he opened her lower lips, dipping the tip of his tongue into her, pulling it out and tracing the opening of her entrance before frenching her core.

“Holy…. Shit!” she cried out, her heel digging into his back as she raised her hips.

Charlie let loose a cross between a moan and a growl as he rolled his tongue into her entrance.

“Charlie!” she cried out.

He kissed her; the kisses, wet and loud on her wetness. He continued to french her as he made his way to her clit.

There, he flattened his tongue and dragged it over the bundle of nerves, making Y/N’s body shake as she moaned.

Taking his two fingers, he dipped them into her, slowly pumping them in and out as he began to suck on her clit.

Y/N placed a hand on the back of his head, sitting up so she could watch him.

Her gasps were loud and heavy as she rolled her hips against his fingers and mouth, “Don't… don’t stop!” she begged.

Her hips rolled quicker as he pumped his fingers faster and sucked her clit more firmly.

“Yes… yes! Oh my God!” she chanted and cried out as her orgasm took over.

Charlie lapped at her clit as she came down. When she collapsed, he kissed her clit, then kissed his way up her torso.

“The mouth on you Charlie Peters,”

He laughed, wiping his beard, “I’ll take that as a thank you,”

She snorted, turning her head to him and opening her eyes.

“Let me take care of you, Charlie,”

Unbuttoning and unzipping his pants, Y/N flattened her hand against his stomach and slid it into his pants.

Charlie’s arms shook as her warm hand wrapped around his length.

“Hell,” he breathed, bowing his head while she stroked him.

Her thumb running over the head, spreading the precum sent a jolt through his body. Y/N repeated the move twice before he couldn’t take it anymore.

Charlie stood, toeing off his boots and yanking down his pants. His manhood bounced as he stood back up.

Sitting back down by her feet, Charlie gave her his hands to pull her up. Letting him lead her, she straddled his waist like earlier, only kneeling taller as the head of him touched her folds.

Staring up at her, he grasped himself at the base and moved the head over her slit. Starting at her eyes, he slowly looked at her body.

Her pupils were blown with lust, her lips red and plumped from their kissing and her teeth dragging over them.

His eyes moved down as he continued to tease her wetness with his seeping head.

Her chest moved up and down with each breath, putting her nipples near his mouth. As she breathed in, her breasts popping in front of him, he quickly licked her hard nipple.

The second go around, as he licked her, he ran the head of his shaft over her clit. The action made them both moan.

He needed her… now.

“Ride me, baby,” he whispered.

Slowly, she sank onto him, rolling her hips every other inch until she sat perfectly in his lap.

His tongue peeked out, touching his top lip as she rose up onto her knees and sank down again.

He gripped her waist, his eyes heavy lidded as he enjoyed the feel of her, “That’s it… Just like that, Y/N.”

She rode him, leaning back slightly, her hands on his knees for support.

The sight of him moving in and out of her wetness, the way her small clit was exposed; he just wouldn’t last long.

“Faster, Y/N,” he begged softly.

She ran a hand through her hair as she rolled her hips to a quicker pace, her breasts bouncing.

Pulling her forward, Charlie buried his face in her breasts, kissing and nipping at them as he helped her move.

Y/N’s lips rested on his head as she panted, “So close, Charlie,”

He groaned, bracing his feet on the floor, “Me too, baby… hold on,”

Using his feet, he thrusted upward and she came down.

Her pants and cries became louder each time their pelvis’ connected.

With one hand, she held on to his shoulder and the other reached down to stimulate her aching clit.

The sight was enough to make Charlie shout as he came inside of her.

Her keening cries progressively got louder until her breath caught in her throat in a soundless orgasm.

Charlie pushed one last time, his groan deep in his chest at the prolonged feeling of her walls contracting.

“Holy… shit…” Y/N panted.

Charlie laughed, kissing her shoulder, “Right?”

“I have never been fucked senseless before,” she giggled.

“Happy to be of service, Sweetheart,”


You’ve always liked Jim

Jim Kirk x Reader

Word Count: 1780

Prompt: “You know you want all of this.”

Summary: You go back to Jim’s apartment after inadvertently robbing him of taking a girl back to his. 

“Hey Jim!” You ran up to the blonde who was just about to leave the bar with a girl.

“Y/n! How are you?” He asked and the girl looked from Jim to you with a confused glance.

“I’m great. Anyway. Heard you may be recruiting for the Enterprise again. Some people on leave?” You paused with a grin. “And you know that my credentials haven’t been disregarded. I’m top of my class in respect of engineering. But am also a highly skilled in the other areas of scientific engineering I have been researching and my project was published in one of the top branches a cadet could get. So I therefore ask if you’d consider me for the Enterprise?” Jim grinned at you and the girl walked off with a huff.

“Well. As you seem so eager Y/n. I’ll ask Pike what he thinks and then I’ll contact you.” Kirk put a hand on your arm. “We’ve been friends for a long time haven’t we?”

“Too long even. But you were always better than me.” You smiled.

“Come on! That’s not all true. You’ve beaten me in loads of things. If anything. I only recently got better than you.”

“Lying son of a bitch.” You laughed. Seeing Uhura you looked at her and she raised an eyebrow causing you to roll your eyes.

“What’re you two looking so happy about then?” Jim looked from Uhura and back to you.

“Nothing.” You smiled.

“Well. You’ve robbed me of a date. So, would you like to heal my wounds and come back to mine?” He paused. “You don’t have too.”

“No. I want to. What are you asking me for though?” You laughed quietly.

“You’ll just have to wait and see.” He grinned and opened the door for you.

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Anonymous said:Could you make one about what dating Embry

A/N: Embry is probably one of my favourite members of the Twilight wolf pack, he’s a cutie and a right sweetheart and pretty funny. He’s adorable and I would love to write this imagine for you. Enjoy, anon!

Not my gif. Gif credit goes to the amazing creators!

Dating Embry Call would include:

- Loving the fact that he’s a more loving and caring person than his pack brothers.

- Embry always tickling you.

- You getting annoyed with Embry for protecting you so much to the point where you can’t get involved in major conflicts with the Cullen’s.

- “Why do you treat me like I can’t protect myself, Embry?

- “Because it isn’t your job to do that. It’s mine. And I said for you to stay here so please, listen for me!

- “Whatever!

- Embry always getting lost in your eyes.

- Embry thinking of you sexually so the wolf pack tease you and him.

- “Do you really have to think of me in that sense?

- “I can’t help it!

- Lot’s of hugs.

- Lot’s of kisses.

- Lot’s of cuddles.

- Embry’s arm always being around your waist.

- Embry always falling asleep when watching a movie.

- Pranking each other.

- You always falling asleep on Embry.

- “I love you, (Y/N).

- “I love you too, Em.

- When you’re hurt, Embry always scoops you up, cradles you and helps you feel better.

- You being close to the Cullen’s and Embry disliking it very much.

- “They could hurt you!

- “They won’t!

- “But they can!

- “Embry Call, you stop this right now!

- Embry always comforting you when things get too much for you.

- Curling into his midsection when cuddling.

- Crying into his chest.

- Walks in the rain.

- Long walks at night time.

- Long walks on the beach.

- You never listening to Embry and getting involved anyway.

- “I told you to stay out of this!

- “I’m not going to sit here and do nothing!

- “You’re human! You can’t do anything.

- “I can be bait.

- “NO WAY!

- When Embry get’s angry  and is going to phase you talk in a low comforting voice to sooth him.

- When he starts shaking you kiss his lips and he’s calmer than a cucumber.

- Embry telling you that he’s a werewolf right off of the bat.

- You not believing him.

- Him showing you.

- You fainting.

- Embry driving you home at night time.

- When you fall asleep on your couch with him when watching movies he always carries you to bed and tucks you in before leaving.

- Whispered sweet nothing’s in your ear.

- Always holding hands.

- Embry always being close to you.

- Embry getting severely jealous when males talk to you.

- You getting jealous when females talk to him.

- Trusting each other no matter what.

- Loving each other even when you two fight.

- Being sweet to each other.

- Going on weekend dates.

- Calming his mother down whenever she calsl the cops, thinking that Embry has ran away.

- Making him watch movies with you.

- Making him food.

- Embry always being grateful to have you.

- Bringing Embry out of his shell.

- Obviously being his imprint.

- Practically being the cutest couple ever.

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Event: Romance Trope Drabble

Trope: Amnesia

Character: Denny Duquette

TV: Grey’s Anatomy

Warnings: None!

Photo/GIF credits go to the original maker/owner

“So what you’re telling me is that Denny doesn’t remember who I am?” I asked, Dr. Burke.

I sat on the couch of Dr. Burke’s office as he explained that Denny had suffered a stroke. He just had been given a new heart a mere few weeks ago.

Before Dr. Burke could respond, I spat out another question as the panic set in, “Is it amnesia? Will he ever remember me?”

“Mrs. Duquette, Mrs. Duquette, calm down, please,” he asked, raising his hands up and down slowly.

“It’s called vascular dementia. Sometimes it is short term, sometimes it’s permanent,”

I bounced my leg up and down, my knuckle resting on my lips as I tried to control my emotions.

“Can I see him?”

Dr. Burke smiled, “Of course. Hopefully carrying on a conversation with him may help jolt his memory,”
Entering the room, I could see Denny covered in blankets with nose piece in for breathing.

He smiled, but it was one that he gave me when we had first met.

“Y/N, this is-” Dr. Burke started.

Denny interrupted him, “Denny, Capricorn, thirty eight and currently looking at the most gorgeous woman I’ve ever set eyes on,”

Tears blurred my vision. That was the same exact thing he had said to me five years ago… well, except for his age of course.

“Denny, this is your wife,” Dr. Burke said.

Denny’s smile slowly faded when he saw the tears roll down my cheeks.

“Hey, Darlin’, don’t cry,” he said, soothingly.

A small whimper left me when I turned my head.

“Doc, can we have a minute?” I heard Denny ask.

Quietly, Dr. Burke left.

“Y/N, right?” Denny asked.

My head was still turned as I nodded.

“Come here, please?”

Slowly I went to Denny’s bedside. He grabbed my hand and pulled me down to sit next to him, mindful of the wires.

“I didn’t mean to make you cry, Sweetheart,”

I sniffled, looking up at him and shrugged, “Not your fault,”

He cupped my cheek, wiping away the trail of tears, “So we’re married, huh?”

“Yeah,” I whispered.

“Hot damn, I have good taste,”

I laughed.

His wide grin faded into a soft smile. Holding my hands with his thumbs moving over the top, he dipped his head and gave me his boyish charm,

“Mind laying here with me and telling me about us?”

I gave a watery laugh and squeezed his hands, “Sure Denny,”

Toeing off my shoes and taking off my jacket, I laid next to him, cuddling up to his warm body.

As he wrapped his arm around me and kissed my head, he slightly grunted, “Hmm… this seems familiar,”

“Hopefully it won’t take as long for your memories to return,” I said, quietly.

“Hopefully,” he sighed, “because I have a smoking hot wife and I want to remember all the good times.”

We had a long road ahead of us, but there was no obstacle that could tear us apart.


The Science Fair

Words: 1357
Peter Parker X Reader / Tony Stark X Daughter! Reader
request from @jessie-ohler “ Can I have a tony stark x daughter!reader and Peter Parker x reader? You can have whatever you want in it.”

Reader is Tony Stark’s Daughter and best friends with Peter Parker. Things start to get really interesting when Peter asks the reader to be his partner for the Science Fair, when what he really wanted all along was to be her boyfriend! 

(Written with Tom Holland Spiderman in mind but could just as easily be Andrew Garfield or your favorite Spiderman. Not my gif.)

“Hey Stark, wait up!” You’d been rushing through the halls trying to get to your next class on time when your best friend called out to you. Peter Parker had been your best friend since your Freshman year of high school together. He was always dropping things and fumbling around at school but what he lacked in social skills he more than made up for with his genius IQ. “Sorry to keep you,” He apologized. “But I was wondering if you’d be my partner for the Science Fair?”

“This wouldn’t have anything to do with you wanting to come over and borrow my dad’s state of the art lab again, would it?” You winked at him.

“W-what?” He stammered. “No! I mean maybe a little. But we had so much fun the last time!”

“The last time when we almost burned the place down?” You reminded him.

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Quite enjoyed writing this one actually. It was a refreshing way to write Loki - not all fluffy and cute and “misunderstood” but not a total psychopath either. Just clever and sassy and nasty and just… Loki. I hope you’ll agree with me when I say that the character in this fic felt much more natural. If you disagree, please tell me and I’ll experiment with it again in the future. I owe immathrowabrickatyou some credit for the story idea for this one, hope you like how I did it. Enjoy, my darlings!

Plague (Part 1)

Loki hated it on Midgard. His punishment from Odin had been Thor’s idea – to work alongside his greatest enemies, the Avengers, so as to try and earn their forgiveness. It had tampered with his plans drastically and left him thoroughly irritated.

He was not the only new recruit either. You had joined as repentance for your crimes but under much less murderous circumstances. You’d been responsible for facing the Avengers in Russia, where they had been searching for Loki’s sceptre, and after tackling you to the ground, Thor had seen your potential and brought you in. It turned out that HYDRA had been holding your family captive and, after their rescue, you agreed to join the team.

You couldn’t stand the silver-tongued God, and the feeling was mutual. Luckily that was the last thing on your mind as you sat snivelling on the sofa. Headache, check. Blocked nose, affirmative. Sore throat – of course! And to top it all off, you were stuck babysitting.
“What is wrong with it?” Loki asked, all too casually from the other side of the room. You glared at him from but Thor placed a gentle hand on your knee to quell your anger.
“Nothing is wrong with her Loki. She’s sick, that is all. You are going to be taking care of her whilst we are on a mission.”

Despite Thor’s words, both you and the trickster knew what he really meant. It was going to be your job to keep him out of trouble whilst the others were away.
“If that stupid ape gives me her disease-”
“Don’t tempt me.” You spat. Thor scowled at you and you coughed before silencing.
“It’s just influenza, Loki. Nothing harmful to us. An inconvenience at best.”

“Can I kill him now?” You pleaded. Thor chuckled before standing. He patted you on the head but you pulled away before he could do so for long. You certainly didn’t need mollycoddling.
“Good luck.” He declared as he departed, long crimson cape flowing behind him.
“I do not need luck, Odinson.” Loki sneered. Thor smirked and peered back around the doorframe.
“Who said I was talking to you?”

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Summary: You and Brett have been dating for six months but you come to a discovery that could ruin everything.

- Also posted on my AO3 account ranae654

This can’t be right, it had to be a mistake, maybe a faulty test? Although the other two also being positive didn’t really support that this was a mistake. How were you going to have a kid? You’re only in high school, you’re supposed to have your whole future planned out but this changed everything. How were you going to tell Brett? The two of you had only been dating for nearly six months, this was not part of your agenda, and you were fairly certain that this was not part of his either.
Sure, he had never let you down, and he was always there for you, even when the two of you argued he was always the first to apologize and in the sweetest way, but this time was different. You were letting him down in the worst way possible, you were making him responsible for another life that he may not have even wanted. Either way you had to tell him somehow, no one else could find out before him, it was only fair. You then decided that after school ended you would go with him to lacrosse practice like you always do and tell him then, after he’s done of course.
“Hey Y/N, you ready to go to school?” You looked to your door to find your hyperactive brother Stiles there, pulling you out of your thoughts. You plastered on a fake smile, grabbing your bag off of your bed. “You bet.” He looked at you weirdly, and left the room with you following behind.
It wasn’t any lie that Stiles was the least supportive of your relationship with Brett, he couldn’t stand the guy and he didn’t understand how you could, especially after all the drama with your best friend Liam. In all reality the most supportive people of your relationship is Scott and Lydia. Scott was supportive because he still trusted Brett and he knew him and could read him better then anyone else in the pack, he could see the good in him and how well he treats you so he had no issues with him. Lydia on the other hand just supported the two of you together because she thought he was attractive and you two really hit it off when you met, no thanks to her. You had to give both of them credit for seeing the good in your relationship with Brett.
Your dad, as he should be, is still a little bit weary of him. Mostly because he’s dating his “little girl”. You could remember the first time he met your ex-boyfriend Isaac, he was extremely over protective about that but he learned to love him. Actually he was sort of shocked and upset that you two broke up but it was for the best, him falling for Allison and all.
Stiles then pulled in the school parking lot where the pack was waiting for the two of you. “Okay well have a-” You were quick to get out of the car, avoiding him and anyone else to the best of your ability. You just wanted to get through the day without any questions about the way you’ve been acting lately.
Stiles watched you from a distance, with a somewhat concerned but at the same time confused look as he walked over to Scott. “Something’s off about her.” Stiles looked back at Scott, now fully concerned. “Well what is it?”
“I don’t know, I don’t think it’s necessarily bad she just smells anxious, afraid, and a little on edge but whatever it is, I can’t really tell if we should be worried or not.” All of the pack looked at you suspiciously as you walked off, into the school.
As soon as you were inside Brett was there at his locker, talking to a few friends when he saw you. “Hey baby.” He walked over to you, going to place a kiss to your lips. Right away he could tell something was wrong when you didn’t return it, and turned your face away. “Um, is everything alright? Did I do something?”
“No, no! Not at all I just- I don’t feel well.” Concern immediately took over his face and he settled his hands gently on the sides of your arms. “Is there anything I can do? Are you in pain?” You pulled away from him, slowly walking away while rubbing at your forehead as a headache began to form. “I just wanna be alone. Please, don’t worry about me, I’ll see you at practice okay?” He nodded, concern still etched on his face but you couldn’t think about that right now. Any sound just made your headache even worse.
The day went by so slow it felt like it would never end. You ignored the pack and Brett all day, sure it made you feel bad but any social interaction was just going to make you feel even more sick.
By the time school was out, you felt like you wanted to die, the nausea stuck with you all day, it was terrible, especially when your lunch decided not to stay down. When you walked out of the school Brett and Stiles were both waiting by the jeep for you, not speaking a word to each other with their arms crossed. As soon as Brett saw you he rushed over to you, but didn’t get too close since he knew how you were when you’re sick. “Y/N where have you been? I’ve been worried about you all day, what’s going on? I’m not trying to bombard you with questions but the past few days you haven’t been yourself.” Stiles rolled his eyes as he stayed back. As if Brett knew more about you than he did, he could never.
“I’ll tell you after lacrosse practice, I promise. You’re right I haven’t been myself these past few days, and I will tell you everything, just please go to practice.”
You could tell he was contemplating on what to do and you really hoped he would trust you enough to go along with your idea. It felt like minutes but was probably seconds when he finally, but cautiously decided. “……Alright. Just stay in my sight please.” You nodded, and he pulled you slowly into a soft hug, placing a kiss on the top of your head. “Okay, let’s go.” The two of you began to walk off and Stiles stood back by his jeep, pulling his backpack over his shoulder. “Unbelievable!”
All of practice you sat away from Lydia, Kira, Malia, and Allison. They would glance over at you every once in awhile, confused as to why you weren’t with them, cheering on your boyfriend. You had gotten endless texts from Lydia, asking if you were alright but you just ignored them all. Brett, had his eyes glued on you practically the whole practice, and it threw his game off but he did not care about that, he just cared about you.
It finally ended, and the first thing he did was jog over to you. You got off the bleachers, and stood in front of him. “Okay so, what’s going on?” He looked down at your hands and saw that they were shaking as the hang from your sides. He immediately took your hands in his and stepped closer to you. “Babe, you’re shaking.” He placed his hands in yours and you just couldn’t. You were lost for words. “I-” Just looking into his eyes and knowing that what you were about to tell him could ruin any future you could have with him, broke your heart, this will ruin his life. Thoughts began rushing through your head and before you knew it a wave of nausea ran through you, stronger than ever and soon enough you were running to the nearest trash can. Brett followed after you. “Y/N!” Your best friend Lydia, and the rest of the pack watched in concern, including your brother Stiles, no one moved though. They knew how easily overwhelmed you become by a certain amount of people surrounding you so they allowed Brett to take care of it.
He dropped everything in his hands and pulled your hair, gently behind your head as you spilled the contents from your stomach into the bin.
Your hands gripped at the sides as you tried to steady yourself.
God did you hate this, the vomiting, the anxiety, the nausea, the stress, it was all too much. Once you were done you wiped at your mouth and Brett being the wonderful boyfriend already had a piece of gum ready for you. “Thank you.” You groaned slightly at the discomfort of your stomach and looked passed Brett and saw all of your friends standing there, pretending not to stare, it was embarrassing. “Y/N, what is going on? You’ve been getting sick a lot lately, it worries me.” You unwrapped the piece of gum, and stuck it in your mouth before brushing your hair behind your ear. “Um, can we talk somewhere more private?” Brett look behind him and saw them staring and nodded. “Yeah. My parents aren’t home so, my place alright?” You nodded and he picked up his bag, and swiftly wrapped his arm around your shoulders, leading you to his car. “Alright let’s go.” As you passed the pack they didn’t say anything when Brett gave them a look that said ‘I’ve got this. Don’t say anything’.
He opened the door for you and helped you into the car before sliding into the drivers seat, taking off slowly.
His hand had not left yours the entire ride and he tried once more to ask if you wanted to talk about in the car but you didn’t respond so he let it go.
When he pulled in the driveway the two of you got out of the car and he went to unlock the door.
The two of you ended up in his bedroom since that was where you felt the most comfortable.
He shut the door as you sat down on his bed. When he turned around he noticed you looked slightly uncomfortable which was rather odd since you’ve been in his room an extensive amount of times and neither of you had, had any bad memories in there so he just raised his eyebrows as he walked over to you. “You know, you can take your shoes off if your uncomfortable. You can lye down too, if it would help any?” You shook your head and began to take your shoes off. “No, no! I’m sorry, I’m just- well I’m comfortable you’ve never made me uncomfortable it’s just- um- what I’m about to tell you I don’t know how you’ll react and it scares the living shit out of me that I could lose you from this.”
“Whoa, whoa Y/N.” He sat down on the bed beside you, settling one hand on your knee and the other on your arm. “I assure you that whatever it is, you are not going to lose me. No way in hell are you going to lose me. I love you and I will always be here, now tell me…please.” He lowered his voice to be softer than it was before, almost soothingly calm. “What is it?” You moved your hair out of your face before bringing your feet up on the bed, criss-crossing them. “Okay, okay. This is- This is really big but um- I- I’m pregnant.” You didn’t want to see his reaction you really didn’t. As soon as the words came out you collapsed down onto his bed, your head landing on his pillow. He turned around slowly while you were fiddling with the bottom of your sleeves to your jacket.
When you look up at him his eyes are very subtle, and he doesn’t look affected at all. He also brings his feet up on the bed and lays on his stomach beside you, slightly on top of you.
“Y/N, baby.” Brett gently caresses your cheek, looking you deeply in the eyes.
A tear slips out before you could stop it but at this moment you could only let three words slip through your lips. “I’m scared Brett.” His thumb swipes at the tear as you sniffle. Your hands somehow find their way to each other and intertwine. “And that is perfectly normal, and assumed but you know what? I am always going to be here, by your side, supporting you one hundred percent. And you wanna know a secret? I know as the boyfriend I’m supposed to be strong but I’m a little scared myself to be honest.” He chuckled slightly trying to lighten the mood, making you laugh, and smile wide. “There’s that smile I love to see.” You scooted in closer to him, wrapping your arms around his torso, and pulling him down toward you.
His hand lightly brushed down your shoulder as he layed a light kiss to your cheek. As affectionate as he was, you still couldn’t help but cry and all that he could really do right now was just be there for you, nothing was going to make this go away, it was terrifying.
How Brett was able to be so calm right now you had absolutely no idea but you couldn’t deny that it was nice to know that he really did love you and wouldn’t leave you no matter what happened. All you needed right now was him in your arms and just to feel and smell him next to you and that’s just what you had.

Anonymous said:Dating Dally Winston would include??

A/N: I love Dally, he’s probably my favourite character from The Outsiders! I find that he’s pretty relatable as a character. Hahah, sorry for the gushing! Here is your imagine, anon. Please enjoy!

Not my gif. Gif credit goes to the amazing creators!

Dating Dallas Winston would include:

- Dealing with him punching every guy that looks and talks to you.

- Being protective over you.

- Sometimes walking you home at night.

- Not letting himself get super soft or whipped.

- Keeping up his reputation.

- Visiting him in jail.

- Learning not to scold him for breaking the the law.

- “It’s my way of life, baby.

- Dallas stealing things and giving them to you.

- “Is this stolen?

- “Maybe. Why do you care?

- You knowing how to fight well.

- You being the opposite of Dallas.

- Being a nice girl.

- When you get jumped, Dallas goes sick on anyone’s ass until he finds who hurt you.

- Putting up with Dallas’s mood swings.

- Putting up with Dallas’s terrible mood all around.

- Being the only one that Dallas really let’s his guard down with.

- Dallas teasing you and flirting with you all of the time.

-Getting annoyed when Dallas calls you a broad.

- You tending to be fiery and feisty when you’re mad.

- “Fiery huh? Just the way I like em’.

- Constantly having really big fights with Dallas.

- Going to Buck’s frequently.

- Meeting the gang and the gang getting protective of you.

- Learning how to smoke.

- Dallas laughing at you for choking to death when you smoke for the first time.

- Dallas getting you to break minor laws.

- “You’re getting more and more like me everyday.” he’d grin grimly.

- No one ever messing with you.

- Hearing tales of New York.

- Walking down the street with Dallas’s arm over your shoulder.

- “Are you talking to my girl?

- “Babe, who’s this punk?

- “Do you know who you’re messin’ with, punk?

- Him trying not to swear so much around you.

- Dally never saying I love you, but you know he does because he says things similar to it.

- “You know I care about you right?

- “What the hell were you thinkin’? Walkin’ around at this time of night when you could get jumped or killed?

- “You go straight to Pony’s house and don’t leave until I get there.

- “Touch her and you’re dead meat, buddy.

- “You’ve got some nerve making a hood jealous, baby.

- “Stay the night. You can’t walk home at this hour and I’m too drunk to get you back.

- Rough sex.

- Love bites.

- Putting up with Dallas’s reckless driving.

- Being uncomfortable with the fact that Dallas carries around a gun.

- “Relax babe, it ain’t loaded.

- Trying to fix him up when he’s busted up but he won’t let you.

- “Will you stop that? Now go on, get outta here!

- Everyone thinking that you could do so much better than Dallas.

- Tim Shepard always flirting with you to get under Dally’s skin.

- “I hate you, Dallas.

- “No, no you don’t.

- Him giving you a side glance whenever you get way too quiet.

- Supporting him at rodeos.

- Dallas not knowing what to say or do when you start crying.

- “Don’t do that.

- “What?

- “Don’t cry.

- “Does is make you uncomfortable? I can leave if you want.

- “Yes, and no don’t. Just calm down or somethin’. I don’t know!

- You cuddling into him and him just sitting or laying there a little uncomfortably before he wraps his arm around your shoulders.

- You talking too much and making him mad.

- You and Dallas always making up.

- Make up sex.

- Dallas buying you milkshakes or cokes.

- Dallas walking into your house uninvited.

- “You look cute.

- “Thanks.

- Dallas threatening people close to you.

- Dallas never trusting your friends.

- “I just don’t like em’.

- “That’s not a reason, Dallas.

- “Don’t tell me what’s a reason and what ain’t a reason, (Y/N). If I say they’re up to no good, trust me.

- “Are you saying that you care about me?

- “No…

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ALTL Part 42

Gif is mine

Title: ALTL Part 42

Characters: Gabriel x Reader, Lucifer, Castiel, Sam, Dean, Denise (minor OC), Bradley (minor OC Antagonist)

Word Count: 1,362

Warnings: Death of a character, angst

A/N: Will Bradley make it through this chapter? You’ll find out! I hope you all enjoy this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated <3 I love you all so much! <3

The masterlist for this series can be found HERE!

Sam went over his plan three times, making sure everyone knew what was going to happen and when it would happen.  You weren’t paying attention to anything Sam was saying.  All you could do was think about how your plan would turn out.  You weren’t sure how well it was going to go, but you were still hoping for the best.

“Alright, let’s get going,” Sam voiced, clapping his hands together.  “[Y/N] I think the angels should ride with you in your car.  We’ll take Denise with us.”

Your eyes shot up, meeting Sam’s.  “That’s fine with me,” you agreed blindly.

“I call shotgun,” Lucifer blurted out.

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Lost Boy

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader Warnings: physical damage, swearing, nothing really I think. Word count:1,591 words A/N: my computer is still broken so I have to write from my phone and I can’t do it as nice as always. Idk if you understand but anyway thanks for everything guys!

I woke up sitting abruptly. The sound of my phone woke me up. The national anthem woke me up. It was Steve calling me. I know it’s kinda obvious he is the Captain America and his ringtone is the national anthem. I looked at my clock and saw it was 9:30 in the morning. I was very tired. I had a fight with Tony a month ago and he punished me forcing me taking vacation. He send me to Vienna. I know right? It is definitely not a punishment being in Vienna for holidays. I hadn’t had a phone from work in a month, we all must think that they need me back in America. But it was Steve who was calling me. Steve only calls me when it’s an emergency. “Agent Y/L/N here"I said with a sleepy voice. "Agent good morning. It’s Rogers here. We are on our way to Vienna. You have a mission” he sounded like forced to said that. I heard a door closing behind him. He would never call me agent. “Steve… Is everything okay?” I asked worried. “Y/N. I need your help. I need you to help me okay? Do you remember Bucky?” Of course I did. Once a month I had to go to Steve’s room to help him with his nightmares about losing Bucky. James Buchanan Barnes. Sargent Barnes. Steve’s best friend back in the day, aka the 40s. He couldn’t stop thinking about him since he founded that he was alive and brainwashed by HYDRA. “Yeah… sure. Why?” I was trying to understand the situation. “Because he’s in Vienna. I need you to locate him and keep him busy for a couple of hours. I’m on my way there. We need to find him before someone does. Everyone thinks he’s a terrorist. Please say you’ll help me” he was desperate. “One condition ” I wanted to make this interesting. “Sure thing Y/N. Whatever you want” “I want to go back home. I want to go back to the avengers tower and Tony needs to apologize. He needs to make his suits waterproof” “I’ll do my best. You were the one who jumped into the pool with the suit by the way” “Do you want me to help you or not?” I was teasing my poor friend. “I’m sorry. I’m sending you the coordinates where he was last seen. Keep him busy for just two hours. I gotta go. Thanks” he hunged up. I put on a white dress, white sneakers and grabbed my camera. I was trying to seem as tourist as possible. I walked down to the lobby of the hotel and followed the coordinates of Barnes. I stopped in a flower shop to smell the roses when the florist gave me one. She was an old woman who seemed nice. I smiled and left. I was looking everything like it was the first time I saw it. A wonderful fountain where kids where dancing and playing. I took my camera trying to picture them when I saw him. A few steps from me. James Barnes was standing, looking at the children with a smile on his face. He was wearing dark clothes and a cap. I walked over him. “English?” I asked pretending I was the most clueless tourist in the entire world. He nodded “Will you take a picture of me please?” I spoke slowly and tried to sound understandable. He took the picture of me with the fountain in the background. He smiled and gave my camera back. “Thanks. Do you know where the theatre is?” I was still talking slowly and he laughed. “I’m American too. You don’t have to speak that slowly ” he laughed. “Oh god. You must think I am a fool” I hid my face behind my hands. If I stopped being an avenger, I would make a great actor. I thought. “Maybe, but a cute one” I looked up at him blushing “Come on. I’ll go with you” “That’s so nice of you. Are you here on vacation too?” I asked as we walked. “Actually yes. I’m making an European tour. I’m visiting every country” “Wow that’s amazing. I’ve just arrived and I want to see everything but it’s very hard because I don’t speak the language” he was looking at me with those eyes of his. I knew he was handsome, Nat told me, but he was damn fine. “I can help you with that. I’m staying a few days more so I can tell you places to visit” he was such a gentleman. It was obvious that he was from the 40s. “Will you come with me?” I looked at him and he smiled. “If you need me, I’ll be there” I smiled and realized where were we. “Oh god” I was astonished. It was a theater covered in good. Super old and beautiful. “My eyes never laid in something so beautiful before” “My eyes did” I could feel him looking at me when the heat flew his way to my cheeks. Did he say that for me? “I can’t believe I’m here. Have you been inside?” I turned my head to see him but I got caught with his eyes. I couldn’t stop looking at them. “I have. How about if we go inside to see a play? I believe it’s Shakespeare week. I don’t think your boyfriend would mind” What the actual fuck? “Boyfriend? Who said there was a boyfriend?” I denied the fact that I had a boyfriend and he was happier. “A pretty girl like you should have one” Oh my god. The oldest pickup line ever. I couldn’t help but laugh. “I’m afraid I don’t have one. Every guy I dated broke my heart. I hope my next boyfriend is the last one. If you know what I mean ” I gave him a small smirk. “You’ll find the perfect guy. I assure you that. Come inside. Today is Romeo and Juliet” he extended me his hand and I took it. He was wearing a glove. There I remembered he had a metal arm. I had totally forgotten. “Let’s go Romeo” I joked. He sat in two seats in the back. It was the only thing we could get at last minute. He held my hand but he still had a glove. It would be suspicious if you had only one glove. The play was nice and gave me enough time to distract him and keep him busy. We went out and it was getting late. I had a message from Steve. He was in my apartment ready. “Hey” I said and he looked at me “you never told me your name” “James but everyone calls me Bucky. How about you?” He was so damn sweet. “My name is Y/N. It’s a pleasure to meet you James” I said smiling. “Y/N. Do you want to have dinner?” Wow he’s fast. I thought. “I’d love to! Wait. Will you accompany me to my apartment? I left my coat there and my credit card” I’m genius. “Of course. Lead the way, Ms Y/N” I grabbed him by the arm and lead the way. I’d never met a gentleman like him. Super kind and handsome. We arrived at the lobby of the hotel in silence, I felt like everyone was staring at us. I hoped he didn’t notice but he had his face covered with his cap. You could barely see his face. We took the elevator and he turned me around so I could face him. He put his lips over mine and kissed me. He tasted like strawberries. He was sweet but strong. Like strawberries liquor. I smiled against his lips and he did the same. We broke the kiss and he put his forehead over mine. His hands were cupping my face. He was a great kisser. I felt guilty because I was about to turn him into the government. He stopped before our door. “Are you alone?” He whispered. “Yeah… why?” I started panicking. “I think someone’s robbing you” he put his finger over his lips and kicked the door. I was behind him. Natasha and Steve were pointing his guns to us. “Long time no see pal” Steve told his friend. I was still behind Bucky. I don’t know how but he turned around and put me on the ground. He was choking me. I couldn’t breathe. “Who are you?! Why did you lie to me?!” He was squeezing my neck and I was turning blue. His glove broke in the palm of his hand and I could feel the vibranium cold against my neck. He was killing me. He punched me in the face, making me bleed. Steve caught him before he could hurt me even more. “She’s our best agent. She was following orders Buck. She’s not a threat, she’s a friend” Steve was forcing him to stay put. “Soldier don’t fight anymore. We’re here to protect you” Natasha was pointing at him with one hand while with the other one she was giving me water. I stood up like nothing happened to me. I had to act strong. “Sargent Barnes, she’s Natasha and he’s Steve. I believe you know them. They asked me to keep you busy until they arrived here so they could take you somewhere nobody finds you. I’m sorry if I lied but my mission was you. I’m agent Y/N Y/L/N” I walked away hearing Natasha clapping her hands.

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Anonymous said: Could you please do a dating Derek Hale would include? Sorry if you’ve already done one I couldn’t find it

A/N: Yes of course I shall! I haven’t done this one, done a best friend one for Derek. If I ever make an imagine, after I always put it in my masterlist under the character it’s for. So you can find my imagines in my master list. If anyone wants a link to it because they can’t find it and are on the app, just let me know. Other wise, if you’re on a computer and on my blog just go on ‘my links’ and you’ll find my master list there.

Not my gif. Gif credit goes to the amazing creators!

Dating Derek Hale would include:

- You scolding Derek whenever he scares Stiles.

- Supporting Derek no matter what.

- Hot sex everywhere.


- Derek being extremely protective of you.

- You getting extremely protective over Derek.

- Derek getting jealous all of the time.

- “Are you jealous?

- “Yes.”

- “Well at least you’re not beating around the bush about it…

- You getting jealous whenever girls flirt with Derek.

- “Are you jealous, (Y/N)?

- “NO!

- “Your heart rate picked up there. Are you sure you’re not lying?”

- “No?

- “You little liar.

- “Did you really have to punch him Derek?

- “Yes.

- “Okay, so still no beating around the bush.

- “He was looking at your ass. There. Is that reason enough?

- “In your books, yes, but in mine, not really.

- Derek glaring at you whenever you annoy him or say something dumb.

- You sticking your tongue out at him like you’re five because why the hell not?

- Dating the hottest werewolf in existence.

- Realising his family’s pretty much psycho.

- “Okay so your family, - apart from Cora-, is filled with psycho’s like Peter?

- “Pretty much.

- “And you’re all pretty much brooding and pessimistic?

- “Yup.

- “There is so much hope for our children…

- “Children?

- You blurting out things that you think you say in your mind but you actually say out loud.

- “Uh I guess so?

- “You really are serious about us? You want kids with me?

- “Probably. I don’t know?

- “Probably?

- Derek teasing you whenever you say something out loud you didn’t mean to.

- “Shut up okay?

- “Why? It’s cute.

- “No it’s not! That was meant to be said in my head not out loud.

- “Well you didn’t and now I’m curious.

- You automatically hating Peter and asking him random questions to annoy him.

- “Peter, do you tango?

- Derek gives you a weird look along with everyone else in the room.

- “Why?

- “You’re got one of those beefy tango dudes chests. I don’t know, you look like a dude that tango’s. So is that a yes or a no?

- “It’s a shut up before Derek get’s jealous and slashes my throat again.

- You instantly loving Cora and helping her out.

- Dealing with Derek always pushing you away and saying something about it.

- “I don’t get why you keep pushing me away when I can clearly help!

- “You can’t help!

- “And why not?

- “Because you’ll only get in the way!

- Derek saying things that hurt you but he doesn’t mean to hurt you.

- You storming off and not talking to him for a week.

- Hot make up sex.

- Angry sex.

- You not returning Derek’s phone calls, which makes him worry and he sneaks into your house and waits for you.

- You turning on the lights after getting home and practically shitting your pants seeing Derek.


- Derek laughing because of your reaction but composing himself.

- “You didn’t answer my phone calls all week, I needed to know if you were okay.

- “So now you pick the time to care about me?

- “What’s that supposed to mean?

- More angry make up sex.

- Derek telling you things that he has never told anyone else.

“I love you so much. You’re the most important person in my life and I don’t know what I would do if I lost you, and that’s why I never let you get involved in any dangerous conflicts.”

- Derek comforting you whenever you’re upset or after you had a nightmare and sucks at it because he’s never had to do that before.

- “I’m here with you, nothing can get you.

- You two always teasing each other and being playful.

- “You’re an idiot, Derek.

- “How am I an idiot?

- “You just are.

- Derek never liking or trusting any of your friends.

 - “Why don’t you like them?

- “They’re no good for you.

- “Why?

- “Just trust me okay? I know what’s good for you.

- “Oh! You do, do you?

- “Yes!

- “You’re an ass.

- “Tell me something that I don’t already know.

- Derek not really saying ‘I love you’, because it’s Derek, but instead he says it in other ways.

- “You okay?

- “You’re okay, right?

- “I care about you and want you to always be safe.

- “Don’t run off like that again.

- “Call me when you get home safely. I want to know that you’re safe.

- “Stay by my side and don’t move a muscle from me.

- “Stay here and don’t leave until I get back.

- “I’d die for you.

- Derek learning how to say “I LOVE YOU.

- Punching Derek when he get’s annoying. Not maliciously but because of banter and all that.

- “I’m going to proceed in punching you now, Derek.

- “Try it all you want sunshine.

- “Sunshine?

 “Yes, have a problem with that?

- “Oh! You’re so getting punched now!

- Derek easily catching your fist and bringing you close and sweeping you off of your feet.


- Derek being a bad cook.

- “I’m not eating that!

- “And why not?”

- It’ll give me food poison or something! Maybe even the shits.”

- “The shits? Really, (Y/N)? How old are you now?

- “Hey! Don’t question my maturity, the shits are a serious deal for humans. I don’t know about werewolves, but it get’s really messy back there.

- “That’s disgusting.

- “Yeah, well don’t give me the shits then.

- Questioning why you love Derek half of the time.

- “Why do I even love you again?

- “Because I’m awesome.

- “Don’t flatter yourself, sour wolf.

- Derek giving you the expression that says “really?” whenever you call him sour wolf.

- “Easy does it, sour wolf. Don’t want to get worry lines do we?

- Derek laughing sarcastically before glaring at you.

- “Enough with the glares, sour wolf.

- “Call me sour wolf again-

- “Or what? You’ll punish me?

- “Maybe.

- Derek smirking whenever he thinks of you sexually.

- Derek looking at your butt when you walk in front of him.

- “Eyes on the back of my head or else!

- “But it’s a great view, (Y/N). It’d be a shame for it to go to waste.

- “Your flattering will get you nowhere! But thank you.

- Derek practically breaking people in half when they hurt you.

- “Put the poor boy down, Derek!

- “Why?

- “This isn’t the answer. You’ve made him crap himself basically. I think that’s enough.

- “Fine.

- Driving Derek’s car, even if he doesn’t want you to.

- Derek supporting you, but when he doesn’t like the idea he doesn’t.

- “Well that’s too bad, Derek. I’m doing it anyway.

- “Oh really?

- “Yes.

- Doing anything for each other.

- “That’s my boyfriend!

- You surprising Derek by getting tough and badass.

- “That’s my girl!

- Thinking Derek’s the sexiest werewolf in the world, which is pretty much true.

- Derek not being able to take his eyes off of you.

- Derek hating everyone apart from you.

- “I love youuuuu!

- “I love you too, (Y/N). But did you really have to scream that in my ear?

- “Yes.

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How Cute

Title: How Cute

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,533

Warnings: FLUFF.

A/N: I was going to post this tomorrow, but how could I say no to @cyrilconnelly who requested this!  I hope you all love this! It was fun for me to write! Don’t for get about that Christmas Drabble list <3 which is here!   Although this isn’t from that list, but you can also ask me to do one shots for you thought my ask box or inbox.

You knew Dean and Sam would be upset, but the poor kid’s parents were just killed by a wraith.  It was better if the kid stayed at the bunker with you until the three of you found and killed the wraith.  His name was Danny; he was only 5 years old.  

You had Danny on your hip as you descended down the bunker’s stairs.  When you entered the library you gave Dean and Sam a stern glare.  You turned your face to the small boy, “Danny, this is Sam and Dean.  They are my friends.  They’re going to help.”

The little boy waved to the two Winchesters.  “Hi Sam and Dean,” Danny spoke, his voice small.

Sam took the boy from your hands, setting him down on the floor.  “Do you want something to drink?  I think we still have some milk,” Sam offered kindly.  The little boy nodded, grabbing Sam’s hand.  The younger Winchester flashed you a smile, nodding at Dean as he took the boy to the kitchen.

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AN: School starts Monday for me :/ Don’t worry though, because I will only be going half a day, so I’ll have plenty of time to write. Also, I’m probably going to have to divvy up this into parts. So, y'all let me know if you want a part 2.

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Plot: Could you do a reader x Peter Parker fic where the reader is new at school and is paired up with Peter is science and they become best friends and he helps with their anxiety and they eventually date? Your blog is awesome btw

“Sketchy” (Part 1???)

New school, new…me? Probably not,” you quietly thought to yourself while tapping your sketch pad with a pencil.

You hummed along to the rhythm blaring through your headphones, all the while focusing on tapping to the beat. Your new classmates all filed into your homeroom taking full notice of you.

After the tardy bell rang, your teacher stepped up in front of the class, “Good morning everyone. Today I’ll be assigning partners for the semester. We’ll be doing projects throughout the year. At the end of the semester you may choose to stay with your partner for the next semester or you may not. Anyways, we have a new student…”

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Anonymous said:If you’re not to busy would you please make a ‘Dating Sam Uley would include’. I love your blog and you are amazingly talented

A/N: I have finally gotten to your request, my lovely! I would love to make this imagine for you, sweetie. Sam can be challenging for me to get correct, so I hope that I do a good job of this, lovely! And oh my gosh! Thank you so much! I’m glad that you love my blog and find me talented. That means so much to me, sweetheart. Please enjoy, anon!

Not my gif. Gif credit goes to the amazing creators!

Dating Sam Uley and being his Imprint would include:

- Sam being insanely protective of you.

- Hot intense passionate sex.

- Quil always trying to flirt with you, only to have Sam walk in and give him hell for doing so.

- Being Sam’s imprint.

- Never being permitted to get involved with vampiric business.

- “I said no!

- “Well I’m helping!

- “You’ll only get in the way, (Y/N)! I said no!

“Since when did you tell me when to get involved with anything or not?

- “Since now.

- Sam never hurting you or allowing you to get hurt.

- Sam’s hand always on the small of your back.

- You always clutching onto his large upper arm.

- Sam basically being your freaking teddy bear.

- Sam intimidating anybody.

- You basically being momma wolf of the wolf pack.

- “Tell your boys to get the hell off of my carpet with that food!” you’d scream.

- Everybody being terrified of your temper.

- Sam engulfing you in his arms when you get upset.

- “Hey, hey! What’s wrong? What happened?

- Strip teases for Sam after a long day of patrol?

- Always having to restock your fridge because Sam and the rest of the pack eat like freaking horses!

- Not getting along with Leah.

- “I could bust her face!” Leah would scream.

- “Try it.” you’d shrug.

- “Don’t get cocky! I’d leave you paralysed.”

“There’s a difference between cocky, which you are, and fearless, like me.” you’d smirk.

- When Sam pisses you off you say something witty even though you’re angry as hell.

- “Go sleep with the wolves!

- Missing your vampire friends, the Cullens-.

- “They’re no good for you, (Y/N). You’re better off without them.

- “Yeah, like you’re any better.” you’d scoff.

- “What’s that supposed to mean?

- “You tore Emily in half. So don’t act like you’re any better.

- Hating Sam for not letting you get involved but being grateful that he keeps you safe.

- Super fluffy moments when you get hurt.

- Always sticking by each other.

- Sam always keeping a watchful eye on you.

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Imagine Requested by Anonymous

Imagine you a Shadowhunter and is dating Raphael. The day she turns 18 a mark appears on her wrist that tells her she is bonded to someone for life. Afraid of hurting Raphael she keeps it from him. One day she can’t hide it any longer.

I was sitting in Central Park. It was just past 2 in the morning and everyone else was training nearby. I had been training with them until I needed a breather. I was lent back against a tree when someone whispered in my ear.

“Happy Birthday darling.” I opened my eyes and turned to see Raphael kneeling there. I smiled.

“Thank you Raph!” I got on my knees and hugged him around his neck. His arm circled my waist. He laughed.

“You’re Welcome Y/N.” He and I sat down against the tree with his arm around my shoulder and me cuddling into his side. “My baby girl is turning 18 finally.” He teased.

“Oh! Shut Up!” I said while halfheartedly hitting his chest. 

“Hey love birds!” We turned to see Jace smirking at us. “I know it’s Y/N’s birthday but can you wait to have your private time when you’re actually somewhere private.” He said. The others laughed at the statement. I giggled and rolled my eyes.

“I better get back to training.” I said standing up. He stood up with me while holding my hand.

“I better be heading back anyway. I’ll see you later tonight.” He lent down and kissed me. When he pulled away he smiled at me then sped off. My right wrist started to feel warm but i ignored it. I went back to training with Alec. The sensation in my wrist kept growing until out of nowhere a small light flashed around my wrist. When the light disappeared a small black mark had appeared. With the distraction Alec got me down but I barely noticed because my attention was on the new mark on my wrist.

“Y/N?” I heard Clary call but didn’t answer. 

“What’s that on her wrist?” Isabelle asked.

“I don’t know.” Jace said.

“I think it’s time to head back to the Institute.” Alec chimed in.

~Back At The Institute~

“It’s a soulmate mark.” Maryse said.

“What?” We all asked at the same time.

“A soulmate mark.” Magnus said. “A mark that very few people have anymore. And before you ask, a soulmate mark is a mark that appears when you turn 18 and it matches a mark that is on the wrist of your soulmate.” He explained.

“This is the first time in decades that one has showed up in the Shadow World. And it’s said that when you discover your soulmate something happens with the mark but it’s different with every couple.” I looked down at the tiny mark and wondered what I would do. What about Raphael? Everyone else was talking to each other about the mark. I silently got up and walked to my room. 

“How am I supposed to tell Raph?” I asked no one. Tears ran down my face without any sign of stopping.

~Later at Hotel Dumort~

I had just got to the Hotel Dumort to spend the night with Raphael. I had wore a long sleeve shirt to hade the soulmate mark.

“Are you alright? You’re rather quiet.” I jumped because I didn’t know he sat done beside me.

“Oh sorry! It’s just been a long eventful day.”

“Don’t apologize darling. I understand.” He pulled me into his side and started tickling me.

“Oh my god!!!” I laughed and laughed. “Please Raphael! Stop!” I couldn’t stop laughing. I ended up on his lap until he finally stopped. I was catching my breath while he was laughing at me. I laid in his lap with my eyes closed.

His laughter died down to nothing. I looked at him confused then followed to where his eyes were locked. My shirt sleeve had rolled up enough for the mark to be showing. I quickly sat up and pulled down the sleeve.

“What is that mark darling?”

“Nothing just a new rune Clary made up.” I tried to lie but my voice betrayed me. I slightly winced.

“That’s no rune.” He said straight out. I got up and walked over to the wall where the painting covering the stash of blood. “Y/N.” He said in a gentle voice. I kept my back toward him. He grabbed my wrist with the mark and turned me around. I didn’t look at him. He pushed the sleeve up to show the mark. He traced the mark. He used the hand that wasn’t holding my wrist to pull me closer by the waist.

“It’s a soulmate mark.” He said while bringing my hand up to his lips. “And I should know.” He let go of my waist and wrist to pull down the sleeve on his right wrist. I gasped. The similar mark was laced through his skin. I took a hold of his wrist and traced the mark.

“How? When?”

“I’ve had this since I was human.” I finally looked up at him to see him looking at me with so much love. As if drawn to do it, I laid my right hand in his and a warm sensation ran threw my body. A sting of light started to travel around our hands. It looked like it was binding our hands together. When the light disappeared and the marks had turned a navy blue color.

“What was that?” I asked and looked at him. He pulled me closer and said…

“It means we’re each others soulmates.” We both smiled and I leaned in and kissed him. 

“I was so worried.” I said when we pulled away. “Worried that i would be destined to someone else.”

“Well don’t worry your pretty head. We are destined to be together.”


I don’t own any gifs or pictures, credit to owners.

Author’s note: Sorry it took so long. I just started college up again this past week so things have been hectic. Hope you like it!