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Eye to eye (Tyler x FemReader) fluff drabble


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(A/n): heyyyyyyyy it’s meeeeee the one that is a terrible writer and overall terrible person wowwowowow


Heyy im just gonna request something real quick: you’re tyler’s gf and during a livestream you and tyler share a lot of cute moments and you can decide how the others and the fandom reacts to that?

Could you do a super fluffy Tyler x reader? It can follow any plot you want. Love your writing!

Warnings: Swearing and fluff and stuff


Quickly, (Y/n) jumped as high as her legs would let her; pushing into the air a brisk yelp.

“tyLER-!” she had said.

The man in question snickered slyly, stringing up both hands in immediate defense.

“What the devil..” Mark husked. He took a second to view (Y/n) where she stood behind him. She offered the brunette a sheepish smile and said:

“He fucking touched my back.”

Mark rolled his eyes pretentiously, uttering words of how unimportant Tyler’s action was. He whipped around to finish his charity stream intro.

Shuffling her way directly behind Mark, (Y/n) drug a single finger down his spine.

In an effort not the squirm, the youtuber’s words hitched greatly. (Y/n) had a laugh in response, even though it was short lived.

Tyler followed her path only to flick her ear.

“Don’t touch Mark like that.” he said, narrowing his eyes in plastic disappointment.

“Wha-” the girl sputtered “but it’s okay for you to touch me?”

Immediately, (Y/n) retracted her outspoken thought. Pursing her lips, she listened as Tyler smiled and said:

“Only if you say it is. Consent is key.”

“Jesus Christ, get a room.” Ethan butt in.

Laughing eagerly, both Tyler and (Y/n) look at the blue boy. Mark join the two with cute giggles, and Ethan with his own chuckle.

“So, uh, this stream isn’t going to be that long because we all have lives.” explained Mark, directing most attention to the camera “I mean, not really, but still. Not twelve hours.”

“Right.” agreed (Y/n).

It took up several more minutes for Mark to say they would be starting with a twitter Q&A. The group stayed standing.

“First of all, don’t fucking ask if I got a perm. It’s naturally curling, so buzz off.” said Tyler.

(Y/n) giggled at the tall boy’s declaration, reaching up and twisting a lace of Tyler’s curly hair between her fingers “Sure thing, curly fry.”

Instantaneously, the stream chat burst with comments about a ship. Tyler and (Y/n)’s ship. And for the most part throughout the stream, the topic didn’t seem to waver.

“You guys gross me out.” commented Mark, smiling at the pair. (Y/n) only shrugged. The male took this second to read the first tweet.


After reading aloud the question, Mark dropped his head in a tilt.

“Chica x Ethan.” explained (Y/n).

“No.” the brunette suddenly stated “Chica is mine.”

“Move on before I get hit.” cried Ethan, swiping up on Mark’s phone. He eventually just took the device as a whole and read another tweet.

“Okay but (Y/n)iplier tho…” he read.

“Nope.” this time said Tyler. Upon the girl’s head, he placed a large open palm, grinning thoughtfully “(Y/n) is mine.”

Ethan grimaced doubtfully, peering up at the two. Afterwards, he chanced his eyes at the chat.


“Lmao rip Ethan”



“They ship it.” mumbled the blue haired male.

“Who fucking doesn’t?” sassed Mark, snorting funnily. He walked himself over to Tyler and (Y/n), placing his hand upon Tyler’s that was already resting on (Y/n)’s hair.

“Claimed?” he laughed.

Tyler only snorted in response, allowing the girl to speak instead. She said:

“I don’t believe we are see eye to eye here, bucko’.”

Silly intent cupped her voice, she pretended to lower herself to look Mark in the eye’s. Even though, Mark wasn’t much taller than the girl already.

Laughing even harder, Mark faced up both hands in surrender.

(Y/n) laughed hard as well, turning to look up at her boyfriend.

“I just defended you, don’t I get a kiss?” she questioned heartily.

Ethan could be heard charming the air with his laughs, spinning with Mark’s and small ones from (Y/n). Tyler lifted up his shoulders in response to his girlfriend.

“I don’t know. I don’t think we really see eye to eye.”

“Oh, you dick.”

Asking may not have, but her tippy toes did get her a kiss.


(A/n): Heyyyyy, what’s uppppp. I finished something the same day I started it WOW


Get To Know Me!
Favorite Youtubers 2/? - danisnotonfire

“That’s why I’m here, I’m here for two reasons. To entertain you with stories of my life so , you know, you can find them entertaining. But then maybe compare them to your own lives and not feel so alone with the issues that you go with, go through. And think, “Wow, I’m scared of going to my first day of work, but there is a guy called Dan who actually sold an axe to a child”. And the other half of it is me kind of like articulating my own profound observations on the universe, which is really just an excuse to give myself a therapy. Apparently other people enjoy watching it too wow” 


I will practice believing my husband loves me, and will love this baby. That this child might really save our marriage. But I could be wrong. Because sometimes, the way he looks at me, I think, man of my dreams, father of my child, this man of mine may kill me. He may truly kill me.


“We as women do a lot of incredible things in this world other than just procreate, and not that that is not. But it’s like, we just get boxed in, they love the narrative, they love the story, they love the ‘she is jealous’ and 'this person’s depressed’ and 'oh my gosh never gonna have a child’ whatever the horrible little headline is, we just gotta break out of that.” (x)

All In the Future


Part 1

She met someone else. Someone that could give her the apple pie life, the white picket fence and the three kids that I knew deep down she wanted. She could get out of the life. She would be out of harms way. I wouldn’t have to worry if she was in an old abandon building being tortured by Hells up incoming. She would be safe, she would have a place to call home. She had someone else now.

Someone better than me. 

  I don’t know why I agreed to come along on this stupid double date idea. Lisa was all for it of course. Of course she was. I have no idea why I even told her about it. I wanted to keep Lisa and Y/N as far apart as possible. I liked Lisa, don’t get me wrong. She’s great. She took me in when I was half out of my mind, and gave me a place to live. Even with the amount I drink and the nightmares that terrorize my sleep every night. She has never once asked me to leave. But I feel like I’ve thought about this fantasy life I could have with her over and over again, like it was supposed to be perfect. I liked Lisa, but how I feel about Y/N doesn’t come anywhere near how I feel about her. 

  Y/N sat across the table from me, her boyfriend Kevin or Kyle, who cares about his name, sat next to her. I shouldn’t feel this way. I should be happy for my friend, because that’s all she was. My friend. She was never going to be anything more. She was never going to be the one I hold when my nightmares were too much. She was never going to be the one beneath me as I made love. She would never be mine.

  She was his. 

  I hated him. I hated that he was sitting next to her, his hand on her inner thigh, staring at her like she was a piece of meat. It wasn’t my place to dictate her happiness. I wasn’t in the right to tell who she could and couldn’t see. But it didn’t stop me from glaring at him, stabbing the guy over and over again in my mind. 

  I had Lisa. I was supposed to be fine. I was supposed to be happy. But here I was, wishing I would have gone with Y/N instead. At least I could have been there to stop her from dating this douchebag. He may be able to give her the apple pie life, but he sure as hell can’t make her nearly as happy as I know I could have. 

  If I could go back and do it all over again. I would. Then maybe I would have bucked up enough courage to claim her as mine.

  I’m too late. 

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  • aaron warner: [limps out of the shadows] in a world where there is so much to grieve and so little good to take? i grieve nothing. i take everythi-. [hundreds of pictures of juliette tumble out of his jacket] shiT shi—these aren't even mine [more fall from under his hat] sHIT nO shuT up im holDing them for someone she's just a girl a powerful nothing she's not pretty or sHit just—just fu—

anyway, so i don’t care about heaven’s laws or opinions against a nephilim because i believe that lucifer’s newborn baby could grow up in a happy environment and be raised like a normal child which means:

  • chuck needs to get his head out of his ass and finally start being responsible for some things, free michael out of his cage and bring back raphael and gabriel. that’d be great.
  • the three archangels drop their revenge on lucifer the moment they lay eyes on his baby. for some reason, michael is so fascinated by lucifer’s newborn that he can’t bring himself to hate it. raphael is just quiet about it though, but she is just as enthralled. and we can all guess how gabriel feels about it…
  • “mika, we’re going to be uncles! i mean, just think about it for a second, bro. we could teach her how to climb in trees and ride panthers into the horizon, and other cool shit like that. she’ll be a wild and intelligent baby!”
  • “who said i was going to take this little one away? you are full of crazy ideas… and no, gabriel, we are certainly not teaching her that.”
  • gabriel, michael and raphael start arguing about a name for the kid in front of lucifer’s face.
  • they finally settle on nevaeh.
  • gabriel lifts nevaeh up into the sky and starts singing the circle of life like a freakin’ idiot.
  • raphael being the only one who knows how to put diapers on the kid. michael, gabriel and lucifer are just “????”
  • gabriel calling his new niece “princess” about 90% of the time.
  • michael is just the guy who worries about everything and always makes sure that the kid is satisfied. he checks the temperature of the bottles of milk to see if it’s not too warm, always makes sure she’s drapped in three warm blankets so she doesn’t catch cold, etc… (lucifer always reminds him that she isn’t fragile and that nevaeh can handle a lot of things even as a baby, but michael won’t listen. lucifer thinks its amusing but sweet)
  • they decide that nevaeh needs to be raised on earth and not in heaven because it’s far too dangerous there and it’s not a place for a baby to stay at. (chuck pouts childishly) so… they find an empty and fancy villa to rent and start decorating the interior so they can live together and take care of nevaeh together, even after lucifer tells them that he can take care of his child alone.
  • gabriel paints the entire house, michael steals furniture from ikea and raphael is casually sipping a cocktail in their backyard, lying in the sun. lucifer just takes care of nevaeh and gives her all the love a father should give to their child (which chuck never gave him….).
  • soon they live all together in the house. two uncles, an aunt, a happy father and a smol nephilim.
  • i have more headcanons about how everything would run in the household but im gonna add them later to this post. just enjoy the thought of four archangels parenting a baby nephilim.
Reality of Jerome:
  • Jim: Jerome I'm so sorry this snake found your mom's dead body
  • Jerome: Idk that snek is lying
  • Jerome: I was abused as a child and i killed my mom
  • Jerome: you are single right babs
  • Babs: go away
  • Jerome: i need friends
  • Jerome: *dangles legs off the edge of a building* DO WE NEED PROPER SPELLING WITH DEAD BODIES OR SHOULD WE JUST ADD PUNCTUATION
  • Galavan: You have a nice laugh
  • Jerome: *internally screams* ARE YOU MY DAD
  • Galavan: sure
  • Jerome: Papa Galavan I want this sword and this cannibal took it from me
  • Galavan: here's a gun solve your problems like grown ups
  • Jerome: *shoots selfin the head 3 times*
  • Jerome: I'm the boss of the gang AND I GET TO HAVE A SWORD WEEEEEE
  • Jerome: I'm not changing out of this robe I will die in this robe
  • Maniax: We're gonna have matching uniforms
  • Jerome: *fangirl screaming*
  • Jerome: Can you people help me set you guys on fire faster
  • Jerome: I was abused as a child and finally someone believes in me
  • Blind guy: your gonna die and be a curse of madness
  • Jerome: ugh what are you a screenwriter *stabs*
  • Bruce: you killed yours
  • Jerome: love similarities celebrate differences
  • Galavan: What if I told you're gonna maybe get a GF and definitely a cult that would die for you
  • *is bAck*
  • Jerome: I feel dizzy and I've been smiling for like a year straight ugh
  • Jerome: where's papa
  • Lee: nah he ded twice
  • Jerome: do I have a cult now
  • Lee: yes
  • Jerome: am I reincarnated as Melanie Martinez
  • Lee: no???
  • Jerome: where's my face
  • Lee: taken by some poser
  • Jerome: thanks you the best
  • Dwight: OMG SENPAI
  • Dwight: here's a stapler
  • Jerome: I look ugly now
  • Dwight: not in my eyes Senpai
  • Jerome: I wanna murder you ugh
  • Dwight:
  • Jerome: too late
  • Jerome: hey gotham no cell phones just lets all be friends in my carnival that's in the promo
  • Jim: why do people listen to you

Time to celebrate surviving three weeks of hiatus with a new prompt! After coffee shops, space and royals, we can’t wait to see what you come up with for:


We’re sure you’re all familiar with this one, and there’s certainly a lot of possibilities to explore! There’s no rules on setting, so you could do a real world AU, or explore the possibilities within the canon. Or do something more exotic! The choice is up to you - as long as someone’s a single parent, it all fits, so go wild!

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anonymous asked:

im reading the manga kimi to asa gohan! and pretending it's a parent!phan au and i am dead with feels like dan phil broke up dan came back but with a child and phil is angsty but can't resistboth the dad n the kid omg

OMG I’ve never read the manga, but the idea is KILLING ME. just like, Dan and Phil breaking up because Dan couldn’t deal with the pressures of being gay, etc, you know? and Phil was heartbroken but he let Dan go because he wasn’t going to keep someone around who wasn’t happy, right? 

And then, like two years later, Dan comes back, and he knocks on Phil’s door, and he’s just got this tiny little smile as he waves, and his eyes are a little wet, and Phil just stares at him with his mouth hanging open, and his heart ripped back open. He hasn’t dated since Dan, not because he’s pining or hoping for anything, but because he wanted to have some time to work on himself as a person, rather than jumping into bed with someone else. 

And Dan says hi, and gives a little wave, and Phil’s eyes finally drop from Dan’s face, to the baby carrier in his arms, and holy fuck, that hurts. That hurts more than anything else, seeing Dan with this kid, and how could he? Why did he come back? To torture Phil all over again?

But Dan just stands there, and he starts to cry, and he whispers, “Phil. I made a mistake. I made a mistake, Phil, please…” and he starts to sob, clutching this baby carrier to his chest, head bowed and broken in a way that Phil has never seen his best friend.

So he opens that door, and he lets Dan in, and he gets the baby all settled, and then he takes Dan into his arms and he just holds him. 

Over the next few months, Phil helps Dan to care for this baby he never wanted but always wanted at the same time, and slowly but surely, he falls in love with both of them all over again, and Dan tells Phil “I never stopped loving you,” but Phil is so scared, and all he wants is to protect his heart, so he rejects Dan at first because he just can’t.

And then, one day, Phil is watching Dan with this baby, and he see’s just how much his best friend has grown, see’s the light in his eyes and the happiness radiating from him, watches Dan gush over some guy on TV and how attractive he is, and he just leans right on over and kisses him, square on the mouth, and it feels like coming home.

lmao I find it so funny when people try to attack us for shipping scorbus saying “why can’t we have ONE strong male friendship without you guys turning them gay???!!!” when harry and ron has been best friends since ever and literally no one ships them

Hahaha parents love to preach about respect and what’s considered being disrespectful towards them but as soon as they do the same shit to their child and the child tries to defend themselves, they are still considered being disrespectful and you want to play the victim like wow bitch you’re literally talking mad shit to your child. Youre literally invalidating your child’s feelings and you are destroying their emotional health but you still expect to get respect just because you’re “the parent” and “you’re paying bills” like boo fucking hoo asshole. You paying for shit and being a legal guardian doesn’t give you a free ticket to being excused for committing verbal abuse. Respect is earned, not given so you’re child doesn’t have to respect yo evil ass. You are a shitty parent.

oh my god you guys. i’ve reached 500 followers and im still shook. you guys are so great. i can’t. thank you so much for following me. you guys are all amazing. such amazing writers i follow and rp with. i cant even. imma get lovey af so click the read more. everyone mentioned below, you should go follow because i love them all v much. i’m probs going to leave out a bunch of quality blogs (especially if you’ve changed url’s and i didn’t know) but just know i love every single one of you and i love seeing your presence on my dash. again, thanks so much for following me !! 

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texts I've got from the signs
  • aries: Ok don't rush I'm table tennising
  • taurus: it makes me happy because i have no love life
  • gemini: I got apple and cinnamon flavoured lemsip cause it's cold and flu season and I'm always a slut for hot medicated beverages
  • cancer: Night! Love you poodles xxx Oodles not poodles!! But poodles are nice too!!!
  • leo: its like a shitty soap opera
  • virgo: can you imagine me on a mountain bike? I would cause absolute carnage
  • scorpio: We'd have to ask her discreetly, I don't think she'd say yes to spying on her
  • sagittarius: Come hither moon child
  • capricorn: my entire life is a stoner cliché
  • aquarius: nah i was just being salty because it makes me feel good
  • pisces: IM. GOING. TO. GIVE. YOU. A. HUGE. HUG.